Your guide to the best of Phu Quoc Where to stay Great places to eat

Your guide to the
best of Phu Quoc
Where to stay
Great places to eat
Secluded beaches
Forest walks
ISBN 978-1-929774-38-8
This guide doesn’t write itself you know!
Here’s the talented team who’ve pulled all
the information together and created Phu
Quoc’s number 1 travellers’ guide.
Rohan Barker
Australian-born Rohan has been living on Phu Quoc for 9 years and is the owner of Buddy Ice
Cream and Info Center, as well the man behind the Phu Quoc tourist map. Married to Duong – a
native Phu Quoc islander – with two gorgeous kids – Kaitlyn, 7, and Justin, 5, the family spend
their free time relaxing at the beach and exploring the hidden corners of the island.
Yanneth Albornoz
Specializing in illustration as well as logo and full branding design, Yanneth’s work has
taken her around the world. In addition to working with clients on a global basis, Yanneth’s
personal work has been published and exhibited in Germany, France, Dominican Republic
and Brazil. In her spare time Yanneth is an active member of the burgeoning Saigon art
scene and is a contributor to the Saigon Artbook collective.
Welcome to
Phu Quoc
Come on in...
the water’s lovely!
Welcome to Phu Quoc – The Pearl Island.
Whether you’re here to relax on sun-kissed
beaches, explore remote corners of the
island, or gorge on the mounds of fresh
seafood, you’ll see discover the charms that
make Phu Quoc a true southeast Asia gem.
Daniel Le
You’ll find the islanders are incredibly friendly and
welcoming, the weather’s fantastic (wet season
downpours aside), the views are stunning and the
local food… well, you’ll soon discover for yourself why
Vietnamese and Phu Quoc food is talked about the world
The free visitors map and lots of helpful information
can be found in many hotels, bars & restaurants around
the island. We love nothing more than helping visitors
with friendly advice and the best suggestions. There’s
also the Info Centre at Buddy Ice Cream in the centre of
Duong Dong – the main town on the island.
Daniel hails from Di Linh district near Dalat, in the south central region of Vietnam. After
finishing school Daniel spent 7 years in Ho Chi Minh City furthering his education until the
travel bug bit him. Having travelled extensively around Vietnam Daniel now calls Phu Quoc
home, where you’ll often find him swimming, reading or enjoying a game of Chinese chess.
In this guide we’ll set out some of the basics for getting
the most out of your time on the island. From the best
beaches to the best value accommodation, and from
pagodas to night markets – the full Phu Quoc A-Z is here.
Philip Genochio
Make sure you pick up our sister publication – the free
Phu Quoc visitors’ map. This will help you get your
bearings, show the key places on the island and give you
some suggestions for things to do and places to go.
So there is no excuse for not getting out there and
seeing the best that Phu Quoc has to offer. Although
you might find it hard to drag yourself away from the
beautiful pristine beaches dotted around the coast. It’s
the main reason people come after all!
Philip’s been living in Saigon for almost 4 years and in that time has been a frequent visitor
to Phu Quoc. With a background in the travel industry, Philip takes a keen interest in the
island’s development as a tourist destination and loves meeting the islanders in restaurants
to sample the delicious local food.
Have a great time on our wonderful time on our island
– and we hope to see you back again soon.
Visit Phu Quoc is a free guide published by Ban Be Phu Quoc Co., Ltd. It is designed by Purple Asia ( The authors make no guarantees as to accuracy of information and accept no liability for any inconvenience caused by any misprint or inaccuracy. Things are changing rapidly on the
island and some details may have changed post-publication. For up-to-date information please visit | [email protected]
to Phu Quoc
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restaurants as well as shops and services for pretty
much every eventuality.
Historically, the local population of nearly 100,000 has
been employed largely in the fishing industry. However,
as the island’s popularity continues to soar, tourism
has become the main source of employment for the
Find your way to everywhere
from north to south
This verdant Island is surrounded by a
number of smaller islands mainly to the
south and has some of most beautiful
beaches in Vietnam as well as some of the
best seafood.
Phu Quoc – known as The Pearl Island – sits in the Gulf
of Thailand and around 45km from the town of Ha Tien,
on the Vietnam mainland. Measuring just under 50km
from north to south, and 20km east to west, the island
packs a lot in to a small space.
Running along the west coast is the fabulous Long
Beach, home to many resorts and villas – and the
perfect spot to catch the wonderful Phu Quoc sunset. As
the beach runs for almost half the length of the island,
you shouldn’t struggle to find a quiet spot.
Whilst the beach dominates the west coast, in the north
the National Park and other rural areas are the key
attraction. Hiking trails, waterfalls and wildlife await
those with a sense of adventure.
Phu Quoc is actually part of an archipelago, with over
20 smaller islands to the south. These make for a great
day out with fishing and snorkeling trips being very
popular excursions from the southern beaches.
The island’s ‘capital’ is Duong Dong, located on the
west coast about half way up the island. This is a
typical Vietnamese town – bustling morning markets,
quiet lunchtimes and busy again in early evening as
the locals finish their day – with the added benefit of
everything handily placed for the visitor.
Duong Dong has a great selections of bars, cafes and
along the
west coast is
the fabulous
Long Beach,
the perfect
spot to
catch the
Phu Quoc
If you’re moving around the island it’s useful to get
your bearings. The airport is towards the southern end
of Phu Quoc, about a 20 minute drive south of Duong
Dong town. There’s essentially one main road running
the length of the island which splits in the north to
take you to the northwestern and northeastern corners.
There are of course smaller roads and lanes, and more
are being added all the time as the island infrastructure
improves. These back roads, however, are often
unsurfaced and may not be suitable for motorbikes or
bicycles, particularly in the wet season.
That’s the beauty of Phu Quoc – so much variety in such
small space.
Don’t forget to pick up your free copy of the Phu Quoc
Visitors Map! Available at many hotels, restaurants and
bars as well as Buddy Ice Cream & Info Centre in Duong
Dong town.
Whatever road you take though, and however you take
it, you’ll find plenty of quiet spots to explore – often
with just a handful of villagers for company.
Sit back and let someone else
do the driving. Taxi!
Getting around the island can be a time-consuming
affair, particularly if you’re unfamiliar with the road
network. Best then to sit back, relax, and let a local do
the driving. Sasco is Phu Quoc’s official taxi company
with English-speaking drivers who are native to the
island. So you can be assured of not only a professional
service but also local knowledge to get you where you
need to go.
With a range of vehicles to suit every need, including
modern 7-seat Toyota Innovas – if you’ve spent any
time in Vietnam you’ll have noticed how trusted and
reliable these taxis are – Sasco can help with a variety
of solutions. From airport pick ups and day tours to
wedding cars, quick runs to Duong Dong and even long
term rentals with a private driver, there’s very little
Sasco can’t do.
Independently minded travellers often use Sasco cars
and drivers for private tours around the island. Explore
Phu Quoc from the comfort of the back seat while a
local shows you the hidden gems.
Your hotel’s front desk should be able to arrange a
taxi for you. Remember to allow enough time before
ordering – we move at a slower pace on Phu Quoc!
WHERE: 79 Nguyen Trung Truc Street, Duong Dong Town
TEL: 07 73 76 76 76
EMAIL: [email protected]
By Sea
The main ferry operator is Superdong, who offer
sailings from Rach Gia, in the far west of the Mekong
Delta, and Ha Tien on the Vietnam/Cambodia border.
There are more crossings from Rach Gia but the sailing
time is longer owing to the greater distance.
Superdong operate various ferries with capacity
ranging from 170 to 300 passengers.
Getting there
and away
Ferries arrive at/leave from Bai Vong in the south of the
island. Motorbike taxis and minibuses will always be on
hand to take you on to your final destination.
Finding your way to our
Island Paradise
Additional sailings operate from/to Ha Tien during
peak months and holiday periods (Nov – Feb)
At time of going to press adult tickets were 350,000vnd
(Rach Gia) and 230,000vnd (Ha Tien) each way.
You can reach Phu Quoc by sea or air.
Obviously air is quicker but if you’re
travelling through the Mekong Delta then
it’s likely that hopping on a ferry at Rach
Gia or Ha Tien is your best bet.
By Air
The new international airport means visitors are now
able to fly directly to Phu Quoc on international flights.
However, these only started at the end of 2014 and are
limited to Singapore and Siem Reap, Cambodia. Most
people fly to the island on domestic flights within
International Flights
Vietnam Airlines are now operating direct flights to Phu
Quoc from Singapore and Siem Reap, Cambodia.
At time of going to press, the schedules are:
Singapore (flying time 2 hours) : Two flights a week –
Thursday, Sunday
Siem Reap (flying time 1 hour) : Three flights a week –
Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
Vietnam Airlines:
T. (+84) 773 846 086
VietJet Air:
T. 1900 1866 (within Vietnam only)
T. 19001550
From Rach Gia to Phu Quoc (and v.v.):
From Ha Tien to Phu Quoc:
Domestic Flights
Currently three airlines operate domestic flights to Phu
Quoc – Vietnam Airlines, VietJet Air and Jetstar. Tickets
are widely available at travel agencies all over Vietnam
as well as online of course.
You can reach Phu Quoc from these cities:
Ho Chi Minh City (flying time 40 minutes)
Vietnam Airlines – 4 flights a day
VietJet – 3 flights a day
Jetsar – 2 flights per day
Hanoi (flying time 2 hours)
Vietnam Airlines – 1 flight a day
VietJet – 1 flight a day
Can Tho (flying time – 30 minutes)
Vietnam Airlines – 1 flight a day
Rach Gia (flying time – 30 minutes)
Vietnam Airlines – 2 flights a week
Fares (guideline only):
From Ho Chi Minh City: from 1,000,000vnd one way
From Hanoi: from 2,000,000vnd one way
From Can Tho/Rach Gia: from 800,000vnd one way
These airlines will offer connections across Vietnam via
Ho Chi Minh City.
From Phu Quoc to Ha Tien:
Details correct at time of going to print. Please check
with your travel organizer or the individual operators
for up-to-date details when making your arrangements.
Travel agents in Vietam will be able to assist with tickets and
reservations, or you can call Superdong direct:
Phu Quoc: (+84) 773 980 111
Rach Gia: (+84) 773 877 742
Ho Chi Minh City: (+84) 838 666 333
Phu Quoc in
The facts and figures of your
holiday island
Population > 100,000
to go
The dry season typically is November to
April when skies are blue, the sea is clear
and diving at its best!
Size >574 km2
Flying time
from Ho Chi Minh City > 40 minutes
from mainland > 48 km
from Cambodia > 5 km
Number of mountains > 99
Latitude > 10o01’ – 10o27 north
With temperatures rarely dipping below
25oC (77oF), any time of year is a good
time to visit beautiful Phu Quoc. However,
there are some differences in the weather
throughout the year, most noticeably
between the wet and dry seasons.
Dry season in Phu Quoc is typically November through
to April, when the skies are blue, the sea on the west
coast is very calm and diving is at its best. However,
we often get high temperatures leading up to the wet
season in March, April and in to May.
Not surprisingly, dry season is when most people
visit, so we recommend booking accommodation in
advance, especially at weekends when a lot people
fly over from Ho Chi Minh City. The period December
to February is the busiest time of year, with western
and local Vietnamese holidays, so we strongly suggest
booking accommodation in advance if you’re planning
on visiting Phu Quoc during this time.
Longitude > 03o51’ – 104o50 east
2015 Public Holidays*
Width > 19 km
Length > 48 km
January 1
February 16th to 23rd
February 19th
April 28th
April 30th
May 1st
September 2nd
New Year’s Day
Lunar New Year holiday
Lunar New Year Day
Hung Kings’ day
Reunification Day
Labour Day
Independence Day
The wet season usually starts towards the end of
April/early May and continues to October, sometimes
into November. Temperatures in the rainy season
are much milder which makes Phu Quoc more
comfortable for some people. However, the rain can be
heavy – particularly towards the end of the season in
September and October, when you can expect a heavy
downpour once a day. At this time, the good weather in
the morning is ideal for touring or relaxation on the
The northern interior, with its waterfalls and rich
vegetation, is best visited in the wet season. The rivers
are at their peak and the forests are a lush green – a
stark difference from the dry season.
The wet season also has an effect on the sea around
the island. On the east coast, particularly Sao and Kem
beaches, the sea is often calmer and clearer whilst the
west coast can be quite rough, even dangerous for
swimming at certain times.
Of course, all this being said, the weather should never
totally dictate when you visit Phu Quoc as there’s
always something to do and see on the island.
* Please note these are predicted 2015 dates and are subject to
final confirmation by the government.
Getting around
Taxi, bicycle...
Phu Quoc’s small size and relatively
quiet roads make it ideal for exploring by
motorbike. With a map and a tank of petrol
you’ll be able to tour the country lanes and
quiet beaches that the tour groups can’t
get to.
In and around the main town of Duong
Dong, you can get around very easily on
foot. Everything is close to hand with
shops, restaurants and bars all within short
strolling distance of each other.
Most hotels and guesthouses will help organize a
motorbike for you. Just give them enough time – usually
just a few hours – and motorbikes can be delivered to
where you are staying.
If you’re looking to head further afield then bicycles are
a great option. Away from the busier roads you’ll find
you can ride at a leisurely pace and take in the quiet
streets, back roads and beaches whilst getting some
mild exercise.
You can expect to pay between 120,000vnd and
200,000vnd per day, depending on season and style of
For longer distances, motorbikes are a convenient and
highly affordable way to experience Phu Quoc. It’s a
great experience to be independent and visit parts of
the island most people rarely get to see.
Please be a responsible rider
and remember the following:
• Make sure your travel insurance covers riding a
• Check your insurance. If the bike is bigger than 50cc
you may not be covered in case of an accident. You
must be riding legally to be covered by insurance!
• Helmets are to be worn at all times
• Don’t drink and ride
• Cover up! You catch the sun a lot quicker than you
think on a bike
• Avoid riding at night – street (and some vehicle)
lighting is often inadequate
• Be aware of other road users (including dogs!) turning
out without warning
• Always be alert!
Where to rent a scooter
If you’re in a small group, or would just like to sit back
and let some else do the driving, then taxis can be rented by the day or half day. Most taxis are 7-seaters so
are perfect for families want to get out and hit some
remote beaches. Your hotel can help with reservations
– we suggest booking at least a few hours in advance
to be sure of getting a vehicle at the time you want.
Safety comes first:
Whether you’re cycling or riding a motorbike please be
alert at all times. Don’t be fooled by the slower pace of
life on Phu Quoc, vehicles can sometimes be travelling
fast. ‘Right of Way’ is a very loose term in Vietnam - so
look out for vehicles pulling out in front of you.
• A Hà
Main road out of Duong Dong near Jungle Bar
• Cami Café & Restaurant
Main road opposite Salinda Resort
• Đuc Thanh Homestay
Main road opposite Long Beach Resort
• Green Travel
At main road turn off to La Veranda Resort
• Haven restaurant
Main road near Castaways Resort.
Tel: 0914 503 769 (Mr Nhat)
• La Mer Resort
On Long Beach near Mai House Resort
• May Misa restaurant
Main road on the way near town
• Paris Shop: Small road to La Veranda Resort.
Tel: 090 740 104 (Ms Thay)
• Thanh Hai Hotel
Small road to La Veranda Resort next to Le Bistrot
A quick guide to the island’s main
Long Beach
You may well be staying on a stunning
beach at your resort or hotel but, with hundreds of kilometers of coastline waiting
to be explored, Phu Quoc’s crying out for
some sand-based discovery!
As the name suggests this is the longest beach and is
on the west side of the island, this is where most of the
Hotels and Resorts are located. If you explore you will
find some parts totally deserted and to yourself, while
in the main Tourist area it can be busy with plenty of
eating and drinking options.
Phu Quoc not only has some of the best beaches in
Vietnam but is one of the only places that faces west
for magnificent sunset views.
Sao Beach
Generally, the better beaches are to be found on the
west and southeastern coasts. Some are a little harder
to get to than other but all of them have something
worth visiting, whether it’s perfect warm clear water for
swimming and snorkeling, small local seafood or BBQ
joints or just the simple pleasures of a deserted fine
white sand beach.
Another gem in the southeast corner of the island.
Sao Beach is Phu Quoc’s most beautiful beach, and
possibly the best beach in Vietnam. Here you can dine
on exquisite fresh seafood by the fine white sands of
the beach or take a dip in the clear turquoise waters.
We’re not sure how long Sao Beach will remain
unspoilt, so visit now while it’s untouched.
Please take a look through our selections that will help
make the most out of your beach stays whilst in Phu
Cua Can Beach
west for
An Thoi Islands
30 minutes by boat off the southern tip of Phu Quoc is
the An Thoi archipelago of more than 20 islands which
are brimming with scenic deserted beaches, colorful
coral reefs and colonies of diverse fish species. Ask your
hotel’s tour desk, or pop in to the Tourist Information
Centre at Buddy Ice Cream in Duong Dong for details
on getting to the islands.
Located on the west coast approximately 10km north of
Duong Dong town, and close to the village of Cua Can,
lies this quiet deserted beach and beautiful river estuary.
The Beaches
Discover some of the less trodden beaches
listed here, they will certainly make the
journey well worth it.
Whether Diving, snorkeling or just
relaxing on the sea, there’s plenty of
nature to be explored.
With 125 species of fish, 132 species
of mollusk and 62 different species of
seaweed, in and around Phu Quoc is a
great place to explore the interesting life
under the sea.
Ong Lang Beach Vung Bau Beach
A beautiful long stretch of beach only 6km from town,
protected by the currents and waves at one end by a
rocky point this is a great beach to visit and is often
deserted particularly during the week.
Located on the northwest coast just past Cua Can
village lies this beautiful half moon beach. A great
choice for swimming or snorkeling. There are many
small boats here, and you can ask the owners to take
you out to nearby Turtle Island for a small fee.
Ganh Dau Beach Kem Beach
On the top northwest side of the island lies the sleepy
area of Ganh Dau. Just before the village take a left
where you’ll find a small beach with crystal clear waters to cool off in. Not too far away, 5km inland, is the
wonderful forest nature walk. Combine the two for a
great day out.
Located in the southeast corner of Phu Quoc, close to
Sao Beach, this is one of the most beautiful beaches on
the island. It’s not the easiest beach to get to but the
effort is well worth it. Take the short trip by boat or walk
along the beach at low tide from the southern end of
Sao Beach or access from the main road.
Remember :
Leave valuables safely at your hotel and take good care
to swim safely when visiting isolated beaches. If you’re
travelling on your own it’s advisable to let someone at
your hotel know where you’re going and its handy to
always keep the hotels business card with you to easily
find your way back!
Phu Quoc in
Take a look at our
statistical snapshot
of Phu Quoc to
give you a great
insight into what
can be found and
discovered in this
wonderful place!
Coi Nguon
There’s only one museum on Phu Quoc but
it oozes culture and history at every turn.
Phu Quoc’s history and natural heritage
captured in one location. Worth a visit.
With the array of glorious beaches, stunning scenery
and sumptuous fresh seafood available to the Phu Quoc
visitor, it’s easy to overlook the more cultural aspects of
the island. It would be a shame though, having travelled
all that way to this topical paradise, not to learn more
about its history and people.
2,500 UNESCO-inspected and certified artifacts, some
dating from the 15th Century, that highlight Phu Quoc’s
rich and varied history.
Take a wander outside, through the gardens, and you’ll
discover traditional stilt houses and displays giving an
insight to the rural working life for families on the island in days gone by.
Animal lovers will be happy to explore the grounds a
little further to visit the sea eagle sanctuary. This small
reserve has been established to help project this endangered species and help reintroduce the birds back
in to their natural habitat.
Thankfully the Coi Nguon Museum provides an abundance of artifacts and information to give the visitor
an ideal opportunity to learn more about the island, its
culture and history.
Located half way between the international airport and
the island’s main town, Duong Dong, the museum was
established in 2009 by Huynh Phuoc Hue who amassed
his collection over a 15-year period.
The museum’s collections are thoughtfully exhibited
over 4 floors, with a rooftop terrace providing sweeping views of Duong Dong, the forests and the coastline.
Additionally, there are walkways and gardens in the
museum grounds for further exploration.
Amongst the items on display you’ll find a stimulating
collection of traditional paintings, artwork – including driftwood pieces and folk art – and photography.
There’s antique pottery and ceramics amongst over
National Park area > 56,200 ha
Highest point > Mount Chua - 603m
Average rainfall
(wet season) > 287 mm per month
Number of islands > 24
Average rainfall
(dry season) > 100 mm per month
Mammal species > 43
Bird species > 84
Sealife > 125 species of fish
132 species of mollusk
62 species of seaweed
Religions > 3
Buddhist, Cao Dai and Catholic
Average high temp. > 31.4°C
Main produce > Fish sauce, pepper,
Average low temp. > 23.3°C
Plant species > 929
including six endangered species:
Silvered Langur, Slow Loris, Pygmy Loris, Crabeating Macaque, Stump-tailed Macaque and
the Small-clawed Otter.
So if you’re in need of a culture fix, or just want to get
out of the sun for a few hours, head over to Coi Nguon
Museum and learn all you need to know about your
holiday island.
WHERE: 149 Tran Hung Dao Street, Quarter 7,
Duong Dong Town, Phu Quoc Island.
OPENING HOURS: from 7 am to 10 pm
TEL: 077 398 0206
EMAIL: [email protected]
... the locals are very friendly and
welcoming, but what I like most is their
ability to carry just about anything on
their motorbikes”.
Regis Remy
From Silicon Valley to island paradise
meet one of the more jovial characters on
the island!
The foreigners living and working on Phu Quoc
make a great contribution to the island, creating
jobs and providing services but with the knowledge of a local!
How long have you lived on Phu Quoc?
Amazingly, I’ve been here 12 years now. It’s flown by!
Where are you from originally?
I’m from the north of France, quite close to the border
with Belgium.
What do you do here?
We own and operate Bo Resort – a small friendly place
on Ong Lang Bay.
What’s Phu Quoc’s best-kept secret?
It is not a secret but maybe a place that is not known
enough is Pho Bien in front of the light-house next to
Dinh Cau temple in town at the entrance of the harbor.
Arguably the best view in Duong Dong, you can view
from 3 sides and if the weather is clear you can see far
off into the distance.
Your favourite cheap eats?
Saigon Pho on 30 Thang 4 street for its Pho or Viet Xua
on Hung Vuong street, (next to the big bridge) for its
calamari and shrimp noodle soup called in Vietnamese
“Hu Tieu Tom Muc”
Best place for smart dinner?
In town “Em Oi” restaurant at 40 Tran Hung Dao where
everything has been made with great flavours really
impressive Vietnamese and western cuisine.
Out of town Chen Sea Resort is perhaps the best spot
on the island for romantic dinners and celebrations. If
you’re lucky, you’ll get to meet the GM, Olivier who’s a
real character with great stories to share.
Best bar or the one you most frequent?
In the evening I like Coco Bar, it’s on Tran Hung Dao
near the entrance to La Veranda resort. During the day I
often head to Buddy’s on Bach Dang, not only for a drink
but also for their all-day breakfast.
Phu Quoc is a densely forested island
What’s your top 3 Phu Quoc ‘must-do’ for visitors?
• The Northern part of Bai Sao is much quieter than the
rest of the beach and “Không Sao” restaurant there is
great - especially with their Miami style decor!
• Tranh Stream waterfall is a nice gentle trek along
the small river, and you can swim at the foot of the
waterfall lovely cool fresh water pool.
• Ganh Dau village, in the north west of the Island, is
worth a visit for the market and an amazing ‘platform’
on the sea. It’s 30 meters from the shore and from there
you can take spectacular pictures of the beach and
Just in terms of flora, the National Park
is an ideal natural environment for plant
species with approx. 13,000 ha of lowland
evergreen forest equivalent to 40% of the
total area of the park.
with a total of 99 mountain peaks
What do you like best about the islanders?
Of course the locals are very friendly and welcoming,
but what I like most is their ability to carry just about
anything on their motorbikes. It sometimes looks like
a circus routine – even after 12 years on the island I
never failed to be amazed.
Your favourite time of year...?
That would be right after the wet seasson in November
and December. The island’s bursting with colours
with flowers, trees and plants coming to life, and the
temperature is not too hot – just right.
On page 33 we meet a native islander for a true locals’ insight to
life on Phu Quoc.
Eating &
The Embassy
Phu Quoc coffee gets a
makeover with a Swedish twist.
Phu Quoc has always had a range of good small bars
and cafes for cold beers and light bites, and there’s a
fresh new addition in shape of The Embassy.
Long term Phu Quoc expats, Erik and Hanna – the
people behind the popular Mondo Restaurant &
Lounge - have teamed up with business partners from
Sweden and Australia to create a sophisticated and
elegant spot for drinks and food that retains the great
service which they are known for.
Come to get your coffee fix and light breakfast in their
air conditioned bar-lounge, where they serve Italian
Illy coffee using a traditional Italian espresso machine.
Like everything here the coffee’s made with a passion
that will have you coming back for more. For your
evening satisfaction they offer a diverse and interesting
selection of wines, thirst-quenching cold beers and
some great signature cocktails that will keep you going
well in to the night. On the food front, don’t miss out on
their cheese plate, anti pasto platter and scrumptious
desserts and ice cream.
OPENING HOURS: 8am to 1am
TEL: (+84) 968 067 940
EMAIL: [email protected]
you will
never forget.
Phu Quoc really is a foodie’s
paradise. Not only is the best of
Vietnamese and international
cuisine available but every
morning local fisherman bring
ashore the freshest and tastiest
seafood and fish to be found in
southeast Asia.
International chefs are attracted
to the island’s abundance of fresh
ingredients and, at resorts and
Itaca Lounge
Spanish head chef Mateu Batista uses his 25 years of
experience to conjure up superb tapas and dishes that
tease the palate with a fusion of Mediterranean and
Asian flavours. The restaurant is set amidst an elegant
Mediterranean -inspired décor where simplicity is the
key to give an uncluttered peaceful space to relax in.
The bar staff playfully muddle, shake and stir your
754 Restaurant
La Veranda
Bamboo Cottages
Le Bistro
Mango Bay
Buddy Ice Cream
May Restaurant
Cassia Cottage
Mercure Resort
Coco Bar
Drunken Monkey
Palm Tree
EMOI Restaurant & Lounge
Peppers Pizza & Grill
German B
Pizza Oi
Happy Buddha Club
Rory’s Beach Bar
Salinda Resort
Traditional Vietnamese
Ganh Dau
Vietnamese and Local Seafood
Ganh Dau
6 Bach Dang, Duong Dong
A taste of Mediterranean
sophistication in
South East Asia.
Of the new breed of upscale eateries, Itaca Lounge
stands out with its winning combination of high quality
cuisine, cocktail lounge and music venue.
Russian and International
74 Tran Hung Dao, Duong Dong
Phu Quoc is growing into a truly international
destination and with that comes a greater level of
sophistication and elegance, not just in the resorts and
hotels but in the nightlife as well.
Here are our suggestions, representing a range of styles and budgets across
the island:
Creative Vietnamese
Ba Keo Beach
favourite cocktails – to be sipped by the pool as you
take in the fresh Phu Quoc night air. If cocktails aren’t
your thing then Itaca has a wine list beyond compare
with an appealing selection of both old and new world
With late night DJs and live music added to the mix,
Itaca is the place to head to for a touch of Phu Quoc
OPENING HOURS: Daily 4pm to 1am
TEL: (+84) 773 992 022
EMAIL: [email protected]
restaurants around the island,
are taking Phu Quoc cuisine to
new levels. However, to get a true
taste of what’s on offer be sure to
try some street food. In particular,
the night market is a must for an
amazing dining experience.
The island’s not short of drinking
options either. Whether it’s a
sports bar ice-cold happy hour
beers or sipping on sophisticated
cocktails and sundowners at the
day’s end, you’ll find a watering
hole for every occasion here on
Phu Quoc.
Vietnamese and International 118 Tran Hung Dao, Duong Dong
Drinks & Snacks
Tran Hung Dao, Duong Dong
Vietnamese and Local Seafood
40 Tran Hung Dao, Duong Dong
92 Tran Hung Dao, Duong Dong
Drinks & Snacks
92 Tran Hung Dao, Duong Dong
Mediterranean and Asian fusion
125 Tran Hung Dao, Duong Dong
Innovative Pacific Rim
Long Beach
French and International
118/2 Tran Hung Dao, Duong Dong
Vietnamese and International
Ong Lang Beach
Vietnamese and Local Seafood
Tran Hung Dao, Duong Dong
Vietnamese and International
Long Beach, Duong To
118/5 Tran Hung Dao, Duong Dong
Vietnames and Thai
118 Tran Hung Dao, Duong Dong
89 Tran Hung Dao, Duong
98b Tran Hung Dao, Duong Dong
Vietnamese and International
Long Beach
Vietnamese and International
Long Beach
Eating &
Sweet Home Alabama
The Pirate Cave
Swiss Food Viet
The Shells Resort
The Beach House
Thinh Phat
Drinks & Snacks
88/1 Tran Hung Dao, Duong Do
81, 30/4 Street, Duong Dong
Italian and Local Seafood
Sao Beach
The Embassy
Drinks & Snacks
118 Tran Hung Dao, Duong Dong
The real Phu Quoc
Vietnamese and International
Ong Lang Beach
Traditional Vietnamese
30/4 Street, Duong Dong
Tran Hung Dao, Duong Dong
Experience the
best & freshest in
Fantastic vegetarian
food to be had!
Night Market
Hai Nam Restaurant
Vo Thi Sau, Duong Dong
Tran Hung Dao Street, Duong Dong
Thanh Dieu rice shop
Nhà Hàng Chay
Khanh Ly rice shop
Ra Khoi Restaurant
Hao Tam Chay
Oc 343
Phuong Binh House
Ganesh Indian Restaurant Tinh Tam Chay
97 Tran Hung Dao, Duong Dong
81 Nguyen Trung Truc, Duong Dong
Kim Cuong Restaurant
Long Beach (near La Veranda)
Quán Ăn Chay
Com Chay Hien Duc
Hieu Family Restaurant
Ham Ninh Village
131 30/4 Street, Duong Dong
343 30/4 Street, Duong Dong
Ham Ninh Village
Long Beach
(near Phuong Binh house)
Tran Hung Dao Street, Duong Dong
Bien Xanh Restaurant
5 Tran Hung Dao, Duong Dong
35 Nguyen Trai, Duong Dong
10 Ly Tu Trong, Duong Dong
Tran Hung Dao, Duong Dong
76 Nguyen Trung Truc, Duong Dong
181 Nguyen Trung Truc, Duong Dong
Song Le Restaurant
Ham Ninh Village
Buddy Ice Cream
& Info Café
The fount of all Phu Quoc knowledge and
home to the best ice cream on the island.
Whether you’re a first-time visitor to the island, or
have been coming back for years Buddy is the place to
head to for the low-down on all things Phu Quoc – and
delicious ice creams, snacks and drinks.
Recommended in the Lonely Planet, and operating
since 2005, Buddy Ice Cream & Info Cafe has helped
thousands of travellers with the best advice on the
whats, wheres and whens of Phu Quoc. Buddy is a firm
favorite for its range of great burgers, fish n’ chips and
seafood platters, so feel free to stay a while and make
your Phu Quoc plans while tucking into some great
The friendly staff can help with any questions and
information you need on where to stay and things to
do, as well as serve a tempting range of sweet treats
such as cakes and the best selection of ice cream on
the island.
What’s more, there are free Phu Quoc maps at Buddy, as
well as free internet to surf the web for more info. So,
there you have it. All the info you need on Phu Quoc
and a great café at the same time – what’s not to like?
WHERE: 6 Bach Dang Street (opposite the Marina), Duong
Dong Town.
OPENING HOURS: Daily 8am - 10pm
TEL: +(84) 773 994 181
EMAIL: [email protected]
Out on the sea or in the rugged
interior, there is something for
Indulge your senses and your spiritual side
around the island - fascinating pagodas,
pristine beaches, wonderful seafood and
untouched forests... Magical!
Things to do
There’s more to Phu Quoc
than topping up the tan by
the pool or on the beach.
Here’s our recommendation for getting out and about to
get the most of your stay on the island.
Sunset on Long Beach
Take a position anywhere in the late afternoon along
this beautiful stretch of beach, sit back with a cold drink
and get ready to take in the best sunset in Vietnam
Beachside dining at Sao Beach
Often rated the best beach in Vietnam, this place still
boasts a fairly basic existence and is an essential trip
when visiting the island. The perfect place to enjoy
fresh seafood, swim in the warm waters or for just laze
the day away
Diving or Snorkeling the reefs
Though the best time of the year is generally from
November to April, anytime when the sun is out and the
sea is calm is a great time to hit the water to enjoy the
spectacular marine life in warm waters
4 Visit a Fish Sauce factory
You just really need to follow your nose to discover this
particularly pungent product that makes this Island
world famous, most factories can be found in and
around Duong Dong Town
Experiencing a Pepper farm
The pepper from Phu Quoc is amongst the world’s finest
so a visit to the farms on the island is recommended. Stock
up on some fresh black or white pepper and impress your
friends back home with your new exotic flavors
Duong Dong town market
In the center of town beside the river is the main
market for Duong Dung - a great place to experience
the typical daily life of the locals. Best visited in the
early morning when it’s teeming with life and there’s an
explosion of color from the array of seafood just in from
the boat, along with fresh fruit, vegetables and other
produce and wares
Ride around the northeast
A rewarding day tour awaits experienced riders with a
sense of adventure, especially in the dry season. Follow
the road from Thom beach to Ham Ninh to take in sea
views on one side and stunning mountain scenery on
the other
Cool off in the mountain waterfalls
The two main places to visit are Suoi Da Ban (a few
km’s north of Duong Dong) and Suoi Tranh (on the way
to Ham Ninh from Duong Dong). Although the best
time of the year for bathing is generally from May to
September, you can enjoy a picnic or a stroll through
the forest anytime with reasonable weather
9 Souvenirs and sizzling seafood at
Dinh Cau Night Market
Every night Vo Thi Sau street, in the main town, comes
alive with activity as visitors and locals alike are drawn
to the many attractions of the night market. Closed to
traffic, you can amble safely along browsing souvenirs
and handicrafts, or take a seat at one of the sidewalk
eateries and feast on deliciously fresh grilled seafood
and meats.
Forest walk in the National Park
Nature lovers should head to the National Park in the
north. One easily accessible forest walk is about 5km
east of Ganh Dau village. Look for a national park sign
on the right hand side of the road and you’ll find a path
entrance to the forest. Although the path runs for a few
kilometres, just a 1km walk will be enough to enjoy the
beautiful virgin forest. Keep your eye out for the many
birds and animals that live in the forest. You may even
see a monkey
Everything listed here is shown on our
Phu Quoc Guide map, or you can ask at
your hotel for more details. Alternatively,
the staff at the Info Centre at Buddy Ice
Cream (6 Bach Dang St, Duong Dung) will
be happy to help.
For the most up to date info,visit
Take the taste of
Want to explore Phu Quc while burning
Phu Quoc home
some energy? Check out these rental
with you
If you love Vietnamese food – and who
doesn’t? – then learn how to create dishes
yourself with the help of a some cooking
lessons. Here is 3 great cooking courses
that we recommend;
Quan Bicycle Rental located on the main road into town
and opposite Saigon Phu Quoc Resort here you can rent
quality bikes @ 30k/1 hour, 60k/3hours or 120k/day.
Contact Mr. Quân: 0909337132
Pagodas and
Phu Quoc is dotted with beautiful,
peaceful pagodas and temples that are
open to visitors. Here’s a small selection
that are worth a visit;
Sunrise at Su Muong Pagoda
Whilst sunrise is the best time to visit, anytime really
is a good time to take in this gorgeous old mountain
pagoda. Be sure to visit all three parts of the pagoda –
the temple itself; the shrine at the rear, sitting under an
amazing 150-year old banyan tree; and, at the very back
of the pagoda, take the iron steps up to a lookout for a
spectacular view of the valley below. Its located at the
4km marker just south of town on the right hand side
Cao Dai Temple Phu Quoc
Located at Nguyen Trai St in town is the birthplace for
the Cao Dai religion and a visit to their temple is highly
recommended. This beautiful new temple was built in
2008 and is well worth a visit to enjoy the spectacular
architecture, paintings and tranquillity it offers. Be sure
to go upstairs to explore the temple fully and get a
great shot across the river from high above
For Kayaks check for places along Long Beach at or near
Saigon Phu Quoc Resort, La Veranda and Rory’s bar.
Mango Bay in Ong Lang also have a good selection of
Kayaks and for a good range Chen Sea resort in Ong
Lang also have rentals
The best range and place all year round to rent Jetski’s
is on Sao Beach at the front of My Lan restaurant
Located at Ganh Dau the Nguyen Trung Truc Temple
was built by local people to memorize heros who have
served for country and nation
Dinh Cau Temple
About 200m from the night market, Dinh Cau is on a
rocky cliff at the start of the Duong Dong river and a
great place to take in the sunset
Sung Hung Co Tu Pagoda
The oldest pagoda on Phu Quoc. Located on Tran Hung
Dao Street, near the night market in Duong Dong town
Mango Bay Resort
Ho Quoc Pagoda
Choose which dishes to learn. Classes available daily
upon request.
Contact reception or call (+84) 773 981 693 for
The biggest pagoda on Phu Quoc. Located in Suoi Lon
Hamlet, Duong To commune, about 25km from Duong
Dong town and is a spectacular drive along the coastal
road to the temple
La Veranda Resort
Dinh Ba Temple
Classes available every Tuesday and Thursday.
Contact reception or call (+84) 773 982 988 for
Nguyen Trung Truc Temple
Saigon Phu Quoc Resort
Classes available on request.
Contact reception or call (+84) 773 846 999 for
Located at Ong Lang Beach (nearby Chensea resort),
about 6km from Duong Dong town
When visiting pagodas remember these are places of
worship and visitors should be respectful at all times.
Small donations for the upkeep of the pagodas are
welcomed – look for the collection boxes near the
Explore the North West
Discover Phu Quoc
with self guided
Allow about 5 hours
A leisurely few hours
exploring villages, the
northern beaches and the
green spaces of the island.
Phu Quoc’s small size
and network of country
roads and lanes makes
it perfect for exploring,
either by bicycle or
Starting out at Duong Đông, head
north about 10km towards Cua Can (1).
Here you can take the road that hugs the
coast up to Vung Bau (2) in the far northwest
corner of Phu Quoc. From Vung Bau, take a right
back towards the main road then turn left to
continue to Ganh Dau (3) at the top of the island.
If you’re feeling hungry or thirsty you’ll find lots of
beach and roadside spots for grilled seafood, cold
beers and other meals and drinks along the way.
We’ve a couple of suggestions
here for you but really you can
head wherever you like on the
island. Search out deserted
beaches, quiet hamlets and
villages, rural trails or maybe
stop off and have a coffee
with the smiling locals.
From Ganh Dau continue along the road for a further
5km to the forest walk (4) on the edge of the National
Park. Stretch your legs here with a short nature stroll
along the trail.
Now continue the same way through the forest until
you reach the main road, take a right for an easy 15 min
run back to Duong Dong town.
Discover the South East
From Ham Ninh head south on
Nguyen Van Cu to An Thoi, at the very
southern end of the island. There’s a few
beach options here, including Sao and Kem
beaches (4).
Here you’ll be able to pull up a chair or
lounger on the sand, and sit back and relax
with a fresh coconut water or an iced coffee.
Head back towards Duong Dong on the
Long beach road, along here are a few Pearl
farms (5) that make for an interesting stop.
You’ll pass the airport on your right, and Duong
Đông is about a further 5km on. Before getting
back to town try and leave time to visit Coi Nguon
Museum; it’s packed with interesting displays on
the history and culture of the island.
(See page 18 for more details.)
Allow up to 6 hours
Explore the beaches in the south – and check out some
Phu Quoc classics along the way.
From Duong Đông, head south past the hospital on
30/4 Street. After 3 km and on both sides of the road
you’ll see some interesting pepper farms (1) to visit.
They are open to visitors for tours and purchases of the
world-famous Phu Quoc pepper.
Phu Quoc’s small size and network of country
roads and lanes makes it perfect for exploring,
either by bicycle or motorbike.
Now continue the same way through the forest
until you reach the main road, take a right for an
easy 15 min run back to Duong Dong town.
A further kilometer on, also on the right hand side of
the road is Su Muon pagoda (2), which is well worth
spending some time at.
From here continue to Ham Ninh (3) fishing village on
the east coast of the island. If you’re here between May
and November, then a stop at Tranh stream on the way
to Ham Ninh is recommended.
Tran Ngoc Nga
A local boy who has seen a lot of changes
to the island where he grew up.
The locals on Phu Quoc can give a great
insight to their island paradise from their
own perspective, after all they grew up
here so who better to get some inside tips
and low down advice from?
Where do you live?
I live in Duong Dong Town
How long have you lived on Phu Quoc?
All my life!
Where’s the best street food?
Anywhere on Tran Hung Dao or Vo Thi Sau streets.
Your favourite place on the island?
That would be Tranh Stream. It’s a beautiful natural
setting and a great place to cool off.
What visitors do you like to meet? (ie what nationality?)
French and Japanese. The French because of the
historical connections between our countries, and the
Japanese for their culture.
How has PQ changed in recent years?
In just the last two years Phu Quoc has developed
rapidly. Whilst this is great for tourism, it also brings
local people a better infrastructure such as a reliable
power supply and an improved road network.
What’s your top 3 PQ ‘must-do’ for visitors?
I really like Tranh Stream (on the way to Ham Ninh)
which has a very cool natural environment and a is
great place to take the kids.
Of course being the island’s number one product you
can’t miss seeing a fish sauce factory in action. There
are plenty around Phu Quoc – just follow your nose!
Take a visit to pepper farm which is also one of the
main produces here and see how it grows. It’s so good don’t forget to take some back home with you.
I have
lived in
Phu Quoc
All my life!”
Can you tell us something from the history of Phu Quoc?
Emperor Gia Long, often referred to simply as Nguyen
Ánh, was the first Emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty of
Vietnam. In 1780, Nguyen Ánh proclaimed himself
Nguyen vuong (Nguyen king) then in 1781 he sent
forces to prop up the Cambodian regime against the
Siamese army. Shortly eafter, Nguyen Ánh had Nhon
brutally murdered because Nhon’s fame and military
success was overshadowing him.
The Tây Son rebels broke out in celebration upon
hearing of Nhon’s execution, as Nhon was the Nguyen
officer that they feared the most. Nhon’s supporters
rebelled thus weakening the Nguyen army and within a
few months the Tây Son rebels had recaptured Saigon.
Nguyen Ánh was forced to flee to Ha Tien and then
to the island of Phú Quoc while some of his forces
continued to resist in his absence.
What country would you like to visit?
France. I hear the food’s amazing – and I love wine!
How would you like to see Phu Quoc develop?
To become a modern tourist destination with
infrastructure and services similar to that of Singapore,
which is almost the same size as our island.
Whatever your budget Phu Quoc offers a fantastic
range of accommodation. From beachside bungalows
to five star resorts, from quaint guesthouses to
spacious villas, we’ve got them all!
Small but beautiful beachfront bungalow resort situated on Long Beach also offering a beachside restaurant with
fresh seafood, friendly service and stunning sunsets! With staff that are always pleased to serve you, take a ride
through the rain forest, dive or snorkel around the reefs or simply relax and do nothing on the beach! OR (+84) 77 980 998
With 18 large rooms in plantation-style Beach houses and brick Garden cottages, Cassia
Cottage Hotel and Inn is the resort youve dreamed of, their bed & breakfast style will
make your stay on Phu Quoc. Dine in the garden or on the sand but be sure to try the
Spice House restaurant for some delicious and very creative vietnamese cuisine. OR (+84) 773 848 395
Coi Nguon Museum Resort has standard very clean rooms all with sea views and at
reasonable prices. It also has an interesting museum attached to it for those who would
like to know more about the Islands history and some old local artifacts, there is quite a
good collection here and be sure to go to the top for some great views! OR (+84) 773 980 206
Well-positioned along Long Beach, Coral Bay Resort is the ideal point for a relaxing visit, this 3-star hotel can be
easily accessed from the airport (10 mins) and offers easy access to town. With 19 tastefully furnished bedrooms
offering modern comforts such as , A/C, balcony, satellite TV, free Wi-Fi, room safe and bicycle rental. Offering fantastic
Facilities, including water sports (non-motorized), massage, solarium, diving and many more all to help you unwind! OR (+84) 773 993 399
Located on Long Beach Famiana Village Beach Resort is set in beautiful tropical gardens
comprising tastefully decorated rooms & bungalows with a the comforts of home. They
also have a a lovely swimming pool to relax in, great Outdoor restaurant, Gym, Spa,
childrens play area and meeting room facilities. OR (+84) 773 992 212
This luxurious 4 star resort boasts a style reminiscent of a French seaside mansion and is tet
in tropical gardens on a beautiful stretch of long beach. The beach luxury resort and boutique
hotel and spa boasts large terraces with sweeping views ideal for honeymoons, spa vacations
or family holidays. In addition to 70 rooms with private balconies there is also two restaurants,
a lounge bar, swimming pool, water sports and day spa, all in front of the beach and set on
beautiful grounds. OR (+84) 773 982 988
Located just 10 mins walk from town and in the heart of Long Beach Mai Spa offers beautiful grounds and
accommodation including a 3 bedroom villa as well as professional massage and spa treatments. OR (+84) 936 367 840
Located just 5 min away from the airport, Mercure Phu Quoc is surrounded by tropical
gardens and is set on a pristine stretch of long beach. The resort features 73 spacious villas,
2 bars with a fabulous restaurant serving Vietnamese & International cuisine. Whether
you want to laze in their beautiful swimming pool overlooking the sea, enjoy the Spa with
Sauna / Jacuzzi facilities or have a hit on one of their 2 tennis courts, its all here! | Email: [email protected] OR (+84) 77 3 972 999
Beachside resort very close to town with 10 rooms and 30 bungalows (16 Bungalows
with A/C and 14 Standard Bungalows with Fan) all at a reasonable price, they also have
a great little bar right on the beach to take in the sunsets! Moon resort is located 5 km
from Phu Quoc international airport and 1km from Duong Dong town & Night markets. OR (+84) 773 982 988
Located just outside town and spread over 9000 m2 on one of the most beautiful
stretches of Long Beach, Orange Resort is a new 3 star luxury beachfront resort facing
to the west. The Resort consists of 50 bungalows with swimming pool, all fully equipped
with facilities of a high standard, they also have a restaurant, beach bar and spa. OR (+84) 773 846 319 | 981 122
Ideally located on a beautiful stretch of Long Beach laze the days away around their outdoor swimming pool overlooking the beach! Reasonably priced bungalow that offer great comfort with air conditioning, minibar, cable TV, free
WiFi. With value for money and an impeccable service, helpful and friendly staff Paris Beach Resort will be proud to
offer you the most pleasant stay in paradise. OR (+84) 773 994 548
Managed by a wonderful local family and built by architectural beauty with rustic simplicity there are 24 bungalows
located right on a quiet end of Long Beach at very reasonable rates. They also have a great restaurant serving fresh
seafood daily right on the sand where they are always ready to serve you with enthusiasm.
(+84) 169 448 1538
Located 10 minutes from the airport on the way to town this is the newset 5 star Resort to hit the island with its
stunning architecture and design, beautiful rooms and a fantastic array of both local & international foods. A collection
of 122 deluxe rooms, villas and spacious presidential suites, offering the ultimate Phu Quoc beach holiday. Experience
dazzling sunsets from a private oversized balcony with sparkling ocean views. OR (+84) 839 293 097
This resort is on one of the nicest stretches of Long Beach with natural shade from Malabar almond and palm trees
with bungalows right on the beach! They also have a great restaurant serving vietnamese cuisine, their entrance is
located just on the way out of town on the right side. OR (+84) 77 3 982 161
Whatever your budget Phu Quoc offers a fantastic
range of accommodation. From beachside bungalows
to five star resorts, from quaint guesthouses to
spacious villas, we’ve got them all!
Foreign managed, very clean & friendly Backpackers Guesthouse with dormitory rooms, private rooms with Fan or A/C
all at very reasonable prices. B&B is located just off the main road out of town opposite to the entrance of Long Beach
resort and can speak english, vietnamese & dutch languages.
[email protected] OR (+84) 165 594 3727
Is a vibrant, friendly and relaxing getaway destination for travelers looking for a beautiful, yet affordable place to stay
while visiting Phu Quoc Island. Recently built in 2014 they have a good range of spacious Villa’s and are located on
the main road (near the La Veranda turnoff) and about a 10 min walk to Long Beach. OR (+84) 773 993 399
Set on a hillside Hong Bin Bungalow specialise in creating a truly relaxing hideaway
where you can hang out in a hammock, cool off in the pool, take in some sun and at the
end of the day watch the sunset from your own private balcony. A ten-minute drive from
the airport and only a few minutes walk to Duong Dong town & nearby beaches, relax
at the resort or discover the many activities the island has to offer. OR (+84) 773 993 336
Built in 2013 this popular, friendly & clean backpackers is foreign managed and has a great positive vibe! If you are
looking for reasonably priced budget rooms checkout Jono, he is a very helpful english fellow and runs the show at
Mush’rooms. Backpackers offers both private and dormitory rooms with free Wi-Fi. About 500 metres from Long Beach
public beach, the property has a spacious outdoor area and an on-site bar. OR (+84) 937 942 017
Offering a small very cute house located right in the middle of Duong Dong town, here you can relax with the full
amenities for living including separate bedroom, kitchen & living areas. A particular attractive for families or small
groups who just want to stay together, feel right at home when you stay at Phu Quoc Village! OR (+84) 773 846 666
Sea Breeze or in Vietnamese (Gio Bien) is a very clean and well managed Hotel with very reasonable rates directly
facing the sea and on the edge of Duong Dong town, just a few few minutes walk to the city centre and attractions. OR (+84) 773 994 920
Whatever your budget Phu Quoc offers a fantastic
range of accommodation. From beachside bungalows
to five star resorts, from quaint guesthouses to
spacious villas, we’ve got them all!
Located on a pristine, secluded stretch of Vung Bau Bay this purposely built environmentally friendly 17-room familyrun getaway is a great place to well....get away from it all! Spacious cottages with stunning sea views, all rooms are
beautifully decorated and equiped with solar hot water. Their kitchen serves authentic homemade Vietnamese dishes
made with fresh seafood, organic vegetables & immense pride. OR (+84) 772 810 345
Bo “eco-resort” is located on a hilly sector of the north west coast, at the one end of a beautiful & lonely bay, where
else in the world can you stay on a 4 km private beach? Dine at their fantastic restaurant down on the beach serving
delicious home-made Vietnamese food or simply just laze on the beach! Bo resort follows an eco-lodge concept:
there are no televisions, no telephone or air con however all rooms are equipped with a fan to catch that sea breeze
and solar hot water. OR (+84) 773 986 142
Set in lush vegetation Freedomland is a popular Resort, a Countryside House Gallery with a Bar & fantastic home
cooked food all inlcuded in the room tariff! Located just 12 minutes walk to the beautiful “Ong Lang Beach” where
you can laze the days away! OR (+84) 122 658 6802
This cute little resort is located in the middle of Phu Quoc Island and on the way to Duong Dong lake (island water
supply) and Da Bang Stream a beautiful flowing waterfall in the rain season! All rooms are tastefully decorated,
reasonably priced and the property is in a nice quiet rural area, they also have a Spa attached offering relaxing
massages at your will! OR (+84) 773 701 055 | 773 701 056
A long standing insitution in Phu Quoc located near Ong Lang beach, Mango
Bay is an unusually low density resort of 40 bungalows spread along one
kilometer of beach and amid 10 hectares of largely endemic forest and gardens.
Serving delicious Vietnamese and International foods in both their main restaurant and
Beach Bar at one end of the resort even if you are not staying here this is a great place
to visit, take in the sea views and enjoy some great food. OR (+84) 773 848 773
Leave the world behind in our family run resort on the tranquil northern shores of Phu Quoc island. Offering a truly
unqiue experience just a few steps from a quiet and almost deserted beach with breath-taking island views. OR (+84) 773 989 567
Located about 25 kilometers from Duong Dong town (to the north west) Vung Bau Resort offers 12 bungalows
equipped with basic conveniences as well as peace and privacy set in a stunning part of the Island. Offering a beautiful
and charming landscape with very enthusiastic friendly staff who are always waiting to welcome you! OR (+84) 907 379 494
Located right on beautiful Ong Lang beach this the first 5 star property in Phu Quoc
combines the concepts of surprise, happiness, relaxation and value for money! Equipped
with top-class facilities and elegantly designed to provide a perfect getaway with 5-star
dining at Flow Restaurant offering the best quality seafood and fish. Laze around in their
amazing pool or just relax on the beach privacy beckons at The Shells! OR (+84) 939 989 591
Cute family run resort on the edge of the national park for people who wish to stay in natural
environment and off the beaten track a little! Besides a fresh water pool they offer yoga
lessons and Thai massage courses taught by certified teachers in their own studio. Trying to
be as ecological friendly as possible by not using chemicals in the pool and in the restaurant
use as many possible ingredients from their own or other local farms as well as trying to
reduce waste production. OR (+84) 907 348 449
Eat & Drink
You won’t go hungry on Phu Quoc! The freshest and
tastiest seafood in Vietnam!
Berezka restaurant does Russian and Internation foods located at 74 Tran Hung Dao St on the main road into Duong
Dong they also offer a great daily fresh seafood BBQ. Be sure to check lots of information they have about the island
and what to do, Antons Tours also located here offers many kinds of options catering for everybody with Vietnamese,
Russian and english speaking staff. or (+84) 949 795 186 | (+84) 986 486 324
Helping visitors since 2005 here you can enjoy great Ice Cream, Italian Coffee and all
the Home Made Foods, Juices & Shakes Buddy has become known for! Great Sunsets and
view of the Marina! FREE WiFi, Maps & Tourist information, Book Exchange and more.
6 Bach Dang St (opposite the Marina and near the night market) OR (+84) 773 994 181
Welcome all world travelers and invites you to discover its amazing cocktails, excellent food and friendly staff. their
home-made Rum collection is one of the best around, i bet you wont stop at one.
118 Tran Hung Dao St OR (+84) 937 875 384
Located right on the edge of town at 82 Tran Hung Dao St this is a great place to go for LIVE sport and music. They
also have a Pool & Fusbol table and serve all kinds of bar snacks (inlcuding great home made pizza) with Ice cold beer,
great cocktails and yes they are open til very late.
(+84) 909 259 605
Eat & Drink > DUONG DONG
RESTAURANT - BAR - HOTEL and music lounge located on the main road right on the
edge of town serving Vietnamese cuisine, they have a fantastic Dinner with special
seafood menu and its a great place for Sunset drinks. Emoi also have Luxury rooms with
full amenities at very reasonable rates. OR (+84) 773 999 797
Offering a very wide-range of Indian cuisine, their extensive menu ranges from North India and take pride that their
chef has learnt and perfected to prepare the taste through their fine cuisine! Using the genuine Indian clay oven
(Tandoor) in order to maintain the authentic taste of Naan (Wheat bread) and staying true to the traditions of Indian
hospitality and beliefs that guest deserve the best treatment. OR (+84) 77 3 994 917
Located at 92 Tran Hung Dao St (right next door to the Happy Buddha Club) the very friendly owner Denis offers
frikadelle or bratwurst and great breakfasts, be sure to try the Kelloggs cornflakes with the tasty honey fruit salad, they
have Free WIFI and lots of cheap cocktails all available till late.
92 Tran Hung Dao St
Located right next door to German B at 92 Tran Hung Dao, this Happy Club has great cocktails with friendly service
and will take you through the night ripping the tunes to the max! Electric ballrom Saturday nights, Hippies yeah disco
night and dont forget the Friday oldie rock pop mix all featuring worldwide DJs & artists.
92 Tran Hung Dao St
Beautiful stylish restaurant located just out of town on the main road this place delivers
a new class of dining to the island! Spanish head chef Mateu Batista uses his 25 years of
experience to conjure up superb tapas and dishes that tease the palate with a fusion of
Mediterranean and Asian flavours. The restaurant is set amidst an elegant Mediterranean
-inspired décor where simplicity is the key to give an uncluttered peaceful space to relax in.
[email protected] OR for reservations (+84) 773 992 022
Located at 118 Tran Hung Dao (on the road to La Verand) this long running French establishment has a great menu
offering both French and international foods including Australian beef and home-made lasagna.
For those looking for a social scene, this place is a natural magnet with good music until late and free pool!
And if you get tired of pho for breakfast every day you can enjoy their tasty muesli and cereals!
(+84) 073 982 200
If you’re looking for a reliably good restaurant to eat while you’re staying in Phu Quoc then you need to visit Hai and
Mi at May restaurant, located both on the way into Duong Dong town on the edge of the sea or on the main road
opposite Salinda Resort. Offering all kinds of Seafood and Vietnamese dishes including Spring Rolls, soups, chicken
and beef prepared in many different ways.
(+84) 937 08 18 68
Eat & Drink > DUONG DONG
Located just off the main road on the way to La Veranda this popular restaurant/bar run by english Steph and his
Vietnamese wife Yum, it is a great place to stop by for gurranteed Cold beer, classic English Rock music, wifi, sport
and sound travel advice. If you are looking for comfort food you can find it at Oasis, banana pancakes or the classic
English pub food, lasagna and chicken Cordon Bleu. Yum makes sure that there is also plenty of Vietnamese food to
complement all the other European fare.
(+84) 909 259 605
Serving authentic Vietnames & Thai cuisine this is a great place to stop buy and get a great feed at a reasonable price,
Palm Tree is located off the main road just 25m from the entrance to La Veranda Resort. They are open daily and have
Happy Hours from 6 to 8 pm.
25m from La Veranda Resort entrance
Specialises as a Pizzeria style restaurant but also offer Vietnamese & Internation cuisine,
located on the main road into Duong Dong town at 89 Tran Hung Dao St or call Norbert
on 077 3 848 773 for your reservations and deliveries.
You gotta meet the owner Norbert, try his Hunter Snitzel, personally reccommended!
(+84) 77 3 848 773
A foreign owned and newly established Pizza take away and delivery service offering tasty home made pizza with fresh
ingredients daily! Stop by for a Pepperoni or try their cheese pizza which is always popular!
Pizza Oi are located on the main road into Duong Dong near the turn off to Sea Star resort.
(+84) 77 3 99 24 00
Neigborhood Pub that is open until late with ice cold beers, cocktails, good music, billiards and sports TV. They are
located just south of town near the entrance to the newly built Orange resort, you can contact Rob on 0913 163 961
for more information, especially on great stuff to do whilst on the Island.
(+84) 913 163 961
Island’s newest night bar / club has everything for a great night: friendly staff, cold beers, home-made rums, spirits, air
conditioned and big sounds pumping out from 11PM. There is 20% discount Happy hours from 6PM to 10PM, Sports
TV and they are open daily 6PM until late.
118 Tran Hung Dao. [email protected] OR 0123 891 7700 (+84) 123 891 7700 (Claudio).
Authentic Vietnamese cuisine in a beautiful garden setting on the side of a mountain. they offer fresh seafood daily
and are located at 30/4 st road past the hospital in Duong Dong.
(+84) 773 989 899 or 939 077 666
The Beach House
Tour services
Dine on beautiful Sao Beach
with some comfort food from
Although unmistakably Vietnamese, one of Phu Quoc
‘s great charms is its ability to bring people together
from all over the world. And perhaps nowhere more so
than at The Beach House, a beachside spot run by the
wonderfully friendly husband and wife team of Norbert
and Tam.
Norbert’s from Germany so knows a thing or two about
sausages and beer; and Tam’s Vietnamese so you can
be sure that the local food will be fresh and delicious.
Nobert and Tam also run the long-established Pepper’s
Pizza in Duong Dung town, so the pizzas at The Beach
House are top class, and the range of beer extends well
beyond just German brews. All ice cold, of course. Come
We pack a lot in to a small space in Phu Quoc so it
can be difficult to know what to do – or how to do it.
However, speak to these guys and you’ll be out and
about in no time.
night time and the good vibes continue with some
excellent musical choices to while away the hours.
Stay for a few days in the beachside bungalows and
you’ll soon realise why this little corner of Phu Quoc
is seen as the perfect one-stop holiday shop. With
the gorgeous Bai Sao beach on your doorstep, great
seafood and BBQ, and cold beers never more than a few
steps away, do you need to go anywhere else?
Open from 8am daily
WHERE: Sao Beach (next to My Lan)
TEL: +(+84) 903 217 065
Scuba diving professionals catering for whatever your scuba diving experience or level is, whether you are interested
in a Discover Scuba Diving or Diving course. OR call Willy (+84) 939 402 872
Offers the traveler personal tour options on Phu Quoc Island, including Boat Adventures,
Motorbike tours visiting home style pepper farms, secluded beaches, casual forest
walks, fishing villages, beautiful beachfront restaurants and many more interesting
Call Jerry (+84) 938 226 021 OR [email protected]
These guys have many huts located on Long Beach or at some resort receptions such as Seastar, Hiep Thanh and can
take care of all your holiday touring arrangements. They also have offices at 4 & 143 Trung Hung Dao Streets and can
also offer transport connections to Cambodia, Mekong Delta, book online for a 10% discount. OR (+84) 919 107 086 | 982 107 086
Located right on the edge of town at 30 Trung Hung Dao these guys offer quality Sovenirs, Handicrafts, Swimwear,
Sarongs and Clothing of all sizes! Drop in and check it out their latest seasonal stock!
[email protected]
Starting in the mid 90s opening the 1st PADI divecentre in Vietnam, this outfit is
synonymous with professional training and high diving standards and have been
around the traps here for a long time. Their main office is located opposite the night
market entrance at 11 Trung Hund Dao Street. OR 0913 400 964
Located at 54 Trung Hung Dao Street on the main road in town they have a great gallery and cafe offering a large
range of pearl jewellery, paintings and souvenirs. OR (+84) 906 339 097
Located on the main road on the way into town, this recently established shop sells all kinds of natural skin & beauty
care products, Ut the owner also makes her own range of natural soaps well worth the spend...drop in and check it out! OR call Ms. Ut (+84) 903 830 234
Tourist Services > LONG BEACH
Rainbow Divers
Sasco is Phu Quoc’s official taxi company with English-speaking drivers who are native
to the island. So you can be assured of not only a professional service but also knowledge locals to get you where you need to go. With a range of vehicles to suit every need,
including modern 7-seat Toyota Innovas, Sasco taxi can help with a variety of solutions
from airport pick ups and day tours to wedding cars and even long term rentals with a
private driver, there’s very little Sasco can’t do.
(+84) 773 76 76 76
Phu Quoc’s leading dive
company is giving back in
more ways than one.
For a truly memorable Phu Quoc experience it’s hard
to beat diving in the marine parks off the coast of
the island, which are amongst the best dive sites in
Vietnam. Phu Quoc is blessed to have Rainbow Divers,
one of South East Asia’s premier operators, running
PADI courses and dives on the island for nearly 20 years.
Since 1996, they’ve built up a worldwide reputation
based on their professionalism and knowledge of the
island’s waters. Their dive team has amassed over
15,000 dives and they have the local know-how to seek
out bamboo sharks, tropical fish and other aquatic life.
Rainbow Divers lead the way in diving skill and
knowledge but also in sustainable environmental
practices. As a major supporter of Project Aware,
Rainbow Divers play a vital role in protecting water
resources and marine life around Phu Quoc. Through
surveying reefs and undertaking monthly ‘Dive
Against Debris’ ocean clean-up events, Rainbow Divers
are ensuring that Phu Quoc remains a superb dive
destination for years to come.
WHERE: 11 Tran Hung Dao, Duong Dong
TEL: (+84) 913 400 964
EMAIL: [email protected]
Pearls are one of those special treasures from mother nature. Unlike diamonds, rubies,
sapphires or emeralds, pearls are created from a living organism. A special kind of
oyster secretes nacre and surrounds a foreign object that has gotten into the oyster
shell, then a pearl is formed. Take advantage of their free pickup or stop by their
beatiful showroom yourself, located on the main road out of town just up the hill from
Cui Nguon Museum (they also have location in Nha Trang & Mui Ne)
Tourist Services > OTHER AREAS
Mango Bay
Resort & Spa
New foreign managed Go Cart racing track comprising of 320 meters with zippy fast
new carts to choose from, this place is run by a group of Swedish brothers who worked
hard to create this great little circuit!
(+84) 939 391 459 OR 0904 325 602 (Chris)
A firm favourite for all who visit
If there is a trusted name on the island it’s definitely
Mango Bay, a rustic and beautiful resort inspired by the
dream we all have of living on the beach.
A group of friends each built their own vision of a paradise “hut on the beach” over 15 years ago and gradually
as more and more friends and family discovered what
a wonderful place it is, the cluster of private homes became a small resort. Nowadays there are 40 bungalows
set on the 20 hectares of indigenous natural forest and
garden here, which gives today’s guests a real feeling
of space and seclusion, a place to get away from it all.
Whilst the general vibe is simple and rustic, there’s no
excuse not to have a cocktail before dinner, right? Great
cocktails arrive in minutes, carefully shaken, muddled or
stirred by Mr ‘TinTin’, a legend behind the bar.
Mango Bay offers a delectable culinary experience as
well, with the freshest seafood and fresh ingredients
whipped up into fusion delights by the experienced
kitchen brigade.
After all that effort it’s time to head to the wellness
center for some well earned rest overlooking the sea,
nurtured and rejuvenated, ready for that next bout of
From 5th May to 31st October, stay with us for 3 nights
and only pay for 2!
The first Yoga & Massage studio on the island of Phu Quoc, Vietnam who also teach
and train Yoga & traditional Thai Massage for all levels, are fully certified and can
teach and train all levels, we like to teach & train small groups in an informal and fun
environment. From the absolute beginner to the advanced, they are certified to train
people to become traditional Thai massage teachers but also can teach you how to give
your partner a Thai massage! OR (+84) 907 348 449
WHERE: Ong Lang Beach, Phu Quoc Island
TEL: (+84) 773 981 693
EMAIL: [email protected]
Situated on an isolated part of Long Beach about 12km to the south of Duong Dong
you will find a huge selection of Pearls both farmed on the Island and imported, this
place is well worth a visit even if to just pass thru, they also have cold drinks. OR (+84) 773 983 777 - 0918 320 576 - 0918 678 505
Cruise Terminal
A new seaport is planned for Phu Duong. Built offshore
at Duong Dong town, the pier will be connected to
the shore by a kilometer-long bridge. The seaport is
expected to have a capacity of up to 6,000 passengers,
which will likely see Phu Quoc added to more southeast
Asia cruise itineraries.
news & updates
Visa-Free Stays
Driving Licence
It’s expected that in 2015 Vietnam will start to accept
international driving licenses for visitors looking to rent
cars or motorbikes. Exact details are not available at
time of going to press but, if this change does happen,
it should make hiring motorbikes a lot easier.
A recent development has seen the introduction of a
30-day visa free stay rule come into effect for Phu Quoc.
Whilst normal visa restrictions apply for the mainland,
if you’re coming to Vietnam to only visit Phu Quoc – and
staying less than 30 days – then you don’t need a visa*.
Travellers who enter Vietnam via the international
gateways of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, and fly directly
on to Phu Quoc, can transit the airports and will not
require visas as long as they stay in the transit lounges.
However, if you are stopping over in these cities then a
visa will be required as normal.
*Applies to the majority of nationalities arriving by
Air. Visitors should check with their travel agents/tour
companies for more details.
Second Tier City
This might not seem the most exciting of news but
it has a big bearing on the future of Phu Quoc. The
development of improved infrastructure on the island
- such as the international airport, improved road
network and a growing number of world-class resorts
– has led the national government to promote Phu
Quoc to ‘second city’ status. The significance of this for
tourism – and visitors – is an increase in support from
the government to help Phu Quoc achieve its aim of
becoming a key southeast Asia holiday destination for
international travellers.
Flight News
More Luxury Resorts
Amongst recent resort developments on Phu Quoc
Vinpearl Resort Phu Quoc is the stand-out. Located in
the far northwestern corner of the island, it boasts 750
rooms, suites and villas in addition to a 27-hole golf
course, water park and even its own amusement park.
Guests will also be able to try their hand on a range
of water-based activities such as parasailing, jet skiing,
sailing and kayaking.
Vinpearl will no doubt grab many headlines but other
luxury resorts will follow to further cement Phu Quoc’s
position as Vietnam’s no.1 beach destination.
For more news on what’s happening on Phu Quoc head
Phu Quoc’s international airport opened in 2013 and
whilst that initially brought an increase in flights
domestically, we’re now starting to see international
flights coming to the island.
Towards the end of 2014, Vietnam Airlines started
operating direct services from Singapore and Siem
Reap, Cambodia, to Phu Quoc.
The Singapore flights are twice weekly, whilst the Siem
Reap flights operate three times a week. For more
details visit or speak to your
travel agent.
We fully expect more international flights to operate
to the island. At the time of going to press we were
hearing that flights from Japan are a possibility. It’s also
probable that you’ll be able to fly directly to Phu Quoc
in the not-too-distant future from major South East Asia
hubs such as Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur.
Academy Phu Quoc
Helping the islanders to improve their
communication with visitors
As more and more visitors discover the charms of
Phu Quoc, so the need for the locals to speak better
English grows. With this in mind, Language Academy
Phu Quoc was established in 2013 by an English expat
school teacher. The center provides islanders with a
wide range of English courses in a stimulating and fun
Committed to helping improve the future of their
students through carefully planned learning programs,
LAPQ cater for students of all a ges, from pre-school
through to adults.
LAPQ offer a range of programs to suit all levels,
all focusing on the four key skills of language –
speaking, listening, reading and writing – and are
taught by qualified and experienced western and
Vietnamese teachers.
So whether you’re looking to give your child a head
start, or are an adult looking to improve your own
language skills, their courses will help you to achieve
fantastic results.
WHERE: 54 Hung Vuong, Duong Dong, Phu Quoc
OPENING HOURS: Daily 8am - 10pm
TEL: (+84) 907 511 366 | 773 992 323
EMAIL: [email protected]
Those of you enjoying extended holidays or staying
long term on the island may be interested to know that
LAPQ also offers introductory Vietnamese lessons.
La Veranda
“Elegance, Harmony and
Whilst Phu Quoc has long been a
hot destination for in-the-know
backpackers, the island has seen a big
increase in stylish and elegant hotels
and resorts in recent years.
Perhaps top of the list in this category is La Veranda
Resort Phu Quoc, which in just five short years has
become one of the island’s most popular resorts and
a firm favorite with the many repeat visitors to the
island. It’s not difficult to see why. Designed in a French
colonial style, surrounded by lush tropical gardens, the
boutique resort sits directly on a beautiful stretch of
white-sand beach on the west coast and commands
spectacular views over the Gulf of Thailand.
The 70 rooms and villas are just a few steps away from
the beach and the beautiful cobalt blue swimming pool.
The refined living spaces feature dark wood, mosaic
titles, exposed feature brick work, classic ceiling fans
and high ceilings to create a distinctive style oozing
with comfort and indulgence.
The resort’s expert spa therapists pamper guests with
luxurious natural treatments, Asian-style therapies
and restorative massages using locally produced
products that will leave you feeling totally revitalized
and completely refreshed. For further invigoration
there are also Vichy showers. They will even offer spa
treatments in the comfort of your room. Now how’s that
for pampering?
Banks and ATMs
There are lots of banks in Duong Dong, with
Vietcombank and Sacombank being the best for ‘over
the counter’ transactions. The banks will accept Visa,
MasterCard and American Express, and you will need to
use your passport for ID.
At the end of a long hard day doing very little it’s only
natural that you would want to unwind over dinner
and drinks. La Veranda has a culinary offering for all
palettes, from fine dining in the Pepper Tree restaurant
to a more casual offering at the beachside BBQ.
If you’re looking for something truly special, how about
a private candle-lit dinner on the beach? Just imagine…
a beautifully warm evening, stars glistening in the night
sky, the gentle lapping of the ocean waves, and your
meal served to your table set upon the white sands
beneath your feet.
ATMs can be found easily around the main town,
especially close to the Night Market (Vo Thi Sau street)
and the marina area. There’s also an ATM in the lobby
at Saigon Phu Quoc resort and at the turn off for La
Veranda resort. The ATMs will take all internationally
recognized cards.
For money transfers there is a Western Union service at
the Kien Long Bank at 139 30/4 street & Agribank at
the corner of Tran Hung Dao and 30/4 street.
Phu Quoc may be changing at a fast pace but the slow
life amongst the colonial splendor of La Veranda will be
around for many years to come.
WHERE: 1Ward 7, Duong Dong Beach, Tran Hung Dao Street, Phu
Quoc Island, Vietnam
TEL: (+84) 773 982 988 FAX: (+84) 773 982 998
EMAIL: [email protected]
Post & Telecommunications Services
The main post office on 30/4 Street Duong Dong
town will sell stamps and be able to send postcards,
letters and packages domestically within Vietnam and
anywhere internationally.
Phone cards and pre-paid SIMs are available at many
shops around Duong Dong, and if you’re staying for an
extended period in Vietnam you may want to consider
buying a SIM card. You will need to register using your
passport as ID but ‘pay as you go’ top-up fees are very
low and can include data packages (around $5 for 30
days mobile data). The two most popular carriers are
Mobifone and Viettel – both offer full coverage all over
Emergency Services
For a local GP contact Dr Tuan at 14 Nguyen Dinh Chieu
St in Duong Dong town or call (+84) 913 189 508
Pharmacies can be found just about everywhere in town
and can provide most general medications, apointments,
etc, over the counter without a prescription.
Police (+84) 773 846 051
Hospital (+84) 773 846 074
We would recommend that, if possible, you ask for
assistance at your hotel or resort in the first instance.
They will be able help with translations and/or any
information the emergency services may ask for.
I’m from ...
Chào anh (to man)
Chào ch (to woman)
My name is...
Tôi tên là...
How much is this?
Cái này giá bao nhiêu?
Where are you from?
Do you speak English?
What’s your name?
How are you?
Thank you
Pleased to meet you
Long time no see
Thank you very much
Good morning
Cheers/Good health!
Please write it down
Good afternoon
I don’t understand
Please speak more slowly
Good evening
Excuse me / Sorry
Good night
Xin chào
How do you say (...)
in Vietnamese?