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“Train up a child in the
way he should go and,
when he is old, he will not
depart from it.”
Proverbs 22:6
Building Kingdom Leaders
Fall/Winter, 2005-06
The Newsletter of Augusta Christian Schools
Why Do My Children Need a Christian Education?
by Joel Woodcock, Headmaster
his year marks my thirtieth year working in the field of Christian education. I have been a teacher,
a coach, a principal and now a headmaster. Over the years I have talked to many individuals and
groups of people about the great need for their children to experience a Christian education. I am a
firm believer that Christian schooling is a vital support system to the Christian family. In this article I will discuss a few reasons why I believe that Christian schooling is important and essential to building
the next generation of Kingdom leaders.
I’ve heard many parents tell me that they don’t send their children to a Christian school because we
need Christian kids in the public schools to be salt and light. I once heard Dr. Paul Keinel, former President
of the Association of Christian Schools International, give an excellent response to this idea. He said, “we
don’t send out ambassadors to another county to represent the United States of America until they are fully
trained. Why do we send our children out to represent the Lord Jesus Christ in the public school when they
are not fully equipped or trained?” Christian schools, the Christian family, and the local church are the training grounds to prepare and equip our children to be the salt and light to our lost world. Sending them out before they are fully trained may
lead to devastating consequences.
On occasion I have talked to parents who think a Christian school doesn’t prepare students for the real world. They believe that
the Christian school is nothing more that a “greenhouse” which protects their children and isolates them from the real world. I would ask
this question, “How much of the real world do you want your children to experience and be exposed to before they graduate from high
school?” We live in a sinful world. A Christian school is not a perfect environment because sin indwells all of us since we have fallen
short of the glory of God. However, the Christian school will teach young people God’s Word so they will recognize sin and learn to
practice righteousness. If we can protect our children for a little while from both evil and the “world’s system” praise the Lord!
We are fortunate that Columbia County schools are ranked among the very best in the State of Georgia. The elementary schools
produce good test scores and provide an excellent education. I’ve heard many parents say that when their child enters middle school they
will consider sending them to a Christian school. Unfortunately, this may be too late. Children entering their teen years often resist moving to a new school. Their friends become the most important influence in their life. As good as our public schools may be, a different educational philosophy pervades the entire public school system. God has been taken out of the classroom, and prayer is not welcomed—only
a moment of silence. The public school system applauds tolerance but doesn’t practice it when it comes to Christianity. A child’s teacher
has great influence over molding and shaping their minds in the way they think and reason. Christian teachers teaching in a Christian
school have the freedom to integrate God’s truth into all aspects of curricula and be a Godly role model to the children they teach. The
foundation and formation that takes place in elementary school is critical. We see many children come to a saving knowledge of Jesus
Christ in the elementary program. The next step is the process of discipling them in their faith—building them into mature believers in
Finally, I heard many parents say that they just can not afford to send their children to a Christian school. This, in fact, may be
true for some people, but not for the vast majority. I have seen God provide the financial resources for families time and time again as
they trust God and make Christian schooling the highest priority for their children. What price does one put on a high school graduate that
is sold out to Jesus Christ, prepared as a Kingdom leader, and equipped to serve Jesus in their vocation and ministry?
Christian schooling will enable the learner to develop a biblical world-view from which they will build future relationships, a career, a family and a philosophy of life. The Christian school exists to assist parents in helping their children develop a fuller understanding
of God.
In closing let me share a verse of scripture that puts it all in perspective. III John 3:4 “I have no greater joy than to hear that my
children walk in truth.”
Institutional Advancement at ACS
Greetings from the High School!
by Dr. John Bartlett, Vice-President
by Carolyn Giddens, High School Principal
ctivities in the area
of Development and
Community Outreach are at an all
time high. Heading the list of official school fundraisers for the
2005-2006 year was the Annual
reetings from the
high school! As I’m
writing this, it’s
three days before
Christmas break, it’s chilly outside with what appears to be
snow clouds on the horizon, and
I have a cup of coffee and snacks
baked by a parent. Does it get
much better? I as reflect over
the past few months of this
school year, I think not! I am so grateful to be a part of this
ministry. We have had a super school year thus far. August began auspiciously with our annual senior retreat. Our
seniors had a great time, but more importantly, the Holy
Spirit, through our faculty, ministered them to. Many came
back with a burning passion to be what God has called
them to be, and some received salvation! During Spiritual
Emphasis Week in September, Pastor Mitchell from Restoration Church spoke to the students and faculty about finding God’s purpose and destiny for our lives. We were all
truly blessed and challenged by Pastor Mitchell to seek
God’s purpose and will. Homecoming brought the usual
fun and shenanigans culminating with our homecoming
game and the crowning of the queen. Oh yeah, and our
football team won a state championship! Of course, as the
holidays approach, the wonderful ACS parents who are always so generous to students and faculty truly have blessed
us all.
By the time you read this, however, the holidays
will have come and gone, and the winter months will find
us longing for the first signs of spring, spring break, and of
course, summer! The administration begins preparing for
registration and the next school year, and we seek God to
bring those students and families He desires to be a part of
the Augusta Christian family. As the months pass so
quickly, I would really like for our faculty, staff, board of
directors, parents, and students to meditate upon and be
thankful for Augusta Christian Schools. The faculty and
administration of this school really strive to make ACS a
place where students are loved and nurtured in the Gospel.
Our mission is to build kingdom leaders, and we take this
task seriously. We work in children’s lives to equip them
to do what God has called them to do, to be a light shining
in the midst of a wicked generation, to stand firm for the
Gospel of Christ; in other words, for what is eternal in
God’s kingdom, not what is temporal in this world. Please
keep ACS in your prayers, because we face a real enemy
who seeks to steal, kill, and destroy, but greater is He who
is in us than he who is in the world! Thanks be to our Lord
and Savior, Jesus Christ, our Redeemer.
Coupon Book Sale. Mike Adams,
President of CCI, the sponsoring
company, directed the “kick off” with his usual enthusiasm
and exciting bag of tricks. The students, especially those in
the elementary and middle school divisions, really responded as they got ready for the exciting two-week event.
Sales for this years event totaled in excess of $60,000.
As soon as the Coupon Book sale ended, it was
time to begin the biggest fund raising program of the year,
the Annual Fund Campaign. Continuing the familiar Vision theme, “Celebrate the Vision” was selected for this
year. A phone-a-thon conducted by parents and staff was
used for the final phase of the campaign. To date, in excess
of $44,000 has been raised with contributions being received on a daily basis.
The fall festival held on the first weekend of November and, as usual, was one of the most exciting events
of the year. It is one of the few times that bring the entire
school community together for a great time of fun and fellowship. Each class is required to take an active part in the
event, and student and faculty attendance is required. Each
school organization pushes its wares as well as some
“outside” groups who set up booths and share their profits
with the school. One highlight of the day is the many fun
activities provided for the children. The ACS senior class
did a fine job at the grill serving great food for the hungry
crowd. A popular new item this year was the sale of hot
smoked Boston butts. Folks are still talking about how fantastic they were. The country kitchen, always a most popular department of the festival, brought in the largest dollar
amount of this year’s fair. The Silent Auction, always the
number one attraction of the fall festival, was not a part of
this year’s program and is being planned as a very special
separate event to be held in the spring.
Teaching Our Students to be Like Christ
Junior High—Off to a Fantastic Start
by Leanne Hines, Talent Development Principal
by Lauren Banks, Junior High Principal
hile summer is
usually a time for
slowing down a
little and planning
for the coming school year, this summer was very different. As the last
bell rang and students were dismissed
for the summer, the packing started.
Every teacher from elementary to
high school was headed to a new
At the elementary, the teachers and students are thrilled
with our new campus. From the spacious computer lab to the
comprehensive library, the new campus is an incredible blessing
for our students. Talent Development and mainstream classrooms are integrated by grade level making it easier for teachers
to collaborate and pool their resources.
On the middle and high school campus, teachers and
students appreciate the renovations the campus got over the summer. The fresh paint and new graphics in the hallways enhanced
the appearance of our campus and received good reviews from
the students. Teachers are taking advantage of their new space.
By departmentalizing the middle school and high school classrooms, the teachers are able to spend time together planning and
reviewing lesson plans and curriculum.
From our elementary to our high school, our students are
supporting many area mission projects. Our students have been
busy filling shoeboxes for Samaritan’s Purse and contributing
items for Military Care packages. Other projects include a food
drive, writing letters to military serving overseas, and distributing
gifts to our local neighbors at Thanksgiving.
Plans are underway for several field trips which will
take our students to plays, the zoo, Savannah, Charleston and
even Washington, DC. Through these experiences our students
are exposed to valuable lessons outside the classroom. While
learning about history, science and literature, the students will
participate in hands-on activities which will enrich their educational experience.
Throughout this year as we work with our students, the
heart of each teacher is Philippians 1:9-10, “And this is my
prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge
and depth of insight, so that you may be able to discern what is
best and may be pure and blameless until the day of Christ.” As
important as teaching history, science, English, and math is, our
most important job is teaching our students to be like Christ.
he first semester of the
2005-2006 school year was
great! Our sixth, seventh,
and eighth graders are making great strides spiritually, academically and physically. The energy
level in our Middle School is at an all
time high! Our students honor God,
daily, with their lives. Many times,
the Middle School years are a crossroads for students. At Augusta Christian Schools we know that
“Everything comes from God alone. Everything lives by his
power, and everything is for His glory” Romans 11:36. Life
changing decisions are often made and we, as Christian school
educators, partner with the home and church to help provide the
guardrail that keeps students on the narrow road that leads to success as they become Kingdom Leaders for Christ. “The man
without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder – a waif, a nothing, a no man” – Thomas Carlyle.
Academically, the Middle School program provides
Christian-based instruction in all areas. Our students take English, Math, Science, History and Bible. Students may choose
from the following elective courses: Introductory Spanish, Life
Skills, Study Skills, Art, Keyboarding, Chorus or Band. Physical
Education is a daily requirement as we recognize the need for
Middle School children to expend energy, exercising their bodies
as well as their minds. “Love the Lord your God with all your
heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all
your strength” Mark 12:30.
Events for our students this fall included Spiritual Emphasis Week, Homecoming, Coupon Book Action Day, See You
at the Pole, SAT prep classes for TIP students, a trip to Charleston, the Augusta Ballet production of The Nutcracker, weekly
Chapel Services, Grandparents Day, the Fall Festival, Thanksgiving Breakfast, and the Augusta Players’ production of A Christmas Carol. Our students are busy with a full athletic program as
well. Our girls had the opportunity to participate in Cross Country and Cheerleading while our boys elected to play football or
run Cross Country as well. Now basketball season is here!
Springtime brings with it our glorious trip to Washington, DC for the eighth graders, and a new trip to The Golden Isles
for seventh graders, and a sixth grade trip to Ruby Falls. You
may keep abreast of news concerning these adventures on our
ACS web site, , or Kelly Tours’ site, Don’t miss out on these educational opportunities for your child. Information concerning all of these
adventures has been sent home. Please contact the school with
any questions that you may have.
Please continue to pray daily for Augusta Christian
Schools. God has richly blessed the ministry of ACS for fortyseven years. It is no accident that your child attends ACS, and
we are proud to be a part of God’s plan for your child’s future as
a Kingdom Leader for Christ. “God is the One who made all
things, and all things are for His glory. He wanted to have many
children share His glory.” Hebrews 2:10.
A Blessed, New Beginning
Sophomore College Visit Trip
by Cheryl Dryzga, Guidance Counselor
by Darrell Wells, Elementary Principal
od is and has been good
to us in the ACS Elementary. A beautiful
building, well done and
so usable, a campus in which elementary students can grow, and move,
and be children. Teachers have wonderful rooms, wide halls, a place for
chapel and group meetings, a fine
lunchroom, a library for elementary
only, and so much more. God
blessed us richly by moving in peoples’ lives and hearts to make this campus happen for the students and parents of Augusta Christian Schools. He has been
more than good.
But with that blessing by Him comes responsibility for
us. We are to still glorify Him in all we do and not become
complacent since we are in new surroundings. In Deuteronomy
6, the Lord reminds the Israelites of the wonderful blessings
they had received from Him, and then in verse 12, He warns
them: “then beware, lest you forget the Lord…”. We need to
remember where our blessings come from and not forget that He
is not only the provider of good gifts, but also the owner and
creator of all things. All of the new buildings, the land, the main
campus, etc., in all of it, we are stewards of His world.
He is also the God of “new beginnings” that we are enjoying now. On the elementary campus, we are, and will continue, adding and making adjustments to this building and campus to improve its service to students, families, and teachers.
The playground has had a safe initial opening. Items for the future are still being planned for the playground as God provides
for them. The same is true for the building. Future adjustments
and better ways to serve our students are continually under discussion and prayer. Library and band areas may need to be revamped for the future. Accelerated Reader is under way, but we
fully realize that we will need more books, more tests, more rewards, and more and upgraded computers to keep up with the
student demand. We will need to readjust carline procedures
after the completion of Fury’s Ferry Road. Teachers look at different curriculum (subject) areas each year to adjust for program
needs that come up over time. So, in a sense there are always
new beginnings here. This year was a wonderful one for new
physical surroundings and, in turn, hopefully lifted us spiritually
to be more thankful to the Lord and in tune with His will for this
All of the elementary students were present at the ribbon cutting of this facility. The ribbon cutting was a symbolic
act of a new beginning, and the students were there to witness it
and hopefully appreciate that they had a part. The children were
perhaps the single most important part, outside of God Himself,
who celebrated on that day. This building will glorify God, but
it was put together to hold students who are being taught here to
love and worship Him. Each one of them represents a blessed,
new beginning for ACS and for the Lord.
ugusta Christian
Schools’ sophomores
were invited to sign
up to attend a Georgia-Tennessee College Visit trip
held in March 2005. Twenty-two
students visited seven college campuses including Emory University,
Georgia State University, Berry
College, Shorter College, Covenant
College, Bryan College and Lee
University. Students toured college campuses, heard from admissions financial aid offices, sat in on classes, ate in student
cafeterias, and learned about college academics, athletics and
campus activities. In addition to visiting college campuses, students were able to have fun – activities included Bowfire at the
Fox Theater, Sharks at the Chattanooga I-Max and the Atlanta
The objective of the Sophomore College Visit Trip was
to give students exposure to different type of colleges. The colleges the group visited included Christian, public and private
schools. Exposing students to colleges during the tenth grade,
will allow them to make informed decisions about selecting a
college in the eleventh and twelfth grades. Hearing from admission representatives provides students with insight regarding
high school achievement and helps them set goals for their future. Mrs. Hines attended the trip as a chaperone with her tenth
grade daughter, Hilary. Mrs. Hines stated, “The College Visit
Trip is the most important trips college-bound students will take
during high school.”
This year’s college visit trip will be from March 20 –
March 22. Information about the trip will be sent home soon.
The Arts are Fine at ACS
by Jan Little, Fine Arts Coordinators
t is so amazing to realize how
much has already been accomplished in this school
year! Many of our ACS Fine
Arts students have already participated in various competitions and
auditions, performed numerous
times, and entertained and ministered in our community. Students
have exhibited excellence, talent,
and skill in all areas of our Fine Arts
program: band, chorus, art, and drama.
We are very pleased to welcome Mr. Bob Willing as
our new band director! He recently retired from teaching in
Columbia County, and we will greatly benefit from his many
years of experience, his expertise, and his enthusiasm for teaching and serving the Lord. He and his wonderful assistant, Jack
Greene, have done an excellent job laying the foundation and
teaching the basics to over 40 fourth and fifth grade beginning
band students. It was thrilling to hear how well they were already
playing at their fall concert, November 21! In the coming weeks,
thirteen students will audition for the Georgia All-State Band,
several students will participate in the UGA Midfest, and many
students will participate in the GMEA solo and ensemble festival.
Garrett Sisson and Matthew Stroud have been playing with the
ASU Conservatory Middle School Wind Symphony. Andy
House and William Sessions recently auditioned for the Augusta
Symphony Concerto Competition. In the spring our band students will play for a luncheon at Washington Commons and will
participate in the GMEA Band Festival.
Chad Hubbard’s drama students are learning storytelling
techniques and are working toward performing their own stories.
We were all very entertained at their drama performance on November 17. These talented high school students will participate
in the SCISA One Act Play Competition on January 17. The students will be performing Tom Stoppard’s Fifteen Minute Hamlet.
Our visual arts students, taught by Marynell Parker and
Jaime McKie, have been working hard, too. Students from first
through twelfth grade entered the SCISA Art Festival for the first
time. Rebecca Principi won first place in ninth and tenth grade
photography at the Georgia National Fair. She also won two
honorable mentions for two other photographs at the state level.
We want to congratulate and thank Mrs. Parker and her students
for the fine job they did preparing our homecoming scenery.
I am excited to have the opportunity to teach many new
students as well as all the faithful, returning chorus students this
year! We have 153 students in our choral program, and they are
all learning how to sing with sill and excellence. Our Fall Concert on October 10 was wonderful and the Christmas Choral Concert on December 5 was even better. The High School Chorus
sang backup for Steve Green at his concert on December 16, and,
as always, it was an awesome privilege for our students. They
did an outstanding job! Nineteen of our seventh through twelfth
grade students auditioned for the Georgia All-State Chorus and
various choral groups have performed for senior adult luncheons,
our Pastor Appreciation Breakfast, and Grandparents’ Day.
March will be a busy month as selected students participate in the SCISA Music Festival and four choral groups participate in the GMEA Choral Festival. We are very excited to announce that our high school chorus and drama students will present Hello, Dolly! on April 20-22.
Fine arts represents some of the deepest levels of communication and expression known to man. We encourage parents
to join our Fine Arts Foundation to help support our students as
they become better equipped to communicate and express God’s
WE are AC!
by Bruce Lane, Athletic Director
he Lord continues to bless
in mighty ways at Au-
gusta Christian. Our Athletic Program has made a
lot of noise in the last 12 months as we
have transitioned into the South Carolina Independent School Association.
Dating back to last year our teams
captured region titles in softball, boys
tennis, baseball, and girls track.
We have produced individual state champions in tennis,
swimming, and boys and girls track. Our cheerleaders have also
qualified to compete in the National Christian Cheerleading
Competition in January. Our boys tennis team and our girls track
team both finished as state runners up, and our baseball and football teams have both captured state titles! God is good all the
time, and all the time God is good!
The future is very bright for ACS Athletics. Our Booster
Club has continued to grow the past four years and is off to a fine
start this year providing both financial and “spirit” support to our
teams. Future plans for our athletic program include development
of new athletic teams and facilities.
ACS teams are not only pushed to excel athletically but
also academically, and most importantly spiritually. Many of our
athletes continue their careers on the collegiate and even professional levels. ACS athletics is making a difference in the lives of
our student-athletes today and for eternity!
The 2005-2006 school year also marks the 10th anniversary of our boys basketball team’s first ever state title. Through
the years God has truly blessed us and our athletic programs and
our kids have reaped the rewards of being faithful. God has and is
honoring their faithfulness! Matthew 19:26 says “with man it is
impossible, but with God all things are possible.” We believe
that and even though the past and present have been very good,
we believe the best is yet to come!
WE are AC!
Follow the Vision Donors 2004-2005
(November 18, 2004 to
November 15, 2005)
ACS Alumni
Adams, Mike
Adkins, James & Bess
Axon, Gregory & Marianne
Ballis, Brock
Bartlett, John & Ruth
Bragg, Brice Harold
Cason, Charles & Cynthia
Clark, Frances
Crites, Sean & Stephanie
Fahy, John & Rosann
Feske, Tom & Susanne
Freeman, Bill & Carol
Geddings, Coke & Jo Ann
Greene, David & Lisa
Halvorsen, Bob & Billie
Harmon, Harry & Trish
Hodnett, Laurie
Hogan, Leonard & Anne
Hook, Jack & Connie
Jackson, Gail
Knight, Clifford & Joyce
Lawrence, Anthony & Misty
Maddox, Bobbie
McClure, Charles & Catharine
Mosley, Larry & Patricia
Murphy, Jennings
Murphy, Judy
Newman, Lisa
Newman, Walter
Oellerich, Ted & Carla
O'Neal, David & Elizabeth
Parker, Marynell & Terrance
Parkman, Patricia
Phoenix-Commercial Printers
Reynolds, Becky
Roberson, Cliff
Rose, John & Sabrina
Ruffner, John & Deborah
Smith, Vernon
Spratling, John & Susan
Stapleton, Steven & Ingrid
Stewart, Richard & Linda
Sullivan, Bill & Emily
Tomberlin, Michael & Vicky
Vincent, &Andrew & Janet
Wells, Darrell
Woodcock, Joel & Patty
Wunnenberg, Don & Betty
York, Ronald & Melrose
Celebrate the Vision Donors 2005-2006
(as of November 15, 2005)
Allred, Astrid
Axon, Gregory & Marianne
Best, Fred & Sharon
Blair, David & Jill
Bussiere, Thomas & Laura
Butler, Eddie & Tammy
Cheeks, Dennis & Lisa
Crean, Kevin & Diane
Deas, Kenneth & Joy
Fahy, John & Rosann
Fekula, Jacqueline
Fields, James & Rosemary
First General Of The CSRA,
Frey, Joseph & Jackie
Gaddini, Paige
Graham, Mark & Faye
Grimaud, Juliette
Grimes, Kim
Hall, George & Margaret
Hamilton, Benjamin & Deborah
Hart, Rubye
Herzwurm, Paul & Sandra
Hesemann, Richard & Colleen
Hitt, Bruce & Catherine
Hodgens, Hal
Hodnett, Laurie
Hook, Jack & Connie
Hooker, Gail
Jackson, J.C.
Johnson, Richard & Linda
Keith, Brian & Debbie
Keller, Karl & Rebecca
Lagowicz, Eleanor
Leahy, Edward & Yolanda
Lewright, Bill & Tzaolcan
Luckey, Lloyd & Lynn
Martin, William & Heide
Marvicsin, David & Linda
Milton, Rick & Pam
Moore III, James
Morgan, Carter & Robin
Morris, David & Dolly
Mutimer, Janice
Newell, Stephen & Norma
Noto, Mark & Penny
O'Brien, Michael & Stephanie
Oellerich, Ted & Carla
Parker, Marynell & Terrance
Perry, Dennis
Pond, Betty
Popplewell, Michael & Christie
Satcher, Walton & Karen
Saul, James & Sandy
Schneider, Thomas & Carolyn
Shaw, Gary & Kathy
Shead, John
Snyder, Michael & Marianthe
Surles, Julie
Swain, Mark
Thompson, Ricky
Thorne, M. Butler & Deborah
Vintson, Kurt & Kelly
Washington, Harvey & Helen
2004-2005 Building Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Bussiere
(November 18, 2004 to November 17, 2005) Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Walters
Chuck Smith & Paula Price
First General of the CSRA
Mr. & Mrs. Barry Whitney
Dale Hesse
Donald Akins
Dr. & Mrs. Charles G. McClure
Dr. & Mrs. Enoch Tsai
Dr. & Mrs. George Bell
Dr. & Mrs. James W. Fields
Dr. & Mrs. John B. Bartlett
Dr. & Mrs. William Martin
Dr. & Mrs. William Tumlin
Dr. & Mrs. William Wright
Dr. Ted Oellerich
Drs. Paul Herzwurm
John S. Smith Sr.
Marks Baptist Church
Miss Joyce Weil
Miss Melissa Wright
Mr. Alan Brosious
Mr. & Mrs. Alva Stephens
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Lewright
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Berry
Mr. & Mrs. Cam Sherer
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Bates
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Pair
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Taylor
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Hanson
Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Renfro IV
Mr. & Mrs. Clay A. Ghann
Mr. & Mrs. Coke Geddings
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Hobbs
Mr. & Mrs. David & Erin Adkinson
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Giddens
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Nelson
Mr. & Mrs. Philip B. Palacz
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Conway
Mr. & Mrs. R.O. Parriott
Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Hesemann
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Halvorsen
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Banks
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald H. York
Mr. & Mrs. Stan C. House
Mr. & Mrs. Steven E. Burroughs
Mr. & Mrs. Wendell Evans
Mr. & Mrs. Will Wallace
Mr. & Mrs. William Hatcher
Mr. Edgar F. Whitmore, Jr.
Mr. James A. Moore III
Mr. Matthew J. Murphy
Mrs. Anne C. Barton
Mrs. Aurelia Jernigan
Mrs. Carolyn Usry
Mrs. Catherine Deas
Mrs. Cheryl Mattox
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Mrs. Esther Dickey
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Mrs. Jacqueline Fekula
Mrs. Jane Dennis
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Mrs. Katherine Jarrell
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Mr. & Mrs. David Marvicsin
Mr. & Mrs. Davis Mortensen
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Mr. & Mrs. Gary Harden
Mr. & Mrs. George Singleton
Mr. & Mrs. Horace Usry
Mr. & Mrs. J.C. Jackson Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Jae Kim
Mr. & Mrs. James Hatcher
Mr. & Mrs. James Knight
Mr. & Mrs. James Leonard
Mr. & Mrs. James Sorrell
Mr. & Mrs. Joel K. Woodcock
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Gay
Mr. & Mrs. Johnny Rogers
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Lutz
Mr. & Mrs. Julius Harden
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Walker
Mr. & Mrs. Lee & Susan Jernigan
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Gilliam
Mr. & Mrs. Marynell Parker
Mr. & Mrs. Micah Boylston
Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Cave
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Reese Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Tomberlin
Mrs. Mary Lynn Edenfield
Mrs. Michael J. Murphy
Mrs. Sheron Clayton
Ms. Cheryl Dryzga
Ms. Diana Morris
Ms. Mary Parker
Mrs. Valerie Smith
Rev. & Mrs. Charles Looper
Rev. & Mrs. Tony Wilkerson
Mr. Walter Turner
Mrs. Margaret Wilson
The Goshen Seniors
Mr. & Mrs. Cecil Beasley
Mr. & Mrs. Scarborough
Mrs. Barbara A. Burch
Mr. & Mrs. Dewey McGee
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bishop
Mr. Leon Helmly, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. William Wingate
Mr. & Mrs. Johnny Wingate
Mrs. Baxley’s Third Grade
Mr. & Mrs. Bales
Mrs. Robinson
Mr. & Mrs. Fowler
Mrs. Gail House
Kelley Appliance
Mr. Timothy Goaley
Mrs. Patricia Bush
Mrs. Clara Kilpatrick
Mr. Ron Howard
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Norton
Mr. Claude Harris
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Taylor
Mr. Vaughn Taylor
2004 Remembrance Gifts
In Memory of
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Palacz
Brice Harold Bragg
In Honor of
James L. Adkins
Wilbert L. Sullivan
Bill Freeman
David Greene
Walter Newman
Don Wunnenberg
Leonard D. Hogan
Mr. & Mrs. John Spratling
Andy Adkins
Gene Baxley
Jenny & Troy Freeman
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Jason Washington
Clifford Knight
2004-2005 Building Fund Remembrance Gifts
(November 18, 2004 to November 17, 2005)
In Memory Of
Mr. Brice Bragg Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Palacz
Brice Harold Bragg
Brice Harold Bragg,
Jennie H. Crosby
Joseph E. McDermott
Mrs. Blanche S. Sartin
Mr. & Mrs. F. F. Glisson
Mrs. Janice Brosious
Mr. Bob Fisher
Richard F. Heseman
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Banks
Mr. & Mrs. Cam Sherer
Mr. Alan Brosious
Mrs. Linda Jennings
Avery Willis
Avery Willis
Avery Willis
Avery Willis
Avery Willis
Avery Willis
Avery Willis
Avery Willis
Avery Willis
Avery Willis
Avery Willis
Avery Willis
Avery Willis
Avery Willis
Avery Willis
Avery Willis
Avery Willis
Avery Willis
Avery Willis
Avery Willis
Avery Willis
Avery Willis
Avery Willis
Avery Willis
In Honor Of
Mr. James Moore, III
Beth Harden
Jan Little
Keith Walton
Katie York
Elementary Faculty and
Mr. Darrell Wells
2005 Celebrate the Vision Remembrance Gifts
In Memory Of
Gail House
Dan & Leanne Hines
Michael & Jacqueline Fekula
Gerald & Becky Reynolds
Judy Peeler
Charles & Geraldine Scruggs
Charles & Nan Taylor
Ernie & Norma Glover
Kari Strickrott
Gail Hooker
Snyder-Wahl Family
Robert A. House
Scott Kutlik
Scott Kutlik
Scott Kutlik
Scott Kutlik
Scott Kutlik
Scott Kutlik
Scott Kutlik
Scott Kutlik
Scott Kutlik
Philip R. Wahl Sr.
very effort has been made to include all of the names of our Vision donors. If an omission has occurred, please
accept our apology and notify the development office. These donors are as of November 15, 2005.
wo new staff
members have
been added to the
school Development team. Both are ACS
Alumni, and both are
graduates of the class of
1998. Christal Duggan is
the daughter of Dr. and
Mrs. Billy Duggan, and
Matt and Christal take time out from Matt Murphy is the son of
busy schedules to pose for a picture. the late Dr. Mike Murphy
and Mrs. Judy Murphy.
After graduation, Christal enrolled at Augusta State
University and graduated in 2003 with a BS degree in Criminal
Justice. She reenrolled in a masters program, which she completed in 2005 earning her graduate degree in public administration. Christal returned to her Alma mater in June of 2005 assisting in every phase of the development program. Her exceptional
computer skills have made possible the updating of development
files and making possible the full benefit of all available programs. Christal says of her return to her Alma mater, “I thank the
Lord every day for opening up this great opportunity for me to
come back to my Alma Mater and be a part of the exciting happenings that are currently taking place at ACS. This experience
has allowed me to give back to the school my service in appreciation for what it gave me spiritually, academically and socially.
I look forward to see the ways the Lord is going to use me along
with the other dedicated workers who together seek to accomplish His work at ACS.”
After his ACS graduation, Matt enrolled at Sanford
University in Birmingham where he pursued A BS in Business
Administration. During his years at Sanford, he enjoyed membership in Sigma Chi Fraternity. Matt was actively involved in a
variety of intramural sports and participated in the campus outreach ministry. Now reflecting on his return to Augusta, and
becoming a staff member at his Alma mater he says, “It is not
only wonderful to be back in my hometown, beautiful Augusta,
but to be back as a member of my beloved ACS family. In my
years in Birmingham, Alabama where I served as an assistant
Golf pro at the Greystone Country Club, I would always ‘check
in’ on the happenings at ACS. I was always anxious to get news
from 313 Baston Road. News of improvements in the academic
program, fine arts and in the athletic program always excited me.
Very important to me were the things I heard about the wonderful impact that the spiritual atmosphere had on the lives of the
students. I personally feel honored and blessed to be a part of all
the exciting things that are currently happening at ACS. The future looks bright as we continue to experience the miraculous
things that the Lord has in mind for ACS.”
Gift from Alumnus in Iraq
Recently, Mr. Avery Willis, ACS students John
and Jared Talman’s grandfather, passed away. Mr. Willis
had lived in Augusta 46 years with his wife Carolyn and
retired after 42 years of Federal Civil Service. The family
designated Augusta Christian Schools Building Fund,
Elementary Division, as the recipient for memorial gifts.
We are very sad for their loss and very appreciative to the
family for remembering ACS. We are pleased to announce that 25 gifts have been received for a total of over
We recently received a very generous donation to
the Vision Campaign from Michael and Marianthe Snyder. Michael graduated from ACS in 1986 and is currently deployed as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom supporting the global war on terrorism. Michael writes,
“This gift is in memory of my late uncle, Philip R. Wahl,
Sr., who was a strong supporter of the school’s development on Baston Road in the 1970’s, and his support made
possible my 13 years of education at ACS.”
Michael also writes, “I pray that all is well and
the school year has been productive. I frequently visit the
website to see the progress that is ongoing and the continued success of the sports program. Thank you for all that
you do to ensure that ACS fulfills the vision of providing
Kingdom Leaders through Christian education and development. We continue to pray for God’s blessings on the
Thank you Michael and Marianthe and we pray
God's protection for you.
One of our parents works at Georgia Pacific, who
matches all charitable gifts. This parent gave $1000 and
completed the matching gifts form, which means that Augusta Christian Schools will receive an additional $1000
from Georgia Pacific. So……… he doubled his gift!
Maybe you can too.
Check to see if your employer has a MATCHING
ACS Students Selected for Duke TIP Program
These Augusta Christian
School Students were selected recently to participate in the Duke University Talent Identification Program (TIP). The TIP Talent Search is
now beginning its twenty-sixth year
and is the largest program of its kind
in the nation. The Talent Search identifies academically talented 7th graders based on standardized test scores
achieved while attending elementary
or middle school. Candidates are identified and invited to complete either
the SAT I: Reasoning Test or the
ACT Assessment college entrance
examination. Through the sharing of
information, programming, recognition ceremonies, and the special attention that is inherent in the Talent
Search identification process, TIP offers supplementation of local efforts to motivate, enrich, and academically challenge some of our community’s brightest young
Senior Receives Scholar Athlete Award
Senior Receives Tennis Honor
ACS Senior Troy
Freeman was selected by the
US Tennis Association
South Carolina as the 2005
Mark Hodgin Jr. Boy’s
Sportsmanship winner.
USTA South Carolina formally recognized Troy at
their Hall of Fame Banquet
December 3 at the Westin
Resort on Hilton Head Island. Each year this organization chooses only one boy and girl to receive the
Sportsmanship Award for the entire year.
What an honor and blessing for Troy. Congratulations!
Congratulations to Larrie Reece (third from
left) who received the WJBF News Channel 6 200506 Scholar Athlete Award. A trophy was presented
to Larrie by employees of the Augusta Metro Federal Credit Union who co-sponsor the award. News
Channel 6 was on hand as well to film the event
which was aired on TV recently.
Student Nominated to Compete in National Principal’s Leadership Program
nna Ruffner, an Augusta Christian Schools senior, has been nominated to
compete in the national Principal’s Leadership Program (PLA) scholarship program, sponsored by the National Association of Secondary
School Principals (NASSP). Herff Jones, Inc., funds the PLA program.
Carolyn Giddens, principal, Augusta Christian Schools, today announced the
nomination, which places Ruffner in the national competition. One hundred national
PLA winners will be chosen this spring to receive $1,000 college scholarships.
Principal Giddens wrote about Anna, “Anna works hard in serving her senior
class this year as their president. She completes her assignments and tasks on time,
and with joy. In addition, she has a huge responsibility in working with the fund raising for our senior mission trip that will take place in May. Anna never grumbles,
complains, or makes excuses. However, one aspect that really sets her apart as a
leader is that she is always kind to her classmates, even to those to whom others are not so kind.”
High school principals from across the country could nominate one of their student leaders. Nominees were
selected based on their leadership skills, participation in service organizations and clubs; achievements in the arts
and sciences; employment experience; and academic record. They were also required to write an essay.
“NASSP is proud to recognize the efforts of talented young people like Ruffner,” said Gerald N. Tirozzi, executive director, NASSP. “She deserves to be commended for her excellence in the classroom and community.”
In recognizing leadership in co-curricular activities as well as academic performance, the PLA scholarship
recognizes the importance of well-rounded education. Co-curricular activities are an essential part of the school curriculum.
While at Augusta Christian Schools, Ruffner has been the president of her class in the eleventh and twelfth
grades, a member of the chorus, Beta club and Spanish club and involved in community service projects including
the soup kitchen and mission trips. This fall she plans to attend North Greenville College.
NASSP, the preeminent school leadership organization, serves as the national voice for middle level and
high school principals, assistant principals, and aspiring school leaders. NASSP promotes the intellectual growth,
academic achievement, character development, leadership development and physical well being of youth through its
programs and student leadership services. NASSP administrates the National Honor Society, the National Junior
Honor Society, and the National Association of Student Councils.
Senior Wins Local DAR Scholarship Contest
CS senior, Wayne House, won the College Hill Chapter Good
Citizen Program and Scholarship Contest recently. Upon
winning, his entry advanced to the Northeast District. The DAR
Good Citizen’s Scholarship Contest consists of two parts. In
the first part the student describes how he exhibits the qualities of a good
citizen. The second part involves writing an essay in a two-hour time limit on
this year’s selected topic—patriotism. Both parts represent 50% of the total
contest entry score. Wayne and his parents are invited to a recognition and
scholarship luncheon in May.
Student Volunteers
Student Logs in Hours at Doctor’s Hospital
Melany Lopez is volunteering at Doctor’s Hospital. She started working at
Doctor’s in June, and she has already accumulated 234 hours. Through this experience Melany has had exposure to many areas in the hospital including radiology,
the burn unit, the nursery, and human resources, and she enjoys working with the
doctors, nurses and patients. Melany has had an interest in studying medicine since
she was four years old, so Doctor’s Hospital is the perfect fit for realizing her dream
of one day becoming a doctor.
Her father, Juan Manuel Lopez, is a physician and just returned from a tour
of duty in Iraq. Her mother, Nahir Lopez, teaches Spanish in Augusta Christian’s
elementary school. Melany’s brother, Jean, graduated from Augusta Christian in
2004 and is currently attending Yale University.
ACS Senior Helps in Louisiana
Mark Beckman, ACS senior, went on a mission trip with Warren Baptist
Church to help the hurricane victims in Louisiana. Two teams, totaling sixteen people, helped New Zion Baptist Church in Covington, Louisiana.
When Mark arrived he was surprised most by all of the fallen trees. The
mission teams helped chop down and move the trees, repair roofs, and dig up
stumps. It was hard work, but what impressed Mark the most was how thankful the
people were. He learned that when you follow God’s plan for your life you see how
it impacts others in the church.
Community Service Hours
In order for students to learn what it means to be servant leaders, Augusta Christian requires all 9th –
12th grade students to perform community service hours. Community service hours must be completed as follows: 9th grade—6 hours, 10th grade—8 hours, 11th grade—12 hours and 12th grade—14 hours. Students
must perform service at approved community service providers such as Care Pregnancy Center, Golden Harvest
Food Bank, Ronald McDonald House, etc. (For a complete listing see the ACS Student Parent Handbook.)
Also summer mission trips and Vacation Bible School qualify for community service hours. The goal is to get
students to go outside of their usual daily contacts to help a social or community agency. When our students
meet the minimum requirements this year, they will have logged in a whopping 2,722 hours of volunteer community service! (This doesn’t include students who do many extra hours.) That is 2,722 hours of being salt and
light in our community and world! Jesus said, “When you have done it unto one of the least of these my
brother, you have done it unto me.” We salute our ACS student volunteers!
Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies
It was a great day on September 16 when the
Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies took place for our new Elementary Campus (see top three photos). Even the Elementary students participated with banners, signs and
NOISE! You should have heard the cheers! Several
local and state dignitaries were on hand for the day ceremony. A special thanks to Gordon Renshaw and the
Columbia County Chamber of Commerce for help in
putting together this great event.
Teachers, parents and friends attended the evening ceremony (see bottom two photos).
See You at the Pole—Call To Me
Over 200 students and adults gathered for the
annual See You at the Pole Prayer Rally. The
theme verse for this year was Jeremiah 33:3,
“Call to Me and I will answer you and show
you great and mighty things.” The student
council did a great job coordinating this great
prayer event.
Grandparents’ Day Was a Huge Success
Grandparents' Day 2005 was a huge success with nearly 400 grandparents visiting our campus. Grandparents enjoyed a
delicious breakfast provided by our ACS moms, an outstanding music program with performances by our students, and then visits to the classrooms. Thank you, grandparents for coming to our campus. We love you and love having you here! Thanks also
to our room mothers and especially Room Mother Chairs: Susan Jernigan, Laura Bussiere, Margaret Hall, Kim Stratton, Kim
Brown, and Cheryl Bragg who so graciously helped coordinate the breakfast.
Photos courtesy of
Rick Milton Photography.
Photos courtesy of
Rick Milton Photography.
Homecoming 2005
Photos courtesy of
Rick Milton Photography.
The Road to the Championship
Photos courtesy of
Rick Milton Photography.
2005 SCISA AAA Football State Champs
We are AC!
Congratulations to Coach
Lane, all of the assistant
coaches, and the football
players on Augusta Christian’s first ever football state
title! To God be the glory!
Photos courtesy of
Rick Milton Photography.
Fall Festival 2005
Some of these photos courtesy
of Coach Steve Green.
Steve Green Concert 2005
It is with heartfelt appreciation that we say thanks
to Mrs. Little and the high school chorus for the
outstanding job they did in singing backup for
Steve Green. It was awesome! Thanks also to
Pastor Harmon and West Acres Baptist Church for
use of their beautiful facilities and all of the ACS
Photos courtesy of
Rick Milton Photography.
1996 Basketball Team Honored at Night of Champions
On December 1, 2005, ACS honored the 1996
State Basketball Championship Team at the Garden City
Classic Basketball Tournament. This team became the
first in any sport to ever win a state title. Below is the
script that was read by Tony Wilkerson at the “Night of
Champions” celebration on December 1:
“We have a special presentation to make tonight.
Please go back in time with me to Saturday night, March
9, 1996. Augusta Christian Schools’ 1995-96 varsity boys
basketball team was playing Westfield School from Perry,
Georgia for the state championship at Georgia College in
Milledgeville. Everyone affectionately called this team the
“heart attack” kids because their games were always so
close. Well, this night was no different. It was a great
game with the lead going back and forth, as usual, by just a
few points. In the last quarter, the score was tied 66-all
with less than a minute left. With just under a minute left,
Westfield got the ball, went for a shot and missed. ACS’s
Greg Williams got the rebound and brought the ball down
to our end of the court with 32 seconds left. The plan was
to give the ball to Nick Isaac, but he was covered. Al
ACS 1996 State Basketball Championship Team pictured front left to right:
Coach Mike Gold, Sam Johnson, Nick Isaac, Al Gibbs, Allan Runner, Coach Gibbs got the ball, and with 8 seconds left he hit a 15 foot
Keith Walton. Back left to right: Jason Staten, Allen Hurt, Mark Halvorsen, jumper. The fans went wild as the Lions went up 68-66.
Nick Isaac stole the inbound pass to seal the deal, and the
Greg Williams. Not pictured: Joey Isaac, John Bates, and Will Thurmond
boys varsity basketball team became the first in the history
(deceased). (More photos on page 23.)
of Augusta Christian Schools to win a state championship
title. For those of us who were there it was an unforgettable night. There have been other state titles since then, but gentlemen,
you will forever live in Augusta Christian’s heart and history as the first. Tonight we honor you. Please line up and receive a
commemorative certificate as a small token of our appreciation and affection for you.” There were a lot of smiles—and a few
tears—as each team member received his certificate. They are pictured above with the 1996 state championship trophy. It was a
great night, and all of these young men expressed their deep appreciation at being honored in such a way.
ACS Alumni...Where Are They Now?
These are the alumni that we have heard from over the past year: Agusta, GA 30909; [email protected]
Greg Williams (1996). 404 Little Falls Way, Grovetown,
Melanie (Carpenter) Rodgers (1992). 3115 Sussex Road, GA 30813; [email protected]
Augusta, GA 30909. Melanie is married to Bryan and they have
Katie (Harden) Crosby (1997). 851 Stagecoach Road,
2 children: Hannah Grace (6) and Lyndsey Maree (2). Melanie Thomson, GA 30824. Katie is married to Michael and they
graduated from Augusta Tech with an LPN nursing degree. She have one daughter Kaleigh (2). She is a Warrants Clerk.
writes, “I have been blessed with a great life after leaving ACS.
Mark Halvorsen (1997). 1925 Old Hwy, Apt 2510, KenI have 2 precious girls and a wonderful husband. I am a stay at nesaw, GA 30152; [email protected]
home mom and a medical transcriptionist at home. We attend
Kelsey (Simmons) Nelson (1997). 1826 Quail Grove
Lane, Missouri City, TX 77459; [email protected]
Abilene Baptist Church and are very involved with all kind of
activities there. Thanks for sending this update magazine. It’s Kelsey is married to Jason and they have one daughter, Hannah,
born October 4, 2004. She graduated from Trinity International
University in 2001 with a degree in social science.
John and Liza (Romeo) Bates (1996). 2215 Pittswood
Dr., Nashville, TN 37214; [email protected] Visit
Sam Johnson (1998). 712 Stillwater Dr., Augusta, GA
Liza’s website at to find out more about the
Christian singing group that she’s in.
Joey Isaac (1999). 1721 South IH-35 East, Apt. 15103,
Waxahachie, TX 75165.
Al Gibbs (1996). 915 Pendland Rd., Covington, GA
30014; [email protected]
Chris Noah (1999). 726 Green Tree Cr., Apt. #303, Chesapeake VA 23320. Chris graduated from Virginia Military InstiAllan Runner (1996). 227 High Point Way, Evans, GA
tute in 2003 and is a graduate student at Regent University
30809; [email protected]
Nick Isaac (1996). 1925 Old 41 Hwy, Apt. 2510, Kenne- working towards his doctorate in clinical psychology. He works
saw, GA 30152; [email protected] Nick is a bas- at Virginia Beach Psychiatric Hospital and attends St. Michael’s
Lutheran Church.
ketball coach at Dominion Christian in the Atlanta area.
(Continued on next page)
Jason Staten (1996). 1014 Wheeler Woods Rd., Apt. C,
Melissa Wright (2002). 733 Deerwood Place, Evans,
GA 30809. Melissa writes, “It is very exciting to hear of all
the upcoming changes that are about to occur! Because I
attended ACS in K-5 and came back to attend the 6th-12th
grades it will always hold a special place in my heart. I
wanted to contribute something to the cost of upcoming expenses. Please keep sending me updates on the school; I
would love to hear about them!”■
Class Reunions
Class of 1996
The class of 1996 is planning a reunion for
this year. If you are interested contact Liza Romeo
Bates, 2215 Pittswood Drive, Nashville, TN 37214;
e-mail: [email protected]
More pictures from the 1996 State Championship
Basketball “Night of Champions”
Class of 1986
The Class of 1986 is getting together a reunion for
the spring of 2006. For more information contact
Laura Lindley Brown at [email protected]
Attention, Alumni!
(When is the last time we heard from YOU?)
Alumni Information Sheet
Name ________________________________________
Address ______________________________________
Year Graduated from ACS _______________________
Occupation ___________________________________
Married to ____________________________________
Children (Names/Ages) __________________________
Church you attend ______________________________
College ______________________________________
Major ____________________________ Year _____
Please tell us something about you (career, spouse,
special accomplishments, children, prayer needs, etc.)
(Use separate sheet if needed.)
Return to: Lynn Wilkerson, Augusta Christian Schools,
313 Baston Road, Martinez, GA 30907
Alumni: Let us hear from you! Please fill out the form
on this page and send it back to us. Thanks!
ACS Remembrance Fund
Given by (Name as you wish it listed for recognition) __________________________________________
Address ______________________________________________________________________________
City ________________________________________ State _________________ Zip _______________
Home Phone (____) _____ - _______
E-mail Address: ___________________________________
I wish to make a gift: In Honor of _______________________________________________________ or
In Memory of _____________________________________________________
I wish to designate my gift to ______________________________________________________________
Enclosed is my gift of $ ________________________ (Please make checks payable to Augusta Christian School.)
Please acknowledge my gift to:
Name ________________________________________________________________________________
Address ______________________________________________________________________________
City ________________________________________ State _________________ Zip _______________
All contributions are tax deductible. Please call Dr. John Bartlett at 706-863-2905, ext. 171,
or contact us at [email protected] for more information.
Re-Enrollment For 2006-2007 Has Begun
Re-enrollment for the 2006-07 school year is now underway. You may re-enroll any
day during regular business hours in the business office: 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Also remember out Tell-A-Friend Campaign this year. If you tell a friend and they
enroll, you will receive a $200 tuition/fee voucher for each child enrolled. Visit
our website at for all of the details. Remember to
enroll early to insure your student’s place for next year!
Augusta Christian Schools
313 Baston Road
Martinez, GA 30907
For information on enrollment
call Lauren Banks, Director of Admissions
(706) 863-2905, extension 144
U.S. Postage
Augusta, GA
Permit No. 189