TomFoolery Irreverent, Politically Incorrect Romp Through the Music of Tom Lehrer

June — August 2014
Gala a big
success. See
full report in
the Special
T H E AT R E ’ S
TomFoolery is an
Irreverent, Politically
Incorrect Romp Through
the Music of Tom Lehrer
TomFoolery is based on the Tom Lehrer
Songbook, and is a show like no other.
Written by Cameron Mackintosh and
Robin Ray, with music and lyrics by Tom
Lehrer, TomFoolery is a musical revue of
novelty songs (there are no sad ones in
this bunch). Music, laughter, and no one
spared—when you’re dealing with the
humor of Tom Lehrer, nothing is sacred
(Leher’s songs were popular on the hit
radio show, “Dr. Demento”). A Harvard
professor, Tom’s witty twist of lyrics and
irreverent attack of anything from the
Boy Scouts to the Vatican (now there’s a
timeless topic!) is unsurpassed. Not for
the finicky or purest of heart. Popular
songs include: “Poisoning Pigeons in
the Park,” “Vatican Rag,” “The Elements
Song,” and “I Hold Your Hand in Mine.”
Directed by Gwen Adams, TomFoolery runs Fridays & Saturdays at 8 p.m.
July 18–August 2. Sunday matinees are at
2 p.m. on July 20 & 27 and August 3.
Tickets are $17 for adults or $15 for
Catfish Moon is the Perfect Kickoff to Summer
Laddy Sartin’s southern comedy, Catfish Moon, was a national award winner at
the AACT one act competition. The entire play takes place on an old fishing pier
out on the end of Cypress Lake. It was the favorite hangout for three best friends
when they were kids—skipping school, skinny dipping, and even experiencing
the mysteries of kissing girls. Now Curley, Gordon, and Frog are older, and they
have tasted the bitterness of life as well as the sweetness, and the pressures and
problems that come with middle age have eroded the closeness between Frog
and Gordon. The final straw comes when Frog discovers that Gordon is dating
his ex-wife. They all go on an overnight fishing trip to try to settle their disputes.
On the pier, the weight of adulthood is lifted by laughter and their love of fishing.
However, in the midst of catching the biggest fish of all time,
life brings them back to a painful
reality. The poignant resolution of
the play brings Gordon and Frog
to the realization that life is too
precious and too short to let true
friendship get away.
Directed by Trina Williamson.
Cast: Charlie Birdsell as Curley,
Andy Baker as Gordon, Ashley
Hurd as Frog, and Elizabeth Dangelo as Betty.
Catfish Moon runs weekends
May 30 through June 22. Tickets are $16 for adults or $14 for
Play Reading of INK: Skin Deep, a new play by Gwen Adams
Join us for the world premiere of INK:
Skin Deep, by Gwen K. Adams. Jewel
Box Theatre’s own Artistic Director
debuts this staged reading of her new
play exclusively for Kitsap audiences on
Saturday, June 28 at 8 p.m. or Sunday,
June 29 at 2 p.m.
Why do people get tattoos? The
reasons are as varied as the art itself,
but behind every tattoo is a story. Hear
stories from Spring Break in Mexico to
the sands of Afghanistan, from cancer
Debbie MacDonnell
They say when the theater gets
under your skin, the urge to
become involved with acting and
play productions becomes irresistible. That’s just what happened
to Debbie MacDonnell. In years
past, she acted in locally produced
TV shows, advertising, and other
venues. Her son was also acting, so
she had also spent time as a stage
mom. Yes, the theater was under
her skin.
Debbie grew up traveling: living in Europe, Japan, Hawaii, and the East
Coast before moving to Washington State. After coming from Bellevue ten
years ago, she settled in the West Sound area. She retired as a controller for
an engineering firm five years ago and then began her job at a toy store,
where she gets to help people find fun things for kids of all ages.
She was casting about for what else she could do that would be of interest when the Jewel Box caught her eye. She contacted the theater about
volunteering, and soon came aboard as a production manager. Since then,
she’s had fun working on various productions as assistant director and assistant stage manager. She has also been a stagehand, stage manager, and
sound tech, and has acted when needed, done lighting, and even assisted
with building and painting sets.
Three things she especially enjoys about the theater are the creative
challenges that help bring a director’s vision to life on the stage and helping and supporting the actors so they can perform. She enjoys working
with all the wonderful people involved with JBT. Every show brings new
people and a chance to solve new challenges involved with a production.
Deborah says these wonderful performances require help to bring
them to life. She encourages theater goers to get involved in some capacity,
whether it’s with the front of house, office, production, acting, or building
sets and painting. If you have some time and like meeting and working
with great people, come join the Jewel Box. You’ll be glad you did, and just
maybe the theater will get under your skin, which can become a delightful
condition, easily treated at Jewel Box.
survivors to the Marines. Follow one
young man’s journey to find his story.
Admission is just $5 at the door (or
more if you choose). No phone reservations and no discount tickets are offered
for these performances.
Raise Funds for Your Non-Profit or
Thank Your Customers and Clients
Is your organization looking for a
refreshing new way to raise money? Is
your business searching for a classy, yet
fun way to thank clients, employees,
or vendors? Then consider buying out
the Jewel Box for an exclusive performance of a play or musical. In addition
to the show, you get exclusive use of our
lobby, kitchen, and other facilities for
wining and dining those important to
your success.
Other North Kitsap organizations
have raised thousands of dollars by buying out the theater to host special fundraising events. Why not yours? For more
information, please contact the theater
at [email protected]
At 8 p.m. on Saturday, July 5 (which
is commonly referred to as the first
day of summer in Western Washington), join Portable Reality Show
players from past and present for a
special evening of hilarity to cap off
the 2013-14 season. PRS will not be
returning to the Jewel Box next season, so don’t miss this opportunity.
The Portable Reality Show brings
improv to the next level by presenting improvised plays with singing,
dancing, outrageous characters,
and amazing stories. The PRS players create amazing moments of
hilarity, right in front of your eyes!
Advance tickets are $8 at www. Tickets at
the door are $10 for adults, $8 for
Ticket Information:
Radio On-The-Air presents:
Sherlock Holmes Mysteries
The Adventure of the
Speckled Band
Come enjoy the Sherlock Holmes
mystery, The Adventure of the Speckled
Band, on Saturday, July 12 at 8 p.m. or
Sunday, July 13 at 2 p.m. The reading
is directed by Ken Jones in the old live
radio theater format (complete with
sound effects and props), and features
Ali Budge as your favorite detective.
The great master detective investigates seemingly impossible cases with
consummate skill and daring, always
unmasking the most treacherous of villains. Join us for this classic Sir Arthur
Conan Doyle tale of an inexplicable
death in a very old Surrey mansion,
involving a terrified twin sister and her
violent, domineering stepfather. Doyle
himself considered this early work to be
among his very best.
Admission is just $5 at the door (or
more if you choose). No phone reservations and no discount tickets are offered
for these performances.
ROTA Radio Play
Script-Writing Workshop
Saturday, August 9 and Sunday,
August 10, from 1 to 4 p.m.
Gain practical experience in writing radio scripts for live performances under
the direction of Ken Jones and playwright Jack O’Connor. No experience is
The 2-day workshop will teach
participants how to write scripts for
original radio plays. At least one new
rough script will be written, practiced,
rehearsed, and completed by the end of
the workshop.
Workshop will cover the elements of
scriptwriting, the unique requirements
of “radio” scripts, practical exercises
in radio scriptwriting, and individual/
group breakouts and critiques. Completed radio play scripts will then be
submitted to the Jewel Box Theatre’s artistic director and Board for approval. If
it is found suitable, it will be scheduled
for a future play-reading performance at
the JBT Poulsbo.
A nominal fee will be charged for the
workshop. More details and registration
information will be available on the JBT
website in the near future.
2nd Annual Jewel Box
Performing Arts Festival
A showcase of diversity and talent
in our community
In 2013, we saw wonderfully talented
musicians from all corners of Kitsap
County. Ukulele, guitar, songwriters,
bands—the only thing missing was
audience! This year we are going bigger
and better. There will be cash prizes for
Best Performance and Audience Favorite. Artists throughout Puget Sound are
invited to share their talents in Dance,
Vocal, Spoken Word, Instrumental, or
just Surprise Us!
This year’s festival will be held one
day only on Saturday, August 16, beginning at 6 p.m. Interested artists must
apply for consideration no later than
August 8. Artists applying after August
8 cannot be guaranteed a chance to
perform. Sign up now!
There is no cost to enter. You can apply be emailing the Jewel Box at [email protected] . We can only
accept up to 12 acts.
Please include:
Name and contact information (phone
and email). # of performers (all others must purchase a ticket). Category
(Select Dance, Vocal, Spoken Word,
Instrumental, or “Surprise”). Name of
group or act, if applicable. Description
of performance selection(s) including
author, arranger, choreographer. or others deserving credit. Performer names.
A keyboard and microphone will be
available. All other equipment must be
provided by the artist. All performances
must be family-friendly. Setup and
performance time combined cannot
exceed 15 minutes, so please keep it to a
minimum—we are a small theater.
To allow this festival to continue,
performers are asked to spread the word
and promote ticket sales. Remember—
packing the seats with your own fans
can’t hurt when it comes to the Audience Favorite award. Ticket cost is $10
for adults, $8 for children 12 and under.
Tickets for all Main Stage shows are
available online at (Search: Poulsbo) or by calling
Brown Paper Tickets at (800) 838-3006.
Tickets are available approximately 30
days before the show starts. Season
Ticket and Flexi-Pass holders please
reserve seats by calling the theater at
Tickets for Second Stage performances
(improv, play readings, Radio On-TheAir) are available at the door only, unless
otherwise noted.
Mark Your Calendar
Catfish Moon
Fridays & Saturdays, 8 p.m.
May 30–June 21
Sunday Matinees 2 p.m.
June 8, 15 & 22
Play Reading
INK: Skin Deep
Saturday, June 28, 8 p.m.
Sunday, June 29, 2 p.m.
Portable Reality Show Improv
July 5, 8 p.m.
Radio On-The-Air presents:
Sherlock Holmes Mysteries
The Adventure of the
Speckled Band
Saturday, July 12, 8 p.m.
Sunday, July 13, 2 p.m.
Fridays & Saturdays, 8 p.m.
July 18–August 2
Sunday Matinees 2 p.m.
July 20 & 27, August 3
JBT Radio On-The-Air
Scriptwriting Workshop
Saturday and Sunday
August 9 & 10, 1–4 p.m.
Jewel Box Performing Arts
August 16, 6 p.m.
Non-Profit Organization
U.S. Postage
P.O. Box 2510
225 Iverson Street
Poulsbo, WA 98370
Silverdale, Washington
Permit No. 111
Like us on Facebook at
The Jewel Box Theatre is
Wheelchair Accessible.
Call (360) 697-3183 for assistance.
Sign up to receive e-news and specials at
Welcome Jennifer Carrier,
New Board Member
We serve the community
through unique, intimate
theater. Our purpose is to
provide quality theatrical
productions and to encourage
widespread participation in the
performing arts.
Cindy Garfein, President
Jerry Deeter, Vice President
Todd Eggers, Treasurer
Kate Nunes, Volunteer Coordinator
Jennifer Carrier
Dianne Hieatt
Ashley Hurd
P.K. MacLean
Jim Sund
Jennifer is currently the Assistant Manager and Branch Manager at Liberty Bay
Bank in Poulsbo. Jennifer has been in
banking since 2000, and has experience
in all the various roles in banking: operations, training, lending, bookkeeping,
new accounts, IT, and marketing.
Jennifer has been a strong supporter
of the Jewel Box Theatre for several
years, and Liberty Bay Bank has been
our Season Presenting Sponsor and
Show Sponsor. Jennifer lives in Port
Orchard with her husband and two children. The Board and volunteers of the
Jewel Box are very excited to welcome
Jennifer to our theater family.
JBT Patrons Support
Kitsap Great Give
Thanks to the generous sponsors who
contributed $410 through Kitsap Great
Give to the Jewel Box Theatre. We value
you as part of our theater family.
Enhance Your Theater
Experience with a
Glass of Wine
Thanks to our generous patrons,
we now have a beautiful new bar in
the theater’s lobby and are selling
wine before each show and during
intermission. Volunteer bar servers
get a comp ticket to any of the Main
Stage shows they work. If you are
interested in volunteering to be a
bar server, please send us a note at
[email protected]
Theater doors open at 7 p.m. Come
early and enjoy a glass of wine before the show at our new wine bar!
The Jewel Box is Going Green!
If you would like to receive your
quarterly newsletter via email rather
than hard copy, please send us a
request with your email address to
[email protected] and
we’ll make the change.
Our 5th Annual Gems
of the Jewel Box Gala
Fundraiser Results —
Thank You, Gala Sponsors, Donors, and
Patrons! The Gala Fundraiser was the
best ever! Thanks to generous donors and
patrons, we raised just over $27,000 (a
17% increase over last year). These funds
will fill the gap between our ticket sales
and what it costs to operate the theater
and buy our rites for next year’s shows.
Our Incredible Sponsors for the Gala
• Diamond Sponsor: Central Market
• Emerald Sponsors: Puget Sound Energy and Thrivent Financial
• Pearl Sponsors: Peninsula Cancer
Center, Hill Moving Services, Kingston
Crossing Wellness Clinic, and The Tea
Room at Port Gamble
Yamaha creates both acoustic grand
pianos and electronic pianos, so they
created two instrument voices that sound
amazingly like their acoustic nine-foot
grand piano and their five-foot baby
grand piano.
The keyboard has a flash drive for
recording performances and mixing,
and it even has software that allows for
plugging in live instruments or a microphone to record and add additional
layers to the performance.
You can record piano, bass, and
trombone for “When the Saints Go
Marching In” and then add a hip-hop
or reggae beat to jazz it up. Then just
hit “play,” and the pianist can play a
trumpet solo while the keyboard does
the rest.
Moxie weighs only 36 pounds, so
he can easily be moved from lobby to
stage or transported by car. It is top
quality performance for best value. Our
gala funds also allowed us to buy an
amplifier, cords, and monitors that will
enhance the sound quality and help balance volume for our audiences.
Thanks to Our Gala Committee!
Alice Ingle, Ashley Hurd, Becky Deeter,
Cindy Garfein, Jerry Deeter, PK MacLean, Richard Thornton, and Shannon Stepan were the members of the
committee who planned our wonderful
event. Thanks to their efforts, we collected wonderful donated items and gift
certificates from local merchants and
New Yamaha Keyboard:
The generosity of our Jewel Box Patrons
allowed us to purchase a new Yamaha
MOXF8 keyboard. Moxie will make his
debut in TomFoolery, which it opens
July 18th. His keyboard operators will
be learning all about his new electronic
capabilities between now and then.
Moxie will bring the sound and effects of an orchestra into our theatre.
Besides a rich collection of instrument voices like strings, wind instruments, guitar, bass, and drums like our
old keyboard, Moxie has 136 additional
instrument and sound effect voices.
And the keyboard operator can mix up
36 voices, layering flute with piano and
bass, giving the feel of a much bigger
orchestra than can fit in our space.
This model is unique because
Save the Date!
6th Annual Jewel Box
Gala Fundraiser
March 7, 2015 5:30 p.m.
Below is the list of generous donors and
bidders who make our event such a success.
We would not have a thriving community
theater in Poulsbo without then.
A. Jae Photography/Andrea Skinner
ADM Architecture/Aaron Murphy
Al Gunby
Alice Ingle
Amanda Mews
Amy Sanford
Anne Alexander
Art & Jacquie Svidran
Ashley Hurd
Baldwin Family
Barbara Smith
Bayside Engravers, LLC/Craig Hammond
Beadware Designs/Ann Haines
Becky Erickson
Becky Hall
Ben & Elaine Warren
Betsey Emison
Bette Wojchiechowski
Blue Heron Jewelry/Leo Fried
Blue Water Artworks Gallery & Framing/
Russ & Christy Camerer
Bobbie Lyon
Bon Cheveux Salon & Spa/Jineen
Bronsyn Foster
Bryan Johnson
Burrata Bistro & Paella Bar/Kim Tomlinson
CAbi/Margene Smaaladen
Caring Clowns International/Jed Selter
Carol Adams
Cass Quinn
Catherine & John Ahl
Charlie Gruber
Chelsea & Nathaniel Mathews
ChocMo Chocolate Bistro
Chris Madison
Cindy & Steve Garfein
City of Poulsbo/Mayor Becky Erickson
Columbia Bank/Gwen Hannon
Connie Lord
Creative Design/Lynn Leon
C-Stock Theatre
Dahlquist’s Jewelry/Richard Koven
Dana Connor
Dana Hayden
Danny and Jody Piper
David and Barbara Smith
Delano Salon/Diana Borjas
Dianne Hieatt
Dolores Lynch
Donna Davidson
Elegant Creations/Liliana Schoettl
Eleven Winery/Matt & Sarah Albee
Elizabeth Bondy
Elmer’s Restaurant
Emily Williams
Famous Dave’s Legendary Pit Barbecue
Frances Malone
Gabe Carbajal
Galletta School of Dance and
Performing Arts/Lynn Galletta
Gary McVey & Paula Gritzmacher
Gene & Nancy McGowan
Gifts by Gale/Gale Johnson
Greg & Rilla Hughes
Gwen and Larry Adams
Helene Schmidt
Hop Jack’s/Tim Marion
Jack Archer
Jan Levandusky
Jan Seifert
Jane Dower
Janice Gruber
Jeannette Kirschman
Jed & Darla Selter
Jenn Owens
Jerry & Becky Deeter
Jim & Barbara Stark
Jim & Ginger Shields
Jim Sund and Anne Mulligan
Jo Ann Cratty
Joe & Misty Gates
Joe Prevost
John & Ann Pyles
John & Catherine Ahl
John Bloomquist
Jordan Brodley
Joy Ewing
Joyce Merriam
Juli Dowling
Karl & Kelly Hadley
Katrina Lunore Hodiak
Kat’s Dry Carpet Care/Julie Katana
Kees Van Den Broek
Ken Brown
Ken Jones
Kitsap Golf & Country Club
Kitsap Mosaics/Anna Hickner
Kristina Hart & William Harder
Larry & Mary Hoback
Larry & Robyn Snyder
Lauren Blakely Gorman
Leona & Michael Salazar
Liberty Bay Auto/Doug Haughton
Liberty Bay Bank/Tom Hall
Linda Hagen
Lis Morris
Lois Lee
Lydia Rush
Lynda Goeb
Lynne Nielsen
Marga Baird
Margene Smaaladen
Marta Ray
Mary Nader
Marty Gordon & Charlie Griffes
Matt & Pat Ryan
McMenamin’s Restaurants
Mel & Deb Morgan
Melinda Allen
Meredith Green
Merna Nordstrom
Michele’s Interiors/Michele Doyle
Michelle & Tom Peterson
Mike & Kathy Currie
Mora Ice Creamery/Ana Orselli
Nancy Silk
Neil & Margaret Storey
Nita Wilson
Nourishing Life Acupuncture/Sage Davis
Olive Garden
Olympic Outdoor Center
Pat O’Connor
Paul & Jeanette Taylor
Peninsula Dance Theatre
Peter and Margaret Atwood
Phil and Cindy Rasmussen
Pho T&N
PK MacLean
Port Gamble General Store
Poulsbo Animal Clinic
Poulsbo Fire Department/
Jeff Griffin, Fire Chief
Poulsbo Historical Society
Poulsbo Marine Vet Clinic/Dr. Julie Evans
Poulsbo PC/Terry Lynn Mann
Priscilla Secor
Rand Hillier
Richard and Marilyn Putnam
Rich’s Custom Seats & Upholstery
Rick Darrow
Rob Gelder
Ron & Kate Nunes
Ron & Maurya Radvilas
Ron Hemley Septic Installations
Rosy Bennett
Saisons Boutique/Erin Whitson
Savage Plants & Landscape/Hollie Savage
Sawdust Hill Alpaca Farm/
Candace Ladley & Steve Hogg
Scott & Debra Sorensen
Shannon Stepan
Shear Designs/Darla Webb
Sheila Romoff
Skelley Works
Sogno di Vino/Rob & Angela Scott
Sonja Selboe
Stafford Inn/Prineville, OR
Stew Estes
Suquamish Museum
Suquamish Tribe/White Horse
Golf Club/Clearwater Casino Resort
Susan Nass
Suzanne Anduze
Tacoma Musical Playhouse
Tango Zulu Imports/Tracy Zhu
Terry Burns
That’s A Some Italian Ristorante/Tom Pelland
The 5th Avenue Theatre
The Artful Ewe/Heidi Dascher
The Grub Hut
The Oak Table Cafe
The Resort at Port Ludlow
The Vintage Housewife
Tom & Becky Eastgard
Tom & Bobette Hall
Tom & Wendy McClure
Tricia Grace
US Lighthouse Society
Valhalla Dental/K. Kevin Pulver, DDS
Valholl Brewing/Jeff Holcomb
Valley Nursery/Brad Watts
Vicki Lee
Wild Birds Unlimited
Wish & Rainy Day Antiques