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February 2015
VOL. #7 ISSUE #2
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by Pastor Brad
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by Sylvia Duncan
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by Steve Trummler
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Shepherd of the Valley Mission Statement: Grounded in
the word of God and centered in Christ, SVLC is an accepting
and caring community sharing God's love, grace and
forgiveness with all.
Shepherd's Staff is published eleven times each year. It is the voice of the
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Pastor's Message
Bradford Senften
February 2015 is the beginning of the Lenten
If the little crosses many wear are symbols of
Wednesday, February 18th is Ash
anything at all, more than pretty decoration,
Wednesday and we begin that special time
they must be the bold confession that Christ is
before Easter as a time of penitence and
Lord, our Lord, and that we will bear the cross
worship. As we have in the past, we will begin
as well as wear the cross.
the night before with a Shrove Tuesday
Pancake Supper. Ash Wednesday service time
is 7:30 pm.
As we begin our Lenten journey to the cross,
the intent and purpose in this sacred season is
the same intent and purpose Jesus had when
he prepared disciples for the cross – the cross
Christ must endure as the Messiah, the
Suffering Servant of the Lord. By preparing
them for his cross, Jesus would prepare them
for their own.
They were to be his cross-
You are invited to our Lenten Services:
Ash Wednesday, February 18th
Lent I 7:30 pm, February 26th
marked people of mission, just as you and I are
Lent II 7:30 pm, March 5th
now Jesus' cross-marked men and women – a
Lent III 7:30 pm, March 12th
people separated for his service and upon
Lent IV 7:30 pm, March 19th
whom Christ exercises total claim.
Lent V 7:30 pm, March 26th
purpose is to sharpen our focus on the cross of
Maundy Thursday 7:30 pm, April 2nd
Christ and then tune our hearts to Jesus'
Good Friday 11:00 am, April 3rd
impelling invitation: “Follow me!”
I invite all of us to save the dates and plan to
participate in these opportunities for worship
and reflection in the weeks preceding Easter.
From the Music Director
Sylvia Duncan
Christmas is but a distant memory, the season
after Epiphany has started, and we are now
setting our sights on our Lenten journey which
begins on Ash Wednesday, Feb. 18th.
As I prepare music for this season, I happened
to read through the text again of the hymn,
Bless Now, O God, the Journey. This hymn
talks about the journey that we all take,
through wherever life leads us, through 'noise
and silence, through desert and mountains,
and beside still waters', and the fact that
Christ is with us on this journey, 'he doesn't
wait for us in places but meets us all around'.
The author of this text was Sylvia Dunstan, a
Canadian United Church minister, who has
written many of the texts in our hymnal. She
was born in 1955 and died in 1993, four
months after being diagnosed with cancer.
We all have different journeys, leading us in
different paths, but Christ goes with us on this
journey, and his presence can be felt in those
people who walk with us. When I reflect on
this topic, I can't help but think about Scott
Trapp and his short journey, and all the
people who he inspired during his time here
on earth. I also think about my uncle, who
passed away last week at the age of 95, and
his wife of over 60 years who passed away on
the same day, not knowing that her husband
had passed away just 15 hours earlier. Their
journeys ended in love and togetherness
Please take the time to read the following hymn
text. I hope you find it inspirational.
Bless now, O God, the journey that all your people make,
The path through noise and silence, the way of give and take.
The trail is found in desert and winds the mountain round,
then leads beside still waters, the road where faith is found.
Bless sojourners and pilgrims who share this winding way;
your hope burns through the terrors, your love
sustains the day.
We yearn for holy freedom while often we are bound;
together we are seeking the road where faith is found.
Divine eternal lover, you meet us on the road.
We wait for lands of promise where milk and honey flow,
but waiting not for places, you meet us all around.
Our covenant is written on roads, as faith is found.
Text: Sylvia G Dunstan copy written 1991 GIA Publications, Inc. Reprinted with
permission, OneLicense.net #A-708708
Now I would like to thank all those musicians who
have assisted in our worship services this past
month, from Christmas to now. They are: Jesse
Brook, Mena Chiarizia, Stephen Duncan, Jamie
Enders, Marlis Enders, Malina Gamble, Jenn
Jassmann, Scott MacKenzie, Mark Mathiasen, Diana
Meister, Frank Morwood, Mary Grace Poppy,
Veronica Schopp, Allan Thorpe, Patti Thorpe, and
Nicole Wall. Thank you so much for your continued
In peace,
Stewardship Division
Steve Trummler
At that time we had the burden of
a mortgage that the congregation
carried for many years and was
eventually paid for. Now we are
Every month you receive the Shepherd’s Staff and
mortgage-free and can’t make
see the Division of Stewardship article. In writing this I
ends meet?
consulted Webster's dictionary to look up the
Where is the spirit, the generosity, the willingness to
definition of “Stewardship” and the position and duties
support our church in a time of need? There is a
of a steward: one who is entrusted with the
challenge here for all of us; stop spending the
management of property, finances or other affairs, not
money we have left in our Certificate of Deposit or
his/her own.
selling off the assets of our church!
How does this apply to us as a
I can assure you that your
We have a wonderful church with many programs
Division of Stewardship is responsible, capable, and
for young and old, beautiful music, and two pastors
willing to manage the Stewardship mandate under
who are here to provide us with spiritual guidance
Council’s guidance.
and leadership. And, we have our friends here. This
congregation, we ask?
church - your church, my church - is a place of peace,
Starting in late 2012, Shepherd of the Valley
happiness, tranquillity, belonging, and the house of
encountered for the first time a major financial
the Lord. This is Gods law:
shortfall. This situation continued through 2013 and
2014. During this time our church has remained a place
of worship, music, and fellowship for young and old.
Most of our congregational members didn’t even
notice the crisis our church was passing through.
In order to provide a church for you to worship in, to
support the many ongoing programs, and to manage
and continue operations (paying for programs, office
expenses, salaries etc.) we had to dip into our nest egg.
In the past, when we were a relatively small
congregation in a small church, we gave the support
that enabled us to purchase the land and build the
church we worship in now.
We have to give before we get.
We must plant the seeds before
we reap the harvest.
The more we sow, the more we reap.
And in giving to others, we find
ourselves blessed.
God works to give us back more
then we have sown.
The giver’s harvest is always full.
Dates, Times, & Notes
The Annual Lutheran
Women’s Retreat
will take place June 5-7 and is open to
Lenten Services
Ash Wednesday, February 18th
Lent I 7:30 pm, February 26th
Lent II 7:30 pm, March 5th
Lent III 7:30 pm, March 12th
all women ages 18 and up.
Lent IV 7:30 pm, March 19th
This is your opportunity to Reflect,
Lent V 7:30 pm, March 26th
Refresh, and Renew at the LWR!
REFLECT – on our retreat theme for
2015: Space for GOD
REFRESH – at the beautiful grounds of
the Cedar Springs Christian Retreat
Center, Sumas WA
RENEW – your mind, body, and spirit!!
This year's speaker will be Pastor LoriAnne Boutin-Crawford from First Lutheran
Church Vancouver.
More details/updates (including
registration information) will be
available soon.
God Bless and we look forward to
seeing you
Flower Chart
The Worship & Music Division has changed
the policy of having flowers on the Altar
during Lent. Starting this year, flowers of
subdued colour may be placed at the Altar for
Sunday services. Please sign your name on
the flower chart that is posted on the SignUp Board in the Narthex.
in June!
Mark Your Calendars
Sunday School
Intergenerational Event
Sunday February 1st
All Sunday School Angels and members of the
congregation are invited to join us!
9:45 am in the Sanctuary
Family Day Civic Holiday
Monday February 9th
Men's breakfast at Ricky's
Saturday February 7th
at 8:30 am
February Meetings
Divisions & Council
11 Feb Worship & Music - 10:30 am
TBA Outreach Meeting - 10:30 am
15 Feb Stewardship Meeting - 9:45 am
15 Feb Parish Life Meeting - 10:00 am
16 Feb Properties Meeting - 7:30 pm
24 Feb Council Meeting - 7:30 pm
Office Closed Tuesday Feb 10th
New-Comers' Potluck &
Valentine Cake Auction
Sunday February 15th
Following 11:00 service
Fellowship Hall
Shrove Tuesday
Pancake Supper
February 17th
6:00 pm
Fellowship Hall
Seniors' Event
12:00 noon - Destination to be announced!
Wed February 25th
Watch for sign-up sheet in Hall
Next Newsletter Deadline
February 15th
Friday February 20th 5-11 pm
Sat February 21st 10 am - 10 pm
First Lent Service
7:30 pm
Feb 26
The Salvation Army Gateway of Hope is hosting the
2nd Annual Coldest Night of the Year Winter Walk
on February 21. This 2.5 or 10 km walk around
Gateway and into the city and township is to raise
awareness of homelessness in the Langley area, and
to raise money to fund the programs
and services offered at the
Gateway of Hope.
Alex Anderson
Leanna Bartyuk
Matthew Brack
Matthew Bushell-Ranquist
Anne Charlton
Frank Chiarizia
Cameron Chow
Cassandra Chow
Madison Chow
Jessica Clow
Stephen Duncan
Marlis Enders
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Kyle Herbert
Caitlin Hood
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Genevieve MacKay
Kirsti Mathiasen
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Melissa Ratajczak Ratel
Hayley Ross
Walter Sandhoefner
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Stephen Stogryn
Mitchell Styba
Erik Teitz
Andrea Tollefson
Ralph van Eijnsbergen
Taylor Vandekerkhove
Amy & Chris Cronmiller
Carole & Don Nimchuk
Akpezi & Kingsley Okerri
Heide & Elmar Pohl
Eileen & Ray Stewart
Angie & Steve Trummler
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