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Connecting, Preserving,
and Inspiring
Through the care and preservation of its collection, the RD
Milns Antiquities Museum seeks to educate and innovate, by
engaging with its communities and with the past.
The RD Milns Antiquities Museum is the largest collection of
classical Mediterranean antiquities in Queensland. A highly
accessible teaching museum for both the general public and
university-level students and researchers, the Museum has
grown from a small collection of artefacts to a catalogue of
several thousands.
Monday to Friday 9:30am – 4:30pm and selected Saturdays
Level 2, Building 9 (Michie), University of Queensland, St Lucia
February Faces of the Empire Coin Exhibition
March 18 Collection Masterclass
April 2 Lemuria: A Festival of Mysteries
April 18 Museum Saturday Series
June Cyprus: An Island and A People Exhibition
July 11 Museum Saturday Series
August 15 Museum Saturday Series
August 26 Collection Masterclass
September Pharaohs and Ptolemies
Permanent Exhibition
October 30 Saturnalia: A Festival of Gods
Egypt, 1318 -1304 BC
Purchased from
Charles Ede Limited, 2001
Permanent Exhibitions
The Museum gallery features a range of
permanent exhibitions exploring aspects of
the ancient past. Two exhibits are currently
complete: Form & Function, examining ancient
Greek food and drink vases, and Style &
Sequence, tracing the chronology of ancient
Greek and Roman ceramics. In September
2015, a new permanent exhibition, Pharaohs
& Ptolemies, will open featuring the Museum’s
popular mummy-mask and other important
Egyptian artefacts.
Coin Exhibitions
In February 2015 a new coin exhibition will open
in the gallery focussing on the portraiture of the
early Roman emperors, from Augustus to Nero.
2015: CYPRUS
JUNE 2015 - MAY 2016
In 2015, the RD Milns Antiquities Museum will bring together
collections from across Australia, to investigate the centrality
of Cyprus and its people to the ancient world.
The exhibition will explore how the people of Cyprus
influenced, and were influenced by, contact with places such
as the Near East, Greece, and Rome with a focus on the
island’s position at the centre of the ancient trading networks
across the Mediterranean.
Kids can join Aphrodite on her exploration of Cyprus and the
ancient Mediterranean.
Activities will be on offer for the duration of the exhibition and
over the June/July school holiday period.
More information:
Lamp Holder
Cyprus, AD 200-300
Purchased from Charles Ede Limited, 1977
Saturday Series
On selected Saturdays in 2015, the RD Milns Antiquities
Museum is pleased to present a special Saturday Series:
a program of public lectures and events drawing on the
Museum’s collection.
Details on the program for each event will be posted on
our website one month prior.
The Museum gallery will be open from 10am-2pm for
general visitors.
Saturday 18th April
Saturday 6th June (Cyprus 2015 Opening Weekend)
Saturday 11th July
Saturday 15th August
More information:
A Festival of Mysteries
Archaeological Illustration
A staple in the Museum’s annual calendar, Lemuria, the
Roman festival of ghosts will return in 2015.
In first semester 2015, the Antiquities Museum invites you to a
masterclass in archaeological illustration. In this two hour session
you will examine the history of archaeological illustration, learn
some practical modern techniques and try your hand at drawing
items from the Antiquities Museum’s own collection. You will
also have a chance to learn about the Museum’s latest work in
3D modelling and printing – is this the future of archaeological
This year, Lemuria: A Festival of Mysteries invites visitors to
be mystai, or initiates, for the night, as the Museum journeys
into the mystery cults of the ancient world, from the famous
Eleusian Mysteries to the secret rites of Bacchus, and
Thursday 2nd April
Time: 6pm-9pm
Tickets on sale from Wednesday 4th March
More information:
Bell Krater
Campania, 375 -350 BC
Purchased from
Galleria Fallani, 1964
When: Wednesday 18th March
Masterclass: Numismatic
In second semester 2015, the Antiquities Museum hosts a
masterclass on numismatics – the art and science of examining
ancient coins. In this session you will learn about ancient coin
production and denominations in Greece and Rome, how to
identify the parts of a coin and how to read their complex system
of iconography. Using original coins from the Antiquities Museum’s
collection, this hands-on class will have you identifying mint-marks
with the best of them, and telling your Seleucid Staters from your
Denarii of Domitian.
When: Wednesday 26th August
More information:
Saturnalia: A Festival of
Saturnalia, the Roman festival of the god Saturn, is a chance
to for visitors to celebrate the successes of another year
while indulging extravagance and frivolity that is signature of
the festival.
In addition to wine, mirth, and canapés, this year’s Saturnalia
will feature the opening of the 2015 RD Milns Antiquities
Museum Intern exhibition.
Friday 30th October
Time: 6pm
Tickets on sale from Wednesday 7th October
More information:
Campania, 100 BC – AD 100
Gift of an anonymous donor, 1998
Apulia, c.330 BC
Purchased from Holland Coins
and Antiquities with funds from
the Alumni Association, 1982
‘Museum education programs do not teach
the course. Rather, a museum experience
augments and enlivens what occurs in
the classroom through an experience that
cannot be gained elsewhere’
Our structured school programs offer teachers a wide variety
of options for engaging their classes with the past. Using the
Museum’s extensive collection, this flagship program features
an in-gallery experience and hands-on workshops with our
experienced and knowledgeable guides.
This program is linked to a variety of curriculum units for
both year seven classes and senior ancient history, featuring
topics relating to Greece, Rome and Egypt. Our online
collection and staff expertise are also available as a resource
to teachers seeking to extend their classroom content with
practical resources.
Further details on programs can be found via our website:
Please contact us at any time to discuss options
for your school.
[email protected]
07 33653010
UQ Anthropology
In its exhibition program the
UQ Anthropology Museum
uses recent research to
challenge and expand
ideas about what an
Anthropological collection
can be in the 21st century.
The museum aims to
stimulate understanding and
debate about inter-cultural
issues across a wide range of audiences and disciplines.
Established in 1948, the Anthropology Museum holds a significant
collection of non-Western art and artefacts including contemporary
Pacific and Australian Indigenous artworks. It is the largest of the
University Museum Collections.
Opening at the end of February, Wild Australia: Meston’s Wild
Australia Show 1892–93 uses the photographs of Charles
Kerry, John William Lindt and Henry King to follow the journey
of 27 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island performers as part
of the “Wild Australia Show”. Curated by Michael Aird and
Mandana Mapar
UQ Art Museum
The UQ Art Museum is home to one of Queensland’s most
significant public art collections. With over 3,500 artworks,
the UQ Art Collection comprises Australian art – including a
focus collection of artists’ self-portraits – and the Nat Yuen
Collection of Chinese Antiquities. A Collection Study Room
opening in March 2015 will allow researchers, academics and
students to study Collection artworks on request.
A program of provocative and engaging exhibitions and
public programs reaches out to the campus and wider
community. Selected exhibition highlights for 2015 include:
Peter Hennessey: Making it Real 14 March – 12 July 2015
Capital & Country: The Federation Years 1900 – 1914
A National Gallery of Australia Travelling Exhibition
25 July – 1 November 2015
The University of Queensland National
Artists’ Self-Portrait Prize 2015
14 November 2015 – 13 March 2016
Open daily 10.00 am – 4.00 pm;
closed public holidays and summer
More information:
Open Monday to Friday, 11.00 am – 3.00 pm
More information:
Charles Kerry,
Wermugga Corroboree 1892
Collection of The University of Queensland
Anthropology Museum
Blue and white ‘Grape Dish’, Ming Dynasty, Yongle period 1403–1424
blue and white glazed porcelain
diam 37.8 cm
Collection of The University of Queensland.
Gift of Dr Nat Yuen through the Australian Government’s
Cultural Gifts Program, 1995.
Photo: Carl Warner
Fryer Library
Friends of Antiquity
The Fryer Library is the special collections branch of The
University of Queensland Library, located on level 4, Duhig
Building, St Lucia Campus. Founded in 1927 as a library of
Australian Literature named in memory of John Dennis Fryer,
an Arts student who served with the AIF in France during
WWI, the Fryer is a major source of rare publications and
archival material. A chief strength is literary manuscripts,
including the papers of writers such as Peter Carey, David
Malouf and Oodgeroo Noonuccal.
The Friends of Antiquity, established in 1988, is a special
interest group of the Alumni Friends of the University of
Queensland Inc, and makes significant donations to
Other formats featured are photographs, artworks, and
architectural plans. Books, journals, ephemera and original
papers in the areas of Australian history and politics
(particularly Queensland) and Australian art are acquired
for the main Fryer collection, with the aim of collecting all
literature by Australian authors.
• The Betty Fletcher Memorial Travelling Scholarship
• the RD Milns Antiquities Museum
• the Discipline of Classics & Ancient History
• the RD Milns Perpetual Endowment Fund
through its fund-raising activities, both academic and social,
which include
• monthly ‘Sunday Series’ lectures on academic themes
• an annual ‘Ancient History Day’ devoted to a particular
theme from the ancient world
More information:
Open weekdays and Saturdays 9.00 am – 5.00 pm
More information:
Diary of a Turkish soldier who
fought at Gallipoli
Fryer Library, The University
of Queensland Library
Memorial Tablet
Rome, AD 1-100
Purchased with funds from the
Friends of Antiquity, 2013
Giving to the Museum
Would you like to support the Museum’s development by a
gift of objects or funds? The support of our donors allows the
Museum to connect its diverse communities with the past
and ensure its preservation now and in the future. In 2013/14,
the Museum community came together to purchase the
Dodwell Stele, a significant Attic grave marker from the 4th
Century that is already enriching our education programs and
providing new avenues for research.
Your ongoing supports allow the Museum to further extend
its collection and provide high-quality resources for our
More information:
Piraeus, Athens, 400-350 BC
Purchased with funds from the Alumni Friends of the
University of Queensland, the Friends of Antiquity,
Mr J Ede, the RD Milns Classics and Ancient History
Perpetual Endowment Fund, Drs V and H Osiecki,
and other generous contributions, 2013.
Collection Online
The RD Milns Antiquities Museum
provides access to its online
collection database for students,
teachers, researchers and the
public. Over 6000 artefacts are
now available online, many with
images. This amazing resource is
constantly being updated to reflect
the latest information to hand
about the Museum’s collection.
Access the collection:
Wool, Linen
Egypt, AD 595-664
Purchased from Christie,
Manson & Woods Limited, 1983.
Level 2, Building 9 (Michie)
University of Queensland
St Lucia QLD 4072
07 3365 3010
[email protected]
Lebanon, AD 300
Purchased from
Charles Ede Limited, 1977