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 Title: A Guide to the Employment Act and Its Practical Applications Author: Martin Gabriel ISBN: 978-­‐981-­‐09-­‐3792-­‐8 Book Size: 210mm x 148mm Pages: 158 Price: $23.37 (before gst) | $25.00 (after gst) Year: 2015 Finish: Paperback Genre: Non Fiction Published by: HRmatters21 Co-­‐publisher: Pagesetters Services Pte Ltd Distributed by: Pagesetters Services Pte Ltd About the Book A Guide to
and Its Practical Applications
Martin Gabriel
This book discusses various key clauses of the EA and their applications with real-­‐life, practical examples. Its message is that knowing and applying the clauses within the EA is much more important than just reading the EA and remembering the various sections. In the corporate world, situations may vary and they are very often not presented in a black and white manner. Instead, they can be multi-­‐dimensional. This book will allow readers to have a better understanding about the clauses and how they can make the best use of employment law in order to meet corporate objectives. About Martin Gabriel Martin Gabriel began his career with the Ministry of Manpower as an Inspector enforcing the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act. With more than 20 years of experience as a HR Practitioner, Martin is presently the Chairman and Founder of HRmatters21, an online HR interest group with a vibrant forum where HR issues are discussed. As a Senior HR Consultant/Advisor, Martin provides advice & consultancy to numerous companies in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Martin is also involved in the development of Human Resources in Singapore. SAMPLE PAGES For book orders or further information, please contact: Chan Wai Han, Business Development Manager, Pagesetters Services Pte Ltd Tel: 6659 1749 / 9818 3992, [email protected] Ethos Books An imprint of Pagesetters Services Pte Ltd 28 Sin Ming Lane #06-­‐131 Midview City Singapore 573972 tel: (65) 66591749 fax : (65) 66591742 www.ethosbooks.com.sg | www.facebook.com/ethosbooks