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Bale Wrappers with e-Twin Pre-Stretcher
RW 1410 and RW 1610
Product Information
The new generation Kuhn RW 1410 and RW 1610 trailed turntable bale wrappers with e-Twin pre-stretcher provide you with fast, cost-efficient
wrapping. The unique e-Twin pre-stretcher has patented features that can reduce wrapping time by 50% by applying two layers of film to the bale
at the same time instead of the traditional single layer. We have also increased the pre-stretch ratio from the traditional 70% all the way up to
90%, reducing the overall amount of plastic applied to the bale. As a result of these changes, the new generation Kuhn RW 1410 and RW 1610
wrappers with the e-Twin pre-stretcher saves you film, labor and fuel costs.
e-Twin Principle
Patented Film Distribution
Wrapping controls
1. Reduce your wrapping time by 50%.
2. A
n increase to a 90% pre-stretch ratio
is possible due to the unique, patented
film distribution design. This allows
Kuhn e-Twin wrappers to use less
plastic per bale.
Two film layers are glued together into one thick
layer before coming out of the pre-stretcher.
Unique advantages:
1. Extreme tear resistance in all conditions
2. P re-stretch ratio can be increased to 90%
providing tightly wrapped bales and
exceptional film savings
3. Eliminates the need for a film break sensor
Available on:
RW 1410 M (Manual)
RW 1410 C (Computer)
RW 1610 M (Manual)
RW 1610 C with AUTOLOAD
Wrapping with a single film layer is still
possible for small diameter bales 39”–47”
(<1.2 m) and in cases where only one film roll
is available.
Technical Specifications
Bale Wrappers
Bale Size (Width x Diameter)
Maximum Bale Weight
Machine Length
Machine Transport Width
Machine Height
Loading System
Ability to Carry a 2nd Bale on Loading Arm
Wrapping Table
Bale Support Roller
Semi-Auto Operation of (M) Version by Bale
and Wrap Counter and Auto Table Stop
Radio Frequency Remote Control
Automatic Loading Function (AUTOLOAD)
Fully Automatic Film Cutter
Pre-Stretch Ratio e-Twin
Film Roll Magazine
Minimum Tractor Hydraulic Requirement
Oil Flow and Pressure Required
Road Lights
Wheel Sizes
Machine Weight
RW 1410 C
RW 1610 M
RW 1610 C
47 x 40 – 60 (120 x 100 – 150)
2,200 lbs/1,000 kg
2,400 lbs/1,100 kg (Optional 2,650 lbs/1,200 kg)
165“/420 cm
179“/455 cm
96“/245 cm
106“/269 cm
90“/228 cm
102“/258 cm
Fixed Clevis
Loading Arm
4 Belts and 2 Rollers
Manual 3-Lever/
Manual 3-Lever/
Computer Controlled
Computer Controlled
Cable Controlled
Cable Controlled
90% Standard (70% Included)
1 Magazine for 2 Rolls of Stretch Film Standard
1 Single-Acting with Free Return or 1 Double-Acting
7 gal/min at 2,200 PSI (26 l/min at 150 bar)
1,929 lbs/875 kg
3,285 lbs/1,490 kg
Corporate Headquarters
1501 West Seventh Avenue - Brodhead, WI 53520
Phone: (608) 897-2131 Fax: (608) 897-2561
Our machines comply with the North American safety regulations. In our leaflets, to better illustrate certain details of the
machines some safety devices could have been removed. Conforming to the assembly and operator’s manual, in no
circumstances must machine be operated without these safety devices in place. All machines are equipped with safety
devices which comply with the regulations of the countries in which they are delivered. In the interest of progress, we
reserve the right to change without notice any specifications, design or materials listed. Patents filed in several countries.
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RW 1410 M