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Addison School District Newsletter
Superintendent, Mr. DioGuardi
Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Mr. Howe
Supervisor of Special Education, Mrs. Loomis
Addison Middle-Senior High School Principal, Ms. Crane
Tuscarora and Valley Elementary Schools Principal, Mrs. Flint
School Year 2014-2015
Issue 22 Page 1 of 4 February 6, 2015
For the remainder of the school year, the Valley Early Childhood School 4 year old classrooms will be focusing on the Math Modules 3 & 4 as described below:
Grade Prekindergarten Math Module 3: Counting to 10
Module 3 challenges students to build on their work with numbers through 5 to make sense of and count groups of 0, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 objects. Students
also continue their work with the number core in the following ways (PK.CC.1–4):
Rote counting (the number word list up to 15)
One-to-one correspondence (one object paired with one number word from 0 to 10)
Cardinality (how many in a set of up to 10 objects)
Number recognition (matching written numerals 0, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 to quantities)
Throughout the module, children participate in engaging experiences that help them make critical connections
between these four understandings.
Grade Prekindergarten Math Module 4: Comparison of Length, Weight, Capacity, and Numbers to 5
In the first half of this module, students identify measurable attributes of objects in terms of length, weight, and capacity. Students learn words such as
small, big, short, tall, empty, full, heavy, and light so that they will have the vocabulary needed to describe objects (PK.MD.1). The comparison of
length, weight, and capacity naturally leads to discussions about quantity and number. In the second half, measurement is connected to quantity as students reason if there are enough, more than, less than, or the same number of objects in a set using matching and counting strategies
(PK.CC.5). Comparing concrete sets leads to comparing quantities and abstract numbers. Children will also focus on identifying first and last in quantities up to 5 and 10 in different configurations (PK.CC.6).
In ELA, 4 year old students will continue mastering their identification of the letters of the alphabet, while also learning what sound each letter makes.
By the end of the school year, students will have also learned 20 sight words and have read 20 decodable books. Here’s some of the skills they will be
working on in ELA:
Students will practice counting the number of syllables in words and practice blending syllables to make words.
Students will sequence story events, identify authors, illustrators and characters, understand concepts of print, form predic-
tions, and answer story comprehension questions.
Students will demonstrate an understanding of the concept of first, middle and last and show an awareness of beginning
and ending sounds of words and be able to blend sounds to make words.
Students will blend initial consonant sounds with phonograms to form words. For example, the children will add the initial /p/ sound to the phonogram “an” to form the word pan. This is the first step in helping the students begin to decode words and to develop an awareness of how good readers use letters and sounds to decipher unfamiliar words.
Students will continue to write independently daily across all curriculum areas, while teachers encourage students to apply letters sounds that they
have learned in their writing.
Students will continue to learn nursery rhymes, classic folktales, and be exposed to literature and stories on a daily basis.
Our current ELA unit theme is the five senses. The children will become aware of how to get information about the world through their senses. They
will also expand their understanding of each of the senses and how they work individually and together. Future units of study include: animals and their
habitats, types of transportation, lifecycles, and farm animals.
You might think of Social Studies as a subject taught in high school, not preschool. But although preschool curriculum does not include typical "social
studies" subjects such as history and sociology, social studies permeates the preschool classroom, from learning about
holidays and jobs around town to exploring identity in terms of family and community. That means that even preschoolers can begin their social studies explorations as they examine themselves, their families and the community they
live in.
What are the 3 year olds doing?
We are learning about the 26 letters of the alphabet, our 4 basic shapes, numbers 0-10, all of our colors, patterning, and
counting objects.
Boys and girls do activities around their letters, numbers, shapes, and colors, everyday!
We do art projects that help us learn the letters in our name and work on the Promethean board to reinforce those skills
we are learning about.
We just finished our 1st progress report that went home to our parents. This included cognitive skills, social skills,
emotional development, and language skills.
We love school where learning is fun!
School Year 2014-2015
February 6
Varsity Wrestling Sectionals @ Warsaw—4:45pm
JV Boys’ Basketball @ Hammondsport—6:00pm
JV Girls’ Basketball @ Bradford—6:00pm
February 7
Varsity Wrestling Sectionals @ Warsaw—9:30am
February 9
Boys’ Basketball—TBA
Girls’ Basketball—TBA
February 10
Varsity Girls’ Basketball vs. Alfred-Almond—6:00pm
Issue 22 Page 2 of 4 February 6, 2015
Varsity Boys’ Basketball @ Canisteo-Greenwood—6:00pm
February 11
February 12
No Events Scheduled
February 13
Varsity Wrestling Sectionals @ Brockport—1:30pm
Varsity Girls’ Basketball—TBA
February 14
Varsity Wrestling Sectionals @ Brockport—10:00am
Cross Country Named Scholar Athletes
Congratulations to members of the Addison Cross
Country team who have excelled academically and
have received the Scholar Athlete Award. At the end
of each sport season, NYSPHSAA honors those teams
that excel in the classroom. The cross country team is
coached by Mr. and Mrs. Lyons. Honorees include:
Brenna Lyons, Corrine Crooker, Veronica Dailey, Mackenzie Brewer, Claire Ames, Layla Jones, Kaylee
Lynde, and Megan Long. Congratulations girls!
Class of 2015: Please go to and order
your cap and gown if you
have not done so.
Band Boosters thanks our
community for its continued sup-
port of the can/bottle drive. Please
keep in mind that returnables do not include: Ga-
torade, tea and juice bottles/containers or Pennsylvania cans or bottles.
Band Booster’s
Little Caesars’
order pick up
will be from 45:30pm on
February 12th
at the high school.
Our Winter Weather
No doubt, the temperatures have dropped significantly. And we also have a long way to go before we get any real
change in the weather. Yes, it is very cold but it is also winter in the northeast. Please know that the district takes many
precautions when considering weather related factors by planning school attendance and activities appropriately along
with thinking through the following:
Busses are kept inside our bus garage overnight (with minimal heat) and warm up quickly before they pick up students. Districts where busses are kept outdoors overnight have trouble starting and/or warming up on the inside by
the time students need to be picked up.
We have instructed all bus drivers to stop along their routes to ask any walker if they want a ride (no matter how
close they are to school) and have also asked the drivers to wait for students at their bus stop so that students do not
have to wait outside as we see some students not dressed appropriately given the weather conditions.
We track the weather constantly using various sources and look at wind chill factors and the weather by the
hour. Most of the time when it is this cold, the temperature will only improve by a few degrees between 7:00am for
an 8:00am start to school and 9:00am for a 10:00am start (two hour delay). In some cases the negative wind chill
factor may actually increase by 9:00am. The disruptions to the education of our students, to our school schedule, and
to our working families with childcare needs for a two hour delay when the temperature only improves a couple of
degrees helps to guide us in making the correct call.
Finally, we get asked many times; “Why does Addison have school when other districts are on a two hour delay or
closed?” The simple answer is this: Every district is different and the variables are different. For example: more walkers than bus riders; more open areas with higher wind speeds and gusts; somewhat varied weather patterns and temperature disparities between districts; busses parked outside overnight vs. inside; districts near water/lakes; and other various factors/reasons depending on the individual dynamics, expectations, and culture of the district.
Ultimately and in all cases, while taking into account what is going on in our region, we will do what is best for the Addison community at large; making sure to be safe, respectful, and responsible!
School Year 2014-2015
Issue 22 Page 3 of 4 February 6, 2015
The Board of Education’s
work session meeting will be on
Tuesday, February 10,
at 5:30pm
in the High School Café .
Tuscarora principal Mrs. Flint and Board of Education President Mr. Peoples congratulate sixth-grader Bradyn Coletta for
his artwork that is featured in the Duffy Book Calendar.
Above: A child shares her secret request with Santa.
Please contact
Mrs. Sonya English.
Students are able to pay for the yearbook in
three installments of $15.
Board of Education President Mr. Peoples congratulates fifth-grader Madalyn Bouton (left) for winning and fourth-grader Marshall Brewer (right) for being runner-up
at the Spelling Bee.
Families gather for holiday dinner
and visit with Santa
Local families joined together at the
Addison Community Center for a night
of fun that included dinner, crafts and a
visit with Santa on December 16. The
event was sponsored by the Addison
Central School District’s Innovative
Approaches to Literacy grant, Healthy
Families Steuben and partnering community agencies.
Children decorated cookies, made reindeer candy canes and created handprint
art before visiting with Santa. Each
child received new books as a gift.
Above: Children picked out their own new books to
take home.
6th Grade All-County Band!
Congratulations to Sara Stierly,
who was selected to participate
in the 2014-2015 6th grade AllCounty Band Festival! In preparation for this event, some of
our 6th grade band students prepared a solo and auditioned for a
judge, competing against other
6th grade musicians throughout
Steuben County.
We would like to invite you all to
the All-County Music Festival
Concert, which will be held on
Saturday, March 21st at
3:00PM at the Bath Central School District. This concert will
feature our selected 6th Grade Band students, as well as the Junior High Chorus, and the Senior High Band.
ABOVE: Congratulations to Andrew Lynde for reading
1,137 pages in January! Great job, Andrew!
School Year 2014-2015
Issue 22 Page 4 of 4 February 6, 2015
These students were in school every day for the first marking period.
Ivy Aiken
Amanda Aldrich
Gehrig Allen
Karigan Allen
Jordan Allen
Cole Andrews
Makayla Bills
Taylor Boutelle
Mackenzie Brewer
Trista Brown
Kiarra Burrell
Jonah Burton
Carly Causer
Justice Clark
Stephen Clark
Tyrell coleman
Nicole Crane
Gabrielle Crane
Blake Crans
Hadden Crawford
Corrine Crooker
Veronica Dailey
Dillyn Dailey
Brian Davis
Caitlin Dearing
Leeshaun Dennery
Jahleea Dennery
Stephanie Easling
Tiara Easling
Wade English
McKayla Kephart
Emilee Knapp
Brianna Knight
Courtney Evingham Blake Knight
Bradley Fisher
Sara Knight
Caralynne Fleet
Krista Lovell
Alicia Fortier
Kaylee Lynde
Kobie Giardina
Brenna Lyons
Katheryn Hamblin Cade Mahnke
Jennica Hamblin
Alvin McGowan
Andrew Hamilton Jami Morseman
Samantha Hand
Calin Nichols
Amanda Harris
Kyra Peoples
Kodie Herrington Laurel Perrine
Brody Heysham
Emily Pierce
Erica Hoskins
Morgan Pierce
Nathan Hough
Jesse Plumley
Tyler Housel
Brennon Rafferty
Elizabeth Housel Shawn Ribble
Justin Hunt
Sandra Ribble
Tayah Jackson
Ty Rice
Thomas Jacobson Paige Riff
Hjalmer Jacobson Tristyn Risley
Nichole Johnson Jennifer Risley
Ryan Johnston
Keegan Risley
Colby Jones
Heather Risley
Castor Jones
Vanessa Ryhal
Glendejiah Dennery Heather Jones
Skylar Seager
Glennessa Dennery Elizabeth Joris
Michaela Setzer
Kierra DuVall
Rebekalynn Joris Andromeda Shirah
Carrigan Snyder
Nicholas Solinas
Matthew Strauss
Ann Stull
Nicholas Sutryk
Jazmine Taft
Taylor Terwilliger
Joseph Thompson
Marissa Tucker
Jacob Vroman
Kary Wagner
Kathryn Watkins
Kasandra Webb
David Webb
Jeremy Wilson
Makayla Wilson
Krysta Windnagle
Logan Windnagle
Alyson Windnagle
Katelynn Wood
Chelsea Wood
Xin Mei Zheng
These students have been in school each day for educational learning. If they signed out, it was for a school-approved activity.
Joshua Beckhorn
William Beckhorn
Alexis Bissonnette
Samantha Bryan
Brice Bump
Joseph Calkins
Brionna Causer
Lateasha Causer
Autumn Chilson
Adam Chilson
Andrea Chilson
Sara Cilina
Noah Clark
Zachary Clark
Kameron Combs
Stephanie Crawford
Ronald Dailey
Richard Davis
Stephan Davis
Koby Dennison
Dylan Drake
Nicole Duell
Hunter Eldridge
Zachary Eldridge
Tyler Evingham
Ezra Farr
Zackary FrawleyCorwin
Abriana FrawleyCorwin
Jessica Hamilton
Timothy Hamilton
Stephen Hartman
Daryl Hoad
David Howe
Ethan Howe
Elijah Hunt
Emily Hynes
Aletha Jackson
Korri Jones
Alex Jumper
Adam Jumper
Megan Kelly
Avalon Kitto
Kimberly Little
Andrew Lynde
Trent Makowiec
Mariah Martinez
Makayla Mitchell
Dawson Morsemen
Alejandro OrtizGonzalez
Nicholas Padgett
Ariel Phelps
JC Seymour
Paige Snyder
Sarra Stewart
Alivia Strauss
Hayley Stuart
Taylor Sutryk
Jordan Taft
Alexis Tucker
William Tucker
Tyler Vroman
Devin Ward-Keeler
Helen Wilson
Mackenzie Pionessa
Jordan Woodhouse
Noah Plumley
Brian Poust
Morgan Povoski
Justin Rinebold
Dakota Root
Skye Rucci
Dillon Saxbury
Dakota Seeley
Kendra Zeh