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Welcome to the 2015 School Year. A warm welcome to new students and
their families. The school has a Parent Partnership Program for Year 7, 8
and 9, and these well attended seminars are a chance to meet other parents,
share ideas and gain insight into the school and into our education system in
New South Wales. Our program is advertised elsewhere in Tech Talk, and
your input into these seminars is very much appreciated: if you think we
should have a special guest or would like to see a particular topic discussed
please let me know. Our P&C welcome BBQ takes place on 12 February and I
look forward to meeting families new to the school then.
We are currently working on our school plan for 2015-2017 and would like to
invite you to participate in some discussion about our future directions at the
March P&C meeting. We would like to know what social, emotional and
academic qualities you would like to see developed in Tech graduates by the
time they leave the school, given how important it is to have a balanced
resume for universities and employers.
We very pleased with our HSC results, and we are engaged in serious analysis
of all results this term, so that in a few weeks we can publish our findings to
you. Arthur Huang was dux of the school, and 19th in the State for
Chemistry. Nine students were on the top all rounders lists, very pleasing
results indeed. Shrinivas Sapre was 5th in the State in Engineering Studies
and Stephen Payne was 6th in the State in Engineering Studies. Engineering
Studies was 18.65 above State mean, a very impressive achievement.
Talented artist Oliver Xu was 7th in the State in Visual Arts . Our three year
school target was to ensure that students who enter the school in the
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From the Principal
Deputy Principals’ Report
P&C Report
Creative Arts/LOTE Report
STHS welcome Year 7
686 Forest Road Bexley 2207
Page 10: Year 12, 2014 Celebrates
Page 12: Announcements
Page 16: School Calendar
Phone: 9587 5899
Fax: 9553 8315
highest bands in the State do not underachieve in the
HSC, so that we have devoted much strategic thinking
to minimising Band 3 in the HSC. (Band 6 is the highest
HSC Band). I am very pleased to report that we
achieved a very significant reduction in Band 3 in
2014, and we hope to see this continue in 2015.
If you have any concerns about your son’s education,
please do not hesitate to contact the school to make
an appointment. I am always happy to see you.
Jacqueline Lyons
Year 7
Year 8
Year 9
Term 1, Week 5
Term 1 Week 4
Term 1, Week 4
Thursday 26 February
Meet the Team and School Curriculum
Term 2, Week 5
Thursday 19 February
Tuesday 17 February
Adolescent Development
Discussion Forum: “What should we
expect our boys to be like at the end
of Year 12?” Your input into our
2015-2017 Strategic Directions.
Term 2, Week 4
Term2, Week 4
Thursday 28 May
Thursday 21 May
Tuesday 19 May
Reading for Success
Adolescents and Computer Games
Reading for Success:
The new reading program for Year 9.
Term 3, Week 5
Term 3, Week 4
Term 3, Week 4
Thursday 13 August
Thursday 6 August
Thursday 6 August
The School Wellbeing Team
Cyber Safety/Cyber Bullying
Cyber Safety/Cyber Bullying
Term 4, Week 5
Thursday 5 November
Gifted and Talented Education
Term 4, Week 4
Term 4, Week 4
Thursday 29 October
Tuesday 27 October
Motivating Students into Year 9
Careers: Work Experience
What universities and firms look for
in new graduates.
A few of our Year 12 boys were keen to show off their new .jerseys
Nicholas Jiang
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Andrew Lucas
Peter Chung
Sydney Tech - an academically selective school for boys
STHS is a uniform school and our students should be proud to be seen in
their uniform. Details about correct school uniform are listed in the
school diary.
Regulation shoes are black leather and not joggers or any other type of
footwear. The wearing of black sport shoes, joggers or boots has never
been endorsed. Belts must be black or grey. All students must be in
correct uniform each day - this includes ties being done up, shirts tucked
in, long socks pulled up and hats removed inside school buildings. All
students are permitted to wear the official school sports uniforms on
Wednesdays, but must not wear a combination of school and sports
Students not in correct uniform must see Mr Hewett, HT Administration,
or a Deputy Principal before school with a note from home in order to
obtain a pass. If a student does not have the official pass, he will be
automatically placed on Friday detention.
Students who arrive late must sign in at the office to gain an entry slip.
They need to bring a note from home explaining their lateness. Seniors
who have non-timetabled first period lessons are to attend roll call then
go to the Library. They are not permitted to come late to school. All
seniors who have returned permission notes, may leave after their last
timetabled class but must sign out at the front office. Students who do
not have timetabled lessons during the day may not leave the school
grounds, but may use the library for private study.
Welcome back to a new year at Sydney
Technical High School and welcome to
our new students and their families.
Student Welfare is of paramount
importance to us at Sydney Technical
High School. If parents need to talk to
someone about their son, you may
contact either Deputy Principal,
although it may be preferable to speak
to the Deputy who handles your son’s
year: Mrs Wilson will monitor Years 8,
10 and 12, and Mr McNaught Years 7, 9
and 11. Alternatively, you may contact
the Head Teacher Welfare, Mr Grinham
or the appropriate Year Adviser.
Year 7 – Mr Gamage
Year 8 – Mr Roche
Year 9 – Ms Farr
Year 10 – Ms Ryan
Year 11 – Mr de Rooy
Year 12 – Ms Faulder
Parents who pick up their sons after school should do so at the back of
the school in Ethel Street or in Botany Street. There is plenty of parking
and very little traffic in those two streets. It is too busy and too
dangerous to stop in Anderson Street since staff and senior students are
leaving at the same time. Please do not double-park as it is both illegal
and dangerous. The Anderson Street and Forest Road car parks are for
staff only. Please be aware of Bus Zones and No Stopping Zones.
Students who are ill during the day or who have an accident must report
to the front office. They are not to phone parents. That is the duty of the
office staff, who have very clear procedures to follow when students
attend the school clinic. Parents will be phoned if the office staff and
Deputy Principals believe that the student should be taken home or an
ambulance is called. It is essential that the school has correct contact
details. Have you changed phone or mobile phone numbers recently?
Please let the school know. This is also important for notification of
student absences.
Sydney Tech - an academically selective school for boys
Page 3
classes before and after school and the library will be
open for students undertaking research work.
Students and parents are reminded that skateboards
and rollerblades are banned from the school. It is also
most unwise to bring valuable equipment to school. If
students bring a mobile phone, it must be turned off
inside buildings and may not be used during school
hours – turn them off between 8.45 and 3.05. Wallets
and valuables must never be left in unattended bags.
If a student must bring a large amount of money to
school, it should be left in the front office for
safekeeping during the day.
Occasionally staff take photos of individual students
or groups of students for various school forums, such
as the school website, Tech Talk, the annual Journal,
the annual school report, school year photos, artwork
and other internal purposes. No photos are ever
taken for commercial purposes or for outside groups.
Any individual photo taken is always with the
individual student’s permission. Any parent who does
not wish his/her son to be photographed will need to
put that request in writing and return it to the Deputy
Principal, Mrs Wilson by 27 February. In such cases it
will be the responsibility of the student to remove
himself from any activity where photography may
Senior students who drive to school are reminded of
the following:
There is no student parking in any of the school
car parks, including the Anderson Street and
Forest Road carparks. Cars are to be parked in
the streets surrounding the school.
Students are not to leave the school grounds
during the school day, except at the conclusion
of lessons. Study periods must be conducted in
the library or the canteen area.
Drivers and their passengers are to lodge driver/
passenger information forms with Mrs Wilson.
Remember to drive safely and abide by the road
rules which are there for your protection.
Supervision of students before school begins at
8.30am. There is a very low incidence of accidents in
the playground before school, which reflects the
nature of the student body and their level of maturity.
The playgrounds present no obvious hazards in terrain
or equipment, nor are they adjacent to any busy road.
School Photographs will be taken on Thursday
5 February in the auditorium. Payment envelopes
have been distributed and should be returned on the
day and given directly to the photographers. No
change can be given. All students are to be
photographed whether they are purchasing or not.
The photos are used for student ID cards. The
schedule for the day is on noticeboards around the
NSW Health provides vaccinations for school age
children. Year 7, 11 and 12 will be receiving the first
round of vaccinations on Monday 9 February.
Information and permission notes have been
distributed to students. Permission Notes are to be
returned to the front office by Friday 6 February.
Diane Wilson, Greg McNaught
Deputy Principals
Students should not be present in the school grounds
before 8.30 am. Parents remain responsible for their
sons until 8.30am when staff supervision begins.
From 8.30 until 8.45 the Principal and/or Deputy
Principals and/or Head Teacher Administration will be
available in the administration block to attend to any
incidents which may occur. There are also senior
Page 4
Sydney Tech - an academically selective school for boys
Hi Everyone
I’d like to extend a warm welcome
to every newcomer to STHS and a
huge welcome back to all the
returning students and their
Our first event for this year will be
the Newcomers Welcome BBQ. It
will be held under the shade sails
near the Anderson Street carpark or
depending on the weather, on
Thursday 12 February, 2015 at
6pm. All the P&C members, School
teachers and other new parents will
be there so we hope all the
newcomers and their families can
come along and enjoy the night.
We, the parents of the STHS P&C,
are a group of extremely friendly
and helpful parents who meet once
a month with the school executive
committee to help maintain and
support the school in any way
possible. Through funds raised by
the P&C we have managed to buy
text books for the science, maths
department, multiple laptops for
the school, sports equipment for
the school gym, a new industrial
oven for the canteen and too many
more to mention here. However, as
our young men graduate and
inconveniently insist on taking their
parents with them, we are always
in search of new like-minded
parents to help our cause. If you
feel you fit the bill, please come
and join us.
P&C Meeting
Our P&C Meeting will
be held on
Tuesday 3 February
in the STHS Common
Room at 7:30 pm.
All Welcome!
Next Month’s meeting
will be on Tuesday
3 March, 2015
For up-to-date information on what
we are doing and our future
agendas, please log onto the STHS
home page where our agendas are
updated every month. You can also
access the P&C Intranet page by
logging into moodle and posting
your questions, concerns and any
other issues for all parents to
For a more personal
approach, you can also email us on
[email protected]
P&C meetings are held on the first
Tuesday of every month during
term at 7:30pm in the Staff
Common Room. We generally have
special guest speakers who grace
our meetings with their knowledge
and expertise.
STHS first opened its doors as a
coeducational high school in 1911.
The fun and frivolities ended
abruptly when the girls were
shipped off to Fort Street Girls’ High
School in February 1913. The boys
have never been the same since…
Our first meeting for the year is on
Tuesday 3 February, 2015 at
7:30pm. Our guest speaker will be
Mr Kirk Grinham, Head Teacher
Welfare, and he will address topics
regarding students’ welfare and
wellbeing here at STHS.
Hope to see you all at our next
meeting. After all, we are all here
for the same reason.
Sydney Tech - an academically selective school for boys
Angela Kim
Page 5
Welcome to all returning and new students and may your 2015 be full of
creative energy. Congratulations are due to all students and teachers
whose hard work and intellect yielded such wonderful 2014 HSC results in
Visual Arts, Music and LOTE. Most notable among these are Roger Lu, who
topped the school in Japanese and Japanese Extension, Oliver Xu in Music 2
and Ben Turner in Extension Music. Excellent results in externally delivered
courses were achieved by Nam Kiet Nguyen in French Extension,
Filip Drazovic in Serbian, Shi Qi Wang in Heritage Mandarin and
Adrian Wu in Beginner Japanese.
Year 12 Visual Art students William Huang and Oliver Xu were nominated
for Artexpress, the annual exemplar exhibition of HSC art making, with
William’s work displayed at Bega Regional Gallery (above) and Oliver’s work
(pictured below) exhibited in Art Rules at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery. Oliver
placed equal 7th in the state in Visual Arts which is a superb achievement.
Most students in Languages, Music and Visual Arts achieved their highest or
second highest HSC result in these subjects and should be justifiably proud of
their sustained commitment to learning.
Three of our talented Year 11 Art students completed an extension course at
the National Art School late in 2014. In the Studio Practice discipline,
Connor Tan achieved a high distinction in painting, while Cassidy Lowe and
David Lu achieved distinctions in drawing. Congratulations to these
students who will no doubt build on these excellent results for their Year 12
Visual Arts course.
Page 6
Sydney Tech - an academically selective school for boys
Also, late last year, Year 10 Music student
Nayeem Halim achieved 1st place in the Classical
Music section of the Australian Children’s Music
Foundation’s National Songwriting competition.
Nayeem received $1500 for himself and $1000 for the
school to go towards the purchase of musical
equipment. Congratulations to all students involved
in these outstanding creative and intellectual
The STHS Performing Ensembles commence
rehearsals for the year in Week 2. All current band
members should bring their instruments for normal
rehearsal times beginning Monday 3 February and
Mrs Ryan and Mr Gamage will coordinate the
program again this year. Information about Ensemble
Fees will be given to students in coming rehearsals.
Invoices for these mandatory fees will be posted to
parents later this term.
YEAR 7 MUSICIANS – There are two ways new
students can join the Performing Ensembles.
Any experienced Year 7 student interested in
auditioning for a position in an ensemble,
should see Mrs Ryan or Mr Gamage in Week 3
(beginning Monday 9 February) in the Creative
Arts staffroom, with details of their expertise
and instrument. They can then audition, with a
view to starting in Week 5, after Year 7 camp.
An instrumental beginners program will operate
in Term 2. Information about this will be issued
to all Year 7 students later this term.
We look forward to a wonderful year of musical
production, artistic creation and cultural exchange.
Jo Wright
Head Teacher, Creative Arts/LOTE
The school’s Performing Ensembles Program includes
Beginner Band, Intermediate and Concert Band, Stage
Band, Strings, Choir (seen below) and Guitar
Sydney Tech - an academically selective school for boys
Page 7
Page 8
Tech- -an
academiclly selective school for boys
Sydney Tech - an academically selective school for boys
Page 9
Page 10
Sydney Tech - an academically selective school for boys
Sydney Tech - an academically selective school for boys
Page 11
Concert Band
3.05 – 4.30
Shane Gamage
Concert Band
3.05 - 4.30
Emma Riley
3.05 – 4.30
Vov Dylan
1.10 – 1.50
Emma Riley/
Julie Ryan
Stage Band
2.25 – 3.30
Emma Riley/
Dave Panici
Beginner Band
2.25 – 4.00
Peter Sampson
Page 12
All rehearsals are in the
auditorium except
Beginner Band and Choir
which are in Room 42.
Beginner Band for Year 7
2015 starts in Term 2.
Information will be sent
home later in Term 1.
Sydney Tech - an academically selective school for boys
Please do not park across any
private driveways or school
driveways, in our surrounding
streets, when dropping your
children at school or collecting them
from school.
Also do not drive into any of our
school carparks to stop or park.
The NSW Government released new transport
timetables effective from 20 October 2014. This
applies to Sydney Trains in our area.
You can access further details of the train timetable
by downloading the new train timetable app ‘New
Times” from the App Store or Google Play or visit the
To print a copy of the timetable, go to
2014 National Adolescent
Vaccination Program
Vaccinations are taking place at school
on the following dates:
Visit 1 - Monday 9 February 2015
Visit 2 - Monday 4 May 2015
Visit 3 - 31 August 2015
Vaccination envelopes were sent out
to Year 7 in Week 1 2015.
The Clothing Pool is run by volunteers, The Clothing Pool is located in the Professional Learning
During the school terms, the Clothing Pool is open on the Second Tuesday
of each calendar month, from 10.30am - 12 noon.
The next date for the clothing pool this year will be on
Tuesday 17 February 2015.
Come along and grab a bargain.
If you have any donations of used uniform items, please send them to the Office.
Sydney Tech - an academically selective school for boys
Page 13
If you have a special occasion coming up, contact Choosypix
Antonia Hayler is the Managing Director of the company and is one
of our volunteer parents at the school.
Choosypix specialises in Weddings, Christenings, Birthdays,
Family occasions, School Formals and Sports events.
Contact Antonia:
Mob: 0410 584 066
Email: [email protected]
Due to new Policies and Procedures
from the Department of Education and
Communities, students wishing to take
leave during the school term must submit a
leave application for consideration by the
principal. This letter must be received at
the office at least two weeks prior to going
on leave.
Change of Mobile Phone
Numbers and Addresses
If you have changed your mobile
phone number or address, please
contact the school immediately
so that we can update our records.
Attention Parents
When returning SMS messages to
the school after receiving an
absent or late message regarding
your son, please type your son’s
FULL NAME on the return
Page 14
It is Departmental Policy that if
your son needs to leave the school
early for an appointment, then a
letter must be brought to the
school and it must be signed by one
of the Deputy Principals before
the start of the school day for
leave to be granted.
Sydney Tech - an academically selective school for boys
Tech High, established in 1911, was originally located in a building in Mary Ann Street, Ultimo, and known as
Ultimo Central Technical School. The Official Opening of the new school buildings on McConnachies Paddock,
Forest Road, was performed on 2 August 1958. Our school buildings are always in need of upgrading and
renovation. The priority areas for our Building Fund in 2013-14 are to upgrade staff and student toilets.
Currently our bathrooms do not meet environmental standards, waste water and electricity. Your contribution
to the fund will enhance student and staff well-being and contribute to an improved school environment. There
are various amounts you can donate or you can suggest your own amount. All donations over $2 are tax
The school has established a school Library fund. This fund is designed to enhance student learning and
improve access to up to date resources from a range of different media. Our school Library is in constant use by
students and teachers for research, private study and building general knowledge.
Our Librarian Ms Campbell is always seeking to provide our boys with fiction and non fiction resources for
reading pleasure and for study that will really engage their interest.
Your contribution to the fund will enhance our ability to provide inspiring and essential reading for our students.
All donations over $2 are tax deductible.
Yes I would like to contribute to the Sydney Technical High School
I wish to pay by
 Building Fund  Library Fund
…………….. (write amount you wish to donate)
OR debit my credit card
Cheque (enclosed)
 Money order (enclosed)
 Mastercard
   
Security Code: 
Expiry Date:  /
Card No:
Cardholder’s Name: …………………………………………………………………………… (please print)
Signature …………………………………………..……………
can also be paid by
on (02) 9587
over $2 are tax
Sydney Tech - an academically selective school for boys
Page 15
School Calendar
P&C Meeting 7.30pm, Common Room
School Photos
Vaccinations - Years 7, 11 and 12
Swimming Carnival
School Photos Catch Up Day
Speech Day
Year 7 Swimming Assessment
Parent Partnership Program - Year 9
Discussion Forum: “What should we expect our boys to be like at the
end of Year 12”. 9am, Common Room
Year 7 Camp
Parent Partnership Program - Year 8
Adolescent Development - 9am, Common Room
Parent Partnership Program - Year 8
Clean Up Australia Day in Schools
Zone Swimming Carnival
Zone Swimming Carnival
Duke of Edinburgh Expedition
For a full list of school activities please check the calendar on the school intranet.
Sydney Tech - an academically selective school for boys
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