Jake Hardison Memorial Challenger Jamboree May 9, 2014 – May 11, 2014

Jake Hardison Memorial
Challenger Jamboree
May 9, 2014 – May 11, 2014
Jamboree Contacts:
Wanda Vannoy, Co-Director, JHM Challenger Jamboree, [email protected]
Terry Young, Co-Director, JHM Challenger Jamboree, [email protected]
Gary Owens, Schedule Coordinator, [email protected]
Andy Adler, District Coordinator, [email protected]
Rosa Gregory, Information Officer, [email protected]
Jake Hardison Memorial (JHM) Challenger Jamboree
The JHM Jamboree Committee is pleased to invite you to attend this event
May 9, 2014 through May 11, 2014
Location: Games will be played at Azalea Little League Complex 1130 Pineridge Rd Norfolk, Virginia 23502. If
the event reaches the capacity of this location other field locations will be made available.
Opening ceremonies will begin promptly at 9:45AM on Saturday, May 9th
All teams are to be at the complex, in uniform, on Field #1 by 9:00 AM
Participation in this event will:
 Generate support for the development of future programs for children with disabilities.
 Give children with disabilities a chance to participate in Little League Baseball, to excel in certain facets of
the program, and to have fun at the same time, similar to regular Little Leaguers.
 Allow children with disabilities from other states and countries to enjoy team spirit and good
sportsmanship while having fun.
Eligibility Requirements:
1. Your team must be chartered and approved by International Little League Headquarters. If your team is
not chartered please visit www.LittleLeague.org/newleague to register your team. Note: Your team will
not be added to the game schedule without a league ID number and charter verification.
2. Your team must have charter insurance.
3. Medical release forms (same as regular tournament form) must be filled out, and in the possession of the
manager at all times when they are at the complex, (for all team members) in the event that medical
treatment is necessary.
5. We tried last year and didn’t succeed…hopefully this year the JHM Challenger Jamboree will hold on-line
registration available by January 1, 2014. In the event on-line registration is not available, the attached
roster, special event form for each team and media waiver for each player need to be filled out in their
entirety. Registration for this event is due on or before April 20, 2014 in order for proper planning and
6. Media waivers are included in this packet and expectation is that you are able to submit them at the same
time you submit your roster. Teams unable to submit their medial waivers at the same time as their
roster must be submit them no later than the managers meeting Friday evening.
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Jake Hardison Memorial (JHM) Challenger Jamboree
To keep the Jamboree on schedule, please arrive to each event on time. When arriving at an event, please keep your
team together. Concession and souvenir stands, along with other activities will be available throughout the weekend.
Friday May 9th- Jamboree Dance & Team Check-in: (New)
All of this weekend’s “celebrities” (our Challenger players, families & guests) are invited to attend the
Hooray for Hollywood-A Night at the Oscars dance on Friday night from 7-9 pm. This
celebration will be held at the Knights of Pythias Lodge located at 5341 E. Princess
Anne Road, Norfolk, VA (about five minutes from Azalea Little League). There will be
a DJ, food and drinks, t-shirts & hats for sale, and a 50/50 raffle. The paparazzi will
also be there (without flash cameras) to make our “stars” feel welcomed!!!
There will not be a traditional Pre-Jamboree meeting this year. Instead, we have
streamlined the process for mangers/coaches this year. Teams will check-in at Azalea Little
League, 1130 Pineridge Rd, Norfolk, VA., from 4-6:30 pm to pick up their picnic and carnival
tickets, their hotel reimbursements, and special parking passes for wheelchair players. After
you are done, you are welcomed to go to the dance (above) with your “star”!!!
Saturday Morning May 10th- Opening Ceremony:
The Opening Ceremony will begin at 9:45 am at Field #1. The teams should be on the field no later than
9:00 am. The Opening Ceremony is expected to last approximately one hour. Each team will wear their
own uniform for the Opening Ceremony and games. All teams scheduled to play the morning games
can expect to begin soon after the conclusion of the Opening Ceremony.
Saturday, May 10th- Games
Games will start at 11:00 am on Saturday and run through the afternoon at the fields on the Azalea
Little League complex. A draft schedule will be emailed to all participants before the Pre-Tournament
Saturday, May 10th – Mini-Carnival:
The mini-carnival was very successful this past year and you can expect to see it back next
year. If you have any suggestions on additional games and/or prizes please contact Gary
Owens at [email protected] .
Saturday Evening May 10th- Picnic & a Movie:
A picnic will be served on Saturday evening from 5:30pm to 8:30pm at the Azalea Little League Complex
followed by a movie on Field #1 (Senior Boys). A maximum of twenty-two (22) tickets will be given to
each team for the picnic, depending on the number of players and up to 4 buddies named on team’s
roster. Additional tickets will be available for purchase at the price of $8.00 each. NOTE: This is event
will be catered and advance notice is required for planning purposes. Please use the event form to let
us know how many will be attending. Credit cards accepted!!
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Jake Hardison Memorial (JHM) Challenger Jamboree
The JHM Challenger Jamboree committee has negotiated rates for local hotels. The rates will vary, but normally average
$90.00 plus tax per night in Norfolk, VA and average $110.00 plus tax per night in Virginia Beach, VA.
To secure the best possible rate, teams should coordinate hotel arrangements with one of the following Jamboree
officials: Wanda Vannoy, Co-Director, JHM Challenger Jamboree, 757-499-3307 (home), or Terry Young, Co-Director JHM
Challenger Jamboree, 757-274-3279.
The funds will be as follows:
Traveling from another country .................... $900.00 per team
A minimum of 1,000 miles............................. $800.00 per team
600 - 999 miles .............................................. $700.00 per team
300 - 599 miles .............................................. $600.00 per team
151 - 299 miles .............................................. $500.00 per team
100 - 150 miles…………………………………………….$150.00 per team
Miles will be determined by the JHM Challenger Jamboree committee by using Map Quest.
Hardship cases will be handled on case-by-case basis.
Transportation is the responsibility of each team. If you need assistance with finding transportation,
information on transportation companies will be made available. Transportation will be available if required
from airport to hotel only. We will require airline flight information, time of arrival and number of players
needing transport.
Safety Equipment:
All teams are required to bring their own safety equipment; this is to include NOCSAE approved batting
helmets and full catcher gear which must include a dangling throat guard on all catcher masks.
The Sports Medicine staff from the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters has graciously volunteered their
time and will be onsite to administer medical attention to any injuries that may occur during games.
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Jake Hardison Memorial (JHM) Challenger Jamboree
In order to provide a game schedule to teams in advance of the Pre-Jamboree meeting, we need your help in
the following areas:
1. Managers and coaches should include contact numbers (email and phone) on the rosters remembering to
print legibly.
2. Indicate clearly on the roster that you wish to play Saturday and/or Sunday.
3. Submit your rosters to Gary Owens, Schedule Coordinator at [email protected] .
4. Registrations due no later than April 20, 2014.
Teams will be considered for the earliest games on Saturday and Sunday in the order in which we receive
rosters. Rosters with complete information (League ID Number) will be assigned a number by the Schedule
Coordinator in the order they are received and an email confirmation will be sent. Please remember to legibly
print your email address on the roster.
Managers will be notified if additional information is needed before adding their team(s) to the game
Every attempt will be given to schedule your team with your request; however not all teams can play the first
game Saturday and Sunday.
If you wish to change your scheduled game time for either Saturday or Sunday, you are responsible for
finding another team to switch with at the Manager’s meeting on Friday, May 9th. This change will not be
approved until reported and accepted by the Schedule Coordinator during the meeting.
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Jake Hardison Memorial (JHM) Challenger Jamboree
2014 Jamboree Events:
We have moved the dance and picnic to an events form. When indicating which event(s) you plan to attend,
please try to be as accurate in your count as possible. Planning for the dance and picnic include catering. We
depend on your help to ensure the right amount of food is ordered.
It is absolutely necessary that we receive your special event form with team roster no latter than April 20,
2014 Jamboree Events
1. Dance at the Knights of the Pythias lodge (Hooray for Hollywood – A Night at the Oscars)
_____ No _____ Yes Attending:
_____ # of Players _____ # of Buddies _____ # of Coaches _____ # of Family Members
2. Picnic - 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm at the Azalea Little League Complex
Challenger Players, 3 Coaches and 4 Buddies have free admission. All others, $8.00 per person
_____ No _____Yes Attending:
_____ # of Players _____ # of Buddies _____ # of Coaches _____ # of Family Members
3. Movie – 8:30 - ??? Field #1 (Senior Boys)
_____ No _____Yes Attending:
_____ # of Players _____ # of Buddies _____ # of Coaches _____ # of Family Members
State/Country:____________________ District________ Team Name:________________________
Send this completed form to [email protected]
For Additional Information please contact:
Rosa Gregory
Information Officer
[email protected]
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The Jamboree committee attempts to provide volunteer announcers for all games. We contact many local high schools
and ask their baseball and/or softball teams to assist us, but we often fall short in covering all the games of the
Jamboree. To help overcome this, teams are encouraged to provide their own announcer for the games. This could be a
parent, grandparent or someone who knows the players on your team very well. Our goal is to make sure that every
player hears their name announced!
To assist the announcers, we are asking that each team coming to the Jamboree complete a brief information form for
each of the players on their teams. This will help to “jazz up” the announcers’ commentary.
Below is a Player Information form. Please make a copy for each player and give the copies to the announcer(s) for each
of your game(s).
To avoid scheduling conflicts, please contact Gary Owens at [email protected] you plan to provide an
announcer for your game(s).
Player Information
NAME: ______________________________________________
NICKNAME: __________________________________________
FAVORITE MLB TEAM: __________________________________
1. ________________________________________________
2. ________________________________________________
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Register by April 20, 2014
Send your roster, event form and
parent/volunteer nomination form to:
[email protected]
District #
2014 Worldwide Challenger Jamboree
Team Roster Form
League Name
Team Name
To avoid a delay in adding your
team to the game schedule,
please be sure to include your
District Number & League ID
League ID#
Phone #
Phone #
Requesting To Play Saturday:
□ Yes
Requesting To Play Sunday:
□ Yes
□ No
□ No
Phone #
Special Request: _____________________________________________
Special Request: _____________________________________________
Hotel: _________________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________________________
Safety Equipment Required- Batting Helmets, Full Catcher’s equipment with dangling throat Guard on mask
Player in
Player Name
WheelBuddy Name (If coming with team)
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