Details Day-To-Day programme of 12 ASC

Day 1 : 3rd Feb 2015 (Tuesday)
Registration at the Lawn of Sundaresan Auditorium
Inauguration of ASC India Expo at NDRI Play Ground
12th ASC Inauguration at Sundaresan Auditorium
Inaugural Tea
Plenary Lecture by Dr. Sanjaya Rajaram at Sundaresan Auditorium: Emerging Technology options for ensuring food, nutrition and energy security
Open air Cultural Programme & Dinner at Food Court
Day 2: 4thFeb 2015 (Wednesday)
10:00 ­ 10:30
Breakfast at Food Court
Plenary Lecture by Dr. Juergen Voegele, Senior Director of the World Bank at Sundaresan Auditorium:
Plenary lecture by Dr. Jimmy Smith, DG, ILRI at Sundaresan Auditorium: Livestock, livelihoods and the future of smallholder farmers
Plenary lecture by Dr. R S Paroda, Ex­DG, ICAR. at Sundaresan Auditorium
Session 1: Livelihood security for small holder farmers at Sundaresan Auditorium
Chairman: Dr. S.L. Mehta, Ex DDG, Ex VC (RAU), Co­Chairmen: Dr. K.S. Khokhar, VC CCS HAU, Mr.M.J.Khan, Editor Agriculture Today, Rapporteur: Dr.N.V. Patil, Director, NRCC, Bikaner 10:30
Sustainability issues for small farmers in T. Jayaraman, Tata Institute of context of climate change
Social Sciences. Mumbai
Enhancing Economic viability of small farms: Evidence from horticulture crops
Rural prosperity through collective action
Farmers’ distress and indebtedness
MIA’s Experience with Community­
Based Microinsurance and Agricultural Insurance
Dr. Deepak Shah
Gokhale Institute Of Politics And Economics, Pune
Dr. K.J.S. Satyasai, DEAR, NABARD, Mumbai
Dr. R.S. Deshpande, ICSSR, Bengaluru
Dr. Nihar Jangale, Micro Insurance Academy, New Delhi
Tea Break
Breaking Institutional Boundaries through 12:30
systems approaches in Livestock Dr. V. Padmakumar, ILRI, New Delhi
Research & Development
The Role and Importance of Smallholder Prof. Jerzy Banski, Institute of 12:50
farmers in rural space: An example from Geography and Spatial Org., Poland
Warsaw, Poland
Session 2: Attracting & retaining youth in Agriculture at N. N. Dastur Auditorium Chairman: Dr. Tej Partap, VC, SKUAST, Srinagar, Co­Chairmen: Dr. Arvind Kumar, DDG (Edn.), ICAR
Rapporteur: Ravipratap Singh, BPD, BHU
ICT interventions in Agricultural Extension
Secretary (IT & Extension)
Agri­Business education in India – Need Dr. Vikram Singh, Director, for qualitative reforms
MANAGE, Hyderabad
Sustainable development of small 11:00
Shri Sanjeev Gupta, IAS. Joint farmers – A successful experience of RBRC model
Dr. K. Narayan Gowda, Ex.Vice Chancellor, UAS, Bengaluru
Agri­Clinics and Agri­Business Centres – Dr. P. Chandra Shekara, Director, 11:20
New Dimension in Professionalizing and Agri­Extension, MANAGE, Enterprising Agriculture
A National Virtual Academy in Indian 11:40
Agriculture to promote massive open online courses for agriculture Dr. Dilip Kumar Guntuku, ICRISAT, Hyderabad
professionals 12:00
Group approach in farming and linking small farmers to markets Mr. Gnaneswar Bodke, President, Abhinav Farmers’ Club, Pune
Tea Break
Panel Discussion on Session 2
Round table for policy formulation (Animal & Dairy) at Library
Chairman: Dr.S.Bandopadhyay, ASRB, Co­Chairmen: Dr.S.S. Honnappagol, AH Commissioner, Dr.B.Patnaik, NRC, FMD, Rapporteur: Dr.S.K.Agarwal, CIRG, Makhdoom
13:00­ 15:00
Lunch and Posters at Food Court
15:00­15:40 Plenary Lecture by Dr. Sherman Garnett, Dean MSU, USA at Sundaresan Auditorium: New Models of Higher Education for Social Empowerment
Session 3 at Sundaresan Auditorium: Skill and Human Resource Development for Diversification of Employment and Income Opportunities
Chairman: Dr. J. C. Katyal, Ex DDG & VC HAU; Co­Chairman: Dr. B. S. Dhillon, VC,PAU; Co­Chairman : Mr. Vijay Singh Thakur, VC,YSPUHF, Solan
Practical goat farming present scenario & problems
Mr. Deepak Patidar, Ekta Agronomic and Livestock, MP
Business model on ‘Instant Millets Mix for Mr. Abhay Kumar Verma, Breakfast’
New Delhi
The success story of Kiwi farming at West Kameng of Arunachal
Arunachal Pradesh
Empowerment of Farmers & Agriprenures through Agribusiness
Mr. Bodumba, Dirang,
Dr. Satyan Yadav, President, Horticulture Produce Management Institute, New Delhi
Mr. SM Karuppanchetty, ICRISAT, Hyderabad, AP
Tea Break
Panel Discussion on Session 3
Session 4 at Library: Linking small holder farmers with market
Chairman: Dr. S.S. Achyarya Co­Chairman: Dr. Devakumar, Ex­ADG, ICAR/NAAS, Dr. Ramesh Chand, Director, NCAP
Rapporteur: Accessing modern agri markets for small 16:00
producers in India: The role of Producer Companies
Link or sink syndrome of Indian milk producers: a prognostication
Dr. Asitava Sur, General Manager, Metro Dairy, Kolkata
Linking Small Holder Farmers with Modern Agri­food Channels/Markets
Creating Market For Smallholder Farmers
Dr. Vijay Paul Sharma, Professor, IIM, Ahmedabad,
Mr. Kaushlendra, Kaushlendra Foundation, Patna, Bihar
Harnessing Emerging Market Potential 17:20
Dr. Sukhpal Singh, Professor, IIM, for the benefit of Small Holder Farmers: Research and Policy implications
Dr. P. ParthasarathyRao, ICRISAT, Hyderabad
Tea Time
Panel Discussion on Session 4
Session 5 at N. N. Dastur Auditorium: Intensification of Livestock Production for Small Holder and Landless Farmers
Chairman: Dr. K. Pradhan, Ex VC (HAU)
Co­Chairmen: Dr. K. M. L. Pathak, DDG (AS); Dr. A. K. Mishra, VC, MAFSU
Rapporteur: Dr. P. Biswas, VC, WBUAFS, Kolkata
Strategies on intensification of breeding 16:00
for livestock production at small holder Dr. S.B. Gokhale, BAIF, Pune
and landless farmers’ set up
Balanced Ration for Sustainable dairy production in developing countries
Dr. M.R. Garg, General Manager, NDDB, Anand
Modeling Backyard Poultry Farming as 16:40
an Instrument for Sustainable Livelihood Prof. S. Pan, WBUAFS, Kolkata
under diverse economy
Crossbreeding versus indigenous cattle 17:00
breeds for livelihood security of smallholder farmers
Veterinary Aid Delivery System in India: Looking at future needs
Dr. D.K. Sadana, Ex­PS, NBAGR, Karnal
Dr. R.K. Singh, Director, IVRI, Izatnagar
Tea Time
Panel Discussion on Session 5
Special Session at ABTC: Curbing Regional Issues for Profitable Agriculture Chairman: Dr.K.L.Chadha, President HIS
Co­Chairmen: Dr. Ngachan, Director ICAR, NEH, Barapani, Dr.Algusundaram, DDG (Engg.)
Protected Cultivation with special reference to vegetable production
Small Farms : Comparative advantage of cultivating diversity
Promoting sustainable livelihood through enabling small farmers in NER
Strategies for better water utilization in Agriculture
Dr. Brahma Singh, President, Indian Society for Protective Cultivation, New Delhi
Dr.K.C.Bansal, Director, NBPGR
Dr.S.M.Deb, NRCY, Dirang
Dr. T B S Rajput, Emeritus Scientist, WTCIR
Curbing Salinity in Agriculture
Dr. Gurbachan Singh, ASRB
Tea Break
Panel Discussion
20:00­21:00 Cultural Programme at Sundaresan Auditorium: Kathak Recital by Padamshree Mrs. Sovna Narayan & Troupe
Dinner at Food Court
Day 3: 5thFeb 2015 ( Thursday)
8:00­9:00 : Breakfast at Food Court 9:00­9:40: Plenary Lecture by Prof. Ashok Gulati, Chair Professor for Agriculture, ICRIER, New Delhi at Sundaresan Auditorium: Who Will Feed India?
Session 6 at Sundaresan Auditorium: Group dynamics of small holder farmers, SHG, Producers Companies, Cooperatives and contract farming
Chairman: Mr. J. N. L. Srivastava
Co­Chairmen: Dr. A.R. Pathak, VC, JAU, Junagadh, Dr. T. A. More, VC, MPKV, Rahuri
Rapporteur: Dr. Shivprasad, ADG (Coord.), ICAR
Mr. Sudarshan Suryawanshi, CEO, 10:00
Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals, New Delhi
Sh. Shubhendu Dash
Marketing of Spices by
Sr. Manager (State Technical FPO
Advisor), Jaipur
Mr. Rabindranath
Transfer of farm technologies for agricultural sustainability
Role of cooperatives in improving livelihood of farmers
Sh. S.V. Kaore, IFFCO Dr. V. Kumar
Tea Break
Panel Discussion on Session 6
Session 7 at Library: Mechanization & Post Harvest technologies for small farmers
Chairman: Prof. Kirti Singh, Ex­DDG (Horti) & Ex­Chairman ASRB
Co­Chairmen: Dr.P.K.Sharma, VC SKUAST Jammu, Dr.R.R.B.Singh, Sanjay Gandhi Institute of Dairy Technology, Patna
Changing perspective of industry from tractorization to farm mechanization
Mr. Gajendra Singh, Ex­DDG (Engg) in India and Ex­VC, Doon University
technology to the doorsteps of small and marginal farmers, with special reference to horticultural crops
Low cost processing and packaging 11:00
technologies for small scale fish producers
Agricultural mechanization development Strategy to bring protected cultivation 10:40
Mr. TR Kesavan, COO, TAFE Ltd, Mr. Sanjeev Chopra, Joint Secretary, Dept. of Agriculture & Cooperation, New Delhi
Dr C.N. Ravishankar, Director, CIFT, Cochin
Mr. Nagarajan Sivaramakrishnan, ?
Mother Dairy
New Concepts for Preserving Grains, Prof Digvir S. Jayas, University of Oilseeds and Pulses on Small Farms
Manitoba, Canada
Tea Break
Panel Discussion on Session 7
Student Elocution Contest at N. N. Dastur Auditorium 10:00­13:00
Chairman: Dr.M.L.Madan, Ex­DDG AS, Co­Chairman: Maj. Gen. Shrikant, VC LLARVASU, Dr. A. Bandhopadhyay, Ex­NC, NAIP
Round Table Meeting (Plant) at ABTC 10:00­13:00
Chairman: Dr.Swapan Datta, DDG (CS) Co­Chairmen: Mr.J.S.Sandhu, AG Commissioner, Dr.R.K.Mittal
Lunch & poster at Food Court
Session 8 at N.N. Dastur Auditorium: Natural resource management & climate change: International Perspective
Chairman: Dr. Sharda, Member, ASRB Co­Chairmen: Dr. A. K. Singh, VC, RVSKVV, Dr. A. K. Sikka, DDG (NRM)
Adoption of Conservation practices can 15:00
effectively sustain agricultural production Mr. Raj Gupta, BISA­CIMMYT, New Delhi
on small farms
Implication of climate change: lessons 15:20 learnt & way
Dr. P. K. Aggarwal
Regional Program Leader,
CGIAR Research Program on forward
Climate Change
Dr. B. Venkateswarlu
15:40 Ten steps to be adopted by small farmers to adapt to climate change Vice­Chancellor, VasantraoNaikMarathwadaKrishiVid
yapeeth, Maharashtra
Maintenance of soil quality limits crop 16:00 losses due to climate change on small farms
16:20 16:40 Indian Livestock­ Challenges & Opportunities under climate change
Agroforestry and Ecosystem Services
Ch SrinivasRao, CRIDA, Hyderabad
Dr. R C Upadhaya, NDRI
Dr. P. K. Ramachandran Nair, University of Florida, USA
Tea Break
Panel Discussion on Session 8
Session 9 at Library: Policy challenges for protecting small holders
Chairman: Dr. V.K.Taneja, VC, GADVASU
Co­Chairman: Dr. M.L.Chaudhary, VC, Bihar AU, Bhagalpur; Dr.A.K.Rawat, Director, DBT
Rapporteur: Dr.Rameshwar Singh, Project Director (DKMA)
Smallholder agriculture: challenges for Dr. P.K. Joshi, International Food 15:00
Policy Research Institute
Dr. T. Haque, Ex­Commission for 15:20
Land Reforms
Agriculture Costs and Price
Investments priority for accelerating Dr. Seema Batla, Jawaharlal Nehru 15:40
agricultural productivity
University, New Delhi
Direct cash transfer system for fertilizer: 16:00
Dr. Avinash Kishore, IFPRI
Why it might be hard to implement
Dr. K. Palanisami, International Enhancing Profitability of Small Farmers­
Water Management Institute (IWMI), Technology and Policy Options
Dr. Dinesh K. Marothia, Ex­
Improving water sharing through 16:40
Commission for agriculture Costs fostering institutional creativity
and Price (CACP)
Tea Break
Panel Discussion on Session 9
15:00­18:00 Young Scientist Award Presentation at Sundaresan Auditorium Chairman: Dr. Gautam Kaloo, Ex­VC Jabalpur,
Co­chairmen: Dr.P.N.Bhat, Ex­DDG AS, Dr. P .K. Srivastava
18.00­18.40 Plenary Lecture by Dr. Thomas Lumpkin, Director General of CIMMYT at Sundaresan Auditorium: The Borlaug Institute of South Asia and its Impact on Smallholder Farmers
19:00­20.00 Cultural Program by NDRI Students at Sundaresan Auditorium 21:00­22.00 Dinner at Food court
Day 4: 6th Feb 2015 ( Friday)
8:00­9:00 9:00­9:40 Breakfast at Food Court
Dr. A.B. Joshi Memorial Lecture by Prof. R.B. Singh at Sundaresan Auditorium
Farmers’ Session at Sundaresan Auditorium
10:00­13:00 Chairman: Dr. K. K. Katoch, VC, CSKHPKVV
Co­Chairmen: Sh. R.Rajagopal, Secretary ICAR, Dr. C.L. Acharya, Director , IISS , Mr.Cheema
Session 10 Library: Empowerment of women in agriculture
Chairman: Dr (Mrs). B. Meenakumari, DDG (Fish) ICAR
Co­Chairmen:Dr. Neelam Grewal, Dr.A.K.Singh, DDG (Ext)
Rapporteur: Dr.Indu Sharma, DWR
Science and technology innovations for empowering for women in agriculture
Role of social networks in adoption of technology and women empowerment
Gender in agricultural assets
Dr. Vinita Sharma, Scientist 'G' & Head, SEED
Dr.R.Padmaja, ICRISAT, Hyderabad
Dr. Govind Kelkar, Landesa,
New Delhi
Breaking ground: A case study of an Ms. R. Rukmani, Director, MSSRF, initiative towards empowering women
Tea Break
Panel Discussion on Session 10
Session 11 at N.N. Dastur Auditorium: Credit flow and insurance support to smallholder farmers
Chairman: Shri. S. A. Ramesh Rangan, MD, SBoP Co­Chairmen:Dr.Deshpandey, NABARD, Chandigarh, Dr.S.Kochhar, NC, NAIP
Rapporteur: Mr.Amit Gupta, VP, HCC
10:00 Agriculture credit ­ is it a case of skewed supply and distorted demand?
Mr. N. Srinivasan, Ex. Chief General Manager, NABARD
Socio Economic Dimension in supporting 10:20 sustainable livelihood security for small Mr. G. G. Sohani, BAIF, Pune
holder farmers
10:40 11:00 Jharkhand Womens’ poultry cooperative society: A case study
Manager, DEAR, NABARD, Mumbai
Insurance schemes for supporting credit linked agricultural activities
Mr. M V Ashok, Chief General Mr. Kumaraswamy Naidu, Regional manager, Oriental Insurance, Hyderabad
Tea Break
Panel Discussion on Session 11 13:00­14:30
12 ASC Valedictory Function at Sundaresan Auditorium 14:00­15:00
Farewell Lunch at Food Court