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Greetings from Chitown!
The Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral and SNF Lodges 86 and 195 are well underway in planning the 66th Annual SNF Bowling
Tournament to be held the weekend of October 12
– 14, 2012. We look forward to hosting bowlers
and their guests in what we’re sure will be a great
weekend. Whether you’ve bowled in every bowling
tournament or have never bowled a day in your life,
we welcome you to participate. Even if you don’t
bowl, we invite you to enjoy Chicago and some of
the best Serbian music in the Midwest during our
evening dances.
So, mark your calendars now and make your travel
arrangements. Our cathedral is located just minutes from the Chicago O’Hare International Airport. Plus, our hotel offers free shuttle service to
and from the airport. If you prefer driving, Chicago is an easy drive from places like Pittsburgh
and Lackawanna. If you’re looking at traveling to
Chicago on a budget, try the Megabus, where fares
start as low as $1.
we urge you to book your hotel rooms before the
deadline. We cannot guarantee that rooms will be
available at the group rate after the deadline.
Finally, don’t forget to book your hotel rooms.
We’ve secured a great rate at the Chicago Marriott O’Hare. As there are many functions going on
in Chicago during the weekend of our tournament,
--Your SNF Bowling Tournament Committee
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to
contact Zora Voynovich, tournament chairwoman,
at [email protected]
We look forward to seeing you in Chicago!
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October 12-14, 2012 • Chicago, Illinois
Summer Camp One of a Kind
In this country, there are four summer camps that operate with the blessing of the Serbian Orthodox Church
and the financial backing and physical efforts of the Circles of Serbian Sisters in each diocese and the women’s
auxiliary in Chicago.
ness Patriarch Irinej and several area priests in attendance. The summer campers of 2012 sang responses
70th Anniversary
Following the service, campers marched down in unison
to cross the river where the picnic was about to begin.
They entered the pavilion dressed in their summer camp
T-shirts; they performed traditional dances, sang traditional songs, and entertained all the guests and clergy
present. The short program included speeches with a
recurrent theme: I love camp. Picnic goers were reluctant to leave and strolled the grounds including the camp
building, the cemetery, and church throughout the day.
This year, St. Sava Libertyville Camp celebrated 70
years of camping with a picnic on Saturday, August 11.
Hundreds of current and former campers attended the
all day event. It began with Hierarchical Divine Liturgy
at the historic St. Sava monastery church with His Holi-
One former camper, Elaine Mitrovich of Galveston, Texas was unable to attend the 70th anniversary, and said
this: “Camp is so important. Look what a lifelong importance it has taken on in our lives!” She spoke about the
role the Serb National Federation has had in promoting
Regardless of where your children go, or where you went
as a child, there is absolutely nothing that can compare
to going to summer camp as a Serbian Orthodox camper. It’s made of the stuff that keeps you coming back as
a counselor, and more.
camp. “Way back when Mimo Milosevich and I and the
rest of the Galveston kids went the first time- to camp in
Libertyville, it was our SNF Lodge who paid for our train
tickets. We belonged to the Russian diocese then and
we had a Russian priest and Mimo’s dad John who was
president of our Lodge then decided it was high time his
kids, their cousins, (and me) got to have a wonderful totally Serbian Orthodox experience-and what better way
than to send us to camp in Libertyville.” She went on to
say that they all came from Galveston as campers and
counselors, and left as friends.
Going to camp has enriched the lives of many. Whether
it is in Libertyville, Grays Lake, Shadeland or Jackson,
keep camp in mind for a summer experience like no
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English Section
Sandi Tumbas Radoja, Editor
Tracy Weir, Typesetting/Layout/Design
Serbian Section
Dr. Aleksandar Petrov, Editor
INTERESTING READING – Father Rodney sent us
“The Legend of the Maiden of Kosovo and Nursing in
Serbia,” which came to him courtesy of Paulette Radock
of SNF Lodge #6. The article was originally published
in The Journal of Nursing Scholarship (Vol. 23 Issue 1
pp. 57-61, Mar. 1991). Paulette’s interest was more than
just Serbia as she worked as an intensive care nurse in
Pittsburgh for many years. We wanted to share the article
with readers, but were unable to secure permission to
As one of his last official duties as SNF
Golf Director, Marco Glumac jotted
down the final scores and notes before
making a speech on finishing his term
of duty.
THANKS, FATHER BOZIDAR – Another thank you
goes out to V. Rev. Stav. Bozidar Draskovic, former parish
priest at St. George in sunny San Diego, CA who wrote
to us about a bargain. In reading Politika, he came across
a suggestion to check out where you
can take the world’s best courses on line for free. “It’s
hard to believe we can get something for nothing in the
21st century,” he said. True. Father B added that he and
Protinica Bozana read the American Srbobran and always
start with Reflections – a great compliment that we most
heartily appreciate. Thanks!
FINALLY – Hope to see you in Milwaukee this weekend
for their 100th and in Chicago next weekend for the SNF
Bowling Tournament. Keep sending those cards and
letters and emails…str.
1255 Bluebell Trail • Schererville, IN 46375
[email protected]
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MORE SAD NEWS - Svetozar Gligoric, a Serbian chess
grandmaster who won the national championship 12 times
in the former Yugoslavia, died August 14 in Belgrade at
age 89 from a stroke. He won his first international title at
age 15 in 1947 and was named a grandmaster in 1951. He
was listed by the World Chess Federation as one of the top
ten chess players in the world for many years.
SERBS MAKE NEWS – We see Serbs in the news
in a positive fashion more and more often these days,
beginning, of course, with the unofficial ambassador
Novak Djokovic. A recent tidbit in the L. A. Times was
brought to our attention by Carol Weirbeky of Laguna
Niguel, CA and SNF Lodge #25. The story, about the Los
Angeles Opera production of “The Two Foscari,” said
the after-party was chaired by Stana Katic (of “Castle”
fame on TV). “Katic’s involvement is no one-time fluke,”
it says. She is a frequent opera-goer and was thrilled to be
involved in this year’s gala.
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Postmaster: Send address changes to American
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THANKS, FATHER RODNEY – We appreciate all that
Father Rodney Torbic does for us through his contributions
to the paper. Now, we especially wish to thank him for
mentioning the SNF Membership Drive in his weekly
bulletin Pravoslavna Vera. “Consider joining,” he urged.
Most of our readers are already SNF members, but surely
you know someone who is not enrolled. And remember,
the rules for the 2013 Basketball Tournament in Detroit
state that in order to participate as a player, coach or
manager, you must be a member in good standing on or
before January 31, 2013. Why wait? Join today!
APOLLO MISSION – See page 35 in this issue where
we have reprinted an article and photos that appeared
in the American Srbobran in 2009, during the 40th
anniversary year of the mission to the moon. One of the
photos was widely circulated on the ‘net recently following
the passing of engineer +Mike Vucelich of LaJolla, CA.
He and A.S. subscriber Dr. Sam Vuich were among the
“magnificent seven” Serbs working on the Apollo program
that successfully landed man on the moon in 1969.
The Largest and Oldest Serbian Newspaper
in America and Canada
Contact SNF Home Office
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Father Milos Vesin welcomed guests
at the Saturday night banquet with his
good wishes and gratitude.
Mira Samardzija of Chicago, center, and
Mira Stojanovic of Phoenix finally found
their foursome photo as Sreten “Buco”
Stojanovic, Mira’s husband, scanned
the table for his. All three are perennial
more on page 15
From SNF General Manager
Cissy M. Rebich
September 2012 was Life Insurance Awareness Month!
In our last issue, we featured an article on the front page
by the SNF Board of Directors about what the Savez
really does; and if you read it, you were reminded that
the number one purpose of those Serbian societies that
organized themselves way back in 1901 was to provide
security to its members. Thus, the Serb National
Federation exists to benefit our membership with
excellent, competitive life insurance products. And we
continue to offer them to you.
In the past two years, we’ve created the means to get this
message out to our membership and to those to whom
we want to invite to join us. We have a new, attractive,
interactive website,, a sales manual,
a Power Point sales presentation, dual-language sales
brochures, and something really cool: a Sveznalica.
What is a Sveznalica, you might ask? A Sveznalica is
a know-it-all with perhaps a bit of smart-alek thrown
in for good measure. Where is this Sveznalica? It’s on
the bottom right of our Home Page, where it says “Ask
the Sveznalica for a Premium Quote.” What can the
Sveznalica do? The Sveznalica has the ability to give
you an instant quote. Let’s say you want to sign up your
new grandchild (and we hope that you do). But you don’t
know how much it will cost or which type of policy you
should get.
Orchestra Junaci tunes up before strolling
among the dinner tables
Mickey Belas and SNF Manager of
Accounts Cheryl Leydig of St. Elijah Choir
Nino Karas, Terry Kulicks, and SNF Board member
George Mistovich of Tsar Lazar Choir
Choir of the Church in the Round, Aliquippa, PA
No worries. Also on our Home Page is a description
of each kind of insurance that we sell. To find it, look
on the left drop-down menu and place the cursor on
“Membership.” Then click on “How to join.” You will
see a description of each type of insurance policy. And
you can also calculate the premium for each type of
insurance policy by reading the tables that are linked to
the description.
But why do the calculation yourself when the Sveznalica
is available? Simply click on “Ask the Sveznalica.”
Enter the requested information and, in less than a few
moments, you will have a comparison price for each
type of insurance that we sell. Easy! Downloadable
insurance and annuity applications are also located on
our Home Page.
The assets of the Savez have increased over the past
two years, even in these rough financial times. We
are solvent; we are solid. But we need new members.
We need to increase our insurance in force by selling
insurance policies to new members. Won’t you please
consider signing up yourself, your family, and your
The SNF Athletic Committee has made an important
announcement about a change to the eligibility rules
for playing basketball in the next SNF Basketball
Tournament, which takes place in Detroit, Michigan,
June 14-16, 2012. The deadline for becoming a member
of the SNF and eligible to play is January 31, 2013.
That’s only four months away. You have four months
left to sign up all those new basketball players. (The
Sveznalica is waiting for you).
In the next several issues, I’m going to feature our
Serbian choir singers, who provide so much enrichment
to our culture and to our Liturgy. This will be an
autumn season filled with music! I will tell you about
our St. Elijah Annual Choir Concert in Aliquippa, the
Serbian Singing Federation’s Convention in Joliet, and
Holy Trinity Cathedral Choir’s 50th Anniversary in
Pittsburgh. And I hope that you will send me photographs
and reports of your choir’s concerts, fundraisers, and
events so that we can share them with our readers.
St. Elijah Choir, of Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, held its
annual concert this year on September 8, 2012. The
special guest choir was none other than the Sveti Nikola
Choir of Omaha, Nebraska under the direction of Thomas
Olsen. For the past several years, the Saint Elijah Choir
of Aliquippa had tried to get Omaha to make the trek
for the concert and they finally did. You’ll be glad to
know that the time-honored tradition of wining, dining,
and serenading the guest choir has not changed in the
least. Only exception being that we no longer house the
guest choir in our homes. (How many of you remember
that?) They stay in hotel rooms now.
Tsar Lazar Choir of Pittsburgh
The evening began with a meal prepared by the cooks in
the choir, assisted by various spouses and friends. It did
my heart good to see the basses sautéing the chicken,
the altos mixing the salads, the sopranos steaming the
vegetables, and the tenors setting the banquet tables. All
this and they can sing, too.
Director Kathy Loverich and St Elijah Choir soprano
Laurene Maravich steaming the vegetables
continued on page 8
Honored Guest Choir St. Nicholas of Omaha, NE
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October 6 - 7
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December 8
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lodge news
The next meeting of SNF Lodge #82, Young American Serbs, will be Sunday, October 21, 2012 at 12:30 p.m. in the St. Nicholas Church Hall, 2110
Haymaker Road, Monroeville, PA. We urge all members to attend.
—Milan Drakulic, Jr., President
Rose Marie Cheran, Secretary
Send Lodge meeting notices to Sandi Radoja,
1255 Blue Bell Trail, Schererville, IN 46375
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Deadline for articles is September 21st.
Hand Made:
Trobojka Wedding Sash Sets,
Peshkiri Wedding Scarves,
& Slava Bread Cloths
Sewing Specialties
By Carm
9947 Tyler Street
North Huntington, PA 15642
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[email protected]
The SNF Athletic Committee would like to announce
an important change in the membership deadline.
In order to be eligible to play in the 74th Annual SNF Basketball Tournament in
Detroit, Michigan, you must join the SNF by January 31, 2013.
Your policy must be issued by the Home Office prior to January 31, 2013.
See your local lodge member or call the SNF Home Office today!
Members Only
Peter and Jelena Mulin of SNF Lodge #211
and Clearwater, Florida, took their American
Srbobran to Yellowstone National Park on a
three-week vacation. They came home with
some grand memories and a challenge in
mind for SNF members in North America. The
Mulins propose that everyone take their American Srbobran to as many of the national parks and
national monuments possible and take a picture. “There is at least one national park in every state of
the union I believe,” said Jelena, “so lets get out there and enjoy our national treasures in nature that
we have in the USA and Canada.”
Branko Terzic, right, of Vienna, Virginia and SNF
Lodge #99, in New York last month with H.E.
Vuk Jeremic, President of the United Nations
General Assembly during the Novak Djokovic
Foundation Dinner.
To start the challenge, here are Peter and Jelena in the Lamar Valley in Yellowstone– check out the
bison in the background. Also in Yellowstone, they are pictured at Soda Butte, a mound of calcium
carbonate formed over a century ago.
Take a picture or send us one you already have. To submit, email to [email protected] or snail mail to
Member Photos, Sandi Radoja, 1255 Blue Bell Trail, Schererville, IN 46375.
We also need a description of who is in the photo and who is submitting it. Tell us a little about when or where it was taken. Photos do not have to be taken at SNF events,
but we want photos of SNF members only and we’d like the lodge number of the members, too. Original photos will only be returned if a self-addressed stamped envelope is included.
Email photos are preferred in JPG format.
CONTRIBUTION to the SNF Fraternal Fund
Please accept my contribution of $
to the Serb National Federation Fraternal Fund
By Marina Skendžić
Morava Marketing Director
Lodge No.
Your name and contribution will be printed in the
American Srbobran.
Please include any message or memorial information below:
This contribution is in memory of - Message:
Please accept my contribution but do not print my
name in The American Srbobran
Checks made payable to SNF Fraternal Fund
Mail to
Serb National Federation Fraternal Fund
938 Penn Avenue - 4th Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
SAN DIEGO, CA - Perhaps you’ve seen us singing and dancing—in our own social hall,
on tour, or even on television. Either way, if you’ve been thinking about beginning or returning to folk dancing, it’s the perfect time to join Morava Folklore Ensemble.
Established in 1987, the Morava Folklore Ensemble began as a dance collective. Today,
Morava is the only semi-professional Serbian folk dance company on the West Coast of
the USA.
Dancers are both a disciplined group that sweats together in a fun and positive environment, and curators of ancient songs and dances. Multi-dimensional, innovative, and
original individuals make up the Ensemble that works to cultivate new connections in the
local and international community by maintaining their legacy.
Morava has toured worldwide to audiences in countries which include the United Kingdom, Australia, Switzerland, and a variety of countries in the Balkans. The ensemble has
a wide collection of dance presentations that remain unique in the art of folk dance. For
nearly all presentations, Morava is the sole owner of the copyright of music and choreography.
Having experience is NOT a requirement—having heart and the desire to learn IS! If you
love to dance, sing, or play instruments, please consider applying to join Morava Folklore
Please e-mail the Director, Dobrila Undheim ([email protected]), for an application!
From SNF General Manager
Cissy M. Rebich
continued from page 3
St. Elijah Choir was especially pleased
to have the Tsar Lazar Male Choir of
Pittsburgh, directed by Mark Doncic, on
the program as well as for the first time
ever, the gospel choir of The Church in
the Round of Aliquippa, Pennsylvania,
directed by Dr. Curtis R. Lewis. How
many times have you heard Tebe Boga
Hvalim and African-American gospel
music on the same program? The rafters
of the Serbian Center were pulsating
from the vibrations, believe me. St. Elijah
has occasionally invited a choir from the
local community to participate in the
annual concert and it was a wonderful
experience for everyone there.
St. Nicholas’ rendition of “Gentille Aliquippa”
Omaha did not disappoint. Their singers
included Ann Renard, who was recently
feted by the Serbian Singing Federation
at its annual choral festival as recipient of
the Adam N. Popovich Director’s Award.
Although not many in number of singers,
Omaha’s enthusiasm, performance, and
wit served to make a memorable show. At
the end of the program they spoofed the
French folk song “Alouette” and made it
“Aliquippa, gentille Aliquippa” complete
with lyrics extolling the virtues of sarma,
pogaca, and slivovitz. It was adorable
and greatly appreciated by the entire
Here’s an announcement about something
to look out for: the American Srbobran is
going to be printed in full color soon and
in a leaner, better-quality, brighter stock,
and tighter format. Keep an eye out for it.
By the time you are reading this, we will
be seeing you in Chicago for the SNF
Bowling Tournament, ako Bog da.
[email protected]
Our new website at is here!
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Serb National Federation
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St. George SOC, Clearwater, FL
Holy Resurrection SOC,
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Guide to tourism in Serbia
Eparchial Diocese in Belgrade
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Church, Schererville, Indiana
Serbian Orthodox Diocese
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Serbian Unity Congress
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Serbian Orthodox Diocese of
Australia-New Zealand
St. Sava SOC, Merrillville, IN
St. Nicholas Church,
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Saints Constantine and
Helen Serbian Orthodox Church,
Galveston, Texas
www.babamimcom Amer-Serb History 101
by Mim Bizic
Serbian Orthodox Diocese
of Eastern America
Serbian Diaspora
Medical Conference
HRH Princess Katherine
Humanitarian Foundation
St. Sava SOC, Milwaukee, WI
News for and about
the Cleveland Serbs
St. Lazarus SOC, Detroit, MI
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Happy 100th Birthday
Mrs. Bessie Alexandrovich, formerly
of Duquesne, Pennsylvania, and now
residing in Akron, Ohio, celebrated her
100th birthday with family and friends
at the home of her son and daughterin-law Archie and Natalie Alexander of
Stow, Ohio. Pictured above with their
Great-Baba are Daryn Anne and Maia
Marie Raleigh, daughters of Stephanie
and John Raleigh of Shaker Heights,
Ohio. The Raleigh and Alexander families are members of SNF Lodge #125.
“Zivela na mnoga ja ljeta!”
Send your message (including the special event date) to
“Happy Wishes” c/o Radoja, 1255 Blue Bell Trail,
Schererville, IN 46375
with a check made payable to the SNF for only $5!
Include a photo if you want for no extra charge.
(If photos are to be returned,
you must include self-addressed stamped envelope).
It’s not too early to begin thinking about sending Christmas cards, which can be
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you to reduce your expenses, to save your time and effort, and to support the
American Srbobran all at the same time. How? Publish your greeting in the
Christmas edition of our paper. We encourage you to send in a photograph
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Mailing traditional Christmas cards could cost you well over $10 and at least
an hour of your valuable time to reach a handful of people. At the card store,
here’s approximately what $10 will buy:
8 first class stamps
3 greeting cards
Send $10 to the American Srbobran and you can reach your SNF friends and
thousands of Serbian eyes with a Christmas greeting in our January 7th issue.
Send your wording (around 30 words or less) and we will design a beautiful
Christmas card greeting personalized by you to be published in our Christmas
issue. Why support the card companies? Your Christmas messages can support
the oldest and largest continually published Serbian newspaper in the world.
Get and give the Christmas spirit through the American Srbobran.
Sandi Radoja, 1255 Bluebell Trl., Schererville, IN 46375
Must include a self addressed stamped envelope for return of original photos
More on Camp
Jackson, California
continued from page 1
This year we mark the fifty-first year of the camp and the
fiftieth season at St. Sava Mission. We have over 220
campers registered, which is a few more than last year.
Camp enrollment has been growing, slowly and steadily,
for the last five years. Again, thanks to the generosity
of the Friends of Camp St. Sava, nearly ten percent of
the campers attending are receiving a full scholarship.
One of the goals of the Friends stewardship program is
to enable families who do not have the financial means
to send their children to the camp.
Our summer camp program is a combination of diverse
activities--religious, cultural, physical and educational.
Naturally, we begin and end each day with a prayer service: Matins in the morning and Vespers in the evening. Each week, the campers also prepare for Divine
Liturgy by making a personal confession on Wednesday
evening, and then they partake of the Holy Eucharist at
Divine Liturgy on Thursday morning.
Our clergy directors and their assistant priests offer religious education daily to all the campers. The theme
for this year’s program is “And Lead Us Not Into Temptation.” The curriculum was developed by the national
Education Committee of the Serbian Orthodox Church
in North America, and a manual was prepared to serve
all the diocesan camps throughout the continent.
The rest of the days are filled with activities: swimming
in our Olympic-size pool, volleyball on our new sand
court, basketball or tennis on the Colich Sports Court,
as well as kolo dancing, learning folk songs and liturgical
singing, arts and crafts, and plenty of time for rest and
We strive to provide a safe and healthy environment
where our children can grow in the Orthodox Christian
Shadeland Camp is located at a scenic rural location in
Crawford County, Pennsylvania near the border of Erie
County. Campers have been coming to St. Sava Camp
- Shadeland since the 1950’s.
Three priests are assigned to the camp each week to
conduct classes and religious services. His Grace Bishop Dr. MITROPHAN visits the camp weekly and sits and
talks with the campers.
Improvements are being made in the program and physical facilities annually. Campers are well-fed and stay
in clean facilities. A swimming pool was added a few
years ago to compliment the lake where fishing is popular. The newly-renovated church is used for the religious
services held during camp season.
Representatives of the Federation of the Circle of Serbian Sisters have been a mainstay at the camp contributing to its operation throughout its existence. Campers
coming to St. Sava Camp - Shadeland enjoy the present
experience and invest in the future.
Shadeland, Pennsylvania
This is part of the same complex as the Most Holy
Mother of God Monastery. The property was acquired
in 1951.
The camp offers an opportunity for youth in the Diocese
to learn more about Orthodox Christian life. Campers
form friendships that last for years and years. Each week
of camp is well-organized with considerable thought invested in the balance of worship, instruction, and recreation.
New Gracanica, Illinois
On July 28, 2012, this year’s Camp season ended. The
theme of this year’s season was “Lead us not into temptation.”
Aside from the usual fun activities, there were also catechism classes and discussions where the clergy ad-
dressed the theme of camp. The New Gracanica camp,
being the oasis of peace in this world of tumult and temptations, was a collective witness to the campers, showing them the difference between the life in the world and
a life in the Church – even if only for six days at a time.
Big thanks to all the clergy, staff, counselors and KSS
for making another great season possible. See more
pictures from this year at New Gracanica on the web at:
Joliet heading up a fabulous group of counselors and
staff. Many campers this week are “first timers” and their
first time away from their homes. To see these young
campers ages 7 to 10 is indeed a true joy. The “home
sick” tears that lasted a short time ended with the tears
of “I can’t wait till next year!”
weeks before with the addition of the famous zabava
that concludes their week. Counselors and staff did an
amazing job. At the end of this special week we had high
school seniors “graduating” from our camp. We have
had the joy watching these campers grow from beautiful
small “first timers” into the respectful and caring young
adults they have become. The future of our Church is in
good hands when it is their turn to lead our churches.
Libertyville, Illinois
At St. Sava, Libertyville, the oldest and longest running
Serbian Orthodox camp in the nation, they invite you to
come and spend a week with them in the summer.
The St. Sava Camp program at Libertyville offers Orthodox children an opportunity to practice and learn
about our religion and deepen their knowledge of our
culture on the sacred grounds of St. Sava Monastery.
Not only do children participate in daily religious services and a variety of classes, they also enjoy numerous
age-designed activities that promote team-building and
incorporate learning of faith and culture into fun events
throughout the week.
This year, the sights and sounds of children praying,
learning, laughing, playing and singing filled St. Sava
campgrounds at St. Sava Monastery in Libertyville, IL
from July 15 through August 4. The first week began on
July 15 with coordinator Ryan Dorsey from St. George
The second week beginning on July 22 was under the
direction of coordinator Zora Voynovich of Holy Resurrection Cathedral, Chicago. True to form, the counselors
and staff were amazing. This week also consisted of culture, kolo, singing, field trips and team building games.
We thank Bishop Longin, Fr. Vasilije Vranic, clergy, the
Myrrh-bearing Women organization, the Camp Committee, counselors, staff and especially our campers for
making the 2012 camp season the success that it was.
Teen week began on July 29, also under coordinator
Zora Voynovich. The week consisted of the same as the
We look forward to the 2013 Camp season that will be
here before you know it. The countdown has begun.
Schedule of the St. Sava Camp Libertyville for 2013:
First week - July 14 - 20, 2013 Second week - July 21
- 27, 2013 Teen week - July 28 - August 3, 2013 camp
celebration, August 10, 2013. Join us!
How to Make Fall Lawn Care Easier
(StatePoint) It’s time for raking leaves,
pruning shrubbery, and other seasonal
fall lawn care tasks.
Never has the old adage “work smarter,
not harder” been more apt than when
tackling yard work and preparing lawns
for next season.
“After a long summer mowing lawns,
many people lose enthusiasm for lawn
care when fall hits,” says Bob Monahan,
creator of the EZ Lawn & Garden product line, and a former frustrated leafraker looking for cost-effective ways to
make yard work easier.
“There are several tips to streamline yard
work -- from knowing the best time to
pull weeds to using the right equipment
to make tasks simpler,” he says.
Here are some smart ways to handle fall
lawn care:
Be Body Smart
Good posture can prevent backaches when
raking leaves. Keep your head up and back
straight. Relieve back pressure by raking using the “scissors” stance: whereby
you place one foot forward and the other
back, reversing position after several
Rake leaves
onto a tarWhen mowpaulin and
ing, move
drag it away.
the mower
One innowith
vative tarp
body weight
as much as
is the EZ
Leaf Hauler,
rather than
which has
relying on
been dubbed
your arms
the “giant
and back.
dustpan for
leaves.” It’s
And use era modified
Raking leaves onto a tarp makes
rakes, shears
holds up to
them easier to haul.
and pruners
five wheelbarthat require
rows of yard
debris. Stakes
strength than
are attached
traditional ones.
and can be pressed into the ground to
hold it in place on windy days. Approved
Rake and Haul Easily
by the Good Housekeeping Research InPut away the loud, smelly leaf blower. stitute, it uses tent construction technolNothing is worse than raking leaves on ogy to form sides and a back, and has
a windy day, only to have them blown reinforced pockets and stitched handles
for easy hauling and dumping.
Try an easier approach.
And if you already have a tarp, you can
easily clip handles to it to make it easier
to haul when full of leaves. For example,
the EZ Tarp Tugger is a low-cost option
that combines handles with stakes, so
you can keep your tarp in place and then
pull it away when it is full of debris to
bag or compost.
Remember, dragging leaves away is easier on your back and environmentally
Weed Wisely
Weeding can be made less painful if
you adhere to the old gardener’s trick
of weeding after it rains. When earth is
dry, it’s harder to pull out the whole weed
without breaking off the top. After rainfall, the ground is damp, making it easier
to pluck out entire weeds.
This way, weeds can easily be added to
leaves and other debris that need to be
hauled away.
More information on innovative tools for
raking, hauling and bagging yard debris
can be found at www.ezlawnandgarden.
Remember, fall is your last chance to put
your lawn in order before next season’s
warm weather.
1. Fastener
1. Dutchman’s wooden gear
6. Hermey, e.g.
2. Frown
9. Thunderous character
3. Opposed to
13. One who avoids company
4. Feudal lord’s property, pl.
14. ___ Kilmer
5. Modular dwelling
15. Southern chicken stew
6. Two, e.g.
16. Grossly unconventional
7. “____ & Order”
17. One of Bo Peep’s flock?
8. “Pound of _____”
18. Daytime host
9. Sound of a bell
19. *Peter or Lois or one of their children
10. *Hank or Peggy or Bobby
21. Onion-like bulb
11. Butter substitute
23. Blue feeling
12. Smallest, as in litter
24. Better ____ Ezra, band
15. Jimmy Carter product
25. DNA transmitter
20. Vitruvian Man, e.g.
28. Alternative for Liz?
22. Mad Hatter’s accessory
30. *Todd or Tina or Timmy
24. “Into ____ ___”
35. Right side of U.S.
25. Summary
37. Seed cover
26. Actress Watts
39. Like yellow polka dot bikini
27. Echo sounder
40. Musical finale
29. Stumble
41. Linear particle accelerator, for short
31. Catch one’s breath
43. Castle material
32. Approaches
44. Wrong
33. Boredom
46. *Heckle and Jeckle, e.g.
34. *”Red _____”
47. Test answer
36. Homework to a student
48. *”Rugrats” character
38. Batman’s cave, e.g.
50. As opposed to a wood
42. Crocus, pl.
52. Knightly title
45. Downhill race
53. Affirm solemnly
49. The day before
55. Former Soviet Socialist Republics
51. Jack is this and quick?
57. *Flintstones’ neighbors
54. Test format
61. *Surname of family in longest-running American sitcom
56. Pitch
65. It can melt
57. Iranian money
66. Pine juice
58. Tangerine-grapefruit hybrid
68. Lowest part of a ship
59. Cry plaintively
69. Rooster to a farmer
60. A dull person
70. In the past
61. See him run?
71. Another spelling for Layla
62. Skidded
72. Low-cal
63. Stare amorously
73. Hitherto
64. Not far
74. *Papa Smurf, e.g.
67. *”The Jetsons” were a Space ___ counterpart to “The Flintstones”
Vigilance and Preparation
Titus 3:8-This is a faithful saying, and these
things I want you to affirm constantly, that those
who have believed in God should be careful to
maintain good works. These things are good
and profitable for men.
Constancy is an expectation and a necessity for
Christians. Christians are expected to remain firmly on the path to the Kingdom of God from the time
of Holy Baptism until departure from this life.
Remaining constant in faith and purpose leads the
believer to the salvation of the soul. When a believer deviates from the path to the Kingdom, peril
for the soul becomes the likely result.
The path to the Kingdom of God is lined with
temptations, possible frustrations and distractions.
Believers must be willing to look constantly to God
for direction and discernment in the making of daily decisions.
At every moment of everyday, a person chooses to
be united with Christ or to be separated from Christ.
At every moment of everyday, a person chooses to
seek first the Kingdom of God or to pursue other
don the path to the Kingdom of God and fail to
repent and return to Christ.
sible” (Mt.19:26) have a way of leading a believer
through the most difficult of times.
Parishioners in local churches are not immune
from the perils of the paths to destruction. Seminarians and individuals entering monastic life must
constantly be vigilant. Evil is always present when
individuals choose the path to the Kingdom.
The Holy Apostle Paul realized that believers
would get tired in their journey to the Kingdom.
He admonished believers “Let us not grow weary
while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if
we do not lose heart.”(Gal.6:9)
Pride and power carry with them great danger.
Proverbs 16:18 states:
The Lord Jesus Christ knew that the stresses of life
could wear on individuals. The Lord Jesus Christ
said: “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy
laden, and I will give you rest.”(Mt.11:28)
“Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit
before a fall.” Priests must constantly be careful as
well as all believers.
The joy of God’s Kingdom summons everyone.
The Lord Jesus Christ made clear there are few
who choose the narrow way.(Mt.7:13-14) Believers
must nourish themselves with Christ to be fortified
for the daily battles that arise.
The Holy Gospel and Holy Communion fortify the
believer. The Divine services of the Church and
constant prayer fortify the believer. The believer
needs always to look beyond the self to God for the
ultimate protection.
The path to the Kingdom of God can be long and
arduous. The icon of the Ladder of Divine Ascent
shows visually that believers ascending the steps
can fall to destruction if they are not careful.1
The Psalmist said: “I will say of the Lord, ‘He is
my refuge and my fortress; My God, in Him I will
trust.”(Ps.90/91:2) God gives life. God provides for
the continuation of life. God is the ultimate source
of protection.
The Holy Apostle Paul told the Galatians of the
works of the flesh lusting against the Spirit and the
Spirit against the flesh. The Holy Apostle Paul delineated the works of the flesh preventing entry to
the Kingdom of God.
Individuals losing their physical lives while remaining faithful to the Lord God experience eternal life.
The saints and martyrs are constant examples that
in life and in death, joy is found in the Crucified
and Risen Christ.
Perils listed were : ”Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lewdness, idolatry, sorcery, hatred, contentions,
jealousies, outbursts of wrath, selfish ambitions,
dissensions, heresies, envy, murder, drunkenness
and revelries.”(Gal.5:17-21)
The Holy Apostle Paul spoke about Christ being
magnified in his body whether by life or by death.
He said: “For to me, to live is Christ and to die is
Believers need to be vigilant in not yielding to
seemingly minor temptations that can lead to great
devastation. Believers need to be careful about the
contents of the heart, the mind and the soul to prevent actions that will destroy the soul.
Daily news reports state regularly that certain individuals considered to be moral and in good standing are caught up in situations that bring them embarrassment, disgrace and at times imprisonment
or death.
Often is the description heard that a person committing a crime of violence was a nice, quiet neighbor. Often a person well-respected in authority is
discovered to have falsified records or otherwise
engaged in scandalous behavior.
Individuals set out from the baptismal fount with
the best of intentions. Too many individuals aban-
The Holy Apostle Paul made it clear believers
should be careful with whom the associate. He said:
“Do not be deceived; ‘Evil company corrupts good
habits.’”(I Cor.15:33). This is a good lesson for all
Parents bring their sons and daughters to the baptismal fount with joyful anticipation. Adult choose
to be baptized into Christ with joyful anticipation.
The promise of the Kingdom of God is beyond
measure and imagination.
The service of Holy Baptism and the Divine Liturgy both express the far-reaching declaration:
“Blessed is the Kingdom of the Father and the Son
and the Holy Spirit, now and ever and unto ages of
ages. Amen.”
Life with the Lord Jesus Christ offers more than
any other alternative choices. Life with the Lord
Jesus Christ exceeds the imagination and reaches
beyond the grasp and comprehension of the human
The Lord told the Samaritan woman at the well:
“Whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him
will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him
will become in him a fountain of water springing
up into everlasting life.”(Jn.4:14)
In a clear reference to Holy Communion, the Lord
Jesus Christ said: “Whoever eats My flesh and
drinks My blood has eternal life, and I will raise
him up at the last day.”(Jn.6:54)
Choosing to be united with Christ is a constant
challenge. The world puts many appealing temptations and distractions before the eyes of believers.
The world is full of misleading rhetoric to draw the
believer away from Christ.
Atmosphere and attitude are important. Parishes
filled with strong and faithful believers focused
on Christ advance and overcome hurdles. Families
strongly based in Christ overcome hurdles of life.
Clever deception is often at work to draw the less
than vigilant believer down the path to destruction. News accounts regularly uncover individuals
in ministerial positions with motivations and practices that are horrifying.
Individuals focused on Christ do not let the trials
of life set them back. Every so often accounts come
to be known of individuals having survived periods
of isolation in the wilderness or as prisoners of war
because of their strong faith.
The Lord Jesus Christ said: ”Not everyone who
says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom
of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father
in heaven.”(Mt.7:21) Patience and vigilance always
have their place.
Hope in Christ has a way of providing a light in the
darkest moments of life.
Vigilance and constancy in faith are not commonly at the fore of consciousness. They are absolute necessities. The Lord Jesus Christ spoke
about the five wise virgins and the five foolish vir-
The words of Christ, “With God all things are pos-
1 The Ladder of Divine Ascent. Holy Transfiguration Monastery, Boston, Massachusetts, 2001.
gins. The five wise virgins exercised forethought.
The five wise virgins placed importance on being
A person cannot go through life with a lackadaisical attitude and expect to achieve important goals.
No goals are more important than the salvation of
the soul and experiencing the Kingdom of God.
The believer must be attentive to his or her effort
in care of the soul. The Holy Apostle Paul said: “I
discipline my body and bring it into subjection, lest
when I have preached to others, I myself should become disqualified.”(I Cor.9:27)
Being a serious believer in Christ requires extensive personal thought. Each person is challenged to
the best of his or her personal abilities to carefully
examine the commitment to Christ and do what is
necessary to improve and grow.
Individuals in the military must exercise foresight
to look beyond the obvious to dangers down the
road. Athletes need to defend their positions while
advancing toward their goals.
Believers need to protect their souls. Believers need
to nourish their souls. Believers need to carefully
weigh choices being made and look down the road
to the ultimate goal of the Kingdom of God.
The salvation of the soul and the Kingdom of God
need to be the guiding factors in the decision making process throughout life. Following Christ and
being united with Christ leads to the daily realization of these goals.
When a person strays from the path to the Kingdom
of God, the temptation to give in to evil and to give
up on God can become very strong. Hopelessness
can pull a person deeper into despair and sin to the
point of death to the soul and body.
The Lord Jesus Christ lifts believers from despair.
The Lord Jesus Christ lifts sinners from experiences of hell to experiences of the Kingdom. A person
deep in despair can reach out in faith and hope to
the Lord Jesus Christ.
A person deep in sin and with the most minimal
hope can begin to climb the ladder to the heights of
heaven. Drugs and alcohol can pull a person down.
Drugs and alcohol can pull families apart. Gambling can do the same.
Christ can make a difference in every situation if
He is approached in firmness of faith. The power
of prayer and benefits of repentance are not to be
Each day holds uncertainty. Each moment holds
uncertainty. Christ can return at any time. Any moment can be a person’s last moment of life or perhaps last moment of consciousness of life.
Each moment of life is a gift from God to be appreciated and used wisely. Each moment of life is
deserving of expressed appreciation to God. God
fills the body with life. God fills the mind with the
ability to think.
God enables the senses to experience various sensations. God is beyond every human but connected
inextricably with every human life.
The believer can have a narrow view of life and
limited view of God. The believer does well to look
beyond the self to God and appreciate the greatness
of God. The believer does well to think about the
ultimate judgment that will occur.
Every day is a day to prepare for the final and ultimate judgment. The use of the time of every day
establishes the record that will be used at the time
of the final judgment.
Frivolous use of time or engaging in sinful activities will not serve the believer well. The wise use of
time will benefit the believer. Repentance is among
the best uses of time as it brings the believer into
unity with Christ.
The Lord Jesus Christ said: “I did not come to call
the righteous, but sinners to repentance.”(Mt.9:13)
Adult Class. St.George Serbian Orthodox Church,
Carmichaels, Pennsylvania. August 22/September 4, 2012. Mr.Agathonicus and Companions.
M.Luppus. Afterfeast of Dormition. Father Rodney
God provides the decision-making faculties of a
person. God enables the bodily organs to function.
Very Rev. Dr. Rodney Torbic is parish priest at St. George Serbian Orthodox Church in Carmichaels, PA.
For more information on his publications “Reflections on Major Feasts” and “Pastoral Reflections,” contact him at
St. George Serbian Orthodox Church, 296 Old Route 21 Road, Carmichaels, PA 15320 or write [email protected]
Friday, October 12, 2012
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If you were at the 71st Annual SNF Summer Golf Tournament in Lansing, Illinois, in the summer,
you will enjoy remembering the great time with some of these photos taken by visiting photographer
Zoran Spalajkovic of Serbia. Here are a few shots of interest. More will be posted on
If you weren’t able to be there, you can make plans for San Diego for the 45th Annual SNF Midwinter
Golf Tournament (more information on page 30) where Easterners and Midwesterners can enjoy the
West Coast sun in the middle of winter next February. – str.
Call the SNF Home Office
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Three Day Golfers..............$1,310
Please accept my contribution of $
to the Serb
National Federation Scholarship fund in order to aid
SNF students seeking a higher education through the
award of annual scholarships.
Your Name
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American Srbobran. Please include any message or memorial
information below:
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Checks should be made payable to the
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