Mark Holman Snack Music April 2012

April 2012
Mark Holman
(in NZ with Willow Creek Association & Focus on the Family)
Snack Music
While I was in Auckland for the Way2Go Conference at the
end of March, I was able to spend some time with Brendan
and Laura from Snack Music. It was really exciting to meet
with them and share their vision for reaching kids with fun
music with a great message. The Snack Music team’s mission
is to use music to help kids see just how amazing our God is
and encourage our young ones as they meet and journey
with Jesus!
The music is fun, upbeat, singable and sometimes just a little
bit silly- a perfect combination for our primary aged kidsespecially the younger ones! They’ve produced two CD’s and
an interactive CD for kids that works in most desk top
computers. Check out their website for more information,
some interactive games (like Smelly Socks!) and ordering
Pentecost craft ideas
Twisting spirals:
This template is for a snake, but it’s easy to make it just a
spiral. When these hang over a light or candle (be careful!)
the spiral twists. This is a wonderful and very simple craft
idea to help children experience the power of something they
can’t see.
Pinwheels are great activities for kids. They’re also fairly
straightforward to make and work well (with invisible breath
or wind power). This is one way of doing them. Try it out
and make any adjustments you need to before working with
a group of kids.
6th & 7th May
Pakuranga Baptist Church & Columba Presbyterian
Gateway Christian Centre
8th May
Northpoint Church
9th May
Knox Presbyterian Church
11th May
13th & 14th May
Spreydon Baptist Church, Hornby Presbyterian & Grace
For further information contact [email protected] or
phone 07 825 8722
Messy Church
springing up all over the
place! You can locate one
near you on the StraNdZ
website If you haven’t
had the chance to have a Messy experience, try it! And if you
already are involved with Messy Church and yours is not on
the page, please flick me and email and let me know. I
regularly get requests for Messy locations and the only ones I
have are the ones on the site. It would be great to include
Bible Reading Fellowship (BRF) - the home organization for
Messy Church, UK - is really excited about what’s happening
with Messy Churches around NZ. With that in mind, BRF has
committed some finances for Messy Church administration
work here in Aotearoa. One of our goals is to have an area
coordinator in each part of the country so that Messy Church
teams can be even better equipped and encouraged! If you
are already involved in helping and resourcing Messy
Churches in your area or might be interested in getting
involved, please let me know. Messy Church is nondenominational and Area
affiliated with any church.
Doves that turn into flames:
Both doves and fire are symbols of the Holy Spirit. One time
as I was playing around with making doves, it was clear that
turned 90 degrees, the dove looked like a flame, especially if
it’s cut out of yellows, oranges and reds. White doves above
and red/orange flames below make a
Contact Details
great Pentecost banner.
Snail mail: 29 Hillcrest Place
Avonhead, Christchurch 8042
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 03 342 3556
Mobile: 021 337 705
Skype jul Skype: juliehintz
April 2012
course will be taught in 2012 as a Block course, by Dr
Scottie May of Wheaton College, Chicago. The oncampus block week runs from Monday 25– Friday 29
June. In addition, reading and assessment will take place
in the periods both before and after the block
component. Students should expect to be studying
from 1 June this course until 30 September. Contact
Registrar for more information: [email protected] or
(09) 526 0340
Engaging with Orange Conference
The Orange conference will be held in Auckland on 8th & 9th
June 2012 at Windsor Park Baptist Church, 550 East Coast Rd,
Mairangi Bay.
Pastor Carey Nieuwhof, Senior Pastor of Connexus
Community Church in Ontario and co-author of 'Parenting
Beyond Your Capacity' has worked since 2005 helping
communicate an 'Orange' message to church leaders and
parents globally. Carey is coming to Australia and New
Zealand for the first time, bringing his 'Orange' message and
will be the keynote speaker at the 'Engaging with Orange'
Orange is a ministry philosophy that is having a significant
impact on ministry to children, youth and families around the
The Orange conference aims to equip churches and families
to partner together to grow young people as disciples for
Christ recognising that two combined influences can make a
greater impact than two individual/separate influences.
This strategy of partnering with parents, titled "Orange",
results in Church leaders making radical changes so that they:
 Engage parents in an integrated strategy
 Synchronise the home and church around a clear
 Recruit mentors to become partners with families
 Mobilise the next generation to be the church
For questions and info email [email protected]
More Upcoming Events:
13 May - Mother’s Day
25 – 26 May - Julie in Hamilton for workshops contact
[email protected] for details
27 May – Pentecost
9 June - Re-imagining and re-thinking the Church in
the new Christchurch: Fresh Expressions. A workshop
at Spreydon Baptist Church, 1pm to 5pm with Murray
Robertson, Darryl Tempero, Spanky Moore and John
[email protected] or 021 277 2737
25th – 29th June in Auckland - MM672 - Children’s
Ministry- Block Course at Carey Baptist College with
Scottie May. This course examines the nature and
spirituality of children in the light of biblical, theological,
and developmental perspectives. Students will analyse
current ministry practices in light of cultural trends and
will also focus on the faith experiences of children. This
Save the Dates
Messy Conference in Auckland
August 25th & 26th – details to follow soon
StraNdZ News
Newsletters - We’d love to publish our newsletter 4
times a year with news and ideas from around the
country. If you’ve got something you’d like to share,
please send it in. StraNdZ is about children and families
ministry all over the country and we would love for our
newsletter to reflect that. So if you have a craft idea, a
photo, a lesson or theme or anything else that worked
well, please let us know so we can share it with others.
Resource Library - Our library ‘catalogue’ is now up on
the StraNdZ website, under resources. We have a good
collection of curriculum material, Children’s ministry
leaders’ resources and cd/dvds. We also have loads of
e-resources that we can email to you. If you’re looking
for a specific resource or something for your ministry,
have a look at or
contact Julie directly.
There are a number of ways you can keep up to date with us:
Follow us on facebook - StraNdZ Children and Families
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Claire (Admin Support) will be away 18 May – 24
June, please contact Julie during this time.
Julie will be away 23 June – 19 July, please contact
Claire [email protected] during this time.
April 2012
Recent Round up…
Glenavy Youth had a great night of activities on Caroline
Bay at the end of March – Anyone want a great night’s
youth programme? We can put you in touch with Kathy.
24 kids on the bus - laughter, energy, challenge, and lots
of hot chips to share at the end!!
Louise Weller and daughter Amy teaching puppetry at
Unlimited Conference in Christchurch.
The Nelson Cathedral’s Children’s Church service- painting
words to make a memory verse banner.
Some Valentine’s Day mess at Messy Church
Methven Church recently was full with toddlers,
children, young adults, and older people – great to
see all ages worshipping there, and hearing the news
– not everyone would take their youth group rifle
shooting, but the kids said it was a great Friday
night!! Very good youth and children’s programmes
on Sunday too, and planning for FEED underway. A
good dose of Anglican vitality there!! Rosie Staite