5 Feb - Kelburn Normal School

Newsletter No.01/15
School News
5 February 2015
Kia Ora and welcome back to 2015. It was a stunning holiday break with the weather playing ball for most of the time we were
We have quite a few new students at KNS this year. A huge KNS welcome to…..
Room One Matilda H & Saffron V
Room Three Sierra G
Room Four Harald L & Isabella G
Room Six Bridie B, Hannah H, Edon O, Woojin B & Michael L
Room Seven Freda C
Room Eight Eemeli S, Freya V, Dongha K, Minjoo K & Seongjun S
Room Nine Issac W, Heewon K & Kyeongjae N
Room Ten Oliver A, Ellie G
Room Twelve Imogen V & Harmony F
Room Thirteen Peppi S, Jasper F, Astrid V, Justice F, Ting Ting C, Seojun P & Ka Chun Y
Road Patrol and Safety Outside School - We need assistance with parents who will volunteer their
time in supervising road patrol. This essential resource needs your help. If you can give up time from
8:25-8:55am or 2:50-3:20pm, please email [email protected] for more information. When crossing with your children, please do listen to the calls of the road patrollers. They
will call “signs out- check - clear- cross now”. If you can ensure that you don’t cross until you hear the
“cross now” command, it will greatly assist our patrollers
Teacher Only Day - School will be closed on Friday 6 March - A reminder that school will be closed on Friday the 6th March for
the day. After School Care may operate this day but we are awaiting confirmation of this so please watch for further information.
Staff will be offsite observing practice and classrooms in Auckland and Christchurch as part of our upcoming building redevelopment.
Meet the Teacher Evening- Thursday 12th February - Come along to school from 7pm to hear what is happening at KNS for your
children. We will all meet at the school hall at 7pm, then move to classrooms.
Teachers will be meeting you with their syndicate leader and explaining what learning looks like for their particular year groups.
Rooms 1, 3 & 4 Juniors will be meeting in Room 4
Rooms 10, 11 & 12 Lower MIddles will be meeting in Room 11
Rooms 5, 6 & 7 Upper Middles will be meeting in Room 7
Rooms 8, 9 and 13 Seniors will be meeting in Room 13
First Assembly for 2015- Our first assembly will be on Friday 13 February at 11am in the school hall. Senior students will be
hosting this assembly. Parents are welcome to attend.
Contacting Staff - Just a reminder that you can download the school app from Googleplay or Itunes at no cost that has all school
contact details. Staff email addresses are formatted as follows. firstname/surname [email protected]
So for example [email protected]
The Gully - The adventure playground has had some significant work during the holidays. The adventure playground side of the
Gully is open for play. You will see a new fence and constructions that have basically opened the area as much as possible. The
planting area to the east is still closed at this stage for remediation but we will keep you posted regarding this area. The great
thing is we have more space!!!
Sun Safety - Just a reminder that all students need a
brimmed hat for play and working outside. Hats are available from the school office from this coming Tuesday,
otherwise any brimmed hat is acceptable.
Mobile Dental Clinic - You may notice that on the top court that the DHB have sent the dental clinic to KNS. We welcome Som
and Odette who will be working with your children.
Mr Bisley Going on Sabbatical - As you know, Mr Bisley is taking five weeks study leave from next week. The performing arts
groups will be running, with some staffing changes until he returns with two exceptions -Piccolo and Drama Club- which will start
when he returns from the Senior Camp in Week Eight.
Dates for Camp - Just a reminder that information about Senior Camp at Erua (Mt Ruapehu) for Rooms 8,9 & 13 and the Upper Middle camp for Rooms 5, 6 & 7 at El Rancho
(Waikanae) will be coming home next week.
Dates for the camps are Senior 16-20th March Week 7
Upper Middle 30 March - 2nd April Week 9
Camp Meetings - Thursday 12th February 8pm - After each of the Upper Middle and Senior Meet the Teacher discussions, there
will be camp meetings beginning at 8pm for each of those syndicates where details of what is happening at Erua and El Rancho
will be shared with you. We encourage your attendance.
Fundraising for Camp - We are looking for a team of parents to assist with fundraising to support our two camps
this term. This will involve organising and assisting with fundraising events in and out of school time. If you can
assist please email [email protected]
Consultation & Building Development 2015 - As you may well be aware, our school has engaged Design Group Stapleton Elliot to
assist with the master planning exercise at KNS. We have Nigel Dong, who many of you will be familiar with as an ex-parent of
KNS, heading the design phase. Staff/BOT and student consultation are planned for early this term. We will send a separate community consultation invite for this term once the dates have been firmed up with our consultants.
Magpie Lawn - Our annual evening picnic is set
for Friday 20th February from 5pm onwards. Come
along for a fun entertaining night that is organised
by the PTA. Bring along your picnic for a fun night
of conversation, games and races. Food will be on
sale thanks to the PTA and you are welcome to
BYO for the evening.
For those that do not know where Magpie Lawn is,
here’s a map. We know that the PTA are looking
for assistance that evening and if you can assist,
please contact Gwen our PTA president. Call
Gwen on 021 116 1778 for more information.
Wanted: Book Club Organiser - After four years
we are looking for someone else to organise the
Scholastic book club. This is a very independent
and flexible parent job, can be done with preschoolers, AND it is always very satisfying as the
kids love to get their orders, and our library and
school receives a very tangible benefit, e.g. for
2014 we were able to get free books and resources valued about $1,200. Please contact
Katharina Vautier:
[email protected] or Kirsten
Lang on [email protected] if you
are interested to run the Scholastic book club
Whanau Beach Day - Tuesday 17th February- We are taking the school to Scorching Bay. We have buses organised to take us
to and from the bay. The cost per pupil will be added to your school account. Students will need to bring swimming togs, towel, appropriate footwear and be prepared for a sunny day (hat/sunscreen etc), packed lunch and drink bottle.
Postponement day is Tuesday 24th February. Children will be broken up into whanau groups consisting of children from year 1
-8 and will be involved in cleaning up the coastline, participating in team activities on the beach, and fun. We need parents to
assist with supervision for the day. Please email your child’s teacher if your are able to assist us with supervision and fun. This
will be an active role on the day so be prepared for the beach. For any further information please ask.
Lost Property - Next Monday all the lost property from 2014 will be on display on the bridge leading to the top floor. Please
get your child to check this collection for any items that belong to them. We will be donating any remaining items to Care,
Share & Wear on Tuesday.
PTA Meeting - Next Tuesday 10th - Come along to the staffroom at 7pm to see how you can support your child. We have included a description of the PTA class representatives role. We need your help. If you are keen to be involved with this role, please
come along to the PTA meeting and we can fill you in with more information.
Roles and Responsibilities
To communicate through email, phone and conversations, the PTA events and
fundraising information to class parents.
To support PTA events and meeting where possible.
To send out emails to class parents to inform or to enlist help for PTA events.
To be a contact person for parents of that class for PTA events and to redirect
any parent enquiries that are not related to this role to the correct people.
To encourage and get different people involved in PTA events.
Support the class teacher when organising PTA events.
To attend PTA meetings during the year.
To be a point of contact if people would like ideas taken to PTA but can’t
come to meetings, or want a friendly face to support at the meeting.
Time Requirement
2 parents for each half year, 4 in total.
Possible examples ideas and
Send out emails to class parents to remind them about events such as sausage
sizzles, Magpie Lawn, House and garden support and security, parent morning
teas, social evenings for class parents, personal challenge fundraising, charity
fundraising etc
Have a great week.
The Management Team
Andrew, Kirsten, Danielle and Charles
Permission for use of Child’s Photo
Please advise the Office in writing if you do not
wish for your child’s image to be used in any newsletters, on the website or promotional material.
This information will be kept as a permanent record for the duration your child is at Kelburn Normal
2015 Term Dates
1—Tuesday 3 February – Thursday 2 April
2—Monday 20 April – Friday 3 July
3—Monday 20 July - Friday 25 September
4—Monday 12 October – Thursday
17 December at midday
Drumming lessons are available with tutor
Andrew McPartlin.
Group lessons will be held on Monday afternoon in the drumming room, starting on
the 9th of February. The cost is $10 per
session and new students can join in anytime. In home private lessons are also
available for $25 per session.
For bookings
email [email protected] or call
Looking Ahead to Dates in Term 1
Below is a list of dates to be aware of for Term 1. Please be aware
that some dates may change due to involvement from other
schools, because of bad weather or availability of performers. For
more update information please refer to the community calendar
on Kelburn School App.
Week 2
Thursday 12 Feb
Friday 13 Feb
Week 3
Monday 16 Feb
Tuesday 17 Feb
Friday 20 Feb
Week 4
Wednesday 25 Feb
Thursday 26 Feb
Friday 27 Feb
Week 5
Friday 6 March
Week 6
Tuesday 10 March
Thursday 12 March
Friday 13 March
Week 7
Week 8
Friday 27 March
Week 9
Thursday 2 April
Meet the Teacher Evening @ 7pm
Camp Mtgs for UM and Snr Camps @ 8 pm
School Assembly @ 11 am Snrs
BoT Meeting @ 6.30 pm
School Wide Trip to Scorching Bay
Magpie Lawn Picnic 4 pm—6.30 pm
3 Way Conferences
3 Way Conferences
School Assembly @ 11 am UMs
Teacher Only Day—School Closed
PTA Meeting at 7 pm
School Disco—fundraiser
School Assembly @ 11 am —LMs
Senior Camp at Eura Lodge
School Assembly @ 11am Jnrs
UM Camp El Rancho
School Term Ends
A big thank you to Revive for supporting KNS by supplying coffee for
our staff and supporting the KNS Centenary Celebrations.
It is greatly appreciated.
Director of Performing Arts - Charles Bisley – [email protected]
Individual Music Tuition
022 4242 846
[email protected]
Recorder / Flute
475 8810
027 218 1650
[email protected]
Singing / Piano
Saxophone /
Piano / Chamber
801 9988
021 293 5181
[email protected]
021 033 1926
[email protected]
027 338 2663
[email protected]
027 303 3484
[email protected]
021 552 648
[email protected]
021 908 118
[email protected]
027 357 7887
[email protected]
04 971 8872 (hm) or 027 304 8250 (mob)
[email protected]
Nicole Chao
Taiwanese pianist Tan-Wei Chao (Nicole) began her piano studies at the age of three. At the age of fifteen her family moved to
New Zealand where she continued her musical studies in Christchurch and Wellington. She became an active performer both as
soloist and chamber musician, predominantly in Wellington. Under the direction of the American Pianist - Dr. Thomas Hecht,
Nicole is the laureate of numerous awards both in New Zealand and abroad. She was named 1st National Prize at the Westpac
Chamber Music Competition; “Most Promising Pianist” at North Queensland Concerto Competition in Australia where she also
won two second prizes for her performances; 2nd Prize winner at the Kapiti Coast National Piano Competition. She has also
been awarded Wellington Music Centre Piano Scholarship; Victoria University of Wellington Graduate Award for 2002 and 2003
and the prestigious Baines Trust Scholarship. Nicole has performed many concerts in Wellington to critical acclaim. She was
described as “Chao’s sense of high romanticism was rewarding, producing impassioned playing towards the climax “ (Middle C,
Classical Music Reviews) for her Chopin interpretations. After graduating from Victoria University with Master of Music in 2003,
Nicole continues to give concert performances in Wellington alongside her work as a piano teacher
Jeremy Desmond
Jeremy Desmond is a 28-year-old musician/teacher who has been teaching for around 8 years. He has a BMus Jazz Performance from the New Zealand School of Music and is an active member of Wellington’s music scene.
“I teach because I feel that engagement with music at any level can be hugely fulfilling for anyone: Andres Segovia or campfire strummer. As a result, I see my role of facilitating any individual’s engagement with the language of music as a privileged
position and strive first and foremost to ignite a spark of interest, thereby opening a door to an ongoing, co-operative learning
relationship. Technique, improvisation, aural recognition, composition and simply playing; it’s all good.”
Andrew McPartlin
For the past 8 years Andrew McPartlin has been the drumming tutor at Kelburn Normal School. Andrew's school lessons are
held on Monday afternoon1.30-3pm and his lessons are taught in small groups with in school private lessons availble on request.
Andrew has been teaching music fulltime for over 20 years and he brings a wealth of experience to his lessons which he happily
shares with his students. In his spare time Andrew is the singer, songwriter and bass guitarist for the original rock band Lumin8.
Andrew is a multi instrumentalist and also offers in home private lessons on Drums, Guitar, Bass guitar and Singing. He can be
contacted on 021908118 or email [email protected]
Martin Ryman
Martin Ryman is a graduate of the University of Auckland where he first studied as a pianist with Janetta McStay, and also sang
in Auckland Cathedral Choir under Professor Peter Godfrey. He later furthered his studies as an organist and harpsichordist at
The Royal College of Music, London with Nicholas Danby and then at Oxford with Dr Walter Hillsman. In 1993 he gained a New
Zealand Music Award and in 2004 graduated with a Masters with Distinction in harpsichord and organ performance from Victoria
University of Wellington. In 2011 Martin formed Cecilia Music, an organisation which promotes young emerging talent. To date
there have been concerts of lieder and a performance of J S Bach’s Coffee Cantata with the Wellington Baroque Ensemble with
musicians drawn from the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.
Martin is also a qualified and registered teacher. He has been teaching the piano and theory at Kelburn Normal School since
Justin ‘Firefly’ Clarke
Justin Clarke has taught guitar for over 20 years both in Germany and New Zealand and teaches all types of guitar
styles,including classical and pop. He also teaches music theory and composition as well as ukulele and banjo. He enjoys helping students develop their broader musical understanding while integrating piano keyboard knowledge into lessons as well.
Justin grew up in Wellington where he graduatedfrom the Conservatorium of Music in 1998 with a Bachelor in Performance
Jazz Guitar before leaving for Europe. While based in Berlin (1999 2006) he worked as full time performing musician while investigating various non Western musics winning and awards at Rudolstadt, Musica Vitale and Perleberg World Music Festival.
Since returning to New Zealand in 2006 Justin has produced Jess Chambers and the Firefly Orchestra, The Woolshed Sessions
and appeared with Fat Freddy’s Drop, Fly My Pretties IV and Trinity Roots. Justin also performed for John Psathas’s soundtrack
for the film Good For Nothing featuring the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. He is a prominent, respected and highly active
member within the Wellington jazz community, performing guitar with local talents Adam Page, Jonathan Crayford and Paul
Dyne (to name a few) and has won awards from Smokefree Rockquest, APRA country music awards, and Douglas Lilburn Composers Competition. Justin recently completed a Masters in composition at the New Zealand School of Music under the guidance of John Psathas and Jack Body
Kelly Sports will be back in Term 1 2015 with their fun and exciting classes. Kelly Sports encourages children to have fun, build
confidence and to give sport a go. We believe that sport and physical activity has so much to offer young people; it improves
fitness, develops communication skills, team work and gives children a place to channel their energy – all while having FUN!
Fun Fundamentals (Yrs 1-2) – Wednesdays 3:05-4:05pm - Learn the basics of all sports – throwing, running, jumping, striking
and many more.
Summer Sports (Yrs 2-4) – Tuesdays 3:05-4:05pm - Come and try Football, Athletics, Cricket and Ultimate Frisbee. Learn new
game skills and improve ability.
Football - January Holidays - Kelly Sports is offering their popular 3 day Football Holiday Sports Workshops for yrs 1-6 at the
Wests Club Rooms in Wilton.
Work on core skills of control, dribbling, passing & improve technique with our experienced coaches led by head coach Martin.
TUE 13th, WED 14th THUR 15th Jan 2015, TUE 20th, WED 21st, THUR 22nd Jan 2015 & TUE 27th, WED 28th, THUR 29th Jan
2015 (All sessions from 9.30am-12.30pm).
ENROL ONLINE FOR ALL PROGRAMMES AT www.kellysports.co.nz or email [email protected] or call 04 972 7201.
Little Dribblers runs throughout the year, so get out and make the most of
our upcoming Summer by watching your little one learn to play football
(ages 1-7). Term 1 2015 starts January 31st and you can register
at: www.little-dribblers.co.nz - Late sign-ups are perfectly OK, so sign up
We have two venues in Wellington Central/East: Saturdays: Owhiro Bay
School; and Sundays: Miramar Central School. Game times are: Under
2’s: 9.40am; 2-3 years: 10am; 4-5 years: 10.30am 6-7 years: 11am.
It costs $75 to play each term, with an optional one-off charge of $25 for
a uniform (which you keep).
NB: Under 2’s are free!
ASB is delighted to announce that we have children’s school banking to Kelburn Normal School.
At ASB, we recognise a growing need to educate New Zealand children on the importance of financial literacy and to encourage
good savings habits at a young age.
Please contact the Office for the banking registration form..
For a new ASB account please complete the application form in full (2 pages) and return to the school office.
Once an ASB account is established your child will receive an exciting ASB banking pack and deposit envelopes. When your child
has money to bank they put their envelope into the drop box which is located in the school office. Attached to these envelopes
is a receipt that you keep as confirmation of the deposit.
Kelburn Normal School banking will be every fortnight. ASB is excited to be working alongside Kelburn Normal School and encouraging children to save.