2012 Impact Report

Impact Report
Since its inception in 2004,
the Naked Heart Foundation
has built 90 play facilities
in 68 Russian cities:
the map of play parks
From Berezovo in the North to
Fiagdon in the South, from
Kaliningrad in the West to Sovetskaya
Gavan in the Far East, our play
facilities are spread over the distance
of 7,181km from East to West and
6,706km from North to South.
And that is just the beginning!
During 2012
the Foundation built :
8 new play parks and
17 new playgrounds with a total
surface area of more than
22 000 square metres in
23 cities and benefited
80 000 children who now
have modern and safe places to
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and playgrounds of the Foundation
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 Play parks and playgrounds built by the Foundation until 2012
 Play parks and playgrounds built in 2012
all parents that if a child is in pain, if a child feels offended or
upset, the only way out is to give him a chance to play. Then
a child will be able to leave his or her worries behind".
Natalia Vodianova, President of the Naked Heart Foundation
"I really love the noise of the children`s playground. There is laughter, shouts,
make many people remember their own childhood, their happy moments of
simply being a child.
My own childhood memories are different. When I was seven years old my sister
Oksana was born and diagnosed as having a cerebral palsy.
Soon my mother`s husband left us and we moved into a tiny flat in a Khrushchev
building with a bed in a hallway. I couldn`t be a child any longer. I had to
become an adult and help my mother to take care of Oksana and of our
household. My mother had three jobs: she worked with machine tool at the
factory in the morning, and after she went to clean the entrance floors and wash
The play was an unattainable luxury for me - it was a dream, a tale that I was so
eager to play a role in to forget about my sorrows and problems and to feel just
as a child would.
When a terrorist act in Beslan took away the lives and wounded completely
innocent children I was deeply affected. The feeling of despair that those
children experienced, as it seemed to me, was too familiar. I couldn`t be
indifferent. Having come back to New York, where I lived at that time, I gathered
support of my friends and set up the Foundation with the aim to build children`s
playgrounds. It seemed to me, that by building playgrounds I would be able to
involve as many children in Russia as it was possible to influence their lives, to
make them happier. It was vital not only in Beslan, but everywhere!
When the first playground was built I knew that I couldn`t stop there! My dream
is 500 playgrounds in Russia.
Thanks to the generosity and the participation of our supporters, every year we
are coming closer and closer to our goal! I am grateful to everyone who
supported my initiative and helped to make the dreams of thousands of children
come true
Natalia Vodianova,
President of the Naked Heart Foundation
Oxana Medvedeva
Ekaterina Kazakova
Svitlana Kozlyuk
In Nizhny Novgorod
603005, Nizhny Novgorod
Piskunova str., 10
Fond "Obnazhennie serdtsa"
Russian Federation
In Moscow
109012, Moscow
Maly Cherkassky pereulok, dom 2
Cabinet Lounge Business centre
Russian Federation
[email protected]
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The Naked Heart Foundation
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The Naked Heart Foundation Inc.
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Registered as a not-for-profit organisation in the US under
section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code
background and the principles of the programme
advantages of playing
programme goals and rules of participation
the map of the new play facilities built in 2012
the detailed report on some of our play projects 2012
Sovetskaya Gavan
the children`s play tent in Krymsk
summary and the goals for 2013
2012 photoreport: before & after
The Naked Heart Foundation is a children's charity founded by
Natalia Vodianova in 2004 with the aim of helping children in rural Russia.
Nowadays the Foundation works in two main areas: building children`s
playgrounds and play parks, and supporting the families with children with
special needs.
necessity, not a luxury.
Our parks and playgrounds literally TRANSFER THE CHILDREN INTO ANOTHER WORLD from
grey and cold landscapes to the colourful ships, slides, swings, pyramids and ramps for rollers.
Our parks are open FOR ALL CHILDREN regardless of their age, status and physical capacities.
We take care of the SAFETY OF THE PARKS. Our parks are fenced and guarded day and night.
This is clearly a huge task but one that we are slowly fulfilling: one screw, one bar, one fence, one slide,
one swing and one community at a time.
Since its creation the Foundation has built 90 play facilities in 68 Russian cities.
And that is just the beginning!
Lyulpany, 2011 – before the beginning of the construction
background and the principles of the programme
increased. Somewhere it happens because of a lack of adults` attention, but
often they happen as a result of a technical fault or an inadequate condition of
the facility that is, of course, absolutely inadmissible, and even criminal in some
Kovpak, the Member of the Civic Chamber of the Russian
Children`s play facilities in many Russian cities are
overused and hazardous.
We believe that play is a necessity not a luxury and
that safe play environment should be accessible to
every child.
We are not alone in our views: in 1989 the Play
was legally recognized by the UN High
Commission for Human Rights as the right of every
Advantages of Playing:
Play is considered something obvious and is taken
for granted. Nevertheless, millions of children do
not have the opportunity to play.
One of the important reasons for this is poverty. In
most cases, the average living conditions of a
Russian child do not involve any access to the play
It is playing that helps children to get to know the
world, to develop their imagination, creative
thinking, physical form and confidence.
It is playing that helps children to gain
communication skills, to learn to make friends
regardless of age, status and physical capacities.
An outstanding psychiatrist Stuart Brown strongly
believes that the Play helps to eliminate violence
and despair, to develop stamina and positive
Our task is simple and clear: we cannot help the
families in need to overcome the poverty, but we
can provide their children with exciting and safe
outdoor play facilities.
Programme goals :
to build the space for playing in regions of Russia
where it is especially needed.
Over the years the Foundation has built 90 play
facilities in 68 Russian cities, including in
orphanages, state run care homes, children`s
hospitals and rehabilitation centres. The
- the achievements
Lev Vygotsky, the Russian Psychologist
also built playgrounds outside Russia, namely:
A playground in Simferopol (Ukraine) opened
in early 2012;
3 playgrounds in UK opened in Greenwich,
Glasgow (2011) and Liverpool (opening in
the funding will be allocated for cleaning,
equipment maintenance and security.
Following the works completion, the
applicant that specifies the above mentioned
The ownership of the Playgrounds located in
the child care centres is transferred to the
Play park in Gagra, Abkhazia (opening in
Since 2011 the Play with Purpose programme
programme budget as approved by the Board of
Trustees for the current fiscal year.
4. The possibility of a co-financing scheme (in the
case where the applicant is the town
The budgets of the local administration
normally provision for the development and
maintenance of children`s play parks and
playgrounds however, these resources are
rarely sufficient for construction of new play
Rules of participation:
The participants of the Play with Purpose
programme are required to follow the standard
application procedures.
Eligible applicants include: district and city
councils, municipal parks and specialized child
care institutions such as orphanages, social
rehabilitation centres, remedial child care centres,
The selection process takes into account the
following factors:
1. The necessity of building the play complex,
the economic conditions of a town and a
region, and the financial resources of a
local government;
the general and children population size,
the need of inclusive playgrounds ;
the availability, quantity and condition of
play parks and playgrounds
2. The possibility of the land assignment intended
for building of a play unit. The Foundation
does engage in land transactions with the
applicant, but requires the granted access to
the allocated land. The applicant is required to
provide all the necessary documentary
evidence of the land and property ownership or
the long lease.
3. The capacity and means to service the
playground and to ensure its safety and
The applicant must provide confirmation that
The Foundation welcomes this funding within
the framework of the co-financing programme
and is often able to create a more scalable and
complex facility.
The applications for the building of play parks and
playgrounds for the following year are accepted
and evaluated by the Foundation from 15th August
and until the 1st December of the current year.
building of the play parks in Russia.
equipment for over 30 years and is the only
manufacturer whose products fully conform to the
highest international safety standards.
The Play Park
The construction of a play park requires an
application from a town administration or a
municipal park that owns the construction site (or
the leaseholder on a long-term basis, not less than
10-15 years).
The area of a play park may reach up to 2,500
3,000 square metres and the cost of the project
implementation including the complex fitting and
installation averages up to 8 11 million RUB
(€200,000 -270,000 or $250,000 350,000)*, 50%
of which is spent on preparation, landscaping and
improvement works.
* All the cross currency rates in this report are as of October 2012
The town administration may absorb the cost of
the land preparation as per plan specifications
partially or completely.
The main attraction of any play park is a large play
complex in the shape of a pirate ship or a fairy-tale
castle placed in the centre of a playground and
equipped with various play units, swings, slides,
The play park may also include an additional sports
and education zone: a rollerdrome, an auto park, a
sports ground.
maintained to the highest quality and safety
standards, but also create a comfortable and
natural environment for play:
the elements of the landscape design and
the landscape gardening are integral to our
the foundation of a playground is made of a
special shock absorbing granulated rubber
surface that helps to cushion a child`s fall
from a height of 160 cm;
all the parks are fenced and guarded roundthe-clock;
an admission of adults without children is
The Playground
The playgrounds are built on the grounds of
municipal properties including: child care centres,
orphanages, social rehabilitation centres, etc. that
are attended or occupied by a large number of
children of different ages, and that consider to be
responsible for the maintenance and security of a
playground in the future.
The playground on the grounds of a child care
centre is a much smaller scale project than a play
park. Generally, it is the Foundation that bears all
the expenses related to the playground.
The equipment is selected individually according to
the age of the children and at the end of the
construction the ownership title is transferred to
the child care centre.
“Pirate ship” play complex in Kaliningrad
the map of the new play
Игровые парки
Игровые площадки
 
facilities built in 2012
The New Play Facilities of 2012:
 The Play Parks in the towns/cities:
Gagra, Abkhazia
Gusinoozersk, Republic of Buryatia
Kaliningrad, Kaliningrad Region
Kokuy, Sretenskaya Region, Transbaikalia
Melnikovo, Tomsk Region
Uryupinsk, Volgograd Region
Sovetskaya Gavan, Khabarovsk Territory
Yakutsk, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
 The Playgrounds on the grounds of social institutions :
The Orphanage, Belgorod, Belgorod Region
The Remedial Orphanage, Berezovo, KMAD-Yugra
Childhood Home, Zarechnyy, Penza Region
Music School, Zima, Irkutsk Region
Infants` Home #1, Irkutsk, Irkutsk Region
Infants` Home #3, Irkutsk, Irkutsk Region
Orphanage, Lyulpani, Mari-El Republic
Children`s Hospital, Moscow
The Centre for Curative Pedagogics, Moscow
10. Peschanokopskoe Village, Rostov Region
11. Infants` Home, Perm, Perm Territory
12. Kindergarten for Children with Visual Disorders,
Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan
13. Orphanage, Novorossiysk, Krasnodar Territory
14. Social Rehabilitation Centre, Pesochnya, Ryazan Region
15. Childrens
Tashtagol, Kemerovo Region
16. Infants` Home, Tyumen, Tyumen Region
17. Orphanage-School, Yalga, Mordovia (Saransk)
laughter and joy of the children. I am grateful to Natalia
Vodianova for her help. It will undoubtedly be popular."
Aleksandr Yaroshuk, the Head of the Urban District
the detailed report on some of our play projects 2012
is located 1,092 km from Moscow and it is the westernmost Russian city where
the Foundation built its play park. Kaliningrad is an administrative centre of the
Kaliningrad Region, an industrial and cultural centre, a non-freezing port linked
to the Baltic Sea by a deep-water channel.
420 200
63 500
1 053 (1,66%)
General Population Size
Children`s Population Size
- Among them disabled children
- Ranking across other regions Russia
Average Income Per Capita
- Ranking across other regions Russia
% of population with the income less than the
subsistence level
- Ranking across other regions Russia
The number of the Foundation`s projects before 2012
Kaliningrad Region
955 200
170 497
2 844 (1,67%)
30th place
14 608
26th place
24th place
According to the statistical data gathered by the local administration and the UniSIS.
The ranking has been created from best to worst on the 83 regions of the Russian Federation (Rosstat data).
According to the classification presented by the
"Kommersant Secret Firmy" Journal the Top 100
Best Cities of Russia in 2012 Kaliningrad
occupies the 4th place in the rating of the best
cities of Russia and is one of the most harmonious
Nevertheless, the abovementioned statistics and
the general state of the play facilities provide
sufficient grounds for the challenges in the
economic and social development of the region.
and function on a small recreational scale;
Yunost Park, located on Verkhnee Lake, was
opened after the Great Patriotic War. In the
eighties-nineties there were several rides in
operation. There was a boating station as
well. But gradually the park fell into decay.
Time and again, the local government attempted to
improve the existing situation. For instance, in
Public Gardens and Boulevards Development of
The Project Background:
There are 3 amusement parks located in the city
with a population of more than 400,000 people:
Yuzhniy and Baltiyskiy Parks are ill equipped
was approved by the resolution of the District
Deputy Council. A long-term target programme
was developed, however due to the lack of
financing it did no go ahead.
In 2012 a large-scale inspection of the condition of
the children`s playgrounds was carried out by the
District Attorney and the municipal offices.
Regional Attorney`s Office, the results are not
encouraging. There were 42 statements, 42
representations and 1 protest made as a result.
The majority of residential houses of the urban
With the aim to increase the comfort level, and
therefore, improve the city population`s quality of
life, the town administration made an application
1970, and until now the improvement of the
territories around the houses included only certain
kinds of work (train repairs, etc.)
According to Marina Medzhitova, an Attorney of
the Juvenile Law Supervision Department of the
of the playgrounds does not meet the State Standard requirements. The metal parts
have rusted through, the ladders have broken down, the unattached hinges and
Marina Medzhitova, an Attorney of the Juvenile Law Supervision Department of the
Kaliningrad Region
The field of the future Play park before the
beginning of construction
The Project Description:
The new park was set to be built on Proletarskaya
Street in the region of the Verkhnee Lake within the
framework of the joint project of the Naked Heart
Foundation and the city council. The place for the
playground has been well chosen near to the Yunost
Park and the Verkhnee Lake a popular local recreation
The park covers the area of 800 square metres and
consists of several recreation zones for the groups of
children of different ages from 1 year to 12 years and
for people with special needs.
The main attraction of the park is a 24 metres long, 12
metres wide and 10 metres high three-mast pirate ship,
set in the middle of the playground and equipped with
various play units.
Additionally there is a variety of swings, slides and other
attendance is free of charge. During the dark hours the
play area is lit up by six autonomous light-emitting diode
projectors that operate on solar batteries.
The Financial Report:
The local government allocated 7,000,000 Russian
roubles from the budget of Kaliningrad for the ground
preparation 5,332,834 Russian roubles (132,500 Euros
or 169,600 US dollars) was spent on construction and
equipment with the finding from the Naked Heart
The Results:
The park opened on September 11th, 2012.
Its opening has become the new impulse for the rebirth
of the park zones of the city. The new playground
allowed hundreds of children, including children with
special needs, a possibility for an outdoor physical
exercise and an opportunity for building connections
with their peers.
The park opening times are 10 am to 8 pm and the
Территория игрового парка до начала
Территория игрового парка до начала
Sovetskaya Gavan, 2012
Sovetskaya Gavan
is the administrative centre of the Sovetsko-Gavan Region of the Khabarovsk
Territory, located 8,952 km from Moscow and it is the easternmost Russian city
where the Foundation has built its play area.
General Population Size
Children`s Population Size
- Among them disabled children
- Ranking across other regions Russia
Average Income Per Capita
- Ranking across other regions Russia
% of population with the income less than the
subsistence level
- Ranking across other regions Russia
The number of the Foundation`s projects before 2012
Sovetskaya Gavan
28 429
4 748
Missing data
Khabarovsky Region
1 435 400
247 242
4 933 (2,00%)
63rd place
19 071
15th place
43rd place
According to the statistical data gathered by the local administration and the UniSIS.
The ranking has been created from best to worst on the 83 regions of the Russian Federation (Rosstat data).
In many ways due to the challenging climate
conditions and the geographic remoteness, the
infrastructure and social indicators of the
Khabarovsk Territory in general, and of Sovetskaya
Gavan in particular, are in the lower range: more
than 15% of population live on the incomes less
than the subsistence levels, while the road links are
equivalent to the ones in Voronezh Region, which
has the territory 15 times smaller than that of
In an attempt to improve the situation, the city was
included into the Federal Programme of the
and Transbaikalia
planned improvements include construction of an
electricity power station, which is so necessary for
the development of Sovetskaya Gavan seaport,
and for the heating and hot water supply of the
The Project Background:
There are 2 establishments of a recreational type:
1 museum and 1 children`s art school in the city.
Zeleniy Mys
grossly abandoned and in need of renovation. Then we managed to transfer it into the
Pavel Borovskiy, a Mayor of Sovetskaya Gavan
The field of the future Play park before the
beginning of construction
to improve the appearance of our city, to make it more comfortable and pleasant for its
citizens. The budget is very modest, that is why the importance of additional support cannot
- Mariya Blinkova, a Head of the Investment Policy Department of the
Sovetskaya Gavan`s Administration
Zeleniy Mys
the official name of which is
the Central Park of Amusement named in honour
of V.I. Lenin was one of the most popular
Recreational places for the local citizens in the
past, but with time the equipment decayed, and
until recently the park has been abandoned.
Recently, the city administration tried to give a
fresh start to the park. In 2010 within the
The Far
Sovetskaya Gavan won the grant of 12,000 US
dollars just enough for the project development of
the future recreation-and-entertainment park.
On the 13th of September, 2011 Pavel Borovskiy,
a Head of Sovetskaya Gavan City, signed a cofinancing agreement with the Naked Heart
Foundation for the construction of children`s play
park with a total area of 2,500 square metres on
the grounds of the park in Sovetskaya Gavan.
The Project Description:
The children`s play park built with the support of
the Naked Heart Foundation has become a largeZeleniy Mys
park and a first project of such scale in the region.
The park occupies the area of 2,430 square
metres and consists of several recreation zones for
the children of different age groups. The play park
is equipped with dedicated paths for mothers with
baby prams, play equipment for small children and
sports grounds for the youth.
Территория игрового парка до начала
Additionally, there is physical training equipment for
children with special needs and a corner where
children can learn the road traffic safety rules. For
the older children and teenagers who are keen on
skateboarding and roller skates there is a
rollerdrome that complies with the European
Sovetskaya Gavan Play Park consists of the
following elements:
The playground is also equipped with all necessary
tables, etc. There is a watchpost and CCTV in the
The Financial Report:
The Sovetskaya Gavan Play Park was the most
expensive project of the Foundation due to the
high cost of the equipment transportation.
The city administration committed to providing the
improvement and maintenance of the play park:
fencing, lighting, CCTV, ladscaping, a watchpost
and an ongoing maintenance.
a table-sandpit and a sand courtyard with
a drawing wall;
the merry-go-rounds, swings, seesaws;
a small train, a children`s helicopter, mats
with numerals;
a children`s play complex for children with
special needs;
the cost of the play equipment
Russian roubles;
a training equipment, a rollerdrome.
the cost of ground preparation, area
The Foundation funded the construction,
equipment, delivery and installation. The cost of
the project totalled 10,341,076 Russian roubles
(256,500 Euros or 328,500 US dollars):
improvement and installation works including
fencing 5,104,195 Russian roubles;
the cost of delivery 920,000 Russian roubles.
Территория игрового парка до начала
The Results:
The opening of the first children`s park in
Sovetskaya Gavan was held on the City`s Day, on
the 15th of September, 2012.
The park in Sovetskaya Gavan has become the first
project of the Naked Heart Foundation in the Far
The park is equipped for the benefit and enjoyment
of the citizens of any age and physical capacity to
have recreational time.
Now there is a place in the city where children can
learn from each other: small children can observe
the older ones doing the sports and strive to enjoy
the healthy sports filled life-style themselves.
The play park has already become a popular place
among the citizens:
Yevgeniya Gorbacheva, a mother
of course, for the children
is truly amazing!!!!! Everything is clean and
Svetlana Botushan, a mother
Sovetskaya Gavan, 2012
children. And we dream that our children grow up strong and
healthy. Sound sleep, good nutrition and active outdoor play,
of course, are the guarantees of a child`s health.
That is why we are so grateful to the Naked Heart Foundation
for the new playground, we are grateful to its president
Natalia Vodianova
Lyudmila Putina, 2nd form teacher, Tashtagol
the state
#3 located in Tashtagol city in the Kemerovsk
Region was founded in 1959 on the basis of the eight-year school programme
for the children who lived in remote areas. The main principle of the instructionaleducational work is a practical orientation and adaptation to the modern loving
Today the care home boards 150 children on a
permanent basis. The children are aged 7-17 and
five have special needs.
According to the headmaster, the teaching staff
aims at promoting an active personality formation,
striving for a healthy lifestyle and recognition of
The Project Background:
Most state run care homes in Russia do not have
the functional sports playgrounds.
to do whilst the teachers do not have the possibility
to organize the leisure time of each child in the way
that is interesting and useful for his or her
#3 was not an exception:
the playground that was constructed in the 1970s
did not meet the current safety requirements and,
as such, could not have been used purposefully as
an outdoor recreation ground that allows children to
communicate through play and aim higher in sports
and in life.
The Project Description:
The sports playground occupies an area of 1,080
square metres and consists of several recreation
zones for the children of different age groups:
For Juniors:
a play complex;
a drawing wall;
a sand courtyard;
the merry-go-rounds, rides, seesaws, etc.
For Seniors:
a sports complex;
the volleyball and basketball uprights;
a tennis table;
a horizontal bar and hockey goal
The Financial Report:
The project cost totalled 834,879,600 Russian
roubles (20,800 Euros or 26,600 US dollars).
The Results:
Pupils and teachers alike welcomed the new
playground with joy, excitement and enormous
gratitude: small children have been given the
opportunity to play and develop, while senior
children have been given the possibility to play
tennis, volleyball, basketball, etc.
an indifferent heart and a deep love for children are sincerely
felt in the noble deeds of the employees of the Naked Heart
Natalia Kosheleva, 1st form teacher, Tashtagol
Krymsk, August 2012
the children`s play tent in Krymsk
On the night of the 6th of July, in Kuban more than 170 lives were taken by the
flood, 7,200 residential homes were flooded in Krymsk, Gelendzhik,
Novorossiysk and in many villages of the Krasnodar Territory. Krymsk was hit
the hardest (4,870 flooded houses) and 53,107 people suffered as a result.
18,219 people have lost their property, partially or fully. The energy, gas and
water supply, car and railway traffic were severely damaged.
Almost immediately after the tragedy the Naked
Heart Foundation has set to open a special play
tent to help the children who suffered from the
flood in the Krasnodar region.
Natalia Vodianova, the President of the
Foundation, appealed to the professional
psychologists and social workers from her
Facebook asking them to join her and act quickly
to help the children whose families have suffered.
The Foundation involved the experts from the
partner to coordinate the work of the
The Project Background:
The project was created to help the children to
deal with the tragedy by having the opportunity to
play, and to provide them with a competent
psychological help where required.
While the parents could focus on repairing their
houses, rebuilding the property and restoring the
documents, they could leave the children in a safe
and comfortable place in the care of social workers
and children`s psychologists.
The Project Description:
The Children`s Play Tent where parents brought
their children boasted facilities for playing,
communication and getting creative lessons. It
consisted of one large and 6 small tents and
equipped with toys, easels for drawing and
learning games for the children of all ages.
frightened. It was difficult for them to communicate with each other, to support each other.
And when it rained for the first time in Krymsk
the end of August, when it was raining, parents didn`t even take the children home. Children
made friends with each other. At the end of the summer season when the Play Tent was about
Elena Lazareva,
There was also a stage to hold performances and a and progress in their development was observed
sports zone.
The Big Thank You:
The Financial Report:
The Play Tent provided local people with the
The Foundation carried out a campaign that
opportunity for the parents to leave their children in
the care of the experts whilst they got on with the
to raise the funds quickly.
administrative issues.
With the help of private and corporate donations
the Foundation raised 1,5 million Russian roubles
(36,500 Euros or 47,500 US dollars) and added 1,6
million Russian roubles (39,000 Euros or 51,200 US
dollars) from its own budget.
This opportunity and the work of psychologists and
teachers were praised by the local parents in the
form of thank you letters that the Foundation
continued to receive for many months.
The Volunteers:
The Results:
The Play Tent hosted a large number of volunteers
During the month and a half of the Play Tent Project who could not remain indifferent to the tragedy.
There were schoolchildren of Krymsk among them
• More than 220 children enjoyed the facility
those who suffered the flood themselves but
managed to find strength to help the others!
• The children had an opportunity to make new
friends and take part in a variety of play activities We truly appreciate their helping hands and remain
You are doing a great Job! If only there were more of such foundations and such help in our
- Mother of Vanya`s 3,5 and Masha, 1
- Mother of Kuzma, 2
But judge for yourself,
When bad weather and storms arise,
There are people with naked hearts,
Giving happiness to children.
They care about your needs like the air they breathe.
And demand nothing in return.
In their small hearts
You read thanks
From the town of Krymsk, which is getting up from its knees.
Let goodness come back to you,
with a greater strength!
I wish you health and happiness,
Irina Melentyeva, a mother, Krymsk.
Play parks
In 2012 the Foundation invested over 69 million Russian
roubles (1,73 million Euros or 2,25 million US dollars) in
building new play facilities, 20.6% and 79.4% were spent on
building playgrounds and play parks respectively.
summary and the goals for 2013
In 2012 the Foundation financed the construction of 8 play parks and 17
playgrounds in 23 towns and cities in Russia and the CIS. The total area built
amounted to over 22,000 square metres. Over 80,000 children now benefit
from having access to modern and safe play areas.
The success of any activity depends on the
commitment to a continuous learning and
• In 2012 besides building 25 new facilities, the
Foundation received a consultation by ERM
Eurasia. An analysis of the existing projects was
carried out and a number of recommendations
for development had been made.
The analysis had pointed out the importance of
landscaping on the playgrounds and parks, and
had highlighted the necessity to optimize the
construction work, and develop a number of
park design templates that differ by size and
The initial standardization could simplify the
project selection process with the with the
applicant , optimize the inventory management
in the future and help to improve the general
appearance of the future play areas by having
an added element of landscape design.
• During the Krymsk tragedy the Foundation
demonstrated its determination and capability to
respond to the emergency situations where
children were the victims.
The response highlighted the importance of
the use of social networks to increase the
effectiveness and the quality of the project
• The development of collaborations with private
companies within the framework of their
corporate social responsibility (CSR) has
become one of the key achievements of 2012.
These long-term partner programmes could
give the companies an opportunity to engage
directly in the development of the local
and appraisal
• In 2013 the Foundation plans to build at least
10 new play facilities (4 play parks and 6
playgrounds): in Samara, Novosibirsk, Nizhny
Novgorod and in a number of other towns and
• The project in Nizhny Novgorod will be the
The project in Nizhny Novgorod will be the 100th
Oxana Medvedeva
Programme director
«Play with purpose»
Гагры- Парк
2012 photo report: before
& after
Gagra Play park
Gusinoozersk Play park
Kaliningrad Play park
Kokuy Play park
Melnikovo Play park
Sovetskaya Gavan Play park
Uryupinsk Play park
Yakutsk Play park
Belgorod Playground
Berezovo Playground
Zarechnyy Playground
Zima Playground
Irkutsk, Orphanages #1 & 3 Playgrounds
Lyulpany Playground
Moscow, Children`s Hospital Playground
Moscow, CCP Playground
Naberezhnye Chelny Playground
Novorossyisk Playground
Perm Playground
Peschanokopskoe Playground
Pesochnya Playground
Tashtagol Playground
Tyumen Playground
Yalga Playground
If a miracle happened and all the children's care homes,
orphanages and the city yards have had such amazing
playgrounds, and children played there, there be no time to
Bashev Nikolay, the 1st form pupil, Tashtagol
“We are eternally grateful to all our partners, supporters,
staff and volunteers for helping us to make the dreams of
thousands of children come true!”