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February 18 is Ash Wednesday, marking the beginning of
Lent. I had never observed Lent until I became Lutheran,
which may be one of the reasons I find it to be such a powerful
season in the life of the church. Lent is 40 days, excluding
Sundays, set aside to prepare for Easter by observing a period
of a time of self-denial, sacrifice, moderation and spiritual
discipline. Let’s be honest; these are not very trendy concepts
in today’s culture where immediate self-gratification and the
need to eat, drink, and buy whatever we want dominates our
daily lives. A sense of entitlement inundates those living in
this post-modern society and greatly impacts us as Christians
observing Lent to fully reflect on Jesus Christ—his life, ministry, suffering, sacrifice, death, burial and resurrection. Sure, we
might “give up” chocolate or coffee or wine for Lent as a
means of denying ourselves of things that we like, but what is
the result?
I am learning on my own spiritual journey that denial,
sacrifice, moderation and spiritual discipline are about much
more than giving up sodas or Starbucks for Lent. Consider
this: Jesus fasted at times but he also enjoyed feasting and
getting to know all kinds of people, many of whom would not
have been considered “religious” in his day. But whether he
was fasting or feasting, Jesus was not merely floating from
place to place like a feather on the breeze; rather, he knew
where he was going. He was in touch with who he was and the
intention of his life. No matter what the day held for him, feast
or famine, joy or grief, rest or endurance, he did not allow the
moments of the day to overshadow his certainty of who
created him and for what purpose. I wonder: can we say the
Self-denial during Lent are reminders that life is not
all about the “stuff” we enjoy, but rather that there is more to
this precious gift of life than self-indulgences and the material
things that we want and enjoy. So what if we took it up a notch
this Lenten season? Rather than eating out every week, what if
we stayed home and put the money in a jar then at the end of
Lent, gave it to a charity, maybe a food pantry of shelter? Or
maybe we could turn off the television, computers, cell
phones, etc., for one evening each week and spend time as a
family in conversation, prayer and reflection (Wednesday
night Lenten services are a perfect way of doing just that).
Finally, rather than abstaining from chocolate, caffeine,
alcohol, or whatever one’s vice may be, perhaps we would do
well to take the advice of Pope Francis who suggested we give
up indifference. In his Lenten message, the Pope said that
“God is not indifferent to our world; he so loves it that he gave
his Son for our salvation,” explaining that one of the most
“urgent challenges” of today’s world — and the one to which
he dedicated his Lenten message — “is precisely the globalization of indifference.” The Pontiff went on to say, “But we can
only bear witness to what we ourselves have experienced,”
and he encouraged the faithful to turn to the sacraments during
Lent — particularly the Eucharist — in order to better imitate
the Lord.
So, perhaps this Lenten Season may be a time for us
to reflect on difficult times in our lives, and rather than being
indifferent to the suffering of others, we might, at the very
least, acknowledge their suffering by bearing witness to our
own experience and taking action to try to alleviate the
suffering. That is what it means to share in the human
condition. In doing so, we fulfill the Lenten sacrifices, moderation and spiritual discipline that prepare us for the wonder and
joy of Easter.
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The Rev. Angela F. Jackson, Pastor
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Page 2
Becks Evangelical Lutheran Church planned a ski trip on December 30, 2014.
Congregational Council
Education Board: No report.
Minutes of December 18, 2014
Members Present: Pastor Angie, Buford
Blankenship, Roscoe Walker, Donna
Myers, Gary Fletcher, Micky Beck,
Brenda Hedrick, Angel Lineberry, Jack
Klass, Jackie Helton, Wade Brown.
Also Present: Tammie Beck
Absent: Forrest Frey, Rhonda Gallimore
Call to Order: President Buford Blankenship
Devotions: by Brenda Hedrick
Membership & Outreach Team: The
youth provided the December meal at the
Crisis Ministries shelter. Roscoe Walker’s
team will take care of January. Micky
Beck is going to contact Kelly Newsome
to get the names of our new church members to determine their interest in assisting
with this monthly meal. Micky and Kelly
will work together to remove names of
those who are no longer members.
Pastor’s Report: The Pastor’s report was
reviewed. There were no changes.
Welcome: President Buford Blankenship
welcomed the new members to the Coun- Council President Reports:
cil: Jack Klass, Jackie Helton and Wade  A Council Retreat and meeting for
January will be on January 17th at
9:00 in the Fellowship Hall. The goal
of the retreat is to set goals for the
Approval of Minutes: The minutes from
coming year. Looking back, the
the November 13th meeting were recouncil reached all the goals set for
viewed. A motion to approve the minutes
2014 except one.
was made by Gary Fletcher and seconded
by Roscoe Walker. Council voted unani Girl Scouts- all three groups are
mously to approve the minutes.
meeting on the 2nd Tuesday in the
basement. Several suggestions were
PETITIONS FROM CONGREGAdiscussed and it was decided a key
will be put in a lockbox so all three
None were made.
groups have access to the basement
area for their meeting.
Finance: Buford Blankenship reviewed
the budget in detail for the benefit of the
Regular Business:
new and existing members.
 New members were welcomed and
Stewardship Team: No report.
the members retiring from Council
were thanked for their service. NomiProperty Team - Buford Blankenship had
nations were taken for the officers:
- President – Buford Blankenship
a conversation with the current sexton,
- Vice President – Micky Beck
Terri Groves, and she let him know that
she would no longer be able to work here
- Secretary – Donna Myers
at the church. The position will have to be
All nominated officers were unanifilled and Buford stated that he has had
mously approved by the Council.
interest expressed by a couple of people.
Roscoe Walker, Gary Fletcher and
Buford Blankenship will serve on
There is a job description detailing the
the Finance Committee.
responsibilities of the sexton.
Service and Fellowship Team: No report.
Worship Team: No report.
Youth and Family: Five members of the
Youth went shopping for the angel tree
family and fed the homeless shelter on the
same day in December. The Youth have
ing that same day. Council unanimously approved all members.
Pastor Angie Jackson presented the
following people for church membership: Janet-Marie Buchner, Eddie
Collins, Penny York, Corinne Burris,
Joyce DeSiato and Jennifer Cottingham. Janet-Marie will be joining the
church on December 22nd. Eddie,
Penny and Jennifer may also be join-
The organ in new basement (from the
estate of Sue Gallimore, given by
Jerry Gallimore) will be given to First
Lutheran Church for use in the Family
Life Center. Jerry Gallimore has
indicated that we could do with it as
we wish – and this placement will
mean that the organ is once more in
A report of receipts from the Christmas play was disbursed to several
different groups. A copy of the report
will be included in the packet for the
January meeting.
Profits from the Christmas card sale
were used for the shelter meal in December. All food that was left over
from feeding the main shelter was
taken to the family shelter (Genesis
House) next door.
Pastor Angie went to visit Chris and
Barbara Jenkins and her grandson.
They had a great visit and celebrated
Holy Communion together. Chris
Jenkins has asked, by written letter, to
be removed from the church roll.
Vacation time for Pastor Angie Jackson was approved for December 27,
2014 – January 3, 2015.
A motion to adjourn was made by Micky
Beck and seconded by Roscoe Walker.
Motion carried.
Respectfully submitted,
Donna Myers, Secretary
Becks Evangelical Lutheran Church
Becks Lutheran Church
Page 3
Monthly Financial Report
Keep giving until God stops giving to you.
Needed for the month of
—Mortgage Acct.
January 4, 2015
—Mortgage Acct.
January 11, 2015
—Mortgage Acct.
January 18, 2015
—Mortgage Acct.
January 25, 2015
—Mortgage Acct.
Total Receipts for January
—Mortgage Acct.
Women’s Bible Study
“Coffee with the Savior”
The Women’s Bible Study continues
each week in February on Tuesday
mornings at 10:30 AM.
The group
meets in the office complex.
Forrest Frey
Patty Beck
Ruby Briggs
Amber (Strabley) Craver
Kathryn Jones
Rain Rachels
Dean Leonard
Ernest Ingle
Robert (Bob) Leonard
Joyce O’Neil
Linda Barefoot
Page 4
Upcoming Events at Becks Lutheran Church
The Choir will meet for rehearsal each The Church Council will meet on ThursWednesday evening at 7:00pm in the day, February 12, 2015. The Finance
choir room.
Team will meet at 6:00pm; Council Dinner will be at 6:30pm and the Council
The Women’s Bible Study will continue Meeting will be at 7:00pm.
each Tuesday in the month of February
at 10:30am in the office complex.
The Lutheran Men will Chaperone at the
Crisis Ministries Shelter on the evening
A Special Sunday School Video
of February 15, 2015.
Series will continue each Sunday
in the Huddle Classroom with PasThe Prayer Shawl Ministry will
tor Huddle and Alan Hoppenmeet on Wednesday, February 18,
steadt. The class is called “Faith
2015 at 12:30pm in the Office
Lessons on the Death and ResurComplex.
We welcome anyone
rection of the Messiah.” The class
who would like to participate in
begins at 9:30am.
this meaningful ministry. Whether you are experienced, or a beginThe Circle of Faith, Hope and
ner, we have room for you!
Love will meet on Sunday, February 1, 2015, at 3:00pm in the
The Ash Wednesday Service will
Huddle Classroom.
be in the Sanctuary on Wedneswill be Christine England and Lisa Jones. day, February 18, 2015, at 7:00pm.
The program will be led by Jeanette
The Lutheran Men will meet on Thursday, February 19, 2015, at 6:30pm at
The Young at Heart will meet on Lexington Style Trimmings.
Wednesday, February 11, 2015, at
10:30am in the Fellowship Hall. The
meal will be covered dish. This will be a
special event for everyone who attends!
The Worship Team for Ministry will
meet on Wednesday, February 11,
2015, at 5:00pm in the Office Complex.
Providing the meal for the Shelter on
Saturday, February 14, 2015, Ronald &
Karen Lamb, Alan & Becky Hoppensteadt
and Bob Leonard.
Becks Lutheran Church
Page 5
Becks Lutheran Youth News
Pictured at left is Alyssa Everhart at a
recent gymnastics competition. Alyssa won
first place in the Bars and Beam and
second place in Floor and Vault.
She also received first place for overall
best combined scores. Alyssa is in level 2
The competition was held in Asheville, NC
on January 2, 2015.
Chili Cook-Off
Touching Davidson County with Love
Touching Davidson County with Love
March 28, 2015
Please see Jamie Everhart if you know of
someone with a project who needs
assistance in getting it completed.
Education News
Hannah Jackson made the Dean’s List and the
Chancellor’s List by earning a 4.0 GPA at
UNC-Charlotte for the Fall Semester.
Matt Jackson made the Dean’s List at Lenoir
Rhyne for the Fall Semester! Matt is on track
to graduate in May!
Hallie Jackson made the A/B Honor Roll at
Lexington Middle School.
Congratulations to these fine young people!
Page 6
Given to the Budget
in memory of Sandy Vawter:
Adult Class — Becks Lutheran Church
Maxine Mull
Tim Mull
James and Elizabeth Leonard
Roger and Mary Vawter
Richard and Mittie Cushman
Young at Heart
Valentine Party
Given to the Discretionary Fund
in memory of Judy Farmer by:
Young at Heart — Becks Lutheran Church
Bob Leonard
Wednesday, February 11, 2015
Church Fellowship Hall
Come join us at 10:30 AM for bingo,
games and prizes!
Given to the Budget
in honor of Doris Allen by:
Alan and Becky Hoppensteadt
We will enjoy a covered dish
Winter Jam 2015
Winter Jam 2015
On Saturday, February 14, 2015, the Youth of Becks Lutheran Church will attend the
Winter Jam at Greensboro Coliseum.
Please see Michelle Moore or Rhonda Gallimore for more details.
Becks Lutheran Church
Page 7
Sunday School Video Series
Beginning February 1, 2015, Pastor Huddle
and Alan Hoppensteadt will lead us in a 10
week video series on "The Death and
Resurrection of the Messiah". Join us at
9:30am every Sunday morning as teacher
and historian Ray Vander Lann leads us to
sites throughout the Holy Land where Jesus
walked, suffered and rose from the dead on
Easter Sunday.
Lenten Worship Services
Ash Wednesday Service
February 18, 2015
7:00 PM
Weekly Lenten Services
each Wednesday during Lent
beginning February 25, 2015
Light Supper at 6:00 PM
Meditation/Study to begin at 6:30 PM
World Day of Prayer
Friday, March 6, 2015, 7:00 PM
Becks Lutheran Church
will host the 2015 World Day of
Prayer Service. We will unite
with four other congregations for
this special event.
Please join us for worship
and fellowship!
9:30 SS Video Series
Kent Beck Team
Gary Fletcher Team
Micky Beck Team
Robbie Harrison Team
Buford Blankenship Team
*February 18 is Ash Wednesday
10:30 Women’s Bible
Carlyn Gallimore
7:00 Choir Rehearsal
6:00 Lenten Supper
6:30 Lenten Study
Choir Rehearsal
Following Lenten service
12:30 Prayer Shawls
Office Complex
7:00 Ash Wednesday
10:30 Young at Heart
Fellowship Hall
5:00 Worship Team for
Office Complex
7:00 Choir Rehearsal
Worship/ Communion Assistant
Rob Crawford
Rob Crawford
Rob Crawford
Rob Crawford
Rob Crawford
January Lector
Jackie Helton
6:30 Lutheran Men
Lexington Style Trimmings
6:00 Finance Team
6:30 Council Dinner
7:00 Council Meeting
Serving in February
10:30 Women’s Bible
10:30 Women’s Bible
10:30 Women’s Bible
Bell Ringers:
Alyssa Everhart
Jacob England
TJ England
Providing the meal at the shelter on Saturday,
February 14, 2015, will be Ronald & Karen Lamb,
Alan & Becky Hoppensteadt and Bob Leonard.
Lutheran Men Chaperone
Crisis Ministries
9:30 SS Video Series
9:30 SS Video Series
9:30 SS Video Series
12:00 Chili Cook-Off
3:00 Circle of Faith, Hope
and Love
Huddle Classroom
Becks Lutheran Church
Kitchen reserved
Becks Lutheran Church
provides the meal at
Crisis Ministries
Youth Winter Jam at
Greensboro Coliseum
January Sanctuary Candle
Maxine Mull
February 2015