The Real Meaning of Christmas

December 2013
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Erin Selvig, School Director * Jan Barnhart, Newsletter Publisher
The Real Meaning of Christmas
message from Erin Selvig - Director
What do the Holidays mean to you?
What do the Holidays mean to your children?
Do you have family traditions that have been carried down from generation to generation
or have you made some new traditions of your own?
This time of year it is hard to not be captivated by gifts and glitter but in the midst of the toys and
trimmings remember the true meaning of Christmas and the importance of passing this on to your
Keeping the spirit alive can start with your own family tradition of reading the story of Jesus’
birth. Even young children will understand much of the story and their questions can lead to
family conversations about the deeper meaning of Christmas. Listening to Christmas music is
another way to remember the importance of the Christmas season. No child ever tires of “Jingle
Bells” or “Rudolph” but don’t forget about “Away in the manger” and “Silent Night” as they will have
your child singing about the Christ child and the impact of his birth. You can also display a Nativity
scene as it will give your children a tangible tool in learning about the birth of Jesus. You can add
to this by reading the Christmas story and have your child place each figure in the scene at the
appropriate point in the story.
Celebrations may look different from family to family but remembering the true meaning of
Christmas is what is important. Don’t forget to slow down and relax as we celebrate the birth of that
little baby boy wrapped in swaddling clothes so long ago.
Wishing you all a
Very Merry Christmas!
Important Dates to remember!
December 2013
Dec. 9
ORCS Board Mtg.—7:00 p.m.
Dec. 17 & 18
“All School Singing” Christmas songs and Parent Social more information below.
Dec. 23– Jan. 3 Christmas Vacation—No School
January 2014
Jan. 6
School Resumes
Jan. 7 & 8
Chapel (last 15 min. of class)
Jan. 13
ORCS Board Mtg.—7:00 p.m.
Jan. 16
Kindergarten Information Night - 6:30—7:30 p.m.
Jan. 20
Martin Luther King Day—No School
Jan. 21 & 22
All School Singing (last 15 min. of class)
Jan. 24
ORCS Staff Mtg.—12:00—2:30 p.m.
Jan. 30
Preschool Open House 6:30—7:30 p.m.
ORCS Parents, family and friends invited to
Parent Social and “All-School-Singing”
Tuesday, December 17th - 10:45a.m. parent social - 11:10am “All-School-Singing”
Tuesday December 17th
2:20 p.m. parent social – 2:40pm “All-School-Singing”
Wednesday, December 18th - 10:45 a.m. parent social – 11:10am “All School Singing”
Come join ORCS during the last 40 minutes of your child’s class, enjoy coffee,
cookies and mingling in the big room, then move into the sanctuary to choose a
seat for “All-School-Singing” to listen to the children sing Christmas songs to
celebrate Christmas.
Tuesday a.m., December 17th
T/Th Early Preschool (Donahue)
T/Th Preschool (Hagan)
Kindergarten (McGoorty)
Wednesday a.m., December 18th
M/W Early Preschool (Donahue)
M/W/F Preschool (Marpert)
T/W/Th Pre K (Laughlin)
Tuesday p.m., December 17th
T/Th Early Preschool (Laughlin)
T/W/Th Preschool (Hagan)
M/T/Th Pre K (Schwindt)
M/T/W/Th Pre K (Bornemeier)
A Message from Pastor Moland
Living the Christmas Story
I love to see the crèches in our classrooms at ORCS. Little figures of the Shepherds and Wise men, Mary,
Joseph and the baby Jesus help to tell the best children’s story ever. The figures are “hands-on” and show
that they are well used and well loved!
I also love to see children dress up and play the various parts of the story of the birth of Christ. Every girl
should have an opportunity to “be Mary” and reenact the wonder of that glorious night when God
became flesh. Every boy should have the opportunity to “be Joseph” and to begin to appreciate that
miracle which occurred in a stable in Bethlehem.
How does The Nativity come alive in your house? In our home we reenact the Christmas story from Luke
chapter two with costumes and pageantry. Even though our children are now adults, the story never grows
old! Christmas is a living truth which continues to invade our lives as we live the
Christmas story.
May God give you and yours much joy in celebrating the birth of our Savior who came (and comes)
among us at Christmas time!
Advent is a gift of time during which we can
focus our hearts and minds on the coming of God’s Son, Jesus.
Come join Our Redeemer Lutheran Church’s - Sunday Worship Service - 10 am
as each candle is lighted on the Advent wreath.
The candles symbolize HOPE, PEACE, LOVE & JOY.
The gift of Jesus is so great that we often think it is necessary to try and do everything to prepare
ourselves to celebrate His birth. We do service projects, special craft projects, attend church and
school programs, bake, entertain and shop. It is reassuring to know that even if we don’t fit
everything in or do it all right, that everything can be perfect.
Everything will be perfect if our focus is simply the gift of Jesus and
the love He brings into our lives.
Enter this holiday season then with joy and peace.
Remember, “nothing may go right and
everything will be perfect.”
Thanks be to God!!
ORLC’s Annual Christmas Pageant “Miracle in the Manger”
A warm invitation for ORCS families & friends to attend December 15th Worship
Service at 10:00 a.m. for the ORLC’s Children Sunday
School Christmas program “Miracle in the Manger”.
Following the service, fun, festive Christmas cookies
will be served for all to enjoy.
Our Redeemer Lutheran Church -Christmas Eve Candlelight Service
Tuesday, December 24th at 5:00 pm
ORCS parents, family and friends are invited to join ORLC to celebrate
Christmas Eve together at a traditional candlelight service.
The prelude of beautiful Christmas music will begin at 4:30 pm.
Hand bells will be joined with familiar carols as we worship
Christ, the newborn King.
Birth Announcement
"And he took the children in his arms, put his hands on them and blessed them." Mark 10:15
Proud parents Derek and Helen & big Sister Kailyn
(Early preschool M/W)
proudly announce the birth of
Henry Alvin Lee Wing
Weight: 6 lbs. 2 oz.
Length: 18 1/2 in.
Born: Sunday, November 17, 2013,
at 5:32 a.m.
ORCS is passionate about giving
back to the community.
If Lake Washington School District is
closed, ORCS will also be closed, unless
otherwise posted.
Keep others in mind this holiday season. Hopelink will
be needing Christmas fixings such as dressing, yams/
sweet potatoes, vegetables, olives, soups, boxed dinners
All donations can be placed in the Hopelink donation
barrel in the lobby (ORLC’s entrance).
Please refer to TV/RADIO/INTERNET for
school closure information.
In the event Lake Washington School
District is one or two hours late, AM
classes will be cancelled. If emergency
conditions no longer exist ORCS will
determine the cancellation of PM classes.
Hope link is in desperate need of rice,
diapers and formula.
Shopping List for Kirkland/Northshore Food Bank
Items always in demand:Hope link is in desperate need of rice,
diapers and formula.
¨Diapers, sizes 3-6
¨Canned Fruit
¨Flour and Sugar
¨Dry Beans
¨Baby Wipes
¨Cooking Oil
¨Canned Meats
¨Boxed Meals
¨Paper Towels
¨Laundry Soap
¨Toilet Paper
¨Canned Vegetables
¨Canned Tuna/Salmon
¨Pasta & Pasta Sauce
¨Canned & Dry Milk
ORCS donated 367 pounds
of food in November!
Kindergarten class will be taking
the food donations in December as a field trip.
Thank you ORCS Parents & Friends!
Thank you to all who helped with Father’s Night!
Stephanie St.Jean for organizing;
Summer Chen for helping on Father’s Night!
Thank you to those who donated cookies!
 Attendance was excellent!
 Attendees visited classrooms to play together, stopped by the Sanctuary to see where monthly Chapel is
held and visited the Big Room to create a “Find N Seek” game; participate in obstacle course and fun in
the sensory tables!
 Attendees also enjoyed delicious cookies baked by many ORCS bakers.
 It is always a joy to observe students with their fathers, grandfathers, older brothers, godfathers, mothers
and or family friend.
Thank you Cookie Bakers:
Jenny Peterson
Marcilla Proudfit Dana Geist
Sarah Kenworthy Melissa Aparico Summer Chen
Quinn Smith
Katie Olmschenk Monique Schaffer
Jennifer Gorveatt Stephanie Caruso Desiree Headley
Becky Seiler
Emily Detmon
Theresa Stone
Cami Roth
Shannon Glasser Amy Singley
Kellie Lehtinen Anna Kong
Amanda Cox
Mary Mendenall
Our Redeemer Christian School’s
new web site!
Preschool parent Philip Michaels has created an updated
web page for ORCS! It has ORCS’s new logo; two
calendars on the home page; updated school closure/
weather page, and most of all it will make it much easier
to update, add pages and add pictures!
We will be updating the page
gradually and you will find it more useful for
information about upcoming events, dates and times.
Save the date!
January 30th
“Open House”
6:30 – 7:30 PM
For currently
enrolled and
Prospective families.
More information
coming in January
Thank you Philip Michaels!!
You are awesome!
His wife, Christie Michaels was the auction chair for
“Journey Into Narnia” (last year’s great auction)!
Thanksgiving Feasts - Nov. 25th & 26th
Thank you to all the parents below and to any we missed for the wonderful help!
Bread Bakers:
Casey Duckworth
Zachary King
Marcilla Proudfit
Tannya Dubail
Mellena Trask
Rosslyn Stookey
Karen Jussel
Cheryl Doolittle
Desiree Headley
Mari Swift
Leighla Rientjes
Anna Kong
Mary Mendenall
Katie Olmschenk
Stephanie Caruso
Patty Fouts
Jacob Gorveatt
Kris Massena
Becky Seiler
Cami Roth
Shannon Glasser
Amy Singley
Quinn Smith
Ramie Gilley
Nikkie Schuette
Kelly Wasenmiller
Jill Benoit
Kelly Burns
Dana Geist
Lauren Plooster
Amanda Sics
Theresa Stone
Sha McGary
Jamie Crum
Amanda Cox
Jennifer Lindsay
Stephanie Hokanson
Cushla Mckenzie
Stephanie St.Jean
Molly Delmarter
Melissa Aparico
Monique Scheaffer
Jennifer Santiago
Kimberly Charie
Lindsay Clark
Widi Soetomo
Kris Massena
Tiffany Bayer
Leah Weins
John & David Liebich
Rebecca Judy
Kristi Zak
Jennifer Magruder
Set Up and Clean Up HELPERS:
Melissa Aparico
Jacob Gorveatt
Jamey Boschee
Pam Avenell
Mike Martinsen
Cristina Collesei
Summer Chen
Molly Delamarter
Frances Clark
Ryan Duckworth
Cheryl Doolittle
Desiree Headley
Shawna Hickey
Alisa King
Christy Michaels
Mark your Calendar for
Kindergarten Information Night
Thursday, January 16, 2014 at 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.
Come meet Kari McGoorty (teacher) & Bonnie Schwindt (assistant)
and learn about the ORCS kindergarten program
Word of mouth is ORCS’s best advertisement!
Let your family, friends, neighbors & co-workers know about our
Recycling Drive
January 20th - 31st
Recycle your old cell phones,
small electronics (digital
camera, MP 3 players,
headphones, GPS units) and
printer cartridges for a
greener tomorrow while helping
ORCS earn funding.
Please join our Recycling Drive
January 20th-January 31st.
We are so busy doing what
has to be done that we forget
to acknowledge the Joy in
what we are doing.
Look for it. It’s there lurking behind the rush,
rush, hurry, hurry of our day. You can find it
if you simply take the time to look.
PLAYDOUGH: Taunya Dubail,Quinn Smith, Amy Singly, Dana
Geist, Darcy Morrissey, Leanne Hatch, Monique Scheaffer, Jenny
Peterson, Jamie Crum and Summer Chen.
CLASSROOM: Molly Delamarter (cutting); Jamey Boschee (gluing
& organizing classroom projects)
REPAIR: Jacob Gorveatt (fixing sensory table wheels);
Gena Cook, Lindsay Clark, Ann Marks, Debra Phipps, Kris Massena,
Christie Sweaney, Lisa Mackey and Jill Benoit
DONATIONS: Kelly Clark (former parent and Lunch Bunch teacher) art supplies & carts; Mike Singley (wood scraps), Jaimie Crum, Cheryl Doolittle (bringing in bags of
leaves for the playground, Kellie Lehtinen (envelopes), and Frances Clark (puzzles & books)
PRE KINDERGARTEN VOLUNTEERS: Bob Walter & Jerod Laughlin (drilling holes for Christmas
The Gift of Praise
Sometimes we get so caught up with what to by at Christmas time, we
forget that the most precious gifts we can give don’t cost a cent.
Certainly praise is one of them.
For your holiday (and everyday) giving, here are 100 super ways
to praise your child. Lavish these gifts freely and you
are sure to get much in return. Happy Holidays!
Wow « Way to Go « Super « You’re Special « Outstanding « Excellent « Great «
Good « Neat « Well Done « Remarkable « I knew You Could Do It « I’M Proud Of
You « Fantastic « Superstar « Nice Work « Looking Good « You’re On Top Of It «
Bravo « Hurray For You « Beautiful « Now You’re Flying « You’re Catching On «
Now You’ve Got It « You’re Incredible « You’re Fantastic « You’re On Target «
You’re On Your Way « How Nice « How Smart « Good Job « That’s Incredible «
Hot Dog « Dynamite « You’re Beautiful « You’re Unique « Nothing Can Stop You
Now « Good For You « I Like You « You’re A Winner « Remarkable Job « Beautiful Work « Spectacular « You’re Spectacular « You’re Darling « You’re Precious «
Great Discovery « You’ve Discovered The Secret « You Figured It Out « Fantastic
Job « Hip, Hip Hurray « Bingo « Magnificent « Marvelous « Terrific « You’re Important « Phenomenal « You’re My Hero « Great Success « Good Achievement «
Exceptional « Astonishing « Amazing « I Admire You « Sensational « Super Work «
Super Job « Creative Job « Fantastic Job « Exceptional Performance « You’re a
Real Trooper « You Are Responsible « You Learned It Right « You Are Exciting «
What An Imagination « What A Good Listener You Are « Fun « You’re Growing
Up « You Tried Hard « You Care « Beautiful Sharing « Outstanding Performance «
You’re A Good Friend « You’re Important « You Mean A Lot To Me « You Make
Me Laugh « You Brighten My Day « I Respect You « You Mean The World To Me
« That’s Correct « You’re A Joy « You’re A Treasure « You’re Perfect « A Big Hug
« A Big Kiss « Say: I Love You.
Author Unknown