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United Methodist Mission Statement:
To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.
Senior Pastor
Dr. Bob Hoffmann
Office: 706-403-4596
Cell: 706-263-5254
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Associate Pastor
Rev. Katie Mattox
Office: 706-403-4604
Cell: 770-755-8151
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Music Director
Rev. Robert (Bob) Daniel
[email protected]
Ministry Assistants
Krista Hall, Children
Missy Hathcox, Middle School
Carol Gomez, High School
Amanda McGill
[email protected]
Front Desk: 706-629-2685
Church & Financial Secretary
Laura Dutton
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Office: 706-403-4594
Worship Leader
Chris Agan
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Donna Looney, Organist
Margaret Thornton, Pianist
Nursery Staff
Sharon Leberman, Coordinator
[email protected]
Cell: 678-986-6690
Hailey Kelley
James Kelley
Laura Leberman
Kristin Stanley
Director of Preschool
Shea Walraven
[email protected]
Preschool Office: 706-629-2813
Director of
David Learning Ctr
Julie Hare
[email protected]
Day Care Office: 706-629-3110
205 East Line Street
P.O. Box 517
Calhoun, GA 30703
February 9, 2015
From the Pastor…
Because we know that teaching boys and girls the message and the stories of
the Bible is one of the most important things we can ever do, “We Believe in
Sunday School!” And as we teach our children and grandchildren God’s
Holy Word, we need to remember that a child learns a lesson best when that
information is presented effectively at the time he/she is ready to receive it.
Thus, when a child starts to school, his interest and exposure to the world of
books and reading are greatly increased. As a preschooler, a child has to rely
on others to read to him. But later when that child is in elementary school,
he/she can begin to read for himself/herself.
Although first and second graders cannot yet read large portions of scripture,
there are several foundational considerations to keep in mind. First, they can
begin reading Bible verses that they have already heard for years. Second,
they can begin to learn and recognize the names of some of the books and
characters of the Bible. Third, they can learn to group Bible books as
belonging in the Old Testament or the New Testament. Fourth, they can
begin to find Biblical references by books, chapters and verses.
Those of us who are parents need to know that we are our children’s first and
most important teachers. Therefore, let me suggest that parents consider
doing specific and definite things to foster and encourage good and positive
feelings about Bible Study. For instance, give each child a Bible of his/her
own. Also, have daily family devotions and worship in the home. Provide
books about stories in the Bible. Encourage your child/children to use their
Sunday School curriculum during the week.
Talk often with your child/children about the
Bible, its stories and timeless truths.
Furthermore, spend time helping your child/
children to learn Bible verses by heart.
As we promote and emphasize Sunday School
and Bible Study this new year, I look forward
to greeting you and your children this Sunday
as we gather in the Father’s House for Bible
Study and worship. Be well, do good, and
stay in touch!
In His Service,
Sermon for This Sunday, February 15: “The Sacredness of Human Life”
Scripture: Exodus 20:13; Matthew 5:21-26
Lay Ministers for
Sunday, February 15
8:30 Usher/Greeter
Reed Davis
11:00 Greeters
Angela Green, Jennifer Thomason
11:00 Ushers
Barett Hagood, Capt;
Philip Beamer, Jerry Mashburn,
Eric Prater, Steve Thomason
TV & Sound
8:30 Tonya Craig
11:00 Todd Anderson
Randy Black
February Altar Guild
Ruth Mathews
Offering Counters
Russell Dudley, Jimmy Prater,
Haley Stephens, Barrett Hagood
Nicholas Linn
Born February 4, 2015 to
Nichol & Will Linn and
Big Sister Clara
Bob & Lee Linn
Nick & Linda Sainato
The family is doing great!
Congratulations and God’s
blessings to all!
Our Faithfulness
February 8, 2015
Budget Received
Weekly Budget
Over +/Under +$1,801.35
Pledged Received
Pledged Budgeted
Over +/Under +$5,728.08
Non-Pledged Received $32,999.85
Less Expenses
- $59,295.56
Over +/Under +$19,723.29
Sunday School
Happy Birthday!
Our Members
Joe & Barbara Blackmon
Lee Clegg
Martha Cleveland
Lolita & Kody Conley
Bill Green
Nancy Jordon
Susan Magnicheri
Judy McCarver
Joanne Owens
Mildred Padgett
Clyde Petty
Rae & Edna Quinn
Paul Whittemore
Claude Wright
Frank Wright
Church Members in the Military
Our Friends
February 15
Barbara Greeson
Sophie Stepp
February 16
Chase Arnold
Maggie Cochran
Joe Stewart
February 17
Alan Hathcox
Edward Kemper
Bill Mathews
Betty Wilburn
February 19
Shawn Edens
Emma Schmidt
February 20
Lynne Kelly
February 21
Pat Lewis
April Prater
Teresa Rice
February 18
Henrietta Palmer
Mana Smith
Happy Anniversary!
In Memoriam
February 15
Carl & Julie Kessler
Mr. Paul Whittemore
1921 - 2015
February 17
Brad & Cherri Rains
Member of Calhoun First
United Methodist Church
since 1946
Remember in Prayer
February 18
Reed & Anita Davis
February 19
Jeff & Melanie Beamer
Iris Abercrombie
Marvin Agan
Cyndi Alsobrooks
Johnny Brown
Andrew Brumlow
Tim Clark
Ed Collins
Cloyd Dick
Renee Gibson
Edna Gowder
Jill Burger Hales
Jimmy Henderson
Craig Henson
Walter Johnson
Sharon LaChance
Richard Langston
Peggy & Jack McEntire
Vicki McKeown
Esme Miller
Amanda Hall Mitchell
Nina Moore
Jerrell Puckett
Runette Rampy
Beda Fowler Ryan
Charlotte Shaw
Sarah Shaw
Patti Spieker
Hazel Beth Steely
Nell White
Dena Autry Wofford
Tommy Wyatt
U.S. Military Personnel
Our Missionaries
Tim & Ansley Crabtree: Scotland
Humphrey Kanga: Kenya
Special Thanks…
...to Rev. Bob Daniel for preaching
the EVOLVE Services Feb 1 & 8.
The Season of
February 18 - April 4
Ash Wednesday Service
The Methodist Men will have their
first meeting of the year this
Thursday, February 12, at 6:30
pm in the Fellowship Hall. All
men are invited and encouraged to
attend as we start another busy
year of mission and community
Please join us
as we honor
with a bridal
Sunday, March 8
2:00-4:00 pm (drop in)
Fellowship Hall
Brigitte is registered at Dillards and
at Bed, Bath & Beyond.
The shower is hosted by
Chancel Choir Members.
The Next Fifth at First…
...will be Eggstra Special!
Sunday, March 29
Save the date! There will be
activities for all ages as
we celebrate the
fifth Sunday of March!
Easter Egg Hunt in the Park
4:30 pm
Covered Dish Supper
5:30 in the CAC
Jim Hendricks Piano Concert
6:30 in the Sanctuary
Children’s Easter Activities
6:30 in the CAC
The Family Ministries
Committee is very busy
making plans for a wonderful
event for our church family.
Please plan to join us!
February 18, 6:30 pm
Ash Wednesday is the official
beginning of the Season of Lent,
leading up to Holy Week and Easter
Wednesday Evening Lenten
Services Weekly
February 25 - April 1
6:30 pm
Palm Sunday
March 29
Beginning of Holy Week
Children will process in
with palm branches.
Bible Believer’s Choir
will sing during 11:00 Worship.
I hope everyone is
ready for our
This Wednesday, February 11
6:00 pm, Fellowship Hall
Dinner will be served at the event.
If anyone would like to volunteer
to help, please contact me at
Can’t wait to see everyone in their
Valentine Dance attire!
Krista Hall
Children’s Ministry Assistant
Bible Believer’s Choir...
...will be singing at the 11:00
Traditional Worship Service on
Sunday, February 22, 2015.
Holy Week Noonday
Lenten Services
March 30 - April 2
12:00 Noon
Fellowship Hall
Lunch Served
Maundy Thursday Service
April 2, 6:30 pm
Good Friday Service
April 3
12:00 pm
St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church
Easter Sunday
April 5
Children and Youth
Wednesday Night Activities
will continue with their
regular schedules during
VAC Pantry
While shopping for groceries,
please pick up some extra of the
following for the VAC Pantry:
Canned Vegetables
Canned/Boxed Soups
Candy Needed for
Egg Hunt
The Family Ministries Committee
reports that they have plenty of
plastic eggs on hand for the Egg
Hunt on March 29. We will need
lots of candy to fill them. Easter
candy is now displayed at most area
stores. Keep an eye out for a good
price and pick up an extra bag or
two for the church when you are
Official Church Calendar
February 15-22, 2015
8:30 am Early Traditional Worship
9:45 am Sunday School
11:00 am Traditional Worship
11:00 am EVOLVE Worship
4:30 pm Confirmation Class
4:30 pm Handbell Choir
5:30 pm Youth Activities
Presidents Day
Schools Out for Winter Break
1:00 pm Walking in Gym
4:00 pm Heart & Soul
6:00 pm Girl Scouts in CAC
Schools Out for Winter Break
6:30 pm Cub Scouts
7:00 pm Boy Scouts
Van Reserved for Covenant SS Class
8:00 am Preschool in CAC till Noon
8:00 am Preschool in CAC till Noon
1:00 pm Walking in Gym
8:30 am Early Traditional Worship
9:45 am Sunday School
11:00 am Traditional Worship featuring
Bible Believer’s Choir
11:00 am EVOLVE Worship
4:30 pm Confirmation Class
4:30 pm Handbell Choir
5:30 pm Youth Activities
Ash Wednesday
County Schools Out
City Schools Back in Session
8:00 am Preschool in CAC till Noon
10:30 am Staff Meeting
1:00 pm Walking in Gym
5:15 pm Bible Believer’s Choir
6:00 pm Youth Bible Studies
6:30pm Ash Wednesday Service
7:30 pm Chancel Choir
Calhoun First United Methodist Church
205 E. Line Street
P.O. Box 517
Calhoun, GA 30703
Calhoun, GA