Trinity Lutheran College Mildura Principal’s Message May 1st

Trinity Lutheran College Mildura
May 1st
Thursday 2
SSVS Soccer
Aero Ovals
Monday 6
SSVS Football
Aero Ovals
Tuesday 7
Year 7 (All)
Year 9 (Boys)
Year 10 ( All)
Wednesday 8
College Photos
(full winter uniform)
Principal’s Message
As this will be the last Newsletter before the Deutschfest, I would like to thank
everyone involved for their planning and preparation so far. The boardroom is
filling with items for gift baskets and items for various stalls are filling the
corridors, before Rod Gleeson dutifully transports them to the appropriate
storage area. The planning meetings have been well attended and reflect the
preparations for our wonderful Deutschfest. The children are busily and excitedly
learning the German dances and preparations are coming together very well. It
promises to be another wonderful day and I look forward to seeing you Saturday
week. The Deutschfest is a highlight of the College Calendar as parents, friends
and students all work together on the day in a true community atmosphere.
There are still a variety of ways in which you can assist. I have been inspired by
so many people and have made Crab Apple Jelly and will be making Tomato
Relish for the produce stall this weekend. Please check the Deutschfest
Newsletter for the latest updates and ways in which you can assist.
The Better Schools Project
Lutheran Education Australia supports The Better Schools Project for all
Lutheran Schools throughout Australia. The Better Schools Project is a
longitudinal project focussed on assisting Lutheran Schools to celebrate success
and build on levels of excellence in terms of teaching and learning, spiritual
Saturday 11
guidance, and the well-being of Lutheran school staff, students and parents. The
third survey, for staff, students and parents will allow each school to understand
Tuesday 14 - Thursday 16
its internal climate and to determine the best way to celebrate its success and
ensure excellence in the educational services provided to its community. The
results of the survey will be compared to two previous surveys in 2009 and
Wednesday 15
20011 and suggest a range of activities which may be undertaken in order to
improve our College and hence Lutheran Education Australia. All staff, 50
Thursday 16
students and 60 parents will be randomly selected, invited and encouraged to
complete the survey, which asks you to rate your views about Trinity Lutheran
Friday 17
College. Students selected will complete the survey at school and Better school
Prep –Year 10 Cross
surveys will be posted to randomly selected families. If you receive a survey,
Country Apex Park &
please complete the survey on-line. If you are unable to complete the on-line
Jaycee Park
survey at home, you are welcome to use the on-line facilities at school. Further
instructions on how to complete the survey will be given to those chosen. While
Tuesday 21
ICAS Computer Skills
the survey is voluntary, I would encourage those selected to please take the time
to complete the survey by May 31st.
Thursday 9
SSVS Soccer (Boys)
Aero Ovals
A Taste Of Prep
6pm Sunset Hall
Saturday 22
Later Years Ball
Competition ticket
booklets to be
returned to Student
Reception by 3rd
May .
“To support all Lutheran schools to become better schools, reflecting excellence
in all aspects of the provision of student education."
Congratulations to Mr Richard Deborah and his
wife, Mary. on the safe arrival of Betty Florence
Ofosu-Debrah born on 20th April their fourth child
and first daughter and sister to Nana, Kwame and
Andre. (Pictured right)
Christian Greetings
Andrew Leske
920 Fifteenth Street, Mildura Victoria 3500 T: (03)50237013 F: (03) 50236339 E: [email protected] W:
Music News
Auditions are on again this week on Wednesday
and Friday 3:30 – 5:00pm. See Miss Schache if
you would like to arrange a time. The Cast will be
announced next week. Rehearsals begin Monday
13 May 3:30 – 5:30pm.
Please speak to Mrs Ullrich or Miss Schache if
you wish to be involved in a musical item (singing,
playing) for the Café in the Sunset Hall by the end
of this week. This is a great performance
opportunity to prepare for Eisteddfod.
Eisteddfod begins in 3 weeks!
It’s time to practise, practise, practise.
The Choirs will begin rehearsals this week.
Make sure you sign up and get involved.
Tracy Schache
Music Coordinator
Evidence Based Classroom Observation
“What is it and what does it do?”
Evidence Based Observation and Coaching (EBO) is a
straight-forward program that gathers data by observing
the learning and teaching interaction between classroom
teachers and students. The observer, known as the
coach, discusses the observation data with the teacher
in order to encourage, explore new ideas and to offer
support as the teacher develops, refines and implements
her learning and teaching goals.
A goal of our Teaching and Learning Action Plan 2013 is
to embed the EBO process with all staff as a priority for
professional learning. Part of my role is to oversee this.
We have four trained EBO coaches; Julie Lyons, Jodie
Fischer, Brenda Hornsby and me. We are currently
working with eight teachers across primary and
secondary. The process involves three cycles of
observation and feedback with two coaching sessions.
The real fruit of this work is the renewed focus that
teachers have for their learning and teaching and the
measurable achievements we see from our students.
So, what are we really looking for?
A creative balance of the two main teaching styles:
traditional “chalk ‘n talk” that focuses on instruction
and content, and what we call Discursive Teaching
where teachers set up learning situations that
encourage and allow students to engage directly
with the teacher or each other in conversations
about learning.
Student engagement in which they are actively
involved in their own learning.
Positive relationships between teachers and
Dianne Buffon
Learning and Teaching Leader
Chapel @ Sunset
From 6PM
Sunday 5 May
Please continue to collect and send in stickers.
TLC Uniform Shop Hours
Monday & Thursday 3.00 - 4.00pm
Friday 8.15am - 9.30am
Email: [email protected]
We have entered the transition phase with the change
of weather where students are permitted to wear either
the college winter uniform in it’s entirety or continue
wearing the summer uniform. Please do not mix the
two. Students will be required to be in full winter uniform
from the Monday following Deutschfest (13th May).
College Photos are scheduled for the 8th May and this
year students are required to attend school in their full
winter uniform, including the correct coloured woollen
jumper for the senior students.
(Sunset hall at School)
A light meal
Then worship
Then home –
All in the space of an hour
TLC Auskick 2013
TLC Auskick Registration will be held in the
Rotunda Thursday 2nd May, 5.00 - 6.30pm with
our first session on the Sunday following
Duetschfest, Sunday 12th May 2013, 11am-12noon.
The co-ordinator this year is Luke Price (0437 695
755) and all registrations and payment can be done
on-line this year
Student Achievements
All forms need to be returned even if you are not
ordering photos.
Senior Musical Production
Honk! JR
Dates: 29, 30, 31 August
Venue: Mercy Theatre
21st May
Enrolments are currently being taken for 2014 Prep
classes and invitations have been issued for A Taste Of
Prep. Please ensure you have enrolled siblings with Mrs
Gillian Roberts at Front Reception.
Well done to all of the Trinity Lutheran College Students
who played in the RJ Shield chess tournament at the end
of last term. A special congratulations must go to all the
prize-winners, who as you can see took out the majority
of the divisions!
Mildura R.J. Shield Chess Tournament- Red Cliffs Secondary
College- 24 March 2013
U14- 2nd- Heath Gooch
U14- 3rd- Aryn Gooch
U12- 1st- Thomas Morrison
U12- 2nd- Rahul Hariprakash
U10- 1st- John Nghiem
U10- 2nd- Aadyn Healy
U8- 1st- Andrew Liu
U8- 2nd- Ariana Heaysman
Congratulations also to Nebraska Wilke (Yr 6) on his
recent selection for The Sunraysia Soccer Academy.
Congratulations to Beth Hayden (Yr 9) for winning 2nd
place in the Senior Female Sunraysia Inter School Clay
Target Shoot for 2013.Well done to Sarah Schwarz for
winning the Coaches Encouragement Award
Canteen – Keeping In Touch
Introducing $5 Meal Deals
These deals are available every day
Pizza- 2 topping your choice and Strawberry or Chocolate
Large sweet chilli wrap and water combo
Sandwich/Wrap/Rolland water combo
02 May
Yr 9 Camp, Tasmania
8A Sunraysia Skills Centre, 9.00am-11.30am
SSVS Girls Soccer, 9.00am-3.00pm
Parents a gentle reminder that sticker money is available
at Student reception. Sticker money speeds up collating
of orders with us not having to deal with money and
change. Also check that you have the current menu for
correct prices starting 2013
03 May
Yr 9 Camp, Tasmania
Following up from our 2012 Nude Food Day, a healthy
planet and litter free Trinity Lutheran College.
06 May
Musical Rehearsals, 3.30pm-5.30pm
09 May
8B Sunraysia Skills Centre, 9.00am-11.30am
SSVS Boys Soccer, 9.00am-3.00pm
13 May
Musical Rehearsals, 3.30pm-5.30pm
15 May
Yr 1 Excursion-Wetalnds, 1.00pm-3.00pm
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Services
Corner Ninth Street & Olive Avenue
9.30am: Every Sunday
7.00pm: 2nd and 4th Sunday
Parents please remind your child/children that there is a
20 cent rebate from all drinks purchased from the
canteen if returned. Since being implemented the school
grounds are a lot healthier. Thankyou students.
Also we encourage students and families to support by
sending recess and lunches free of disposable
With cooler weather on the way soup is back on the
menu. Last week we averaged 5 litres of soup a day.
$2.50 a cup, $3.00 a mug. If you have any excess
vegetables the canteen will put them to good use. A
thankyou to Nina Plummer who donated a stack of
pumpkins last week
A reminder to parents that Prep to Year 5 students are to
pre order from home and use the class tubs for lunch
orders. This avoids congestion at the canteen now we
are into autumn with cooler weather.
Helen Grant
Staff Profile - Claire Snyders
My name is Claire Snyders. I was born in South
Africa and lived there until 2000. I then moved with
my family to New Zealand where I finished off high
school. I completed a Bachelor of Education with
the University of Auckland and spent the next 4
and a half years teaching primary school in New
Zealand, with a 6 month break to travel through
Europe! I moved to Australia at the beginning of
2012 and spent the year teaching different year
levels at a variety of school
within Mildura. That brings
me to this year, where I
started at Trinity Lutheran
College. I am teaching in
5B this year and loving it! I
am looking forward to the
rest of my time here and
feel very blessed to be
working in such a great
Natural Head Lice Repellent
Eco Kids Daily Tonic is certified organic and
eco-ethical leave in moisturizer and detangler specially
formulated for young hair. Daily Tonic contains 100%
pure essential oils that add strength to hair and helps
to reduce hair breakage. The plant derived
moisturisers naturally bind and hold moisture to help
nourish away knots and tangles. Natural wheat
peptides soothe the skin and scalp. Artificial
preservative, fragrance and colouring free the daily
tonic is waterway friendly and biodegradable. While
softening and moisturising the hair, the pleasant scent
of the essential oils in Daily Tonic is a natural head
lice repellent. This product is available at Lido Hair
and Beauty 143A Ninth St Mildura. Mention that you
read about this product in the Newsletter and you will
receive 10% off the price of the product.
Would you like you and/or your daughter to get fit while
having fun??
Why not try DrillDance (formerly Marching Girls). Ages
from 5 to 95 years.
We have a “Come and Try” day on Sunday 21st April 2013,
between 2pm – 4pm at the Irymple South School.
Come along and have a look. Give it a try, you might enjoy
You never know until you try. Further enquiries contact
Jen Marshall 0419649488.
Awareness Term
'Australian Lutheran World Service' focus country:
Each year ALWS (Australian Lutheran World Service)
encourages Lutheran Schools in Australia to learn about
aspects of their work through an Awareness Week. The
theme for this year is Health for Life! with a focus on
Nepal. At TLC we will spend the term looking at this
theme in various ways, as a whole college and in class
The main ALWS goals for the Awareness program
To understand that God has a great concern for
people all around the world, especially those
living in poverty situations.
To understand the impact on life when healthy
living standards and conditions are not met. This
includes the need for food, water, sanitation,
hygiene, medical care, support for people with
disabilities and development of communities.
To understand that people all around the world
need healthy lives for there to be justice among
God’s people.
To understand the role and work of the church in
its efforts to alleviate poverty and how ALWS may
assist in that role (particularly in Nepal).
To understand that all people here in Australia
have something to contribute to make a difference
in this world.
As well as looking at how we can offer love, support,
care and a helping hand to our brothers and sisters
across the world, the Awareness program provides an
ideal starting point for considering issues of poverty,
injustice and cultural awareness.
Each week in Assembly there will be a short presentation
of some aspect of this theme. Week 7 will be our TLC
Awareness Week where a variety of activities will take
place. More information will follow later.
Chapel offering for Term 2 will go towards ALWS's
work in Nepal. Students and families are invited to
donate any time through their classroom offering tin,
the canteen tin or directly through the College Office.