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 Icahn Charter School #1 1525 Brook Avenue Bronx, New York 10457 Telephone (718) 716­8105 Fax (718) 716­6716 / 718­294­6596 www.icahncharterschool1.org Rose Arocho­Fullam, Principal Dawn Starks, Staff Developer Jeff Litt, Superintendent
Jessica Castro, Guidance Counselor
February 2015
Grade Syllabus
Language and Literacy: Stories - Wonders
Words Free as Confetti
A Dusty Ride
Language and Literacy: (Core Knowledge)
I, Too by Langston Hughes (Core Knowledge Poem)
Incident by Countee Cullen (Core Knowledge Poem)
Stories will be read out of the text guided,
individually, and in groups. Literature will be
integrated throughout, comprehension, grammar
and spelling lessons.
Vocabulary Exams will be given on Friday. Grammar
assessment test will be given on Friday.
Writing: Wonders
Organizing Essays
Grammar: Wonders
Sayings and Phrases: Core Knowledge
Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly.
Mathematics: Volume of Solids
Combining Volume
Science: Our Dynamic Earth
Atmosphere and weather
Clouds and precipitation
Art: Nineteenth Century American Art (Core Knowledge)
Nathaniel Currier and James M. Ives, ​
Central Park in Winter
Music: Elements of Music (Core Knowledge)
Verse and Refrain
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