Devotional Reading for the Week of Feb 15

Almighty God, I would learn that
while thou art a forgiving Lord,
nature has no mercy on them that
break her laws. Forgive me for all
my neglect, and help me to see the
way in which thou hast through
mercy led me. Give me the power to
endure and the strength to resist
temptation. May I seek to
understand thy laws, that I may not
fail through ignorance. Amen.
The Rev. Chuck Woehler, Rector and
The Rev. Beth Wyndham, Assistant Rector
The Rev. Don Wilkinson, Assisting Priest
The Rev. Turner Hubby, Assisting Priest
The Rev. Nate Bostian, Assisting Priest
Church Staff
Kathleen Stephens, Parish Administrator
Christina Burk, Parish Secretary
Ryan Becker, Minister of Music
Cathy Villani, Director of Christian Education
Spencer Stocker, Youth Minister
Barry Brake, Contemporary Worship Leader
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Monday-Friday 8:30—4:30 pm
School Staff
Debra Root, Head of School
Robin Rosen, Office Manager
Margaret Marble, Business Manager
Kent Copeland, Senior Warden
Lisa Nelson, Junior Warden
Missy Denney, Hospitality & Fellowship
Matt Newman, Newcomers & Communications
Wayne Currier, Clerk
Marco Rosito, Youth
Christy Atkins, Worship
Kathleen Brennen, Christian Formation
Tom Rickey, Senior Adult Ministries
Jon Robinson, Outreach & World Mission
Victor Llana, School Liaison
Dan Wallace, Treasurer
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Our weekly intercessions: Give thanks for Trinity Episcopal Church, Junction.
Those in our Parish: Helen Jaeger, Billy Fulton, Kathryn Woehler, Travis Kiker, Jerry Lollar,
Jimmie Huckins, Jeannine Foster, Frank Harwi, Jim Whitehead, Ray Parker, Audrey McTighe,
Dorothy, Peggy Shearer, Pablo Guajardo, Truman Wheeler, Brandi Woehler, Ann DeForest,
Joan Cornell, Joe Robinson, Joyce Rennie, Lee Throop, John Throop, Jake Bain, Esther
Rickey, Maxine Swan, Kate Beebe, Pam Currier, Bob Schneider, Gina Schneider, Nancy Priest,
Barbara Niemann, Lorraine Rodriguez, Angie Souder, Marci Wolfe, Zoe Parra, Colton Grunwald, Walt Root, Bob Thompson, Ally Giltner, Mike Cain, Janie Trevino
Devotional readings for each day
Parish prayer concerns, birthdays,
and anniversaries
February 15, 2015— February 22, 2015
Those in the Armed Forces (and their families): Will Hall, John-Michael Schiavi, Aaron Passeur, Matt Manship, Tony Boone, Leon Slaughter, Margaret Kusiak, Scott Keegan, David Foster, Joseph Lukefahr, Kaleob Williams, Bernice Hillegass, Joshua Lavender, Jake O’Donnell,
Matt Pryor
Our Thanksgivings: The birth of Anna Parker Leddy
Those who have Died: Caroline Ellingson
Our Friends and Loved Ones:
Long Term
Alisa Muller—daughter of Myra Gulley
Sharon Nunn—mother of Rene Vinson
Richard Needham—brother of Sue Needham
PJ Oliver—mother of Stephanie Cady
Mike Cochran—brother of Mary Francis
Dan Fleenor—friend of Bob Thompson
Gabriel Stanhope—nephew of Kathy Lathrop
Darla Ray—friend of Lori Harmon
Carroll Belton—friend of Lori Harmon
Karen & Tim Supper—friends of Sherri Jaeger
TJ—nephew of Mona Fox
Jennifer Fundersol—cousin of Rene Vinson
JP & Olivia Funderson—cousins of Rene Vinson
Paulette Family—friends of Lori Harmon
Linda Sue—sister of Mona Fox
Matthew Jaeger—son of Sherri Jaeger
Sara Limnack—cousin-in-law of Susanne O’Brien
Terry Stanley—brother of Kathryn Woehler
Erin Russell—daughter of Pat Cain
Linda McGhee—sister-in-law of Judy Thompson
Ken Nunley—friend of Tres Bain
Susan Moore Russell—friend of Sherri Jaeger
Barbara Murphy—cousin of Leo Castanon
Jenni Capps—friend of Marlee Green
Linda Brinkman—friend of the Marbles
Eric Gonzales—nephew of Marlee Green
Rachael Chaffin—friend of Patti Keller & the
Woods family
Krista Soria—family of Bill & Francis Hall
Amanda & Danny Mills—friends of the Thompsons
Helen Gray—step-sister of Cathy Villani
Robert Cecil—cousin of Ann English
John Lockhart—step-brother of Cathy Villani
William Schultz & Family—son-in-law of
Linda Albrecht
Lily Joy Kindred—cousin of Paige Felter
Tom Stocker—father of Spencer Stocker
Dorothy Hendricks—mother of Beth Wyndham
Gregg Epperson—son of Fred & Shirley
Mark Browne—son of Thelmarie Browne
Sam Seeley—father of Kathleen Stephens
Charles Stephens—father of Charles
Libby Poston—mother of Stacey Arantes
Nell Craighead —friend of the Greens
Vicki McDonald & John Hershner— friend of
Nancy Leming
Valerie McCarthy Douthit —friend of Helen
Carl Lee —friend of John & Carol Keith
Stephen Furman—nephew of Sherry Jaeger
Louis Lockhart—step -brother of Cathy Villani
Alan Villani—brother-in-law of Cathy Villani
Ranita Adams—friend of Stacey Hunt
Cruz Partida—father-in-law of Amy Partida
Dave—friend of Mary Clark
Mary Kelly—sister of Beth Wyndham
Rev. and Mrs. Leroy Miltner —cousins of
Helen Lynch
Sandra Wilkins—friend of Helen Lynch
Ephraim Ledbetter—brother of Charlie
Joseph Marone—friend of Helen Lynch
Cathy Green—sister-in-law of Marlee Green
Bob Dyer—friend of the Green family
Robert Carter—father of Kent & Dee Carter
Janice—sister of Patty Horridge
Short Term
JR Souder—father of Jason Souder
Clayton Copeland—brother of Kent Copeland
Whitaker Family—friend of the Hunt Family
Mary Louise Lukefahr—sister of the Lukefahr’s
Dr. Emer Kilbride—friend of Chavez family
Al Levesque—uncle of Stephanie Pratt Keller
Michael David Stanley—grand-nephew of
Kathryn Woehler
Cinnemon Rohreach—friend of Gary Villani
Adam Cardenas—friend of Gary Villani
Frank Persyn Jr.—friend of the Harris family
Mary Rosenbusch—friend of the Harris family
Cherean Greene—sister of Tom Rickey
Good News Daily
Sunday, February 15
John 12:24-32 “Very truly, I tell you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth
and dies, it remains just a single grain; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.” (v.24
When I learned that my favorite author had died, I was mad at God for
taking him away from the body of Christ so soon. His writings on spiritual formation had changed my life. They gave me reason to believe I could change some
of my non Christ-like ways and he showed me how. I believe this desire is in
every Christian heart. Isn’t this why we enter counseling, make New Year’s resolutions and read self-help books? The possibility of transformation is the essence
of hope.
Intellectually, I know God does not make mistakes, but I wanted to hear
from Him why this had happened so soon. While reading this verse for today I
discovered the answer, which calmed my heart. As Dallas Willard has gone to
live in the presence of the One he loved, there is much fruit being written and
spoken today by the pastors and individuals who have sought his counsel and
whom he has mentored. The fruit has multiplied far beyond what any one man
could produce.
Deuteronomy 6:1-9; Psalms 148, 149, 150; Hebrews 12:18-29
Birthdays: Pam Currier, Debbie Smith, Lori Backlund
Anniversaries: Stephen & Laurie Ersch
Monday, February 16
Psalm 25 For the friendship of the LORD is for those who fear him, and he makes
his covenant known to them. (v.14)
After returning home from a recent high school reunion, I reflected on
the value of these friends, most of whom I have known for almost 50 years.
When we are fortunate enough to come together we see that our shared secrets
are still just between us. Because our family history is also known so well—the
good, the bad, and the ugly—when we are together there is no pretense, no
masks, no secrets, only acceptance and genuine love. Just like the way my friend
Jesus and I relate.
Are you aware of the heavenly treasure available to us? He wants to be
our friend to share his covenant (secrets) with us. Our verse for today says it is
for those who fear him. The Bible gives us two different meanings, like two sides
of a coin. They can be found in Proverbs 8:13, and Psalm 33:8-9.
My grandma’s favorite song was “What a friend we have in Jesus.” I am
grateful to grandma for putting the thought into my mind, at a very early age,
that Jesus could be my divine friend.
Deuteronomy 6:10-15; Hebrews 1:1-14; John 1:1-18
Thursday, February 19
Shrove Tuesday, February 17
Psalm 28 Repay them according to their work, and according to the evil of their
deeds; repay them according to the work of their hands; render them their due reward. (v.4)
In this psalm, King David is praying that the Lord would bring justice to his
enemies to save the Jews from being destroyed. In my Bible I have my nephew’s
name written in the margin of this verse. Many years ago he became an enemy to
my family by murdering all the members of his family. Yes, it was a shock and
heartbreak. Since he was only 15 years of age, he was not tried as an adult, but
instead served three years in a well-known mental hospital. A few years after being
released, he began to practice other atrocities that continued to hurt our family
financially, as well as emotionally. All of this was extremely painful and changed
our family dynamics for years to come.
Forgiveness did not come easy, but this verse was a major help as I choose
to relinquish my nephew into the hands of Our All Wise Judge, knowing there
would be justice one day. Peace came to me in that moment of truth.
Deuteronomy 6:16-25; Psalm 26; Hebrews 2:1-10; John 1:19-28
Psalm 37:1-18 Do not fret because of the wicked… (v.1a)
When I first read this verse many years ago, I was in the very midst of
fretting over an older family member. I had just learned he touched my young
daughter inappropriately while our family was away. “Lord help me, instruct me,
guide me before I do something evil.” He instructed me to read the rest of this
chapter. Of course our Sovereign Lord would not tell us to do something without
telling us how, so I immersed myself in the study of this whole chapter and
learned what it meant to trust, to delight, and to commit.
The word “commit” in Hebrew means to throw something and “entrust it
into” the hands of another. This requires a letting go, which usually includes our
sinful attitudes such as revenge, malice, and unforgiveness. The letting go becomes easier if we meditate and delight on all God is for us.
If you are ever confronted with any such evil, please know the Bible gives
a clear pathway as to how to leave results with God and, in time, live in tranquility. “The Lord laughs at the wicked, for he sees their day is coming” (v.13).
Deuteronomy 7:6-11; Titus 1:1-16; John 1:29-34
Ash Wednesday, February 18
Hebrews 12:1-14 Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight and the sin that clings so closely, and let
us run with perseverance the race that is set before us. (v.1)
It’s Ash Wednesday, and if we choose to accept it, the next 40 days can be
a race set before us of surveying the blood-stained cross of Jesus and preparing us
for the greatest of all celebrations, Easter Sunday. This can be a time for us to
choose to spend more quiet time with our Lord concentrating on all that He has
done for us. We can find that extra time by giving up a meal at an interval right for
us or giving up some tech games or another leisure time activity. Sitting in God’s
presence, He will show you what gets in the way of more quiet time with Him. This
usually means we will need to deny ourselves something that has taken up too
much of our time, and keeps us occupied with fleshly pursuits. Our Lord wants us
to love Him so much that there’s only joy in our heart at the thought of spending
more time with the One who loves us most. When we choose to deny ourselves
something on the outside, while replacing it with more time with Him, we will
show our deep gratitude for what He has done for us.
Father, for Your glory and our growth, I ask you to inundate us with fresh
grace in the coming weeks. This special season is all about what You have done for
us, not what we promise to do for You.
Jonah 3:1—4:11; Psalms 95, 32, 143; Luke 18:9-14
Birthdays: Laura Hernandez, Stephen Ersch
Birthdays: Marvin King, Eliza Mills, Jennifer Conner, Emmie Guarardo,
Alexis Guajardo, Josie Aikens
by Nancy Ross
Friday, February 20
Birthdays: Lisa Nelson, Jean Winbigler
our Savior appeared, he saved us… (vv.3-5a)
Reading these verses, I so identify with where I was the night my husband
invited one of his lonely co-workers to our home for dinner. He was feeling the
pain of experiencing his wife of only 6 months walking out on him. Standing beside him with a cigarette in one hand and bourbon and water in the other hand, I
spoke words to him words I will never forget: “What you need to do, is go to
In the twinkling of an eye, the Presence of God revealed my hypocritical
heart to me. It wasn’t pretty and of course it included many of those sins listed
above. I have never been the same since that night after a time of deep repentance.
I have always felt the most important word in these verses was “but.” If
Jesus had not come to offer me salvation and a new life, I would still be foolish
and living in the swamp of sin. I have been forever grateful for God’s mercy, which
gives me what I don’t deserve.
Deuteronomy 7:17-26; Psalms 30, 32; John 1:43-51
Psalm 31 You are indeed my rock and my fortress; for your name’s sake lead me
and guide me. (v.3)
My oldest grandson loves to debate with his grandmother because faith
is objectionable to him. It is the very center of my life, and he knows that. He
loves to get me caught up in the latest Christian scandals or social issues of our
day. We are always on opposite sides, so the debate goes on and on.
I dislike debating, but for the Lord’s sake I have a desperate interest for
him to see the light. So I allow myself to get caught up in endless tirades, both in
person and in emails. This has been going on for many decades, but in that time I
have learned to establish some helpful boundaries.
My desire to represent the Lord’s interests causes me to cling to the Rock
who gives me stability when I want to run away from the fight. When these
thoughts come to mind, only pleading for guidance saves me from my foolishness. God’s presence sometimes helps me see no right argument will change
him. At these times the first words of the Serenity Prayer come to mind: Lord,
grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. Serenity is the opposite of panic.
Deuteronomy 7:12-16; Titus 2:1-15; John 1:35-42
Birthdays: Lorrie Swain, Tom Foster, Kimberly Reed, Ron Wilson, Ron Lorton, Michael Murphy
Saturday, February 21
Titus 3:1-15 We ourselves were once foolish, disobedient, led astray, slaves to
various passions and pleasures, passing our days in malice and envy, hated by
men and hating one another; but when the goodness and loving kindness of God
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