Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution
Watch/listen to the video and answer the following questions!
1. Which city is the unhealthiest city in America?
2. How many lives does Jamie want to save?
A. 500
B. 5.000
C. 15.000
D. 50.000
3. What do pupils in Huntington schools eat for breakfast?
4. Why would Jamie be both excited and scared to start a food revolution in the USA?
A. He is afraid that people won’t like him coming to their town
B. He is afraid that people won’t change their eating habits
C. He is afraid that people will send him back to England
D. He is afraid that people will force him to eat their food
5. Fill in the blanks: … First off I want to start at the 1. ........ because that’s what I know best
and I know that if you can get kids eating well that can set them up for 2. ……... So I’ve
managed to 3. ……….. Huntington to let me have one week in just one school. Change the
food… Prove that the kids will eat it… Prove that it doesn’t 4. ……………. the school up and
prove that I can do it on 5. ………... Between me and you: the chances of me succeeding that…
O God…
6. Who is in charge of the school’s kitchen Jamie is visiting?
A. Alice
B. Paulie
C. Millie
D. Linda
E. Lawona
7. True or False: the lunch ladies/cooks ask Jamie to peel potatoes for the mashed potatoes
8. Circle the correct word in BOLD: Jamie compares the freezer with Aladdin’s cave of
processed crap (junk) because you can’t find fresh food / scrambled eggs / hamburgers /
fries / pizza food in the freezer.
9. Jamie Oliver is angry (and could almost cry) because all the natural food (bread, fruit) on the
children’s trays ends up in the …
10. True or False: Jamie Oliver is excited and can’t wait to cook his recipes with a bunch of cooks
who don’t really want him there.
11. How often does pastor Steve leads an obese-related funeral during winter-time?
A. once a week
B. once every two weeks
C. once every three weeks
D. once every four weeks/once per month
12. Why does Stacie Edwards (the mom) laugh when she sees the food… something she doesn’t
like seeing?
13. Fill in the blanks: … And you’re a mother and I’m a father, right? I know what it feels like.
- You’d do anything for?
- But I’m killing them.
Yes, sure… You are… but we can stop that.
- Seeing that food 1. ………... me to think that I am opening my kids to a world of failure. I
want them to be good. I want them to learn from me.
You are a good mother, right?
- Well, I thought so…
Do you know how many 2. ………… of women around the world are doing exactly this. So
from this day onwards it’s going to 3. …………. Well done, give us a hug. When I finally got
through to Stacey and she started to get 4. ……………, that’s when I truly know that we’ve got
a chance of making proper change.
14. Why do you think people at Justin’s school are calling him names/are bullying him?
Because he’s …………
15. Which targets does Jamie need to meet if he is to change the eating behaviour of pupils in
A. He gets a week to get a job done
B. Keep on budget
C. Students need to accept the meals
D. All of the above
16. True or False: during Jamie’s first try-out the children chose the processed food over the
natural fresh food
17. What does anaemic mean to the woman who talks about Jamie on the radio?
18. General question (not part of the video): What would you like to change about the food your
school offers (or not)?