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Volume 53 Number 4
News Briefs
Jan. 13- late registration for
Jan. 28 SAT exams
Jan. 16- Martin Luther King
Jr. Day; No school
Jan.18- Financial aid workshop
for parents
Jan.18- PSAT scores back
Jan.20- Last day to turn in The
Quill submissions; theme is “I
Have a Voice”
Jan. 28- SAT exams, Mayfair
is now a SAT testing site
Jan. 31- Finals Per. 1, 3, 5
(Block schedule)
Feb. 1- Finals Per. 2, 4, 6
(Block schedule)
Feb. 2- End of first semester;
Minimum Day
Feb. 3- Furlough Day; No
FAFSA applications are now
available online for seniors.
Deadline is March 2.
For more information talk to
your counselor or visit www.
6000 N. Woodruff Ave. Lakewood, CA 90713
Mrs. Smith as costume-making extraordinaire
By Warren Poirier
Mrs. Smith, seventh grade
honors English and history
teacher, advisor of Mayfair Middle
School’s CJSF program, and now
costume- making extraordinare
contributed exceptional energy to
the school’s drama and performing
arts program in her recent
responsibilities in the production
of Mayfair’s The Music Man Jr.
“She brought a cast of black
and white to color,” said Mr.
Saunders, director of the musical.
Taking inspiration from the
two and a half hour movie “The
Music Man,” Mrs. Smith then set
to work by hand-making all the
“Not only did she costumize
costumes for one hundred kids,
but she did so threefold - for
the three outfit changes needed
throughout the production,” said
The intricate costumes seen
in the play took Mrs. Smith over
five-hundred hours of sewing, in
addition to teaching and helping
with the play during after-school
However, she did not take on
the task alone; she had a team of
cast mothers and science teacher
Ms. Duacesk by her side.
Mrs. Smith said, “When
there are that many people, it is a
massive undertaking. It was worth
it, but I could not have done it
Staff Editorial:
Monthly Poll:
2011 Bests
page 3
page 4
Guess Who?
Online Poll:
New Years
never met before.
Furthermore, the freshmen
are given the chance to get
involved in school activities and
therefore increasing school spirit.
Approximately eight to ten
freshmen were assigned to be
with two group leaders in each
group, and the linking of new
relationships and fun started from
Most of the activities done
by the Link Crew are individually
coordinated by the leaders in the
groups such as scavenger hunts
according to a senior leader,
Kassie Caoile. Some leaders have
treated their kids to lunches.
“I like being in the Link Crew
because it gives us a chance to
meet other students. My leaders
do a lot for us and I really enjoy
the program,” said Justin Poirier,
a freshman student.
A recent activity hosted by
the Link Crew invited all the
freshmen to a movie night on Dec.
13, where the freshmen watched
“Elf” in front of the Big M.
Freshman Tanner Phillips
said, “I like all the opportunities
that Link Crew gave me, like
the movie night to bond with my
Not only do freshmen
benefit from the Link Crew,
but leaders also gain new skills
from the program such as social,
communication, and leadership
communicate with people I don’t
know and to put myself out
there. It’s definitely a different
experience. Everyone should
join because you meet a lot of
cool people,” said junior Wyahee
“I see a lot of freshmen more
excited about school,” said Mr.
Irving, the co-advisor of Link
Mr. Irving explained that
the program’s long term goal
is to make our school campus
atmosphere culturally filled with
more student involvement and
spirit to increase school pride.
“We want Mayfair to be more
of a friendly campus to prevent
bullying and other bad things,”
he said.
Link Crew continues to benefit its members
page 2
2012 movies
without the help of Ms. Duacesk
and a handful of moms.”
“Smith put in tons and tons
of hours, and it was a joy working
with her,” said Ms. Duacesk.
“The show had well over
200 costumes and some of those
I sewed, some moms helped sew,
and most came from thrift stores
that I embellished and added
things to,” said Mrs. Smith.
Although most of the
students supplied part of the
costume themselves, Mrs. Smith
was the main one in charge of
supplying, fixing, and creating
the costumes. But she did not stop there. On
all days of production, she was
behind the scenes assisting with
costume changes and helping
actors and actresses remember
stage lines. According to Mrs.
Smith, the production was fun on
and off stage. Bonds were created,
great experiences took place, and
the kids were involved.
“It’s like a team,” Mrs. Smith
As one of the most important
roles in that team, Mrs. Smith
brought more than the show
Mrs. Smith said, “You don’t
realize how fast the costume
changes are. That’s the part that
is most fun, the adrenaline rush,
handling last- minute crises, and
‘putting out fires’ as I call it.
There is nothing more that could
be more rewarding.”
Mrs. McDaniel/The Windjammer
The cast of “The Music Man” strut their costumes.
Inside Scoops
Where does
the money
Friday, January 13, 2012
Photo courtesy of Ms. Monteleone
Link Crew members bond during movie night.
By Diane Choi
Leisure Editor
The Link Crew program,
which was newly established on
Mayfair’s campus this school
year, lets seniors and juniors
reach out to the freshmen who
have promoted from the middle
The program helps freshmen
to integrate smoothly into high
school life by getting them
connected with upper classmen
and peers whom the students have
New clubs on campus! Join one of the eight!
By Milton Duenas
Have you been wondering
about the new clubs here at
Mayfair? Well, there happens to
be eight new interesting clubs on
campus this year.
One of the new clubs at
Mayfair is the physics club,
which is about getting students
interested in physics.
The advisor is Mr. Ducar and
he shows students demos of fun
experiments. The meetings for
the Physics club are held in room
601 on every other Friday at high
school lunch.
Another middle school club
that has started up is the dolphin
club, which is about showing how
dolphins are being mistreated.
Currently the club is watching a
documentary called “the Cove,”
which is about how the Japanese
are treating dolphins and how
they are slaughtering them for
many reasons.
The advisor of the dolphin
club is Mrs. Mazurie and the club’s
president is Chris Mcmonas. The
meetings are held in room 110 on
Tuesdays during middle school
The video club is another new
club on campus, which teaches
students how to record videos.
One interesting thing about the
club is that they produce the
yearbook DVD.
Also the video club has
recorded sports events like the
Power 106 game, football games
and school events like dances,
assemblies, and even the musical,
“The Music Man Jr.”
The president of the club
is senior Ryan Bonilla and the
meetings are every Tuesday in
room 206 during high school
Other new clubs: the metal
club, which is about the music.
Also there is the government
club, advised by Mr. Geddy,
which meets in room 427 during
high school lunch.
Another new high school
club is the medical club that meets
every Tuesday in room 610. Then
there is the science club that meets
during high school lunch in room
101 and during middle school
lunch in room 100.
For more information or
questions about the science
club go see the advisor Mr.
Volume 53, Number 4
Friday, January 13, 2012
6000 N. Woodruff Ave., Lakewood, CA 90713
Monsoon Generosity
Staff Editorial
Something that makes us here at
The Windjammer proud to be students at
Mayfair is how generous our school is,
especially this past holiday season. The
holiday spirit was very present at Mayfair.
Many clubs and organizations got into the
holiday spirit and were very generous with
their time and money. Adopt-a-family,
which is when a club “adopts” a family in
the Lakewood community, sometimes even
families in our own school, and try to make
their Christmas the best Christmas possible
was a popular choice among clubs such as
LAFF Club and ASB. Some clubs such as
CSF and Key Club decided to give new
toys to children that were brought in by club
members. Leo Club not only donated boxes
of food for Thanksgiving and Christmas,
but also took a group of children to K-mart
and allowed them to buy their own presents.
Even the faculty got into the spirit with their
giving tree in the front office where faculty
members picked an ornament that had a
family’s Christmas list on it and tried their
best to fulfill it. The entire school as a whole
was able to donate food to families through
Project Shepherd and we were able to raise
4 truck loads of canned food for families in
Although our school was very generous
during the holiday season, what about the rest
of the year? Just because the holiday season
began doesn’t mean giving has to start, and
just because the holiday season ended doesn’t
mean the giving has to stop. All of us here
at Mayfair did a great job of really making
the holidays special for a lot of people, but
we should work harder to keep on giving
throughout the year. And you don’t have to be
part of a club or organization to give, there are
plenty of hospitals, libraries, and other places
that would be happy to have you.
The best of 2011 90s’ Cartoons vs Today’s Cartoons And the winner
By Amandalynn Peralta
“Spongebob” from the rest of the cartoons is...?
Poll conducted by Leinorina Fonoti
Opinion Editor
As we welcome in the new year, we
asked a few people on campus to reflect
on the what they consider to be the best of
Best Movie
“The best movie for me in 2011 was “The
Help,” a movie I just recently watched.”
-Amoreyna Papelera
Best Book
“I would choose, “The Help,” as the best
book for 2011.”
History Teacher
Best Song
“‘Motto,’ by Drake”
-Ernest Bagner
Best Craziest Moment at School
“Senior Seminar would have to be the
craziest moment of 2011, everyone who
was there knows it was a crazy moment.”
-Laurel Afemata
Best Artist
“The best new artist to me was Big Sean,
his song “Dance” is a big hit and everyone
knows it and dances to it.”
-Anne Pale
Best TV Show
“Some may not know what this show is,
but I chose “Boardwalk Empire” as the
best TV show.”
-Mrs. Aragon
Earth Science Teacher
Best Video Game
“‘Assassins Creed Brotherhood,’ it’s very
interesting and is mostly about war.”
-Chelsea Robertson
You look outside a window on a sunny
afternoon. The year is 1999. A time when
amazing music like Sugar Ray and Blink 182
could be heard virtually anywhere. A time
when kids actually went outside to play. And
a time filled with awesome cartoons. What
would you have been watching on that day
in 1999? It doesn’t matter if you had cable or
not, because I know that whatever you were
watching was actually worth watching.
Every weekday on cable, there is
something called ‘90s Are All That on
TeenNick. After 9:00 p.m., Nick plays all
the old cartoons that anyone who grew
up in the ‘90s knows and loves: “Hey
Arnold!,” “Doug,” “Rugrats,” “CatDog,”
“Invader Zim,” and a lot more. I miss these
old cartoons. They were entertaining and
actually funny. Why did none of these old
cartoons survive the incoming of the 21st
century? One of the only cartoons I can think
of that did is “Spongebob.” What separates
Katniss Everdeen or Harry Potter?
By Melanie Lim
To vanquish a dark lord or to rebel
against a capital that forces you to fight
for your life? With the new “The Hunger
Games” movie coming out on March 23,
the books are quickly gaining more and
more popularity. Which begs the question
“The Hunger Games” or Harry Potter?
Harry Potter. One of the most popular
book series of our generation, read by
many, recently came to an end last summer.
People will miss the seven books and eight
movies that we grew up with.
“I like how at the time of its release, it
was a brand new concept for children’s books
with the whole wizard world and it was so
different from other stories at the time. It also
got a lot of kids to start reading,” said junior
Amber Cornelious.
Harry Potter felt almost real, as if a
whole other world was out there and people
waited to receive their Hogwarts letter.
Warren Poirier
Shannon Turner
News Editor
Sarah Carmella Bumacod
Opinion Editor
Amandalynn Peralta
Leisure Editor
Diane Choi
Sports Editor
Jasmine Eileen Gomez
Web Editor
Breahna Upton
from the ‘90s?
“The popularity keeps those shows
around,” answerd junior Destiny Ziemann.
“The bigger the audience the more money
they make. Show business is about money,
no matter how cool the show is.”
‘90s cartoons were better hands down
than most of the cartoons on today. Maybe you
have heard of this show on Cartoon Network
called “Secret Mountain Fort Awesome.” Do
you know what the point of this show is? I
don’t even know because after watching
something resembling a tennis ball with acne
and man hands with girlish fingernails talk
for some 30 seconds I turned it off.
Don’t think that I am against all cartoons
today. I love “Adventure Time” which
appears on Cartoon Network and I love
“Phineas and Ferb” which appears on Disney
Channel. The cartoons that get on my nerves
are the ones that make no sense. The ones
that have no appeal and aren’t even funny. I
know people will agree with me when I say
that ‘90s cartoon should be brought back.
Copy Editor
Itzel Vasquez-Rodriguez
Michelle Cruz
Milton Duenas
Aaron Eaton
Leinorina Fonoti
Marysol Gonzalez
Monica Haroon
Stifon Jones
Melanie Lim
Guadalupe Santos
Yandy Torres
Brenda Vidaca
Mrs. Kari McDaniel
“I like Harry Potter because you can
imagine yourself there,” said senior Sarah
However, as Harry Potter comes to
a close several people are starting to read
the soon-to-be movie series, “ The Hunger
“I like how ‘The Hunger Games’ kept
me on edge. I couldn’t set the book down
once I got reading. I felt like I was absorbed
into the story. It was filled with action and
romance that kept me on edge,” said junior
Adrianna Garcia.
Various people like the “The Hunger
Games” because it is relatable, very
interesting, and has a new story line. The
new movie out is predicted to be an exciting
and excellent blockbuster.
“I’m very excited for the movie and
cannot wait! Just seeing the books come
to life is amazing and I trust the director
and cast in making the movie great for the
fans,” said Cornelious.
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Mayfair High School
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Disclaimer: The views expressed in The Windjammer
do not necessarily reflect the views of its staff, advisor,
Mayfair’s faculty or the administration. The Windjammer
is a student ran newspaper. All stories are student written
unless otherwise noted.
By Marysol Gonzalez
Since 2011 has ended, we are now
waiting for the award season. The two most
anticipated award shows, the 54th Annual
Grammy Awards and the 84th Annual
Academy Awards, are fast approaching.
Although nominations for the Academy
Awards have not been announced,
predictions for both are already being
For this year’s Best New Artist
Grammy award, the most anticipated
winner is Nicki Minaj for releasing hit
after hit from her album Pink Friday and
her numerous collaborations with other
Junior Daisy Ulloa said, “I think Nicki
Minaj will win this year, I like her music and
people always listen to her nowadays.”
Another new artist anticipated to win
the Grammy for the Best Album is Adele
with her album 21. Adele has successfully
released singles that have topped the charts
and are frequently played on popular radio
Junior Alyssa Waters said, “I’m going
for Adele, I think her music is moving
and I’m pretty sure even people that don’t
like her still like her songs and sing along,
they’re catchy.”
Other anticipated nominees include
Jay-Z, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, and Katy
This year’s most anticipated Academy
Award nominee for Best Actor is Ryan
Gosling for his exceptional performance in
several movies released this year.
Junior Angelica Dominguez said,
“I think Ryan Gosling should definitely
win because he is good-looking and very
Other predicted Oscar wins are for
Michelle Williams for her role as Marilyn
Monroe in “My Week with Marilyn” and
the psychological thriller “Martha Marcy
May Marlene” for Best Picture.
The Oscars will be held in January and
the Grammys in February.
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Volume 53, Number 4
6000 N. Woodruff Ave. Lakewood, CA 90713
Friday, January 13, 2012
Poll: Would the students go to Where does our dance ticket money go?
are hired for the setup of school account’s funds.
dances if the dances cost less? By Yandy Torres
dances. The venue and whether
“The continued support
Monica Haroon/The Windjammer
Total of 190 students at Mayfair took the survey which asked
if they would go to school dances if the cost was cheaper. 162
answered yes and 28 answered no.
The real depression revealed
By Breahna Upton
Web Editor
When you hear the word
depression, what do you imagine?
A person who never smiles and
wears all black? Well, maybe.
A person with depression could
actually be sitting right next to you,
be the most outgoing person in the
room, and smiles constantly.
We all feel blue once in a
while, but a depressed person
feels intense internal sadness for a
long period of time. It’s a serious
medical illness with symptoms
including loss of interest in your
favorite activities, decreased
appetite, and even thoughts of
There are several reasons why
teens develop depression. They
may feel inadequate over poor
grades, social status, abuse, or
family issues. Even environmental
stress can cause a teen to fall into an
abyss of helplessness and sorrow.
And according to The National
Institute of Mental Health, nearly
18 million Americans are affected
by depression.
For me, I went several years
living with undetected reading
problems and Attention Deficit
Disorder. I was incessantly
chastised for failing grades and
inappropriate behavior; and after
hearing, “You‘re a failure,” so
many times, I started to believe it.
As a result from all the negativity
that came with my underlying
issues, when I was eventually
diagnosed with my disabilities, I
received an additional diagnosis
of depression.
I’ve learned to overcome my
depression with proper treatment,
and if you’re feeling depressed
I advise you to avoid “toughing
it out” or masking it. Facing
depression does not make you
“weak.” In fact, learning how
to address your setback only
empowers you.
The worst kind of depression
is undiagnosed depression. If
you think you may be depressed,
contact your doctor immediately.
And if you’re contemplating
suicide, please call this 24/7, tollfree, confidential National Suicide
Prevention hotline: 1-800-273TALK. Remember, you’re not
alone and there are better days
There is no doubt that
Homecoming, Sadie’s and Prom
are all special events. Do students
consider the costs involved? How
are ticket prices determined? It is
common knowledge that after a
certain time period, ticket prices
go up every week, the most
expensive being at the door, but
in what ways are our money
According to,
the Associated Student Body’s
(ASB) purpose is to “promote the
interests and welfare of the school,
its students and the community.”
Mrs. McAndrew, the school
activities director, states that
the money collected is spent on
microphones, custodial and school
staffing, hiring of a DJ, portable
sound systems, and security for
the safety of students. Companies
or not the dance takes place at
an off-site facility also plays a
major role. The total can amount
to anywhere between $10,000 to
$20,000 to put on a dance.
Money generated through
students is spent on paper, paints,
and decorations needed for
assemblies and special events
held in the gymnasium.
The accounts of both ASB
and the Athletics Department are
linked together.
“Athletics does not receive
federal or state funding,” said Mr.
Eeles, “it is important to know
and altogether avoid confusion.”
The sports department runs a
Christmas tree sale and a pancake
breakfast, traditionally held towards
the end of the third or fourth quarter
as a means of fundraising money.
Snack sales and the purchase of
ASB cards also contribute to the
How to Defeat Semester Finals Blues Family friendly
By Shannon Turner
T.V. shows
Make sure to check and double
Co-Editor in Chief
Winter break is over. There is
no denying it any longer—finals
are approaching and there is no
getting rid of them.
Have no fear. Whatever you do,
don’t convince yourself you don’t
need to study for finals, or even
worse, that you will do it later.
Here are tips for preparing for
semester finals the painless way.
The memorization test: If
you know your final will include
memorization, prepare study
guides or flash cards that will
allow you to easily review the
material until you can comfortably
get the facts right.
The dreaded fill in the blank:
Read over all class notes and
emphasized sections of your text
book. Make note of important
dates, people, events, and phrases.
Essay questions: Familiarize
yourself with all possible content.
check for any errors.
Math and science tests: Look
closely at concepts and be sure
to ask for help on anything you
don’t understand. Be prepared
by keeping track of all formulas,
and work slowly enough to avoid
any mistakes. Go back and redo
the problems if you have time to
avoid silly mistakes.
Moreover, listen to your
teachers. They will most likely
tell you what they expect of you,
and, believe it or not, the majority
of teachers do not design their
finals to make you fail; if you
need help just ask. Do not pull an all-nighter
trying to study, either. Get enough
sleep and eat well on test days to
help your focus.
Period 1, 3 and 5 will test on
Tuesday, Jan. 31 and periods 2, 4
and 6 will test on Wednesday, Feb. 1,
and don’t forget it’s block schedule.
Possibility of life forms on a planet that resemembles earth
By Sarah Carmella Bumacod
News Editor
Now that we are smack
in the middle of winter, warm
weather seems light years
away. And it is. According to, on Dec.
5 the National Aeronautics and
Space Administration found a
new planet, Kepler 22-b, with
weather conditions equivalent to
an earthly summer’s day.
“A newly discovered planet
that could support life could mean
that we aren’t the only ones in the
vast universe,” said sophomore
Ron Kem.
At 600 light years away,
Kepler 22-b is the 30th of probable
planets that have the potential
to host life; however, unlike the
other 29, Kepler 22-b is the most
like Earth.
Junior Sam Cabusora said,
“It’s not that surprising that life
can be supported elsewhere. The
universe is so big that discovering
another planet with the possibility
of life was bound to happen.”
With a temperature of 72
degrees Fahrenheit, the planet
orbits around a sun-like star in
the area known as the Goldilocks
Zone, alluding to the fact that
its weather is neither too hot
or too cold. Since it is closer to
its sun than we are to ours, 290
days make up its one year as 365
make up ours. The new planet is
double the size of ours, a size that
may be too large for life to exist.
Despite the minor differences,
its characteristics are closest to
Earth compared to any other new
planets found, making it Earth’s
“solar twin.”
Kepler 22-b is the ideal place
during this winter wonderland.
With its huge surface, uninhabited
land, and perfect weather, it’s a
wonder why we aren’t there now.
It probably has something to do
with the fact that it will take an
impossibly fast space shuttle
and about 22 million years to get
Rider: Spirit of Vengeance” (Feb.
17), “The Avengers” (May 4),
“The Dark Knight Rises” (July 20),
and “Resident Evil: Retribution”
(Sept. 14) are set to hit movie
theaters this year, according to
For you scary movie buffs,
you can look forward to movies
like “Paranormal Activity 4”
(October) and “The Woman in
Black” (Feb. 3).
However, if you’re into
family-oriented movies, you can
watch the animated “Dr. Suess’
The Lorax” on March 2.
Senior Marina Jimenez said,
“I want to watch ‘The Lorax’
because Dr. Suess movies are
always cute.”
Lastly, if you want to watch
a good comedy, “Scary Movie
5” (April 20) and “The Five-Year
Engagement” (April 27) are sure to
be some of this year’s funniest films.
So, no matter what you are
looking for, there are plenty of
good movies to watch this year.
Movies hitting the theatres in 2012
By Itzel Vasquez-Rodriguez
Copy Editor
With a new year comes new
music, new books, and perhaps best
of all-new movies! Here are some
of this year’s movies to watch:
According to,
the most anticipated movie for 2012
is -drum roll please- “The Hobbit:
An Unexpected Journey.” It is
based on the prequel to the famous
Lord of the Rings series and will be
released next December.
Another film that hits theaters
this year is “Men in Black III,”
starring Will Smith and Tommy
Lee Jones. This dynamic duo takes
part in the third and possibly last
installment of the Men in Black
series, which arrives in theaters
May 25.
Other big movies to see
include: “The Hunger Games”
(March 23), “21 Jump Street”
(March 16), and “Mirror Mirror”
(March 16), starring Julia Roberts.
If you like good action movies,
this is your year. Films like “Ghost
from students purchasing ASB
cards not only benefits the
students [directly], such as a free
admission to a football game
or a discounted ticket price,
but it is also a major support to
the promotion of the campus’s
energetic culture,” said Vice
Principal Mr. Eels.
“Also, we want to generate
funds for an electronic marquee,”
said Mr. Eeles.
The lack of attendance
contributes to the decision to not
host a Winter Formal this year
said Mr. Eeles. He explained
that interest among the general
population was high last school
year, but instead a loss of money
resulted and ASB had to eat the
cost. If estimations predict a
reasonable number of students
will show up, the probability of
holding a school dance is high.
By Stifon Jones
Spend some nice quality time
with your family and catch a good
show that you will all enjoy.
2011 had many hit family
TV shows such as family
comedy, “The Middle,” on ABC,
the singing competition, “The
X-Factor,” on Fox, the game
show, “Minute to Win It,” on
NBC, and CBS’s reality television
show, “Undercover Boss.”
ABC’s hit comedy, “The
Middle,” follows the life of two
working-class parents raising their
three children in Orson, Indiana.
Mike, husband and father of the
Heck family; Frances Heck, wife
and mother; Axl, the son and
eldest child; Sue, the middle child
and only daughter; and Brick,
the youngest child in the family
are featured. “The Middle” has
received many positive reviews
from critics.
Robert Bianco of USA
Today said, “This series seems to
more assuredly offer a first-class
version of what so many viewers
say they want: a humorous,
heartfelt, realistic look at middleclass, middle-America family.
“The Middle” is shown on ABC
channel 7 Wednesdays at 8 p.m.
television reality series, “Undercover
Boss,” features a senior executive
of a company working undercover
in their own firm and inspect how
the company actually works and
figure out how it can be improved,
also rewarding their hard working
staff in the process. “Undercover
Boss” is on CBS channel 2 at 8
p.m. and has been picked up
for a third season and will be
premiering winter 2012.
The popular game show
“Minute to win it” is a game show
hosted by Guy Fieri that features
contestants that compete in 60
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Volume 53 Number 4
6000 N. Woodruff Ave. Lakewood, CA 90713
Friday, January 13, 2012
Winter Sports Athletic Spotlights
Girls Soccer:
Boys Basketball:
Girls Basketball:
Boys Soccer:
discovered soccer at the age of 5
when her parents signed her up.
Now, it’s her third year on the
varsity team, playing forward and
wearing jersey number 7.
McNaught keeps a 3.9 GPA
and has been part of several sports
teams throughout high school.
Freshman year she ran JV track,
sophomore year she started JV
softball and during junior year she
was bumped up to varsity softball.
Outside of school she
participates in the ‘Great Strides
Cystic Fibrosis’ walk every year
to raise money for the disease, a
disease she has.
“A champion is someone who
does not settle for that days practice,
that days competition or that days
performance. They’re always
striving to be better. They don’t live
in the past,” is the motto McNaught
lives by.
McNaught would like to
shout-out to her, “My mom and dad
who support me in everything I do
and Coach Sal Marroquin who has
helped me progress in my sport.
Senior Myles Smith is number
25 and point guard for his fourth
year on the varsity basketball team.
His father introduced him to
the sport and he has been playing
travel ball since he was 8 years
“Myles is one of the most
selfless and hardworking guys on
the team this year.” said head coach
“One of my greatest influences
are my family because they support
me and also Vince Carter because
he is a beast,”
Smith continuted “My favorite
memory in basketball would have
to be during our trip to San Diego,
after winning a game we would
go back to the hotel room and just
Smith is currently unsure of
what college he will be attending
in the fall of 2012 but is certain
that he will continue to play
“I want to give a shout-out to
my mom, dad, brothers, San Pedro,
Marcus, Taylor, Jarrod, Jordan,
Mike and lil Mike,” said Smith.
Simon Pugne is a senior who
has been on the varsity wrestling
team for 2 years now.
So far this season, Pugne has
a record of 7-4 while competing
in the 220 lb. weight class.
“My greatest influences are
my friends and family because
thats who I try to win for. I feel
doing things only for yourself is
meaningless so I use them for my
inspiration to win,” said Pugne.
Pugne also participated in
football his freshman, sophomore
and junior year. As well as varsity
track for shot put and discuss,
recieving 2nd in league his first
year competing.
Prior to high school sports,
Pugne did tae kwon do for 8
His favorite memory in
wrestling is getting his first
“[I want to give a shout-out
to] my friends Karlin Canady,
Destin Bingham, Jonathan Caal,
my other good friends and my
girlfriend Jackie Cossio,” said
Senior Imani Joseph averages
double-doubles, including points
and rebounds as well as getting her
share of blocks, steals and assists.
Joseph is a four year varsity
player, she is a forward and this
year is wearing lucky number 5.
“Basketball is one of those
sports I did when I was little and
I liked it so much that I continued
to play it throughout my life,”
said Joseph when asked how she
was introduced to the sport.
Joseph was voted “Most
Athletic” by the senior class. Along
with basketball she participates in
track, this season will be her third
year on varsity. Her main events
are: high jump which she has a PR
of 5’4 and long jump which she
has a PR of 16’ 6’’.
“My greatest influences are,
my mom who really pushes me to
do well, my family who supports
me and my close friends who are
there for me,” said Joseph.
Joseph hopes to attend Cal
State Long Beach in the fall and
will continue to play basketball in
Senior David Grkinich has been
on the varsity soccer team for 3 years
but has been playing since he was 5.
Every great player has people
to influence them, his greatest
influences are Carlos Puyol and
Nemanja Vidic who both play his
position as defender.
“They don’t get the fame like
goal scorers, but they get the job
done,” Grkinich said.
He was first introduced to
soccer when his parents forced
him to play at a young age. But
other than soccer, he also played
as kicker for the varsity football
team his senior year.
Holding an honorable GPA
of 4.14, and having taken a total
of two AP classes; Grkinich is
also V.P of the Italian club and
treasurer of the French club.
Grkinich will be attending
Cal State Fullerton in the fall and
hopes to continue playing soccer.
“[I would like to send a shoutout to] Erica Acosta for always
being there for me. Also, to the
boys varsity team for putting in
so much work,” said Grkinich.
By Aaron Eaton
schools in our division which
will be better competition for us,”
junior Mark Peterson said.
“Last season didn’t end like
we wanted it to and it has made
us come closer this year to work
harder. In practice we expect
perfection. Perfection is the only
way to achieve greatness,” senior,
Marcus Harden said.
According to Coach Davis,
much of the same success as
last season can be expected this
“I think last season was a fluke,
and this year we will prove that
true,” said junior Brian Wright.
The team’s top players are:
Dion Wright, Brian Wright, and
Myles Smith. New players to
the team include: Will English,
Nwabazor, Kalin Peters, Gio
Penate, and Caleb Vanderbaan.
Before they started they were
ranked #20 by ESPN.
“This year I think we’re
more determined to win CIF due
to the fact we lost last year and
we’re more focused,” said senior,
Myles Smith.
The teams’ top competitors
Tara McNaught
Upcoming Games
Boys Varsity Basketball
1/13 playing Bellflower @
Away 6:30 p.m
1/25 playing Norwalk @
Away 6:30 p.m
1/30 playing La Mirada @
Home 6:30 p.m
Varsity Wrestling
1/24 against Norwalk @
Home 6:30 p.m
Girls Varsity Basketball
1/13 playing Bellflower @
Away 5:00 p.m
1/25 playing Norwalk @
Away 5:00 p.m
1/30 playing La Mirada @
Home 5:00 p.m
Boys Varsity Soccer
1/13 playing Bellflower @
Home 3:00 p.m
1/20 playing Artesia @
Home 3:00 p.m
1/25 playing Norwalk @
Home 3:00 p.m
1/27 playing Glenn @
Home 3:00 p.m
Girls Varsity Soccer
1/30 playing La Mirada @
Home 3:00 p.m
Myles Smith
Simon Pugne
Imani Joseph
David Grkinich
Boys basketball off to a strong start
Varsity Boys basketball had
a good season last year, and they
have been working hard for this
upcoming season. There are high
hopes to get back to the CIF finals
this year.
“Last season we made it to
the finals because we were hungry
for it, and this season we’ve been
going through rough times but
we’re still looking to make it to
championship because we have
the same mentality as last season.
For this season we have better
are Bellflower and La Mirada.
“We ask that everyone
comes out and support us this
year. The support we received
last year made a huge difference
and created a fun atmosphere for
everyone,” Coach Davis said.
JV Boys basketball will be
trying to win the league again,
this season. The top returning
players are: Billy Thomas, who
is an MVP of JV last year, Josh
Anderson, and Melvin Jackson.
“I expect a team that will
play hard and play together,” said
Coach Davis.
Boys wrestling taking down the competition
By Lupe Santos
Wrestling is in a recovering
period this season, rebuilding and
strengthening the team is of top
Coach Pendleton says that
the team as a whole is a more
experienced one than last year.
Even though they don’t have
any seniors that have wrestled
for four years, the team is more
experienced because it does
have third-year varsity juniors
including: Michael Craig with a
12-4 record, Ricky Cerda with a
15-3 record, and Micah Ebanculla
with a 8-4 record.
“Ricky Cerda is leading
the team in wins and pins,”
said Coach Pendleton, “Chris
Bartholomew, Micah Ebanculla,
Destin Bingham, Chris Kodesh,
and Simon Pugne are our other
outstanding wrestlers.”
Some of the more experienced
wrestlers could become league
champions this year, and have a
chance to place in CIF.
When asked about his hopes
for the season, Junior Michael
Craig said, “I expect to get at
least third in league. I believe the
team is strong this year, we have
a good line-up. I want to get first
place though.”
Coach Pendleton said that
they do have a shot to win the
league championship if they
continue to improve.
As for the competition,
Coach Pendleton says: “Norwalk,
Glenn, and La Mirada will be our
toughest competition.”
On Jan. 10 the boys took
on John Glenn in their first
league meet. Varsity won 41-30
and JV won 63-9. Cerda, Craig
and Bingham all pinned their
opponents this meet.
Top JV members include Jesse
Gutierrez with a 8-1 record. George
Kallas with a 4-1 record, Andrew
Abellanosa with a 6-2 record.
Come out and support boys
wrestling this season.