INFUSION Ingrain, Ignite, Inspire

Ingrain, Ignite, Inspire
Dear Parents,
This year Mt. Bethel UMC will be holding INFUSION at Camp Evergreen at Camp Winfield. We are so
excited that your student will be joining us this year for an amazing fun time where we can worship Jesus,
play a lot of games, learn about how to live like Christ, fly down the slip „n slide, and more! Please read
this entire packet and return the Dispensing Medications/First Aid form with a copy of the student‟s
health insurance by June 15, 2011.
At Camp INFUSION it is our desire to ingrain, ignite, and inspire your students in their relationship with
Jesus Christ. Our theme this year is “Love2” where we will look into the words of Jesus Christ when he
gave the Greatest Commandment. Our scripture reference for the week is from Mark 12:30-31 “Love the
Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.
The second is this: „Love your neighbor as yourself.‟ There is no commandment greater than these.” We
will have TONS of games and recreation activities (including the blob, zipline, relay races, and a hike to a
waterfall) for your student as well as worship sessions.
Drop Off: Parents, please drop your student off at Camp Winfield on Sunday, June 19th. Directions are
included in this packet. Last names A-L check-in from 3:30-4:15pm; Last names M-Z check in from 4:305:15pm (to disperse traffic on the narrow camp road).
Please have your child wear their swimsuit to camp, after you check in and assist your student with their
luggage to their cabin to meet one of their counselors you will then walk them down to the lakefront
where the lifeguards will administer their swim test. You may leave after you have checked your student
in with their second counselor at the lakefront.
Return/Parents‟ Day: Parents, please arrive at Camp Winfield on Friday, June 24th at 9:30am to
participate in our closing session. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to be involved in your child‟s
spiritual growth and one of the most important parts our week. You won‟t want to miss this worship
experience with your student! INFUSION will end at 11:00 am, at which time you can take your
student(s) home.
Emergency Contact Information:
Camp Evergreen office: (706) 947-1459
Dianne Hylton: (678) 488-8761
Sherri Juliani (404) 697-7898 *
Chad Gilbert (678) 591-4403 *
Lauren Eden (678) 764-7533 *
* These are our cell numbers and cell coverage will be splotchy
What to bring:
- Bible/pen
- personal toiletries
- sleeping bag or sheets & blanket
- pillow
- modest clothes for 6 days (remember you are at camp and your clothes will get dirty! I‟d recommend a
few extra pairs of clothes in case you need to change mid-day)
- modest bathing suit (girls, please bring one pieces)
- towels/washcloth (recommend 1 towel for shower and 1 towel for outdoor water activities)
- flashlight
- garbage bag for dirty clothes to return home
- prescription medication that you might need
- insect repellent
- SUNBLOCK/burn lotion
- tennis shoes (probably 2 pairs)
- Sweatshirt, Jeans, and a long-sleeve shirt (the mountains can get cool)
- rain gear
- waterbottle (one that is durable and reusable for the whole week)
- bookbag (the bag should be big enough to fit the raincoat & water bottle inside; rain can come up
quickly in the mountains and we want to be prepared)
Items that might be useful:
- extra light jacket or sweatshirt
- hat/sunglasses
- camera (batteries/film)
- frisbee, football, volleyball, etc
- small alarm clock
- shower sandals
- $20
- fishing pole (if you would like to fish)
Please do NOT bring:
- excess money
- valuables
- iPods, video games, cell phones (the office
phone will be available for emergencies), etc.
- short shorts or skirts
- snacks or food packed in luggage (we will have
plenty of snacks, there are things we don‟t want
to attract to the cabins!)
Directions to Camp Winfield:
Total Est. Time: 2 hours
(MapQuest and GPS sometimes send you to the wrong place – so use these directions!)
Take I-85 north. Take I-985 north from I-85 in the area of the Mall of Georgia. (Which is on rt 20 actually,
between I-85 north and I-985) This has signage toward Gainesville, Ga. Follow I-985 to Gainesville area. I985 becomes Rt 365 (you do not turn - just go straight ahead). Rt 365 will become Rt 441 north. (Again
no need to take any exit or turn). Follow Rt 441 north to Clayton, Ga. In Clayton look for the WENDY's sign
on your right, turn at that intersection taking rt 76 WEST toward Blairsville, GA.
Follow the mile markers along the road, until you're at mile marker 5, going west on rt 76. There is a well
marked intersection taking you to the left on rt 197 south. Travel about 4-5 miles south on 197 until you
see a sign for Moccasin Creek State Park, which is located on your left. Directly across the road from
Mocassin Creek State Park you'll see a sign for "Camp Winfield" where you turn RIGHT onto
Andersonville Lane. This quickly becomes a forest service dirt road. It's just 1/2 mile up that dirt road to
Camp Winfield on your right. The dirt road has a dead-end parking lot just past the camp entry, so you
can't get lost on this road if you stay straight ahead to the Camp Winfield sign.
We are looking forward to seeing you and your students up there!
Children & Student Ministries
Please circle the medications that the group leader or nurse has permission to give your
Ibuprofen (ie advil, motrin)
Children's Ibuprofen
Children's Tylenol
Children's Benadryl
Pepto Bismal
Children's Maalox
Children's Immodium A-D
Stool Softener
Cough Drops
Benadryl Cream
Hydrocortisone Cream
This signed form must accompany all medication (prescription and over-the-counter). The
medication must be in its original container, and if it is a prescription medication it must
have your son‟s/daughter‟s name on the label. Medications are to be turned in to the
group leader before departure and will be returned home with your child.
Child‟s Name:____________________________________________________________
Time to be given:_________________________________________________________
Special instructions:_______________________________________________________
Time given
First Aider Initials