Family Service YOUTH EVENTS

7 February 2015
Family Service
Youth Club:
11 am
Join in games, sports, and social time from 7:30-9:30pm
this evening. For secondary school age and up.
Friday Youth Meeting – 7:30pm
Invocation: Roger Murphy
For Bible Study and discussion based on Luke. Open for
parents, youth, and young adults.
Welcome To
Stanborough Park Church
He gives strength to the weary and
increases the power of the weak.
Isaiah 40.29
Meditation: Proverbs 3:1-6, Kavit Shah
Hymn NAH 159: 'Lift Up The Trumpet'
Tithes & Offerings
‘The Holy City’ Paul Cooper/Daniella Bernard
Family Prayer: Yetunde Bright
Children's Story: P Yunuen Carrillo
Development Offering: Eustace Anthony
Presentation of Certificates, Pins: Florence Allen
Investiture Charge: Caroline Kamara
Musical Item: ‘O The King Is Coming’
Bible Reading: Matthew 28:18-20, Samuel Gil Lizarazo
Sermon: ‘Even so, Believe!’ Pastor Jacques Venter
Hymn NAH 454: ‘We Are Marching To Zion’
Pastoral Team
Jacques Venter
[email protected] / 07868 546 941
Sam Neves
[email protected] / 07522 088 007
Mary Barrett
[email protected] / 07961 777 446
Stanborough Centre Office
Michael Swain
[email protected] / 07962 320 372
Church Clerk
[email protected] / 07905 620 080
Bulletin Deadline WED 3pm
[email protected]
Pastoral Team: Jacques Venter; Mary Barrett; Sam
Neves Stanborough Park Seventh-day Adventist
609 St Albans Road
Elder: Terry Menkens
Pianist: Tina Brooks
Today: 5.01pm Next Friday: 5:12pm
Watford WD25 9JL
01923 894664
Sabbath School
Welcome: Mirian Keshishian
Hymn NAH 316: ‘Lord of the Sabbath hear us pray’
Prayer: Eileen Hussey
Mission Report: Aarinola Ayo-Ipaye
Praise in Music: Jefferson Samuel
Lesson Study: ‘What you get is not what you see’
Memory Text:
‘There is a way that seems right to a man, but its
end is the way of death.’ Proverbs 14:12
Mission Offering: Jacqueline Deane
Hymn NAH 6: Praise to the Lord the Almighty'
Prayer: Adebukola Ayo-Ipaye
9am Service
Introit: 'Holy, Holy, Holy'
Welcome and Opening Prayer
Hymn NAH 25: 'Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise'
Tithes & Offerings
Offertory and Family Prayer
Scripture Reading: Romans 8:24-39
Hymn NAH 414: ‘My hope is built on nothing less’
Sermon: ‘Even so, Believe!’
Hymn NAH 713: ‘Will your anchor hold’
PRAYER CORNER. Let us pray for Kish and his supporters who,
through S.T.O.P. International - Save The Orphans Please - are
raising the quality of life of children in several orphages in
BARN DANCE. The great Stanborough barn dance is
returning! Have fun, make new friends and keep fit.
Feb 14th 7.30pm, ticket price includes light supper.
See Pat, Estelle, Alix, Dan or Diana for tickets.
is with Hatten family we invite the church to pray for Kirsty
Hatten. 'My prayer request is that I will rediscover God and
really experience the depth of His love over my time in
Cambodia and the following challenging months.' "Because
He loves me, says the Lord, " I will rescue him; I will protect him
for he acknowledges my name. He will call on me and I will
answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and
honor him." Psalm 91:14-15
yourself and give the items to your friends, work
colleagues, relatives and your neighbours.
FAMILY MINISTRY Today at 4 pm Family Ministry presents
Paediatrician Dr. Leo Thanikkel with the following topics:
ADHD and Vaccination. Come and invite your friends.
THE SOUP RUN 13 February will be led by Stanborough Park
Youth Department – Rachel Lunan. The driver is Brian
Davison. We are in urgent need of blankets and sleeping
bags plus men’s clothing.
Patrick Boyle ‘Everybody has a right to happiness’. Light
Supper served at 7pm.
THE SPC PRAYER On a Wednesday about 40 people receive a
prayer list and pray for the needs of the church and our
members. If you would like to be a part of this group please
contact Pastor Mary. If you have a prayer request that you
would like to be put on the list, could you also let Pastor Mary
know by Sunday evenings.
PATHFINDERS There is no Pathfinder meeting on the 8 th of
February. The next meeting is the Pathfinder Induction on the
28th of February.
DEVELOPMENT OFFERING will be collected today. Please
donate prayerfully. All offerings, large or small, are
greatly appreciated.
PASTOR MARY would like to speak with the person who
put an anonymous card through her door on
Wednesday 28th January whilst she was out at prayer
meeting. She would like to speak to the person about
the contents of the card. The money enclosed with the
card, will be sent to the Re-development funds.
INDIAN MEAL AND AUCTION last Saturday night raised
£2,000 for STOP – Save the Orphans Please. Many thanks
to all those who supported this event.
NEXT HEALTH LECTURE will be on Thursday
26th February.
WOMEN IN PRAYER 14th FEB, AT 1-3 PM, Oak & Beach
rooms. We kindly remind you that we will be serving light
refreshments before the meeting. Please come and bring
a friend who you know will benefit from our prayer
session. "Pray without ceasing" I Thes. 5:17.
WEDDING Chloe Lewis, who was a Student Missionary
here in 2010/2011, is getting married on 22 Feb 2015.
Maritza Sabatier has a card to send to her and will be
happy for anyone to sign it. If you would like to send a
short greeting, please see her after the service today and
during Fellowship Lunch. Thank you!