West Angeles CDC Honors Crews and Story

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Friday, February 6, 2015
West Angeles CDC Honors Crews and Story
Photo by Ian Foxx
(L_R) Terry Crews and wife, Rebecca are the recipients of “Family of the Year” by West Angeles Community Development Corporation last night at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in
Beverly Hills. Crews is known as an action-movie hero, sitcom star, syndicated game show host, Old Spice pitchman, former NFL player and best-selling author. Tim Story, Director, Think Like A Man and Think Like A Man Too, was the recipient of the Man of the Year award along with his wife during 21st Annual event.
St. Eugene’s Cougar Cheer Squad is On the Move and Winning Big
By Gloria Zuurveen
St. Eugene Cougar
cheerleading squad is full of excitement and spirit.
They are small but
mighty when it comes to cheering and letting everyone know
that they are the St. Eugene Cougars. Since they started just one
year ago they have cheered in the
Monterey Park parade, the Los
Angeles Martin Luther King Jr.
Parade and the Garden Grove
Strawberry Festival where they
took first place.
From a vision of one
parent and under the leadership
of a grandparent, Ms. Sims, who
daughter is also a cheerleader,
the Cougar cheerleaders have
shown remarkable skills and
Ms. Sims says she envision the girls learning valuable
life-long skills such as being
about to work together and get
She said she really want
to give them camaraderie, to become one to understand that they
are one unit. Ms. Sims said their
motto is “Hurt one, hurt all.”
She said she want them
to know that if they can get along
at school they should also be able
to get along outside of school.
The Cougar cheerleaders are responsible to keep their
grades up and if they fall short
they are allowed to practice but
not perform until they bring their
grades up to standard.
The group consist of
kindergartners to six grade.
They performed several
cheers for this reporter and they
were fabulous.
The Cougar cheerleaders participates in all of the St.
Eugene special events like the
Christmas program and they will
also perform in the upcoming
Black History program.
Photo by Gloria Zuurveen
The St. Eugene Cougar Cheerleaders Squad.
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Page 2
Friday, February 6, 2015
Publisher’s Column
Dr. Gloria Zuurveen
Founder /Owner/ Publisher/Photographer
Praise God from whom all my
blessings flow. It is Black
History Month and it is a time
we celebrate our culture as a
There is so much going on and it
is great time and opportunity to
teach the little one about Black
History and what it means to
God has brought a long way
from where we started from and
our children need to know that it
has not been easy, especially for
our forefathers, and we need to
remind ourselves and them the
life they have now did not come
on a bed of ease and that
someone bled and died to ensure
they have a life better than them.
We are to be grateful as we look
back and reflect on our history.
We have in PACE NEWS this
week some thought provoking
article and I pray that you will
enjoy them and learn from them
and become a catalyst to make a
difference. The Pan African Film
Festival is going on and there are
lots to see. Take the family and
teach the children as you,
together, observe this Black
History Month.
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Board Member Los Angeles Press Club
How Dick Gregory Got his Hollywood Star
By George E. Curry
NNPA Columnist
Activist/ SiriusXm satellite radio host Joe Madison
was helping on a campaign to get the Four Tops a
star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame when he noticed another serious omission from the worldfamous tribute to entertainers.
“You go to Hollywood and Gene Autry had five (one
in each category). Big Bird had a star. When we did
our campaign to get the Four Tops a star, I said, ‘My God, Dick Gregory doesn’t have a star.” In 1997, seven years after getting inducted
into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Four Tops, – whose 1960s
hits included such songs as “Baby I Need Your Loving,” “Ask the
Lonely,” “I Can’t Help Myself” and “It’s the Same Old Song” – finally
were awarded a star.
But Madison couldn’t get over the fact that Dick Gregory, the
first Black comedian to earn more than $1 million a year yet gave up
his career to actively support Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Southern
Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) and the Student Nonviolent
Coordinating Committee (SNCC), hadn’t been recognized with a star
on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
“You can walk down there and not see Dick Gregory, but
you’ll see Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor and Whoppi Goldberg,”
Madison said. “ I don’t know of any entertainer from the era who sacrificed more than Dick Gregory.”
About 10 years ago, he set out to change that.
“The first time we tried it, we filled out a very complicated
application and the committee – the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce – didn’t award him a star,” Madison remembered. “I tried again
and they still didn’t accept it. We let some time go by. This time (in
2013), I said, ‘Look, this is ridiculous.’ That’s when I got Sheila
Moses, who helped write Dick’s last book, help word the application.
E. Faye Williams, president of the National Congress of Black
Women, helped and we put the application together and sent it in. Finally, the committee accepted him in the class of 2015.”
At the age of 85, Gregory joins a class that includes Kool &
the Gang, Pharrell Williams, Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler. The induction ceremony was carried live Monday on national and international
Before Gregory could receive his honor, $30,000 had to be
submitted on his behalf to cover the creation and installation of his star
as well as maintenance of the Walk of Fame.
A small group of supporters got together to strategize. The
first idea was to reach out to some of the biggest names in Hollywood
who could write the $30,000 within the blink of the eye, including
fellow comedian Bill Cosby and Hugh Hefner, who lifted Gregory to
national stardom in 1961 by regularly booking him at Chicago’s Playboy Club. The second idea was to identify 30 people willing to donate
$1,000 each.
But Joe Madison had a better idea.
He recalled, “I got with Sherry [his wife and radio producer]
and said, ‘Let’s go on the air and make this very simple – 1,000 people
with $30. If I don’t have 1,000 listeners who can afford $30, I need to
be off the air.’”
Madison didn’t need to get off the air – the $30,000 goal of the
Dick Gregory Hollywood Star Fund was reached in two weeks.
“What it really speaks to is Dick,” he said. And it’s hard to
find anyone who has not been touched by Dick Gregory in some way.
As a teenager growing up in Tuscaloosa, Ala., I remember
hearing him speak at First African Baptist Church, the nerve center of
our efforts to desegregate my hometown. I was stunned by the way he
boldly attacked segregation, keeping us laughing along the way.
He would say, “The last time I was down South I walked into
this restaurant and this White waitress came up to me and said, ‘We
don’t served colored people here.’ I said, ‘That’s all right. I don’t eat
colored people. Bring me a whole fried chicken.’”
And there was this one: “Segregation is not all bad. Have you
ever heard of a collision where the people in the back of the bus got
hurt?” There was simply no one else like Dick Gregory. And callers
into Joe Madison’s radio show shared their special memories.
Madison remembers the call-ins: “One guy, who’s a doctor in
New Orleans, said, ‘Dick Gregory spoke at Xavier University. I was a
student and I still have the notes from that speech.’ He was in school in
the 70s.
“An executive from Caterpillar in Peoria, Ill. said, ’I am the
only Black sitting up here on the 7th floor and I wouldn’t be here if it
wasn’t for Dick Gregory. I know you asked for $30, but I am sending
Most of the contributors were everyday people who donated
“It had to be done,” Madison said of the campaign to honor
Gregory. “People say, ‘Who cares about a star on the Walk of Fame?
It’s about marking your territory.”
George E. Curry, former editor-in-chief of Emerge magazine,
is editor-in-chief of the National Newspaper Publishers Association
News Service (NNPA.) He is a keynote speaker, moderator, and media
coach. Curry can be reached through his Web site,
www.georgecurry.com. You can also follow him at www.twitter.com/
currygeorge and George E. Curry Fan Page on Facebook.
Making No Progress on Race with Progressives’
By Julianne Malveaux
NNPA Columnist
I like Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.). Her progressive ideas are just what we need while Hilary
Clinton is straddling the fence, and still cozying up
with bankers. Warren says she isn’t running for president, but there are quite a few political action committees urging her to run.
Like President Barack Obama, she released a biography (A
Fighting Chance) just two years before the 2016 election. It provides
details of her hardscrabble childhood, her early pregnancy and marriage, and her struggles combining work and family when she had a
small child. Men and women can relate to her story, as well as at the
way she became the guru for consumer rights and financial literacy.
When senators would not confirm her for the permanent position in
the Department of Treasury, she ran for the Senate. It was her first
time running for office and she won.
Warren has consistently articulated a progressive agenda
focused on those at the bottom. As progressive as she is, she has consistently ignored race matters. Perhaps this is because progressive
politicians feel they will alienate part of their base if they talk about
race. This makes Warren and the others not much different that conventional politicians, ignoring the economic differences between African Americans and others.
How would Elizabeth Warren deal with declining revenues
for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)? Would
she step in to close the unemployment rate gap or the achievement
gap? Would she deal with the housing discrimination that too many
African Americans face? Or, would she hide behind the common
progressive refrain that when challenges at the bottom are addressed?
That is: African Americans are lifted up and their circumstance will
change as the plight of everyone else improves.
Another impressive Senator, Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), has
articulated a progressive agenda in the Senate for more than a decade.
He hails from the swing state of Ohio, and many are wondering why
he doesn’t command the same kind of attention that Elizabeth Warren does. While his ideas are solid he, too, has pretty much ignored
the issue of race.
At the same time that progressives have been ignoring race,
we have been barraged with proof that race matters. Whether we are
talking about those in kindergarten or in high schools, African
American students face stricter discipline (with some of them, regardless of age, handcuffed and expelled from school), while teachers
rely on their sociology classes to justify keeping White kids in school
for the same infractions. Conversations about disproportionate rates
of incarceration, and racial disparities in the application of the death
penalty are rarely raised in Congress unless members of the Congressional Black Caucus bring it up.
Progressives should not talk about race matters exclusively,
but they exhibit a pathetic myopia when they fail to talk about race at
African American Democrats will hold their noses and vote
for Elizabeth Warren, or if they are Clinton loyalists, they will vote
her instead. Indeed, Elizabeth Warren has as much a change of winning a presidential contest as I do, but her committees will challenge
the Clinton positions on domestic public policy. If she is able to get
Senator Clinton to alter her positions on just a few matters, she will
have done her job.
Still, like President Obama, the matter of race is off the table. The president addresses race gingerly, mainly because as an African American president he must debunk the myth that he is racially
biased. I don’t agree with position, or the way he dealt with it in the
State of the Union address when he had nothing to lose by dealing
with race or simply saying the words “African American” or “Black.”
Race still matters in our nation. What national leader has the courage
to say it? Warren, Clinton and Brown have more leeway than President Obama, but they have as much fear as President Obama does for
addressing a key national issue.
There is significant excitement about the role Senator Elizabeth Warren will play in the 2016 election. Maybe she will garner
enough delegates to force a roll call, or at least the opportunity to
nominate Senator Clinton. Maybe she will have a chance to address
the nation in one of the prime-time spots during the convention, just
as President Obama did in 2000. Certainly, her name will be whispered or even shouted as she gains popular support. But if she is unwilling to talk about race, she will not have met the expectations of
some in the African American community.
Julianne Malveaux is an author and economist based in
Washington, D.C.
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Friday, February 6, 2015
Page 3
African American Heritage Month Celebrated at City Hall
Photo by Ian Foxx
Los Angeles City African American Heritage Month—Hall Of Fame honorees: Health Dr. Edward Savage , Jr., Government , Rita Walters, Retired, Education, Dr.George
McKenna lll, Law, Judge Mablean Ephriam, Hope Of Los Angeles, John Legand, Spirit Of Los Angeles, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Dream Of Los Angeles, Nia Long, Lifetime Achievement Award, Kareem Abdul Jabbar were on hand Tuesday at City Hall to be honored for the 2015 African American Heritage Month celebration.
Los Angeles Business Leaders
Endorse Marqueece HarrisDawson for City Council
Marqueece HarrisDawson, candidate for the 8th
Council District, has earned endorsements from the Central City
Association of Los Angeles' (CCA) and the BizFed PAC.
CCA is a known as the premier
business advocacy organization in
the city and county of Los Angeles. BizFed PAC is the nonpartisan political action committee of
the Los Angeles County Business
Federation. BizFed is committed
to supporting “moderate, business-supportive candidates within
Los Angeles County who are
committed to meaningful change,
economic progress, job creation
and strong, healthy communities.”
"The endorsement of
business leaders in Los Angeles is
a testament of my ability and
commitment to bring stakeholders
with diverse interests together to
improve the quality of life for all
Los Angeles families", said Harris-Dawson. "I look forward to
working with business leaders,
labor leaders and residents to
stimulate economic growth in
District 8." Harris-Dawson is
leading in endorsements from
business, community and labor
leaders. He has already earned
endorsements from the Beverly
Hills/Greater Los Angeles Realtors Association; the L.A. County
Federation of Labor; the United
Firefighters of Los Angeles, and
various Democratic clubs.
Additionally, he has
earned the largest roster of endorsements from key political
Marqueece Harris-Dawson
leaders including U.S. Congressmembers Karen Bass and Ted
Lieu; State Senators Holly
Mitchell and Isadore Hall; State
Assemblymembers Sebastian
Ridley-Thomas and Reggie
Jones-Sawyer; LA City Council
President Herb Wesson and eight
LA City Council members; LA
City Attorney Mike Feuer and LA
County Board Supervisor Shiela
Kuehl. Marqueece Harris-Dawson
is the President and CEO of the
Community Coalition, a civil
rights group in South L.A. that
effectively organizes and advocates for better schools, safer
neighborhoods, a fair share of
services and a local government
that is more responsive to the
people. More information at:
www.Marqueece.com / facebook.com/mhd2015
Mark #254 on ballot.
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Page 4
Friday, February 6, 2015
“African American Family Headed for Extinction,” Says One of the Nation’s Top Counselors
African Americans
represent 14% in the nation.
They are a growing 38% of
the prison system. More than
half of the African American
males do not graduate from
high school. Nearly 80% of
those below the poverty level
abandon their children. While
the rate of African American
women having children is in
decline, 71% of children are in
families headed by a single
There are more children born out of wedlock than
to wedded couples. According
to Dr. Steven DavidSon, one
of the nation’s leading counselors, says these and other
similar statistics present a dire
picture of the African American family for the future.
Dr. Steven DavidSon
“Our sisters and
daughters struggle to find acceptable mates. Too many of
our young men are unemployable and in the pipeline to
prison. Single mothers are
courageous, but they didn’t
Black Leadership Members
March For Change
LOS ANGELES—The Black Leadership Coalition
will come together to March in
South Los Angeles for the
“March for Justice and Unity”
on Saturday February 21st. The
Leadership Coalition will
gather members from their own
groups to help to make a powerful statement of Justice, Peace
and Unity within the African
Rev. Xavier Thompson
American Community.
The Black Leadership
March was the brain child of
Los Angeles Sentinel Executive
Publisher, Danny Bakewell Sr.
and Baptist Ministers Conference President Reverend Xavier
Thompson. “I felt it was time to
gather the groups together to
make a large impact within our
o w n c o m mu n i t y , ” s a i d
Bakewell Sr. “We have seen
Marches all over the country,
but this is the first time we will
March together within our own
community of South Los Angeles. South Los Angeles is heavily affected by crimes of brutality and racial profiling, what
better place to make a stand for
this important cause,” continued Bakewell Sr.
With Community leaders coming together from some
of the most influential groups in
South Los Angeles and engaging their youth community, this
will be a strong show of unity
with two generations of people
out for change. “Having the
young people involved is really
important, the older generation,
most of us Marched on Washington or were Freedom Riders
but the younger people are rising up and they are angry. We
feel with us all together this
will show a strong united
front,” stated Thompson.
The March will begin
Danny Bakewell Sr.
at Denker and King Boulevard
in front of the Southwest LAPD
Headquarters and will end at
Leimert Park on Crenshaw. The
participants will March west on
King Boulevard and then south
on Crenshaw Boulevard to
Leimert Park.
Some of the participating leaders are, Presiding
Bishop Charles E. Black, West
Angeles COGIC, Bishop
Ulmer, Faithful Central, Nolan
Rollins, President Los Angeles
Urban League, Senator Isadore
Hall, Assemblymember
Reginald Jones-Sawyer, Charisse Bremond-Weaver, President Brotherhood Crusade,
George McKenna, Los Angeles, Unified School Board, Dr.
Maulana Karenga, African
American Cultural Center, as
well as several unions,
churches, fraternities, sororities,
political clubs and a host of
If you need additional
information please go to the
conceive themselves. Fifty
years after Civil and Voting
Rights legislation the evidence
indicates we are more homicidal, sociopathic and psychopathic than ever.” When confronted with the African
American’s history of abuse in
the nation, Dr. DavidSon is
revealing. “I was a proponent
of that until I did the research.
No way! If the broken family
was in the 20% range 50 years
ago, how can we be in the
70% range today with all of
the advances. School is free,
and we won’t go. Something
different is at work.”
DavidSon alludes to
Hispanics and others who
come from under-developed
nations with families intact
generally and a distinguishable work ethic. “What is clear
is the level of denial, projection and blame on others, and
marginalizing the serious nature of our condition. These
will never allow us to heal.
There was a time when cancer
was unspeakable, and what
about AIDS? These are well
publicized and confronted illnesses. Public issues must be
confronted publicly.”
Dr. DavidSon desires
to avoid the talking-head type.
“The time for mere talk and
1960’s approaches is not our
perspective. Consider 70% of
broken African American
families with black males absorbing violent and vile music
daily. More than 50% do not
graduate from high school.
They are not employable.
Many replicate the condition
producing an ever-increasing
pipeline of humanity to crime
and prison. This is why the
African American father-less
home and prison rates keep
Their condition is also
fertile for potential terrorists.
Now, you can understand inpart why local police departments — as witnessed — in
Ferguson are equipped with
military hardware. We know
the root cause. Both history
and truth reveals what’s necessary.”Dr. DavidSon developed
a national crisis fact-sheet, and
framework to address the challenge. A Return To Him town
hall will be held at the New
Beginnings Church in Lewisville, Texas the last Wednesday in February. Dr. DavidSon’s national ministry also
has a web site to support the
initiative with the National
Crisis fact sheet, and numerous resources. “Let’s face the
facts, and let’s employ what
made it possible to survive
through slavery, Jim Crow and
unabated discrimination. It’s
our only hope.”
One of the nation’s
top writers on contemporary
Christian issues, Dr. Steven B.
DavidSon is author of the
Christ-based Series, and founder of an organization devoted
to Christian counseling and
education (A3CEES).
For more information
contact: Dr. Dennise Bates or
Timothy DavidSon at 7082 3 2 - 3 3 7 0 ,
H i s [email protected]
org, www.cbcentral.info,
Source: BlackNews.com
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Friday, February 6, 2015
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Page 6
Friday, February 6, 2015
U.S. States Probe Massive Data Breach at Health Insurer
By Karen Freifeld
(Reuters) - Several
U.S. states are investigating a
massive cyberattack on No. 2
U.S. health insurer Anthem Inc
that a person familiar with the
matter said is being examined
for possible ties to China.
Anthem disclosed the
attack late Wednesday, saying
unknown hackers had penetrated
a database with some 80 million
records. The insurer said it suspected they had stolen information belonging to tens of millions of current and former customers as well as employees.
Attorneys general of
Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, Arkansas and North Carolina are looking into the breach,
according to representatives of
their offices and internal documents. California's Department
of Insurance said it will review
Anthem's response to the data
Connecticut Attorney
General George Jepsen asked
Anthem Chief Executive Joseph
Swedish to provide by March 4
detailed information about the
cyberattack, the company's security practices and privacy
policies, according to a letter
obtained by Reuters on Thursday.
"We hope and expect to
work in close coordination with
other attorneys general," said
Jaclyn Falkowski, a spokeswoman for Jepsen. A source
familiar with the probe told
Reuters that a possible connection to China was being investigated, and the Wall Street Journal reported that people close to
the investigation say some tools
and techniques used against Anthem were similar to ones used
in previous attacks linked to
Good Cause
By Dean L. Jones, CPM
From co-workers, door solicitors, to lawn signs―the Girl Scout
Cookies' selling season is here
again. Annually, around the country Girl Scouts encourage as many
people as possible to spend money
on cookies.
The Girl Scout organization
appears transparent that they are
selling cookies for a good cause.
Nonetheless, you cannot help but
wonder just how much is a good
cause and how much is simply
another ploy for making money
from people's sugar weakness.
The general sales pitch is that
every time you buy a box, you
help girls learn 5 essential skills.
Much needed skills like goal setting, decision making, money
management, social interaction,
and business ethics.
The Girl Scout cookies are
exclusively made by two licensed
bakers; ABC Bakers and Little
Brownie Bakers. These companies use a variety of ingredients in
the production of Girl Scout cookies, where ABC Bakers still uses
high fructose corn syrup (HFCS)
in some cookies. Both companies
have genetically modified agricultural crops (GMOs) as ingredients.
The management of Girl
Scout cookie sales have a small
cloud surrounding health issues by
reporting claims, such as
"According to the American Dietetic Association, most people
with diabetes can enjoy sugars in
moderation as a part of their meal
plans, depending on blood glucose
control and body weight. We encourage consumers who are concerned about sugar intake to discuss dietary options with a doctor
or registered dietitian."
Feeling the need to impart
statements like this one shows
how the processed sugar issue is
real and organizations are consistently seeking ways to keep making money, in spite of the health
risks it may cause others. Whenever you find yourself needing to
make a disclaimer surrounding
health, maybe what was once a
good cause has shifted itself into
being an uncalled for cause.
Clearly, Girl Scout cookie
Photo by Gloria Zuurveen
Dean L. Jones
package labeling displays the
amount of added sugar and carbohydrates, particularly enabling
people with diabetes and parents
of children with diabetes to make
informed choices. Still, there are
plenty of careers that can be nurtured through better experiences
than that of selling potentially
harmful human treats. Can you
imagine the public outcry against
an organization like the Girl
Scouts if it were selling treats that
potentially harmed animals, like
dog and/or cat pets?
For the record, the Girl
Scouts' Thanks-A-Lot shortbread
cookies (serving size 2 cookies) is
11-grams of sugar. Cranberry
Citrus Crisps (serving size 4 cookies) is 10-grams of sugar. Lemonades are 10-grams of sugar
(serving size 2 cookies). A serving size of 4 Thin Mints crispy
chocolate wafers has 11-grams of
sugar. Caramel Delites (serving
size 2 cookies) is 11-grams of
sugar, and the Peanut Butter Sandwich serving size of 3 cookies has
8-grams of sugar. Which is less
than the Do-si-dos, a crunchy oatmeal sandwich cookie with
creamy peanut butter filling
(serving size 3 cookies) having
11-grams of sugar.
Dean Jones is an Ethics Advocate, Southland Partnership
Corporation (a public benefit organization), contributing his view
on certain aspects of foodstuff.
People enter the office building of health insurer Anthem in Los Angeles, California February 5, 2015.
Credit: Reuters/Gus Ruelas
China. The origin of cyber attacks is difficult to determine,
China's Foreign Ministry
spokesman, Hong Lei, said on
"Such careless identification of the relevant attacker
clearly is unreasonable," Hong
told a news briefing in Beijing.
Late on Wednesday,
the FBI said it was looking into
the matter but did not discuss
suspects. "As far as China being involved, I don’t know,"
said FBI spokesman Paul Bresson. "I don’t think we know
yet. Our investigation is ongoing."
On Friday, Anthem
officials are scheduled to brief
the House Energy and Commerce Committee on the
"This latest intrusion
into patients' personal information underscores the increasing
magnitude and evolving nature
of cyber crimes," Fred Upton,
the committee's chairman, said
in a statement. "Every business
is at risk and American consumers are anxious." President
Barack Obama's cybersecurity
adviser, Michael Daniel, speaking at a seminar in Washington,
called the data breach "quite
concerning" and warned consumers to change their passwords and monitor their credit
Connecticut has
worked with other states to investigate some of the biggest
U.S. data breaches reported to
date, including ones at retailers
Target Corp and Home Depot
Inc. The office of Connecticut's
attorney general said Anthem
has agreed to two years of
credit monitoring for customers
A representative for
New York Attorney General
Eric Schneiderman declined to
say whether he planned to work
with Connecticut but noted his
office had contacted Anthem to
discuss protecting its customers
in the wake of the data breach.
A representative with
FireEye Inc, which was investigating the attack on behalf of
Anthem, declined comment.
(Reporting by Karen
Freifeld. Additional reporting
by Caroline Humer, Jim Finkle,
Joseph Menn and Deena
Beasley, and Michael Martina
in BEIJING; Editing by Lisa
Von Ahn, Steve Orlofsky, Ken
Wills and Clarence Fernandez)
Beverly Hills West Chapter (CA) Links, Inc. Helps
Grace Hopper STEM Academy Fight Childhood Obesity
Photo by Gloria Zuurveen
The Grace Hopper STEM Academy, an all girls independent Charter School, in Inglewood had an
opportunity recently to learning about health and the importance of eating healthy and nutritious food from
the Beverly Hills West Chapter (CA) Links, Inc.
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Friday, February 6, 2015
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Page 8
Friday, February 6, 2015
Research Comes as Patrick J. Kennedy and Dr. David Satcher Join Forces,
Announce New Center for Mental Health Policy and Research to Tackle Critical
PRNewswire/ -- Nearly all
Americans believe the state of
mental health and addiction in the
United States is a serious problem, and seventy-one percent
(71%) believe it requires
"significant" or "radical" changes,
according to new public opinion
research released today.
The new research comes
as former U.S. Representative
Patrick J. Kennedy (D-R.I.) and
Dr. David Satcher, former Surgeon General, announced the formation of the Kennedy Center for
Mental Health Policy and Research at an event in Washington,
D.C. The Center will be housed
within the Satcher Health Leadership Institute at the Morehouse
School of Medicine in Atlanta,
The new partnership and
Center, unveiled as part of the
first annual State of the Union in
Mental Health and Addiction, will
focus on highlighting, expanding,
and promoting best practices in
mental health and addiction treatment and policy. Both Mr. Kennedy and Dr. Satcher hope to
make significant progress toward
solving a range of challenges in
mental health and substance use
disorders through the Center's
"Dr. Satcher and I agree
that the state of mental health and
addictions in America is challenging for our citizens, and we need
significant change," said Patrick J.
Kennedy, founder of The Kennedy Forum. "We are optimistic
that by working together, we can
make take the necessary actions to
ensure that we are living up to the
letter, and spirit, of the 2008 parity law, which guarantees equality
for people seeking services."
The public opinion research, commissioned by the new
Center and conducted by Public
Opinion Strategies, reveals seventy-four percent (74%) of
Americans believe physical health
is "treated with more importance"
in the healthcare system. Addressing this issue is a goal the partnership outlined as part of the announcement.
"Fifteen years ago, I
released the first-ever report to the
nation on mental health, and we
found that mental health conditions affect far more people than
we had once thought," said Dr.
David Satcher, director of the
Morehouse School of Medicine
Satcher Health Leadership Institute (SHLI). "Have we made progress? The jury is still out. But
what we do know is that more
needs to be done to innovate and
collaborate, and the Kennedy
Center for Mental Health Policy
and Research will help lead the
The poll also points to:
* Broad, bi-partisan
support for action on mental
health issues.
* A clear majority of
those surveyed believing that
quality of and access to mental
health care needs to be top priorities, stating the two most important goals for mental health in the
United States are "improving
quality of care for people with
mental health conditions" and
"making sure people with mental
health conditions have access to
the care they need regardless of
where they live, their ethnicity, or
their background."
* The need for better
research into the causes, treatment
and prevention of mental health
conditions, such as depression,
anxiety, alcohol, and drug abuse.
"With so many Americans ready
for a change in our approach to
mental health and addictions, the
Center will provide needed guidance and a range of resources,"
said William Emmet, executive
director of The Kennedy Forum.
"These types of partnerships are
critical in raising key issues, and
fostering the collaboration we
need to solve them." T
ogether, The Kennedy
Forum, the Satcher Health Leadership Institute, and the Center
will turn their attention to addressing a handful of issues critical to the future of mental health
and addiction in the United States.
These include:
* Quality, with a focus on provider accountability
and outcomes and the need to set
clear and achievable standards
that all providers can adopt and
* Innovation, with a
focus on cutting-edge technology,
ongoing research, and leveraging
the promise of big data.
* Equity, with a redoubling of efforts to end disparities, fully implement parity, and
support justice system reforms.
* Integration, with an
emphasis on caring for the whole
person, and ensuring that all
Americans can get a "checkup
from the neck up." "Our mandate
is clear, and the stakes for millions of Americans are too big to
ignore," said Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice, President and Dean
of Morehouse School of Medicine. "MSM and The Kennedy
Forum are determined to use this
partnership as a way to elevate the
issues that will have an impact on
quality, innovation, and health
With more than a third
of Americans unsure if their insurance covers mental health under the same rules as other medical conditions, the work of the
Center couldn't be more necessary
or critical."
A webcast of the announcement and discussion is
a v a i l a b l e
a t :
w ww. t h e ke n n e d yf o r u m. or g/
< h t t p : / /
g l o b a l m e s s a g ing1.prnewswire.com/
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Friday, February 6, 2015
Page 9
The 23rd Annual Pan African Film & Arts Festival (PAFF) Opens with Mega Stars
By Ricky Richardson
The 23rd Annual Pan African
Film and Arts Festival got underway on Thursday, February
5, 2015 on a beautiful, Southern California evening. The
festival continues until Monday, February 16th.
The Opening Night
Film featured Director Stanley
Nelson's The Black Panther:
Vanguard of the Revolution.
This relevant movie arrives at
Lifestyle expert Daisy Llewellyn, author Demetria
Hayes, Actress Cheryl AshSimpson, Directors Joyce Fitzpatrick and Brian Shackleford
and Reginald T. Dorsey, South
African singers Vincent and
Vicus, South African writer
Sihle Hlope and Tulu Lamidi,
were additional celebrities present on the Red Carpet. The
Black Panthers: Whether they
were right or wrong, whether
they were good or band, more
Ja'Net DuBois and Isaiah Washington
Photo by Ricky Richardson
Reginald T. Dorsey and Ayuko Babu
Photo by Ricky Richardson
the RAVE Cinemas 15, with
their marching orders.
This historical film
allowed viewers to see how the
Black Panthers cemented a
solid foundation in the African
American community, in the
past that is still relevant today.
This screening was the
West Coast premiere hosted by
actor/author/philanthropist Hill
Harper, at the RAVE Cinemas
15, located within the Baldwin
Hills Crenshaw Plaza, 4200
Marlton Avenue, Los Angeles,
CA. 90008.
Scottine Ross, actor Isaiah
Washington, actress Loretta
Devine, Actor King Kedor,
Actress Jasmine Burke, Actor
Richard Gant and his wife Jasmine, Actress Serayah McNeil
(Empire), PAFF Co-founder
Ja'net Du'Bois, Ayuko Babu
(Executive Director).
Director Stanley Nelson, Producer Laurens Grant
and former and current members of the Black Panthers also
graced the Red Carpet, Michael McCarty, Sherwin Forte
and Mohammed Mubarak
(artist, writer and photographer), just to name a few.
The festival also featured daughters from royalty of
the Civil Rights Movement,
Donzaleigh Abernathy
(daughter of Ralph D. Abernathy), and Ashley Jackson
(daughter of Jesse Jackson).
than 40 years after the Black
Panther Party was founded in
Oakland, California, the group,
its leadership, remain powerful
and enduring figures in our
popular imagination. "The
Black Panthers: Vanguard of
the Revolution" is the first feature length documentary to
showcase the Black Panther
Party, its significance to the
broader American culture, its
cultural and political awakening for Black people, and the
painful lessons wrought when
the movement derails.
The film featured riveting eyewitness's accounts
from the first members who
joined the organization when
its founder, Huey P. Newton,
was still alive as a young,
brash upstart who confronted
local police and American tradition with a loaded gun and a
law book. Several of the participants mentioned above, are
still around to share firsthand
accounts of the early days of
the Black Panther Party.
The Pan African Film
Festival is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the advancement of cultural diversity
and education through the exhibition of positive and realistic media images.
For more information
about the Festival screenings,
events and panels/workshops,
please visit http://
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Page 10
Friday, February 6, 2015
Powerful Book on Mentoring by Barbara A. Perkins Features Amazing Real-Life Short Stories
Los Angeles, CA — In
recognition of Black History
Month, Barbara A. Perkins, releases The Magic of Mentoring:
Pearls of Wisdom, a collection of
short stories written by 47 Pearls
(contributors) who believe as she
that mentoring is the key to success for young people today.
Perkins comments,
“Every child deserves to be mentored. Every child deserves to
feel protected and nurtured.
Every child deserves to feel that
they have a chance at doing and
being something great in life.
Sadly, this is not our reality.”
In planning and researching for this book, Perkins
learned that a 16 inch necklace
requires 47 matching pearls. She
discovered that expert pearl
processors culls 10,000 pearls to
find 47 that are considered a
match. It is a highly specialized
skill to find matching pearls for
one strand. There are many types
of pearls, however Perkins, the
originator selected the Tahitian
Pearl or the Black Pearl as it is
most often called. The Tahitian
Barbara Perkins
Pearl is a rainbow of colors
which make them a prized possession with additional qualities
such as luster, pure surface,
clean and without blemishes,
great shape and perfect size.
The 47 Pearls
(contributors) of The Magic of
Mentoring: Pearls of Wisdom are
a match as they are rare individuals living their lives in service
and following their heart and
passion for our most prized possessions, our children. They each
share their personal journeys on
how their lives were changed for
the better because of mentoring.
The Pearls know firsthand about
the overwhelming need to find
perfect matches for children in
cities across this nation in need
of all the benefits that positive
mentoring will bring to their
Jacqueline Castillo,
President of Legacy Ladies, Inc.,
recognizes her Mom as being her
first mentor “Mother was that
consistent role model in my life.
‘You can be anything you want
to be, just put your mind to it.’
Those were the words I heard in
my home while growing up. She
was my mentor then and at 93
years old, she continues to hold
that special place in my life.”
“Without the presence of a mentor, I would be traveling through
life with no compass. I believe
that God has given me mentors
to reveal His perfect plan for me,
and to encourage me when I feel
less than worthy,” shares Ebonee
Rice, Associate Director, International Black Women Public
Policy Institute.
“As a Senior Vice
2015 Steve Harvey/ Coca-Cola Pay It
Forward Scholarship Program Now Open
The Coca-Cola Pay It
Forward Scholarship Program
offers scholarship awards and
once-in-a-lifetime apprenticeship experiences to African
American youth looking to
pave the way for their futures.
The program is under the umbrella of the Steve and
Marjorie Harvey Foundation,
and since 2012, the popular
talk show host and bestselling author has been providing this opportunity.
Partnering with the
Coca-Cola Pay It Forward
program builds on Harvey’s
long-term commitment to
mentoring youth. His foundation has long hosted mentoring camps for young AfricanAmerican men.
The camps promote
educational enrichment, oneon-one mentoring and global
service initiatives. Each year,
the program impacts 100
youth in five cities across the
Winning students will
get to participate in an appren-
ticeship allowing them to help
with the Steve Harvey Mentoring Program, including
working with members of
Steve Harvey’s team and
learning what it takes to run
the Steve Harvey Morning
Show and Family Feud.
They also get an opportunity to meet and be mentored by Steve Harvey himself. The winning student will
also be awarded a scholarship
to help pay for college tuition.
The program is open
to both teens and young adults
between the ages of 16-21.
Nominators must be 16 years
of age or older. Eligible youth
also may nominate themselves.
Winners will be selected and contacted within
two months after the deadline.
The deadline to apply
is March 31, 2015.
For more details and/
0 14/ 01/ coc a -c ol a -p a y-i t forward-scholarshipprogram.html
President for a major bank, I’ve
made mentorship a cornerstone
of leadership development. The
mentor’s job is to help the mentee understand where they should
go, where they can go, and then
how to get there.
The mentor plays a
critical role in helping the mentee cross the bridge from information to knowledge and the
meaning of things begins to
emerge,” states Darrell Brown,
Senior Vice President, U.S.
The Magic of Mentoring: Pearls of Wisdom is further
enhanced by an inspirational
foreword by Dr. George C. Fraser, nationally known speaker,
entrepreneur and author of national best selling book, Success
Runs in Our Race expresses that,
“personal experience as both a
mentor and mentee brings me to
firmly believe that the presence
of a caring adult in a young person’s life increases self-esteem,
strengthens relationships with
peers, improves academic performance, and helps prevent
school drop-out.”
Willa Robinson, CEO
and publisher of Knowledge
Power Books, who is the publisher of The Magic of Mentoring: Pearls of Wisdom says, “I
find that these short personal
narratives are amazing. I feel
honored to be one of the Pearls. I
believe readers will be amazed
as well and if they are not a mentor, will ask the questions, why
am I not a mentor and how do I
begin to mentor?”
Barbara A. Perkins has
been a Life Coach in private
practice since January, 2000. Her
background includes leadership
in higher education administration and instruction, and more
than two decades as a leader in
nonprofit management.
She is a well-known
inspirational speaker, author of
four books, and has been
awarded numerous awards and
recognition for her work on national, state and local boards of
directors. Barbara holds a Master
of Arts degree in Human Development from Pacific Oaks College in Pasadena, California,
where she served as an adjunct
instructor for six years. She is
continuing her educational goals
of earning a Ph.D. from Fielding
Graduate University in Santa
Barbara lives in Los Angeles,
California with her husband of
30 years, retired fire captain,
Stanley Perkins. They have two
adult children, Kelsey Perkins
and son Cody Perkins.
The Magic of Mentoring: Pearls of Wisdom Publication Date: January 19, 2015
Trade paperback; $18.95; 224
pages; ISBN: 978-09907199-9-1
Available at www.Amazon.com
Carol Raines-Brown
Attends National Dropout
Prevention Network (NDPN)
National Conference
Celebrated Los Angeles School Fod Executive Removed from Job
(Reuters) - A Los Angeles school food executive,
who took salt and fat out of
school meals and was praised by
U.S. first lady Michelle Obama,
has been removed from his job,
officials said in a brief statement
on Thursday.
David Binkle, Los Angeles Unified School District
food services director, had been
"temporarily reassigned" pending an investigation into a
"confidential personnel matter",
the district statement said.
The Los Angeles
Times, citing a draft report from
the inspector general's office,
said that Binkle failed to report
ownership interests in a food
consulting firm, mismanaged
the school system's $500,000
yearly marketing budget, and
had not disclosed payments
from suppliers to attend conferences.
Representatives for the
district could not be reached to
provide additional details.
Binkle could not be
reached, but told the LA Times
by email, "I have done nothing
wrong and have nothing to hide
since my actions were approved
and encouraged from senior
district officials, general counsel
or the ethics office."
"I am confident the
truth and facts will show the
allegations are unsubstantiated,"
he said.
Binkle was spotlighted
by Michelle Obama's Let's
Move youth health initiative last
year for exceeding school nutrition standards in the country's
second largest school system.
(Reporting by Curtis
Skinner in San Francisco; Editing by Louise Ireland)
Carol Raines-Brown, Board Member of the National Dropout Prevention Network (NDPN), at recent national conference. Pictured are
Carol Raines-Brown with Governor Steven L. Beshear (D-KY) and
his wife, Kentucky’s First Lady Jane Beshear. The Governor and
First Lady received our organization’s Crystal Star Awards for their
education advocacy. Raines-Brown is Executive Director of LA’s
Making A Difference Foundation in addition to being an active
NDPN Board Member and advocate for dropout prevention strategies.
Photo submitted by Mark Cheatham
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Page 11
Friday, February 6, 2015
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Friday, February 6,
Mayor Kevin Johnson Honored by NAACP at Symposium Featuring Sports Greats, Mentors
By Cathy Locke
and Ryan Lillis
From the Sacramento Bee
Sacramento Mayor
Kevin Johnson turned an awards
ceremony in his honor into a
opportunity to engage mentors
and friends in a discussion of
civil rights and the African
American struggle for equality
in sports, on and off the playing
field.Johnson was honored Monday night by the California
Chapter of the NAACP with a
Living Legacy Award during a
ceremony at Crocker Art Museum. In acknowledgment of the
recognition, Johnson said he
wanted to engage five close
friends in the discussion.
Participating in the
Civil Rights and Sports Symposium’s panel were former Major
League Baseball managers
Dusty Baker and Jerry Manuel;
sociologist and former UC
Berkeley professor Harry Edwards; basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar; and former
San Francisco Mayor and Assembly Speaker Willie Brown.
Each influenced Johnson greatly
growing up and during his sports
and political careers, he said.
Johnson has emerged as a
prominent voice in the national
civil rights debate following
violent police incidents in Ferguson, Mo., Staten Island, N.Y.,
and Cleveland.
He has pushed for a
more diverse police force in Sacramento and convened a series
of town hall forums on police
relations in the last year.
Violence, including that
committed by blacks against
blacks, must be addressed, panel
members said.
During the period that
6,800 American troops were
killed in Iraq and Afghanistan,
Edwards said, more than 27,000
young African Americans were
killed in the United States.
Mayor Kevin Johnson, center, and Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar embrace during a news conference
outside City Hall in Los Angeles in April 2014 after Johnson’s comments on the decision by NBA commissioner Adam Silver to ban Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling from basketball for life in response
to racist comments the league says Sterling made in a recorded conversation. Former NBA player Luke
Walton applauds at rear right rear. Associated Press file
With Johnson posing
the questions and serving as
moderator, the discussion ranged
from what Edwards, a consultant
to the San Francisco 49ers,
thought about letting coach Jim
Harbaugh go last December – a
poor decision, he said – to
weightier issues of paying college athletes and an influx of
professional players from other
countries joining U.S. baseball
Baker, Manuel and Edwards said African Americans
are losing ground in baseball, a
game that offers greater longevity for athletes than football and
Baker, who grew up in
Carmichael, said baseball has
become an expensive sport for
youths, with pay-for-play teams,
travel costs and bats costing
$300. It now costs $3,000 to
$5,000 per child to play baseball, he said.
Edwards, noting that he
worked for a time as director of
parks and recreation in Oakland,
said that as white, middle-class
residents left cities and moved to
suburbs, they took resources
with them. Urban sports and
recreation programs, once a
training ground for African
American youths, deteriorated.
Not only are programs
lacking, he said, but parks where
urban youths once played are
dangerous places today.
In 1971, Edwards said,
21 percent of American Major
League Baseball players were
African American. “Now,” he
said, “it’s 8 percent and declining.”
One reason for the decline, he said, is the influx of
players from Latin American
countries, like the Dominican
Republic and Panama, which
have academies that train youths
for professional baseball careers.
“We can’t compete with that,”
Edwards said.
Panel members also
said it is time for colleges to pay
their athletes. The NCAA is
serving as a minor league for the
National Basketball Association
and National Football League,
Abdul-Jabbar said.
College football and
basketball teams are moneymakers for their institutions, and
“the people who put the people
in the seats,” he said, should be
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Friday, February 6, 2015
Page 13
What Do You Know About the Los
Angeles Community College District?
By Joyce Burrell Garcia
Very often we hear the
names of organizations,
community agencies, government departments / offices, etc.,
but we have to make an extra
effort if we really want to know
what they are all about – what
is the work they do?
One such entity is the
Los Angeles Community
College District, which impacts
the lives and future of our
young people, and others who
work through their programs to
achieve goals of higher education. The Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD)
is the largest community college district in the United States
and is one of the largest in the
The LACCD consists
of nine colleges and covers an
area of more than 882 square
miles. There are nine (9) community colleges within the
LACCD, and they are: Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles Southwest College, East Los
Angeles College, Los Angeles
Trade-Tech College, Los Angeles Harbor College, Los Angeles Valley College, Los Angeles Mission College, West Los
Angeles College, and Los Angeles Pierce College.
Affordable, accessible
and practical, the LACCD offers opportunity to all. LACCD
educates almost three times as
many Latino students and
nearly four times as many African-American students as all of
the University of California
campuses combined. Eighty
percent of LACCD students are
from underserved populations.
Community colleges
serve adults of all ages, meeting
the needs of a society where
"lifelong learning" is the rule,
and multiple careers and continual retraining are the norm.
Joyce Burrell Garcia
More than half of all
LACCD students are older than
25 years of age, and more than
a quarter are 35 or older. Community colleges, more than any
other California system of
higher education, offer a first –
and a second – chance for anyone who wants to succeed. You
might also wonder – who oversees the LACCD? The District
has a Board of Trustees as its
governing body. There are
seven Board members elected
at large for terms of four years.
Elections are held
every two years, with three
members being chosen at one
election and four members at
the other.
The seats do not
designate any particular
geographic area, they are place
The Board generally
meets twice a month on
Wednesday with the public session commencing at 2 p.m. with
closed session to follow.
Some of the primary
responsibilities of the LACCD
Board of Trustees includes
focusing on being a policy
maker by supporting the clear
distinction between the policymaking functions of the Board
and the responsibility of the
administration and faculty to
administer and implement these
policies, approving the annual
budget, promote and support
the College in its relations with
the public, support a climate for
effective change, preserve institutional autonomy, consider the
best interest of the College at
all times.
Data from the LACCD
Office of Institutional Effectiveness, 2011 indicate that performance gaps are greatest for
Black and Hispanic male students under 25.
During the 2010-2011
academic years, Asian students
had the highest course success
rate at 77%, followed by White
students at 76%. In comparison, Hispanic and Black males
under 25 had the lowest course
success rates at 62% and 55%,
Why Am I Sharing This Information
I would be grateful for
your support as I seek to be a
member of this board, and do my
part to let our voice be heard, and
contribute ideas and effect
change that will contribute to the
opportunity to achieve success in
higher education for the underserved populations.
This is the third time
that this opportunity has been
presented to me, and the driving
reason is the fact that the seven
member board of the LACCD
has not had an African American/
Black presence on the Board
since 2009.
However, I am also for
this simple teaching opportunity
to provide information that you
may know, that will bring a
clearer understanding when you
hear about decisions made by or
regarding the LACCD, and how
it impacts our community.
Just the opportunity to
share this information with you is
a revelation to me of how God is
working in my life, in your life,
so that we can indeed be our
brother’s and our sister’s keeper.
Low-Budget Moving, Hauling
& Delivery Service
Guaranteed pickup & delivery
“Call JOE When You’re Ready To Go!”
(424) 200-1930
Christian Facility
for Charter Schools, Meetings,
Seminars and Banquets
Seats Up to 100 People
Equipped With Full
For More Details Call:
(310) 903-7972
Mayor Garcetti Announces 2015 Civic University for Neighborhood Councils
LOS ANGELES -Mayor Garcetti announced today a
second collaboration with The Pat
Brown Institute for Public Affairs
at Cal State L.A. to present the
Civic University (CU). The CU
emphasizes civic and community
engagement and gives Angelenos
the tools they need to understand
city government and influence
policy at City Hall.
Last year, the CU graduated 100
Angelenos in its inaugural class.
This year, the program targets
community members, city staff and
other public officials who show
potential to be advocates for their
neighborhoods. Each Neighborhood Council in the City of Los
Angeles will nominate one male
and one female to attend this four
week course, which will take place
at Cal State LA later this spring.
"We cannot build a better
Los Angeles without an engaged
population that knows how to navigate city government," said Mayor
Garcetti. "That's why the CU emphasizes civic literacy: it's not just
about your vote at the ballot box,
it's about making sure your elected
officials are representing your int e r e s t s . "
Instructors will be under the supervision of Dr. Raphael Sonenshein,
Executive Director of the Pat
Brown Institute, and author of
three books on Los Angeles politics and government. Teaching
staff will be drawn from the PBI,
Cal State L.A. Faculty, and the
Mayor’s Office and trained by the
PBI. Funding for the program has
been provided by Empower LA,
the city department that assists
neighborhood councils, and AT&T
and was created in association with
the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners.
“This wonderful partnership with Mayor Garcetti speaks to
the urgent need for new and powerful tools for community activism,
based on a working knowledge of
city hall and its access points,” said
Dr. Sonenshein. “The Civic University builds community, empowers people, and encourages them to
speak up, ask the tough questions,
and be truly effective advocates for
their neighborhoods.”
The curriculum for Civic
University will include:
An overview of the
power centers at Los Angeles City
Who has power in the
community and can influence City
Where Neighborhood
Councils fit into the governing
structure of the city
An examination of the
budget process
How data is developed
and used at City Hall
The city’s election system, and how Neighborhood Councils can improve upon it
How to encourage positive, productive reform in local
All participants who
complete the program will receive
certificates signed and presented
by Mayor Eric Garcetti and Cal
State L.A. President Bill Covino.
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Friday, February 6, 2015
Page 14
Now imagine your
business card here
because that’s what
(323) 244-7286
Will do for you!
Put us to work for
your business today!
[email protected]
A Week
(323) 244-7286
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cost It PAYS
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Friday, February 6, 2015
Page 15
(Specifications and Conditions
Governing Bid Award)
FY 2014-15”
The City of Inglewood invites and will receive bids duly filed as provided herein for
the furnishing of labor and materials and/or
the completion of the above-designated
A mandatory informational meeting for
interested bidders will be conducted on
Wednesday, February 4, 2015, at 11:30
A.M. at the Public Works Department,
located on the Third Floor of Inglewood
City Hall, One West Manchester Boulevard,
CA, 90301.
Please call the Project Manager, Seung
Yang, at (310) 412-5333, or email at
([email protected]), should you
require further information.
Each bid, to be considered, must be delivered to and received by the City Clerk no
later than 11:30 A.M. on February 11,
2015, at the Office of the City Clerk, First
Floor of Inglewood City Hall, One West
Manchester Boulevard, Inglewood, CA,
Each bid shall be submitted and completed
in all particulars using the form entitled,
"Bidder's Proposal and Statement", attached hereto and must be enclosed, together with the requisite bid security, in a
sealed envelope addressed to the City
Clerk with the designation of the project
appearing thereon.
Each bid shall state the unit price of each
item if called for on the Bidder's Proposal
and Statement form. In the event alternative bids are called for in said form, each
alternative bid shall be completed.
Bids will be opened in public in the City
Clerk's Office and will then and there be
announced to all persons present.
Specifications and other Bid Documents for
the above items are on file in the Public
Works Department and may be obtained
upon request.
Each bid must be accompanied by a deposit in the form of cash, a cashier's or
certified check made payable to the City of
Inglewood, or a bid bond, for an amount of
not less than ten percent (10%) of the
aggregate amount of the bid, as a guarantee that the successful bidder will, within
the time specified, enter into an agreement
as provided in the Bid Document and furnish bonds when required in the Special
Provisions: one for Faithful Performance in
the amount of the Contract Sum, and one
for Contractor's Labor and Materials in the
amount of the Contract Sum.
The City Council reserves the right to reject
any or all bids and to waive any irregularities in any bid, and to take bids under
advisement for a period not to exceed sixty
(60) days from and after the date bids are
opened and announced.
Attention is directed to the provisions of
Sections 1777.5 and 1777.6 of the Labor
Code concerning the employment of apprentices by the Contractor or any subcontractor under them. The Contractor or any
subcontractor shall comply with the requirements of said sections in the employment
of apprentices.
Information relative to
apprenticeship standards and administration of the apprenticeship program may be
obtained from the Director of Industrial
Relations, San Francisco, CA, or the Division of Apprenticeship Standards and its
branch offices.
Notice is hereby given that the City Council
has ascertained the prevailing rates of per
diem wages in the locality in which the
work is to be done for each craft or type of
workman or mechanic needed to execute
the Contract in accordance with the provisions of Section 1770, etc. seq. of the
Labor Code; said prevailing rates are on
file in the Office of the City Clerk and are
incorporated herein by reference. Copies
shall be made available to any interested
party on request.
Attention is directed to the provisions of
Public Contract Code Section 10164 concerning Contractor's licensing laws. This
Contract requires a current and unexpired
Class A Contractor’s License issued by the
State of California Department of Consumer Affairs Contractors State License
Board. In addition, a City of Inglewood
business license will also be required.
The successful bidder must obtain, and
maintain current until completion of the
Project, an Inglewood City Business License.
This Notice is given by order of the City
Administrator of the City of Inglewood,
California, and is dated this _____ day of
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ,
2 0 1 5 .
Artie Fields, City Manager
City of Inglewood, California
Order To Show Cause
For Change of Name
Case No. BS152820
Petition of Valerie Torres and Mia Torres-Castaneda by
their Mother Irma Castaneda, 239 E. 73rd Street, Los
Angeles, CA 90003, Self Represented-Litigant; Superior
Court of California, County of Los Angeles, 111 North Hill
Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012 Central District: Petitioner
Valerie Torres & Mia Torres-Castaneda By their Mother
Irma Castaneda filed a petition with this court for a decree
changing names as follows: Present name: A. Valerie
Torres to Proposed name: Valerie Castaneda b. Mia
Torres-Castaneda to Mia Castaneda The Court Orders
that all persons interested in this matter appear before this
court at the hearing indicated below to show cause, if any,
why the petition for change of name should not be
granted. Any person objecting to the name changes
described above must file a written objection that includes
the reasons for the objection at least two court days
before the matter is scheduled to be heard and must
appears at the hearing to show cause why the petition
should not be granted. If no written objection is timely filed,
the court may grant the petition without a hearing. Notice
of Hearing Date: October 22, 2015 at 10:00am Dept 47,
Room:507 The address of the court is same as noted
above. A copy of this Order to Show Cause shall be
published at least once each week for four successive
weeks prior to the date set for hearing on the petition in
the newspaper of general circulation, printed in this county
(specify newspaper): PACE NEWS LOS ANGELES,
CALIFORNIA; Original Filed on January 08, 2015 in the
Superior Court of California County of Los Angeles,
Sherri R. Carter, Executive Officer/Clerk By Debra Cartier,
Deputy; Kevin C. Brazile, Judge, Judge of the Superior
Court. January 23, 30, Feb. 6, 13, 2015 PN
File No. 2015012782
The following person (s) is/are doing business as:
1. Heart 2 Heart Transitional Home, 3616 W. 60th
Street LA, CA 90043 Registered Owner(s): 1.
Heart 2 Heart Inc., 3616 W. 60th Street, LA, CA
90043. This business is conducted by a Corporation. The date registrant commenced to transact
business under the fictitious business name or
names listed above on N/A. I declare that all
information in this statement is true and correct. (A
registrant who declares as true information which
he or she knows to be false is guilty of a crime.)
SIGNED:Michelle Burton, Title: CEO This
statement was filed with the County Clerk of Los
Angeles County on January 15, 2015 Expires
January 15, 2020. Notice-This fictitious Name
Statement expires five years from date it was filed
in the office of the County Clerk. A new Fictitious
Business Name Statement must be filed prior to
that date. The filing of this statement does not of
itself authorize the use in this state of a fictitious
business in violation of the rights of another under
federal, state, or common law (See Section 14411
et seq., Business and Professions Code). (First
Filing) Pub January 30, Feb. 6, 13, 20, 2015PN
File No. 2014360353
The following person (s) is/are doing business as:
1. Pencil Me In Notary, 4316 10th Ave., LA, CA
90008; 4859 W. Slauson #334, LA, CA 90056
COUNTY LA Registered Owner(s): Ramona
Armena Bridges, 4316 10th Ave LA, CA 90008.
This business is conducted by an Individual. The
date registrant commenced to transact business
under the fictitious business name or names listed
above on NA. I declare that all information in this
statement is true and correct. (A registrant who
declares as true information which he or she
knows to be false is guilty of a crime.)
SIGNED:Ramona Armena Bridges
President This statement was filed with the
County Clerk of Los Angeles County on Dec. 24,
2014 Expires Dec. 24, 2019. Notice-This fictitious
Name Statement expires five years from date it
was filed in the office of the County Clerk. A new
Fictitious Business Name Statement must be filed
prior to that date. The filing of this statement does
not of itself authorize the use in this state of a
fictitious business in violation of the rights of another under federal, state, or common law (See
Section 14411 et seq., Business and Professions
Code). (First Filing) Pub Jan. 9, 16, 23, 30,
2015 PN
File No. 2015015496
The following person (s) is/are doing business as: 1. View Heights Travel, 4016
West 58th Place, Los Angeles, CA 90043
LA AI #ON N/A Registered Owner(s): 1.
Hellene Gale Palmer, 4016 West 58th
Place, Los Angeles, CA 90043. This business is conducted by an Individual. The
date registrant commenced to transact
business under the fictitious business
name or names listed above on N/A. I
declare that all information in this statement
is true and correct. (A registrant who declares as true information which he or she
knows to be false is guilty of a crime.)
SIGNED:Hellene G. Palmer Title: Owner
This statement was filed with the County
Clerk of Los Angeles County on Jan.20,
2015 Expires Jan. 20 2020. Notice-This
fictitious Name Statement expires five
years from date it was filed in the office of
the County Clerk. A new Fictitious Business Name Statement must be filed prior to
that date. The filing of this statement does
not of itself authorize the use in this state of
a fictitious business in violation of the rights
of another under federal, state, or common
law (See Section 14411 et seq., Business
and Professions Code). (First Filing) Pub
January 23, 30 Feb. 6, 13, 2015 PN
File No. 20143544459
The following person (s) is/are doing business as: 1.
Iglesia Misionera Pentecostes Monte Olivares Uncion Y
Poder, 2858 Leeward Ave. #306, Los Angeles, CA 90005
LA, Registered Owner(s): 1. Nelis Mabel Cornejo, 2858
Leeward Ave., #306, Los Angeles, CA 90005 This business is conducted by an Individual. The date registrant
commenced to transact business under the fictitious
business name or names listed above on N/A. I declare
that all information in this statement is true and correct. (A
registrant who declares as true information which he or
she knows to be false is guilty of a crime.) SIGNED:Nelis
Mabel Cornejo, Title: Pastor This statement was filed with
the County Clerk of Los Angeles County on Jan. 15, 2015
Expires Jan. 15, 2020. Notice-This fictitious Name Statement expires five years from date it was filed in the office
of the County Clerk. A new Fictitious Business Name
Statement must be filed prior to that date. The filing of this
statement does not of itself authorize the use in this state
of a fictitious business in violation of the rights of another
under federal, state, or common law (See Section 14411 et
seq., Business and Professions Code). (First Filing) Pub
January 23, 20, Feb. 6, 13, 2015 PN
File No. 20150031285
The following person (s) is/are doing business as: 1.
Devine Design, 1500 W. 99 St., Los Angeles, CA
90047, LA; 1820 W. Florence Ave #391, Los Angeles,
CA 90047 Registered Owner(s): 1. David James,
1500 W. 99 St., Los Angeles, CA 90047. This business is conducted by an Individual. The date registrant
commenced to transact business under the fictitious
business name or names listed above on N/A. I
declare that all information in this statement is true and
correct. (A registrant who declares as true information
which he or she knows to be false is guilty of a crime.)
SIGNED:David James, Title: Owner This statement
was filed with the County Clerk of Los Angeles County
on February 5, 2015 Expires February 5, 2020. NoticeThis fictitious Name Statement expires five years from
date it was filed in the office of the County Clerk. A new
Fictitious Business Name Statement must be filed prior
to that date. The filing of this statement does not of
itself authorize the use in this state of a fictitious business in violation of the rights of another under federal,
state, or common law (See Section 14411 et seq.,
Business and Professions Code). (First Filing) Pub
Feb. 6, 13, 20, 27, 2015PN
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