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High School
Cuero High School
Gobbler Band
Gary Owens – Director of Bands
Steven Hearn – Assistant Director of Bands
920 E. Broadway
Cuero, TX 77954
(361)275-1939 email: [email protected]
Dear Gobbler Band Parents and Students:
The new school year is launched and we are experiencing the joy of making music. Thank you for
your support, and particularly for encouraging your child to continue with their study of music. The
investment of time, effort, and energy will produce lifelong dividends.
Welcome to the greatest musical family ever. We have one of the best organizations at Cuero High
School with many fun and exciting activities planned for the year. We are going to have a fantastic
There are many great traditions in the Gobbler Band. We know that you will want to be part of these
great traditions. To do this we need each of you to be an active participant in the organization.
Everyone, from band parents, Band officers, committee members, band members, volunteers, etc., is
vital to the success of the Gobbler Band. We need everyone to participate. Success within this
program is the responsibility of directors, parents and students.
Evidence continues to focus on the arts (music) as a vital component in the positive growth of every
child. For years we have pointed to the music students as those who have demonstrated a special
talent. However, based on extended studies we now know it is the very process of learning music that
develops the artistic mind and brings forth the creative potential in all young people. For this reason,
continued membership in our family is strongly encouraged.
Get ready, hang on, this year is going to be extremely exciting. This year is going to be the best
ever!!! Being the band director at Cuero High School is the neatest experience and honor possible. I
love it!
Dedicated to the success of your child,
Gary Owens
Director Information
The Director of Band of the Cuero Gobbler Band is Mr. Gary Owens. Mr. Owens grew up in Odessa, Texas and went to school at
Odessa High School. He was a member of the Odessa High School Broncho Band which currently holds the second longest consecutive 1st
division marching streak in Texas at 73 years in a row. The longest is Plainview High School at 74 in a row. Mr. Owens was also a member of
the jazz band and full orchestra. In 1985 he made the Texas All-State Symphonic band on trumpet. Mr. Owens holds a Bachelors of Music
Education degree from Baylor University where he graduated in December 1989. While at Baylor, Mr. Owens participated in many activities
including The Golden Wave Marching Band, Baylor Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble, and Baylor Jazz Ensemble. He was an active
member of Kappa Kappa Psi a Nation Honorary Band Fraternity that supports college bands. After graduation Mr. Owens took a band position
in January of 1990 at LaVega ISD as the middle school director. Mr. Owens has also taught as the Director of Bands at Community ISD, Pilot
Point ISD, Hereford ISD, and McCamey ISD. In May 1999 Mr. Owens completed his graduate work at Texas A&M – Commerce earning a
Master’s in Education degree in Educational Administration. Mr. Owens has 23 years teaching experience. In those years he has had 10 all
state students and numerous all-region band students. He currently has at least 8 former students that are in some type of musical carrier
including teaching and performance. His band have repeatedly earned 1st divisions at UIL competitions. He is members of the following
organizations: Association of Texas Small School Bands (Charter Member), Texas Music Educators Association, Texas Bandmasters
Association, Association of Texas Professional Educators, Texas Music Adjudicators Association, and Nation Federation of Music Educators.
He is actively called on to judge UIL contests throughout the state.
Locally Mr. Owens serves as the president of the Cuero Area Soccer Association, as a cub scout den leader, helps out with the Cuero
Little League, and attends church at First Baptist in Cuero. He is married Vertronica Owens in Plano, TX in July of 1995. His son Spencer
was born in 2002 and he is in 4th grade at St. Michael’s School in Cuero.
Cuero High School Band
The Gobbler Band standards are based on the theory that improvement and progress are in direct proportion to the efforts of band members,
instructors and parents. We believe that mental and moral growth is developed from persistent guidance and supervision in a proper
environment. If each member associates with other students in an atmosphere of a "can do" attitude, optimum success will follow. Politeness
and courtesy become habits, leading to an appreciation of community life and the good in others. "Gobblers" keep their standards high and
maintain a strong desire to keep their organization successful.
In order to assist band members and parents to understand their areas of responsibility, a statement of band policy and guidelines is herein set
forth. Becoming familiar with this handbook will assist each band member and parent in making the most of the opportunity to enhance their
education through their association with the music.
Not all aspects of the band program can possibly be covered in a handbook. Issues not addressed by the handbook will be the decision of Mr.
We believe that setting high standards through the process of making exciting music both on the marching fields and in the concert halls
enriches the total educational experience for students at CHS. Together, the members develop teamwork, dedication, commitment and
admiration for each other. Music is a gift! Through it, one experiences joy, discipline, exhilaration and treasured opportunities that will touch
the human spirit for a lifetime.
To provide an opportunity for students to develop skills and the appreciation of music for use as a vocation,
avocation, or personal enrichment.
To develop aesthetic sensitivity through music.
To develop leadership skills and to learn to accept and fulfill responsibilities.
To develop socially acceptable ideals of conduct and respect for others through teamwork and collaboration.
To develop an attitude of good citizenship as evidenced by a willingness to cooperate and assist in planning, production and clean up;
constructive contributions for the good of the group and the respect for others through teamwork.
Show interest in the music study/activities of your child and get involved with the other band parents.
Enforce the importance of being on time.
Encourage your child to play their instrument for you and to practice. Have them play-off their music for directors.
Work with the band staff to develop your child as a whole person.
Keep up with your child’s academic success in all classes so that they are eligible to participate in extra-curricular activities.
Discuss with the band directors anything that will help us to understand your child. The band staff is here to help
the students. Feel free to contact us at anytime.
Notify the band director in writing of any absences or tardies prior to the event unless it is an extreme emergency.
School Phone (361)275-1939
Band Email – [email protected]
Student information may be obtained at
Parent/Student Login: CUEROBAND
Facebook – Cuero Gobbler Band
Daily practice is very important.
_ Provide quality equipment and accessories.
_ Arrange a daily practice schedule.
_ Provide a quiet place for practice.
_ Provide a stand and metronome.
_ Encourage private lessons.
We can also notify of events through email and Facebook. If you wish to be on our email list please, give us your email address or cell phone
number and carrier. We also plan on establishing a band website for information. Please login to school code:
cueroband . There will be additional information with forms, important dates for your child and trip account balances.
In order to participate, a student must:
Be willing to carry out all provisions of this handbook.
Abide by all rules and regulations of the CISD, Cuero High School and the Gobbler Band.
Refrain from participation in any illegal activity, which would embarrass or cause negative publicity to yourself or Cuero High School.
Do his/her best and give 100%.
Be in the Right Place at the Right Time with the Right Stuff and with the Right Attitude
We will make every effort to communicate band information to individuals as needed. This includes all band performances, rehearsals and
other areas of importance. Most communication will be delivered via email so it is important that we have current email addresses. We can
also send emails via text messaging on cell phones. Please supply us with your phone carrier if you wish to get up messages quickly. We also
have a Facebook group page – CUERO GOBBLER BAND as well as a band web site off of the Cuero ISD web site.
2012-13 Band Officers and Leadership
The band will not be any stronger than its officers! Officers and staff should set an example with actions worthy of the Gobbler Band and should assume a
degree of responsibility for encouraging other band students to do the same. Officers should also encourage members of the band to maintain a high
performance level. All officers and student leaders must be members of the marching band. All officers and student leaders shall assist the director and
chaperones in every way possible.
Officers of the Cuero Gobbler Band
Billy Rodriguez - Drum Major
Brianna Banda - Drum Major
Macie Frankie - Color Guard Captain
Janel Maldonado - Color Guard Lieutenant
Rance Parker - President
Logan Kahlich - Vice President
Other Band Leadership Team Members:
Colby Spencer - Equipment Commander
Olivia Davis - Uniform Commander
Luke Stevenson - Percussion Commander
Bevin Velandia - Band Commander
Presides over all band council meetings.
Attend all DI and BLT meetings.
Appoints committees for social functions. (setup, cleanup and
Maintain bulletin boards and band information
Assist in organizing band social activities.
Assist other officers with their duties
Write notes of appreciation for assisting the band program
Publicize fundraising projects
Chairs the band banquet.
Other duties as appointed
Vice President
Preside over band council meeting in the event of the
Presidents absence.
Attend all DI and BLT meetings.
Assist Loading Captain in organizing crew to load instruments
and equipment onto band truck for all needed performances in
a timely manner.
Submit newspaper information upon approval
Assist directors in instrument inventories at the end of the
Make sure that all of the music stands are sturdy and clean of
Assist in setting up the seating for all band rehearsals and
Help keep the band hall equipment in good playing condition.
Makes sure all equipment is available at rehearsals.
Attend all DI & BLT meetings
Collect and take pictures and video of the band for web-site
and band banquet.
Maintain bulletin and memo boards in band hall
Other duties as assigned.
Drum Major
Help maintain pride and discipline through example.
Attend all DI and BLT meetings.
Attend all staff meetings when asked.
Conduct all assigned music during football games and pep
Maintain all Band Leadership Team meeting notes
Help band members on an individual basis who are having
problems with music/marching.
Serve as official host/hostess for visiting bands.
Help members interpret marching coordinate charts.
Remain eligible to maintain position.
Have been eligible the entire year prior to tryouts.
Color Guard Officers
Maintains pride and discipline through example.
Makes sure all equipment needed is ready for each rehearsal /
Attend all DI and BLT meetings.
Choreographs all routines if necessary.
Helps corps members interpret marching coordinate charts.
Attends staff meetings when asked.
Other duties as appointed
Uniforms Captain
Organize a uniform crew to distribute and maintain uniforms
and storage.
Attend all DI and BLT meetings.
Assist directors in uniform inventory at the end of the
Make sure that every student has the proper uniform
Arrange with the director for uniform cleaning throughout the
Other duties as assigned.
Drill Instructor
Maintains pride and discipline through example
Attend all DI and BLT meetings.
Make sure section members have proper equipment.
Help individuals within the section with music and marching.
(This may require individual time).
Keep up with birthday celebrations and cards of band students
Conduct sectional rehearsals if needed.
Make sure all members of the section have music memorized
by the assigned deadline. Help section members interpret
marching coordinate charts.
Be familiar with and help to enforce band guidelines and protocol.
Act as spokesperson for the band within the school and community.
Make concerns regarding the band program known to the director.
Keep the director informed of band activities that they might not be aware of.
Assist director and other band members whenever possible.
Must make all performances
Participate in all UIL events and audition for ATSSB Region Band
Miss no more than 3 meetings per semester of the BLT
Plan social functions outside the school day with the director’s approval. (You should have at least three functions per
Maintain eligibility for a full year prior to running or applying for office and must maintain eligibility to remain in
A student may only hold one position as an officer. Officers are drum major, president, vice-president, color guard
officer and others as appointed.
All officers are determined by application, evaluations, and/or auditions/appointment
Rules of Conduct for all Trips
Conduct: Every Gobbler Band Member will be expected to represent parents, self, school, community and state in the fine
tradition of the Cuero High School Band. Band members will be expected to conduct themselves like ladies and gentlemen at all
There will be no tobacco on buses, in public, or in band uniform. This includes dip.
Show courtesy and respect to both the sponsors and bus drivers. What they say, you do!
Cell Phones are to be used only for EMERGENCIES and calling for a ride home.
Any student guilty of either disrespect or conduct may sent home by public transportation, COD. Your parents will be
notified by phone. Appropriate school discipline will be administered.
No boys will be in girls’ rooms nor girls in boys’ rooms at any time.
Do not disturb other guests in motel/hotel rooms.
There will be no yelling or unnecessary noise at any time.
No “making out” on the trip at any time. This does not mean that you will not be allowed to hold hands and socialize
with the opposite sex. Just be certain to maintain a good image.
Learn the bus schedule and always be on time.
Do not leave your instrument on the bus. Each person is responsible for his or her equipment at all times.
If you tell shady stories, tell them before the trip. Let’s keep all language clean.
Absolutely no alcoholic beverages or illegal substances. No virgin drinks in restaurants. Do not go into bars.
Avoid any kind of trouble from outsiders. We can probably expect the appearance of undesirable characters. Let the
parents or hotel security take care of these situations.
All students are required to be with the group at all times. Friends or relatives may visit you, but do not ask to leave with
or go to visit them.
Please do not leave any money in your room.
If you are using a device that produces sound you must use only earphones to listen to these devices.
Only G, PG, PG-13 approved movies will be allowed for viewing on any trip. The bus sponsor will control the movies
viewed and will remove questionable viewings.
Absolutely no charges to the room – no phone calls – use the pay phone. If you order pizza, have it delivered before
You may not ride in an unauthorized vehicle for any reason, at any time.
You must stay within the set boundaries at all times.
Do not bring or use items such as water guns, costume masks, etc.
Always be aware of curfew, and abide by it.
Cuero High School Band
Football Game Procedures
The appearance that the band makes at football games (and everywhere) is very important. Every effort is made to make the
Gobbler Band’s part of the game an outstanding one. Many people from outside of Cuero will see the Gobbler Band only once.
The impression that they receive has a great deal to do with the spirit, pride, and reputation of the band. The Gobbler Band,
student body, and cheerleaders reflect the image of CHS. Help make ours a favorable image at all times. EVERYONE MUST
MUST BE SUBMITTED IN WRITING BEFORE DEPARTURE TIME. The band, more than any other school
organization, reflects the image of Cuero High School. Let's make it a favorable one.
1. Meet in the designated place at the designated time. Do Not Be Late! You will be informed early as to what time your
parents should pick you up from an out of town trip. Because of this, you should not have to use the phones upon returning
home. We really enjoy being with the students BUT we also have families so PLEASE pick up the children in a timely
Each person is responsible for his or her equipment at all times.
Monday evening rehearsals contest rehearsals are required for Friday evening field performances.
Bus procedure: remain seated at all times. File off the bus in an orderly manner – do not crowd or push. Do not leave the bus
until directed to do so by a director.
Always be in the designated uniform. Refer to inspection notes.
Take your place in the stands as quickly as possible after the performance.
Sit in the assigned seats and do not move about during the game.
Do not take any unauthorized refreshments during the game. After the half time performance, the band parents will provide
you with a drink. There is no eating or drinking anything else when in uniform, unless otherwise stated by the directors.
During cold weather you may bring coats and blankets.
No “noodling” (blowing of instruments or drumming) anytime the band is not playing. Drums are to play only with the full
band, cadences and with cheerleaders.
No one but band personnel is allowed in the band section without the director’s approval.
Watch the director and drum majors at all times when he is standing in front of the band. Get music ready rapidly when it is
called. Watch closely for cut-offs in the music.
File orderly from the stands to the formation before the half time show. Do not play your instrument, instead blow warm air
into the horn to warm it up. Go quickly into entry formation so that we can take the field as soon as possible.
You are allowed to cheer with cheerleaders, but avoid making rude comments. Treat visitors and other directors with
respect and politeness.
If you drop something under the bleachers please tell a parent or sponsor so that they can retrieve it immediately.
Cell phones or pagers are not allowed at any performance or rehearsal – they are for EMERGENCY use (determined by a
director, chaperoene or school official) or calling home for a ride when close to Cuero. Not at any other point. They may be
taken up and given to the school administration.
At ALL times use common sense.
Third Quarter:
1. The band will report to the stands to play during third quarter.
2. A third quarter break may be given to the band/individuals for a job well done during the previous week and at halftime.
This is a reward, not a right. During play-off games we will cancel 3rd quarter breaks in order to support the team at this
3. Individual members of the band may be required to stay in the stands with no break during the third quarter. (at the
discretion of the directors for discipline reasons). They are also not to be given soft drinks, food, or candy from the
concession stand or from anyone other than the directors (remember it is for discipline.)
4. Students will have a required manner to wear the designated uniform on 3rd quarter break!
5. Students may have snacks on the 3rd quarter break if they can finish before the beginning of 4th quarter.
6. Students must be in their place at the beginning of 4th quarter ready to perform. The consequence for being tardy will
be the loss of 3rd quarter privilege for the following game.
1. The uniform will be worn as instructed. At no time will the uniform be worn to represent Cuero High School without the
prior approval from the director.
2. The bottom of the pants should barely touch the top of the shoe so there is no break in the crease of the pants. Only sew the
hem if needed. Use button snaps to adjust length. Do not cut any part of the uniform and do not use any iron-on hemming
3 You may not wear jeans or bulky pants under the uniform pants. You may wear shorts or long johns under the pants.
4. The current green band shirt is always worn with the uniform. Should we remove our coats in the stands, we will still look
5. The hat should be worn flat on the head. The brim should be no more than two fingers width away from the
bridge of the nose.
6. Do not stroke or touch the plume because the oils in your hands will destroy it. Only touch with white band gloves on.
7. Uniforms should be kept clean at all times. Take soiled uniforms to the cleaners as soon as possible to prevent soil from
setting in the fabric. Do not clean the uniform yourself. Uniforms will be issued clean and should remain clean. If the uniform is
soiled then YOU may be responsible to have it cleaned for the next performance.
Uniforms must always be on a strong sturdy hanger when in storage.
9. Uniforms must always be hung in heavy bags for trips. Label the outside of the bag with your name in large
10. Shoes and gloves must be clean at all times. Gloves must be snow-white. You must have solid black socks.
11. No jewelry may be worn at anytime on the field. This includes earrings, chains, watches etc. for EVERYONE!
12. Long hair must be worn inside the hat.
13. All instruments must be clean and polished and in good playing condition. Drumheads must be free of marks
and the shells must be clean. Cymbals must be polished to mirror-like perfection.
14. No talking or moving about at attention. Music must be in a flip folder, which we provide for you, and presented in order at
inspection. Be on time to inspection.
15. In the event any part of the uniform is lost, damaged or stolen while it is issued to the member, that member is responsible
for the reimbursement cost to replace and/or repair the item.
16. Never appear in public with the uniform worn in an inappropriate or disrespectful manner. If in partial uniform, wear it
correctly and hang up or carry neatly the remaining parts. If in full uniform, always wear it correctly (e.g. no collars worn
unsnapped, no shirts worn untucked or hats worn backwards.) Represent your band with "CLASS".
17. You may wear your band ribbons at any performance but not contests.
At designated times time the band shirt will become the uniform. At these times the band shirt will be tucked into your pants.
These times include parades and pep rallies
Inspection is a serious part of our band activities and will be carried on in a military and businesslike manner. Any discrepancy
discovered during inspection will result in a mark down on inspection grade. Those students failing inspection will be
disciplined according to with the band code of conduct. You represent Cuero High School and this band in your uniform. Be
proud that you have a chance to be part of “The Proudest Band in Texas”.
Minor infractions of band regulations will be kept on file in the director's office and parents will be notified. An accumulation of
minor infractions may result in a referral to the main office. Major infractions of school policies will result in an office referral.
Band Community Service times are at 6:45am - 7:15am, 4pm- 4:30pm, or special arrangements may be made with the band
directors. Service times are designed to allow students to attend tutorials for other teachers. Service time should be completed
within two days of assignment. Band Community Service time is not a detention but will be used to do service oriented projects
for the band program. These include but are not limited to: cleaning the band hall, organizing equipment/music, picking up
trash, or other activities that may need to be done or found appropriate by a director. We will make attempts to contact parents
when a major problem arises. It is impossible to anticipate every form of misconduct. In the event of such inappropriate
behaviors, Mr. Owens will determine the appropriate consequences.
Band students will comply with CISD code of conduct in addition to these guidelines set forth.
Cuero High School Band
Code of Conduct
Standards for Behavior
Each student is expected to:
Maintain and bring all materials for class
District Code of Conduct and the authority of the district to
administer discipline whenever the interest of the district is
involved on or off school grounds in conjunction with or
independent of classes and school-sponsored activities.
Maintain Uniform and show proper respect for it at all times
Show up for all rehearsals and performances.
Work with a cooperative attitude in all settings.
Keep the music building clean and safe.
When a student is involved with the band, regardless of time or
location, the band code of conduct is active.
Students are deemed to be involved with the band on a trip from
the moment they arrive in the band hall to the moment the
busses return to the band hall and the student departs. (Unless
signed out by a parent or legal guardian).
Follow instructions from the directors.
Assigned Band Community Service
Be respectful of all persons and property
General Misconduct
Possession of food, drink or gum on carpeted area of the music areas.
Refer to the Cuero Schools Code of
Bringing non-band-members into the band hall.
Removal from performance.
Failing to maintain uniform
Off hanger, out of bag, hung improperly when not in use
Not cleaned and pressed
Worn incompletely and incorrectly
Drinking refreshments other than those provided by band boosters or
Time out.
Trip forfeiture.
Alternative assignments.
Alternative band placement.
Throwing objects that a director believes could lead to bodily injury or
property damage.
Loss of chair placement.
Reassigned seating.
Leaving assigned area without permission.
Moving away from set position
Leaving section during game
Leaving seat
Leaving rehearsal or practice.
Lap(s) around the field.
Removal from rehearsal
Alternative rehearsal setting.
Failing to maintain locker or storage area
Leaving instrument out of case in locker
Failing to keep locker void of debris.
Return of uniform.
Parental/guardian contact.
Playing/meddling with another student’s instrument, equipment, or
▪ Not on field when the first note is played
▪ Not in chair when the first note is played
Loitering in an unauthorized area.
Moving or rearranging band hall objects.
Working on non-band related items during a rehearsal.
Playing inappropriately
Playing out of turn.
Playing while coming to or coming from the field.
Not playing when group is playing/ Playing when group is not playing.
Disrupting class.
Leaving equipment out of its proper place of storage.
Use of cell phone during class, rehearsals, performances
Failure to appear for band community service or band detention
Regular band community service.
6:45 -7:15 AM
4:00-4:30 PM
Forfeiture of contraband
Push-ups, sit-ups or other similar
physical activities
Patterns leading to removal from band
3 Unexcused absences from rehearsals or performances in one The procedure for being removed from band is
school year.
detailed as follows:
2 Documented occurrences of harassment towards students,
teachers, or individuals involved with the band program in one
school year.
3 Office referrals from directors for serious offences in one
school year.
Notification to parents upon all occurrences for
the patterns of behavior listed.
Meeting (parent, student, head director,
administrative personnel) upon the final occurrence.
Student removed from the band program.
Alternative placement in the school setting i.e. DAEP or ISS
Theft of property (personal or school). Unless the person or
persons show moral integrity by confessing prior to formal
investigation. (Contingent on the replacement or reimbursement
for the stolen item or items.)
Ineligibility for 3 out of 4 eligibility checks in one school
year. Students may apply for reinstatement to the band program
after successfully remaining eligible for one complete semester.
Non-participation at any UIL event for the year
Excused absence – Personal illness, death in immediate family, association with school-sponsored activities including
athletics, prior knowledge of religious activities with a clergy note, court-ordered activities, and prior approved permission from
director of bands. All absences must be communicated to the director prior to absence (as early as possible) or as quickly after
missing as possible. This includes regular class rehearsals.
Uniform – black shoes, black socks, pants, insert, band shirt, jacket, gloves, hat, plume.
Horseplay – Any unauthorized activity that a director believes could result in injury or property damage.
Harassment – See CISD Student Code of Conduct.
Rehearsal – Any organized practice, inside or outside of the school day that is announced at least 24 hours prior to the event.
Performances – include but are not limited to the following:
Civic appearances
-Solo & Ensemble
-All-Region Tryouts & Clinic
-Area performances
-State performances
PR Events
Materials for class
Properly working instrument
Instrument specific accessories
Assigned items
The continued success of the CHS band depends on cooperation and commitment of its members. Should a student decide to quit
band, it is important that both the parents and the students notify the directors. The parents and the student must also know that
the desire to return requires a conference. All property of the band program must be returned prior to release from the program.
Instruments must be returned in the condition issued and uniforms must be dry-cleaned before dropping from the program. In
order to be withdrawn from the band program, Mr. Owens must authorize the withdrawal during the school year.
Rehearsal time is very valuable, and every minute must be used for rehearsal purposes. The following procedures are used in all
exceptional music organizations. All scheduled rehearsals are required.
To be on time, you must be seated and warmed up ready to listen when the rehearsal is scheduled to begin. If you walk in the
door after the designated time, you will be considered tardy. If you are standing around talking to friends when the rehearsal has
begun, you will also be considered tardy. You must be in the proper place with all the proper materials at the designated time.
Soft warm-ups prior to rehearsal are very important and expected. (Don't blow your chops before rehearsals begin).
Have the necessary equipment at your side each rehearsal. (Music, pencil, mutes, mallets, drill charts, etc.) Check the rehearsal
schedule to see what is needed.
Percussionists must assemble setup and properly store all equipment at all times.
When the director stops for something, everyone should listen to what is being said, even if it is not directed at you or your
Rehearsals are a group activity. Don't use this time to learn your part. Come to rehearsals prepared.
We will begin rehearsal at 7:45 a.m. each morning up until marching contest is over and from time to time after that depending
on our need for additional time for instruction.
If a rehearsal must be missed a student must have given the director prior written notice signed by their parent or guardian.
Please call and leave a message at 275-1939 if you will miss ANY practice including a regular day class rehearsal. If advance
notice cannot be made, then a note from the parent must be written as to the nature of the absence and signed by parent. The
more advanced the notice - the better. All excuse notes must turned into the director upon returning to band, or it will be
considered as an unexcused absence. All absent students must complete assignments given in a timely manner. Work, trips to
shop or forgetting are examples of unexcused absences. Part of being in band is learning time management. Unexcused absences
may result in removal of performance positions in marching band and/or concert band. Two or more absences of any kind may
also result in a replacement in the marching band for that week. This is to prepare someone to fill a position when needed for the
show. The band staff would like to know if there is a serious emergency. We are not attempting to pry into family affairs, but we
must know the exact nature of a missed rehearsal or performance. Notes saying only “Family emergency” or “Out of Town”,
etc. are not acceptable and are considered unexcused. Missing rehearsal or performances due to work are unacceptable and will
be unexcused. Please plan ahead.
Check the bulletin boards frequently. Important information and daily announcements will be posted regularly. Email is also a
form of communication we use often. We request your email address and will not give it out without your approval. The band
email address is [email protected]
Other schoolwork or personal belongings are not allowed in the band seating area.
Jackets and/or letters will be awarded in the fall semester following the year when the band member has earned a total of 525
points and has made a formal request with the director of bands. Pins will be awarded in the spring semester. Students in band
earn their letter jackets and pins by the following formula:
1) Summer band (including all rehearsals and performances) - 20 points
2) UIL participation (marching, solo/ensemble, & concert/sight-reading) per year - 20 points each
3) Participation in the All-region Band – 40 points
4) Auditioning for the All Region Band – 20 points
5) Participation in all extra rehearsals outside of class – 20 points
6) Jazz band participation – 20 points
5) Participation in all other band performance events not listed above – 20 points
6) Maintain eligibility for the year – 20 points
Students must have a minimum of 120 points from the above for their Cuero Gobbler Band Pin
Students who have unexcused absences from performances or have been suspended from performance privileges for disciplinary
reasons may forfeit this award. Students quitting the band program before graduation will forfeit their jacket. Senior band
students will be awarded a jacket even if not completing of their points. If the Senior quits band before the year’s end, he/she
must return the jacket unless the award was given by point value.
Actually participated in or satisfactorily completed all make-up work in a timely manner. (Successfully
participated in all non-competitive performances and extra rehearsals)
Band members may earn their jacket early by earning EXTRA POINTS, beyond the service for the Cuero Gobbler Band Pin
which will be awarded for extra effort:
Play-off all music on time ……………….……………………………10 points
UIL Marching Contest 1st Division ………………………………..….10 points
UIL Area Marching qualifier…………………………………..………10 points
UIL Area Marching Finals qualifier …………………………………. 10 points
UIL State Marching Contest qualifier ………………………………..10 points
UIL State Marching Finals Participant ………………………………..10 points
UIL State Marching Champions ………………………………….….. 10 points
UIL Concert Contest 1st Division ………………………………….….10 points
UIL Sight Reading Contest 1st Division ………………………………10 points
UIL Sweepstakes Awards ………………………………………….….20 points
TMEA Area Honor Band qualifier …………………………………….10 points
TMEA State Honor Band qualifier …………………………………….10 points
TMEA State Honor Band ……………………………………….…….10 points
ATSSB OPS Region qualifier (each piece) ………………………….. 5 points
ATSSB OPS Area qualifier (each piece) …………………………….10 points
ATSSB OPS State qualifier (each piece) …………………………….10 points
ATSSB OPS State winner (each piece) …………………………...….10 points
Trying out for All-Region Band...........................................................10 points
Participation in UIL Solo/Ensemble.....................................................10 points
Earn a 2nd Division (UIL) on a:
Class III Ensemble................................................................................10 points
Class III Solo or Class II Ensemble......................................................15 points
Class II Solo or Class I Ensemble........................................................20 points
Class I Solo (non-memory)..................................................................25 points
Class I Solo (memory).........................................................................30 points
Earn a 1st Division (UIL) on a:
Class III Ensemble...............................................................................20 points
Class III Solo or Class II Ensemble…….............................................30 points
Class II Solo or Class I Ensemble…...................................................40 points
Class I Solo (non-memory).................................................................50 points
Serve successfully on loading, uniform, library crews.........................5 points
Crew Chief, Drill Instructor, Historian, Chaplain ………………… 10 points
Color Guard Captain...........................................................................15 points
Drum Major.........................................................................................20 points
Jazz Band.............................................................................................20 points
Passing all classes each grading period (non-honor roll)......................5 points
Making A/B Honor Roll each grading period......................................10 points
Making A Honor Roll each grading period.........................................20 points
Participation and meeting quota on each fund raiser...........................10 points
Other points as awarded by the Director of Bands
Deletion of points:
A loss of 125 points will be given for missing any performance (unexcused by director). A loss of 50 points will be given for
missing any rehearsal (unexcused by director). All points will be deleted when dropping out of the band program.
Automatic qualification for jacket:
Make an ATSSB or TMEA High School All-Region Band, 1st Division on a Class I solo (memory) or Class I Ensemble that
qualifies and attends TSSEC, remaining in band 4 full years (seniors will be awarded jackets with the understanding they will
remain in band their entire senior year). Seniors that have not earned all point by the beginning of their senior year will be
awarded their jackets before the first football game if he/she has had no unexcused absences from any rehearsals or
performances up to that point with the Gobbler Band. Any student earning the automatic jacket provision must remain in band
until they graduate or move from Cuero schools; otherwise, they must return their jacket or with approval from the director, may
purchase the jacket.
Point Request:
All jacket points MUST be requested within 10 days at the end of each grading period. Each student must complete an official
request form and provide proper documentation for requested points. No points will be awarded if you do not request the points.
UIL regulations limit the awards that may be given to students in competitive activities to ONE letter jacket all four years of high
school. Therefore, students who receive a letter jacket in athletics, speech, etc. will be awarded a band letter only. Academic
letter jackets are in addition to other UIL awards.
All band students are vital to the success of the Gobbler Band. One area of importance is the issue of eligibility. We need each
band student to pass all of his/her classes in order to remain eligible to perform with the band in all extra-curricular band
activities. In order to achieve excellence, we must be able to know which students will be performing with us. If these students
regain their eligibility, they may perform with the marching band at games but will possibly not march. Please stay on track with
the band calendar as to eligibility checking dates. They may be allowed back in after completing a complete semester of
passing all classes with a minimum 70 average and a conference with Mr. Owens and their parent/guardian.
Band Lettering for band awards
Band Award Lettering
To letter in band each year (earn class Band Ribbon) and earn major awards we will follow the following procedure
Must maintain academic eligibility at all times for the school year
Must miss no rehearsals or performances without approval from the director for the school year. Excused absences may
include severe personal illness and “once in a lifetime” opportunities. Excuses such as family trips, shopping, and
forgetfulness are examples of non-excused absences. All absences should be notified to the director prior to the event.
This includes summer band.
Students must participate in both major UIL performances of marching contest and Concert / Sight-reading (this is also
requirement for Major Spring Band Trips)
Along with the above, students must participate in at least one of the following: All-Region band auditions or perform a
solo at UIL Solo contest and make at least a 2nd division rating. (Band Leadership Team and potential leadership
candidates must do All-Region band auditions and participate in UIL Solo & Ensemble contest).
Award points will be awarded as such provided the above standards are met:
1 – Audition for All-Region (Jazz or Band)
1 – Make and participate in the All-Region Band (Jazz or Band)
1 – Make and participate in the Area Band auditions (Jazz or Band)
1 – Make and participate in the All-State Band (Jazz or Band)
1 – Make at minimum of a 2nd division at UIL Solo contest
1 – Make a 1st division rating at UIL Ensemble Contest (solo/ensemble event)
1 – Perfect attendance at ALL band performances for the school year
1 – Maintain academic eligibility for the year
The award points will be used to help in the awarding of major band awards and Senior Band scholarships each year.
The John Phillip Sousa Award may also hold with it a major scholarship award providing the recipient completes a band
scholarship application at the designated time.
Scholarship fundraisers will be held at both the Christmas and spring band concerts.
In keeping with CISD policy, six weeks grades in band will be determined by tests (50%) and daily work (50%). Written tests
and/or performing tests may be given. Daily work checks may be announced or unannounced.
Evaluation of students may include the following areas:
1. Assigned music or excerpts
2. Play-off materials
3. Marching fundamentals
4. Major, minor, and chromatic scales & arpeggios
5. Memorization of marching drills
6. Memorization of music
7. Sight reading skills
8. Fundamental music theory
9. Proper instrument technique and care
10. Color Guard routines
11. Participation in rehearsals and performances
12. Uniform inspection before performances
All performances in the fall may also have an inspection included for a grade. This inspection will be completed before the
event. This inspection will consist of punctuality, clean uniform, complete correct uniform, music, clean and properly working
instrument, and standing at attention.
In accordance to board policy, a semester exam will be given.
Citizenship grades will be based on student attitude and behavior. A band member’s behavior should reflect the highest
standards in all classes, not just band. If a student has been sent an office referral from band for any reason, they may receive a
“U” for citizenship. Any unexcused absence from a required performance may also result in a citizenship grade of “U”.
Your attendance at all rehearsals and performances is important!
All missed performances or practices must have a written note or form from the parent.
Work-related absences will not be accepted. It is the student’s responsibility to get work conflicts cleared ahead of time.
Advance notice of at least one week concerning band events will be given in most all instances.
Students involved with other school activities will be excused from rehearsal if the time conflict cannot be resolved. You will be
expected at rehearsals once you have finished your time at the other conflicting school activity.
A band member must attend regularly and be able to account for all absences and tardies. A successful program requires that all
members attend all scheduled rehearsals, sectionals and performances. A member with unaccounted for or excessive absences or
tardies may be removed from positions of responsibility. Missed extra rehearsals for ANY reason must be made up at 7am or at
another time with an agreement from a director. The full time of the missed rehearsal must be made up.
The marching band rehearses during the fall on ALL Monday nights from 6-9 pm. Refer to the band calendar. These are required
for your Friday evening field performance. We know that there may be circumstances that do not allow you to attend Monday
night rehearsal. Special arrangements to “make-up” the time may be arranged with Mr. Owens. All special arrangements must
be completed by Thursday.
To maintain a high quality band program, it is sometimes necessary to have extra rehearsals outside the regular school day. Since
a large number of students in band are involved in other school activities, extra band rehearsals will be kept to a minimum. Extra
rehearsals will be announced in advance so that transportation and work schedule arrangements can be made. Please try to
schedule doctor’s appointments, etc. at times that do not conflict with band rehearsals. If an unavoidable conflict, such as illness
or emergency is handled correctly, you can avoid undesirable confrontations with the band directors. To handle these situations
correctly, you and your parents or guardians must communicate at least one day ahead of time with a band director. Also, please
follow up any absence from any band rehearsal (either during school or extra) with a note from a parent or guardian attached to
an absence notice form.
Students that have excessive absences from band due to disciplinary actions such as I.S.S., DAEP, etc. may forfeit a marching
spot or chair placement. They may also forfeit participation in band activities and trips, or may be removed from the band
Missed rehearsals, excused or unexcused, must be made up. Unexcused absences from extra rehearsals may result in disciplinary
action or have a negative impact on a student’s grade. Continual unexcused absences from extra rehearsals may result in the
student being dismissed from the band program.
Attendance at summer band rehearsals is mandatory for membership in the marching band and color guard. Vacations and
summer jobs must be scheduled so as not to conflict with summer band rehearsals. If you miss summer band, you may have to
challenge into a marching position.
An unexcused absence from a performance is considered the most severe violation of band attendance rules. Band members
must be depended upon to make every effort to be in attendance at all public performances. An unexcused absence from a
performance may result in disciplinary action, the student being removed from the performing group, severe negative impact on
a student’s grade, or possibly the student being removed from the band program.
If you are ill and cannot attend or participate in band for an extended period of time, we must have a written excuse from your
doctor. If the illness is minor and is only for a day, then a signed note from your parents will be accepted. All notes must have a
phone contact of where we can reach the parent / guardian during the day and will be kept on file.
Students are responsible for school equipment and/or music issued to them during the year. Loss or
damage (other than normal wear and tear) will result in a fine.
Music......................................$1 (originals) per page
Flip Folder..............................$5.00
Whole Uniform......................$325.00
Uniform Trousers...................$100
Uniform Jacket.......................$150
Uniform Hat...........................$75
Uniform Hanger.....................$5.00
Uniform Bag..........................$20
School Instruments - List Price
School Repairs on damaged equipment – Repair fee from Collins Music
School Mouthpiece - List Price
Color Guard Props - List Price
Percussion Equipment - List Price
Gobbler Band Agreement & Medical Release Form
I give my full permission for _______________________________________ to attend all Cuero ISD Music Activities. I agree not to hold
Cuero ISD, any of the employees of this school district, or the appointed chaperones responsible for any accident or mishap that might occur
while the group is involved with one of these activities. I understand that all students must go and return in the transportation that is provided
by the school district or the other sponsor. On prior approval of the Director and/or Principal, and a written note, students will be allowed to be
released to their Parents only. Release to other individuals will only be done if arranged with the school principal prior to leaving
campus. I understand that this student will be chaperoned both en route to and while at these activities, and that normal precautions will be
taken in the interest of this student’s safety and well-being. I hereby authorize officials of CISD to permit a physician or hospital to render
medical treatment as may be deemed necessary in an emergency for my child in my absence.
I have read the student’s pledge below and understand and support the same. I have read, understand, and agree to all guidelines set forth in
this handbook. We will do my best to uphold the principles, standards, and traditions of the Gobbler Band.
Parent or Guardian’s Signature
INFORMATION: (Please Print)
Mother’s First and Last Name
Father’s First and Last Name
Student’s First, Middle and Last Name
Students Date of Birth
Students Mailing Address
Students Street Address (if different)
City, State and Zip Code
City, State and Zip Code
Student’s email address
Home Phone Number (if none, nearest #)
Mother’s email address
Father’s email address
Mother’s Work Phone #
Father’s Work Phone #
Mother’s Cell Phone # & provider
Father’s Cell Phone # & provider
Student’s Cell Phone # & provider
Student’s Pledge
I, ___________________________________, Pledge to uphold all school regulations and the high standards of Cuero
ISD, I understand that I am governed by the same rules on these activities as I am at school. I also understand that possession of,
having used or being under the influence of anything illegal and/or intoxicating is prohibited. The school’s authority to enforce
policy includes the right to inspect personal luggage, lodging accommodations, transportation vehicles, etc., if the need arises. I
understand that any infraction of THE THREE I’S: ILLEGAL, IMMORAL, or INTOXICATION, will be dealt with according to
school policy and may result in me being sent home at my parent’s expense, and possible expulsion from school.
Student’s Signature
Every effort will be made to see that this student is well taken care of: however, since we must be prepared for any
situation, please fill in the following information.
Known Allergies _______________________________________________________________________________
Any medical history or information that we should know about? __________________________________________
Any special medication that the student is taking or should be taking? _____________________________________
When? _____________________________
How often? ______________________________________
How much? _________________________
And for What? ___________________________________
Do we have your permission to take this student to the nearest doctor or hospital? If in our opinion, the situation
warrants this action?
Other instructions _______________________________________________________________________________
Are you covered by hospitalization?
Name of family doctor
Family doctor’s phone and/or exchange
Company Name of your hospitalization
Group and/or policy number
*Name of closest relative (relationship)
Phone Number of closest relative
Please list at least two other contacts in case we are unable to get in touch with either the parents or guardian.
*Do you want us to contact your closest relative first before we try the next two contacts?
Name of contact number 1
Home phone number (if none, nearest #)
Name of contact number 2
Home phone number (if none, nearest #)
Name of contact number 3
Home phone number (if none, nearest #)
Name of contact number 4
Home phone number (if none, nearest #)
Other instructions _______________________________________________________________________________