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June 22, 2014
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Jets receiver David Nelson embraces children of Haiti (Bob Glauber) ......................................................................1
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NY Jets' Rex Ryan feuds with Mike Pettine to carry on long standing tradition of coach-coordinator fighting (Gary
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Jets receiver David Nelson embraces children of Haiti (Bob Glauber)
June 21, 2014
Minicamp practice had just ended, and Jets wide receiver David Nelson stood at his locker in the Jets
training facility, sweat pouring off his face as he unlaced the black tape from his cleats. Nelson spoke
optimistically about what's ahead for the Jets, who are coming off an 8-8 season and have made a series
of roster enhancements aimed at making a playoff run in 2014.
But as much as Nelson has immersed himself in getting ready for another NFL season, which he hopes will
end with a Super Bowl run, there was much work to be done outside the game; phone calls and emails,
all in preparation for a trip Monday to Haiti, a place he also calls home and a place his life's work has
brought him after an unlikely and unexpected transformation.
"When I leave the locker room, I go into that business mode," Nelson said. "This is the last chance I get to
go before the season starts. I can't wait to see all the kids."
The kids. It is all about the kids, the ones who suddenly changed Nelson's life forever when he first met
them along with his younger brother, Pat- rick, and other family members on a trip to the earthquakeravaged country two years ago.
"I had the weekend off, so I figured it would be a quick trip, and I said, 'Absolutely, I'd love to go,' " said
Nelson, who was asked by some people at a local church in Houston who were making the trip to Port au
Prince after the earthquake in 2010. "I was just expecting to go and experience it and say that was a cool
experience and I'd just kind of check it off my list of things I've done in my life."
It did not take long for the children, many of them orphaned by the earthquake, to make a profound
"When I met those kids, and met little children who don't have a mother and father, yet who have more
hope in their pinkie than I have in my entire body, it just changed and humbled me," Nelson, 27, said. "I
came back, my brothers and I reflected on it, and said, 'We just can't come back [home] and act like we
hadn't experienced what we just experienced and do nothing about it.' We had to do something. I wanted
to be able to use being an NFL athlete and speak on behalf of the kids."
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Nelson went back. Again and again and again, always trying to do whatever he could to help the people
in and around Port au Prince, where he now rents a home with Patrick, who lives there full time and takes
care of five children. The two are helping to build a school for 250 children, and they are also partnering
with former Jets kicker Jay Feely, who now plays for the Cardinals, in constructing a $2.1-million sports
Everything Nelson does on his own time away from football is dedicated toward helping the Haitian people
he has grown to love.
"If I wasn't playing ball, I'd be living there. It's in my heart," said Nelson, who plans to spend several months
a year in Haiti when his NFL career is over.
For now, his life away from football is spent raising money through his faith-based charitable foundation,
I'mme (
"There are a lot of kids who live on the street around where our house is," he said. "They come over every
single day, we give them a job, give them a little bit of school and just love on them to let them know they
are valuable and that they're going to have somebody there that's going to support and encourage them.
Even though we can't give them a house right now, hopefully, we can soon. But we can still give them as
much love as we can."
Patrick Nelson, who moved to Haiti in April to oversee their ambitious operations, became immediately
aware of the abject poverty. But there was something else, too.
"Lots of people come to Haiti and get overwhelmed by the immense poverty and kids on the street,'' he
said via email from his home near Port au Prince. (There isn't adequate cell phone service where he lives.)
"That wasn't the case for us. We were overwhelmed with the beauty and potential that seemed to be
waiting for us to unlock and reveal. There was something great about this people and this nation we
discovered that no one, especially themselves, has seen."
He believes helping the Haitians help themselves will allow them to "rise up and change their current
situation. All we are doing is giving them a platform to dream, and to provide them with an atmosphere
that is conducive to activating their true identities . . . The crisis of the orphan cycle, poverty, corruption,
injustice, and violence now has a remedy. Nations, families, individuals must come together as a unified
body believing that we will see Haiti restored."
Feely had a similar experience when he visited Haiti after the earthquake, and has since devoted time,
energy and money through his Feely Family Foundation, which has partnered with I'mme and Mission of
Hope to build the sports complex, as well as a technical school outside Port au Prince.
"David and I independently fell in love with the people of Haiti," said Feely, who has visited several times
in recent years. "The goal of the sports complex and the technical school is to create an avenue for future
success. Using sports to develop leadership, character and skills that will provide the foundations of
success. We're proud to partner with David and Mission of Hope to build this life-changing complex."
Nelson hopes to attract NFL players, Major League Baseball players and other professional athletes to
help his efforts. Sports can be such a unifying experience.
"Any time you drive through Haiti -- I don't care where you are -- every five minutes, you'll see 10 or 15
kids playing soccer with a deflated soccer ball, no shoes on a gravel road, with makeshift goals, because
they want to play," David Nelson said. "They just want to be kids. So Jay and I were just talking about it.
First, it started with creating a sports league, giving them uniforms, and then it developed into, well, what
if we got some land and could build a soccer field? Then it went to, why are we limiting ourselves to just
that? Why don't we build an entire sports complex, and not only put kids in a soccer program, but bring
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NFL players to do camps and Major League Baseball players to do camps and put on programs where
you're teaching them values and ethics and sports and putting them in that environment? We just said,
'Let's do it.' "
An ambitious plan, to be sure. But it is a worthwhile mission for Nelson, who understands his life is about
much, much more than just playing football. It is about giving back to people who lost so much after a
natural disaster, but never lost hope.
NY Jets' Rex Ryan feuds with Mike Pettine to carry on long standing tradition of coach-coordinator
fighting (Gary Myers)
New York Daily News
June 21, 2014
Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick engaged in a warm embrace after Matt Bahr’s field goal on the last play of
the 1990 NFC Championship Game beat the two-time defending champion 49ers and sent the Giants to
the Super Bowl.
Ten years later, Parcells and Belichick, the best head coach-coordinator combination in NFL history, had a
horrible falling out when Belichick ran out on Parcells and the Jets. They didn’t repair their relationship
for six years.
Rex Ryan and Mike Pettine, a head coach-coordinator combination good enough to get the Jets to backback AFC title games in 2009-10, had a friendship that extended beyond the field.
But now that bond appears to be fractured.
Parcells, the mentor, and Belichick, the protégé, were football business partners. Ryan, the mentor, and
Pettine, the protégé, were close friends.
They worked together in Baltimore, and Pettine and Dennis Thurman were Ryan’s first two hires when he
got the Jets job in 2009. Ryan and Pettine vacationed together with their families in Hawaii and elsewhere.
Just before training camp in 2012, Pettine joined Ryan and his wife Michelle at a Bruce Springsteen concert
at MetLife Stadium.
Parcells and Belichick had their falling out when Belichick quit as the HC of the NYJ one day after being
promoted by contract when Parcells stepped down as coach. Belichick wanted the Patriots job instead. It
got messy with the courts and Paul Tagliabue getting involved before Parcells and Robert Kraft worked
out a deal that allowed Belichick to go to New England.
Parcells and Belichick engaged in a cold war until the summer of 2006 when they sat with Marty
Schottenheimer and had lunch at Gallaghers Steakhouse in Manhattan at an event honoring Harry Carson
and his induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Parcells and Belichick are friends again and actually
live just two floors apart in the same building in their winter home in Jupiter, Fla. They’ve gone out to
dinner together.
Time does heal all wounds, but right now it’s pretty deep for Ryan. He obviously feels betrayed.
Daily Clips Cont.
Ryan is upset with Pettine for going public with information that the Jets coach gave a defensive playbook
to Alabama coach Nick Saban and for passing around a rumor that it might have landed in the hands of
Belichick in New England. Pettine also said that Ryan passed out his playbook like candy.
“I don’t know what he’s trying to gain by it,” Ryan said.
Coaches sharing information — and playbooks — with each other is apparently a common practice. Ryan
said he was going on vacation and had no need to speak with Pettine. “He needs to learn to be quiet,”
Ryan said. “Absolutely.”
Pettine told Pro Football Talk on Friday that a playbook has 80 defensive formations compared to 30
formations in a specific game plan with six or seven new ones for each game. The playbook is not as
valuable without the game plan, but any inside info is welcomed.
“We’re all in the business of gathering information,” Pettine said. “If I can get someone’s blueprint for
how they build their offense or defense, of course I’m going to look at it.”
The real indication that the Ryan-Pettine friendship was strained came after the 2012 season when Pettine
took the defensive coordinator’s job with Buffalo rookie head coach Doug Marrone. Pettine was always
going to be overshadowed by Ryan with the Jets because it was Rex’s defense, and the feeling was Pettine
needed to create his own identity if he ever wanted to be a head coach. Although it seemed odd he left
Ryan for another team in the AFC East, it also seemed clear that a separation was needed.
Dave Wannstedt, who was then the Cowboys defensive coordinator, was offered the Giants and Bears
head coaching jobs in 1993. He selected Chicago in part because he didn’t want to face Cowboys coach
Jimmy Johnson, his best friend in coaching, twice a year. Pettine, meanwhile, remained in the division
with Buffalo and then was the surprise hire this year to be the Browns head coach.
Belichick was not happy when his protégé Eric Mangini left New England to take the Jets head coaching
job in 2006 and then disowned him a year later when Mangini was considered the SpyGate snitch.
Should Ryan be giving out his playbook? It’s not a good idea.
Should Pettine have thrown his former boss and best buddy under the bus? He had nothing to gain but a
lot to lose. His relationship with Ryan? “It’s in a bad spot right now,” Ryan said.
Pettine spoke to PFT on vacation Friday from Hawaii — without Ryan.
Belichick vs. Parcells. Belichick vs. Mangini. Ryan vs. Pettine.There’s one common thread: The Jets.
Roger Goodell has three big decisions to make on potential lengthy suspensions between now and the
start of the season.
The players will be watching to see how hard he comes down on Colts owner Jim Irsay, who faces an Aug.
28 trial after being charged with two misdemeanors stemming from his March arrest for driving with
prescription painkillers in his body.
Goodell also has to rule on Ravens running back Ray Rice after Rice pleaded not guilty to a charge of third
degree aggravated assault on his fiancé (now his wife) and was then accepted into a pretrial intervention
program. Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon is waiting to find out his punishment after violating the
substance abuse policy. ... Here’s when Dan Snyder and the NFL will succumb to the pressure to change
the Redskins name: When it starts to cost them money. If the Redskins lose the appeal on the trademark
case and then anybody is allowed to market the Redskins name and logo on merchandise or if the
Daily Clips Cont.
Redskins’ corporate sponsors start to bolt because they believe the name is disparaging to Native
Americans, that’s when they will become the Washington Snyders.
Antonio Cromartie, now with the Cardinals, said he and his former Jets teammate Darrelle Revis, now with
the Patriots, are the best cornerbacks in the NFL when healthy. Cromartie should be hearing soon from
Richard Sherman, who resents anybody having the audacity to say they are better than him. If they are all
healthy, here’s how I rank the top four corners: Revis, Sherman, Patrick Peterson and Joe Haden. ... This
is a scary time of the year for head coaches. Their players have about one month off before training camp
and the coaches live in fear of the post-midnight phone call that one of them is in trouble. “We always
talk about being smart,” Tom Coughlin said. “The ‘NY’ never comes off. Be responsible. Don’t let someone
who has nothing invested in your future make decisions for you, who you’re going to be with, where
you’re going, how you conduct yourself.”
Donald Trump, who wants to buy the Bills, was one of the parties who received information last week
from the law firm representing the team in the sale. Trump may face opposition from NFL owners if he is
selected by the Bills because of the perception he was behind the USFL’s antitrust suit against the NFL in
1986, but let’s face it: Trump will spend money to win and make the Bills relevant. ... Jim Kelly, battling
cancer, made an appearance at Bills mini-camp last week. He spoke to the team and coaches for two
minutes, according to the Buffalo News. Kelly recently finished six weeks of chemotherapy and radiation
for upper jaw and sinus cancer. Kelly was accompanied by his brother Dan and former teammate Thurman
Thomas, who is very close to Kelly. The Hall of Fame QB thanked players and fans for their support. “This
is what you need to put your arms around — each other,” Kelly said. “Make this your team. Make it very
special. Realize it’s because when it’s all over, the things you have are your memories. The people that
you built that relationship with — not just on the football field but away from the field.” ... Only way
Michael Vick is the Jets’ starting QB for the opener is if Geno Smith is a complete flop this summer. Last
week, offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg said Smith has received 70-75% of the reps with the first
team during the offseason and that’s the plan for camp. “Here’s my job, this is my responsibility and my
duty really — I’ve got to continue to progress the young quarterback that’s got 16 games under his belt,”
Mornhinweg said. “That has to happen.”
Associated Press
June 21, 2014
American League
BALTIMORE ORIOLES — Optioned RHP Kevin Gausman to Norfolk (IL). Assigned RHP Josh Stinson outright
to Norfolk. Recalled RHP Brad Brach from Norfolk.
CLEVELAND INDIANS — Agreed to terms with LHP Sam Hentges on a minor league contract.
HOUSTON ASTROS — Optioned RHP Paul Clemens to Oklahoma City (PCL). Selected the contract of RHP
Jake Buchanan from Oklahoma City. Transferred RHP Jose Cisnero to the 60-day DL, retroactive to Friday.
Daily Clips Cont.
Agreed to terms with RHPs Robert Kahana and Brock Bykxhoorn on minor league contracts. Sent RHP
Anthony Bass to Quad Cities (MWL) for a rehab assignment.
KANSAS CITY ROYALS — Placed OF Nori Aoki on the 15-day DL. Selected the contract of OF Justin Maxwell
from Omaha (PCL). Transferred LHP Bruce Chen to the 60-day DL.
LOS ANGELES ANGELS — Optioned 3B Ian Stewart to Salt Lake (PCL) and RHP Cam Bedrosian to Arkansas
(TL). Selected the contract of RHP David Carpenter from Salt Lake. Recalled INF Efren Navarro from Salt
Lake. Requested waivers on OF Raul Ibanez for the purpose of granting him his unconditional release.
SEATTLE MARINERS — Sent OF Michael Saunders to Tacoma (PCL) for a rehab assignment.
TORONTO BLUE JAYS — Optioned RHP Liam Hendriks to Buffalo (IL). Recalled LHP Rob Rasmussen from
Buffalo. Agreed to terms with LHP Turner Lee on a minor league contract.
National League
ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS — Agreed to terms with RHP Scooter Price on a minor league contract.
ATLANTA BRAVES — Agreed to terms with RHP Carlos Fisher on a minor league contract.
CINCINNATI REDS — Designated OF Roger Bernadina for assignment. Recalled RHP Carlos Contreras from
Pensacola (SL).
COLORADO ROCKIES — Optioned 1B/OF Kyle Parker and RHP Chris Martin to Colorado Springs (PCL).
Recalled LHP Christian Friedrich from Colorado Springs. Selected the contract of RHP Wilton Lopez from
Colorado Springs. Transferred OF Michael Cuddyer to the 60-day DL. Agreed to terms with RHPs Ryan
Castellani, Andrew Rohrbach, Grahamm Wiest, Alec Kenilvort, James Lomangino, Josh Michalec, Gavin
Glanz, Alec Crawford, Taylor Black, Craig Schlitter, Logan Sawyer, Hunter Brothers and Dylan Thompson;
LHPs Kyle Freeland, Sam Howard, Harrison Musgrave, Dylan Craig and Jerry Vasto; INFs Max George and
Sam Bumpers; Cs Troy Stein and Jordan Parris; OFs Wesley Rogers, Drew Weeks and Richard Prigatano;
1B Roberto Ramos and Nathaniel Causey; 3B Kevin Padlo and Shane Hoelscher; and 2B Forrest Wall on
minor league contracts.
LOS ANGELES DODGERS — Agreed to terms with RHP Albert Vanegas on a minor league contract. Sent
LHP Scott Elbert to Rancho Cucamonga (Cal) for a rehab assignment.
ST. LOUIS CARDINALS — Agreed to terms with 2B Michael Massi on a minor league contract.
WASHINGTON NATIONALS — Sent C Wilson Ramos to Harrisburg (EL) for a rehab assignment.
American Association
AMARILLO SOX — Signed RHP Scott Weinshank and INF Brandon Pinckney. Traded INF Omar Luna to
Lincoln for a player to be named.
GARY SOUTHSHORE RAILCATS — Signed OF Drew Muren and INF Caleb Palensky.
GRAND PRAIRIE AIR HOGS — Signed RHP Tobin Mateychick and OF Kenny Held.
LINCOLN SALTDOGS — Traded RHP TJ Bozeman to Grand Prairie for future considerations.
Atlantic League
LONG ISLAND DUCKS — Signed RHP Bob Zimmermann. Released LHP Steve Garrison.
Can-Am League
Daily Clips Cont.
QUEBEC CAPITALES — Signed OF Tim Smith. Released INF Luis Argumedes.
Frontier League
FLORENCE FREEDOM — Signed C Orrin Sears.
GATEWAY GRIZZLIES — Sold the contract of INF Jonathan Johnson to the New York Mets.
ROCKFORD AVIATORS — Signed INF Tyger Pederson. Released RHP Trevor Shull.
National Basketball Association
CLEVELAND CAVALIERS — Named David Blatt coach and signed him to a three-year contract.
National Hockey League
CAROLINA PANTHERS — Named Gerard Gallant coach.
HOFSTRA — Announced the resignation of wrestling coach Rob Anspach.