Terra-agroecology: Microbial based insights into soil health

New Frontiers and Innovation Workshop #XX
Sunday, May 17, 2015
Terra-agroecology: Microbial based insights into soil health
Gathering and coffee
Prof. Yoram Kapulnik, Head, Agricultural Research Organization
Prof. Noah Fierer, University of Colorodo
Exploring terra incognita: the diversity of microorganisms living in soil
10:00 Prof. Eshel Ben Yaacov, Tel Aviv University
Social Networks in soil bacteria
10:30 Dr. Dror Minz, ARO
Resilience of soil bacterial communities to irrigation with water of different qualities
under Mediterranean climate
11:00 Coffee break
11:30 Prof. Yoram Kapulnik, ARO
Agro-ecological aspects of the mycorrhizal fungi
12:00 Prof. Eviatar Nevo, Haifa University
Growth and asymmetry of soil microfungal colonies from "Evolution Canyon," Lower
Nahal Oren
12:30 Zohar Pasternak, Hebrew University
Spatial and Temporal Biogeography of Soil Microbial Communities in Arid and
Semiarid Regions
Noah Fierer, Dror Minz, Zohar Paternak, Eddie Cytryn
Round Table Discussion: Genomic approaches to understanding the soil microbiome
13:30 Lunch