Decorate a wooden jewellery box with paint, colourful stickers and glitter

Decorate a wooden jewellery box
with paint, colourful stickers
and glitter
What’s in the box?
Wooden Jewellery Box
Pot of Acrylic Paint
Sheet of Stickers
Glitter Glue
What else do you need?
• A jam jar or old pot filled with
water to clean your brush
• An old rag or some tissue paper
to dry your brush
• A protective covering such as
newspaper for your workspace
and the immediate floor area
• An apron to wear or old clothing
Let’s do it!
1. Paint the outside of the box lid and around the sides of the base with
one coat of the purple acrylic paint. Be careful as you paint around the
metal latch, trying not to paint over it. Leave the box to dry with the lid
open and then apply a second coat of paint. Leave the box to dry again
so that the paint is completely dry.
Tip! Close the lid of your paint pot and wash your brush in clean water
after each coat of paint. Do not close the lid of your jewellery box.
Now paint the inside of the box –
Avoid painting
around the walls and on the inside
these areas.
these areas
rims, but not the inside of the lid or
base, as these areas will be covered
by a sticker later on. Wash your
brush and leave the paint to dry
again with the box lid open, then
apply a second coat of paint
as before.
When the box is completely dry, peel off the ‘base sticker’ from the sticker
sheet and carefully stick it to the inside base of your jewellery box, trying
to line it up neatly and smoothing out any air bubbles with your finger.
Now repeat stage 5 using the sticker marked ‘lid sticker’ for the inside
lid of the jewellery box.
To decorate the outside lid of your jewellery box, select the stickers you
like, peel them off from the backing sheet and arrange them on the
box lid. Use the smaller ones for the sides of the box. Rub them down
smoothly so there are no air bubbles trapped underneath the stickers.
Taking the tube of glitter glue, you can now add some sparkle to your
jewellery box by squeezing dots or patterns around the stickers, or in
the spaces in-between.
Leave the glitter glue to dry for at least 12 hours so that it sets
nice and hard. Your beautiful jewellery box is finished. Well done!
WARNING! Not suitable for children under 36 months.
Choking hazard – small parts. Adult supervision recommended.
Paint and glue may stain surfaces, protect the working area.
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