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Hawthorne Public Schools
January 2015
Office of the
Superintendent of Schools
Welcome to our first district newsletter of the 2015 school year. We are
looking forward to monthly correspondence via this newsletter. Each month
this newsletter will be available on our district website and emailed through
school messenger, our district communication system.
January proved to be a month of celebrations in the Hawthorne Public
Schools as we honored both teachers and students for their accomplishments.
Please allow me to share those who were recognized.
First, we celebrated the accomplishment of Mrs. Jackie Passero and
Jefferson School for being named the American Heart Association’s
“Rookie of the Year” AHA fundraiser for 2014. The NJ Association of
Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance will recognize Mrs.
Passero's efforts at the 2015 Annual Convention in February.
Also, please join me in congratulating our Governor Educator of the Year
recipients. The staff members listed below will be honored at our
February 10th Board of Education meeting.
Hawthorne High School: Mr. Michael Galluccio,
Lead Guidance Counselor
Lincoln Middle School: Mr. Todd Kenny, Reading / Social Studies
Jefferson Elementary School: Mrs. Irene Yetter, Grade 1
Jefferson Ed. Services Professional: Mrs. Caroline Ferraro,
Speech Language Specialist
Roosevelt Elementary School; Mrs. Carolee Mearon, Grade 3
Washington Elementary School: Ms. Tonya Barnes, Step Up
We would also like to offer congratulations to our students who were
honored as part of the Passaic County Poster Contest:
Jefferson - Amanda Skinner – First Place
Jefferson - Ivana Teranova – Honorable Mention
Washington - Yazmin Martinez - Honorable Mention
Roosevelt – Makalya Perez – First Place
Roosevelt – Bryan Gonzalez – Honorable Mention
Finally, I would like to invite parents to our February 10th Board of Education
meeting, which will be held in room 120 at HHS. We ask that parents who
attend please enter through the double doors adjacent to the electronic sign on
Warburton Avenue. We look forward to honoring our Governor Educator of
the Year recipients and learning more about the upcoming PARCC
assessments courtesy of Mrs. Darlene Markman, our Director of Education.
Hope to see you there.
Mr. Richard A. Spirito
Superintendent of Schools
Important Dates for
February 2015
Kindergarten Registration
February 4, 5, and 6
Linking Education to Active
February 5, 2015
Washington School
7:00 pm
February 10, 2015
Board of Education Meeting
Presentations include
*Governor Educator of the
Year Award Winners
*PARCC Overview
#: [Date]
Dolor Sit Amet
Office of the
Director of Education
Office of the
Director of Technology
With this being the year of the advent of the PARCC
Assessments, the Hawthorne School District has
been looking for ways in which it can ensure its
students are ready to take on the challenges that
come with this new computerized assessment, while
still focusing on the rigor that the content of the tests
will require.
To help with this process, Hawthorne has introduced
several new technological tools into its schools,
including the NWEA MAP assessments, IXL
Mathematics, Newsela and Achieve 3000. These
programs provide students with instructional
practice on common core topics at each grade level.
It also provides students with opportunities to
complete problems on a computer and improve
keyboarding skills.
PARCC Resources for Parents
Looking for more information on the PARCC? Explore
the links listed below!
PARCC Parent Resources
PARCC Sample Items
Mrs. Brislin
Director of Technology
The Hawthorne Public School district, like most
others in the state, has busily been preparing for the
first administration of the PARCC. The ProblemBased Assessments, commonly referred to as the
PBA tests, will be given in English Language Arts
to all students in grades 3-11. Students in grades 38 will also take their grade level PBA assessment
in math. Those eighth graders and high school
students enrolled in Algebra I, Algebra II and
Geometry will be taking the PBA assessment for
their course. The district will begin testing on
Monday, March 2, and anticipates using the
majority of the 20 day testing window to ensure
that all testing and make-up assessments have been
administered to the applicable students. Each
individual building, however, has devised its own
precise schedule, which will be shared with the
school communities by the school administration.
Though the testing window seems lengthy,
individual students will sit for a total of 5 testing
sessions, administered, in most cases, over the
course of five days. Typically students will have
three testing units in English Language Arts and
two in mathematics. When a student is not testing,
instruction will continue in the classroom so that
the students can continue to acquire the content
knowledge that is outlined in the curriculum. The
district hopes that the impact of using the computer
labs during testing will be minimized through the
use of Chrome books in the classroom and the
BYOD policy at the high school, so that instruction
that incorporates technology can continue.
For more information on PARCC testing, please
join us at the February 10th Board of Education
meeting at which there will be a comprehensive
presentation on the details of PARCC.
Mrs. Markman
Director of Education