File - Past and Present Collectibles

12 Ga Remington Express Extra Long Range Kleanbore part box apx 15 and Winchester
1 Super Speed Shogun shells box of 25, apx 40 shells total
Rare, vintage 22 short ammo, packages look like gum wrapper packs, Remington Rocket;
1 22 short and Peters "Thunderbolt; 22 short, not opened
Large grouping of vintage toy Zoo animals to include Lions, Tigers, Elephant, Monkeys,
1 Gorillas, Giraffes, Alligators, 1 camel vintage toys of hard plastic 72 pcs total
Lot #
1 Union Pacific toy Train engine, mounted on board for shelf display
Red Fire engine No.9 in original box, Xonex die cast pedal vehicle, wheels move, removable
wooden ladders, Limited edition, Village Fire Department, Original box with torn and loose
1 end flaps
Grouping of vintage toy figures, 4 Hard plastic or rubber horses, made in China by Funrise
C. 1988; 2 hard rubber horses that are on an attached base, don't stand quite right, probably
due to storage. Misc cowboy, Indian and Wild West figures, some appear to be Roy Rogers,
Dale Evans, Toto dog, Rin Tin Tin? not marked; Also some Aliens looking figures, I tried to
show in photos; Cowboy and Indian on horse see photos
Military wars and battles, complete History t;The Harper Encyclopedia of Military History;
Hard cover book
Antique glass candy containers, 3 clear firetrucks or engines, only one has the original
bottom of cardboard states: No. 11 Fire Engine 4 3/4 in long H. Stough Co. PA; One clear
ship with some original black paint in spots 5 1/2 inches long
Clear glass jumbo jar with lid advertising Christian Bros Brandy, counter top display, also
marked ,Cheers; 1985 fromm sichel Santa Rosa, CA Brandy 80 proof, a great collectible
and advertisement item
Brown Notebook of Commemorative Society Proof replicas on a gleaming surface of 22 KT
gold, stamps 39 Envelopes
Grouping of vintage Matchbox cars: Matchbox series No. 20 Lamborgini 1969 with red paint
worn 2 3/4; Matchbox Fandango 1975; Matchbox No. 39 Prorsche by Lesney Blue with red
interior, paint worn ; Matchbox No. 17 The Londoner Made in England ; Matchbox series No.
32 made in England by Lesney Retro Tanker ; Matchbox No. 10 Plymouth Gran Fury white
1979 by Lesney and Matchbox series No. 6 Gold Opel Diplomat Super Fast Lesney 2 3/4
with hitch
Four blade folding knife new in box with yellow Delron style handle, Nice and wide body to fit
hand, blades very sharp
Vintage Remington Pistol 22 MATCH 22 long ammo in boxes of 50 cartridges each, boxes
are in great shape
Vintage Mouse Getar, Jr C. 1955, wind up toy guitar with original box; Box with tears and
flap loose, see photos; Wind up not playing any tunes.
Grouping of vintage toy cars: Metal Red Coupe 4 1/4 unmarked; Jaguar MK 10 Husky made
in Gt Britian 2 3/4 in; Toosie toy UHaul trailer 4 in; Tootsie toy USA Mini blue car 2 in; Mini
green tractor; 2 small blue cars; Red Fire Engine 4.25 in Rolls Royce by Lesney Models of
Yesteryear and Hot Wheels Jack Rabbit special by Mattel 1969 Various conditions see
1 Lansky folding knife in black nylon sheath, made in the style of the Buck 110
1 Native American made Sterling Bracelet, 7 inch with round beads
Vintage Kleanbore 22 long rifle ammo, standard 2 boxes of 50 cartridges and one box of
3 Ball 22 long
American Hunter; Fixed blade knife with brass finger guard and end cap, with stag handle;
1 Curved blade; Apx 10.5 in long; Leather sheath, new
Childs cartridge play belt and hand cuffs; Spud gun; Green gun two by Condor and one Hit;
Lever action Spit Fire (stock and forearm are plastic and some initials etched in) Lot C. 19501 60's
Misc Vintage 22 ammo to include CCI 22 LR Mini Mag; CBEE 22 low velocity; 22 Sub Sonic,
1 4 boxes of 50 and 2 part boxes, 200 + rounds
1 U S Coins Proof Sets to include 1964, 1971 and Commerative 1976
Train Set scenery, miniature figures to include car station set, mini metal trucks, tractor
trailer, Hobos, assorted crates, checker player all in original packages and( Trees not in
1 packages) wee photos
1 Navajo made Sterling Silver bracelet with gold hearts 925 silver
Glass tumblers with overlay of silver with decorations Coats or Suites of Armor; and
1 Coasters with Knights head all fit into holder
1 Navajo made Sterling Cuff bracelet
M. Hohner Melodigrand Harmonica, made in Germany , see photos, appears one side with
2 small rivets missing and has been taped, Box is a Hohner box Awarded hightest honors,
1 SF Expo 1915, Box and harmonica may be a marriage
Vintage Remington Pistol 22 MATCH 22 long ammo in boxes of 50 cartridges each, boxes
4 are in great shape
Commemorative mirror,Remember the Maine, with reposse' faces of Admiral Dewey,
1 Sampson and Hobson
LJN toys Firey Fred 2.5 in Firey Fred by Hallmark cards, made in China good cond orig
paint; 2 Tootsie toy made in USA 4 3/8 in ;Fire Chief; red cars; 6 in Red Tootsie toy with
black tires made in United States of America; Tootsie toy Chicago pumper, red fire truck 2.5
in; Tootsie toy 4.5 in fire truck with driver and white tires; Midget toys, Rockford, IL toy
1 firetruck with black wheels 4 3/8 in original paint worn
1 Lalique, France crystal dresser dish with bird or ring tray
Unused set of coffee table books, set of 8, all in new condition with jacketed hard covers,
This set was a promotion given out to the first 1000 entries into a contest for Sanka Coffee.
Time Life Library of Art includes Michael Angelo Leonard, Watteau, Winslow Homer,
1 Varmeer, Duchamp the artitst were known for their paintings from the C.1200's thru 1910
Certified ANACS 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle, Graded MS 70, Minted in San Francisco
2 2011-S, First Release
Vintage toys of hard rubber: 2 riders on motorcycles, fenders marked Auburn; and large red
rubber truck 4 inches long with white tires, made in USA, makers name unreadable
Sterling and Turquoise conchos on leather belt bracelet, Navajo, Sterling conchos and
Colorado green turquoise stone, Conchos vary in size
This stands seems to be able to stand up both ways, appears to have a spot for a burner to
warm a bottle , but handles on bottom suggest it could turn over and be a wine chiller? Very
unique and ornate
Navajo symbol Bear, cut our of Abalone Shell, custom made with Sterling feather and coral
1 Navajo made Sterling bear shaped ring with inlays of Turquoise, coral, Mother of Pearl
Blazer Factory Ammo 10mm auto 200 grain TMJ and 2 boxes of 180 grain Jacketed hollow
1 point 3 boxes total for 150 rounds
Three knife set of Schrade ;Old Timert; folding knives, new in package includes: 720TY Dog
1 leg jack; 120 TY Pal and 960TY Bearhead, with yellow handles in tin
Original Levi Strauss Belt Buckle, Made by Fairchild-Dean; Adams Mint, London, England,
1 prior to USA
1 Mother of Pearl pendant carved Buddah figure with Gold Bezal
Vintage Boxes of 22 long rifle by Sears; 50 rounds per box, boxes are in very good
3 condition, copper plated bullets
Excam Model GT 27 semi auto , 25 auto caliber; Checkered grips, 2.5 in brl Made in Italy
1 with 20 rounds ammo Log 712 * 2 party AS IS Barrel and spring need to be checked
Makers name plates off original Fire Trucks one Sutphen with red flame Colombus Ohio,
2 since 1890 8.75 x 3.75 in and Saulsbury 11 in x 3.5 inches
Medal of Merit in velour box with writing, Presented in appreciation for your support as a
1 member of the Republican Presidential Task Force, Ronald Reagan
1 Mermaid shaped brass figures mounted candleabras Scroll shaped
Antique side plate for a Harpers Ferry marked US with logos and Harpers Ferry 1837; A
1 nice piece for conversation, good condition, as is part only
Military Bayonet marked with a bursting bomb over 1942 and on blade U.F.H. Birds head
1 grip; Believed to be for a M1 Grand
Vintage metal airplanes: Tootsie toys, USA Pan American World Airways prop with no
wheels 5.25 x 6.75 inches; Goodee toy, Douglas DC 7 Airliner no wheels 6.5 x 7.25 in.;
Goodee toy red Lockheed F90 Fighter and bomber; Navy F 40 Sky Ray and 3 Tootsie toy
1 planes; all various conditions see photos
Twenty vintage sandwich glass butter pats with misc designs, Eagles, Commemorative and
1 creamer and sugar set, see photos
Limoge style miniature box Fireman standing on a flagged red, white and blue box that
opens, made of porcelain ( back hinge in broken) This was a 9-11 collectible; Limoge style
red firetruck box opens; Dalmation spotted dog; Fireman on ladder ( some small chips or
1 knicks seen on rim of hat)
1 Metal Hood ornament (?) of Fireman holding a hose, metal with a chrome overlay
Hand made by Roycroft Shops book, order form and letter about placing an order. Philistine,
1 July 1915
1 Blue Van Briggle pottery vase
1 Beautiful silver link bracelet, Navajo made 8 inches Nice links and beads; C. 1950's
Very Rare, Great Condition, Fire Collectible, Red Comet, The original automatic
extinquisher, full glass bottle, never been broken and sits in aluminum holder that mounts to
1 wall, Antique, By Red Comet Inc. Littleton, Colorado
1 Chintz toast rack made by James Kent Co, Made in Great Britian, Fenton DuBarry
Vintage brass small fire extinquishers: Red Comet Inc. Littleton, Colorado; Two are full and
in original paper boxes with certificates, (boxes have some missing flaps) Rare collectibles
to find in this condition, They are brass and have original labels still on Red Comet The
3 original automatic fire extinquisher; one with no box or papers and is empty
Galco Brown leather holster with plastic attachment. Marked FED 225, Original package,
1 near new
Elk Ridge fixed blade knife Model ER290, custom design, 440 Stainless blade, full tang and
1 Laminated wood handle; 8.25 inches overall, with leather sheath and original box
HO Santa Fe Passenger Cars, new in boxes, Replicating of 72 ft cars, Realistic, by Con Cor
5 3 are Dome Cars
1 Fine Sterling chain with heart pendant
Very Rare, Hand held Flare Launchers MK-3, held in hand to shoot flares, also called
1 Abandon Ship Flare kits, Unused 2 boxes wax sealed flares; C. 1941
Authentic Detailed o Scale Freight Car; 6-8-6 M2 MTH Train Pillsbury; Operating Couplers,
1 Die Cast Original box and shipping box New
1 Green Laser by AIM in original box with instructions and mounts
1 Sterling ring with tiger eye center stone, center lifts open for keepsake area C,1950's Mexico
North American Arms .22 mag mini revolver; 1.25 in barrel; With suede holster that has a
pocket clip and Original North American Arms zipper pouch; Wood frips, brushed finish Log
1 711 * 2 party
1 18K Gold bezal on carved Jade pendant
Large heavy blade Bowie Knife with brass finger guard and end cap and white bone handle;
1 Leather sheath, 11 inch blade with groove and 16.25 inch overall
1 Bianchi leather holsters: Colt Det 5B; Beretta 92 SB/F # 13H; 6D-11; 6D-16 and 6D-9
1 Grouping of Miniature figures, mostly Occupied Japan marked, some Japan, 15 pieces
1 Japanese style sword, stainless blade and bamboo sheath and handle
1 1946 US Coin Proof Set
Craftsman China;Imperial pattern. This china was brought back on ship by Naval officer and
stored, never opened. We opened crates, Is new and gorgeous, no chips or cracks. Service
for 12 plus extras and serving pieces, platters and vegetable bowls, Also a Lunch service for
8 that matches with a tea pot, creamer and sugar bowl , This shipped home with officer in
1 1949 Over 110 pieces
Rough Rider Knife, Candy Cane Striped handle, appears to be mother of pearl and red
stripes, four blades, Razor Sharp Steel 440, in Commemorative tin; Blade says Merry
1 Christmas
Nice Black Powder muzzle loader, side by side, dual triggers, Outside hammers, Side Plates
engraved with flying geese; 30 inch barrels; 2 brass beads on rib 10 GA
Factory Winchester Comm. Ammo, Limited Edition box of 22 rimfire, 22 WRF in collector
gold box, 250 cartridges
Navajo Sterling, Turquoise and coral pendant C. 1950's; Oval braided pendant Signed
initials KJ, braided rope edge
Rare Waffenbrik Neuhausen Military Bayonet with super sharp saw edge on blade; 24
inches overall with metal scabbard, hard to slide in and out
Footprints of Assurance, First Printing, Macmillian and Co. Fire Department marks; Tear at
front corner of cover C. 1953
Hi Point Model C-9 Pistol in 9mm Luger caliber; semi auto, 3.5 in barrel; rear 2 dot sight, red
ramp front sight, appears to have little use, Nylon holster Log 718 * 2 party
Three folding knives in package, Limited edition set of Schrade Old Timer; includes 720T
dog leg jack, 120T Pal, 960T Bearhead
Hammered copper door viewer, Arts & Crafts style, stamped inside Amer Art Metalwks
SF (Age unknown) Size 9 in tall at peak and 4.5 in wide
A 1/10 oz 24 karat .9999 pure gold, 1997 Sealed in Mint plastic seal, never opened. Family
of Eagles, LTD Collectors edition, First reverse proof gold maple leaf coin from the Family of
Eagles, First Edition produced by the Royal Canadian mint
O Scale Rail road cars: Reading # 92896; C O # 33658 open car; Canadian Pacific # CP
6205; Lionel 6461 and Waddell Coal WDLX101
US Machete marked Legitimus, Collins & Co. 1945 with US and Crown logo; 17.25 inch
blade; Sheath very worn and with losses
Vintage Elgin Pocket watch , Elgin National Watch Co, 17 jewels, Bristol Case warranted 25
years, made in USA, working condition, with stand
Limited Edition litho, Terpning Indian sitting with Horse, Custom framed and matted, artist
signed, Limited Edition 572/1250, 1984
New England Firearms Model SB1, Pardner; 20 ga; 3 in. modified; Case color receiver; 26
in barrel, smooth stock and forearm, some scratches to wood Log 715
Golden Replicas of the Stamps of the Century, Proof replicas on a gleaming surface of 22
KT Gold, 75 Envelopes in notebook
1 Carl A Authentic reproduction of a Buffalo Bill Show poster, 1966; Buffalo Bill Cody, Framed
2 HO Great Northern Railroad cars; Locomotive diesel A & B cars;
Montana Leather Boots, cowboy, Western / MM Montana Model MM 04112, Size 12 D;
1 Slightly worn, as new with slight wear showing to bottom of boots
2 Antique Cast Iron Door stops or figures
Custom design Bowie Knife, Marked ER 52 Elk Ridge, 440 Stainless, 16.25 inches long;
1 custom handle with blue colors; Double hand guard and Sheath
A 1/10 oz 24 karat .9999 pure gold, 1997 Sealed in Mint plastic seal, never opened. Family
of Eagles, LTD Collectors edition, First reverse proof gold maple leaf coin from the Family of
1 Eagles, First Edition produced by the Royal Canadian mint
Excellent collectible by Royal Dux. Pointers or Setters, on fine porcelain base. Has parital
original sticker on side and has pink Royal Dux Factory logo on bottom side large piece 16
1 inches long by 11.5 inches tall No Chips, cracks or hairlines. Excellent
Russian Nagant Bolt Action rifle with bayonet, oil can, wrench and tool.7.62 x 54R caliber;
Wood has been stripped down and refinished. Cartouche marks showing. Hooded front
1 sight, 30 inch barrel log 732 SN 10200
1 Antique Monk Scene print by Edward Grusrner; Very detailed in Antique oak frame
A 1997 1/10 oz 24 karat .9999 pure gold, Family of Eagles, LTD Collectors edition, First
reverse proof gold maple leaf coin from the Family of Eagles, First Edition produced by the
Royal Canadian mint, Sealed in package from the Mint, never opened
Antique dresser display case for watch or special jewelry piece, bevel edges glass, glass on
three sides, a great Victorian piece
HO Great Northerner to include: Dome, Observation, Coach Diner and Sleeper; new in
Hogue rubber grips for 1911 Govt Model, rubber over molded hand grips new in box, needs
Vintage Hamilton pocket watch, Hamilton Watch Co, Lancaster, PA. 19 Jewels, 996 double
1 roller, adjustable position, crown logo, warranteed 20 years Philadelphia Watch Case Co;
1 Nazi youth bolo tie with wooden ends and swastika bolo
Grouping to include Beaded handle pipe tomahawk with leather, beads and feathers/ brass
head; An arrow shaft with beadwork and stone arrowhead point; An Axe with a leather cover
1 for head
Rail King New in Box, 6-8-6 Imperial S-2 Turbine Steam Engine (2 cars) metal wheels and
1 axles, die case by MTH Electric Trains original sticker $413
Leather belt rig holds 38 cal. and holster (Name unreadable) and leather shoulder holster,
1 both worn condition, great for western decor
Nice old Military KAR 88 by V C Schilling, Suhl, 1891, called a Cavalry Carbine, 18 in barrel;
Bolt action with a thumb lever; KAR 88 on right side of receiver; Elevator sight and leather
1 sling
Savage "Four Tenner" in original box with instructions, Adapts your shotgun to
1 fire 410 shells
1 1880-S key date Morgan silver dollar, nice bright shine, from uncirculated roll
1 Suede leather Shotgun Chaps, appear to be excellent condition; will fit size 36-40
O Scale freight cars to include Central 20539; Union 221248; NS 412089; Union Pacific UP
5 300129;
Collector commemorative Presidents Spoons, 67 pieces, Three are sealed, never opened
and one in box. Presidents spoon collection includes California Gold Rush: Willard Fillmore;
Franklin Roosevelt; Harry Truman; Ulysses S Grant; George Washington; Thomas
1 Jefferson; John Kennedy and many more; Wm Rogers Co.
1 Japanese short Samurai style sword, 440 stainless blade
A 1997 1/10 oz 24 karat .9999 pure gold, Family of Eagles, LTD Collectors edition, First
reverse proof gold maple leaf coin from the Family of Eagles, First Edition produced by the
1 Royal Canadian mint, sealed in package from the mint, never opened.
New England Firearms, Model SB1 Pardner 410 ga shotgun; 26 in barrel; case color
1 receiver, smooth stock and forearm Log 713
Laredo, size 13D Mens Western leather boots, Made in USA appear new, bottoms of boot
now worn
Rare Kreighoff Pistol barrel, marked with Kreighoff K12/22 I.F.B in a green vinyl Kreighoff
sleeve with a tool.
Custom made necklace with carved white bone feather, bone and red beads and red coral
accents' large size hangs apx 16 inches down, measures 18 inches from feather up to
clasp; magnetic clasp
Dagger handle appears to have Shark skin and wire wrap, brass metal decorations and
flowers, See photos
1 1880-S key date US Morgan Silver Dollar, nice bright mirror finish, from uncirc. roll
Extra large Bowie knife with heavy blade with groove; double brass hand guard and end
1 cap; Brass rivets and leather scabbard 16.5 inches long overall
This is an awesome set, shipped home with Naval Officer in 1949, stored at his home and
never uncrated. Beautiful deep colbalt blue color, Willow pattern, Complete service for 12
with serving pieces, platters and serving bowls; Marked on bottom: 188 Willow Japan
1 Craftsman China 97 pieces
Bushnell Trophy spotting scope with green rubberized exterior; marked D-50mm; B.01
1 Japan; UZ NO.0163 with Tripod and hard plastic case
Navajo Belt Buckle, heavy large turquoise nugget on silver, C. 1950's Size 3.5 x 3.75; one
1 large piece of turquoise with a heavy braided rope edge
Factory PPU Ammo, 10 mm 50 rounds per box. there are 5 boxes sealed in plastic bag and
5 never opened. 10mm auto Jacketed Hollow Point
A 1997 1/10 oz 24 karat .9999 pure gold, Family of Eagles, LTD Collectors edition, First
reverse proof gold maple leaf coin from the Family of Eagles, First Edition produced by the
1 Royal Canadian mint, sealed in package from the Mint
These crystal stemwares and whiskey glasses have been packed since 1949 in wooden
crate, came home with Naval Officer on ship. 12 Stems and 12 Hi ball whiskeys, all
1 excellent, no chips or cracks NEW, never uses we unpacked
Etched Crystal Drink Mixer has been stored since 1949, brought home on ship by Naval
1 Officer, We opened the crate
Winchester Model 300 Defender, 12 ga shotgun; 2 3/4 and 3 inch; Black matte finish, fiber
1 optic front sight, black synthetic checkered stock, grooved forearm Log 719 SN L3473813
Tall Drink glass, etched crystal by Craftsman, brought back by Naval officer on ship C. 1949
1 and stored, we opened the crates
Vintage Navajo Turquoise Nuggets on pendant with silver work and silver chain C. 1950's;
1 20 oval turquoise stones and 1 center stone set in silver 2.25 in x 3 in pendant
Remington Box of 500 22 long rifle Thunderbolt Ammo; High velocity, 22 long rifle, round
1 nose
Sig Sauer SP2022, 40 S&W, Black matte finish, non slip grip, lower pickitinni rail, 3 dot white
1 sights, 3.75 barrel, Original box Log 717 SN 24B044476 * 2 party
Russian Nagant bolt action rifle with bayonet, oiler and some accessories, wood stock has
been stripped down and refinished. Some cartouche marks showing. Elevator lift up rear
1 sight and hooded front sight. Log 733
2 Remington 45 Colt ammo, 250 grain lead RN, R45C, 50 per box
Original Oil on Canvas Western Art, Framed, Artist is purportedly listed, signature hard to
2 read, appears to be Lester Hughes ?
U. S. Revolver 5 shot tip up; Nickle plated, some flaking; Factory checked grips; 5 inch
1 barrel; * 2 party
Bear Archery compound bow with XX75 Camo hunter arrow with attachment to bow; Model
1 is Polar LTD; AMO compound string length 39 in
1 1880-S US Morgan silver dollar, key date, from uncirculated roll, bright mirror shine
Olaf Wieghorst, limited edition litho # 347/999, titled "Nez Perce on Appaloosa"
1 custom and framed and matted, artist signed Olaf Wieghorst (Famed western artist)
Remington Model 770, 7mm rifle, Bolt Action with one piece black synthetic stock, 23.5 in
1 barrel; Log 702
A 1997, 1/10 oz 24 karat .9999 pure gold, Family of Eagles, LTD Collectors edition, First
reverse proof gold maple leaf coin from the Family of Eagles, First Edition produced by the
1 Royal Canadian mint, sealed in package from the Mint
Fixed blade large hunting knife or Bowie with leather sheath; Timber Rattler series, 16
1 inches long
1 1879 Carson City US Morgan silver dollar (1879-CC) has been circulated
Glock Model 21 semi auto in 45 cal. Non slip grip; 3 dot sight; 4.5 in barrel; One extra mag;
1 Appears excellent overall; in Glock box with manual Log 701 * 2 party
Penjoy Co. International Brotherhood of Teamsters, 100 year comm. 1903-2003, signed by
James P Hoffa ( Jimmy Hoffa, Jr.- General President) scale is 1/64; Great replica with back
doors that open, 18 wheels; Third Edition 1 of 1000; as new in box, box with some stains
1 from storage
Gorgeous Navajo Necklace, swivels to wear 2 ways, Traditional with coral and turquoise on
silver and reverse with Insets of Mother of Pearl, Jet, turquoise and coral. Heavy pendant on
1 26 inch silver chain, C. 1950's
Weatherby Ultra Velocity, 300 Weatherby magnum ammo, 165 grain, PT-EX, 20 cartridges
2 per box, desirable for max velocity for long range
2 Federal premium Vital Shok Ammo in 30-30 win. 170 grain, Nosler partition 20 round box
Winchester commemorative Model 94, Theodore Roosevelt, 30-30 caliber, lever action;
1 Nickel plated receiver, Round coin medallion in stock
Custom necklace with red crow beads, silver and bone; deer horn carvings with a magnetic
1 clasp
Sig Sauer Model SP2022 semiauto in 9mm; 2.75 in barrel; Lower pickitinni rail; Non slip
grips; Upgraded recoil spring and trigger job; Original box and manual; 3 dot sights Log 716
1 * 2 party
Olaf Wieghorst ,The Navajo, one of the parts to the Trilogy that made Wieghorst Famous.
1 Custom framed and matted. Limited edition # 265/500, artist signed
Large Custom Bowie Knife with customized Stag and Abalone handle, brass hand guard
1 and guard along top edge of Bowie blade. Leather sheath; 19.5 in overall
A 1997, 1/10 oz 24 karat .9999 pure gold, Family of Eagles, LTD Collectors edition, First
reverse proof gold maple leaf coin from the Family of Eagles, First Edition produced by the
1 Royal Canadian mint, sealed in package from the mint
Die Cast Tractor trailer, 18 wheeler, Teamsters joint Council 42, El Monte CA, Local Unions;
1 Scale 1/64 in original box; Box with some stains
Limited Edition Lithograph by Chuck Ren, Custom framed and tripple matted; Artist signed;
1 Ltd Ed # 2123/2200
Rare Gold picture frame clock, very ornate; Face of dial marked Ludwig Hainz, Prag; Very
1 ornate, key wind
1 Buckheimer black leather flap holster for 1911, marked US on front flap
1 Heavy Navajo made sterling and turquoise watch band with detailed silver work
Smith & Wesson Model 422 in 22 cal. with original box, manual and 4 S&W mags, semi
1 auto, checkered wood Factory grips; matte finish, lightly used * 2 party
Art Deco Marble clock and two sconce side pieces, very heavy, Appears to have something
1 missing from top of clock, Shipping will be extra due to weight
1 Large Antique cast iron door stop of Sail Ship 11.5 inches tall and 11 inches wide
1 US 1880-S Morgan Silver dollar from uncirculated roll, nice mirror proof like shine
Olaf Wieghorst limited edition litho, artist signed and Ltd Ed # 362/1500; Nomads of the
1 Plains; custom framed and matted
Remington Model 770 Bolt action Rifle in .308 caliber; one piece black synthetic non slip grip
stock; Rubber butt pad, sling swivel attachment, variable scope 3-9 x 40; Appears excellent
1 overall Log 708
Rare, Gustaf Becker Antique wall clock, Pendulum has been switched out, original
1 pendulum is still with clock, needs some tender care
English Hunt scene by Cecil Aldin, famed artist who was known for his illustrations in books
and magazines, a painter and a writer (1870-1935), He became famous for his watercolors
1 and prints showing fox hunting scenes in the English Countrysides
A 1997, 1/10 oz 24 karat .9999 pure gold, Family of Eagles, LTD Collectors edition, First
reverse proof gold maple leaf coin from the Family of Eagles, First Edition produced by the
1 Royal Canadian mint, sealed in package from the Mint
Vintage Navajo Dress Choker, Leather tie straps, Turquoise concho in center, Small
1 turquoise chunks , silver beads and bone spacers; Sterling
1 Four Tiffany and Co Spoons marked Tiffany and Co. EP
Very Ornate Western Saddle with extensive silver work thru out. Nice tooled leather with
oversize Tapaderos and includes the chest plate for the horse, head stall and reins, all
ornately decorated with silver work This saddle and accessories was originally purchased in
Texas for $10,000 the Saddle is from Oklahoma and the silverwork was purportedly done in
Mexico. Cant take enough photos to show the beauty and hand work that has gone into this
show piece, would be great for any showroom or use in parades or Rodeos! By Mock Bros
1 Saddle makers, Tulsa, OK
Winchester Model 1894 lever action rifle, full octagon barrel (25.5in) marked Nickel steel
barrel, for smokeless powder; 30 WCF caliber; Rear Buckhorn sight, Smooth hardwood
1 stock and forearm; Cresent buttplate; There is a saddle ring on right side receiver Log 720
1 Russian Icon wall plak
Navajo Sterling and turquoise Cross Pendant; 5 in long x 3 1/8 in Wide; 11 nuggets of
1 turquoise Lightly etched on back: W JE Esoerts C. 1950's
English cliff or Coastal scene print or engraving by famed artist John Octavius Anderson,
Known artist, with a remarque on middle bottom edge; Top left corner marked: Copyright
1 1894 by Radithes Lauchner, NY
Three piece Mantle clock set, appears to be of marble and slate, very heavy, shipping will
1 be extra due to weight, one of the side sconces has damage, old repair, glued and top
Vintage Duck Decoys signed by Ron Fischer: Mallard C.1986; Wood Duck and small duck;
4 One painted like merganzer color signed David La Belle 9/85 and Ron Fischer
1 Tiffany & Co crystal perfume bottle
Four perfume bottles with silver overlay, great designs and a lot of detail to silver. One bottle
1 has stopper broken off in neck and old perfume staining inside of bottle, see photos
Small antique desk box, possibly for stamps? lid opens, detail work on box. Bottom stamped
1 JB 1627
Fixed blade hunting knife with full tang and laminated wood handle, blade marked Elk Ridge
custom design ER 290, 440 stainless; Leather sheath and original box, new
Vintage M A S Model 45, bolt action .22 Training rifle; rear elevator sight and hooded front
sight; leather sling, sling swivels; one piece hardwood mannlicher stock; Medal
manufactures buttplate; 24 in barrel; 4 magazines; Lof 714
Rough Rider folding knife with Acorn emblem on handle, wide handle to fit hand. Four
Blades. Marked 440 Razor sharp steel; With original box, new
Vintage Navajo Cross of Colorado Green Turquoise C. 1950's; 5 in Tall x 4 in wide; Pendant
or pin, Silver Scroll work
Vintage Navajo bracelet with silver conchos and bows on leather bracelet with buckle
Brass Fireman nozzles, one 12 inch, one 6 in marked Los Angeles and Champion; one
antique marked NO 14 x 570 Forester nozzle Western Fire Co. SF USA and empty brass
1 fire extinguisher
Dale Ernhardt ;The Intimidator; folding knife with nickel silver bolsters and Cape Buffalo horn
1 handles, High quality 440 stainless steel blades, new in package
1 Reversible two sided pendant, Jade with silver bezal and silverwork on reverse
1 Stag handle Colt folding knife with pinched bolsters in Colt box
1 Navajo Sterling link bracelet 7 inches; 925 Sterling
1 Antique biscuit jar with lid
Pair of mens Rio Bravo Western cowboy boots of gray leather in size 12 D, worn very little,
1 shows some wear to bottom of soles
1 Limited edition artist signed litho by Terpning, Indian, custom framed
Hand Carved Navajo bear symbol, custom made, Carved Abalone shell; sterling silver
1 feather with turquoise bead, Great for hanging or wearing
Four blade Rough Rider series folding knife in original box, Acorn emblem on handle, 440
1 Razor sharp
Custom made Anza knife marked USA 13, full tang with leather Anza sheath Used and has
1 some pitting on blade, needs cleaning
1 Cast iron door stop with two sitting scotty dogs; Stamped 157 NSM20
1 Carved jade pendant two kissing fish with 14K gold bezal
3 Crystal diamond shaped paperweights, Blue one signed Oleg Cassini, pink and clear
1 Nice Buck hunting knife, leather sheath unmarked brand
Vintage Factory Ammo: Remington Hi speed and Standard, CIL Pistol Match and American
4 Eagle all 50 round boxes, boxes in good shape 22 long
Russian nesting dolls, One signed M.HNKOAAEB, H>Kapeba and one set signed
2 MATPENKA one set with 9 dolls and one set with 8 dolls
Old Timer Middleman, Gunstock trapper knives in package, nickel silver bolsters, High
1 carbon stainless, Desert Ironwood handles 7Cr17MOV
1 Sterling Horse pin, very detailed with saddle; 925 silver
1 Sword with scabbard, blade marked F. Horster, 28.5 in long, poor storage, rust and pitting
1 Round carved Jade pendant with 14K gold bezal
1 Nazi style dagger with blade stamped stainless and China; tip of scabbard missing
Gorgeous Carved Lapis pendant with heavy sterling mount and carved detailed sterling
1 back with deer and scenery, can wear either way
1 Pottery bowls, Pacific and California, good condition, some chips to bottom rims, see photos
1 Tekut folding knife with nylon sheath, white bone handle knife made in style of Buck 110
Sterling Gentlemans engaved folding knives, One engraved and has the name Mollie; Other
2 knife with Initials ELH
1 Military collectible Russian steel helmet, complete with liner
1 Hand made Navajo symbol Bear pendant of carved Abalone shell
Pottery: yellow pitcher with decoration, Bauer, Early California (Vernon Kilns) some
1 unmarked
1 Two packages Youth, Carbon Hybrid arrows by Allen, 30-50 lb draw, in original packages
Rough Rider candy cane striped handle folding knife in commemorative tin. 6 blade, marked
1 Merry Christmas sharp new in tin
2 Silver and Turquoise earrings, one pair wire hoop and one pair studs fine turquoise work
Antique childs easel chalkboard with paper roller, shipping will be oversize; prefer local
1 pickup
1 Grouping of misc crystal items to include Pitchers, covered candy dish, Santa and more
Colt folding knife Dragoon model revoler, The last resort, Tried and True box; Knife comes
1 with authentic battlefield find, civil war bullet
Unopened vintage case of baseballs, twelve total each in original box, unopened and inside
1 large case original box
Ruby Flash glass to include Pitcher and 3 tumblers, 3 candy dishes, 2 covered pedestal
1 compotes and bowl
Grouping of misc handgun holsters, Glock 27 black leather, 3 molded plastic holsters, one
1 Blackhawk, 5 total
Folding knife, Winchester on one blade, made in style of Buck 110, Dad for fathers day
1 comm. tin
1 29 inch carved lapis bead necklace
Vintage pair of binoculars in hard case. Binoculars marked made in Occupied Japan; 6 x 30
1 coated lens ; strap to carry case broken
Misc grouping of vintage toy vehicles: 2 red wagons, 1 fire truck 7.25 in; 1 fire car 5.75 in of
hard plastic; two Midget Rockford, IL 3.75 & 4.25 inches; one hotwheel 3.25 in; 3
1 rubber tractors ( 2 have riders with no heads) 2 gas pumps please view photos
1 Collector Hummel plate in original box, First Edition, 1975 Umbrella boy and girl
Grouping of Factory 223 ammo, Remington UMC box of 20 55 grain; and two Remington
1 Express rifle 223 Rem 55 grain 60 rounds total
Victorian celluloid cover album marked on front US Battleship Maine, no photos inside, will
1 hold CDV's
1 2 sizes train tracks, HO and O, Train controller
1 Cut crystal bowl
Grouping of Vintage games and toys; Ideal's action destroyer in original box, ship complete
but has some damage to end of boat; apx 20 marbles in original box; Hexagon checkers,
1 Clicker, cards, Farm animals
1 Vintage box of Western 25 auto Lubaloy; box in good condition
Ladies perfume and cologne bottles, most with contents, nearly full, one cobalt blue bottle
(empty); Pikake cologne mist (Berkely, CA); South Hampton Rose; Nitro; Terra Nova; Joy;
1 ultra II Sheer scent
Vintage Ammo Western Super Labaloy soft point, 180 grain 30 Springfield 1906 marked on
1 box and 30-06 Govt Winchester Super Speed, see photos 3 boxes
1 Fire department Captains Visor cap, blue
Dukes of Hazard, General Lee plastic car marked Warner Bros. lift up sun roof; Scooby Do
1 Bubble bath, Fireman edition
Collectibles: Fireman related: Dakin & Co plaster fire engine bank; Boot; Cast iron mini
1 fire hydrant; and misc items Post card, Smokey the bear etc. see photos
Die Cast Fire Engines in original boxes; First one commemorative to Los Angeles Fire Dept;
Engine 57, Code 3 die cast limited edition 5 inches ; and Solido, Made in France Citroon
2 4403 apx 4.25 in in original box
Bowman 1989 Baseball cards Offical complete set 484 cards, unopened box; Topps
Football complete set 528 unopened box 1990; 3 official baseballs in original, unopened
1 boxes and master box (empty)
1 Cast iron toy figures, some sit in rockers, Mom, pop, children rockers
1 Vintage Mickey Mouse watch by Lorus, leather band, working
1 Plastic tanks, Marine plastic figures and some lead soldiers, Vintage toys
1 Large Mahogany framed Mirror, Heavy, NO Shipping, local pickup only
Fourteen Arizona Highways magazines, various years mostly 1961-1986, but includes one
1 early issue, August 1944 with Indian full page photos by Joseph Miller
Decorative Bowie with white plastic handle and sheath, silver color accents, Stainless steel
1 blade, engraved all over, Eagle on handle, Made in China
Collection of vintage cuff links 18 pairs and 5 tie bars; most western motif with horses or
1 guns
Thompson Center Arms Accessory pack for 50 caliber with round ball mold, in original box;
1 Black powder manuals and a CVA reproduction black powder flask
Two hard cases for hand guns, one double case with egg crate foam, one single case with
1 no interior
Grouping of misc Western items to include Covered wagon, Stage Coach, cowboys,
1 Indians, mini replica guns, great for decorating. Too fragile to ship, Local pick up only
1 Old carved jade piece in rosewood and Mother of pearl opera glasses with handle;
Grouping of misc antiques and collectibles: Catalina pottery hat; carnival glass hat pin
1 holder; bird marked Denmark
1 Two M 1 grand clips with ammo
1 Pyrex bowls
1 Cast Iron Buffalo bank; Cast iron duck toy; coco joe carvins from volcanic ash
1 Hi Cap mags, Out of state only or law enforcement NO CA SALES