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Catholic Community of Manistee
Mission Statement: We,
the Catholic Community of Manistee, are committed to knowing
and proclaiming Christ, living as He calls us to live, and reaching out in love to all.
Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time ~ February 8, 2015
Join Us this Sunday for a Delicious ‘Thanksgiving’ Dinner
for the Benefit of the Matthew 25:35 Food Pantry
11:30 am -1:30 pm at St. Joseph Parish Center
Bring in Food Pantry Items for a Chance to Win Great Prizes.
Adults $10; Children 55-12 $4; Preschool Children Eat for Free
A Community of Believers of One Heart and Mind. ~Acts 4:32
sick and the possessed, can come to him. He goes
out to meet them where they are, and they go to meet
him where they can find him.
It’s a significant detail. And this fact remains: what
was true in Capernaum two thousand years ago is still
true around the world today.
Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Job 7:1-4, 6-7
1 Corinthians 9:16-19, 22-23
Mark 1:29-39
Today’s Gospel begins with just four brief words: “On
leaving the synagogue. . .” It sounds so simple. It’s
almost a passing reference. You could hear those
words go by and not give them a second thought. But
with those four brief words, St. Mark does something
radical and unexpected. He points the way to another
kind of living: the Christian way. The way of Christ.
And it begins when Christ leaves the synagogue.
The synagogue, of course, was one of the most familiar
and popular gathering places in the time of Christ. It
was the great center of Jewish teaching.
But another kind of teaching, another lesson, is about
to be imparted. And it happens where you may not
expect – not in the synagogue, but a short walk away
from it, in Peter’s house.
That is where Christ cures Peter’s mother-in-law. And
then others are brought to Jesus. Jesus himself eventually has to go away, to a quiet place, to pray. But
Peter finds him and says “Everyone is looking for you.”
And Jesus replies that he can’t rest. He can’t stay put.
He needs to get up and go into others towns and
villages. He explains it beautifully: “For this purpose
have I come.”
What strikes me about this is that Christ’s work begins
in a house of worship. It starts in a place of sacred
prayer and ritual and meaning. And he clearly exercises
his ministry there. But that isn’t where it ends. It continues, and is carried out and made real, in the world.
His great purpose is fulfilled outside the synagogue
walls, in places where the lepers and the lame, the
The great work of Christianity happens in homes, on
street corners, in the market place. It unfolds in breadlines and soup kitchens, in shelters and classrooms.
It’s made manifest around the dining room table and in
offices, stores, and subway cars.
What we do here, within these four walls of the church,
of course, in invaluable and supremely important.
Here, we gather to become a community, to worship, to
receive the Eucharist, and to hear the Gospel message
proclaimed. This is where we are fed and nourished
and given the gift of grace to live as Christians in the
But this is only the beginning. Out there, out those
doors, is where it lives, grows, and spreads.
The Gospel doesn’t do any of us any good if we simply
treat it as a pretty story bound in leather, perched on
the altar, and proclaimed from the pulpit. It’s meaningless if we leave it behind. It needs to be carried from
here, in our hearts and in our lives. We need to take it
into the world, the way that Jesus did.
There are still those who are sick and who are possessed who need to be healed. They may be sick with
fear. Or possessed by loneliness. They may carry a
leprosy that eats away at their self-worth. They may
be shunned or ignored.
They are waiting for us. We can be Christ to them.
We can help fulfill his purpose in the world. Or, as
someone once said: “The only edition of the Gospels
most people are likely to see. . .is you.”
Significantly, the synagogue is mentioned twice: at the
beginning of this Gospel passage and at the end. We
begin with Christ leaving the synagogue. But we conclude with him going into it, in other towns and villages,
as he continues his work.
Years ago, a colleague at work gave me a beautiful
picture frame as a Christmas gift, with a note: “What
matters in life,” she said, “is how you frame it.”
I think Mark is telling us the same thing in this Gospel.
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FEBRUARY 8, 2015
continued from page 2
A life of prayer and worship gives guidance and direction
to Christ’s work, to the Gospel message.
It’s the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end.
And so it should be for each of us. It’s the start and the
finish. But what will we do in the middle?
At the end of this Mass, you’ll hear some familiar words:
“Go in peace, glorifying the Lord with your life.”
We hear it so often – every week – that it may not
register. And let’s be honest: by that point in the Mass,
a lot of people are already out in the parking lot.
But this time, stay and listen. And ask yourself: What
does that really mean? How will I love and serve the
Lord? How will I put those words into practice? How
can I take what I hear and receive here and carry it out
those doors . . . and into the world?
That was Christ’s challenge, and – this day and every
day – it is also ours. Because, whether we realize it or
not, that remains our great calling as Christians. For
that purpose have we come.
Reflection by: Deacon Greg Kandra, in CONNECT! Uniting
Word & World, February 8, 2015, Liturgical Publications,
Presented by Mark Fedder
Sunday, February 15 ~ 2:00 - 4:00 pm
St. Joseph Parish Center Lounge
All women of the CCM are invited to attend the
February L.I.F.E. gathering. Join us for a special
look back at the history of Guardian Angels Church,
St. Joseph Church and St. Mary of Mount Carmel
Shrine. These three places of worship have made
a huge impact on our lives and on our community.
Our presenter, historian Mark Fedder, will give us
insight into the ethnic roots, architecture, art and
history of these beloved churches.
Sanctuary Lamp
We are asking you to help fill in some of the details,
too, by sharing photos, memorabilia and stories of
your experiences at these churches. Do you have
photos of the baptism, reception of sacraments, or
wedding of yourself or a family member? If you, or a
family member, attended one of the schools, do you
have class pictures or an early yearbook? Maybe
you have a photo, old bulletin, or parish membership booklet showing some of the pastors, priests
or nuns who so faithfully served our community. Can
you tell us an interesting, touching, or funny story
about an experience you have had? Or perhaps you,
or a family member, served the church in some
capacity. We would love to hear your story! Please
dig into your family archives and heirlooms and see
what you can find to share.
February 8 - 14 at St. Joseph Church
In Loving Memory of Clarence Jerumbo
Requested by his wife Bernadine and Children
This look back in time to the origins of the Catholic
Community of Manistee will be followed, as always,
by a reception of homemade goodies and beverages!
February 8 - 14 at Manistee Catholic Central
In Loving Memory of Francis Bartosiewicz
Requested by his wife Elizabeth and Family
Please plan on joining us on Sunday, February 15th
from 2:00 - 4:00 pm in the Parish Center Lounge.
And don’t forget to bring your little bit of history, too!
Groups and Organizations
Call the CCM Office at 723.2619 by February 12th
to reserve your place.
With Deepest Sympathy
In your kindness and prayers, please remember the souls
of Raymond Janowiak, who passed away January 29;
Cynthia (Dahlke) Johnson, who passed away January
31; and Wayne Linke, who passed away February 1.
May they now enjoy the great blessings of eternal life.
May their family and friends experience God’s consoling
presence during this time of loss.
Jean Niedzielski, Marge Hornkohl, Carol O’Herron,
Jean Maloney, Jan Sapak, Nancy Day
And lo, I am with you always,
even to the end of the age.
~Matthew 28:20
Mass Schedule this Week
This Week in Our Community
First Saturday, February 7
4:00 pm
Mass (SJ) - † Helen Kolanowski
6:00 pm
Mass (SJ) - Bulletin Memorial
Sunday, February 8
Turkey Dinner Benefit for Matthew 25:35
Food Pantry (SJPC)
Sunday, February 8 Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time
7:30 am
Mass (SJ) - † Don Zwiefka (An.) & Al Jaksa
9:30 am
Mass (SJ) - For the living and deceased of
the Catholic Community of Manistee
11:30 am
Mass (SJ) - † Conrad Adamski
Monday, February 9
2:00 pm
20 Decade Rosary (SJ)
6:30 pm
MCC Alumni Association (Saber Café)
7:00-9:00 pm Grief Support Series (CCM Office)
7:00 pm
Knights of Columbus #853 (SJPC)
Monday, February 9
9:00 am
Mass (SJ) - † Ruth Niesen
(Tom Maternowski Family)
5:15 pm
Mass (SJ) - † Emily Kurtz (Richard & Patricia
Tuesday, February 10
3:00-7:00 pm Manistee FAFSA Completion Event
(WSMC Education Center)
3:15-5:15 pm Paper Recycle/Bottle & Can Drop Off (MCC)
5:30-7:00 pm Community Table (SJPC)
6:00 pm
Pinochle (SJPC lower level lounge)
6:30 pm
Perpetual Help Novena (SJ)
Tuesday, February 10 St. Scholastica
10:00 am
Mass (MCC Chapel) - † Robert Dobel
(Catholic War Veterans Post 1847)
2:00 pm
Mass (Medical Care) - † Donald Shively
(St. Joseph Choir)
Wednesday, February 11
7:55 am
Mass (MCC Chapel) - † Sr. Caroline
Benigni (Benigni and Chida Family)
5:15 pm
Mass (SJ) - † Mary Jo Oleniczak (Deb Lytle)
Thursday, February 12
9:00 am
Mass (SJ) - † Emeline Kroll (1st An.)
(Dave and Jean Niedzielski)
Friday, February 13
9:00 am
Mass (SJ) - † Yvonne Guzikowski Szpliet
(An.) (Guzikowski and Szpliet Families)
5:15 pm
Mass (SJ) - † Stella Cooper (1st An.) (Family)
Saturday, February 14 St. Cyril
4:00 pm
Mass (SJ) - † Donald Bartoszek, Raymond
and Tina Kosiboski (Philemonia Bartoszek)
6:00 pm
Mass (SJ) - For the living and deceased of
the Catholic Community of Manistee
Sunday, February 15 Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time
7:30 am
Mass (SJ) - † Dale Edmondson, Sr.
(Frank and Mary Ann Tuka)
8:00 am
TV Mass for the Homebound from Gaylord
Cable Channel 3 (Fox 32)
9:30 am
Mass (SJ) - In honor of Carl Sundbeck on
his 100th Birthday (Family)
11:30 am
Mass (SJ) - † Anita Schrader (Roger and
Amy Schrader, Steve and Kalyn Zatarga)
Wednesday, February 11
6:00 pm
Folk Choir Practice (SJ)
6:15-7:30 pm Faith Formation (Pre-9th Grade) (SJPC)
6:15-7:30 pm Sacramental Prep Parent Meeting
Confirmation/First Eucharist (SJPC Lounge)
7:00 pm
Choir Practice (SJ Choir Loft)
Thursday, February 12
8:30 am
Matthew 25:35 Food Pantry Set-Up
(SJPC Lower level)
3:15-5:15 pm Paper Recycle/Bottle & Can Drop Off (MCC)
7:00 pm
Children of Light Prayer Group (SJ)
Friday, February 13
MAPS - No School
Matthew 24:35 Food Pantry Distribution
(SJPC Lower level)
Noon-1:00 pm Sacrament of Reconciliation (SJ)
6:00-7:00 pm Sacrament of Reconciliation (SJ)
Saturday, February 14
Paper Recycle/Bottle & Can Drop Off (MCC)
Sunday, February 15
2:00-4:00 pm L.I.F.E. presents ‘The Big Three: The
History of Manistee’s Catholic Churches
(SJPC Lounge)
February 15th Readings - Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Leviticus 13:1-2, 44-46; 1 Corinthians 10:31-11:1;
Mark 1:40-45
Key Code: MCC - Manistee Catholic Central; SJ - St. Joseph Church;
SJ CLOW - Room in St. Joseph Church basement; SJPC - St. Joseph Parish Center
Celebrating Our Parishioners
FEBRUARY 8, 2015
Welcome to the Catholic Community!
Happy Anniversary!!
2/8 - Mike & Nancy Fortelka (57th)
Rudy & MaryAnn Gross (40th)
2/9 - Don & Barbara Harter (63rd)
2/11 - Bob & Shirley Bratschi (59th)
2/14 - Stephen & Deona Paine (8th)
Happy Birthday!!
2/8 - Marilyn Zawacki, Keith Appicelli, Marc Soles,
Michelle Grassa, & Wayne Volkema
2/9 - Shirley Zajac, Charles Keil, Jan White, Bernard
Pesko, Rose Carlson, Janice Racine, Denise Lijewski,
& Damien McEntaffer (8)
2/10 - Virginia Sinicki, Fr. Gaylord Shimnoski, Stanley
Franckowiak, Pati Potes, Jack Schreiber, James
Hainstock, & Riley Sturgeon (6)
2/11 - Joan Dans, Marge Hornkohl, Terri Polcyn, Gracey
Anderson (12), & Keaton Gajewski (11)
2/12 - Bernie Chapple, Barry Panzer, Jeff Janowiak,
Bill Owens, Shantel Niederstadt, Shawn Mortensen,
Jennifer Howes, Nevaeh Grandstaff (7), & Jack
Beaumont (1)
2/13 - Ethel Plouhar, Jean Wilkosz, Duane Raczkowski,
John Tuka, Brian McComb, Simon Vasquez, &
Campbell Kieffer (6)
2/14 - Florence Budnik, Ernie Hornkohl, David LeFurge,
Ervin Cabot, Bob Kedrowski, Robert Grassa Jr., Greg
Steinberg, Jill Witkowski, Sydney Bialik (10), Bennett
Ozdych (7), Nicolas Krause (5), & Conrad Shively (4)
Birthday Carl Sundbeck!
What a Blessed Journey You’re On!
Carl was born on February 11, 1915
to Fred and Anna Sundbeck on a farm in Manistee.
We welcome into our parish family through the waters
of baptism Dylan Marc, infant son of Daren and Jennifer
(Volkema) Degen, who was baptized on January 31st.
May God bless Dylan and his family.
Shown in the picture above are big brother Hunter,
Daren, Jennifer holding Dylan, and Fr. John.
Thank You!
The family of Gwendolyn Stepniewski would like to
express our sincere thanks and appreciation to everyone who offered their comfort and support to us in the
loss of our mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.
We especially want to thank Fr. McCracken for celebrating the Funeral Mass and offering us comfort and
support during this difficult time. Sincere appreciation
to the Manistee Rescue Squad EMS, Ryan McCauslin
and the CCM choir members, soloist Scott Gamache,
cantor Kathy LeFurge, lector Sandy Cabot, Eucharistic
Ministers Phyllis Hanna, Joan Gamache and Rosemary
Swidorski, altar server Dick Swidorski, and members
of St. Mary’s Altar Society. A special thanks to the Pall
Bearers, Paul and Jenny Kubacki, Nathan Perry and the
Herbert Funeral Home staff for their help and guidance.
Thanks also to all who donated desserts for the luncheon and the CCM luncheon staff for preparing and
serving the meal to Gwen’s family and friends. Thanks
to all our family and friends who sent cards, flowers,
food, and offered words of kindness and comfort, and
to all who expressed their love for Gwen during this
God Bless You All.
World Marriage Day is celebrated this Sunday, February 8h
We congratulate the following couples as they celebrate these anniversaries in 2015:
Donald & Christine Grant
Francis & Maren Balcer
Patrick & Yvonne Gorman
Robert & Jane Gunia
James & Charlotte Gutowski
Richard & Patricia Kamaloski
Floyd & Mary Oleniczak
Clarence & Loretta Sciba
Duane & Donna Wagberg
Leonard & Clarice Wittlieff
Robert & Frances Miehlke
Leonard & Rogene Zatarga
Edward & Florence Budnik
John & Jeannette Linahan
Joseph & Hazel Polcyn
Jack & Frances Hasse
W. Thomas & Evelyn Stege
Richard & Vernita Mowry
Gerald & Sandra Root
Gordon & Virginia Sinicki
David & Elaine Adamczak
Vernon & Donna Babcock
Joseph & Elaine Bladzik
John & Cora Engstrom
Ralph & Ceil Krusniak
Kenneth & Kathleen Taylor
Edward & Marjorie Grabowski
Donald & Barbara Harter
Arthur & Phyllis Olen
David & Ann Piechowiak
John & Arlene Zielinski
Robert & Lenore Adams
Robert & Margaret Bromley
Ervin & Ilene Kowalski
Raphael & Joan Lijewski
Harlan & Barbara Slonecki
Fred & Sharon Walter
Robert & Margaret Wilson
Jerome & Barbara Chick
Gordon & Rebecca Fedder
Clifford & Fran Kaminski
Al & Gladys Krusniak
Richard & Louise Najdowski
Golden & Mary Schultz
Larry & Lois Bahr
Ronald & Donna Bauman
Robert & Shirley Bratschi
Gordon & Shirley Fausz
Chester & Virginia Gauthier
Joseph & Helen Helminiak
Eugene & Doris Kolanowski
Kenneth & Harriet Sielski
Robert & Judith Skocelas
James & Carol Anderson
Andy & Nancy Anderson
Bernard & Judith Girard
David & Jacqueline Jordan
Ronald & Monica Kott
Darwin & Caroline Milarch
Clifford & Charlotte Veine
Michael & Nancy Fortelka
Stanley & Patricia Franckowiak
Anthony & Mary Ellen Helminiak
Leonard & Constance Krusniak
Albert & Elnora Madden
Jess & Sylvia Revolt
John & Roberta Angeliu
Robert & Mary Ann Johnson
Paul & Diane Masty
Robert & Joyce Radke
Robert & Shirley Skiera
Fritz & Rose Mary Sutter
Robert & Joanne Treml
William & Alice Wandrych
William & Audrey Baranek
William & Mary Bjorkquist
Barry & Dolores Heinzel
Stanley & Barbara Hendricks
John & Hope Hogan
David & Patricia Kaminski
Robert & Jan Kenny
Gerald & Leanne Pieczynski
Dale & Hazel Slonecki
Leonard & Wilma Swiatlowski
Sonny & Carol Wheeler
John & Patricia Bradley
James & Sharon Edmondson
Kenneth & Evelyn Furman
Thomas & Shirley Geoghan
Edmund & Kathleen Guzikowski
Leonard & Margaret Kalcher
Joseph & Irene Kukla
Kenneth & Virginia Madsen
Donald & Joan Miller
Dennis & Maureen O’Connor
Edward & Margaret Phillips
Daniel & Dolores Raczkowski
Robert & Jacqueline Ryan
Charles & Dorothy Schindler
Stanley & Mary Wehrmeister
Harold & Barbara Bauman
Gene & Sandra Cabot
Dennis & Deanne Grage
Donald & Constance Johnson
Phil & Marilyn Kliber
Thomas & Karen Kubanek
William & Betty McMullen
Hugh & Patricia O’Hagan
Ronald & Joyce O’Hagan
James & Kathleen Skiera
Jerry & Karen Swathwood
Howard & Janet Turk
Kenneth & Marilyn Zawacki
Thomas & Kay Adamczak
Keith & Carole Appicelli
Harold & Janet Krause
Celestein & Lydia Loredo
Thomas & Barbara Noteware
Floyd & Sandra Patulski
David & Jean Rhodea
James & Lois Symanski
FEBRUARY 8, 2015
Kenneth & Susie Bauman
Melvin & Rosemary Borucki
Thomas & Sharon Budnik
Robert & Karen Chmielewski
Larry & Rosemary Edmondson
Ronald & Julie Gentz
Gene & Darlene Gutowski
Robert & Margaret Hornkohl
Wayne & Betty Janicki
Charles & Margaret Keil
Daniel & Nancy Kowalski
Richard & Caroline Kuczynski
Edward & Sandra Mazeika
John & Elizabeth Popa
John & Judith Rice
Stanley & Mary Skocelas
John & Barbara Suyak
Alan & Regis Thomas
Donald & Loretta Vadeboncoeur
“Rising very early before dawn, he left and went off to a deserted place,
where he prayed,He told them, ‘Let us go on to the nearby villages that
I may preach there also. For this purpose have I come.’” - Mark 1:35, 38
Golden Anniversary - 50 Years
MARK YOUR CALENDAR for the annual MCC Alumni Association TASTE OF
MANISTEE, Saturday, Feb. 28 from 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm in the Saber Café.
More details to follow.
Robert & Joyce Hallead
James & Marla Hughes
James & Donna Kiszelik
Dennis & Mary Krusniak
Andrew & Angela Morin
Gerald & Joan Riss
Kenneth & RoseAnn Schwass
Raymond & Katherine Swidorski
Richard & Rosemary Swidorski
Daniel & Mary Lou Ursum
Silver Anniversary - 25 Years
John & Elizabeth Chandler
John & Linda DeVries
Randy & Sherry Edens
Daryl & Karen Goodman
Lawrence & Mary Greiner
Christopher & Cheryl Hogan
Pat & Robin Hogan
Daniel & Donna Jados
Kerry & Cynthia Luomala
George & Connie Ott
Bernard & Debbie Pieczynski
Brian & Allison Veine
Michael & Kimberly Willett
We come to love
not by finding
a perfect person,
but by learning to see
an imperfect person perfectly.
~Sam Keen
In today’s Gospel reading we see a perfect example of stewardship. Jesus
gives His time to do all that God wishes - healing the sick and preaching.
Yet, Jesus also makes time to be alone in prayer. It is through prayer,
spending time with God, that we find the strength to do what God wishes
us to do. Be sure to find time every day to be with God.
MCC School
723.2529 ~
MCC SCHOOL OFFICE HOURS: Monday - Friday ~ 7:30 am - 3:30 pm
No School - Monday, Feb. 16th
1/2 Day of School for Students - Friday, February 27th
Manistee Catholic Central is looking to fill the position of Varsity Baseball
coach for the 2015 season! You must be at least 21 or older to be considered for this position. You may pick up an application at the school or
apply online at:
Faith Formation Pre - 9th Grade
Susan Noble, Director of Faith Formation, [email protected] ~
723.2619, ext. 30;
During Faith Formation, ext 27 ~ Youth Ministry, ext. 32
Faith Formation classes for grades Pre-school - 9th are held from 6:15 to
7:30 pm on Wednesday evenings at the St. Joseph Parish Center.
Reminder: Faith Formation will not be held on Ash Wednesday, Feb. 18th,
so that families may attend Mass together (St. Joseph at 6:00 pm).
Sacramental Prep Parent Meeting for those whose children will be receiving the Sacraments of Confirmation and First Eucharist Wednesday, Feb. 11th at 6:15 pm in the SJPC lounge.
During the next few months, the CCM has 20 young people preparing
for their First Reconciliation on March 5th or March 21st, and 26 young
people preparing to receive Confirmation and First Eucharist on Sunday,
May 17th. During these months, they will be reflecting about Baptism,
Reconciliation, Confirmation and the Eucharist. Join them by taking time
to think about the effect that belonging to the church has had on your
daily life.
Please keep these young people in your prayers.
Saturday, February 21st ~ 10:00 am - Noon
St. Joseph Church, Manistee
Cost is $10; Registration forms available at the CCM
Office. Registration required before February 13th
Statements were mailed to parishioners on Jan. 22 .
Please be sure to put it in a safe place so an additional
copy will not need to be printed and mailed.
Stewardship Report
January 31st & February 1st
Number of Envelopes Used
Weekly Goal
Weekly Contributions
Amount Over (Short)
Year-to-Date Over (Short)
Lectors will be introduced to a number of different skills
important for their service, including how to approach
the ambo; the technique of speaking into a microphone;
the importance of the Word of God; and techniques of
proper preparation and proclamation. This session
will also include the Roman Catholic Liturgical year. If
not enough registrations are received one-week prior
to the start, this session will be cancelled.
Community Table is a meal assistance program hosted
by local area churches and organizations. All are
welcome to attend this meal!
Community Table is held every Tuesday evening from
5:30 to 7:00 pm at St. Joseph Parish Center. If the
Manistee area schools are closed because of bad
weather, there will be no Community Table.
We are looking for groups to give their time and talents
to host on the following dates in 2015: May 26; July 7
& 28; August 18; Sept. 8 & 29; Oct. 20; Nov. 10; &
Dec. 8
Thank you to all who have “Let your light shine" through
giving to the 2014 Catholic Services Appeal. To date,
we have received $152,448.25 in gifts/pledges, from
548 households, toward this year’s appeal efforts. This
amount equals 83% of our goal. If you have not made
a gift to the CSA, please prayerfully consider doing so.
The groups can be made up of family, friends, co-workers
or organizations. Everything is supplied. If you would
like more information or can commit to one of the
dates, please contact the CCM Office at 723.2619.
Thank you to all those who have signed up to cover a
date or two at the Community Table. We appreciate
your giving your time, talents and treasures!
Liturgical Ministers for the February 14th & 15th
Altar Servers
Eucharistic Ministers
4:00 pm
Fr. Chet
G. Sielski
L. & G.
(H) J. Krueger, R. Thomas, S. Franklin
(C) J. Kuczynski, C. Wissner, T. & G. Golembiewski
6:00 pm
Fr. John
S. Smart
E. Bauman
(H) H. O’Hagan (C) C. Nelson, K. Harless,
Two Volunteers
7:30 am
Fr. John
J. Niedzielski
C. Wittlieff
(H) D. Pieczynski, B. Alfred (C) R. Hogan,
M. Herberger, R. Wittlieff, R. Zwiefka
9:30 am
Fr. John
B. Chandler
O. Chandler,
A. Thomas
(H) S. Kolanowski, C. Steinberg, K. Mowry
(C) E. & D. Kowalski, E. Jud, D. Kowalkowski
R. A. Wilkosz
N. Fortier,
B. & K. Johnson
11:30 am
Fr. Chet
(H) V. & D. Kuk, K. Skiera
(C) S. McLinden, C. Cabot, L. Fortier, S. Valencia
CLOW: L. Adamski, J. Codden
FEBRUARY 8, 2015
Erv Kowalski was the 50/50 raffle winner at the Men’s
Club Breakfast on Sunday, February 1st. Mr. Kowalski
donated his winnings back to the Men’s Club.
Sunday, February 15 ~ 11:30 am - 1:30 pm
183 9th St
Adults $10; Children 5-12 $5; Under 5 Eat for Free
Public Welcome! Take Outs Available
Prayer Requests
Please remember in your prayers all the homebound,
those who are in the Medical Care, adult foster care
homes, and those who are ill. We have been asked to
pray for: S.A., Betty Adamski, Lorraine Adamski, Maren
Balcer, Mary Beth Bowerman, Joyce Ann Burgdorf,
M.C., Judy & Bernie Chapple, Weston Edmondson,
Marla Evans, G.G., Ed Grabowski, Larry Janowiak,
Margaret L. Johnson, Donald Karas, Diane Koch, Ervin
& Ilene Kowalski, Janet & Harold Krause, Mitch Lane,
Mary Liston, Lydia Loredo, Marty Nelson Sr., John
Olen, Phyllis Olen, A.P., Sharon Peterson, Bernie J.
Pieczynski, Paul Pietrasik, Virginia Plamondon, Alice
Plucinski, Lynn Pyke, Carl Rutske, D.H.S., M. Schmitt,
Jennifer Sielski, Ray Smuda, Matthew Snay, Roy
Swiatlowski, Deb Swidorski, Mary T., Lorraine Vondras,
A.W., D.W., J.W., N.W., S.W., Michael Walter, Florence
Wilkosz, Nathan Williams
Please remember only the person or an immediate
family member should call to place a name on the list,
as some people would prefer not to be listed. Names
will remain on the list for one month. Please call with
an update.
Please pray for all service men and women who are
currently serving in the military, especially: SSgt
Heather Albright, SPC Mitchell Anderson, Zane A.
Balcer, SSgt Joshua Baranek, SRA Tyler Bell USAF,
LCpl Ben Blakeslee, Travis Bulerski, Special Agent
Kimberly Caban, LCDR Steven Chmielewski, AO Rachel
Colby USN, EMFN Brandi Coyle, SrA Dan Digna,
CAPT Joseph A. Duchon, CAPT Adam C. Fix, Jamie
Golembiewski USN, LTC Albert T. Gorman, SSgt Dan
Gutowski, MSGT Andrew Hallead, FC2 Nathan R. Harju
USN, Lt. Joseph Kedrowski, SSgt Tom Korzeniewski,
Lt. Nick Kroll, LTC Gary Kuczynski, Patrick Madden,
A1C Michael Miehlke, Sgt. Jaron Oleniczak, MSgt
Jacob Olson, Sgt 1st Class Jarod Perkioniemi, A1C
Alan Potts, CPL Nathan Rybicki, MSG Adam Schuessler,
Lt. Luke Steinberg, Sgt. Tyler Swidorski, SSgt Jeff
Thorpe, MM2 Duane Ray Tiefenthal, MA-3 Jonathan
Walter, CAPT Donald Worm USN
A BIG Thank You to Our Bulletin
Sponsor of the Week:
Bloomer’s Flower Shop
Featuring baked chicken, fresh Polish sausage, roast
pork, sweet & sour cabbage, real mashed potatoes,
gravy, stuffing, corn, rolls, dessert, coffee and lemonade.
Meal prepared by Jerry Zupin & Crew
Ash Wednesday, February 18
Mass with Distribution of Ashes
9:00 am at St. Joseph Church
10:15 am at Manistee Catholic Central Gym
6:00 pm at St. Joseph Church
Lenten Reflections for Men and Women
with Jim and Lynn Modrzynski
Wednesday’s (February 25 - April 1)
7:00 pm - CCM Office Prayer Room
If you plan to attend, please call Jim & Lynn,
or Ann at the CCM Office
Stations of the Cross with opportunity for
Individual Sacrament of Reconciliation:
Every Friday of Lent - February 20 - March 27
12:00 Noon at St. Joseph Church
(Begins at 12:30 pm if there is a Funeral Mass)
6:00 pm at St. Joseph Church
(Except on First Friday - March 6)
Registration for World Youth Day 2016 in Krakow,
Poland is now open! Join the Diocese of Gaylord on a
life-changing pilgrimage with your fellow young adults.
Cost for the 13-day pilgrimage is $3,999 per person and
includes round-trip airfare from Detroit, accommodations,
World Youth Day registration, and most meals.
This WYD pilgrimage is open to young adults from the
Diocese of Gaylord who will be between the ages of 18
and 35 by July 1, 2016. More information is available
at or by contacting Priscilla
Oddo at [email protected] or 989.732.5147.
Space is limited and a $200 deposit is required to
guarantee your spot.
The optimist sees the glass as half full.
The pessimist sees the glass as half empty.
The mother sees the glass as just
one more thing to wash.
A Mass remembering those listed below will be celebrated on the first weekend of each month. The names will appear in the
bulletin each week. Memorial offering is $60.00. Names and offerings may be turned in at the CCM Office or in the collection.
If you have any questions please call the Catholic Community of Manistee Office.
Catholic Community of Manistee Memorial Association
Nancy Bajtka, Bajtka & Gamache Families, living & deceased
Clarence & Martin Jerumbo
Harold & Bernadine Strzyzewski and son John Strzyzewski
Joseph & Virginia Oleniczak, Oleniczak, Wosniewski & Jerumbo Families
John & Emily Helminiak & Family, living & deceased
Ruth Niesen
Steinberg & Niesen Families; LeRoy Edel; Barbara Skiera; Barbara Wisniski
Pattie Beaudrie; Dori Peters; Cindy Gregory; Centala & Modrzynski Families
Francis & Gertrude Kadzban; Kadzban & Jabrocki Families
Richard Gage; Mary Fink; Frank Chesney
Ken; W & A Bernier; C & A Grabowski & Family Members; Elaine Meyers
Estelle M. Oleniczak
Donald Shively; Shively, Chavalia, Balcer & Kniola Families
Elmer & Anna Stamp; Ed & Julia Karas; Luczyk & Grabowski Families & RW
Bartoszek, Majkszak, Kosiboski, & Kirby Families; Health
Paul & Virginia Plouhar & Family, living & deceased
Joseph & Betty Ann Abramowski, Harry & Nettie Muszynski
Anna, Steve & Stephan Korzeniewski & Extended Families
Audrey Rakoski; Carl & Lorraine Steinberg; Andrew & Gertrude Mantych & sons
Raphael & Shirley Mikula; Edward & Irene Zeimba; Michael & Anna Mikula
Roy & Sophie Krusniak; Harry & Eva Jeruzal
Wayne & Dick Skiera; Elizabeth, Henry & Joseph Wojciechowski
Chuck & Shirley Herbert; Herbert & Tacktor Families, living & deceased
Ralph & Sally Schubert; Schubert, Maternowski & Krolczyk Families
Stanley & Isabelle Radke; Joe & Mary Jane Witucki
Fausz & Robke Families
Grabowski, Kuczynski, Rakoniewski & Kukla Families
Joe & April Brisson Families, living & deceased
Pietrasik & Edmondson Families
Ed, Esther, David, Michael, John & Dorothy Pomeroy; Ed & Mary Swidorski
Harry & Lenore Boertman; John, Celia & Raymond Switalski; Jill Anderson
Bud & Laura Raskey; Marcia Fortier; John Dalton & John Shoup
Paul & Delores Miller
Bartoszek, Cabot, Dembinski, Racine & Zielinski Families
Steve & Caroline; Newman, Sowa, Kramp & Kolk Families, living & deceased
Dale & Stella Cooper Sr.; James Cooper; Christopher Grabowski
Daniels, Ragina, Jabrocki, O’Brien & Dobrawalski Families
Purgiel, Grabowski, & Clark Families; Class of ‘55; Gage & Minster Families
Harold & Mary Ann Sielski
Len, Phyllis & Bonnie Chmielewski; Chmielewski & Niemierowicz Families
Frank, Florence & Donald Graczyk; Ernest, Marie & Jim Chycinski
Ziabkowski, Tabaczka & Bowman Families, living & deceased
Roy Niesen; Ralph Schubert; The Krolczyk & Niesen Family
Swidorski, Jeruzal & Skiera Families, living & deceased
Joseph & Charlotte O’Hagan; Stanley & Dorothy Skocelas & Alvah Coe Families
The Peters & Bayer Families; living & deceased
Baranek, Weinert, Wagner, Kraus, Gumbus & Gutowski Families; Sue Viol
Batterson, Vadeboncoeur, Kadzban, Adamczak & Gorch Families
Leo & Germaine; Martin & Stella Gutowski; Harry & Sophia Nowak
Paprocki, Glocheski, Tomaszewski & Miller Families, living & deceased
Leonard Sielski; Sr. Mary A. Morang; Sielski & Morang Families
Ed & Jane Fedder; Fedder & Matchekosky Families
Symanski & Wandrych Families, living & deceased
Francis Bartosiewicz & Vasquez Families, living & deceased
Bartosiewicz, Zielinski, Sharnowski & Schramski Families
Marzinski, Garrison, Kaminski, Hansen & Gallagher Families
Michael Majewski; Majewski & Darbyson Families
Walter & Opal Popkowski & son Dale; John Gerald Jr. & Shirley Kolanowski
Angie & Edward Novak
Tabaczka & Switalski Families, living & deceased
Bilski, Chrzanowski, Dauginis, Kielpinski & Pindel Families
Casimer, Gertrude, Sr. Liz, Bill & Lee Ozdych; †Ozdych & Smock Families
Irene & Karl Herrmann; Gene & Guy Greene
Kuczynski, Mielcarek, Kaminski, Witucki, Steve Duchon & Families
Chandler, Burkhart & Barker Families, living & deceased
Joseph & Jennie Abramowski Family
Joe & Hedwig Wojciechowski; E. Kowalski & S. Wojciechowski Families
Roman, Hazel & Dennis Zupin; Mark Reckow; Carl, Katherine & Robert Hull
Vic Zwiefka; Fr. Bill Zwiefka; Zwiefka, Bialik, Osborn & Badzinski Families
Joseph J., Lillian, Joseph C., Gwendolyn & Dan Stepniewski
Jane Maxey; Harry & Julia Anderson; James & Agnes Maxey
Raymond Smuda, Sr.; Smith & Smuda Families, living & deceased
Mary & Ernest Bialik; Sophie, Cassmer, John & Julia Russell; Loyal Ramsey
Leonard, Karen & Emily Kurtz; Karas & Kurtz Families
Keson, Polcyn, Bittel, Kowalczyk & Wojciechowski Families, living & deceased
Catholic Community of Manistee, 254 Sixth St, Manistee, MI 49660
231.723.2619 ~
FEBRUARY 8, 2015
FEBRUARY 8, 2015