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Call for Papers in PLM2015 Special Session on:
International Conference on Product Lifecycle Management
Qatar University, in Doha, Qatar on October 19-21 2015.
Session Chairs
Vishal Singh
Department of Civil and Structural Engineering,
Aalto University, Finland
[email protected]
Julie Jupp
School of the Built Environment,
University of Technology Sydney, Australia
[email protected]
In the implementation of the BIM concept, a range of lifecycle management issues continue to
challenge the Architectural, Engineering, Construction, Operations (AECO) domains. Most
commonly these challenges are related to sustainable building design, globalisation, outsourcing,
mass customisation, fast innovation, knowledge and information management, product
traceability and asset maintenance. In response, new business models based on an integrated
lifecycle approach are emerging, which include combinations of products and services that
address a stakeholder’s unique set of requirements throughout the whole building lifecycle – from
procurement to schematic design, to detailed design and systems integration, to fabrication and
construction, to operations, maintenance, and decommissioning/redevelopment. These throughlife challenges reinforce the potential capacity of a building lifecycle management (BLM)
concept, the need for greater collaboration, and an increased capacity for knowledge management
across the four principal AECO domains of the built environment. The focus on a through-life
perspective of BIM highlights its proximity to the Product Management (PLM) concept – a
strategic business approach for the effective management and use of corporate intellectual capital.
The evolution of BIM, the emergence of BLM, and their parallels with PLM offer opportunities
to extend current understandings of these concepts, introduce new areas of research, and develop
new scientific knowledge and technologies. The chairs would like to invite authors to submit
papers to the special session on BIM-enabled Building Lifecycle Management. The session seeks
to showcase new peer-reviewed work that advances knowledge of BIM, integrated business
approaches, and through-life management issues. Contributions are welcome in all aspects of
BIM, BLM and PLM concepts including but not limited to:
BIM and PLM functions
BIM, PLM and lifecycle management
BIM and PLM ecosystem development
BIM, PLM and influence of/from social networks
BIM, PLM implementation processes
BIM and PLM maturity and improvement concepts
BIM and PLM collaboration and Integrated Project Development
BIM, PLM and information/ knowledge management
BIM, PLM and organizational/process change management
BIM and PLM technologies (virtual/ simulation environments)
BIM and Enterprise systems integration in construction
BIM and Enterprise Resource Planning
BIM, PLM and Lifetime Value
Conference dates:
Abstract Submissions (Max 500 words)
Notice of Acceptance
Full Paper Submissions (Max 10 pages)
Notification of Acceptance/Revision/Rejection
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October 19-21 2015
Qatar University, Doha, Qatar
March 1, 2015
April 1, 2015
May 1, 2015
June 15, 2015
June 30, 2015
June 30, 2015
Paper Submission
Authors are invited to submit high quality original papers of up to 10 pages in length for review. Each
paper (in English) will be reviewed by two members of the International Review Committee. Those
that are accepted will be published, by a major publisher, in the Conference proceedings and may be
considered for publication in the International Journal of Product Lifecycle Management (IJPLM, Submission instructions are available on the PLM15 website:
Conference Organisation
The conference is promoted by the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP)
Working Group 5.1 on Global Product Development for the whole Lifecycle (
General Chairs:
Program Chairs:
Steering Committee:
K-D. Thoben, Univ. Bremen, Germany
S. Foufou, Qatar University, Qatar
B. Eynard, UTC Compiegne, France
A. Bouras, Qatar University, Qatar
D. Dutta (Chair), Purdue University, US
A. Bernard, ECN Nantes, France
S. Fukuda, Hon. Professor, Japan
B. Gurumoorthy, IISc Bangalore, India
C. McMahon, University of Bristol, UK
H-J. Pels, TU Eindhoven, Netherlands
L. Rivest, ETS Montreal, Canada
S. Terzi, University of Bergamo, Italy
BIM Special Session Coordinators:
V. Singh, Aalto University, Finland
J. Jupp, University of Technology, Sydney
Program Committee
PLM15 committee members are an internationally recognized group of leading researchers covering a
broad range of topics related to the conference themes. Most of them are members of the IFIP WG5.1
working group:
Further Information on BIM session
Any enquiries about the BIM session should be directed to the BIM special session coordinators
[Vishal Singh at [email protected] Or Julie Jupp at [email protected]]. Information about the
conference is now available on PLM15 web site: Updates on the
website’s content will be made on an ongoing basis to include details about the BIM special session.
We hope to have the pleasure of meeting you in Qatar and creating new avenues for collaboration
between the BIM and PLM research communities. Feel free to transmit this invitation to colleagues.
Conference website:
Conference email: [email protected]