2008- 09 EDITION
New York Programs Face Growing Demand for Services
The Children’s Health Fund’s
(CHF) history and record of
The number of new homeless
accomplishments started in
families entering shelters in
New York in 1987. In that
September 2008 was 22% percent
year, some 9,400 children were
living in homeless shelters and
higher than the previous September.
welfare hotels around the city.
CHF co-founders Dr. Irwin
cannot cut back. By working with funders,
Redlener and singer/songwriter
who are committed to helping poor children
Paul Simon were determined to find a way
access the quality health care services they
to provide these very vulnerable children
need, CHF is facing the problem head on with
with comprehensive, consistent, quality
the expansion of our New York program.
health care. Their activism launched CHF’s
first program, the New York Children’s
In October 2008, the doors to the new
Health Project (NYCHP).
NY Program offices opened in the South
Twenty-one years later, the struggling
economy is the front page headline daily and
the need has never been greater. Loss of
jobs and the stalling economy has resulted in
an increase of children and families living in
shelters across New York City, as well as a
decrease in vital health care services that
assist at-risk families and children.
As community resources struggle to face the
growing need, the Children’s Health Fund
Bronx at 853 Longwood Avenue. The new
space for the NY Programs was funded in
part by grants for growth provided by the
Carson Family Charitable Trust, Deerfield
Foundation, Louis J. & Doris L. Lombardi,
Robin Hood Foundation and Starr
“This is an important milestone in Children’s
Health Fund history. New York has been our
flagship since its inception, and has served
as a model for what
works in urban and rural
settings alike,” said Karen
Redlener, Executive
Director, CHF. “By
moving our programs
to a new centralized location, just a step
away from the South Bronx Health Center
for Children and Families, we are able to link
the different components of our NY Programs
in a more effective and efficient way, offering
more support for our most at-risk families
and children.”
The new location in the Bronx is continuing
to look at new and innovative ways to meet
the needs of the NY population it serves.
Plans are currently in the works for the
establishment of a Center for Special Health
Initiatives, a training site for providers,
and a small
clinic to treat
The average age of a homeless New
youth and
Yorker is 9 years old (almost 45% of
the shelter population is comprised
of children). Almost 17,000 children
are homeless in New York City.
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CHF Teams Respond To Another Active Hurricane Season
An estimated 400,000 children
were impacted during the 2008
hurricane season when two destructive
storms touched down in the U.S. On
August 31, 2008, Hurricane Gustav
made landfall on the Louisiana Gulf Coast.
Less than two weeks later, Hurricane Ike
hit Texas.
The Children’s Health Fund’s (CHF) mobile
medical clinics and teams of health care
professionals, who are uniquely qualified for
rapid response in crisis health care situations,
were called into action to respond.
While visiting the Auchon Shelter in
Houston on September 28, 2008, CHF
teams from Biloxi, MS and Austin, TX were
witnesses to the many challenges hurricane
victims faced. One-and-a-half-year-old Jake*
and his family had been homeless and living
in a Galveston shelter prior to the hurricane.
Once the storm hit, they were evacuated
three times before arriving in Houston.
The effects of the constant moving left
Jake listless and running a high fever. Upon
the recommendation of the Red Cross
volunteers at the shelter, Jake’s mom
brought him to CHF’s mobile medical unit.
A diagnosis of a raging middle ear infection
and dehydration was treated with antibiotics
and Jake appeared more alert, was hydrated
and was eating by the evening.
CHF has learned many lessons from our
experiences with providing care during
Hurricane Katrina in 2005, including the
important fact that helping children goes
beyond food and shelter. Today, an
estimated 55,000 children displaced by
Katrina still are suffering the psychological
effects of that disaster. Survivors of Gustav
and Ike could possibly suffer the same effects
without proper support.
As Jake’s parent expressed gratitude, they
also expressed concern for Jake’s future
care. Jake was behind developmentally, not
walking or speaking and only communicating
with sounds. The family did not have a
medical home and were unsure of where
they would be living in the future. The
CHF team provided encouragement and
recommendations for
seeking appropriate
pediatric care when
a permanent living
arrangement was
this family’s future home
may be a permanent
shelter. That reassurance
of finding normalcy for
Jake would be paramount
for his physical and
emotional growth.
*Patient’s name changed
to protect identity.
Baton Rouge Donors Meet to Discuss
Program’s Future Needs
Key local area donors in Baton Rouge
came together on October 15, 2008,
at an informational event co-hosted
by the Irene W. and C.B. Pennington
Foundation and the Baton Rouge Area
Foundation. The event came at a critical
time for residents of Baton Rouge, who
had recently felt the effects of Hurricane
The discussion, led by Lori Bertman,
CHF Advisory Council member and
President of the Pennington Foundation,
focused on the work of the CHF’s
Baton Rouge Children’s Health Project
and the need for continued local support
over time in order to sustain a presence
for the thousands of disadvantaged
children needing health care. Jane
Pauley, CHF Board Member and Chair
of CHF’s Advisory Council, gave the
keynote address speaking of her own
involvement with CHF and the impact
she’s seen in the Gulf Coast as a result
of the work of the local programs.
“Events, such as these, are vital to
the long-term success of our local
programs,” said Carol Sumkin, Vice
President of Development, Children’s
Health Fund. “The added support and
stream of funding offered by local
donors not only enhance the services
offered by the health care teams, but
provide long-term viability for the
program itself.”
Jane Pauley speaks to donors about her personal
commitment to the Children’s Health Fund at Baton
Rouge Outreach event.
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Providing Stability to CHILDREN:
the Silent Victims of Domestic Violence
On October 10, 2008, CHF hosted a Child Health
Forum to address the subject and its significant impact
on children who frequently experience social, emotional
and developmental delays.
“As the nation’s fiscal problems seep down to families
who are already struggling day-to-day, added stressors
like simply getting food, medical care or additional
resources will have a substantial impact on domestic
violence numbers,” said Dennis Johnson, Executive Vice
President, Government Affairs. “It is vital that we gather
experts to have these very important open forums, so
together we can chart a path to help these families and
children together.”
One in four
women is
a victim of
and/or sexual
The half-day program featured The Honorable Betsy Gotbaum, Public Advocate for the City of New York, Commissioner Yolanda Jimenez
from The Mayor’s Office to Combat Domestic Violence, Katherine T. Volk, MA, of The National Center on Family Homelessness, and
Catherine Trapani of New Destiny Housing. Other participants included advocates and child health experts who gathered to discuss what
clinical and policy measures can be taken to help children and families overcome barriers to healthier lives and safer futures.
Chicago Hosts
National Conference
Over 100 attendees representing all 22 Children’s
Health Fund projects gathered in Chicago, IL to
attend CHF’s National Conference in September
2008. The annual event allows CHF Projects the
opportunity to share their challenges and
successes over the last year.
The theme of this year’s conference was the
“enhanced medical home model”—an expanded
version of the medical home that includes dental
and mental health services; the newest health
information technology; access to and
coordination of sub-specialty services; and aid in
obtaining transportation and insurance coverage.
CHF was pleased to welcome Paula Duncan,
MD, co-editor of the American Academy
of Pediatrics’ Bright Futures guidelines, who
presented the keynote address offering insights
on best practices and processes for their
Attendees also had the opportunity to tour the
Chicago’s Children’s Health Project mobile
medical unit as well as the University of Chicago
Comer Children’s Hospital, CHF’s partner hospital,
for a local perspective on the challenges of
providing a medical home in the Chicago area.
From the Desk of Irwin Redlener, MD
No one could
have predicted
the unprecedented
fiscal emergency
our nation is
facing. And
those facing the
toughest times
are some of our
most disadvantaged and underserved
Columnist Bob Herbert wrote in a
recent op-ed column for The New
York Times, that the “current economic
downturn, combined with an anticipated
surge in patients without health insurance,
will only worsen what is already a crisis.”
Families, who had little before, are
being forced into making some of the
most difficult decisions of their lives…
paying rent, buying food, bringing their
children to a doctor’s office. We
cannot let children be the victims of
these times. The Children’s Health
Fund is needed more than ever.
Our commitment to America’s
children and families will not waver
from our mission to provide those less
fortunate with the quality health care
they need and deserve. As we
continue to enhance our model of
care, we’re also expanding our
services including adding our 22nd
project in So. Arizona, putting more
mobile medical clinics on the road, and
hiring more health care professionals.
Additionally, the Children’s Health
Fund will continue to be an active
voice on Capitol Hill so that the rights
of children are not forgotten. The new
administration, under the leadership
of President-elect Obama, faces
extraordinary challenges. With the
economy taking over the headlines, we
need to make sure children’s health
care isn’t overlooked. We hope to
bring children’s health care issues to
the forefront of discussions so that
together we can find solutions to the
many problems poor children face.
During this holiday season, we would
like to offer our sincere thanks to the
many CHF supporters who are making
the gift of health care to the growing
number of poor children who need
their help. Be assured, your gift is
deeply appreciated and will be put to
good work.
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Dr. Redlener Appointed to National Commission on
Children and Disasters
Earlier this year, U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi
announced the selection of Irwin Redlener, MD, president of the
Children’s Health Fund and director of the National Center for Disaster
Preparedness at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health,
to serve as one of her two appointments to the National Commission on
Children and Disasters.
On October 14, 2008, Senator Chris Dodd, a senior member of the Senate
Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions and the Chairman of its
Subcommittee on Children and Families, made the appointment official by
performing the swearing-in of the members to the Commission.
“It is imperative that the nation be more attentive and better prepared to manage
the profound immediate and long-term needs of children when disaster strikes,”
said Dr. Redlener. “Through research and improved planning, we can help ensure
better outcomes in the future. I am honored to be part of this Commission and to
bring my experience to bear on finding real-world prescriptions that respond to
the special needs of children following natural or terror-related disasters.”
CHF Wins National Health Care
Award for Technology Innovation
Leading Public Health
Professionals Assemble
AND Hear CHF Studies
The Children’s
Health Fund
(CHF) has long
been a pioneer
in the health
technology field
by introducing
electronic health
record systems
(EHR) in its New
York Children’s
Health Project (NYCHP) in 1988.
On October 25–29, 2008, staff from the
Children’s Health Fund (CHF) participated in the
American Public Health Association (APHA)
Annual meeting, the oldest and largest gathering
of public health professionals in the world. APHA’s
meeting program addressed current and emerging
health science, policy, and practice issues in an
effort to prevent disease and promote health.
CHF presented abstracts and presentations on
some of the following topics:
As recognition of this history and
the recent implementation of an
enhanced EHR, the NYCHP and
CHF have been awarded the 2008
Davies Community Health Award
by the Healthcare Information and
Management Systems Society (HIMSS).
A new award category this year, the
HIMSS Davies Award recognizes care
being provided through an open-door
policy, predominantly to underserved
populations, and honors excellence
in the implementation of EHRs.
The New York Children’s Health
Project—a program of Montefiore
Medical Center and the Children’s
Health Fund—provides primary
care services to homeless, medically
underserved and severely disadvantaged
children and families. Healthcare
teams deliver care throughout NYC
via custom-designed mobile medical
units and at on-site shelter clinics,
and an EHR is tailored to meet the
specific needs of this unique patient
estination health education: An
interdisciplinary path to low-literacy, culturally
sensitive materials
sing a socio-ecological model to describe the
long-term mental health consequences of
disaster in the United States
eflections and recommendations on disaster
response and preparedness: Katrina and Rita’s
first responders weigh in on experiences and
future planning
aintaining Health Insurance Coverage for
Vulnerable Children
• E nhancing Access to Care and Reducing ER
Use by High-Risk Urban and Rural Populations
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Fifteen Years of Leadership:
Corporate Council Looks Forward
The October 30, 2008 meeting of CHF’s
Corporate Council for America’s Children at
the Willard InterContinental Washington,
in Washington, DC, brought together
respected leaders of major corporations,
foundations, and government agencies, along
with CHF staff to focus on the upcoming
challenges facing the future of health care
for America’s children.
The meeting was kicked off by Irwin
Redlener, MD, CHF President and
Co-founder, who emphasized the important
role Corporate Council members play as
advocates for CHF,
and followed by
Arturo Brito, MD,
MPH, Chief
Medical Officer,
CHF, who spoke of
the enhanced
medical home
model of care and
needs of the CHF
projects today and
in the future.
Stewart Gordon,
MD, FAAP, Project
Director of CHF’s
Baton Rouge
Children’s Health
Project, was on
hand to thank the
(Left to right) Arturo Brito, MD, MPH (CHF), Karen Redlener (CHF), Joxel Garcia, MD, MBA,
members for their
Assistant Secretar y for Health, U.S. Depar tment of Health and Human Ser vices and
support during the
David Pulman, PhD (Corporate Council Chair)
CHF Announces New Board and
Advisory Council Members
The Children’s Health Fund is pleased to welcome the newest
members of our Board of Directors and Advisory Council:
Robert Essner
Robert Essner was the Chairman and CEO
of Wyeth and recently retired in 2008. Prior
to joining the CHF Board, Mr. Essner was
Chairman of the Children’s Health Fund’s
Corporate Council for 13 years. He is also
a member of the Board of Directors of
Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company and Lincoln Center
for the Performing Arts.
Lori J. Bertman, President & CEO, Pennington Family Foundation
Steven M. Fortunato, Fortch Unlimited
Charles Grodin
Chazz & Gianna Palminteri
Jack O’Dea
Hurricane Gustav relief effort
and speak to the ongoing needs
in the Gulf Coast region as it
continues to recover from
devastating hurricanes.
Dennis Johnson, CHF’s EVP of Government
Affairs, outlined CHF’s policy priorities
including the passage of an expanded State
Children’s Health Insurance Plan (SCHIP)
Bill in 2009. David Pulman, PhD, President
of Global Manufacturing & Supply at
GlaxoSmithKline, and new Chair of the
Corporate Council, discussed the
importance of proactive involvement of
the Council on both the advocacy and
fundraising fronts, as well as the need
to recruit new members from various
corporate industries.
The afternoon’s keynote address was
delivered by Joxel Garcia, MD, MBA,
Assistant Secretary for Health, U.S.
Department of Health and Human Services.
Admiral Garcia serves as the Secretary’s
primary advisor on matters involving the
nation’s public health and science. He also
oversees the U.S. Public Health Service.
Interested in
including the
Health Fund
in your
estate plans?
is now open for The Legacy Society for the Children’s Health
Fund, an honorary society for individuals who designate CHF
as a beneficiary of a planned gift. Planned gifts accepted by CHF
include: charitable bequests (provisions in a will); charitable lead
trusts; charitable remainder trusts; and retirement assets.
Legacy Society members are eligible for special benefits throughout
the year including invitations to events, recognition on CHF’s
donor wall and in the annual report, and important mailings
including information on estate giving.
For more information on how your contribution can have a lasting
impact on children’s lives for generations to come, please contact
Shireen Idroos at 212.452-3340.
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2008 Gala: New York
On June 12, guests gathered at the Sheraton New York Hotel and
Towers to celebrate the 2008 Children’s Health Fund Gala and raise
$1.5 million for CHF’s programs. Over 800 guests assembled to honor
Tim Rothwell, Chairman, sanofi-aventis U.S. with the 2008 Corporate
Award; the Honorable David N. Dinkins and Jeffrey S. Maurer, with the
2008 Founders’ Award; and H. Jack Geiger, MD with the 2008 Humanitarian
Award. Robert Essner, retired Chairman, Wyeth served as Gala Chair for the
event which featured CBS News commentator and author Charles Grodin
as emcee and New York Times Columnist Bob Herbert and award winning
broadcaster Jane Pauley as presenters. The evening ended with a very special
musical performance by Paul Simon, CHF Co-Founder.
Award recipients and CHF leadership gather to celebrate CHF’s work and the
supporters who make it possible.
Paul Simon Under the Stars: Los Angeles
West Coast supporters of the Children’s Health Fund programs came together on September 13,
2008 for “Under the Stars: A Private Paul Simon Performance to Benefit the Children’s Health
Fund.” Two hundred guests enjoyed a reception and dinner on a beautiful California evening at
the home of CHF Board Member Skip Keesel and his wife Beth. Actor James Caan joined the
celebration, which featured Irwin Redlener, MD, President and Co-Founder, and a performance
by Co-Founder Paul Simon.
The Children’s Health Fund would
like to recognize the following
organizations for their outstanding
commitment to children’s health care.
CHF Co-Founder Paul Simon on stage during his musical
Actor James Caan speaks to CHF Board Member Skip
Keesal and guests at the Under the Stars event.
2010 Campaign FOR CHF
The Children’s Health Fund has launched a
five-year campaign that will support an
ambitious, but achievable, strategy for
growth. To date, CHF has raised more than
$72 million towards its $106 million goal. By
expanding CHF’s annual operating budget,
investing in infrastructure, and growing
CHF’s endowment, CHF is increasing the
number of projects in its National Network,
adding new mobile medical and mental
health clinics, replicating critical Health
Initiatives, and increasing public awareness of
the right of every child to a medical home.
Donors who give to CHF during this
campaign will help thousands more children
stay healthy—an essential key to their future
success and ours.
We would like to thank the members of our
Founders’ Circle for their leadership in
support of the campaign:
The Carson Family Charitable Trust
Charity Projects Entertainment Fund/
Idol Gives Back 2007
The Picower Foundation
sanofi-aventis U.S.
The Starr Foundation
United Health Foundation
If you are interested in participating in this
important campaign, please contact Carol
Sumkin, Vice President of Development, at
A grant from the Avon Foundation
will enable CHF to provide a
part-time psychiatrist and a part-time
child psychologist to help children
in coastal Mississippi cope with the
long-term effects of Hurricane Katrina.
ICAP Services North America LLC
made CHF the beneficiary of its
holiday giving in 2007, with a gift to
support health care for children all
year long.
Support from Virgin Mobile’s
RE*Generation helps CHF provide
comprehensive health care for some
of America’s most underserved young
people, teens living on their own in
cities like San Francisco, Phoenix,
Orlando and New York City.
A grant from the American Red
Cross Hurricane Recovery Fund
(ARCHRF) is helping CHF to address
the unmet mental health needs of
children and family members still
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In August 2008, Fox NFL Sunday talent Curt Menefee, Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long, Michael
Strahan, Jimmy Johnson, Troy Aikman, Pam Oliver, and Joe Buck gathered to tape a :30 public
service announcement highlighting the need for health care services for America’s poorest children.
This gathering, a part of the Fox Sports Supports initiative, inaugurated CHF as the official charity
of the 2008 season of the NFL on FOX, culminating with the NFC Championship Game.
“Everyone at FOX Sports is excited to be supporting the great work of CHF,” said Bill Wanger,
Senior Vice President of Research and Programming, FOX Sports. “We can’t think of a better way to
use the power of the FOX Sports brand than by helping children in desperate need of medical care.”
From the kick-off airing in September and extending throughout the seventeen-week football
season, millions of individuals around the U.S. are seeing the CHF message. In turn, they are offering
support by hosting benefit parties and purchasing CHF lapel pins to acknowledge their connection
with the organization.
It’s not too late to join the team. Interested in hosting your own party? Visit the CHF website,, to download information or to purchase lapel pins for yourself and
your friends.
experiencing significant disasterrelated distress in Louisiana and
Southern Mississippi.
The ARCHRF, in collaboration with
the Foundation for the Mid South,
funded CHF’s workshop series in the
Gulf Coast to train Mississippi mental
health providers and other members
of the community who work with
children impacted by Hurricane
Major Gifts of $25,000 and up from
January 1, 2008–June 30, 2008:
American Legacy Foundation
American Red Cross Hurricane
Recovery Program
Avon Foundation
Deerfield Foundation
Foundation for the Mid South
Bernard F. & Alva B. Gimbel
GlaxoSmithKline Inc.
HBO’s Charity Drive
ICAP Services North America LLC
NYT Capital, Inc.
Irene W. & C. B. Pennington
Robin Hood Foundation
The Starr Foundation
Tidal Circle
United Health Foundation
Virgin Unite
Michael Strahan joins Sharon “PJ” Joseph, MD
and Macho Sepulveda on the mobile medical
unit during the filming of the CHF PSA.
CHF Home Run Team Captain Presents
Check for Hurricane Aid in Ceremony
at Yankee Stadium
On September 17, fans and CHF staff
joined the celebration at Yankees Stadium
as Johnny Damon was honored for his
charitable and humanitarian work by being
named the Yankees’ recipient of the 2008
Roberto Clemente Award. The award
recognizes players who best represent the
game of baseball through sportsmanship,
community involvement and positive
contributions to their teams.
from Chevy, the award’s official sponsor,
directly to CHF to immediately aid in its
work to provide heath care to victims of
recent hurricanes in Texas and along the
Gulf Coast. Damon serves as the Yankees’
Home Run Captain for the Children’s
Health Fund (CHF). He donates money to
the organization for each home run the
Yankees hit as a team in both the regular
season and postseason.
In a pre-game ceremony on the Yankee
Stadium field, Damon was presented with
the award and then handed a $7,500 check
“I’ve seen the devastation that so many
children and families are facing because of
these recent hurricanes and I know first
hand of the wonderful work
CHF has been doing in getting
much-needed medical care to
those in need,” said Damon,
as he presented the check.
“I wanted to get this money
directly into their hands so
they could put to good use
right away.”
(Left to right) A representative of Chevy, Johnny Damon (NY Yankee and CHF
Yankee Homerun Captain), Dennis Johnson (CHF), and Arturo Brito, MD
(CHF) during the official check presentation.
For twenty years, since the
1988 launch by Yankee
legend Don Mattingly,
CHF’s Yankees Home Run
Club raises money and
awareness for our programs.
Anyone can join by visiting
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The Children’s Health Fund has a
long standing tradition of developing
award-winning, low-literacy, bilingual
health education materials that
simplify complex medical issues
affecting families and children. This year
holds no exception.
Two new health publications have just hit
the shelves at the Children’s Health Fund.
Hey Baby, a magazine format guide for
moms-to-be offers healthy living tips for
a healthy baby and mom. The Hey Baby
publication is part of the Starting Right
Initiative, a partnership between The
Picower Foundation and the Children’s
Health Fund, to help families and children
improve nutrition and fitness through
Additionally the next brochure in the
Think Healthy! series has been launched
encouraging kids to feel fit and stay in
shape. A corresponding parent brochure
provides tips for being active as a family.
Think Healthy!, a partnership between
the MetLife Foundation and the Children’s
Health Fund, is a program bringing children
and their families simple, kid-friendly
information on the connection
between eating well and feeling good.
Both Hey Baby and Think Healthy!
are available in English and Spanish.
to register and download these
publications and other CHF health
education materials.
The Children’s Health Fund’s
Family Asthma Guide was recently
presented a Merit Award for patient
education materials by the National
Health Information Resource
Center, a national clearinghouse for
professionals who use consumer
health information programs and
materials. The Family Asthma Guide
is a key education tool used to
empower families to successfully
manage childhood asthma and is
part of the CHF Childhood Asthma
Initiative (CAI). Through the
distribution of the annual guide,
CAI now reaches thousands of
families across the country. CAI
is a partnership between The
Picower Foundation and CHF, with
additional support from ScheringPlough Foundation.
Non Profit Organization
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New York, NY
Permit #4678
215 West 125th Street, Suite 301, New York, NY 10027
Children’s Health Fund
One of only
28% of All Charities
Awarded Four-Star Rating
For Second Consecutive Year.
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