February 2015 Newsletter - Medicine Hat Community Preschool

February 2015
Community Events
February is a busy month. Even
We are not having a board
with this crazy melt and freeze
meeting this month but we are
weather we still need to be
having a “Save our preschool”
able to get the children outside,
open house on the 25th from 7-
it’s slippery out there please
8pm. We are inviting all the
bring outdoor clothing including
community organizations we
snow pants and boots for
could think of to come in and
waterproofing and extra
provides us some financial help to
padding. Ouch.
buy a space. Our fundraiser with
Don’t forget
if you can’t bring your
our spring catalogues are out, we
recyclables to us you can still
hope to sell some pretzel rods for
donate directly at Shamrock.
Valentine’s Day and we are as
As always thank you for
always collecting bottles. Don’t
choosing our center and it’s
forget that we are open all of
truly an honor to be part of your
reading week but closed on
children’s lives.
Monday February 16, 2015, for
Thank you for all your support.
Family Day!
“The bond that
links your true family
is not one of blood,
but of respect and
joy in each other's
Richard Bach
Question for our
What activities do you and
your family do for family
day? Email us a photo!
[Pick the date] [Edition 1, Volume 1]
For Your
The 2nd is Ground Hog Day
The 14th is Valentine’s Day
The 16th is Family Day
Child Care Income Tax
Receipts are ready; get them
in person in the office
Thank you to everyone who
participated in the
accreditation surveys we sent
out in the last few months. The
results are compiled and we
emailed out. Your input is
greatly appreciated!
Need to donate bottles on
your own time? Email Lisa
and ask for the shed locks’
We used some of our
pedagogy funding for
improvements to our parent
boards, ipods for
documentation, coverage for
meetings, and a one year
subscription to
“gotomeeting”. Ask us about
utilizing go to meeting for a
parent teacher interview!
Please let us know you have
any questions about us
purchasing a space.
Or about our re accreditation
this year.
In the classroom
We have started up show and tell again. We will be talking
about friendship and kindness. Please check the calendar
In The Preschool Room
for your child’s show and tell day. We are singing “Where
Last Month Reflection
are you going” and “Twinkle Twinkle Motor Car”.
It was a busy month, and flew by very quickly.
We are reading the books “Grumpy Bird”, and “A
We are still struggling coming up with our
Crankenstein Valentine”
“guardrail” rules for gun play and rough and
Teacher Directed
tumble play in the classroom. So far we have
Our student is working on an animal activity with the
“you have to ask each other to enter this form
children on Thursdays. We will also have nursing students
of play” and “they must be on their knees for
here for a practicum piece focusing on child
wrestling moves. Not much we know but we
development. They will each only attend a day and a half
are working on it with the children. The
each over the next two months. .
children as per usual are honing their Lego
building and perler bead creation skills.
Coloring snow. We will take out the yellow paint, and put
(melties) We have had quite a bit of interest
out the heart tracers in honor of valentine’s day.
with planes, talking about how they fly,
making planes and flying them around. We
We tried a dancing raisin experiment. For this month we
received a huge box of ties last month. It was
are going to figure out how to make pipe cleaners dance.
tie-poolazooza in the dress up center.
Playing with hammers, golf tees and Styrofoam… for
Lunchable containers
No Birthdays!
Large packing styrofoam
Our goal is to teach children about feelings, and to treat others kindly and respectfully. Two-year-olds are just beginning to
understand that other people even have feelings. It is not obvious to them that hurting someone else can feel the same as being hurt.
We continually encourage them not to hit or bite and to use their words. For older children, it means understanding words can hurt and
that there are appropriate and inappropriate words you can use. 4-year-olds do not understand that yelling “I hate you” or “I am going to
kill you” is not the best way to communicate. They do not have a real concept of what these words mean.
Secondly, we do not love indiscriminately. Children know this, in part because they already know some children they don’t love. It’s
the children who are interested in different things, wants to play differently or too rough, or says things that hurt their feelings. Adults
have similar feelings, so why should we impose different standards on our children? Ultimately we want children to treat everyone with
respect and give them a chance, but we also want them to be careful and understand the commitment of whom they love is a serious
thing. If we encourage children to say “I love you” to everyone it will not lay the groundwork for critical thinking about their future
on the
So what is appropriate forNash
a preschool
child? Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to start discussions with children. Discussions
about what makes each member
a family
what you admire about each other, what would make a family member feel
the special,
appreciated? Discuss appropriate tokens of love—a special dish that someone loves to eat, a picture you create, a family outing. Ask
them who they like to play with and help them figure out what it is that they like about those people. Not only does this help your child
begin to think about what others add to their lives; it also helps you begin to understand a child’s personal preferences. As adults we
should share our own feelings with children, it will only serve to help them understand their own feeling.
So please no Valentines this year.
New songs we are learning…
“Frere Jacques”
In the Younger Preschool Room
“Slippery Fish”
Last month reflection
New books we are reading…
“Panda Bear, Panda Bear”
Books in French from the library
In the Classroom
We want to study France and speaking
French. Counting in French. Singing songs in
French. Seeing the flag, painting with white
We tried out quite a few different things. Painting on
tinfoil, learning about textures, we tried out contact
paper, we practiced “rolling” out the playdough, put
some yummy cinnamon in our rice table and gelation
in the water table.
We read books in Spanish, learning colors in Spanish,
and we played with some special Mexican sombreros.
Thanks Hilda for bringing us a taste of Mexican culture.
and blue. We will also be making a huge
gelatin sheet and cutting it out with cookie
Art and Sensory Play
In honor of Valentine’s day we may bust out
some hearts and loveable art materials.
Lids and caps
Lucas on the 7th
In the Infant Toddler room…
Last month reflection
No Birthdays…
The children were happy to explore a variety of sensory tables this
New songs we are learning…
month. Water, snow, rice, and a festive new year’s theme with
“I Can Do So Many Things”
streamers, ribbons, string, feathers, stars and noisemakers. We made
“I Had A Little Rooster”
some spectacular shadow puppets on the wall with our hands and
New book we are reading…
whole bodies. Everyone enjoyed building, stacking and rolling tin
cans. January was definitely the month of music as we played with
rain sticks, our drums, clapping, the bells and so so much dancing.
With low numbers mostly due to colds, and teething the infant room
was spoiled with lots of one on one interactions.
“Is This My Nose”
Sensory Play
Found materials pinecones and
the beautiful mess to make bird
feeders. Pudding painting and
sponge painting
In the Classroom
We are going to concentrate on
some more sensory play. And we
will also be creating a variety of
collages. Maybe even bust out
some jello play.
Helping our families understand Accreditation…
“Licensing provides a legislated 'floor' below which child care or out-of-school care programs are
not permitted to operate. It typically includes factors such as space, range of equipment, number and
ages of children, staff/provider-child ratios and training requirements for staff/providers. Such factors
contribute to quality, but are only minimum standards.
Accreditation builds on this legislated "floor" to look at factors that determine quality. The emphasis
is on staff/provider practices and actual outcomes for children and families. It shifts the focus from
meeting minimum standards to continuously striving towards providing higher levels of care.”
Alberta Association for the Accreditation of Early Learning and Care Services mission is to
accredits and promote excellence in Alberta early learning and child care programs enhancing the
quality of service provided to children birth - 12 years of age, families and professionals.
– www.aelcs.ca
We are an accredited program. This means we met all of the requirements as set out in the
AELCS standards. To maintain our accredited status. We have to provide to AELCS a review of our
program annually and submit a report, an updated Quality Enhancement Plan reflecting updates on
our goals, receive feedback from staff and families and implement response to that feedback and
continually update our portfolio, our policies and provide documentation to show our programming
For accreditation we need to have examples and proof of how we meet the criteria. These can be
photos, newsletters, policies, surveys ect… any documentation that shows our due diligence.
We also need our quality enhancement plan. This is a living document that provides
unaccomplished goals to meet each accreditation standards. These goals are decided based on our
program philosophies, any feedback we receive as well as from professional development
opportunities we are inspired by. Ask us to see the QEP we will gladly show you our goals.
We also maintain extra policies for accreditation in our handbooks, different types of checklists
around the room and large programming binders to document how we implement our interest, need,
ability programming in our classrooms.
Also once every three years we have to go through the application process again and pass re
accreditation. We are doing that again this year our deadline is June 12, 2015. But we will have to
be finished prior to that to schedule in our site visit from validators at AELCS. We need to make sure
that we have lots of time to solve any issues they think or we think we may have. Also, AELCS has
implemented a new system so it’s a bit more work.
You can help us by providing feedback to us about how our program is doing, completing surveys
when they are sent out, making suggestions for our policies, asking questions about our program and
volunteering or being on our board of directors.
Or if you have some time on your hands let us know we could use another team member to help
us type transfer information and make some observations for our notes and comments.
If you want to know more about accreditation standards go to www.aelcs.ca