Hapton C.E./Methodist Primary School
Head teacher: Mrs. K.A.Marney
Tel:01282 771657
Web Address:www.hapton.lancsngfl.ac.uk
Year 6 Sats
A final reminder that Year 6 SATs tests begin
next Monday 10th May. Please make sure the
children go to bed early and have a good
breakfast (and lots of water) during the week
to help their concentration levels in the tests.
All the children deserve to do well as they
have all worked hard this year.
Good luck to all of them!!!
Next week Year 6 children
will not be swimming due to
A full swimming kit will
need to be brought for all
children in Class 3 and all
the Year 5 children in
Class 4, on the normal day
of Tuesday!
Cash For Schools
Art Aprons
A big thank you to all parents and friends who
have supported us in sending in tokens.
All we need to do now is wait and see if we
have collected enough to win one of the cash
Let’s hope so! The tokens have been counted
and sent off so we will keep you informed as
soon as we know of any news!!
Clubs and Activities
Monday – Street Dance Yr 3-6 – 3.30-4.30pm
Tuesday- Football – Yr 3-6 – 3.30-4.30pm
Wednesday- Junior Sports Club (incorporating
netball) – Yr3-6 - 3.30-4.30pm Parents Literacy Course
- 3.30-5.30pm
Thursday-Infant Sports Club (Class 1) 3.30-4.15pm
Band Practice 3.30-4.30pm
Friday – No Clubs
It has been brought to our attention that
some of the younger children have been
going home with glue on their
sweatshirts from art activities! First of
all, can I say how sorry we are.
Secondly, to prevent this happening in
the future we have bought some long
sleeved art aprons. The children in
Classes 1 and 2 will now wear these
when doing any ‘messy’ art or glue
activities. We will also monitor the glue
and paint that is being used because it
should all be water based. Hopefully,
this should stop any more problems with
your children’s clothes.
Class 3 and 4 Trip
Our junior trip this summer will
be a visit to Camelot on
Thursday 1st July. A letter
outlining times, prices etc, will
be sent home after half term.
Class 1: Katie Walsh and
Jamie Curry
Class 2: Amy-Louise Evans,
Aaliyah Eyre, Riona Hartley and
Maddison Taylor
Class 3: Emmi-Leigh Grogan,
Jessica Travis, Emily Rodgers,
Joe Hindle and Declan
Class 4: Emma O’Rourke and
Steven Birbeck
Class 4 won our tidiest
classroom certificate!
Well done to all our
of The Month
William Brown, Zak
Scott, Ben Williams
and Steven Birbeck
all received
certificates and
ribbons for making
good progress in
On Monday, Linda our
school cook will start
serving the new Spring
and Summer Menu.
Your child should have
brought home a menu
earlier in the week
outlining the new
meals. As a
promotion, the Catering
Service will also be
giving out games and
stickers to all children
who have a school
Class 1 and 2
Jack Hindle has been
nominated ‘Play
Birthday to...
Leader of the Month’.
Luke Comberbach
and Mia Hunt
Jumble Sale
who celebrated
Next month on Thursday
their birthday on 10th June we will be holding
a Jumble Sale from 3.30 –
5th May.
5pm. Please start saving
your jumble. The date to
start bringing jumble to
school will be put in a later
Thank you.
We are currently in
the process of
arranging an infant
trip to ‘Legoland’ at
the Trafford Centre,
Manchester. As soon
as dates, times and
prices are finalised,
we will send out a
letter detailing the
above points.