For the magic of Northern Africa, the cheerful laughter of

For the magic of Northern
Africa, the cheerful laughter of
children, delicious fragrance
and relaxing browsing.
A very special new
product in 2013.
Our outlook becomes
a living inspiration.
A love for good foods, passion and the many facets of cooking, and our
desire to give people greater joie de vivre: in future, we will do even
more to share with our partners and customers all the things that have
shaped our outlook since 1888. With lots of fresh ideas, more dialogue
and inspiring suggestions. Stay curious. You’re cordially invited to share
your thoughts with us.
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Art.-No. 91370
The magic of Northern Africa.
Captured fresh in our new tajines.
The traditional casserole from Northern Africa with its conical lid is made entirely of stainless steel, eliminating the need for soaking or tempering. Use it for
a particularly nutrition-saving method for cooking meat, fish and vegetables.
It is very easy to use, thanks to its ergonomically designed handles. It is dishwasher-safe and can be used on ceramic, electric, gas and induction stoves.
And by the way: the pan can also be used alone as a serving pan.
Art.-No. 95674
Cooking Spoon
classical silicone
Delicious foods with a flick of the wrist.
The best of luck, with our new Cooking Spoon silicone.
The Cooking Spoon with its round stainless steel handle and silicone-bonded spoon
tip is perfect for use with coated-surface pots and pans. Its patented, particularly
durable stainless steel and silicone bonding is heat-resistant to 260 °C / 500 °F. The
flexible outer wire loop makes this utensil extraordinarily easy to handle.
Art.-No. 91373
Round Steamer
Delectable flavour.
Gentle and healthy cooking, with our
new Round Steamer.
The stainless steel pan with its tight-seal lid of unbreakable glass is the perfect
utensil for gently slow-cooking or stewing meat, fish, poultry and vegetables without
a loss of nutrients. The thermometer built into the lid can be used to monitor the
cooking process, but it can also be easily removed. A grate with a silicone overlay
keeps small-sized foods from slipping through the grate and sticking to the bottom
of the pan.
Art.-No. 91371
Stainless steel
Very special taste.
It’s simple to do it yourself, with our new
Stainless steel Smoker.
Smoking fish, for instance, is easy and quick with the high-quality, Stainless steel
Smoker. The breakproof glass cover with all-round silicone sealing lip provides an
absolutely airtight seal. Use the thermometer (included) to conveniently monitor the
smoking process. Smoker insert and smoker chips are included, along with instructions and sample recipes. The smoker is dishwasher-safe and can be used on all
conventional types of stove.
Art.-No. 19091
Cook Book Holder
Browsing for recipes is a breeze.
Our new Cook Book Holder – for Grandma’s
cook book or tablet PC.
The handy Cook Book Holder in a modern design is easy to handle and clean.
Suitable for cook books of formats up to DIN A4 and weights of approx. 4 kg,
it has versatile applications. But it is also a snap to use with tablet PCs. It can
easily be folded together for space-saving storage.
Art.-No. 15695
Salad Spinner
Put a new spin on your salad.
Our new Salad Spinner is beautiful and smart.
Our Salad Spinner consists of the original RÖSLE stainless steel bowl, including
the lid of unbreakable glass, basket insert and rotating plate. The crank drive
with a 4:1 gear ratio ensures effective spin every time. The spin mechanism is
positioned slightly off-centre on the lid to make the bowl easy to hold with one
hand. Both are simple and require no major effort to use. The salad spinner
can be completely disassembled; it can also be used separately as a mixing
bowl or to serve foods. Like all the other parts, it is dishwasher-safe.
Art.-No. 12400
Baking Set
The cheerful laughter of children.
Lots of fun with our new Children’s Sets.
The Children’s Baking Set consists of a whisk, pastry wheel, pastry brush and
spatula. All items are completely functional and produced in the familiar RÖSLE
quality. Their red handles make them an attractive sight in the kitchen, with
room in the convenient holder for each tool. Naturally, all baking tools are dishwasher-safe and food-safe. The Children’s Baking Set is suitable for use by
children 3 years of age and older.
Art.-No. 12406
Art.-No. 12407
Mixing Bowl
Rolling pin
The perfect addition to the Children’s Baking Set. Sturdy, light
and scratch-resistant melamine mixing bowl. With spout, grip and
non-slip base.
Indispensable for baking. Sturdy, with smooth running bearings,
made of reinforced plastic. Roller diameter 5.4 cm / 2.1 in., 15 cm /
5.9 in. wide. With plastic handles; suitable for use by children.
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