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Jewish Family & Children's Service of Greater Mercer County
Annual Report 2011 - 2012
1937 - 2012
Families Helping Families for 75 Year s
In Ref lection
Joyce Kalstein
Board President
For 75 years, families in Mercer County knew there was a place to turn for a “safety net”
for life’s unexpected challenges. Although social needs may have changed over these past
decades, the mission of Jewish Family & Children’s Service has remained the same.
The agency’s 75th anniversary celebrated the positive impact that the work of JFCS has brought
to many so many individuals and families. The time honored Jewish values of community,
charity and improving the world are corner stones of the JFCS mission, past, present and as we
go into the future.
Linda Meisel
Executive Director
From decade to decade, the community makes new demands, technologies change, and new
social needs arise as others persist, yet the central mission of JFCS, to help others, remains
as strong as it was in 1937 when we were the Jewish Family Welfare Board. We are deeply
grateful to the leadership and vision of board members, volunteers and staff members, past
and present, who translate these values into action.
As we move ahead into our next 75 years, JFCS board members, volunteers and staff continue
to commit to the legacy of building programs and services that meet the present needs and
anticipate future needs within the constantly changing world around us.
JFCS Mission Statement
Jewish Family & Children’s Service of Greater Mercer County is dedicated to
strengthening families and individuals by providing a wide range of social services and
programs, including therapy, information and referral, support, education and advocacy.
Jewish Family & Children’s Service Annual Repor t 2011 - 2012
75th Anniver sar y
Family Bingo Night
75th Anniversary
75th Anniver sar y
Annual Meeting
75th Anniver sar y
Diamond Jubilee
Special Events!
75th Anniver sar y
Concer t
The dif ference between today and tomorrow...
JFCS provides high quality, affordable mental
health services. Clinical services promote
psychosocial well-being for families and
individuals of all ages in our Princeton and
Ewing offices.
»» Bilingual (Spanish) available
»» Individuals, families, couples, groups
»» Help for personal struggles, relationship
problems, parent-child conflicts and
»» Positive Parenting classes
268 Individuals • 2,547 Sessions • 114
Psychiatric Evaluations / Med Mgmt • 50% of
counseling clients on a sliding fee scale
can hear a
different sound in
my mother’s voice. She
sounds stronger and more
lively. I can’t tell you how
you have helped my mom
and me get going on all the
things we needed to do…
improving our quality of
life. I can sleep peacefully
- E.S., a counseling
“I want to thank Jewish
Family & Children’s Service for
all the support that I am receiving
since I broke my foot… practical,
emotional and financial help that
has been invaluable to me.”
- J.K., case mgmt client
JFCS offers a wide array of programs and
services for older adults and their families
Meals on
& Disability
Partnership (UADP)
In addition, JFCS offers [email protected], a
membership-based program that provides an
JFCS provides direct services to help individuals umbrella of services designed to help older
and families in need. Our case management adults age in their own homes and maintain
services also include information and referral their independence and lifestyle.
assistance to community resources.
652 total clients • 6 caregiver support
Programs include but are not limited to:
groups • 4,750 meals served •
»» Kosher Food Pantry and food vouchers
233 [email protected] members
“I consider
»» Jewish holiday assistance
everyone at
»» Camp Scholarship
the Café to be a
»» Hebrew Free Loan
part of my family.
»» Emergency financial assistance
I enjoy the food,
»» L.I.G.H.T.S. (Love Is Getting Hanukkah Toys
to Share)
people and the
164 families / 421 individuals used the
Kosher Food Pantry or food vouchers
40 families received emergency funds to
prevent eviction or utility shutoff
288 individuals received Jewish holiday
assistance funds
Jewish Family & Children’s Service Annual Repor t 2011 - 2012
overall experience at
the Café.”
- N.R., Kosher
Café member
“You encouraged participation and
brought some thoughtful and exciting
discussion. Everyone had a chance to
express their views and experiences
concerning the difficulties and challenges
of interfaith marriage. I am very
fortunate that our paths crossed.”
“It is
my pleasure
to volunteer for
such a worthwhile
organization. We are
supporters of JFCS and
all the work you do
for others in the
Jewish Community Youth Foundation (JCYF):
JCYF is a teen philanthropy program for 8th 12th grade students run in collaboration with
the Ricky & Andrew J. Shechtel Philanthropic
Fund and the Jewish Federation of PMB.
Teens contribute their own funds, which are
matched by the program partners, and then
decide as a group where to allocate the funds
based on research and site visits.
- D.H., group participant
Gesher LeKesher:
Gesher LeKesher is a Jewish peer leadership
program for 11th and 12th grade students.
The participants lead outreaches with 7th,
8th and 9th grade students on various life
issues through a Jewish lens.
Family Life Education provides psychoeducational programs that offer knowledge
and support to children, teens, adults and
Program topics include:
»» Bereavement
»» Interfaith families
»» Special needs families
»» Project S.A.R.A.H. (Domestic Violence)
»» Professional seminars
»» and more!
750 program participants • 35 presentations
100 Gesher LeKesher teens • 156 JCYF teens
will miss the fact
that every time I left a late
Sunday night JCYF meeting, I
could leave with the satisfaction of
knowing that somewhere in the world,
the money that we donate is going to
make a difference, and that there is a
person who is very grateful for the help
that we are lending to them.”
- E.P., JCYF participant
- M.F., volunteer
Many opportunities are available for our
volunteers to help those who need us in the
community. Volunteer once, once a week,
once a month - whatever you can manage!
Below is a sample of the areas you can be
involved in:
»» Kosher Meals on Wheels
»» Kosher Food Pantry
»» Office Assistant
»» Tzedakah Baskets
»» Kosher Cafés
»» Holiday Outreach
»» ChoreCorps
247 active volunteers have assisted JFCS
this year!
The dif ference between today and tomorrow...
Financials 2011 - 2012
Individual Donations
Jewish Federation of PMB
Service Fees
Special Programs / Events
Claims Conference (Holocaust)
Government Grants
Senior Services
Financial Assistance
United Way of GMC
Management & Fundraising
Community Services
Family Life Education
Case Management
Prevention & Support
84 cents of every donated dollar goes directly to client services and programs.
Endowment Fund
75th Anniversary Endowment
The Agency’s ability to support the future security,
dignity and independence of the most vulnerable
members of our community depends on Jewish
Family & Children’s Service having a strong financial
foundation. Now more than ever, JFCS must build
a solid endowment to be able to generate necessary
revenue in the future.
Building an Endowment NOW to Help Families in
the Years Ahead
2011-2012 Endowment Fund Contributors:
Adele Agin
Alter Family
Eve Coulson & Nelson Obus
Susan & Michael Falcon Family
Martha Friedman & Harold Heft Family
Patricia & Adolf Herst
Susan & Joel Heymsfeld
Shara & Gary Hofing
Joyce & Jerry Kalstein
William Kravitz Family
Nina & Cary Kvitka
Carol G. & Robert L. Lerner Family
Dr. & Mrs. Perry Loesberg Family
Harriet Kass & Alan Medvin
Meisel Family
Lois & Jeffrey Miller
Edith D. Neimark
Nedda & Lawrence Pollack
Rosenman Family
Saks Family
Eva & Harvey Samachson
Jeri & Scott Schaefer
Sandy Sussman & Ronald Schnur
Nicole & Michael Vermut
Baurmash/Wagner Family
Audrey & Marc Wisotsky
Jewish Family & Children’s Service Annual Repor t 2011 - 2012
JFCS Contributions 2011 - 2012
Foundation & Grant Supporters
Administration on Aging - Department of Health &
Human Services
AmeriCorps - The College of New Jersey
Bacchetta Foundation
Church & Dwight Employee Giving Fund
Corella and Bertram F. Bonner Foundation
Elaine Moorin Fund for Children and Seniors
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Mazon, A Jewish Response to Hunger
Jewish Community Foundation of PMB
Jewish Community Youth Foundation
Jewish Federation of Princeton Mercer Bucks
Mercer County Department of Mental Health
Mercer County Department of Senior Services
New Jersey State Department of Mental Health
New Jersey State Office of Faith Based Initiatives
Ortho-McNeil, Janssen Pharmaceutical, Inc.
Princeton Area Community Foundation
Ricky & Andrew J. Shechtel Philanthropic Fund
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Shakun & Devery Family Fund
Sucharow Family Fund
United Way of Greater Mercer County
Matching Gifts
Jacob & Hilda Blaustein Foundation
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
General Electric
Johnson & Johnson
McGraw Hill
Moody’s Foundation
Pfizer Foundation
Prudential Foundation
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Verizon Foundation
Individual Donors
Bernice & Abe Abramovich
Diane & Bruce Ackerman
Joyce & Bruce Afran
Adele Agin
Gail & Dennis Alba
Celeste & Brian Albert
Barbara & Daniel Aldouby
Lynne & Stuart Alexander
Vicki & Reuben Alhadeff
Marlene & Edward Alpern
Arielle & Glenn Altchek
Sharon Mizels & Gordon Alter
Nancy & Howard Alter
Caryn & Marshall Alter
Francine & Assaf Amir
Karen Wishnick & Richard
Eleanor Angoff
Louise Anish
Isaac Antebi
Stephanie & Marvin Anzel
Arthur Applebaum
Margaret & Craig Arnold
Jean Arnold
Sonya Aronowitz
Diane & Alec Arons
Ellen & David Arzt
Ellen Avins
Evelyne Axelrod
Tess Alterbaum & Stuart
Helen & Kalman Azarchi
Karen Azarchi
Laurie Kruger-Azer &
Howard Azer
Paula & Robert Bacall
Cathy & Brad Bailey
Lori & Jeffrey Bailin
Rabbi Julie Roth & Rabbi
Justus Baird
Alan Balaban
Karen & David Barmak
Carol Baron
Ruth & Donald Barrack
Meryl & Len Baum
Drorit & David Beckman
Florence & Ted Begun
Isaac Bejar
Madeline Sturm & Bruce
Harriet Belovin
Barbara & Ronald Berg
Margaret & Adam Berger
Barbara & Bruce Berger
Linda & Robert Berger
Jan & Scott Berger
Elana Berlinger
Sheree Berman Rosser
Sasha Mason & David
Joan Berman
Peter Bienstock
Nurit & Steve Binenbaum
Iris & Sandy Bing
Susan & Steven Bizenov
Jennifer & Jeremy Black
Marilyn & Paul Blankman
Shari & Haim Blecher
Lauren & Arthur Blick
Madeline & Alan Blinder
Stacey & Richard Block
Laurence Bloom
Beatrice & Michael Bloom
Carey & Steven Bloom
Anne & Martin Bloomenthal
Jacqueline Bodin
Ellen & Barry Bogage
Robyn & Ken Bohall
Ingeborg & Henry Bondi
Adele & Jack Borrus
Charlene & Scott Borsack
Judy & Steven Bortnick
Carolyn Wroblewski & Brian
Kathleen & Philip Bosak
Laura & Cantor Larry
Julie Brenner
Sally Steinberg-Brent &
Daniel Brent
Deborah & Randall Brett
Klara Brodsky
Addie & Harold Broitman
Christie & Michael Bronstein
Mr. & Mrs. H. Brooks
Jennifer Brooks
Marlene & Dennis Brotman
Bette Nan Brottman
Barbara Brown
Ellen & Anthony Buchsbaum
Elaine & Peter Buchsbaum
Helene & Howard Buckwald
Lea Lerner & Moshe Budmor
Leslie & Herschel Burstyn
Ruth & Leonard Busch
Alan Bush
Wendy & Patrick Cacacie
Jennifer & Evan Cadoff
Ellen & Marshall Calman
Marian Calogero
The dif ference between today and tomorrow...
Karen Cantrell
Hyla & Sandor Caplan
JoAnn Carchman
Philip Carchman
Glen Carleton
Cathy & Brian Carlis
Helaine Chairnoff
Hedda & Hugh Chairnoff
Kenneth Chamlin
Marcia Chast Klein
Gail & Ron Check
Linda & Ira Cheifetz
Sarah Gooen Chen & Roland
Denise & David Cheskis
Joan Girgus & Alan
Mija Choi
Sharon Cimarron
Christine & Mikel Cirkus
Marcie & Marc Citron
Ruth & Martin Clayman
Francesca Benson & George
Debra & Adam Cohen
Gale & Allen Cohen
Bruce & Elaine Cohen
Bruce Cohen
Joanne & Elliot Cohen
Janet & Howard Cohen
Jerome Cohen
Beverly & Jerry Cohen
Lynn Cohen
Morton S. Cohen
Sheryl & Phillip Cohen
Ticha & Ronald Cohen
Anita & Samuel Cohen
Marion & Stanley Cohen
Wendy Cohen
Joyce Colbert
Lois Consovoy
Meryl & Larry Cooperman
Zelda Coren
Aimee & Gene Corrado
Lorrie & John Costanzo
Eve Coulson & Nelson Obus
Susan & Stephen Couture
Toby & Robert Cowen
Rebecca & Kevin Crain
Barbara & Frank Curran
Ruth & Robert Davidson
Randi & Matthew Davis
Suzanne & Michael Davis
Rysia de Ravel
Beth & Marty Deitchman
Barbara Berko & Joel Deitz
Morton Deitz, in memory of
Phyllis P. Deitz
Barbara & Martin Demsky
Jessica & Ted Deutsch
Roberta & John Devery
Judy & Rabbi Jim Diamond
Lita & Nelson Diamond
Rita & Mark Doyne
Esther & Joseph Dresner
Joan & Richard Druckman
Diana & Esmond Druker
Helene & Scott Dubin
Shirley Dwork
Helen & Jay Edelberg
Carol & Arthur Edelman
Mark Edelstein
Chris Edenfield
Linda Edenfield
Stephanie Eidelman
Jill & Daniel Eisenstein
Phyllis Eisner
Holli & Matthew Elias
Karen Ellis
Beth & Nick Englezos
Sara & Steven Enis
Myra Epstein
Sandra Esner
Colleen Fabrizio
Debra & Michael Faigen
Susan & Michael Falcon
Felice G. Farber
Henry Farber
Maxine & Steve Farmer
Ruth Fath
Harriet & Art Fein
Dianne & Jack Fein
Helene & Michael Feinberg
Phylllis & Dave Feinblum
Gary Feinstein
Sheryl & Richard Feinstein
Sara Bucholtz & Rabbi Adam
Carolyn Feldman
Judy & Jeff Feldman
Deborah & Lewis Feldstein
Lori & Michael Feldstein
Linda & William Feldstein
Barbara & Stephen Felton
Heather Fertig Berman
Barbara Fineman & Jill
Joanne Reiffe-Fishbane &
Richard Fishbane
Christen Foell
Amy & Robert Folberg
Bobbi & Robert Fomalont
Pam & Andy Frank
Roberta & Arthur Frank
Suzanne & Howard Franzblau
Ellen & Brian Frasco
Roberta Bach Freedman &
Barry Freedman
Debbie Freedman
Anne Freedman
Marsha & Eliot Freeman
Joan & Herbert Freeman
Beth & Jonathan Frieder
Sara & Devin Friedlander
Elizabeth & Eric Friedman
Morris Friedman
Lorraine Fisch & Robert
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Friedman
Mandy Friolo
Rachel Weinstein & Bruce
Beth & Glenn Frommer
Jennifer & Michael Fuchs
Donna & David Gabai
Evelyn & Glenn Gabai
Delores & Harry Garb
Eileen & Robert Garber
Doreen Shulman Garelick &
Richard Garelick
Wanda & Paul Garrin
Mary & Louis Garruba
Lucille & Alan Gartenberg
Douglas Gavin
Marci Gelb
Randi Gelbard
“[I’ve learned] the
value of giving back to the
Jewish Community in a meaningful
way and the power I have to make a
- R.T., JCYF participant
Mary Furey & Paul Gerard
Jane Gerb
Noemie & Antoine Gerschel
Ilene & Jonathan Gershen
Mildred Gershen
Sherry Sizemore & Daniel
Laura Gery
Gilda & Jonathan Gittleman
Stephanie & Robert Gittleman
Joyce & Harry Glantz
Barry Glaser
Cynthia Glass
Renee & Alan Glickman
Shirley & Newton Godnick
Isabel Godoy-Bousquet
Gilbert Gold
Barbara & Bernard Goldberg
Wilma Solomon & David
Carol & Andrew Golden
David Goldfarb
Irene & Sam Goldfarb
Jacqueline & Joel Goldfinger
Thelma & Richard Goldfinger
Beverly Rubman & Mark
Shoshi Goldfus
Naomi & Michael Goldin
Cheryl & Richard Goldman
Maxine & Brian Goldsmith
Selma & Fred Goldstein
Tammy & Harold Goldstein
Diane & Robert Goldstein
Susan Goldstein
Nancy & Bill Goldstein
Ruth & Robert Goldston
Heather & Daniel Goodman
Joan & Lawrence Goodman
Cindy & Alan Gordon
Felice & Alvin Gordon
Edith & Arnold Gordon
Ellen & Gil Gordon
Lenore & Irwin Gordon
Susan & Mark Gordon
Judith & Stephen Gotkis
Diane & Irving Gozonsky
Naomi Graff
Jenny Gragg
Maureen & Lawrence Gragg
Ann & Andrew Granett
Tess Kline & Andrew
Howard Greenberg
Laura Nash & Jack Greenberg
Marilyn Greenberg
Vivian & Stan Greenberg
Tina & Bill Greenberg
Linda & Michael Greenstein
Linda & Michael Grenis
Claire & Allan Gross
Janice Gross
Debbie & Jeffrey Gross
Laura & Jonathan Gross
Jo & Max Gross
Rosalyn & Robert Gross
Evelyn & Leonard Grossman
Barbara & Gerald Gruber
Anita & David Grueneberg
Linda & David Grunbaum
Leslie Grunes
Maxine & Herbert Gurk
Harriet & Lawrence Haber
Martha & Lee Hammel
Beth & Martin Hammer
Matt Harisiades
Jessica & Robert Harris
Ruth Harris
Lisa Hartman
Lorell Levy & Philip Hartman
Ellen Hirsh & William
Ann Harwood
Nancy & John Healey
Marcia & Stephen Hefler
Martha Friedman & Harold
Harriet & Israel Heilweil
Rhonda & Jim Heisler
Paula & Steven Heller
Joan & Rabbi Howard Hersch
Laurie & Daniel Herscovici
Marjorie & Henry Hersh
Pamela Hersh
Patty & Adolf Herst
Susan & Joel Heymsfeld
Jewish Family & Children’s Service Annual Repor t 2011 - 2012
Jackie & Robert Hilger
Bertha Hirsch
Steven Hochman
Meryl Bichler & Arthur
Carol Hoffman
Robin Hoffman
Sharon Hoffman-Manning
Shara & Gary Hofing
Laura & Sidney Hofing
Marilyn Holtzman
Carol & Herbert Horowitz
Merrye Shavel-Hudis &
Stephen Hudis
Rachel & Jeffrey Humphrey
Louise Husid
Betsy Greenberg Ie & Darma
Ann & Mel Insler
Jill Gartenberg Jaclin & Gregg
Shellie & Marvin Jacobson
Nanci Jacobson
Denise & Henry James
Ilene & Mark Janofsky
Karen & Freddy Jimenez
B. W. Joffe
Barbara Johnson
Melissa Hager & Curtis
Dianne & Edward Jordan
Faye & Harvey Josephson
Emily & Seth Josephson
Ellen & Andrew Judson
Susan Juronics
Marcy & Antoine Kahn
Florence & Steven Kahn
Michele & Harvey Kaish
Joyce & Jerry Kalstein
Anastasya & Yefim Kantor
Joan & Richard Kaplan
Lawrence Karen
Sharon & Jeff Karl
Jane Zamost & Gary Karlin
Rakafet & Jeremy Kasdin
Maxine & Fred Kasman
Joan Kaspin
Shelly & Mark Kasrel
Evette & Hazzan Arthur
Sofiya Katsova
Sandy Kurinsky & Michael
Irene & Norman Katz
Adria & Stanley Katz
Meryl & Philip Kauff
Jill & Gregg Kaufman
Christine & Kenneth Kaufman
Hildee & Lawrence Kaufman
Lori Kaufman
Donna & Stanley Kaye
Jody & Daniel Kessel
Mary Ellen & Michael Kessler
Brenda & John Kirkenir
Deborah Glick & Richard
Mindy & Philip Kirstein
Audrey & Clive Klatzkin
Rena & Albert Klein
Cyndi & Ric Kleinbart
George Kleinman
Janice & Martin Kline
Tilde Kline
Lorraine Koffman
Richard M. Kohn
Seva Jaffe Kramer & Peter
Donna Krams Nardozza
Lily & Elliot Krauss
Anne Eby & Arthur Kravitz
Rita Kravitz
Elizabeth Cutler & Tom
Joan & Barry Kritz
Jill Kross
Harry Krotowski
Mary & Ben Kuller
Bonnie & Alan Kurfirst
Phyllis & Jerome Kurshan
Sheila & Daniel Kurtzer
Susan & David Kushner
Judith & Samuel Kutin
Nina & Cary Kvitka
Maxine Lampert
Sondra & Melvin Lampl
Melissa Lane
Diane & Robert Lange
Elaine Lapin
Arlene & Marc Lassin
Judy & Bob Latinsky
Donna Lavin
Audrey Lavine
Barbara Berkman & Charles
Elaine Lavine
all, your special
Arun & Roy Lavine
Barbara & Brad Lawrence
presence and professional
Randi & John Lawrie
guidance have made me feel
Harriet & Martin Lazarus
that I am not alone.”
Laurel & Edwin LeavittGruberger
- S.L., counseling client
Marilyn & Philip Lebovitz
Rochelle & Helmut Lecke
Karen Brodsky & Don
Ruth & Harvey Koizim
Patricia & Frank Kolodny
Marian Leibowitz
Melinda & Barry Korbman
Jeanne & Sher Leiman
Leslie & Rabbi Jay Kornsgold Sherryl & Kenneth Leon
Helene & Harold Koslow
Judy & Mike Leopold
Randi & MIchael Koss
Carol & Robert Lerner
Ingela Kostenbader
Dale & Lawrence Lessne
David Kott
Nanci Levi
Cheryl & Joseph Kott
Joan Levin
Rita & Ronald Kraft
Beth & Josh Levin
Carole & Simon Levin
Rhoda & Aaron Levine
Dawn & Alan Levine
Rosalie & Ted Levine
Berna & Noah Levine
Kathy Ales & Richard Levine
Judy & Bob Levine
Sheila & Leon Levinsky
Paula & Stuart Levinsky
Ruth Rosenberg & Bennett
Gail & Steve Levitt
Meryll Belfor & Elliott Levy
Riva Jaffe-Levy & Howard
Esther & Marshall Levy
Nancy Feldman & Ross Lewin
Nancy & Neil Lewis
Lois & Jack Lichstein
Linda Schwimmer & Josh
Fran & David Lichtenstein
Marci & David Lieberman
Diane Lieberman
Karen & Howard Lieberman
Bernice & Jack Lieberman
Lisa & Lawrence Lieberman
Anne Brener & Ed Linky
Florence Lipstein
Mark Litowitz
Eleni Zatz Litt & Neil Litt
Donna & Jeff Litwin
Stephanie & Perry Loesberg
Clara & Rudy Loewenstein
Sandi & Hank Lubin
Rita & Richard Lucherini
Jan Silva & Paulo Maciag
Julie Leitman & Chan
Debby & Kenneth Maisel
Barbara & James Majeski
Elissa Makarowitz
Debra Mannella
Judy & Moshe Margolin
Marcia & Jay Margolis
Maxine & Richard Markell
Rebecca & Daniel Marks
Bill Marks
Sheila & Jack Marrero
Miles Martin
Margaret & John Maruschak
Renee & Robert May
Paul McCormack
Alla & Thomas McEntee
Judith & Robert
Harriet Kass & Alan Medvin
Linda & Art Meisel
Rachel & Micah Meisel
Anna Kovner & Seth Meisel
Jackie & Seymour Meisel
Deb & Lew Meixler
Lisa Tindall & Stephen
Michael Melker
Stacy & Brian Meltzer
Estelle & Ira Meltzer
Leonie Menasche
Wendy & Mark Merkovitz
Sam Merkovitz
Cathy Meshumar
Marianne & Robert Meyer
Eileen & Bob Millemann
Vanny & Alan Miller
Lynne Ruff & Andrew Miller
Arlene & Arthur Miller
Ruth & Bernard Miller
Lois & Jeff Miller
Judy & Donald Millner
Rita & Leonard Millner
Susan Millstein-Weiner
Jennifer & Samuel Millstone
Carol & Andrew Milstein
Linda & Joshua Milstein
Eve & Stephen Milstein
Judy & Steve Minsky
Lynne & Stuart Mitchell
Stacy & Harvey Mitgang
Tirza Wahrman Mitlak &
Warren Mitlak
Elaine Rubin Moorin & Jay
Hedda & David Morton
Rose Movitch
Sherry & Steven Nadel
Rhoda & Leslie Nagler
Janet & Stuart Nagourney
Meredith & Kevin Naskiewicz
Karen & David Nathan
Edith Neimark
Naomi Richman & Jerry
Ellen Youngelson & Ira
Myra Weiner & Irv Newman
Sandra & Frank Norman
Sondra Obstein
Estate of Helen Offner
Judith Pollack & James Ohls
Christine & David Olenchalk
Marsha Olian
Leslie O’Malley
Arlene & Henry Opatut
Alicia & Jerry Ostriker
Paula & Craig Ostroff
Tamara & Stuart Ostrowsky
Amy & Jay Oyer
Holland & Alan Paley
Ana Maria & Vincent Paliotta
Linda & Glenn Palsky
Peter Pantages
Isabel & Peter Paret
Willa Inlender & Fred
Ruth Payne
Rhoda Pedowitz
Anne & Mark Pepper
Lois & Brian Perkins
Ellen Chajson & Mark Perkiss
Jodi Lynn & John Perko
Cindy & Ron Perl
Mandi & Adam Perle
Trudi & Marc Perlman
Robin & Jeffrey Persky
Bobbie & Larry Pervin
Suzanne & Steven Peskin
Alison & Mark Petraske
Penny & Bruce Pierce
Kim & Michael Pimley
Janice Pincus
Linda Kanner & Rick Pine
Meridy Pockell
Stella & Leon Podolsky
Karen & Donald Polakoff
Alison & David Politziner
Nedda & Larry Pollack
Arlene & Lester Pollack
The dif ference between today and tomorrow...
Marion & Robert Pollack
Carol & Mark Pollard
Fran Popp
Rhona & Allen Porter
Michelle & Mark Pressman
Neil & Maribeth Proshan
Elizabeth Zuckerman & Craig
D. Provost
Sheryl & Joseph Punia
Leonard Punia
Gayle & Barry Rabinowitz
Sandra Rabinowitz
Joyce & Michael Rappeport
Rachel & Morgan Ratcliffe
Julie Zimmerman & Adam
Naomi Reich
Barbara & David Reiff
Fe & John Reilly
Laura & James Reiser
Arlene Pedovitch & Joel
Susan Minzter & Benjamin
Marcia & Julius Richter
Janie Rippner
Dorothy Robbins
Mindy & Jeff Rockower
Hal Rodriguez
Marsha & Charles Rojer
Andrea & Mitchell Rona
Yzhak Ronen
Bertha & Arnold Ropeik
Gail & William Rose
Marsha Novick & Harvey
Howard Rosen
Sudi Solomon & Martin
Sherry Rosen
Ellen & Arthur Rosenbaum
Cecilia & Irwin Rosenblum
Phlaxy & Howard Rosenman
Lila & Rabbi Morton
Beth & Bruce Rosner
Kaaron & Robert Ross
Terri & Barry Rossman
Martha & Martin Rossman
Wendy & Joseph Rotella
Regie & Jeff Roth
Meryl & Robert Rothenberg
Sue & Rick Rothstein
Sonya & Irving Rozansky
Michalina & Marcel
Donna & Allan Rubin
Ruthellen & Marc Rubin
Caryn & Robert Rubinstein
“I would
like to express my
deepest gratitude for
the extraordinary help
that was extended to me
by JFCS. Thanks to your
staff, we can restore our
happiness in life even
when it looks like life’s
problems take away all
our hope.”
- S.V.D, Holocaust
Roseanne Rubinstein
Fran & Ellier Russ
Ned Saaz
Lisa & Jonathan Sabin
Cynthia & Jacob Sage
Emily & Mark Saks
Norma & Richard Saks
Evelyn & Jerome Saldick
Heidi Joseph & Dave
Jessica Saltzstein
Eva & Harvey Samachson
Teresa & Clive Samuels
Seymour Sandler
Lynne & Meyer Sapoff
Evelyn & Jeffrey Sasmor
Betsy & Daniel Sauder
Jeri & Scott Schaefer
Jessica & Randy Schafer
Roberta Sloan & Robert
Esther Schlesinger
Nili Schnitzer
Sandy Sussman & Ron Schnur
Ruth Schnur
Lauren & David Schor
Jerrilyn Rozner & Mark
Karen & Ronald Schotland
Irene & Bruce Schragger
James Schragger
Gaby & Hymie Schreiber
Ruth Schulman
Iris & Steven Schulman
Naomi & Eugene Schwartz
Harriett & Howard Schwartz
Barbara & Joseph Schwartz
Judith & Martin Schwartz
Ellen & Michael Schwartz
Diane & Mitchell Schwartz
Carol & Robert Schwartz
Leigh & William Segal
Lisa & Sanjay Sehgal
Marilyn Riley & Robert
Hanna & Dave Seiman
Marsha Shainwald
Cathy Pike & Neil Shainwald
Sally Shakun
Naomi Shank
Charlotte Shapiro
Vivian & Harold Shapiro
Peggy & Kenneth Shaprio
Frances & Norman Shapiro
Barbara Hoffman & Paul
Lorna Sharon
Carol & Larry Shatoff
Geraldine & Stanley Shatz
Marcie & Douglas Shavel
Hedy & Matthew Shavel
Mindy & Michael Shedler
Lynn Shell
Michele Alperin & Steven
Frances Sherman
Zhanna & Vladislav Sheykhet
Lois Shindelman
Helen & Peter Shriver
Janice & Bernard Shull
Phil Shuman
Grace Dennigan & Neil
Lisette & Hank Siegel
Denise & Martin Siegel
Ruth & Elliot Sigal
Edna & Maurice Silberman
Rosalind Silberman
Marjorie & Harvey Silk
Sylvia Ziona Silverman &
Rabbi David Silverman
Betsy & Gary Silverman
Elizabeth & Stephen
Martha & Wallace Silverman
Hillary & Kenneth Silverstein
Perrisue Silverstein
Andrea Simes
Lori Starkman Simon & Ed
Sabina & Glenn Singer
Helen Siswein
Ina Beth & Steven Slutzky
Alice & Joseph Small
Amy & Jeff Smith
Kevin Smith
Louise Sandburg & Peter
Susan & David Smolin
Rosanne & Bernard
Susan & Gary Smotrich
Lisa & Andy Smukler
Lisa & Ira Snyder
Barbara & Michael Snyder
Mary Jean Sokol
Amy & David Solomon
Mark Solomon
Victoria Solomon
Eve & Lee Solow
Ellen & Michael Somerstein
Holly & Edward Spector
Roberta Temkin Spector &
Jeremy Spector
Myrna & Arnold Speert
Nan Speller
Laura Kahn & David Spergel
Elisa & Cary Spiegel
Sherry Spiezle
Marjorie & Joseph Spindel
Helane & Richard Staller
Ellen & Albert Stark
R. Starkes
Kim Starr
Scott Stein
Eileen & Victor Stein
Rochelle & Adam Stern
Amy Stern
Barbara & Gene Stern
Marcia Stern
Lois & Gerald Sternberg
Sharen Popkin & Jon
Sheila Stevens
Judy & Ed Stier
Hazel Stix
Howard Stone
Michael Strasfeld
Elise & Jim Straus
Sally Goldfarb & Joseph
Fran & Lawrence Sucharow
Elaine & Barry Sussman
Leanne & Steve Swallwood
Caryn & Richard Swanson
Marjorie Kaplan & Frank
Shelly & Benedykt
Sharon & Steven Tabor
Ashley Taite
Sharon & Stephen Taksler
Marilyn Marks Tal & Erel Tal
Virginia & Edward Taylor
Nancy Teich Frost
Elana & Mark Tenenzapf
Harriet Teweles
Jeanette & Michael Timmons
Debby & Alan Tipermas
Lisa & Mark Tobias
Robyn & Richard Trause
Joan Treiman
Marissa & Jesse Treu
Suzi & Richard Troll
Margaret & Martin Tuchman
Rabbi Annie Tucker
Sylvia Tumin
Hillary & Jay Turchin
Barbara Turner
Nancy Uchrin
Pamela & Peter Ullman
Susan Ultan
Ernestine Urken
Cindy & Irv Urken
Joan Spindel & Milan
Roslyn & David Vanderbilt
Nikki & Michael Vermut
Amy & Paul Vogel
Debra & Daniel Wachspress
Wendy & Todd Wachtel
Meryl Baurmash & Daniel
Jack Wagner
Anne Berman-Waldorf & Josh
Robin & Alan Wallack
Judith & Michael Walzer
Linda & Ronald Warren
Barry Wasserman
Jennifer & Frederick
Suki & Matt Wasserman
Anne Weidler
Elaine Weinberg
Michelle & Jeff Weinberg
Sylvia Weinberger
Susan & Michael Weiner
Robert Weiner
Jewish Family & Children’s Service Annual Repor t 2011 - 2012
Gayle & Barry Weisberg
Dale & Richard Weiss
Martha Himmelfarb & Steve
Ivy Weitzman
Karen & Harry Wellerstein
Lara Wellerstein
Mary Jean Weston
The Wetstein Family
Elaine Wheeler
Maryann & Sidney Whitman
Shari & Donald Widmayer
Stephanie & Thomas Will
Ginny Mason & Robert Willig
Allan Willinger
Karen Winterfield-Dodds
Debra Bass & Eric Wiseblatt
Audrey & Marc Wisotsky
Wendy & Mark Witlieb
Alyssa & Samuel Wolfe
Nina & Alan Wolff
Renee & Saul Wolfson
Janet & Jack Wolinitz
Sara & Rabbi David
Wendy & Jeffrey Woloshin
Frances Wroblewski
Nancy & Marvin Wurtzelman
Francine & Alan Yorinks
Judith & Fred Young
Natalie London & Richard
Lynn Zabner
Nurit Thorn-Zachter &
Morton Zachter
Marilyn & Howard Zagorin
Betty Zaitz
Anne & Brian Zecher
Froma & George Zeitlin
Nora Zelizer
Deborah Zeller
Muriel Zeltmacher
Deborah & Jeffrey Ziment
Advah & Joshua Zinder
Brenda Zlatin
Christina & Howard Zogott
Eileen Glick & Robert Zollner
Caroline & Melvin Zucker
2011 - 2012 Board of Directors
Joyce Kalstein
1st Vice President
Nedda Pollack
Daniel Wagner
Carol Lerner
Vice Presidents
Harold Heft
Cary Kvitka
Audrey Wisotsky
Past Presidents
*Louis Rudner
*Sidney S. Stark
*Sidney Goldmann
*Bernard Green
*Sidney Goldmann
*Samuel Leventhal
*Leon M.Robinson
*Maurice A. Ross
*Philip J. Albert
*David Kravitz
Adele Agin
Nancy Alter
Morton Cohen
Eve Coulson
Susan Falcon
Daniel Goodman
Joel Heymsfeld
Shara Hofing
Past President
Norma S. Saks
*Marvin Swern
*Harry Holland
*Maurice Kott
*Max Bard
Harold Koslow
*Harold Hoenig
*Saul Gilman
*Max Bard
Florence Kent
*Saul Gilman
Richard Shaine
Carol Kurland
Richard Shaine
Phillip Griffin
Joel E. Orland
Lynne M. Newman
Lewis J. Pepperman
Jeffrey M. Rosenthal
Arthur Kravitz
Allen H. Schwartz
Steven Sacks Wilner
Alice E. Welt
Merrye Shavel Hudis
Marvin Jacobson
Michael Leopold
Stephanie Loesberg
Lois Miller
Naomi Richman Neumann
Adam Perle
Robert Rubinstein
Patricia U. Herst
*Maurice G. Weinberg
Elaine Rubin Moorin
Jeri Schaefer
Directors Emeritus
Stephanie Anzel
Wilma Aronson
Deborah Bard
Hilda Beytas
*Sue Blumberg
Dave Saltzman
Harvey Samachson
Jeri Schaefer
Ronald Schnur
Elaine Sussman
Nicole Vermut
Morton Deitz
*Phyllis Deitz
Franklin Flacks
*Mimi Forer
*Frieda Garber
*Beulah Glickman
Nancy Goldstein
Gary Hofing
Philip Kauff
Audrey Lavine
*May Medoff
“TZEDAKAH is equal to all other commandments combined.”
Ruthellen Rubin
*Fay Schragger
James Schragger
Ruth G. Siegel
Judy Silk
Albert Squire
Annette Squire
Sherry Spiezle
Lawrence Wohl
* Deceased
- Talmud - Bava Bathra 9b
2011 - 2012 JFCS Staff
Executive Director
Linda Meisel, LCSW
Wendy Cacacie, LCSW
Jeffrey Green, MD
Linda Kanner, LCSW
Jill Kaufman, LCSW
Isabel Godoy-Bousquet., MA
Margarita Leahy, MA, NCC, LAC
Chris Freeman, MA, LPC
Janaina Silva, BA
Case Management
Christopher Edenfield, BA
Melissa Enns, MSW, LMSW
Robert Ragati, BA
[email protected]
Judy Millner, RN, BSN
Beth Hammer, LCSW
Andrea Gaynor, LCSW
Beth Engelzos, BA
Beverly Rubman, MA
Senior Services
Betsy Kaplan, MSW, LSW
Debi Henritzy, BA
Phylicia Joseph, BA
Elizabeth Salston, MA, LSW
Jane Eiseman, BA
Laurie Dinerstein-Kurs, BA
Finance & Development
Carolyn Wroblewski
Wanda Garrin, BA
Tammy Goldstein, BA
The dif ference between today and tomorrow...
Administrative Support
Eileen Millemann, BA
Nancy Uchrin, BA
Philadelphia Pendeke
Mary Garruba
Community Services
Lara Wellerstein, MSW
Celeste Albert, LCSW
Sara Hunter, BA
Susan Kushner, MA
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