Mackintosh Architecture season guide

18 February – 23 May 2015
Talks & Events
Illustration © The Huntarian, University of Glasgow
Mackintosh – The Making of a Modern Man
Tuesday 17 March 6.30pm – 8.20pm
£15/£10 RIBA members, friends, students
Charles Rennie Mackintosh's unique approach
marked a break from the fussy traditions of the
19th Century and established him as a leading
figure of Art Nouveau. Working across disciplines
his projects attracted widespread acclaim in Europe
and elsewhere. From the Herald Building to the
world famous Glasgow School of Art, his buildings
today define the city of his birth, but what factors
contributed to this phenomenal success? What lay
behind the making of this modern man?
Mackintosh Architecture has been developed in
association with The Hunterian, University of Glasgow.
It marks the completion of a four-year AHRC-funded
research project led by The Hunterian into Mackintosh’s
The exhibition is supported by the Monument Trust
and RIBA Patrons.
Group visits
We welcome groups of all kinds. To ensure you
make the most of your trip, please contact us in
advance at [email protected]
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Ticket price of this event includes a donation to
The Mackintosh Appeal campaign to rebuild the
Glasgow School of Art.
Beyond Mackintosh – Contemporary works by
Katy Dove, Liz Lochhead & Lucy Reynolds
The Studio Space, 18 February – 23 May
Monday to Sunday 10am – 5pm
and Tuesdays 10am – 8pm
To complement Mackintosh Architecture four
artworks – one audio piece, one poem and two
animations are shown in adjacent spaces to the
main Architecture Gallery. The projects bring
the creative spirit of Glasgow to 66 Portland
Place. Some respond directly to Mackintosh’s
masterpiece, the Glasgow School of Art. Others
subtly evoke the artistic processes, techniques
and style of Mackintosh. Collectively they enable
connections to be made between Glasgow at the
turn of the century and today when the art school
continues to act as a key creative artery of the city.
©Katy Dove
Front cover illustration © The Huntarian, University of Glasgow
Highlights of the exhibition include a number of his
exquisitely detailed, and highly characteristic, ink
drawings for projects including the Glasgow Herald
Building, Scotland Street School, and The Hill
House; his original design for the Glasgow School
of Art along with film footage and a model of the
school and a selection of stunning watercolours.
© T & R Annan
Mackintosh Architecture
The Architecture Gallery, 18 February – 23 May
Monday to Sunday 10am – 5pm
and Tuesdays 10am – 8pm
Celebrated worldwide, Charles Rennie Mackintosh
is one of the leading figures of late 19th and early
20th Century architecture. Mackintosh Architecture
charts a career marked as much by its difficulties
as by its successes. It is the first substantial
exhibition to be devoted to his architecture
and features over 60 original drawings and
watercolours, as well as models, films and portraits.
Seen together they reveal the evolution of his style
from his early apprenticeship to his later projects as
an individual architect and designer.
Discussion chaired by broadcaster Kevin McCloud with
Pamela Robertson (Curator and Professor of Mackintosh
Studies, The Hunterian, University of Glasgow), Dan
Cruickshank (Historian and TV presenter), Clare Devine
(Director of Architecture at Design Council) and Prof. Chris
Platt (Head of Architecture, Glasgow School of Art).
Katy Dove, Meaning in action
66 Portland Place Building Tours
Every Friday from 27 February to 22 May
(excluding Good Friday) 2.30pm – 3.30pm
£5 Book online, or pay on the door
(first come, first served)
Much like Charles Rennie Mackintosh, architect
Grey Wornum worked closely with his artist wife
Miriam to design the RIBA headquarters building
at 66 Portland Place. For a discounted price during
the Mackintosh season, join us for a tour of our
unique building full of beautiful Art Deco inspired
details, interesting architectural history and
hidden stories.
Private Views and Building Tours If you are interested in arranging a private view of the exhibition
or a building tour, please contact us on 020 7307 3699 or email [email protected]
‘It was truly the most
interesting tour, we all enjoyed
it tremendously and hope to
make a return visit.’
Full programme and list of contributors are featured
online at
St Peter's College, Cardross, Dunbartonshire © RIBA Library Photographs Collection
Late Tuesday
Great Scots! – Architecture, Invention and Icons
Tuesday 31 March 6pm – 10pm
The Scottish have a reputation for bold building.
From the neoclassical and gothic to art noveau and
modernist, architecture in Scotland has consistently
reinvented itself, while its architects and engineers
have crossed the globe leaving a legacy of
structures and Scots style in all parts of the world.
In a special late evening of talks, films, workshops
and more, RIBA charts 200 years of ‘Great Scots!’
architecture and invention – celebrating
its evolution and its icons.
Drawing Workshop
Repeat, Refine, Re-Draw Explore & Draw
Saturday 21 March 11am – 4pm
£30/£20 students
This practical drawing workshop investigates how
Mackintosh used pattern and repetition to develop
his own distinct style. Participants will examine a
selection of original hand drawings by Mackintosh
before taking part in an on-site drawing session
at Triton Square. Suitable for artists at all levels,
including beginners. With Marianne Holm Hansen.
Spiral Staircase, Mackintosh Tower, The Lighthouse, Glasgow © VisitScotland
Friday Tours & Talks
Every Friday from 27 February to 22 May
(excluding Good Friday) 1.30pm – 2.30pm
FREE Book online
Discover more about the fascinating story of
Charles Rennie Mackintosh, the exhibition and
the themes it raises through a new series of tours
by RIBA curators with accompanying talks from a
range of guest contributors, including; Twentieth
Century Society Director Catherine Croft,
historian Alan Powers, author of ‘Mr Mac and Me’
Esther Freud and film curator Richard Martin.
Cities of Modernity –
European Art and Architecture 1880–1914
Tuesday 21 April 6.30pm – 8.20pm
£9/£6.50 RIBA members, friends, students
At the close of the 19th Century, Europe was
booming. Its thriving industrial economies were
churning out new machines and products and
drawing hundreds of thousands into its cities
with the promise of prosperity and excitement.
It was an age of progress where architects,
artists, designers, romantics and revolutionaries
anticipated the future with confidence, ushering in
a period of great experiment and urban change.
Photography Workshop
Total Architecture I: Repetition and Pattern
Point & Shoot
Saturday 9 May 11am – 4 pm
£30/£20 students
Taking inspiration from Mackintosh’s idea of
Total Design, this practical photography workshop
includes a study session looking at a selection
of original Mackintosh drawings followed by an
on-location photography shoot exploring the use
of repetition and pattern in architectural practice.
Please note this workshop is linked to Total
Architecture II. With Marianne Holm Hansen.
From Glasgow to Vienna and Paris to Barcelona,
we host a one night European tour charting
the bright lights and beating hearts of a new
continent chaired by writer and critic Justin
MGuirk with Stephen Smith (BBC Newsnight
Cultural Correspondent), Alan Powers (Author and
historian) and Greg Votalato (Royal College
of Art/V&A).
The full list of contributors can be found online at
Visit for more information and to book
Photography Workshop
Point & Shoot
Total Architecture II: The Past in the Present
Saturday 16 May 11am – 4pm
£30/£20 students
Inspired by Mackintosh’s considered references
to historical and vernacular architecture, this
practical photography workshop uses the
camera to investigate traces of the past in
contemporary design. The day includes an
on-site photo shoot and a plenary discussion.
Stained Glass Workshop
With the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts
Friday 10 April
11am; 1pm; 2pm; 3pm (45-minute sessions)
£5/participant, children must be accompanied
by an adult
Design and take home your very own stained
glass creations. Learn about the key principles
of geometry and stylisation inspired by nature
and be inspired by Mackintosh’s unique floral
designs and motifs.
Rainy Day Mackintosh
Friday 13 March
Listen to some rainy day stories before using tissue
paper, crayons and cellophane to add rain showers
and puddles to works by Mackintosh.
All About Castles
Friday 10 April
Build a fantastic castle and clip-clop around on
imaginary horses before settling in for a castlethemed story.
Flowers and Plants
Friday 24 April
Search Mackintosh’s work for flowers and plants
and print your own floral wallpaper.
Drop in to our morning sessions for little architects
to listen to stories, sing songs, play games and
create your own artworks inspired by great
LEGO® Friends Fun:
Build your Dream Family Home
Friday 20 February 11am – 4pm
FREE, drop in
(recommended ages 6+)
Come along to our LEGO® Friends workshop,
hosted by the UK’s Only Certified LEGO
Professional, and build and customise your
dream family home with a modern edge. Explore
Mackintosh Architecture for inspiration, spot prizes
throughout the day and goody bags for attendees.
Visit for more information and to book
10am – 10.45am. All sessions are £2/child to be
paid on the door. Children must be accompanied
by an adult. First come, first served.
Family Fun
With Marianne Holm Hansen.
From chairs and cars to homes and handbags,
we chart his legacy through a century of some
of the greatest collaborations and crossovers and
asks is 'Total architecture' good for us? Should
architects get more creative or should they stick
to what they know best? Discussion chaired with
architecture and design critic at The Guardian,
Oliver Wainwright with Roger Billcliffe (Mackintosh
Historian & Author), David Nelson (Head of Design,
Fosters + Partners), Catherine Ince (Curator,
Barbican Art Gallery) and Zaha Hadid Architects.
Building Blocks for the under 5s
The Mackintosh House, Glasgow © The Huntarian, University of Glasgow
Beyond Buildings –
Architects as designers and makers
Tuesday 12 May 6.30pm – 8.20pm
£9/£6.50 RIBA members, friends, students
Mackintosh was one of the first architects to
embrace a 'Total' approach to design. Working
with artists and makers at the end of the 19th
century, he oversaw the creation of all manner
of objects, fixtures and furnishings that took him
beyond buildings. Through necessity and invention,
architects since his time have reached out into
the world of interiors, furniture and products and
in doing so have created some of the most iconic
spaces and objects of the past 100 years.
For children, families and young people
Booking online in advance is advisable, some spaces may
be available on the door on a first come, first served basis.
Design Quest for ages 7–11
11am – 4pm. All sessions are £35 (£20 – if eligible
for free school lunch). Booking online essential
Stained Glass
Thursday 9 April
Experiment with light and colour to create your
own magical patterns inspired by Mackintosh.
Take home your own ‘stained glass’ creation!
With Rosie Fuller.
Our House
Friday 10 April
In a series of games and challenges inspired by
the life and work of Mackintosh, design and build
a house for a rather curious family.
Mack to the Street
Wednesday 8 April
Bollards and benches. Streetlamps and post boxes.
What is street furniture, and how does it define
where we live? Explore Mackintosh’s work before
designing your own masterpiece of Art Nouveau
street furniture for display in RIBA’s headquarters.
With Carla Ferrari.
Bring Your Drawings to Life
Monday 13 April
Inspired by Mackintosh’s life-like and realistic
drawings explore and practice a wide range of
drawing techniques that will bring your original
architectural designs to life. With Daniel Wallis.
With Zoë Allen.
‘Bewitching! Great, relaxed
and fun way to get creative
and constructive.’
Skill Up for ages 15–18
A Sense of Style
Thursday 2 April
Taking inspiration from the marriage of art and
architecture in the work of Mackintosh, learn and
practice various architectural drawing techniques
that will inform your style and work. With Marianne
Design Day for ages 11–15
11am – 4pm. £35 (£20 – if eligible for free school
lunch). Booking online essential
Total Architecture 1
Thursday 9 April
Thinking about architecture? Hear directly from
RIBA representatives and currently enrolled
students about what it is like to study architecture
at university. Meet like-minded young people and
develop your technical and drawing skills while
working to a set architectural brief.
With Katie Kennedy.
To find out more about other RIBA
events and activities like these outside
our Mackintosh season, please visit
Monday 13 April
Mackintosh practiced a holistic approach to
architecture that gave equal weight to interior
and exterior design. Take inspiration from
Mackintosh’s ‘total design’ and design a
structure from the inside out. With Zoë Allen.
Visit for more information and to book
With Katie Kennedy.
Holm Hansen.
Font and Centre
Thursday 2 April
From calligraphy to graffiti, discover the
craftsmanship of drawing letters. Use pen, print or
spray paint to express your own unique style in a
signature font! With Carla Ferrari.
Mash-Up Architecture
Tuesday 7 April
Mackintosh used elements of historical buildings,
art, pop culture and contemporary design to create
a signature style of architecture. Use collage and
different drawing techniques to mash up text, logos
and patterns into architectural creations that say
something about you. With Marianne Holm Hansen.
Total Architecture 2
Friday 10 April
Create a winning architectural portfolio.
Learn what makes a good portfolio – and how
to avoid making a bad one! Get tips and tricks to
make your work stand out from the crowd. Present
your work in a style guaranteed to get you noticed.
11am – 4pm. £35 (£20 – if eligible for free school
lunch). Booking online essential
Coming soon
Brilliant moments
They can be marvelled at.
Illustration © The Huntarian, University of Glasgow
Download the brief at
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The Brutalist Playground
Opening 10 June 2015
Brutalism evoked a new ethics in post-war
architecture. It questioned the pre-war Modern
Movement while pursuing a renewed socialist
agenda. Today, however, these structures are
remembered largely for their failure, characterised
by the image of rough concrete and desolate
landscaping. The Brutalist Playground is an
immersive, touchable and conceptual installation
that will reveal examples of play designed for
these structures. It will encourage visitors to look
at the materiality and visual language of Brutalist
landscapes in new ways while questioning
present-day design for play.
Mackintosh Building, Glasgow School of Art
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Opening 9 September 2015
With a focus on contemporary architecture, this
exhibition explores how the design principles of
Andrea Palladio have been interpreted, copied and
re-imagined across time and space in very different
ways since his death in 1580. It includes previously
unexplored and never exhibited works that put
Palladio in a new social context and brings out
unexpected stories about the impact of his legacy
on functionality and style. It also questions how
a style and approach to architecture that Palladio
intended to be democratic is now associated with
wealth and privilege.
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Bistro Offer
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