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Roseville, CA 95747
George and Cathy Sylvia – In a League of Their Own
Life’s pathways are peppered
with people who’ve experienced
a certain “brush with greatness”.
They may be well known for a career
achievement, athletic talent or a
family name.
George and Cathy Sylvia are
two such people. However, these
three-year residents of Lincoln
Hills originally from the Bay
Area, might fool you. Married for
34 years, each one is soft spoken,
humble and not quick to brag. You
wouldn’t know each has a story to
tell: One about being a softball
champion, the other about growing
up as a daughter of a cultural icon.
George —
A “Portuguese from the
commercial fishing community
of New Bedford, Mass.” as he
describes himself, George relocated to
California at a young age. He
attended San Jose State University
and with an electronics background,
eventually retired from the Intel
Corp. as a training manager.
He met Cathy some 38 years
ago, at a softball party in Santa Clara.
Ironically, it is softball that brought
them together and today still plays
an important role in their lives.
According to George, baseball
was always a big part of his life –
from a youngster in Little League
to college and a semi-pro league.
“But, I knew there was no future
for me professionally in baseball,”
he admits.
Now softball – that’s another
story. A variant of baseball played
with a larger ball on a smaller
field, this sport has pitched him
a rewarding pastime. Taking
Cathy and George Sylvia
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Another Record Year for Neighbors InDeed Players Group —
The Readers Theater
Unlike businesses
electrical work.
that measure their
Nearly 700 calls
success in dollars, we
were for requesting
at Neighbors InDeed
and returning 438
measure our success
loans of medical
by how many of you
equipment: walkers,
we help.
By this measure,
transport chairs,
2014 was our most
canes, crutches,
successful year ever.
ramps, and grabbers.
We responded to some
Handy Helpers
6,800 resident calls,
deliver this equipment
up from around 6,700
to residents from
in 2013.
our storage unit and
I&R Coordinator Cindy Atkinson
Most of these
return it there after
taking your calls.
calls were requests
for our Handy
Many more of
Helper, Medical Equipment Loan, and
you made about 2,600 calls for assistance
Information & Referral services. Calls
from our Information & Referral (I&R)
for home maintenance and repairs by our
Handy Helpers accounted for the largest
For this we maintain a database of
number—about 3,250.
around 600 commercial vendors, nonprofit
The most-requested maintenance and
entities, and public agencies providing
repair tasks were changing smoke alarm
a wide range of services valuable to
batteries, furnace filters, and light bulbs;
residents. We offer information about home
addressing computer and entertainment
maintenance, repair, and improvement
system needs; adjusting irrigation controls
companies; in-home and other health care
and fixing other irrigation problems; and
services; other services like auto repair, pest
lubricating and adjusting garage doors.
control, and transportation; and support
We also did a good bit of thermostat
groups. Our referrals to commercial
programming, picture hanging, mattress
(cont’ on page 45)
turning, furniture moving, and minor
The Readers Theater’s cast is excited
to be presenting, Love Is In The Air...Or Is
It? on February 7th at 7 PM and February
8th at 3 PM on the Kilaga Presentation
Hall stage. Bring your honey or friend or
come on your own and sit back to enjoy
four stories of life and love, that will tickle
your funny bone and warm your heart. The
Readers Theater’s productions are always
FREE, which is one of the ways that the
Players can convey their appreciation to a
community that has unfailingly shown its
support throughout the years for our many
creative, talented, technical and above all,
hard working members.
Preparations for The Ballad of Gopher
Gap...or Sticky Fingers Won’t Wash, directed
by Julia Africa, are underway and charging
full steam ahead. Rehearsals have begun,
bringing together a cast of very funny
and talented actors, playing very funny
and downright outrageous characters.
Come prepared for over-the-top and
campy melodrama, guest appearances
and audience participation. This show is
shaping up to be like no other and will be
held on March 4th at 7 PM and March 5th
at 2 PM and 7 PM on the Orchard Creek
(cont’ on page 5)
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
x Resident Since 2004
x Top Producing Realtor
Every Year Since 2005
¾ (xperience
¾ &ompetence
¾ ,ntegrity
¾ )ollow-Through
A Family Tradition Since 1934
400 Douglas Blvd. • Roseville
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
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From Your Placer County Supervisor
A Jan. 14 dedication ceremony
is a long-time friend who was
at Side Hill Citrus Farm in rural
my predecessor as 2nd District
Lincoln was a special occasion
representative on the Board of
for me.
Supervisors. He was a board
The ceremony was held
member for 24 years and later
to celebrate an agricultural
served on the board of the Placer
conservation easement purchased
County Water Agency.
by Placer County and three
Alex was one of the first
partners: the Sierra Nevada
Robert M. Weygandt voices on the Board of Supervisors
Conservancy, Placer Land Trust,
who saw the need to balance
and Emigrant Trails Greenway
West Placer’s ongoing population
growth with the conservation of agricultural
The easement will ensure the 47-acre
lands, open space and other natural
farm is preserved for agricultural uses in
perpetuity. Owner Richard Ferreira grows
The ceremony also was special because
some of the finest organic mandarin oranges
I was surrounded by people who have helped
in the region and is an important player in
nurture Placer County’s efforts to conserve
the local farm-to-fork movement.
and restore important natural resources
Agricultural conservation easements
and have been present to witness our many
help ensure a farm property remains in
successes over the years.
active production by removing development
The Side Hill conservation easement is
pressures and prohibiting practices that
consistent with several goals of the county’s
interfere with agricultural uses. Rich
award-winning Placer Legacy Open Space
is committed to preserving his land for
and Agricultural Conservation Program and
agriculture, but another owner might be
the proposed Placer County Conservation
tempted to split up the farm into lots and sell
some with beautiful views of the Sacramento
The Jan. 14 ceremony was a great chance
to both celebrate and talk about the future.
The ceremony was special to me partly
Much work remains to be done in our efforts
because I grew up on a ranch near Side Hill
to balance growth with the conservation of
and Richard and I have been friends since
natural resources. We are fortunate to have
a visionary, hard-working team in Placer
I was particularly glad to see Richard’s
County who are up to the challenge.
father, Alex Ferreira, in the audience. Alex
Letters to the Editors...
Authors are solely responsible for the content of their letters.
Consider sending
John Kightlinger back…
Just a reminder that each voter has four
(4) votes that may be distributed among four
(4) Board candidates or assigned to only one
lucky candidate, as you may wish.
And, if you have not already decided on
whom to support, please consider sending
John Kightlinger back to the Sun City
Lincoln Hills Board of Directors.
John is a 12-year resident who previously
has dedicated his time to community service
as a Citizen on Patrol, a member of our
Elections Committee, and as Treasurer and
Secretary of the Board. He is terrifically
qualified, but perhaps more importantly,
his decisions are guided by a great sense of
respect for his fellow residents.
Please consider supporting John.
Jean & Shelly Ebenholtz
(cont’ on page 45)
State Farm ® has reduced
auto rates in
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quote - save up to 35%
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Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
Seniors Need to Know!
Redefining Wellness in Senior Living
The workout selfie: emblematic of a
culture that has been swept away by the fitness
craze. As the rest of the world becomes more
in tune with this way of life, so too has senior
But providers are reinventing the way
“wellness” is perceived in the industry —
starting by offering more than just state-ofthe-art gyms and fitness classes.
For many, the concept of wellness involves
the whole person, and it centers around six
dimensions: social, emotional, intellectual,
spiritual, vocational and, of course, physical.
Respondents in a team of industry experts’
most recent survey, released last year, reported
that wellness programs affected health care
operations costs, use of the health care center
and use of medication, and also reduced
emergency room visits, hospital readmissions
and falls.
Additionally, wellness programs had
an impact on resident and family member
satisfaction and on move-in decision-making,
with 90% to 91% of respondents rating wellness
programs as important in these areas.
Presbyterian Village North (PVN) has
nearly 500 residents and offers a number of
programs aimed at improving each resident’s
mind, body and spirit.
The community’s holistic approach to
wellness includes, among other initiatives, a
Wellness University, laughter yoga, a Spiritual
Life team, and plans for a new 6,000-squarefoot wellness facility.
Whole-person wellness is not just one or
two of the dimensions; it’s a combination of
all of them. Every department works together
to provide those wellness activities to make
sure the residents are getting what they need.
1. Social
Life Enrichment staff at PVN focus on the
social aspect of wellness, although much of the
programming at the community is a result of
partnerships across several departments. One
example of social programming is offering
cooking classes for residents, where they can
learn more about cooking techniques and also
socialize with each other.
The community’s amenities also include a
250-seat performing arts center and additional
meeting rooms.
It’s amazing how engaged so many people
are. The old notion of retiring and sitting in a
rocking chair is long gone.
2. Emotional
Laughter yoga is an exercise routine
that combines deep breathing from yoga and
laughter to oxygenate participants’ brains,
making them feel healthier and more energetic.
The concept of laughter yoga is based on a
scientific fact that the body cannot differentiate
between fake and real laughter. One gets the
same physiological and psychological benefits.
The technique has proven to change
participants’ moods, reduce stress, strengthen
the immune system, improve relationships, and
create a positive mental state.
3. Intellectual
PVN has offered Wellness University, a
semester-long program meant to encourage
learning and resident participation. PVN
integrates each of the six dimensions of
wellness into classes taught by staff members
and outside experts. Roughly 80 residents
participated last spring. Additionally, PVN
launched a five-day “brain camp” this year,
and offers “brainercize” classes weekly. . It
encourages people to have an incentive to try
new things.”
4. Spiritual
As a faith-based organization, PVN
has a full-time chaplain and offers weekly
worship services. However, the community
also looks at “spirituality” in a broader light,
helping residents become more connected with
themselves and with nature.
Last month, it gathered residents for a
sunrise devotion. Its tai chi and meditation
classes relieve stress and promote calmness. A
“relax and unwind” class helps quiet residents’
minds. And a Spiritual Life team is available
for support.
5. Vocational (Occupational)
computer, business and sewing centers,
where residents can gather to cultivate their
hobbies, develop interests and learn new
skills. This dimension of wellness also includes
volunteering, something the community
strongly encourages.
Among the resident organizations at PVN
are a sewing group and a woodworking group,
both of which donate many of their projects
to people inside and outside the community.
6. Physical
PVN currently has a wellness center
which houses equipment and space for its 50
weekly fitness classes, as well as an aquatics
and rehabilitation therapy center fit with a
therapy pool, an underwater treadmill, gait
monitoring, and massage jets.
Currently under renovation, PVN will also
add another dining space: a healthy lifestyles
cafe with a fruit and yogurt bar. Inside the
new fitness center there will also be a spa and
a clinic with access to physicians.
“It’s exciting to see that health and
wellness is such an important part here at the
retirement community. People want to live
their lives well, and retirement should be about
doing the things you love and staying active.”
The views expressed here are those of Ms.
Emily Study, and do not necessarily represent
those of the Commission or individual members.
We thank the publication Senior Housing News
for the opportunity to reprint this article of interest
for the Older Adults in our community.
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
Players Group
(cont’ from page 1)
Ballroom’s Main Stage.
In addition to Premium Seating
and General Seating, we’re offering
The Players are thrilled to be introducing
VIP Table Seating for Gopher Gap’s evening
performances only. VIP Table Seating
includes appetizers served 6:45 - 7:00, and
cash bar service, $25 — Premium Seating,
$19 — General Seating, $14. The matinée
show will not include appetizers. For the
matinée show, both VIP Table Seating and
Premium Seating will be $19 — General
Seating, $14.
If you’ve ever thought you’d like to
learn to be a sound tech or a lighting tech
to work on our shows with a great group
of people, now is the time to make your
move. The Players are looking for technical
enthusiasts to train for these positions.
If you’re interested contact Barbara
Greenfield (information below).
Players meetings are held the second
Monday of the month in the Kilaga
Presentation Hall. If you have a hankering
to act, or perhaps build a set, or if you’re
merely curious about the many creative
things we do, you’re welcome to join us
to see what we’re all about. Tickets are
available now at the Orchard Creek and
Kilaga activities desks.
For further information, contact
Barbara Greenfield – Phone: 916-408-5017
— Email: [email protected]
Kilaga Springs
February 7, 2015, 7 PM -- Doors Open at 6:30 PM
February 8, 2015, 3 PM -- Doors Open at 2:30 PM
Specializing in the
Western Placer Area
“Making a Lasting
Contribution To
Our Clients,
To Our Community and
To Our Profession”
Let Me Help You Find
Your New Home!
Donna Judah
Jennifer M. Jensen, CPA
Master in Taxation
Lisette L Hutchens, CPA
™ Income Tax Preparation
i Individual
i Business
i Sole Proprietor
i Partnership
i Limited Liability Company
i Corporation
i Estates& Trusts
™ Audit, Review & Compilation Services
™ Small Business Consulting
™ Estate Planning
661 5th Street, Suite 101 ™ Lincoln, CA
Phone (916) 434-1662
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
Open Daily 9am to 5pm and after hours by appointment.
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
Election of Four Directors for the
SCLH Homeowners’ Association
The election of four Directors for
the Sun City Lincoln Hills Homeowners’
Association will take place on February 19
at the Annual Meeting of Homeowners.
This meeting convenes at 9 AM at which
time ballot envelopes will be opened and
the vote counting process begins. There
are six candidates competing for the four
available positions.
It is expected that votes will be counted
by early afternoon; then the new Board
will convene and select officers for the
coming year.
Ballot materials were mailed to all
I have chosen not to fill out
rescue mode, a five day space rental
every square inch of space allowed
seems a bit excessive.
with historical work and educational
As a Director, I think we
accomplishments. I have served on
should concentrate our efforts
the Board of directors before and
and solicit ideas that produce
the results for those two terms are
cost saving projects, such as the
public record.
Sports Bar expansion or LED
Nothing has changed, we still
lighting project. Dues, space rental,
cost saving projects and sound
need top notch managers to serve,
who know how to grow people and
budgeting are all elements that
must be properly managed in a
therefore grow profits and help
David Conner
maintain our assets. We have and
prudent and disciplined manner.
will probably continue to rent out space and
I love this community and will not allow
provide food and other service for outsiders,
anything to harm our assets or interfere with
our wonderful life style... Thank you in advance
hopefully when those facilities are scheduled
for your votes.
to be idle. Although lucrative, and we were in
University; Dean - University of
1. Ensure our residents’
Phoenix; Principal; Teacher; Steel
interests are a priority and that
and Construction worker.
they are treated with courtesy
Service Organizations:
and respect. Be accessible and
President of Granite Bay Advisory
take seriously the concerns of
Council (Appointed by County
our residents, club members, and
Supervisor); President of Rotary.
Business Background: Current
2. Focus on improving our
owner of an investment corporation,
financial strength and business
owned a small community bank, a
surplus commodity corporation;
Donald De Santis
3. Communicate and
and, former owner of a dog kennel.
collaborate with the City of Lincoln to improve
HOA Experience: Los Lagos Board VP,
the safety and security of our community.
Finance, Architectural, Social and community
Personal: I was born in Ohio and raised
Reporter Committees.
on a farm. My beautiful wife, Nancy, and I
Awards: Outstanding Superintendent;
have six children.
Outstanding Leadership (same award given
Military: Air Force - Pilot
to President Clinton); Seminar Room at USC
Educational Background: I have four
named in my honor.
degrees including a Doctorate in Finance and
Elect D onald De Santis! I will work hard
Administration from USC.
and serve you well.
Employment: Superintendent of
Schools; Educational Coordinator - Chapman
My main objective when
Plans that greatly improves the
elected to the SCLHCA Board of
budget validity. I encouraged the
Directors is to treat all residents
expansion of the Sports Bar and
with courtesy and respect while
Kilaga Springs SPA which increased
retaining our Association as
the revenue/profit of both and
financially stable.
helps lower our monthly dues.
I have an engineering degree
One of my last accomplishments
and was an executive for a major
as a Board Director was obtaining
airline, aircraft parts supplier and
the maximum dollars on the ADA/
as an owner of a consulting firm for
building defects law suit which will
over 40 years. I have lived in SCLH
cover identified expenditures in
John Kightlinger
for twelve plus years.
the future.
I was a SCLHCA Board Director for four
I take my fiduciary responsibility very
years, served as Treasurer and Secretary of the
seriously to achieve the best interests of the
Association and on the Election Committee
Association as they relates to residential
as VP for two years.
interactions, increasing our assets or overseeing
While a Board member I introduced a
our operating/reserve funds.
modified Budget process to start with Business
I would appreciate your votes.
homeowners by January 19 with full voting
instructions. Ballots must be in the hands
of the Inspector Of Elections by 3 PM,
February 18.
We hope that all homeowners will be
informed voters in the selection of their
candidates. Cumulative voting is allowed in
this election. Therefore, each home owner
has four votes per lot owned. These votes
may be allocated to one or more candidates.
We thank these six candidates for coming
forward to serve our fine community.
I am running for re-election
Advisory Committee - produced
to help preserve and enhance our
a comprehensive 5 year Strategic
active adult lifestyle over the next
Plan for our Community
two years, thereby continuing to
Finance Committee Member
attract new, vibrant residents and
- championed the LED Street
raising your home values
Lighting Project saving SCLHCA
Priorities Include:
thousands of dollars annually with
Safeguarding our financial
a 7 year payback
SCLH Activities:
Ensuring that decisions are
Active Water Volleyball Club
made for the greater good of the
Jim Leonhard --entire community
Former Fitness Monitor for
Being accessible and listening
three years
to all residents
Avid long-distance runner
Working with the highest ethical standards
Professional career included: senior
Maintaining the quality our grounds,
operating executive of a manufacturing
facilities, & activities
business; founder & CEO of a telecom
Service to Sun City Lincoln Hills
consulting firm; certified business valuator
Community Association (SCLHCA)
and M&A advisor
Governance Includes:
Education: Johns Hopkins University
Board of Directors since 2013; Treasurer
2014-15 - helped select our new Executive
Harvard Business School - MBA
I respectively request that you cast your
Chair, SCLHCA 2012 Strategic
4 votes for Jim.
BS from University of Utah
• worked on getting new CPA
I’ve been a resident in Lincoln
and insurance firm contracts
Hills for the past seven years,
I have been the Treasurer for
participating in many clubs in
the Council for Performing Arts,
addition to working the past four
Tap Company, and Players.
years on the Finance Committee.
I bring 35 years as a professional
In that capacity, I am Co-Chair of
in finance in multi-million dollar
the Club Activities, which entails
companies in the Silicon Valley.
bi-annual auditing 72 of the Lincoln
I know the value of doing one’s
Hills Club’s finances.
homework, of listening to all side
Finance Committee
and positions, and making forceful
Molly Seamons
• worked with the Properties Committee
Previously I was on the Board of Directors
on capital assets
of a homeowners association in Saratoga,
• approved association annual budgets
CA which solved many financial perplexing
• directly participated in the managing
of Reserves
I ask for your vote as I want to be your
• created an investment policy with UBS
voice as a member of the Sun City Lincoln
to maximize our interest
Hills Board of Directors.
For those of you not able
increasing efficiencies and cost
savings. We also expanded the
to attend one of the Candidate
Sports Bar, remodeled Meridians
Forums allow me, Denny Valentine,
to cover some of the material that
and built six new Pickle Ball courts.
will be presented there. First
We retrofitted the Street Lighting
to LED with a return on investment
my experience since Sheilah and
of six years and significant cost
I moved here in 2002.
I was
Foreman of the Placer County
savings thereafter. We also were
Grand Jury and Executive Director
successful in a construction defects
of Neighborhood Watch. I was first
law suit forcing Del Webb to
elected to the Sun City Lincoln
provide significant funds to the
Denny Valentine
Hills Board of Directors in 2005
While on the Board I have served as
and to three more terms thereafter. Keeping
liaison to the Properties, Elections and
dues low and property values high are serious
priorities of mine.
Communications and Community Relations
During my time on the Board there
Committees. I was also a member of the
have been many positive accomplishments.
Strategic Advisory Committee.
We constructed the Maintenance Building
I would appreciate your support.
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
St James Episcopal Church
A Caring Christian Community
Sunday Services: 8 & 10 AM
(Nursery provided for 10am service)
Father Bill Rontani
Corner of 5th and L Streets, Lincoln
I’m happy to report on a (relatively) new
Roseville eating place, thanks to SCR bon
vivant, Jim Costello. Jim, and his wife Amy,
dined at the ASR Restaurant and Lounge on
New Year’s Eve and here’s what he had to say:
“My wife had the filet stuffed with crab and I
had the rack of lamb. Both were excellent, as
were the lobster bisque and the duck appetizer.
The final course was a light cheesecake that
melted in the mouth. All in all, we were very
pleased with the meal and the service was
excellent.” Jim believes the restaurant is about
four months old and the space was previously
occupied by a Mexican restaurant.
According to ASR’s website, the owner
is Harwinder Bisia and his aim is to “provide
Roseville professionals in the area with a
beautiful, upscale environment for fine dining
and lounging, unlike any other in the area.”
The website further tells us the restaurant has
a noted chef (Vincent Alexander) and that you
can dine on balconies overlooking the main
dining room or in private cabanas on the patio.
The lunch menu has appetizers, salads,
“flat breads, pizzas and hot apps,” sandwiches,
burgers, entrees and pasta.. Appetizers
include an “artisan cheese plate,” fondue,
duck egg rolls, and calamari. There’s a Caesar
salad, a “South of the Border Spicy Grilled
Chicken Salad,” and an almond shrimp
salad. Sandwiches come with hand cut fries,
or a petite salad and include a grilled chicken
club, grilled ahi tuna, French dip and grilled
vegetarian. Entrees include beef bourguignon,
seafood chowder in puff pastry and bistro
steak and fries.
The dinner menu has a number of
appetizers, and several salads. “From the
Sea,” there is salmon, grilled swordfish and
pan-seared scallops. “Off the Grill” offers
Beef Wellington, and a 14 ounce choice NY
strip loin. Other entrees are roast chicken,
pork tenderloin, and filet mignon and lobster.
As indicated, ASR is an upscale restaurant.
Jim Costello says its prices are similar to
Hawk’s. Also, it’s probably a good idea to
call for reservations. The number is 916-7970220. The address is 390 North Sunrise Ave.,
Richard Cartano e-mailed regarding last
month’s review of breakfast places, noting
that I had not mentioned the Window Box
in Rocklin. It’s his favorite because it has a
nice ambience and “very good coffee.” The
Window Box was reported on by Bob Boggs
and to recap: operated by owners, who are
very anxious to please customers; baked their
own bread and make their own salad dressings;
special breakfast menu for seniors and also
for dinners 2pm - 5:30pm, small and cozy;
reasonable prices; open seven days a week
for breakfast, lunch and dinner; breakfast
served all day. Window Box is at 6835 Five
Star Boulevard, Rocklin; the phone number
is 916-259-2114.
Please e-mail me about any other favorite
restaurants; the address is [email protected]
B. Jowers Painting
Licensed Contractor # 781292
Why not call someone that
lives and works in your own
• Two coats of highest quality
paint for all interior.
• For exterior spray and back
roll body.
CA BRE#01229917
• Prime and two coats on all trim
with paint.
All work guaranteed!
References from people in your own
community proudly provided.
Be aware of statements such
as “As needed”.
Pam Cabezas
Larry Pearson
CA BRE#01922151
CA BRE#01938527
4011 Woodcreek Oaks Blvd. Roseville, Ca 95747
Each Office Independently Owned and Operated
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
Thoughts From Jack—
Ah, For The Age Of Technology
There was a headline in the Sacramento
Bee on December 29th that said, “ Missing
AirAsia Jet Thought to be Down.” This was
more than two days after it disappeared! You
talk about ingenious logic! If that thing was
NOT down, we need to find out who made
those engines and what kind of fuel they
were using. But, hey, since it’s thought to
be down, we have to accept this ingenious
People who read this crazy stuff I
write always ask where I went to school.
The fact is I graduated from CVS MagnaCome-Loaded, (and I sure did.) I majored
in Pharmaceuticals and minored in Stool
Softeners. With an education like that, I
can discuss just about anything.
For example, let’s talk about how our
elected officials control the spending of our
tax dollars, and how the computer is going
to end this world as we know it.
Back in December of 1999, NASA’s
Mars Polar Lander thought it had touched
down on Mars, so it shut off its engines. The
fact is it was still 131 feet above the Mars
surface, so it crashed and $165 million in
taxes ended up in a lot o’ little pieces. What’s
even more amazing was the crash was due to
a typographical error in the software code!
If you questioned your Congressman about
this, he’d tell you they were researching
high-altitude landings.
If we keep relying on computers to do
everything, we are making one huge mistake.
Now for some words of wisdom for
our younger female generation. When
you marry, marry a man your own age.
That way, as your beauty fades, so will his
eyesight. Unfortunately, there’s a negative
side to this advice. Right here in Lincoln,
an elderly gentleman returned home from
a successful surgery at Sutter Hospital. His
wife has since filed a complaint reporting that
since his operation, he has lost all interest
in sex. A hospital spokesman replied, “Mr.
Williams was admitted for cataract surgery.
All we did was correct his eyesight.”
Annual Fine Arts Show
Nearly 60 artists will gather for their 12th
Annual Fine Arts Show at the Lincoln Hills
Orchard Creek Ballroom this month. The
show begins with Preview Night on Friday,
February 20, from 5 pm to 8 pm, and continues
on Saturday, 9 am to 6 pm, through Sunday,
9 am to 3 pm.
This year’s show will feature professional
quality paintings and sculpture, including
watercolors, oils, pastels, original computer
generated fine art, mixed media, and
We are honored to have Dennis Carr from
Sun City Roseville jury our show. Dennis has
spent his professional life in the arts. He has
two Master’s degrees, in Fine arts and Arts
Administration. He has taught art at all levels,
from Kindergarten to Graduate Art School
and paints in oils and watercolors.
Musical accompaniment will be provided
during the show by several talented Lincoln
Hills musicians, including Dave Townsend;
Cherilyn Duncan and Donna Jenkins; Dennis
Zaro; Mike Sisemore; Peter Smit and Peter
Laderman; Paul Daher; Paul Underwood;
Leslie Gon; Barbara Byllesby and Mona Stryer.
Thank you to all these volunteers who enhance
the show with their music.
Since the beginning, a diverse group of
artists who call the community of Sun City
Lincoln Hills home have participated in this
show. These include professional artists who
are nationally recognized in their own right;
beginners making their first tentative strokes
of paint on canvas or paper or clicks of a
Musical rehearsal 2014
camera shutter; and many in between. All
have contributed to the important role art has
played in our lives. They have formed several
groups and clubs and have furthered the arts
not only in Lincoln Hills but the community at
large by participating in activities and events
sponsored by local art venues.
Over the years the show has been built
into the high quality that it is today. The
committee, including Chair Joyce Bisbee
and committee members Marlin Anderson,
Paulette Pesavento, Bonnie Dunlap, Gordon
Powers, Chuck Ellis, Diane Pargament, Dennis
Sodeman, and Barb Iniguez appreciate the
support they’ve received from our artists. We
also appreciate the several volunteers from
the community who assist with the setupof the
show. The Fine Arts Show of Lincoln Hills
honors these artists and volunteers and thanks
them for their participation in our annual event.
We hope you will join us at our 12th
Annual show!
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Social Security Income Optimization
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Cost-Effective Ways to Pay for Long Term Care
Fixed Indexed Annuities with Guarantees & Growth Potential
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James D. Kersey
CLU, CHFC, RHU, REBC, President
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Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
FOR 2014 !
SOLD IN 2014*
Once Again The Sacramento
Business Journal in their Recent
Book of Lists has acknowledged
Coldwell Banker Sun Ridge as
one of the Top 10 Selling Offices
in the Four County Area
(Sacramento, Placer, El Dorado, Yolo).
* Top Ten Real Estate Offices. 1-1-14 thru 12-31-14. These Sales Figures Were Provided By Metrolist Services Inc.
Jim Berry
Donna Judah
Loree Risi
Gail Cirata
Tish Leo
Lisa Snapp
Andra Cowles
Michelle Cowles
Pamela Everett
Jill Mallory
Paula Nelson
Wendy Olsen
Gay Sprague
Holly Stryker
Each office is independently owned and operated
Tara Pinder
Don Gerring
Jo Ann Gillis
Maria Herrera
Gail Hubbard
Michael Renyer
Bill & Jan Rexrode
Peggy Poole
Karl & Margaret
Doreen Traxel
Ann Renyer
Tangi Walker
Tony Williams
Sharon Worman
Lic. # 01441035
1500 Del Webb Blvd. Suite 101, Lincoln, CA 95648
Visit our Website at www.CBSunRidge.com for current listings
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
LH Community Chorus
It’s still mid-winter, but the Lincoln Hills
Community Chorus is already rehearsing for
our annual spring concert.
Titled “Melodies of Love,” it will include
a delightful array of standards from the Great
American Songbook. We’ll entertain you
Gay Mackintosh gets music from
tenor leader Joe Stewart.
with classics like Harry Warren’s “At Last,”
Duke Ellington’s “Don’t Get Around Much
Anymore,” “Isn’t It Romantic” by Rogers
and Hart, “Skylark” by Hoagy Carmichael
and Johnny Mercer, and George and Ira
Gershwin’s “Embraceable You,” “Love Is
Here to Stay,” and “They Can’t Take That
Away from Me.”
We guarantee you’ll love this timeless
music as much as we do. Plan to join us at
one of our three Ballroom performances on
April 26-28.
Latin dances. Do not think, however, that
the Rumba is only danced to Latin music. A
good example is the Stevie Wonder song, “I
Just Called to Say I Love You”. It’s a great
Rumba song! American Rumba’s basic
step is a box-like pattern, similar to a basic
Waltz or Foxtrot, but danced in a much more
sensual style. Interested in learning the
Rumba, or brushing up on it? We can help.
Our instructors are experienced and patient.
Don’t worry if you have never danced before.
Our group lesson format provides a low-stress
learning environment. Our group meets at
Kilaga Springs, in the Multipurpose room,
on Tuesdays, from 2:00 to 5:00pm. Beginning
group lessons are given from 2:00 to 3:00pm.
From 3:00 to 4:00 pm is the open dance hour.
This is the time to practice your new moves,
get some extra help, socialize, enjoy a variety of
music, and dance to other musical styles. Some
of our members come just for the open dance
hour. From 4:00 to 5:00pm, we will present a
more advanced Rumba lesson. Our dues are
still only $7 per year, per person. Unbelievably,
that includes an ENTIRE year of lessons at
NO CHARGE. We also have many exciting
dance events throughout the year. We hope
you will join us and have fun dancing to your
“heart’s content”.
Contacts: Sal Algeri 408-4752 or Chris
Geist 543-0176.
bring the excitement of “high school” to life
right here at Lincoln Hills. The musical
– with songs like “It’s My Party,”
“My Boyfriend’s Back,” “Can’t
Help Falling in Love,” “He’s
A Rebel,” “Chantilly Lace,”
“Viva Las Vegas,” “Billie
Jean,” and “Footloose” – revolves
around Tuesday dance night in
our own Meridians Restaurant
and the efforts of Jack (Steve
Garavito), Mary (Joanie Adams),
Tommy, Linda (Ellie Hoekenga),
Sam (John Baarts), Irene (Madelyn
Merola), Don (David Rosenthal),
Johnny (Ken Reiss), Amy (Barbara
Swerdlow), Roger (Paul Krow),
LH Tap Company
Less than two months and
counting! The Tap Company’s
production of the musical
“Rockin’ the Hills” will hit the OC
Ballroom stage on March 26, 27 and
28. Only seven weeks remain before
we discover whether Jack and Mary
will find romance despite Jack’s
inability to dance. As Tommy (Jim
Jones) sings in the show, “It’s Now
or Never.” Tickets are on sale right
now and they are going fast. So get
online or stop by the activity desk
and get your tickets today.
Ballroom Dance Group
It’s February! What
do most people think of
in February? Valentine’s
Day, of course! But more
importantly, it’s time to
think about HEARTS…
specifically, YOUR heart.
February is American Heart
Month. Dancing is one way
that you can potentially
help your heart, circulatory
system, and even your entire
general health. Plus, dancing
is a fun, social activity. Each
month, the Ballroom Dance
Group learns a different
dance. This month, we will
be learning the sensuous
American Rumba. The
Rumba is the slowest of the
Carol and Becky (front) demonstrate a dance step.
Mike Reed and Ann Keaton.
150 Lincoln Blvd, #104
Lola (Isobel Hersch), Dave (Jerry Mandolfo),
and Brenda (Janice Strong) to connect with
that special someone. Add ensemble singers
and dancers, plus the Tap Company tappers,
jazz dancers, cloggers, and line dancers to
the mix, and you’ve got a recipe for pure
entertainment. And, DJ Fred (Jim Walker)
(cont’ on page 12)
Caring, In-Home Assistance...
Co-Director/Co-Producer Janet Becker is
lining up her stage crew, scheduling rehearsals,
and handling all the logistical chores necessary
to pull a musical like this together. Co-producer
Celeste Martella has assembled her tech crew,
and they’re ready to use their sound and
lighting wizardry to make magic happen on
the stage. The actors, singers and dancers are
busy polishing their characters and routines to
$2 Off
Notary Services
helping you or a loved one remain at home
Serving Placer, Nevada &
Sacramento Counties
r a no-cost,
Call today fo
in-home asses 6
ail to
Or send an em
[email protected]
Services Provided
• Meal preparation
• Light housekeeping
• Dementia care
• Medication reminders
• Bathing & dressing assistance
• Errands & shopping
• Transportation to doctor appointments
• Laundry, folding & ironing
• Caring companionship, and more!
Our caregivers are carefully screened, trained, bonded, insured, and background checked
through the DMV, Department of Justice and FBI.
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
LH Tap Company
(cont’ from page 11)
oversees all of it.
As you can see from this partial listing
of the cast, your friends from tennis, the
chorus, softball, golf, or maybe even Tuesday
dance night at Meridians are working hard to
entertain you. But, in addition to the on- and
off-stage cast and crew, it takes more to make a
successful musical. One vital element is having
fantastic choreographers. From Day One, we
have relied on the creative talents of Alyson
Meador, our artistic director, to ensure our
tappers look their best. And, the individual
dance groups, such as the jazz dancers,
line dancers, and cloggers, have their own
choreographers. But, who turns non-tappers
and – in many instances – non-dancers into
virtual Fred Astaires and Ginger Rogers? Here,
the Tap Company and you – our audience – have
hit the jackpot. We have three wonderful ladies
with the talent necessary to take our rockin’
music and turn it into a visual feast.
Our head choreographer, Carol Rose,
has been dancing since the age of six, and has
never stopped, except for two, six-week breaks
after the birth of her children. As a child, she
was in numerous recitals and high school
productions, and taught her first dance class at
16. For over 20 years, she had her own dance
studio for children, and she later taught adults
how to dance at Mt. Diablo Adult Education
for 22 years. Carol moved to Lincoln Hills in
2005 and has been dancing here ever since.
She was a member of the award-winning
Diamond tap group, has been a dance coach,
has choreographed numerous numbers in prior
Tap shows, and also teaches hula and dances
with her Hula Wahines.
Carol’s right-hand woman, Becky
Nicholson, followed a similar path. She began
dancing tap and ballet at eight in Concord,
CA, and continued from there. She danced
in high school productions, and performed in
numerous productions at Contra Costa Musical
Theater. Becky also taught tap and ballet for
two years. In 2001, she moved to Lincoln Hills,
and began dancing tap, jazz, and the hula. Like
Carol, she was a member of the Diamonds tap
group. Her first choreography assignment here
was to teach eight men in drag how to dance
to a medley of Four Seasons’ hits for the 2008
Tap show. Anyone who saw that number knows
that she succeeded magnificently, and she has
continued to choreograph numbers since then.
Carol and Becky have enlisted the help of
a guest choreographer, Melanie Greenwood.
Melanie also started dancing at a young
age. Her mother, a dance instructor, started
teaching her at the age of six. She became
a professional dancer at 18 with Disney on
Parade, and then moved to New York City to
be part of “Catch A Rising Star.” She spent
several years in dance productions in Las Vegas,
Reno, and Tahoe, before moving to Nashville.
There, she choreographed for a variety of stars,
including Louise Mandrell, Billy Ray Cyrus,
and Dolly Parton. She eventually moved to the
Sacramento area to be near family. Jim Jones,
her relative by marriage, introduced her to the
Lincoln Hills Tap Shows, and she has been
helping with choreography here ever since.
All three choreographers agree that the
music and energy exhibited by the “Rockin’
the Hills” singers and dancers guarantee an
entertaining show that will have audience
members tapping their feat and wishing they
could be on stage dancing. “Rockin’ the Hills”
will hit the Orchard Creek Ballroom stage on
March 26, 27 and 28. There will be evening
performances on each of those nights and
a matinee performance on Saturday, March
28th. Tickets are now on sale. Tap Company
productions historically sell out early, and
this show should be no exception. Mark you
calendars and get your tickets to “Rockin’
the Hills.”
Line Dance Group
Whether you are a new, returning dancer
or still pondering how to get started with this
activity, sooner or later you will be curious to
know: Just how long has line-dancing been
While many think line dancing is
synonymous with country music, looking at the
history of this dance form it is clear ‘country’
is only a phase that the modern form has
passed through.
The long history begins with the fact
that humans have been dancing in lines and
non-partnered formations since recorded
history and probably well into prehistory.
Most followers trace Modern Line Dance’s
long origins from English Country Dance that
had spread from England to France and was
later brought to New England in the 1800s as
what we refer to Folk Dancing.
Folk Dancing in this country came from
at least three continents: North America
(native American dance traditions), Africa
(African tribal dance traditions), and all over
the European continent (country Folk Dance
traditions). These different dances combined
into a great melting pot. By the mid 1800s,
influenced by the culture of the time, a
distinctly “American” dance style had evolved
We are very fortunate to have represented so many
Buyers and/or Sellers this past year. As two of the Top
Listing Agents in Sun City Lincoln Hills, we helped over
50 new clients achieve their goal of either selling their
home or finding their dream home.
If you are thinking of selling or buying a home here in
Lincoln Hills, give us a call and let us put our expertise
to work for you.
Be sure to “Like” our Facebook page. There isn’t a better way to stay on top of
today’s real estate market. Facebook.com/SunCityLincolnHillsRealEstate
(cont’ on page 13)
BRE 00556444
BRE 01821982
Thank You...
in the West and Mid-West of the US, “Country
& Western dance”.
Country Western Line Dancing, contrary
to popular opinion, was not the first line dance,
though it seems to be one of the most popular
worldwide having spawned competitive circuits
not only in the US, but across the globe from
Europe to Australia, and to Asia. It was born
out of popular dances already being performed
in the United States such as the Tush Push. It
was birthed from the combination of these early
line dances, the 70s disco era dances like the
Electric Slide, and the popularization of the
country western lifestyle in the 80s thanks to
the movie, Urban Cowboy.
The huge popularity of jazz dancer,
choreographer, Melanie Greenwood’s dance
“The Achy Breaky,” danced to Billy Ray
Cyrus’ massive hit in 1992, Achy Breaky
Heart, seems to have been the force that
cemented the association of line dancing to
country music and propelled them both into
the mainstream of pop culture. After this and
the rerelease of the song Boot Scootin’ Boogie
by Brooks and Dunn, the thirst for line dancing
to pop culture songs took hold. Since then,
choreographers from all over the world have
added Triple, Coaster, Rock and Sailor Steps,
Pivot Turns, Grapevines, Jazz Box and more to
the traditional step, kick, shuffle, hitch, stomp
and scuff basics in an ever changing palette of
music styles and choreographed dances.
The modern version of Line Dance, as
we do in Sun City classes, is a convergence
in styles of movement and music including
Waltzes, Tango, Disco, Rumba, Mambo, Samba
Swing, Boogies, Jigs, Stomps. And with so many
different dances performed to Pop, Big Band,
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
Line Dance Group
(cont’ from page 12)
Hip-hop, Rock, Latino, Celtic, Jazz, along with
Country rhythms, everyone can find something
that inspires them to dance.
History aside, the recreational line dance
craze in its modern form is stirring with rhythm
and movement energy to suit your taste right
here in our SCLH community. The Line Dance
Program has the good fortune to have three top
notch teachers: Audrey Fish, Sandy Gardetto
and Yvonne Krause, prepared to guide us
through the expansiveness of this dance form
that enables all levels and abilities of dancers
to participate.
Workshops coming up:
• Corning, CA—March 21st, 2015,
‘Boogie Til The Cows Come Home’ featuring
choreographers Michael Barr and Michele
Burton http://www.michaelandmichele.com
• Fair Oaks, CA—April 12, 2015,
Line Dance Workshop and Dance, featuring
choreographer John Robinson, DJ and Lesson
by Wild Horse and Norm Gifford http://wildhorses.us
There are a lot
of new faces in the
Monday evening
classes and having
dances throughout the
coming months affords
us all the opportunity
to get acquainted,
socialize and make
new friends. Country
Couples has grown
quite a bit this past
year and it is impressive
to see new members
stepping forward to
assist or to take on
various responsibilities
Sue and Jim Kirby
to promote the club
and dances. We are
indeed family.
Coming up on
February 21st, Country
Couples will have its
first theme-based
Mardi Gras dance at
Kilaga Springs from
12:00 to 4:00 p.m. with
DJ Ed Lawson. The
decorations committee
is putting in a lot of time
and effort to make this
a memorable event you
won’t want to miss.
Fo r C o u n t r y
Couples information contact: Kathy Lopez
434-5617 or Margo Zamba 662-1638.
Sun City Squares
The Square Dance Club meets at 1:00
PM at Kilaga Springs Lodge. We are always
ready to welcome experienced Square Dancers.
Feel free to come in and watch or join. Times
Listed below:
Mainstream Level
Mondays 1:00 – 2:15PM (KS)
Monday, February 2, a New Dancer’s class
will start. First two sessions free.
Plus Level
Mondays, 2:15-3:30 PM (KS)
Advanced Class Mondays
3:30-4:00PM (KS)
A-2 DBD Level Thursdays,
1:00-3:00 PM (KS)
Call Louis or Gail to join today!
Contact Louis Bobrowsky 434-5932
[email protected]
Gail Holmes 253-9048
[email protected]
Country Couples
LH Painters Club
Having survived the holiday season and
welcomed in the new year, Country Couples
members are looking forward to a selection
of new dances to add to our repertoire. Prior
to the start of the new dance lessons, and to
get us back into the swing of things, Jim and
Jeanie Keener invited us to Sun City Roseville
for a much appreciated evening of review. It
was a great time, enjoyed by all in attendance.
On January 19, those of us present at
our first membership meeting at Kilaga, our
new venue, enjoyed celebrating its benefits
which include much more space for our large
membership and interested guests, and has
a sloping floor which allows a good view for
everyone. If you were unable to attend this
meeting, consider coming to our next one that
Marsha Hathaway, Carol Silvia, Ginny Nevins, and Olivia Eckert.
(cont’ on page 14)
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
Needle Arts — Threads of
LH Painters Club
(cont’ from page 13)
will be on February 16th from 2:00 to 3:30.
Our February 16th meeting will feature
Andrew Cook, Manager of the Sacramento
Dick Blick Art Supply Store, (formerly
Utrecht). He will talk about art supplies sold
there and do a demo in Acrylics. If you would
like to pre-order art supplies you may do so,
and Dick will bring them to the meeting, saving
buyers a trip to Sacramento or shipping costs.
Artist and Teacher, Susan Sarback, who
held a painting workshop here last July, has
agreed to return to do another 2-day seminar
February 13 and 14. Susan is an excellent
teacher as well as a noted artist. She will
explore the rhythm and beauty of water, using
oils and pastels. The workshop will focus
on painting reflections, transparencies and
moving water. “A supply list will be provided
when you sign up at the Activities Desk.
Painters Club Artists are busy preparing
for our annual Fine Arts Show which will be
held February 20, 21, and 22 in the Orchard
Creek Ballroom. We encourage residents, their
families and friends to plan a visit to view the art
work and perhaps find something to purchase
for themselves or as a gift for someone else.
President, Joyce Bisbee, [email protected]
Membership, Jack Cook, [email protected]
Plein Air Paint-Outs, Jim Brunk, [email protected]
starstream.net, 434-6317
Website, http//lhpainters.org
What a way to start the New Year!! Not
only did we see many, many quilts and various
material, we also got a feel for what it was like
to live in Africa. Elizabeth Battera, who spent
twenty years in Africa, regaled us with her
stories and showed numerous pictures of the
many projects she undertook while living there.
Elizabeth was in the police force for a time
until an accident took her off her feet. She
and her husband were involved in training men
to work in the preserves; she started a soup
kitchen for the needy, set up a Home Affairs
Office to assist many in attaining their birth
certificates and other community services. Next
she worked with adults teaching them to read
followed by setting up a preschool for orphan
children. Following all this she began to teach
men, and women to quilt. She established a
quilt guild that is still in place. We saw many
pictures of the quilts she made with them.
Coming up in February, we will be
entertained by Anelie Belden, the author of
“Thoroughly Modern Dresden,” a book that
reveals her stitch and flip method of creating
a Dresden Plate Block. Anelie lives nearby
in Volcano and frequently visits her daughter
here. She conducts workshops and retreats
all year long using her method and patterns
as tools. There will be a trunk show with a
demonstration of the stitch and flip method,
and her book and patterns will be for sale.
We have started the year with a little
over a hundred members. Some of you may
have forgotten to send in your dues. It is only
$15.00 for the year and you can always look
forward to lovely presentations as well as the
Spring Lunch and Auction, Wearable Arts
Fashion Show, and the Christmas Tea. At this
time the retreat to Mercy in Auburn is full,
but there is room at Zephyr Cove in August.
The newsletter is coming directly to you now
and so very easy to read. Want to join? Call
Kris Volker at 916-543-9668. Want to go to
a retreat? Call Rebecca Hoetger at 916-4092442. Twila Miller can give you information on
local workshops at 916-408-3790. Kay Kelley
is the new president and intent on making
this a spectacular year. So many sub groups
to choose from, just drop by the sewing room
and see for yourself.
Contact person: Carol Matthews 916543-7863.
Elizabeth Battera
LH Photography Group
On February 11th, we’ll have Barry
Walton speaking to us about his evolution
as a photographer. We like hearing about
other journeys because it helps us evaluate
and adjust our own paths. It’s all good to
have spiffy equipment and other techie-toys,
but inspiration, dedication and artistry are
the other-worldly tools that count most…
unless, of course, you are drooling for that
lens that can read the time from a wristwatch
at 500 yards, or the camera body that would
put the best Vogue model to shame… then
that worldly addition might well assure that
your photographic genius can be truly, at last,
realized. Amen. Ahem.
You’ll find four-legged animals hanging
around on the walls of Simple Pleasures
Restaurant from now until around mid-May.
And in May we’re planning a Black & White
exhibition at the Needle Arts showcase at
the O.C.
Our group is a thankfully eclectic
collection of landscape, event, wildlife,
architectural, fine art, and maybe even goofy
photographic interests. Some of us prefer
automatic point-and-shoot cameras, some
shoot DSLRs or mirror-less cameras, a few use
film, and others are committed early-adopters
who can’t stand being anything other than
the first person on the block to own the latest
technology. Each of these many threads are
woven into the fabric of our group and form our
common bond - the love of photography. We
have regular challenges to enhance our skills,
frequent internal show-and-tell events, plus
beyond-the-compound displays of our work.
(cont’ on page 15)
February Events at Sierra Pointe
Downsizing from A to Z
Thursday, February 12th • 12:00 p.m. 1:15 p.m.
Enjoy a special lunch prepared by our own Chef Peter Cady while Senior Move Manager
Jennifer Hilton gives you tips on those dreaded details of downsizing.
Seating is limited and by reservation only. There is no charge. RSVP by February 5.
Black Cat Mystery
Friday, February 13th • 1:30 p.m.
Meet local Author Elaine Faber as she shares yet another Black Cat Mystery.
Assisting Aging Parents: A Practical Approach
PART 1: Wednesday, February 18th • 6:00 - 9:00 p.m.
PART 2: Wednesday, February 25th • 6:00 - 9:00 p.m.
The focus of this two part workshop is safety, well-being, options, costs,
advocacy, and “stuff” you just need to know.
No charge. You will receive an information packet to keep. Our kitchen staff will
prepare a picnic style dinner for attendees. RSVP by February 12.
Call for Details! (916) 910-2289
Independent Living • Assisted Living
5161 Foothills Boulevard, Roseville, CA 95747
Lic. # 315002050
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
LH Photography Group
(cont’ from page 14)
Some show
and sell their
work, others
shudder at the
mere thought
exposure. We
have field trips
and speakers
and discussion
groups to
expand our
horizons and
enhance our
skills. We do
a lot of stuff,
and if only some of it is of interest to you, you
should check us out.
We meet three times a month, each
time for different reasons, and our regularly
scheduled meetings are always on Wednesdays.
Visit our website SCLHPhoto.com News Page
for more information about our activities and
The General Meeting is on the second
Wednesday of the month, 8:30AM – 10:30AM
KS Presentation Hall - usually with a featured
speaker. The other gatherings are of the Special
Interest Groups (SIGs). On the 1st Wednesday
of the month, the Photo Enhancement SIG
meets from 8:30AM-10:00AM in the MultiMedia Room of Orchard Creek, and is all
about fixing shooting errors and creating
different effects with software. Then on the 4th
Wednesday, from 8:30AM - 11:15AM in the
Multi-Purpose (not the Multi-Media) Room at
the OC, the “Round Table” and “Print” SIGs
meet, one following the other in that order. The
“Round Table” is an open discussion forum for
anything about photography, and “Print” is all
about the process, equipment and materials
to create a print.
Antiques Appreciation Club
In January, we had the popular Show and
Tell program where members brought pieces of
their favorite china among which were a Sevres
urn, cups and saucers including tea, demitasse
and soup cups, a chocolate set, hand painted
china (some by family members), and majolica
to name a few. We even saw a waffle iron with
a porcelain decoration on the lid!
Once again we are delighted to have Steve
Abbott for our February 2nd program. If you
missed last August’s program with Steve and
his Antique bottle collection, you will surely
want to join us as he once again presents a
great program covering his Antique collection
of Lithographs, with examples from the Gold
Rush, especially the Sacramento area, and
some of the earliest pictures of Northern
California, done on stone, and hand colored.
Please join us to see his extensive collection,
all in period framing and hear the wonderful
stories and history he shares about each
piece. As a reminder, if you have not done so,
membership dues of $5.00/year will be collected
at the meeting. Check payable to Antiques
Appreciation Club preferred.
We meet on the first Monday of each
month at 10:00 AM in the breakout rooms
of the Ballroom, Heights and Gables. If you
collect or just appreciate antiques, we’d love
to have you join us!
Contacts: Rose Marie Wildsmith 4090644; Barbara Engquist 434-1415; Appraisals
SCLH Gem and Mineral Society
Group meeting February 23, Sierra Room,
Kilaga Springs, 1130 AM.
Our club sponsors the Lapidary and
Jewelry Lab. Hours: Mondays 8AM to 12
PM. The charge is $5 per each 2 hours spent
in the lab. Funds go to refresh equipment and
supplies. Shop Master is Dave Fisk.
Our web site is currently located at: http://
Lapidary and Lost Wax classes are being
taught after the first of the year. March, May
for Gem cutting, and February, April for Lost
Wax Casting. If you’re interested in these
subjects, check the Compass for times and days.
Contact Dave Fisk 434-0747 for lab
Square & Compass Club
We traveled “South of the Border” for
our first meeting on January 8th and enjoyed a
delicious Mexican luncheon at Casa Ramos in
Lincoln. There were 14 of us to start the New
Year right with fellowship and good cheer on
a beautiful warm and sunny day.
Bill Hovey is off the sick list and was able
to be with us. Dick Kulhavy has recovered
from his recent surgery but had a conflict and
couldn’t be with us. He plans on joining us
for our February get-together. Stan Thompson
wasn’t feeling well enough to attend, but he
hopes he and Janee will be able to come next
In February, we will meet for lunch at
the Waffle Farm on Twelve Bridges in honor
of patriotism and love of our country. Hope
many will be able to be there that day.
If you have a background or interest
in Masonry and/or Eastern Star, we invite
you to join us at our monthly get-togethers.
To be advised of upcoming luncheons and
other events, contact one of the following for
information and to be added to our mailing list:
Glenn Stanphill: 408-8885 [email protected]
Bette Ahrens: 408-5325 [email protected]
I can see how it might be possible for a
man to look down upon the earth and be an
atheist, but I cannot conceive how he could
look upon the heavens and say there is no
God - Abraham Lincoln
SCLH Genealogy Club
Members are in for a rare surprise at the
February 16th general meeting of the Sun City
Lincoln Hills Genealogy Club. The place:
Kilaga Springs, Presentation Hall at 6:30 pm.
The featured speakers will be your
Genealogy Club members including Arlene
Rond, Mike and Charlotte Anderson, Jennie
Wright, Dolores Minton and BJ Ollas. Each
one will share their experience in genealogy
research and their findings!
Following the general meeting, a prize
drawing will be held and the winner will
(cont’ on page 16)
In 2015,
Let Don Help
You List & Sell
Your Home!
Don Gerring
Resident Realtor®
1185 Fairway Valley Lane, Lincoln
Each office independently owned & operated • Lic# 00631339
[email protected]
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
SCLH Genealogy Club
OC Book Group
(cont’ from page 15)
receive a 4 TB WD External Hard Drive. Plus...
immediately following the meeting, members
are invited to attend a social gatherng across
the hall.
Please check out the club’s new web site...
lots of information, including a membership
application form. If you have not sent in
your annual dues of only $20, then please
do so now. The new Club web page provides
information on future events, including prizes
that are awarded to a lucky member after each
general meeting.
The web page also provides information,
and an application form, on the next Genealogy
Boot Camp that was so popular last year. This
web page is the direct result of the hard work
done by your Club member, Arlene Rond. This
site includes lots of information that is current
and important to all members and provides
incremental news not always available in our
news articles appearing in the Sun Senior News
or the Compass. Deadlines for inclusion in
these publications require the articles to be
presented to the publishers weeks prior to the
actual publication date. So, check out your
Club website on a regular basis.
Contacts: Maureen Sausen 5438594 or Arlene Rond 408-3641. Website:
Winter of the World by Ken Follett will
be the subject of our February 19th meeting.
The second in the “Century Trilogy,” this
book covers such topics as the rise of Hitler,
civil war in Spain, Pearl Harbor, the Battle of
Britain, the Battle of Moscow, and the advent
of the atomic bomb! (Why Winter?), Follett
explains that he chose the book’s title in order
to “capture the notion that (his) characters are
desperately trying to survive a bigger kind of
winter — one whose storms include Stalin’s
purges and Hitler’s holocaust.” This saga will
take some time to read, but will be well worth it!
Please join us on Thursday, February
19th from 1:00 to 2:30 in the multipurpose
room at Orchard Creek. Newcomers are
always welcome.
Schedule for remainder of 2015:
March 19: The Sandcastle Girls by Chris
April 16: The Invention of Wings by Sue
May 21: My Beloved World by Sonia
June 18: The Daring Ladies of Lowell by
Kate Alcott
July 16: The Maze Runner by James
August 20: The Innocents Abroad by
Mark Twain
September 17: The Boys in the Boat by
Daniel James Brown
October 15: Sycamore Row by John
November 19: Maisie Dobbs by Jacqueline
December 17: Holiday Luncheon
can be found around Northern California.
Including the bronze statue in front of the
Maidu Community Center in Roseville,
painted wall mural at the same community
center, mosaic bench at the Indian Creek
Golf Course, mosaic cross at Bethel Lutheran
Church, her painting “Apache” hanging at the
Indian Medical Center in Auburn, and a steelAuthors Resource Group
painted California Indian petrography at the
Granite Bay Library.
Her talents also
The wonderful
include poetry and she
Tommie Moller moved to
joined our Authors
Lincoln Hills with her late
Resource Group in 2012.
husband, Chet, fifteen
At first Tommie sat back,
years ago. Although
listened, watched, and in
Tommie has an impressive
her words, “admired the
professional history
authors” as we set about
(Secretary in the Office
turning our manuscripts
of the Quartermaster
into real, hold-in-yourGeneral, Washington,
hands books. Every
D.C.; Policewoman, in
so often she would
Berkeley, CA. and an
share about her goal to
employee in the Mental
someday publish her
Health Dept. in Berkeley,
own book, titled “The
CA to name just a few),
ABCs of God.” A devout
her heart and soul are
Christian, Tommie had
dedicated to the art
been walking around for
world. She is a wellmany years with pages
known artist who, for
of sketches and ideas
a time, worked as a
for the book but with
vice-squad sketch artist
nowhere to turn for
for the Berkeley Police
Then magic
Tommie is of Cherokee, Choctaw, English
happened. ARG
and Irish descent and lived for many years with
member Phyllis
her late husband on what had originally been a
Kalbach said “Let me
Maidu Indian campsite in Loomis California.
help you!” These are
She is recognized for her many contributions
to the preservation of the Maidu heritage.
Her sketches, watercolors and sculptures
(cont’ on page 17)
Website: http://lhocbookgroup.blogspot.
Wiki: http://ocbookgroup.pbwiki.com/
Contacts: Contacts: Darlis Beale 4080269, Penny Pearl 409-0510, Dale Nater
(without the needles) to see if you are
a good candidate for acupuncture.
Do You Suffer From:
• Headaches
• Digestive Problems
• Sleep Problems
• Sinus/Allergies
• Arthritis
• Many other problems
just ask!
• Knee Pain
• Elbow/Wrist Pain
• Neck/Shoulder Pain
• Hip/Back Pain
• Finger/Hand Pain
• Toe/Foot/Ankle Pain
Tree Care – Planting- Irrigation- Fertilization
* Thinning/ Pruning of all plants
shrubs and trees
* Tree Training/ Maintenance
* Weed Abatement
* Planter Beds
* Pathways/ Walkways/ Walls
* Boulders/ Stream Beds
* Bark Installation
Board Certified in Podiatric Surgery and Podiatric Medicine by the ABMSP
Wondering If Acupuncture Works?
Find Out…with Owen Marron, L.Ac.
CALL 916-742-4001 TODAY
to reserve your 15 minute time on
Friday, February 6th, 10am-12pm
Oaks Room, Orchard Creek Lodge
Spaces are Limited.
Owen Marron, L.Ac.
151 N. Sunrise, Ste. 1009 • Roseville, CA 95661
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
Authors Resource Group
(cont’ from page 16)
the magical words you hear frequently around
the table at our meetings.” And Phyllis did just
that. While Tommie completed the original
color drawings of the A, B, and Cs…Phyllis
worked on scanning and formatting and all
kinds of other technical stuff.
And now, as Tommie celebrates her 91st
birthday, “The ABCs of God” is a reality! This
amazing, colorful, children’s book includes
Tommie’s original artwork along with her
poetry… “A is for ALMIGHTY FATHER
above. B is for BIBLE; His book of love. C
is for CHRIST, our Savior and King. D is for
DISCIPLE, His praises to sing…”
What’s next for Tommie? She has yet
another children’s book written, just waiting
to be published. You can contact Tommie at
(916) 434-1671 to order The ABCs of God, or
look for it on Amazon.com.
Are YOU walking around with an idea
or a manuscript in hand? Do YOU need
encouragement or direction for editing,
publishing and/or marketing your next book?
The Authors Resource Group welcomes you
to join us. We meet monthly. Contact info:
Linda Bello-Ruiz – [email protected]
(916) 543-7952; Leo Craton, [email protected]
(916) 543-9012.
SCLH Writers Group
“The role of a writer is not to say what we
can all say, but what we are unable to say.” –
Anais Nin (author)
Short stories, personal essays, poetry,
fiction, humor and Op Ed pieces – these are
just some of the genres or types of writing which
members of the Writers Group bring to the
table each month. Our topics are as diverse
as each of us. Some of our writing evokes
laughter while other works provoke sadness.
Do you have a story to tell? Are you
thinking about writing your memoir? Why
not join us?
The Writers Group meets on the second,
fourth and fifth Mondays of each month at
6:30 PM in the Ceramics Room at Orchard
Creek Lodge. Bring 12-14 copies of your work
to share (maximum 1,500 words). We read
aloud our writing and then are critiqued by
our peers. All SCLH writers or those striving
to be writers are welcome.
Contacts: Bev Brannon, [email protected]
com, Jim Fulcomer, [email protected],
Linda Lucchetti, [email protected]
Second Saturday Breakfast
Dynamic Singles
Hey, it’s a New Year!
Remember all those
resolutions you wrote
down? Or just had in
your head? You no doubt
resolved to get thinner, eat
better, exercise more and
other get-healthy ideas.
Now that we’ve broken
all of those bombastic
resolutions and have
settled back into reality, it’s time to look at
other resolutions that are easier and perhaps
more fun to keep. Just Do It!
How about that class that interested you?
Or that club you thought about joining? Look
at your schedule and get off the couch. Break
away from inertia. If you are single, resolve to
join the Singles Club. We do lots of fun things
besides our twice a month meetings. Just Do It!
We have some smaller group activities
“The Smile Makers”
My staff and I look forward to adding you to our family of patients. Our normal
business hours are Monday thru Thursday, 8:00am to 12 noon and 1pm - 5pm.
Also, I will be happy to take care of your emergency needs after hours.
Helping Hands
24 Hour Personal Care
[email protected]
each month you can join. If you like hiking, we
do that. If you like Bocce Ball, we play that.
If you like dining in nice restaurants, we do
that. If you like breakfast out, we do that. If
you play golf, we do that. If you like dancing
and indulging in adult beverages, we do that.
If there is something you like to do and we
don’t do it, tell us. There are probably others
who want to do that and we can get another
interest group started. All you have to do is
pay a paltry $15 yearly membership and you’re
in! Just Do It!
After our January business meeting, we
had a “blind” gift exchange. Members were
instructed to bring in prettily wrapped presents
for the grab bag. As in a typical grab bag game,
stealing was permitted. The twist was that the
(cont’ on page 19)
Residential Painting
Why should you choose Quality Residential Painting?
Quality Work that Speaks for Itself
25 Years Experience
Interior AND Exterior Painting
Cabinet Painting and Refinishing
Exceptional, Meticulous Attention to Detail
Reliable and Trustworthy, References Available
No job is finished until the customer is completely satisfied!
Chuck Niemeyer
Owner and Operator
License # 882509
“ Call Chuck, he is the only painter you will want to call! “
See recent projects completed at: www.qrp-painting.com
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
This is the future you
weren’t thinking about 10,
or 20, or 30 years ago.
What will your world look like 10, or 20, or 30 years from today? No one can be sure
— but you can prepare. The sooner you start, the better you can manage whatever
life has in store. We can help you make it happen. If you’d like to know how, we’ll be
glad to talk with you about your future. There’s no cost and no obligation.
Steven Hudgins
First Vice President
Branch Manager
Rob Brunst, CFP®
Senior Vice President - Investments
Frank Geremia, CFP®
First Vice President-Investments
Robert Burton, CFP®
First Vice President-Investments
945 Orchard Creek Lane
Suite 100
Lincoln, CA 95648
Eric Schott
Associate Vice President-Investments
Mark Motell
Financial Advisor
Walter J Gallo, Jr.
Financial Advisor
Investment and Insurance Products: X NOT FDIC Insured X NO Bank Guarantee X MAY Lose Value
Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC, Member SIPC, is a registered broker-dealer and a separate non-bankaffiliate of Wells Fargo & Company.
©2012 Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC. All rights reserved. 0414-04624
James Stagg
Vice President-Investments
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
Dynamic Singles
(cont’ from page 17)
stealing took place before the gifts were open!
There were some mighty funny moments when
we opened them!
The Pre-SuperBowl party was our Social
for the month of January. That was really fun.
We found out who knew their sport’s trivia and
who were neophytes. Lots of prizes were given
out and all of us enjoyed the food.
This month, the first thing coming up is
Cocktail Time at Buonarroti’s here in Lincoln.
We will be there on Thursday, February 5 at
4:30, so join us. Just Do It!
We knew you wouldn’t want to miss the
Super Bowl Game, so our Birthday Celebration
which is usually on the first Sunday. But this
month the celebration is on February 8 at 4:30
at the Sports Bar. If you are a member and your
birthday is in February, we’ll buy you a drink
and sing you a song! Just Do It!
After our General Meeting on February
12, we will have a sweet time playing Valentine’s
Bingo after the short business meeting. Doors
open at 6. Just Do It!
Second Saturday breakfast is on February
14 at the Sports Bar. For the fine diners, join
that bunch at Fat’s in Roseville on February
19 at 4:30 PM. No need to sign up for the
breakfast, but for dinner, call Darline at 4346472, for reservations. Just Do It!
Other activities are golf on Friday’s,
dancing on Tuesday’s, Hiking and Bocce Ball
on Wednesday’s and hopefully, billiards will
start up again now that the football season has
ended. Look for the Dynamic Singles Flyer
around the corner from the OC Activities
Desk. All of these activities are listed along
with the contact person’s name and number.
President, Judie Leimer at 408-4308. Vice
President, Jim Raber at 408-7598. Membership
Chairperson, Maralyn Fisher-Zach at 4084747. Just Do It!
Lavender Friends
Lavender Friends is a social organization
serving the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and
Transsexual community and those in friendship
in Sun City Lincoln Hills. In the spirit of
getting to know one another, I am interviewing
members with questions inspired by Brandon
Stanton’s Humans of New York.
Sandra Rector can trace her family tree
back to 1746 ancestors living in the colony of
Pennsylvania and the Cherokee Indian tribe.
This rich family background includes highly
resilient people: French Creole settlers, freed
slaves, and Scotch Irish immigrants. She was
raised by a single parent in Los Angeles, but
came to know her father when she reached her
mid-twenties. An athlete before the support
of Title 9 programs, Sandy played semiprofessional softball in LA, and later enjoyed
coaching Little League. She still follows
sports teams with great interest, especially the
Dodgers and Raiders.
Most of her working life was spent with
Pacific Gas and Electric at the Diablo Canyon
nuclear power plant, giving her insight into
a world few see. She also spent some time
teaching history, and conversational Spanish to
4th through 8th graders at a private Christian
school. Sandy is considering pursuing a degree
in education and enjoys working with middle
school students. She finds it gratifying to see
that “ah ha” moment when a student grasps
the point of a lesson.
She enjoys the friendly atmosphere at
SCLH, and her hobbies include painting and
writing her memoir. Her partner, Darla Purdy,
thinks Sandy’s best trait is her sense of humor,
and ability to listen to and talk with people.
“Think twice and speak once” is her motto.
The Christmas/Dinner Dance was a great
success with over 100 attending.
Upcoming events include 2/2 Breakfast,
2/9 PFLAG, 2/14 Potluck, 3/2 Breakfast, 3/9
PFLAG, 3/15 Game Night. Check http://www.
lavenderfriends.com/ for additional social
Contacts: Jacquie Hilton 543-9349,
[email protected], and John
(cont’ on page 20)
Bosom Buddies
Leslie Wilson, CPA
✓ Tax Preparation & Planning
• 20 Years Experience • Partnerships
• Trusts
• Individual
• Estates
• Corporate
Personalized service
you can count on.
this beautiful poem she wrote. I know when I
first read it, I said, “I’ve been there”. I think all
of us have been there at one time or another.
And the award for the best actress goes
By Mary Chandler
“How are you?
I am asked every day
To which I reply,
“Oh, I am OK.
How are you
doing?” is the next line.
My reply is always,
“Oh, I am fine”
“You’re looking
good, are you better?”
you’re often asked
(My tears and
feelings must be so
well masked)
Happy Valentine’s Day!
February is always somewhat
of a letdown month. All the
excitement of the holidays is over,
the decorations are down, and
literally the dust has settled, ON
EVERYTHING! Those garlands
and whats-its hide a lot of dust.
The whole house is upside down.
Also, the furniture you moved
to accommodate the Christmas
tree now has to be moved back
but not before you clean the rug!
Because, of course, you can’t miss
this opportunity to clean the parts
of the rug you never can get to.
And so it goes…
And, of course, all the sweets
left from the holidays are still
lingering in the pantry. And now
it’s Valentine’s Day and another
excuse to let the chocolate roll! I
got a pumpkin roll for Christmas
Tax Services
Leslie Wilson
Masters Degree, Taxation
but not a chocolate roll!
Well, I can’t dis February too much as some
very lovely, talented, beautiful people were
born in this month. My lovely granddaughter
and of course, myself.
Ahhhhh! No presents
On another note,
I have a lovely friend
who a year ago lost
her husband. He was
a good and kind man
and we all miss him
terribly. Her name is
Mary Chandler and
she was one of the first
members of Bosom
Buddies but has since
moved away from
Lincoln Hills. She is
a very talented writer
and I wanted to share
✓ IR S Audi t representat ion
✓ Book keeping & Account ing
✓ QuickBook s
Call for your appointment today!
(916) 784-7145
324 Hadnall Ct. Roseville, CA 95747
[email protected]
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
Bosom Buddies
Lincoln Hills
(cont’ from page 19)
See our website www.lh-travelgroup.com for details about our trips.
Grand Circle Cruise: Paris to Normandy (Apr 17-30, 2015)
Cruise 13 days on the Seine River (Louise 408-0554)
Magnificent Cities of Central & Eastern Europe
(May 9-23, 2015)
Prague, Czech Republic, Krakow, Warsaw, Berlin (Judy Peck 543-0990)
Danube River Cruise: Pre & Post in Istanbul & Vienna
(May 13-27, 2015)
Free excursions, Wi-Fi, wine/beer/soft drinks aboard (Teena Fowler 5433349)
Canadian Rockies by Train (Jul 18-26, 2015)
Vancouver, VIA Rail, Jasper, Lake Louise, Banff, Calgary (Louise 4080554)
Grand Circle OAT: Amazon River Cruise & Rain Forest
(Aug 18-29, 2015)
Lima, Iquitos, cruise Amazon. Option: Machu Picchu & Cuzco (Judy 5430990)
Collette Custom Trip: England, Scotland & Ireland
(Sep 5-19, 2015)
Stonehenge, castle stay, St. Andrews, Hadrian’s Wall, Dublin (Teena 5433349)
The Riviera’s: France, Italy & the Isles (Sep 10-25, 2015)
Small Ship Cruise Tour – Cannes to Florence (Louise 408-0554)
Crystal Symphony Cruise NYC to Montreal (Sep 12-20, 2015)
All inclusive (except shore excursions) (Linda Frazier 434-8266)
Collette Heritage of America (Oct 16-26, 2015)
NYC, Philadelphia, Amish, Gettysburg, Williamsburg, & DC) (Judy 5430990)
Chilean Fiords and Patagonia (Oct 30-Nov 13)
Small ship cruise and land tour (Sheron 434-9504)
Southern Charm (Apr 2-8, 2016)
Featuring Charleston, Savannah & Jekyll Island (Judy 543-0990
Sheron Watkins
Linda Frazier
Teena Fowler
Louise Kuret
Judy Peck
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
A smile and a laugh may light up my face
But inside I go back to my own lonely place
So the award for the best actress goes to me
Because I hide my grief so no one can see
Every day I put on my costume and play
my part
And try to conceal my broken heart.
I think this says it all!
Now, on to the fun stuff. Our Christmas/
New Years party was, as usual, a huge success.
The food was yummy and Kay Brady again
made some beautiful Christmas gifts for us all
to take home. (see pic) Thank you so much
Kay. Thanks also to Sue Carden for your
beautiful decorations that were used for our
door prizes. I won one!!!
To add to the fun, this year we were lucky
enough to have The Hills Brothers sing for us.
(see pic) They are a very entertaining a cappella
octet group that harmonizes beautifully. They
are also very funny. Thank you guys for making
our party very special.
And of course, many, many thanks go to
Patty McCuen for lending us her home once
again for our party. (see pic)
How lucky and very blessed are we as
members of Bosom Buddies to have such a
warm and gracious group of ladies in our club.
Thank you one and all for making my job as
president not only easy but loads of fun. You
all deserve a warm and fuzzy valentine from
your love ones.
We meet at Orchard Creek Lodge on the
second Thursday of each month at 1:00 pm.
If you have any questions regarding Bosom
Buddies, please contact: Marianne Smith (408-
1818) or Patty McCuen (408-4185).
If you wish to go to lunch at the Meridians
before the meeting, please call Marilyn Poole
(434-8902) and she will make the reservation.
We end each meeting by holding hands
and saying: “together we are strong. Together
we will make a difference. Together we will
And, we will, hopefully with a little fun…
Eye Contact Group
General Meeting: Thursday, 2/12/15,
2:00 PM.
Presentation Hall, Kilaga Springs Lodge
The presenter at our February General
Meeting will be Eddie Ballesteros, DMV
Ombudsman. His informative presentation
will center on rules for senior licensing and
limited area driving.
Living Skills Workshop: Thursday,
2/26/15, 10:30 AM
Multi-media Room, Orchard Creek
Our facilitator, Patti Locke, will be
discussing soups and other healthy, hearty food
for winter meals – basic preparation, proper
utensils for low vision plus some recipes.
Eye Contact meetings are open to all
SCLH residents and are especially helpful to
those with low vision and those who support
Group Contact: Cathy McGriff 4 0 8 0169
(more Club News cont’ on page 21)
Contact Audrey Cohen Resident of Sun City Lincoln Hills
at (916) 253-9816
to set up appointment today.
Door to door service
If you are unable to come to me,
I will come to you.
10% Discount to all Residents
20 years experience in Tax Preparation;
IRS Registered Tax Return Preparer;
and State of California &7(&&HUWLÀHGDQG%RQGHG
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
The Healthy Eating Club
Residents of Lincoln Hills were invited
to be Club guests at our special presentation
in Presentation Hall at Kilaga Lodge January
26 that featured noted author Joanne Neft.
She is widely known as a strong advocate
for the health benefits and the joys of a
lifestyle centered around eating fresh, local
in-season foods 52 weeks a year. The author’s
presentation was followed by a book signing
and tasting session of various dishes from her
book recipes in the Kilaga Kitchen. It was a
terrific event that was enjoyed by everyone
there, club members and guests alike. Our
local region is one of the few in the nation
that produces a wide enough variety of foods
to enable us to eat freshly harvested “farm
to fork” foods 52 weeks a
year, and Joanne has been
instrumental in making this
all come together. She was
instrumental in opening
the first Foothill Farmers’
Market 25 years ago and
we now see the excellent
results her methods
of getting farmers and
consumers together have
produced, to the benefit
of small-scale farmers and
would-be healthy eaters
alike. Joanne was also an
organizer of the annual
Mountain Mandarin
Festival that draws close to
40,000 people in November
of each year and she
continues her tireless work
at bringing farmers and consumers together.
Joanne is well-loved throughout our region
and makes us proud to say she’s a local girl!
Club members toured the Rogers Family
Coffee Roasting Plant January 7 here in
Lincoln, out near the Lincoln airport and we
have a second tour scheduled for February
4. Both tours were filled up very quickly and
we will schedule still another one if there is a
sufficient number of members remaining that
were turned away for the earlier tours and
still want to take the tour. The Rogers plant
is an absolutely huge building, encompassing
nearly 300,000 square feet. Millions of pounds
of coffee are roasted, packaged and shipped
across the country from this facility under many
different familiar brand names. The family
is known for the thoughtful and generous
social contributions they make in the lands
Coffee Roasting Tour
where their coffee is grown and harvested –
all for the benefit of the local workers to help
raise them out of the poverty-level lives they
are living. They have spent large amounts of
their own funds in this effort and plan to do
still more. And it was truly uplifting to hear
how their generosity has also proven to be a
good way to do business as evidenced by their
growth and their prospects for the future. The
Rogers family is to be congratulated for their
fine work, not to mention that their story is
truly a success story we love to hear about,
one of very hard work and a strong belief in
their business philosophy. These people make
us all proud to have the Rogers as neighbors
here in Lincoln.
It’s worth mentioning that the roasting
plant smells heavenly – even to those that are
not coffee drinkers.
The Healthy Eating Club’s stated
mission is to educate our members about the
importance of healthy eating and to improve
our relationship with food. All our general
meetings and smaller gatherings center around
food topics and food-related activities. At
our small gatherings we call “workshops” we
sample healthy foods prepared by volunteer
members at a member’s home, or in rare cases
a full meal will be prepared. We invite guest
speakers to our meetings to talk on various
food-related topics, and we have two membersonly potluck suppers each year, one in April
and another in October, both at the Sports
Pavilion where we share dishes prepared by
the members. At our monthly general meetings
we discuss such diverse topics as upcoming
site tours of food-related businesses, local
farmers’ market schedules, how to make
common dishes healthier and a mix of other
food-related topics currently in the news. We
encourage suggestions and participation from
our members.
Contact Don Rickgauer, Club
Chairperson, at 253-3984 for information
on our Club guest speakers, or email us at
[email protected] Our
monthly general meetings will continue to be
on the 4th Monday of each month throughout
2015, so the February meeting is Monday the
23rd at 2:00 pm in Presentation Hall at Kilaga
Springs Lodge and March’s meeting is also on
the 23rd. Guests are welcome at our general
meetings with no advance notice required,
but Club workshops where we sample various
healthy foods are members only. The annual
household membership fee is $20, good for all
members of your household.
LH Veterans Group
Vietnam veteran and author of “Vietnam
Redemption: Full Circle”, Joe Baginski will be
the speaker at the general meeting, 1:00pm,
February 19, 2015 at the Kilaga Springs
Presentation Hall. In 1968, Baginski was a
helicopter pilot attached to the 1st Air Calvary
Division in Vietnam. He returned to Vietnam
43 years later while coming to grips with his
own encounter with Post Traumatic Stress
Disorder. Amazingly, Joe met a NVA officer
who was present at some of the same battles
that he had been in. His conversations and
interaction with his former enemy has brought
Joe to a “Full Circle”. This is a presentation
that you won’t want to miss!
Make your reservations for the St.
Patrick’s Day Luncheon, Saturday, March 14,
(cont’ on page 24)
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
What people are saying
about Whisper Hearing...
“ I am very happy with my aids and the special service you
provide. Thank you!”
–James A Meucci, M.D.
“I have recommended Whisper to friends, family and went to
the office in Lincoln, Ca and found them great... I can now have
conversations with family. It is indeed a wonderful life now.”
–Dorothy Alexander
Glad to have switched to Whisper. Will always recommend them.”
-Judi Cordova
“My hearing devices changed my life for the better. The association
is not only most professional but personable.”
–Wini Dick
“The staff at Whisper Hearing Center was very helpful and friendly.
The insurance billing process was painless and my son’s hearing
aids are a great help to him.”
–Karla and Matthew Metcalf
The day I got my hearing aids I apologized to my husband for the many times I asked him
to repeat something he’d said and for the loud T.V. - Now I think he has the TV too loud.
- Caroline Ghinassi
Talk with an Audiologist
at Whisper Hearing
When it comes to quality, expertise and
value - Whisper can’t be beat!
• complete hearing exams by Doctors of Audiology
• personalized convenient service
• breakthrough hearing technology
• astonishingly reasonable prices
Charles Sanders AuD, Doctor of Audiology
Carol Trussell AuD, Doctor of Audiology
Tracy Volkman M.S., Audiologist
6633 Coyle Ave., Suite 1
Carmichael, CA 95608
(916) 961-2154
TJ Maxx Shopping Center
1850 Douglas Blvd., Suite 992
Roseville, CA 95661
Raley’s Shopping Center
905 State Hwy 65, Suite 30
Lincoln, CA 95648
(916) 784-3500
(916) 434-1110
Free Hearing Screenings
2nd Monday, Every Month
8:30 - 11 am, the lodge
at Sun City Roseville
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
SUN SENIOR PROFILES Getting to know you...
George and Cathy Sylvia –
(cont’ from page 1)
up the sport in his 20s,
George has played short
stop in the Senior Softball
Northern California league,
and nationally on a traveling
tournament team in various
senior organizations. This is
what keeps George busy in
retirement, traveling all across
the U.S., often accompanied
by Cathy. Playing on summer
and winter leagues, he is
on the road competing in
about 20 national and world
tournaments a year.
Softball became the
impetus for him and Cathy
to move to St. George, Utah
where they lived for several
years. Since 1987, St. George
has been a Mecca for men’s
and women’s senior sports,
in particular, softball, and home of the
Huntsman World Senior Games, an
international senior sports competition.
Last year, after sixteen years on
the field, George was appropriately
recognized during the World Senior Softball
Championships in Las Vegas, when he
was voted by his peers into the National
Senior Softball Hall of Fame. Not an easy
feat. Yearly selection is a battle of the best
within a group of approximately 1.5 million
senior men and women over 40 who play
the sport (25,000 who are categorized on
the “elite” level, competing in national and
world tournaments).
The Class of 2014 inductees included
2 managers, 5 pioneer players (who have
played since 1995) and 11 current players.
To qualify for a Hall of Fame nomination,
one must earn eight points acquired over a
senior softball body of work, with individual
awards earned while playing in national or
world tournaments. George was named ‘All
Tournament’ six times and ‘All World’ twice.
There’s definitely a soft spot in
George’s heart for softball. It’s a sport
that “gives me a chance to play offense and
Eating Club here in Lincoln Hills. She
also enjoys dance classes (clogging and line
dance), hiking, experimenting with art, and
spending time with their six grandchildren.
Another segment of Cathy’s life is most
recognizable. Many will nod at a reference
to the “Beat Generation” of
the 1950’s and the psychedelic
movement of the 1960’s. Cathy
Cassady Sylvia has a strong
connection to these times.
Neal Cassady, Cathy’s
father, was a driving force
behind the beat and later
the hippie generation. He
befriended notable writers
including Jack Kerouac and
Allen Ginsberg, and is well
known as the inspiration for
their ground breaking works
George Sylvia
defense,” he states. Peek into the Sylvia’s
office and observe a wall covered with
plaques, medals, certificates and photos,
a testimony to his proficiency and passion
for the sport.
When not traveling with the senior
softball league, he finds time to play
recreationally in the Lincoln Hills Senior
Softball League where friends describe him
as a “gentleman both on and off the field”
and a “true sportsman”. George’s hobbies
include designing websites for small
businesses and individuals; designing and
building garden furniture and structures;
and spending time with his grandchildren.
Cathy —
Spending the first 20 years of her
professional life as a medical transcriptionist,
at 38, Cathy returned to college. After
earning her Exercise Physiology BS and an
MS in Worksite Wellness Management, she
created many employee wellness programs
for major corporations. At Springfield at
Whitney Oaks, an active adult community
in Rocklin, she served as its first Activities
and Fitness Director. Currently, Cathy
shares her expertise with the Healthy
Cathy Sylvia
-- Kerouac’s novel, “On the Road” and
Ginsberg’s poem, “Howl.” He later
became friends with Ken Kesey, author
and countercultural figure considered a
link between the Beat Generation of the
1950s and the hippies of the 1960s.
What was it like to grow up with such
a colorful figure as Neal Cassady? Despite
Moving Life Forward
being embarrassed as a teenager by her
father’s antics, Cathy affectionately recalls
her dad’s famous friends. “I have fond
memories of Jack and Allen visiting our
home. Jack was like a second father, and
Allen was kind and caring,” she muses.
The Sylvia’s home in Lincoln is full of
books, paintings and artifacts by and about
Neal. Cathy continues to be contacted by
inquiring and curious fans and aficionados
of the beat era. Cathy and George are often
invited to events -- most recently to the
Beat Museum in San Francisco, and a few
years ago attended a release of the 2012
film adaption “On the Road” at the George
Lucas ranch in Marin County.
Today, Cathy and her two siblings,
Jami and John, have taken over the reins
of the Neal Cassady estate and its website
as gate keepers and guardians. Not only
wanting to preserve his memory, they are
hoping that the website, which integrates
her late mother Carolyn’s own words and
recollections of Neal with archival pieces
and photos, will memorialize not the
legend, but the man.
With their three grown children and six
grandchildren residing nearby, the Sylvias
are happy to call Lincoln Hills home. “To
travel more” is on their bucket list, with
sights set on Yellowstone and Alaska this
You could say the phrase “on the road”
takes on a special meaning for them -- for
Cathy, memories of her father through a
literary work of the same name, and for
George, unforgettable travels with the
senior softball league.
Know a neighbor who should be
Well, just let us know!
Call us at 727-6383 or e-mail us
at [email protected]!
Family Owned and Operated Since 1966
Commercial and Residential
Vehicle Lifts and Seating Systems
Accessible Van Conversions
Sales — Rentals — Service
Toll Free 888-852-6981
• In Stock New/Used
• Scooters/Wheelchairs/Modular
Ramps/Stair Lifts
• Cutting Edge Assistive Technology
& Mobility Consultants
6550 Freeport Blvd. Ste A
Sacramento, CA 95822
Funding Now
Del Webb SPECIAL Pricing
2 Rooms 49.95
3 Rooms 74.95
4 Rooms 99.95
Tile/Grout Cleaning .50 a sq ft
Homes up to 2200 sq ft
All carpets and all windows (cleaned inside/out)
Homes over 2200 sq ft are $15.00
an additional 100 sq ft
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
Oakmont Memory Care
The community you’ve imagined…the care your loved one deserves.
LH Veterans Group
(cont’ from page 21)
2015, 1:00pm in the Orchard Creek Ballroom.
Menu includes: Mixed Green Salad, Corn Beef
and Cabbage with Potatoes, Rolls and Butter,
Apple Strudel Desert, Ice Tea and Coffee.
No-Host Open Bar is Available at 12:00pm
and Lunch is served at 1:00pm. The cost is
$22.00 send your checks payable to the Lincoln
Hills Veterans Group to Chuck Peterson, 2919
Eagles Peak Lane, Lincoln, CA 95648. Mark
your calendar for the rest of this year’s Social
Events: June 13, Flag day BBQ; August 15,
Ice Cream Social; October 10, Columbus Day
Italian Luncheon and December 10, Christmas
Tom Parker, US Air force joined the
group as a Life Member; Welcome Aboard
Tom! Remember to fly your flag February 16,
2015, Presidents Day.
monthly in the Kilaga Springs Presentation
Hall. Past topics have included: iPhone, iPad &
iPod Devices; Yosemite OS; Pages & Numbers;
iPhoto, iTunes & iMovie; iCloud; and virtually
all subjects of interest to Apple Computer &
Device owners.
Those just starting with Apple products
may choose to attend specific Newbie seminars
and labs. These are given by our volunteers
to assist those who are just starting, and for
others who need a little extra help adapting to
a new operating system. Hands-On Labs are
scheduled in conjunction with these Newbie
The MUG Website, LHMUG.org, is a
trove of information for anyone interested in
Apple Computers and Devices. Various tabs
direct you to our Calendar & Seminars, among
other resources. Prominent among these is the
Video tab that allows you to view complete past
seminars that were recorded live.
(cont’ on page 25)
Mac Users Group
Resident-centered care is the cornerstone of
Oakmont of Roseville’s Traditions program. Our
highly experienced care team will assess your
loved one’s needs and provide compassionate care
for all stages of memory loss associated with
Alzheimer’s or other related dementias.
Support and Education.
These are what the Mac Users
Group (All Things Apple) is all
about. We concentrate on helping
and teaching Apple Users to make
the most of their Macs and iOS
Devices. MUG members may
phone our Hotline for answers to
most Apple-related problems. If
we can’ t fix them by phone, one
of our expert volunteers will make
a house call for a nominal fee.
Educational Seminars on
various topics are given twice
The MUG is very proud to have a membership of
over 700 LH households, more than any other
club or group in our LH Community.
• Full-time Nurse
• Diabetic Wellness Program
• Enriching Activity Program
• Indoor and Outdoor Dining
Monthly fees starting at $2,795.
1101 Secret Ravine Pkwy
Roseville, CA 95661
(adjacent to Sutter Medical Center)
RCFE #317005187
Tours Available Today!
Please patronize our
advertisers, and let
them know you
saw their ad in the
Sun Senior News!
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
Mac Users Group
(cont’ from page 24)
The MUG is very proud to have a
membership of over 700 LH households,
more than any other club or group in our LH
Community. We must be doing something
right. Annual membership is just $15 for each
household. Please join us via the membership
form under the “join” tab on our web page.
By the way, it is time for members to
renew their annual memberships. If you have
not already done so, please send your check for
$15 payable to LHMUG to: Gerry Esker - 934
Gold Nugget Circle - Lincoln, 95648. Or you
may pay at the next Club meeting.
SCLH Computer Club
Main Meeting Feb.
11, 06:30 PM “Windows
10 a First Look” by Rita
Wronkiewicz Windows 8
has had a tumultuous run;
Microsoft is hoping to turn
this around. Microsoft
expects to release the OS
later in 2015. Windows Rita Wronkiewicz
10 isn’t just about PCs - it
will run on everything from desktops all the
way down to smartphones. The user interface
is designed to adjust accordingly. Windows
philosophy is: One Product Family – One
platform – One Windows Store shared by all.
This will be a sneak preview of Microsoft’s
progress to date. You’ll be happy to hear that
the “Start Screen” is gone! The newly revised
Start Menu looks a bit different, but provides
the same basic functionality as the one we’re
all accustomed to. Internet Explorer still
exists, but come hear about the modern new
browser (code-named Spartan) that is in the
works. It will use “Cortana” to offer verbal
search suggestions that are (reportedly) more
helpful than those given by Apple’s Siri
Clinic Feb. 13, 03:30 PM “Search Engines”
by Terry Rooney: Bing vs Google, Microsoft
is making inroads, Come to this presentation
and see how Google, Bing (and now Yahoo)
stack up in the Search Engine Wars.
Walk-In-Workshop: Feb.17, 1:00PM 3:00PM in the Computer Lab at Orchard
Creek. Our more experienced computer
members will provide assistance to any of our
Club members who would like hands-on help
in utilizing computer hardware components,
the Windows operating systems, or application
programs.Ask The Tech. Feb.27, 10:00 AM
Our regular monthly meeting where all
members can come to get solutions to their
technical and non-technical WINDOWS PC
TABLET problems. O.C. Multi Purpose Room
Contact: Claudia McEnerey
[email protected]
Website: www.sclhcc.org (more info)
Investor Study Group
2015 Start Time: 2:30 Pm. Please Note.
We have become popular. Our
membership has grown this year and we are
beginning to get return speakers. Pierre Rogers
with Prudential Investments on February
5th and Candice Tse of Goldman Sachs on
March 5th. Pierre spoke to ISG at our 2013
Holiday Party and received a warm welcome.
28 Years Experience
205 Stagecoach Lane
Lincoln, CA 95648
[email protected]
Winter is Here!
Ca ll No w fo r Yo ur
Tu ne -U p &
Sa fe ty Ch ec k!
Three Generations Strong
Pierre has 25 years experience in the world of
finance and I know he enjoys talking with our
members. Candice Tse joined us last year and
will revisit her area of expertise: emerging and
growth markets.
Dues: We will be collecting dues at our
February and March meetings. Please bring a
check filled out to SCISG in the amount of $15.
Dues remain as last year, $15 per household.
We will collect checks only before the meeting
and cash after the meeting in order to avoid
crowds at the sign-up desk.
Refreshments: We continue to provide
refreshments after the meeting. Join us, meet
other members, visit with our speaker.
Our opening act at the meeting, “What’s
New in Astronomy”, was Methane on Mars,
Does It Mean Life?” with Morey Lewis.
Methane was discovered on Mars originally
in 2003 but the discovery was met with great
skepticism. Recently, however, Curiosity
Rover data has confirmed this discovery. How
was it made? Was it made through a biological
process or an abiotic process, serpentinization,
where water and olivine react to produce
methane? Stay tuned for more developments.
February’s regular meeting will be on
Wednesday, February 4, at 6:45 pm in the
Presentation Hall at Kilaga Springs Lodge.
The main program will be a video on the
Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution
Program (MAVEN) from the
LH Astronomy
2014 American Geophysical
Union Conference.
The Cosmology Interest
Group (CIG) will resume its
The January program for
meetings on Monday, February
the Lincoln Hills Astronomy
16, at 6:45 pm in the Fine
Group (LHAG) was the The
Arts room at the Orchard
Roswell Incident presented
Creek Lodge. The February
by Don Wilson. It was
meeting will be a continuation
entertaining, exciting, amusing
Professor Mark Whittles’
and an on the edge of your
series, Cosmology - the History
seat thriller, that started
and Nature of our Universe.
the year off with a bang.
Lecture 19, “Infant Galaxies”
Don challenged perceptions
and Lecture 20, From Child to
Don Wilson
and traced the myths, facts,
Maturity - Galaxy Evolution
coverups and speculation
will be shown followed by a
about activities in New Mexico at the end and
after World War II surrounding purported
UFO landings. Unfortunately for you, the
reader, a top-secret gag order has been placed
on the writer to not reveal the substance of
the talk. Suffice it to say, attendees enjoyed
an interesting and fun evening.
(more Club News cont’ on page 26)
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
Italian Club
The Travel Group
How would you like to visit picturesque
Tuscany – even for just a few hours? Here’s
your chance. Discover this region of Italy at
“All Things Tuscan” set for Saturday, February
28, at 1-4 p.m. in the Placer Room at Kilaga
Whether you are of Tuscan descent or
not, you will enjoy learning about Tuscan
history, art, points of interest, culture and food.
Speaking of food, you’ll taste some ‘delizioso’
samples (not a lunch) of typical foods of the
region, including Crostini, Ribollita soup,
sausage and Tuscan beans, Panzanella salad
and a dessert. Presenters will include Aldo
Pardini and other club members. This is the
second in a series of events covering different
regions of Italy. Cost per person is $21.
Attendance is limited; make your reservations
no later than Feb. 19. Contact Irene Pardini
at 209-3319.
Save the date. On March 22, from 5-9
p.m., there will be a Black and White (casual)
Murder Mystery Ball at Catta Verdera in
Lincoln. (More information to come.)
Purchase your official LHIC name badge.
Orders are placed the first of each month. The
cost is $6.50 each. Go to the club’s Website at
www.lhitalianclub.org for more info.
Are you a Sun City Lincoln Hills resident
of Italian heritage? Don’t miss out on the fun
and friendship. Club info and future events:
www.lhitalianclub.org or Virginia Halstenrud,
membership chair, at 543-3293.
Where do you want to go? We may have
just the trip you want. Meetings are on the third
Thursday of each month*, 7pm, in the Kilaga
Springs Presentation Hall. Presentations
on selected travel destinations are shown by
Professional Travel Managers. Everyone is
welcome. We have been offering trips that
go all over the world since 2000. Committee
members are all residents of Lincoln Hills.
We are NOT travel agents. Join us for an
interesting and enjoyable evening.
Exception: This month the meeting is on
Thursday, February 12.
See our website http://www.lh-travelgroup.
com for complete details about the following
Grand Circle Cruise: Paris & Normandy
(Apr 17-30, 2015)
Cruise 13 days on the Seine River –
Contact Louise Kuret at 408-0554 or [email protected]
Magnificent Cities of Central & Eastern
Europe (May 9-23, 2015)
Prague, Czech Republic, Krakow,
Auschwitz, Warsaw, Berlin
Contact Judy Peck at 543-0990 or
[email protected]
Danube River Cruise with Pre & Post in
Istanbul to Vienna (May 13-27, 2015)
Free excursions, Wi-Fi, wine/beer/soft
drinks onboard
Contact Teena Fowler at 543-3349
or [email protected] (SPACE IS
Canadian Rockies by Train (Jul 18-26,
Vancouver, VIA Rail, Jasper, Lake
Louise, Banff, Calgary – Contact Louise Kuret
Grand Circle: Amazon River Cruise &
Rain Forest (Aug 18-29, 2015)
Lima, Iquitos, cruise the Amazon.
Option: Machu Picchu & Cuzco – Contact
Judy Peck
Collette Tour: England, Scotland &
Ireland (Sep 5-19, 2015)
Stonehenge, castle stay, St. Andrews,
Hadrian’s Wall, Dublin – Contact Teena Fowler
The Riviera’s: France, Italy & the Isles
(Sep 10-25, 2015)
Small ship Cruise Tour – Cannes to
Florence – Contact Louise Kuret
Crystal Symphony Cruise: NYC to
Montreal (Sep 12-20, 2015)
All inclusive (except shore excursions)
Contact Linda Frazier at 424-8266 or
[email protected]
Collette Heritage of America (Oct 1626, 2015)
NYC, Philadelphia, Amish, Gettysburg,
Williamsburg & DC – Contact Judy Peck
Patagonia & the Chilean Fiords (Oct
30-Nov 13, 2015)
OAT Small Group cruise & land tour
– Contact Sheron Watkins at 434-9504 or
[email protected]
Southern Charm (Apr 2-8, 2016)
Featuring Charleston, Savannah and
Jekyll Island – Contact Judy Peck
Proposed Future Travel - 2016
Amsterdam Tulip Cruise
Western Canada
Collette: Grand Tour of New England
Nova Scotia & the Maritimes
Norway Cruise
Mackinac Island & Niagara Falls
RV Group
RV Group members have just returned
from their first rally of the new year, a fournight trip to the Sands RV and Golf Resort in
Desert Springs.
It was held Jan. 26-30 and wagon masters
were Rosie and Bill Eads. Reports were that
the group had a great time with good dinners
and some fun golf.
Next on the schedule is a trip April 16-20
at Durango RV Resort in Red Bluff.
The RVers are making plans for their
participation at the Club Expo which is
scheduled for March 12 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Dave and Julie Africa and Dean and Betty
Schumacher will be the group’s reps to meet
and greet people.
The RV Group meets monthly on second
Thursdays in the Social Kitchen Room at
Kilaga Springs, 4 p.m. Meetings are open to all
those RV owners interested in joining.
(more Club News cont’ on page 27)
Roseville Toyota & Scion
Dept. O eek
7 Days
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Choose from the Largest Inventory of New
& Certified Vehicles in Northern California!
Email us at [email protected]
Check Our Inventory On-line at: www.RosevilleToyota.com
700 Automall Dr., Roseville
Inside the Roseville AutoMall
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
LH Sports Car Club
It’s time to attend the Tuesday, February
17th membership meeting for the Lincoln Hills
LSV/NEV Group, being held at the Kilaga
Springs Lodge
Presentation Hall at 10:00 AM. Our
featured speaker is Julie Domenick of Allstate
Insurance updating our members on the special
insurance coverage for
LSV/NEV’s at excellent rates. Julie
always shares other insurance industry
developments of interest that keep us current
on changes and laws.
If you are new residents of Lincoln Hills,
we hope you will attend our meeting to find
out the differences between a golf cart and a
neighborhood electric Vehicle
(NEV), and its benefits. Our members
can help with tips about the care of a NEV
and how to make the best use of it.
Please join us for we would like to meet
you, and answer any questions you have about
ownership of a LSV/NEV vehicle. See you
soon. To contact us, please call Dan Gilliam,
President at 209-3946.
New Club Officers and Committee
Chairmen started organizing for 2015 at
our first meeting on Monday, January 5. We
took care of the routine business and then
began proposing parties (Socials) and rolling
events (Tours) for 2015. The enthusiasm and
spontaneous volunteering for leading club
activities was very productive.
We have 2 Socials and 7 Tours on our
calendar for the 1st six months. The Socials
need a lot of volunteers due to the complexity
of the events and the tours need a leader and
1 or 2 co-leaders to keep the car groupings
at 10 or less in each flight. Day trips will be
starting soon so don’t hold back on joining.
Membership is $20 per household per year.
Now Offers
MLS® Laser
BeneÀWVRI0/S Laser Therapy
Non-Surgical Treatment
No Negative Side EIIHFWV
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MLS Laser Therapy Treats
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Sports InjurieV‡6prains & Strains
Repetitive Motion Injuries
Post-Surgical Swelling
Heel PaiQ‡Tendonitis
Don’t Let Pain Slow You Down.
Call Family Chiropractic Today!
963 Pleasant Grove Blvd. Ste. 130
Roseville, CA 95678
If you own a sports car and
want to participate in our club’s
activities, now is the time to join
and become involved with people
who love cars, driving and good
companionship. Check our web
site for the list of approved cars.
Contact: Tom Ware, 409-9255,
[email protected] Web site
Motorcycle Group
It’s time for a “Changing of
the Guard”, and we welcome our
new officers to the leadership of
the club. It is also a time to reflect
on the leadership of our outgoing
president, Dale
Brinsley. Dale
was our club originator. Ten
years ago, he had the foresight
to hold a dinner meeting in
old town Lincoln to arouse
interest in a Motorcycle
Riding Group. He was the
club’s first president and this
last year he again served as
president. Dale has decided
to hang up his riding gear
and to sell his Iron Horse.
He will be sorely missed in
our future rides.
The Road Captains’
planning session has turned
up some interesting outings
for the coming year. Hopefully
with good weather, it should
Sports Car members geared up for zip line.
be an exciting touring season
Dale Brinsley
for the RoadRunners. Tours and social
activities are discussed in detail at our club
meetings. If you have an interest in back roads
touring and have a road worthy motorcycle,
you should check us out. We meet on the 4th
Thursday in the OC Multi-Purpose room at
6:00pm. Guests are always welcome.
“Ride safe, ride with friends!”
Contact: Patrick Chaves, 916 408-1223
Email: [email protected]
(more Club News cont’ on page 28)
Seventh Day
(Now Holding English
Speaking Services)
Saturday Mornings
Bible Study 9:15 am
Worship Service 10:45 am
Pastor: Rob Kearbey
Join us at
600 McBean Park Drive
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
Rods & Relics
This time of year the outdoor car shows
come to a halt in Northern California.
However, that doesn’t mean there is nothing
for the collector car hobbyist to do. It’s time
when many owners work on their cars to get
them ready for the 2015 car show season. A
couple of our members will travel to Scottsdale
to see all of the cars at the Barrett Jackson
Auction, and other auction companies, during
the big auction week. Then at the end of
January, there is the Grand National Roadster
Show. If you are a car buff and are looking
for something closer to home to go to, check
out the Sacramento Autorama at Cal Expo
Fairgrounds February 14 – 16. Some Rods &
Relics cars will be represented in the Butch
Gardner Clubhouse. Be sure to come by and
visit with us!
This is also the time of year when we
start to plan what Car Shows we will attend
as a group. There are many options and we
do support other area Car Clubs because, as
with our Car Shows, their Shows’ proceeds
also support local charities.
Planning is under way for the two Rods &
Relics Car Shows that are scheduled for Friday,
June 5 at Thunder Valley Casino Resort and
Saturday, June 6 when the Downtown Lincoln
Classic Car Show is held on the tree-lined
streets of Historic Downtown Lincoln. The
proceeds from this year’s shows will go to three
local charities: The Lighthouse Counseling &
Family Resource Center, Ride To Walk, and
the Down Syndrome Coalition.
For information regarding our Car Club
and activities, check our website listed below.
Upcoming Events:
Shari McGrail
February 10 & 24 - Breakfast at the Waffle
Farm in the Twelve Bridges Shopping Center.
Members start arriving at 8:00 a.m. Join us for a
tasty breakfast and to catch up on the latest Car
Club-related news. Everyone is welcome!
February 19 - The General Business
Meeting is held at Strikes Unlimited at 5681
Lone Tree Blvd. in Rocklin. Dinner is available
from 5:00 p.m. on and may be followed by a
speaker at 6:00 p.m. The meeting starts at 6:30
p.m. Everyone is welcome!
Contacts: Ray Geiger, President 543-0464
Norm Penrice, Membership Director
Website: www.rodsnrelics.net
White Pelicans by Don Baylis
Bird Group
Our January meeting presented an
overview of the various walks and other outings
that are scheduled for our group in the first
half of this year. To highlight these outings
were photos of birds that are seen at these
locations, taken by various members of our
group. We have several great speakers already
lined up for meetings. This starts in February
with our annual Bluebird program featuring
Heath Wakelee. In April, Ed Harper returns,
after a year’s absence, to present a program
of his choice. In May, Paul Buttner, from
the California Rice Commission will have a
presentation about Waterfowl in the rice fields
and what rice growers are doing to preserve
habitat for wildlife.
The results of the Lincoln Hills Christmas
Bird Count are now available and posted on our
website. This was the 13th year for the count
of the Lincoln area that includes Lincoln Hills,
and for all of the Americas, the 115th annual
Dave Cryderman
John Garcia
Christmas Bird Count. I thank the 33 birders
who braved the cold wind on December 30
to walk our trails and count birds. Overall,
it was an average year for us with 76 species
being counted and 3900 individuals. We did
have some real highlights. A White-throated
Sparrow was counted on the Canyon Oaks
Trail. This was the only member of its species
counted in the Lincoln area. Likewise, the 12
Band-tailed Pigeons counted on the Twelve
Bridges Trail were the only Lincoln area
sightings, and it is the first time ever that this
species has been recorded for the Lincoln area.
These pigeons continue to hang around. In
recent days as many as 50 Band-tailed Pigeons
have been seen in a flock.
Band-tailed Pigeons are not uncommon,
but usually prefer forested areas and are not
normally seen here. Unlike the common Rock
Pigeon, which annoys us by making a mess on
our roofs, the Band-tailed Pigeon sits in trees.
So, if you see a pigeon in a tree, check for other
distinguishing features of the Band-tailed
Pigeon. These include yellow legs, yellow bill
with a black tip, a gray band on the trail, and
a white collar on the back of its neck. While
the Rock Pigeon is a widespread introduced
species, the Band-tailed Pigeon is native to
Western North America.
The overall Lincoln Count produced
135 species with records being set for many
waterfowl species. This might have been
because of so much flooding in the rice fields.
Who would have thought two months ago
that the rice fields would be this flooded. The
count on raptors was unusually low, but that
might have been because of the winds. This
did not prevent setting a new record of 13
Bald Eagles. We did not see any Bald Eagles
in Lincoln Hills, but we did have a good raptor
count, especially Kestrels, of which sightings
have been sparse in recent years.
(cont’ on page 29)
St. John’s Episcopal Church
2351 Pleasant Grove Blvd. Roseville
welcomes YOU
“to come experience the love of JESUS CHRIST”
Cal BRE# 01436301
[email protected]
Cal BRE# 01199609
[email protected]
Cal BRE# 01140448
[email protected]
Thinking About Selling?
There’s no time like the Present!
8 a.m. Traditional Eucharist
10:30 a.m. Contemporary Worship
praise music/ Sunday school /youth group
The Reverend Cliff Haggenjos, Rector
Inventory is low, so competition for buyers is at its best right now. We are
approaching the traditionally high season for listings and sales, so jump in
quickly and be ahead of the action.
Let us help you prepare your home to show well. Put our experience to
work for you!
Authorized Dealer
Houk Investments, Inc Est. 1999
Each office independently owned and operated.
We specialize in converting your
ideas into distinctive, attractive
and yet economical Cabinetry
Please contact us at:
solutions for your home
or business.
Fax: 530-745-2530
3300 Douglas Blvd., Suite 280, Roseville CA 95661
Š–>‹’\Ñ°>ÓӋJˆ ޑV>L‹›iÓȵV –ÑUÑåååµÑˆ ޑV>L‹›iÓȵV –
Call Shari, Dave or John.
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
Bird Group
Garden Group
(cont’ from page 28)
Our trip to Sacramento NWR in
December was enjoyed by 10 of us in the usual
December weather. At least we did not have
rain. We started out strong with sightings of a
Bald Eagle and a Peregrine Falcon within the
first quarter mile of the auto loop. Later we
spied a Great Horned Owl. As usual, there was
an abundance of waterfowl. In early January, on
our way to view the Sandhill Cranes at Staten
Island, we stopped off a Stone Lakes NWR,
an urban refuge 10 miles south of Sacramento
just off of I5. This is a new location for us to
visit, and 16 of us enjoyed a docent led wildlife
viewing walk through a restricted area of
the refuge. There is a variety of habitat and
subsequently, a large variety of birds to be seen
here. The flooded fields contained a selection
of shorebirds amongst the ducks, including
Wilson’s Snipe, Dunlin, and Long-billed
Dowitcher. We found a Great Horned Owl
in the trees and several species of songbirds.
A group of White Pelicans flew in as we were
returning to our cars. The Sandhill Cranes,
Aleutian Cackling Geese, Tundra Swans,
White-fronted Geese, and Snow Geese were
there for us when we arrived at Staten Island.
But, the Great Horned Owl of past years was
again not to be found.
We are still in peak season for wintering
waterfowl in the Central Valley. There is lots
going on in the outskirts of Lincoln and the
local wastewater treatment plant ponds abound
with waterfowl. But, you can see many of the
birds right here in Lincoln Hills.
The following are our upcoming Bird
Group activities for February. Unless otherwise
noted, our birding trips meet for carpooling at
White-throated Sparrow by Don Baylis
the western end of the Orchard Creek parking
lot, near the fitness center indoor pool.
Feb 6, Fri, 8:00AM: Ferrari Pond Trail,
Lincoln Hills. Meet at Anglers Cove off of
Ingram Parkway to stroll along the Ferrari
Pond Trail out to the Salt Pond. We’ll see if
the waterfowl counted for the Christmas Bird
Count are still there, or if those that we missed
have shown up.
Feb 9, Mon, 1:30PM: Monthly meeting,
Kilaga Presentation Hall. Heath Wakelee, will
present his program about Bluebirds.
Feb 20, Fri, 8:00AM: Davis Wastewater
Treatment Plant, Davis. This trip includes a visit
to Davis Wetlands adjacent to the treatment
plant. We expect to see lots of winter waterfowl.
Want to know more about the Bird
Group? Visit our Bird Group pages in the
Association Clubs section of the SCLHCA
Resident Website: www.suncity-lincolnhills.
Contact: Kathi or Larry Ridley, 253-7086.
[email protected]
New expanded hours: 7am to 7pm
~ — ^— ^— ~ — ~ — ~ — ~ — ~ — ~ — ~ — ~ — ~
“Review of Bonsai Styles and Prune Junipers/
Conifers Workshop.” Contact: Larry Clark,
LH Shooting Group
The purpose of the Shooting Group is
to meet neighbors and make friends among
the Sun City Lincoln Hills residents who are
interested in shooting or reloading and to
give these folks an opportunity to participate
together in shooting sports activities. People
interested in Shotgun, rifle or pistol shooting
can contact each other through the Group and
get together at local or nearby shooting ranges.
The Group has a very active skeet and
trap program. We meet every Tuesday morning
at 8:00 AM, during the warmer Spring and
Summer months and at 9:00 AM, during the
cooler Fall and Winter months, to shoot Trap,
International Trap and Sporting Clays. We
meet again on Thursday morning at using the
above times to shoot Skeet and 5 Stand. These
shoots are held at the Coon Creek Trap and
Skeet range. This is a local public range. Please
contact us for directions and to determine the
hours we are shooting. Skeet shooters can
participate in a weekly handicapped event.
Participants shoot two rounds of skeet. The
scores are then adjusted with handicap points.
This allows shooters of all different abilities to
shoot in the same round and still have a chance
to win the event. After scored shooting the
range is available for Skeet, Trap, Sporting
Clays and 5 Stand practice.
Local ranges offer competitive trap
shooting programs sponsored by the American
(cont’ on page 30)
Providing Quality Dental & Implant Care
sMost Dental Services Performed in Our Office
“Herbs in a Mediterranean Garden” will
be the topic for the Thurs., Feb. 26th General
Meeting (Kilaga Springs, 2-4pm). With spring
right around the corner, it’s not too early to
start planning a kitchen garden. Rose Loveall,
owner of Morningsun Herb Farm in Vacaville,
will share her ideas and skills on culinary
herbs at this meeting. The farm specializes
in herb plants, specialty perennials, and
seasonal vegetables. A trained horticulturist,
Ms. Loveall has a 22-year experience growing
and nurturing culinary and medicinal herbs.
She received her BS in Forestry from UC
Berkeley and her MS in Environmental
Horticulture from UC Davis. She has taught
many classes on cooking and crafting with
herbs. The farm is currently offering a Gaia
Herbal Apprentice Program. To find more
information about this program and all plants
and herbs available, check out her website:
home . A variety of herbal plants will be for
sale after the meeting. Cash payment (small
bills, please).
Brown Bag Sales are available at all
general meetings. Donated items (small
plants, garden books, garden art, vases, etc.)
will be accepted for this at each monthly
meeting. Contact: Madelynn Mossar 434-6153.
Proceeds will be used for local civic projects.
Tickets for Home Depot door prizes will
be given to anyone at this meeting who is a
registered member for 2015 by 2pm.
The Bonsai Group meets the 3rd Thursday
of each month. NOTE: A change of place
and time: Kilaga Springs, Terra Cotta Room,
2-4pm. This month (Feb 19) will feature
Everyone treated Herb and
myself very warmly. We
appreciate the prompt service
and patience shown to us. We
are confident the Dr. Nolan and
staff give us good care.
~Terrie D.
945 Orchard Creek Lane, Suite 200, Lincoln, CA 95648 | (916) 408-5557
$1050 Implant
$950 Implant Crown
Does not apply to contracted fees.
Does not apply to contracted fees.
Phone: 916-209-8471
Cell: 916-798-7347
[email protected]
Resources for Care Options:
Home Care, Assisted Living
“VA Aid & Attendance
“Sun City Lincoln Hills Resident”
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
LH Shooting Group
(cont’ from page 29)
Trapshooting Association (ATA) and the
Pacific International Trap Association (PITA).
As our skills and experience improve some of
our members are competing in these events.
These competitions are held at the Coon Creek
range and other public ranges in the area.
If you are interested in shooting please
join. People who used to shoot or reload
regularly, but have been out of these sports
for years, are welcome and encouraged to
take it up again.
Each month we also gather at a different
members home for hors d’oeuvres and drinks.
This gives us an opportunity to enjoy each
other’s company and meet the member’s
spouses. If you are interested in joining us,
contact John Kightlinger at 916-408-3928 for
details of our next get together.
Membership is free. Our group has no
Residents interested in trap or skeet
shooting can contact: John Kightlinger 916408-3928 [email protected]
Residents interested in rifle or pistol
shooting can contact Jim Trifilo at (916) 4346341 or [email protected]
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
One hundred men and women attended
the first meeting of 2015 at our new location,
Turkey Creek Golf Club.
The speaker was Ron Lawrence, Rocklin
Chief of Police for the past 4 years.
Chief Ron picked a good week to talk to
a friendly group given the events of late that
involve police forces around, not only the U.S.
but, the entire world.
It seems that regardless of the size of
the municipality, the problems of a police
force are very similar. And in recent years,
unfortunately, those issues have evolved into
more distrust and fear of the very people who
are charged with protecting a community.
Chief Ron is well qualified to speak to
the problems as well as the solutions. He has
over 25 years of police experience along with
a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, a
Master’s in Leadership and is also a graduate of
the prestigious FBI Academy in Quantico, VA.
Ron began his law enforcement career
on the Lincoln Police Department and moved
through the ranks at the Placer County Sheriff’s
Dept., West Sacramento P.D. and the Palo Alto
P.D. before landing at Rocklin, where, after a
few short years, he became Chief.
Somehow he managed to include in his
life a wife and four children, three of whom are
now teenagers. We all remember teenagers,
don’t we? To say Ron has his hands full 24/7
may be an understatement.
The chief has the personal qualities that
include his uncomplicated upbringing on a
rice farm in Sutter County and extend to his
vast experience and education. But mainly,
Ron possesses the Christian values that, as
Randy Smith
Ron Lawrence,
Rocklin Chief of Police
he pointed out, seem to be missing in today’s
culture. Those beliefs, which are shared by
the audience, when absent in a society are the
main contributors of the attitudes alluded to
earlier about fear and distrust. That, coupled
with a media system that often prefers to bring
out the worst in circumstances rather than the
good, will unfailingly result in chaos, confusion,
and ignorance.
A huge supporter of the 1st Amendment,
Chief is adamant that the right of the people
to express themselves should never be treaded
upon. He also is a fan of President Reagan
and quoted the Gipper, saying “the idea of the
1st amendment was not to keep the Church
out of government, but to keep government
out of the church.”
According to Chief Lawrence some of
the contributing factors to the problems that
law enforcement faces are: poverty, lack of
education, and managing social issues like
diversity and immigration.
One recent hot topic for police is the
implementation of body cameras for the
officers. The chief says that virtually all
officers welcome that addition to their already
overloaded uniform. That’s because virtually
all officers operate within the rules of their
departments and use common sense and
courtesy when encountering the citizenry.
From a management point of view,
running a police department requires different
motivation techniques compared to just a few
(cont’ on page 31)
(916) 532-7600
(916) 532-7600
BRE 01169980
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
(cont’ from page 30)
years ago. Chief Lawrence also reports that
recruiting and hiring new officers also will
become more difficult simply because of the
attitudes described above.
While being a Police Chief necessitates a
variety of skills, including managing a body of
sworn officers and the staff that complements
them, one is also compelled to be proficient
in dealing with city councils, mayors, political
administrators, and the media.
Apparently, Chief Ron is doing a good job
at keeping all the balls in the air, evidenced
by the following: The city of Rocklin is one
of the safest cities in the U.S. There are
only 18 crimes per 1000 residents in Rocklin.
Compare that to 75 per thousand in the city
of Sacramento.
In one calendar year, his officers
responded to over 55,000 calls and in only 8 of
those was any type of force used by the officer.
Police need prayer and support from our
citizens. Back to Chief Ron’s comments noted
earlier, Christian values employed by everyone
are the only answers to maintaining a culture
that is not only safe, but desirable.
One way to display that support is by
appearing at planned activities like the rally
that was held in January on the Capital steps
in downtown Sacramento.
We, in Placer County, are indeed blessed
to have law enforcement leaders like Chief Ron
Lawrence and others of his ilk who try every
day to follow God’s plan and not depend on
their own strength.
Hopefully, he will continue to enjoy the
overwhelming support of his community.
God Bless all of our law enforcement
The next meeting of Lincoln Hills FCA
will be Friday, Feb. 13th at Turkey Creek Golf
Club. You are invited to be there.
Olmstead Loop Hike — Crossing Knickerbocker Creek, photo by Jerry Hall.
Hiking Group
It’s winter, in case you haven’t noticed.
As I sit down to write this month’s article I
can’t see across the street because of the fog.
This is a good month to discuss winter hiking
and strenuous hikes.
Winter Hiking – its, cold, its wet, it can
be a beautiful day or a very gray day. Winter
really messes with hiking. Ah, but it leads to
beautiful spring time and wild flower hikes!
If we had no winter spring would not be so
pleasant. Everyone appreciates the
beauty of spring when everything wakes
up and is new again. Uh-oh, I got a
little off track….back to winter. A
winter hike can give you some beautiful
views of the Sierra Foothills and snow
covered mountains. It needs to be
planned, just like all hikes, however
at the same time flexible. One day
is nice, and one day is gray. If you’re
flexible you can take off on the nice
days, but you need to be prepared at
all times for a change in the weather.
It’s a good idea to check the weather
report before you go. The earlier you
start the colder it is. If you start later,
you could run out of sunshine because
of the shorter days. You still need to
be prepared with water and snacks.
Olmstead Loop Hike —
Layering is more necessary than in the
summer. You can always take a jacket
Inga Downs and Karen Parish on the trail.
or vest off if it gets too warm. It might
be a good idea to pack a flashlight, just in case.
Many trails will have mud or water because
of recent rains. You need to be aware of this
as it can present some obstacles that can’t be
overcome and you may have to turn around.
Trails may not be well marked and fog can
cause some trouble if you aren’t familiar with
the trail you are on. There is still poison oak;
it just doesn’t have leaves like in spring and
summer. Our Sun City hiking group takes all
this into consideration when planning our hikes
for winter. Some hikes are planned on paved
trails to avoid the mud; some of our hikes have
(cont’ on page 35)
CA LIC. #0620650
Whether your style is manicured or rustic, for
privacy or entertainment, we are dedicated to
maintaining your outdoor spaces.
Serving Sacramento
Valley Seniors and
Adult Living Communities
For Quotes or Questions - Call Brian Santa Maria
(916) 488-4426
Website: www.nyberglawns.com
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
Bingo and Lunch
Special —
February 25!
Reserve the date of Wednesday,
February 25 for fun and fellowship in the
ballroom of the Orchard Creek lodge,
965 Orchard Creek Lane, for a rousing
afternoon of Bingo presented by the
Lincoln Hills Foundation. Enjoy a great
Meridians soup and half-sandwich special
lunch before the fun begins. Cash and
door prizes will be given away. Doors
open at 12:30 PM. The fun starts at 1:00
PM. Get 7 or more of your friends and
neighbors together at one table by calling
Ed Sullivan at 408-1480. Visit our website
at lincolnhillsfoundation.org for a special
bingo promotion.
Marching To My Drumbeat
I hear a drumbeat
But it isn’t mine
Yet my marching feet
Are still keeping time.
That drumbeat so strong
Might overtake me.
If I march along
No me will I be.
The hour has come
To open my ears
To hear my own drum
And start to switch gears.
My drumbeat I hear –
It sounds far away.
To my untrained ear
It says, Not Today!
Southern Comfort
Call Now For
expires 2/28/201
Prompt Response to Your Needs.
Free Estimates & Second Opinions.
We Send Technicians NOT Salesmen.
Please patronize our
advertisers, and let
them know you saw
their ad in the
Sun Senior News!
But this IS the time
And I must not hide
The drumbeat that’s mine
Which comes from inside.
It’s my life to live.
The drumbeat’s my own.
I’ve so much to give –
My own skills I’ll hone.
My drumbeat is clear.
My feet march in time.
The beats that I hear
Tell me, Put down a rhyme!
We welcome your submissions such as humorous
observations and poetry.
Please see page 3 for submissions information.
Bill & Jan Rexrode
tA Team of Twoy8PSLJOHGPSYou
tLife Member Masters Clubo0OFPGUIFUPQQSPEVDJOH
tCurrent Listings and Sales Reports Available
Call us. We’re always ready to help with any
of your real estate needs.
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
Multiple Sclerosis Meeting
The Tuesday, February 3 • 1pm, Multiple
Sclerosis Meeting at Kilaga Springs Lodge,
Sierra Room will feature the newly acquired
Lincoln Medical Supply Store (at 711 Sterling
Point Road, Lincoln.)
The new owners will discuss their store,
products and repair services. Join us and be
surprised! Shyam, an owner and tech, has
offered to do simple repairs on walkers, etc.
at the meeting! Home services will also be
After the Presentation we’ll talk about
devices we use to help us in our everyday life.
Questions? Contact Marilyn Sharp,
Glaucoma Support Group
The Glaucoma Support Group will
meet on February 11, 2015 at 4:00pm in
the Multimedia Room at Orchard Creek
Lodge. You are invited to join us as we
share information and ideas about living
with glaucoma. For more information,
please contact Bonnie Dale at 543-2133 or
[email protected]
Lincoln Democratic Club
The Lincoln Democratic Club will
meet February 19 at 6:45 pm in the Placer
Room at Kilaga Springs Lodge, located at
1167 Sun City Blvd, Lincoln. Professor
Floyd Feeney of the UC Davis Law School
will be the featured speaker, addressing
Citizens United and Election Law. His
analysis of recent Supreme Court decisions
should make for an interesting evening. All
interested residents are welcome to attend.
For questions, contact [email protected]
com or http://www.democraticclublincolnca.
LH Retired Law Enforcement
Officer’s Group —
Sacramento County
Sheriff Scott Jones to Speak
Join the Lincoln Hills Retired Law
Enforcement Officer’s Group for another
LEO Breakfast on Friday, February 27, 2015
in the Sports Bar at Meridians Restaurant in
Sun City Lincoln Hills at 965 Orchard Creek
Lane, Lincoln. Coffee on the table at 8:45
AM. Meeting starts at 9:00 AM. Breakfast
buffet includes eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes,
pancakes, coffee and orange juice. As always,
retired and active LEO’s, and spouses and
friends of LEO’s are welcome. Cost is $8.00
and includes tax and tip. Reserve your
place at the table by emailing Jim Pola at
[email protected] and please mark
your calendar!
Our guest speaker will be Sacramento
County Sheriff Scott Jones. Sheriff Jones will
talk about a wide variety of law enforcement
issues, including his YouTube comments to
President Obama, as well as the impact of
the murder of Deputy Danny Oliver on the
Sacramento Sheriff’s Office.
Single Diners
Caregiver Support Group
LH Airport Co-Op
Single Diners get together at the
Meridian Restaurant O.C. on the second
Monday in Feb. Cocktails at 5pm, dinner at
6pm. No reservations required, but if you
are planning to come, a phone call would be
nice. Bring a friend. Info? Call Yvonne at
(916)253-7009 or Ed 916-645-0719.
Caregiver Support Group meets the
third Thursday of each month at the Lincoln
Library from 9:00-10:30. Caregivers for any
person, any ailment are welcome to attend.
For more information call Brenda at 916253-7537.
The Lincoln Hills Airport Co-Op is open
to Lincoln Hills residents to share rides to and
from the Sacramento International Airport.
The cooperative works on a point
system. Drivers earn points taking travelers
to and from the airport while travelers spend
points to receive rides. Membership is $15
per year (Jan-Dec) per household.
To join, visit our website www.lhairportco-op.org click the membership tab,
download the application, fill it out on your
computer screen and print; mail, along with
required documentation to the address on
the application.
Questions? Email: [email protected]
Doodle Owners
Doodle owners (ie, labradoodles,
goldendoodles, etc.) in SCLH let’s get
together and form a group! Contact Cathy
at 916-295-1957.
Womens Wisdom Workshops
Women exploring inner wisdom,
spiritual discussion, and meditation. Meetings
Thursday, 3:15-5:15. [email protected]
com, 916-203-1370.
Shalom Group
The Shalom Group is a very active social
group. There are no restrictions on joining
other than living in Lincoln Hills. Coming
events include: miniature golf, bocce ball
challenge, and the men’s club breakfast.
La Shana Tova to all our Jewish neighbors
and friends. For more information contact:
Sandy Klein 408-2020 or Judi Schane 253-9129.
Spiritual Discussion Group
Are you spiritual but not religious? Do
you value the words of Wayne Dyer, Eckhart
Tolle, Ernest Holmes and others. Do you seek
wisdom from many spiritual paths? Join us
for open, honest discussion and sharing of
ideas, we meet the second Sunday of each
month from 2-4 in the Multi-purpose Room
at Orchard Creek Lodge. We ask a $3.00
donation to cover room rental. More info:
[email protected]
Semper Fi Association
Breakfast: Every 1st Monday, 9:00am,
at Legends Sports Bar & Grill in Roseville
(5880 Woodcreek Oaks Blvd.).
All USMC personnel and Naval
Corpsmen are welcome. Contact Rich
Ruef for information at 645-5446, e-mail
[email protected]
Grupo De Conversacion
Nos reunimos para practicar y mejorar
nuestro español. We meet every Tuesday at
4:00 pm in the “Living Room” area of Kilarga
Springs Lodge, 434-6898.
LH Parkinson’s Support Group
The LHPDSG meets every 3rd Tuesday
at 10:00 AM in the Lincoln Raley’s Conference
Center. Newcomers are welcome. For more
information call Sharon at 408-4869.
Sons in Retirement Branch 98
The Rocklin/Rosevile Branch of SIR
meets monthly on the 2nd Wednesday in
the ball room of the Timbers at Sun City
Roseville beginning at 10:30a.m. Join retirees
for fellowship, lunch, golf, fishing, cards, and
even bocce ball… many other activities also
available. Call Tom Werth at 782-3536 for
more information.
LH Lions Club Meeting
The Lincoln Hills Lions Club meets the
1st and 3rd Thursday of each month at noon at
the Lincoln Veterans Memorial Hall, 541 5th
Street. We brown bag it so bring your lunch
and a drink and come join a group of service
minded men and woman who are interested
in improving our community while having
fun. Call Sue and Bob Olin for information
Lincoln Kiwanis Club Meeting
We e k l y b r e a k f a s t m e e t i n g s a t
Buonarroti’s Restaurant, 460 Lincoln Ave.,
in Lincoln every Tuesday from 7:00 to 8:00
a.m. Guests are welcome. For information
regarding the Lincoln Kiwanis Club, please
call President Ted Widing at 408-661-6435 or
visit our website at www.lincolnkiwanis.org.
Rotary Club of Lincoln
We have weekly meetings Thursday
noon (12-1:30) at the Lincoln Woman’s Club
5th and E Street. Interesting speakers and
service to the community. For information
visit www.LincolnCaRotary.org or call us at
Senior Peer Counseling
Senior Peer Counseling provides free, inhome counseling to Placer County residents
age 55 and above who are experiencing
depression, anxiety, substance abuse, family
conflict and financial stress. Contact Melinda
Lacey, MSCC 530-886-3413.
Family Mental Illness
Support Group
This group is for SCLH residents
who have immediate family members who
experience serious mental illnesses such as
bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder,
schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive
disorder, clinical depression, etc.
We meet on the second Friday of the
month at 2pm. For more information: Dede
Ranahan at 408-4541 or [email protected]
Solo Travel Network
If you are a Single traveller looking for
someone to travel with come visit the Solo
Travel Network (STN). We meet monthly
to socialize and plan new trips both locally,
nationwide and internationally. Bring your
ideas and dreams to find someone who may
like to join you. If interested find out about
our next meeting. Call 916-408-0968.
Essential Tremor Support Group
Essential Tremor Support meets on the
1st Saturday of each month with the exception
of July and December. The meetings are
open to all and are held at the Kaiser Hospital
on Douglas in Roseville. We meet at 10AM
in Building D, 3rd fl., Conference room 2-3.
For more information, please contact
Judy Doughty at 916-543-4882 in SCLH.
Art League of Lincoln Gallery
The Art League of Lincoln Gallery is
located at 580 Sixth Street in Lincoln and
is open 11 am to 3pm Wednesday through
Saturday. The gallery features a different
exhibit each month. February 4 - March 5,
2015 the gallery is hosting the 2nd Annual
Open Photography Exhibit. This exhibit will
be juried by Truman Holtzclaw. Join us for
an artists’ reception on Saturday, February
7 from 5 - 6:30 pm.
For more information: www.all4art.net
or call 916-209-3499.
First United Methodist
Church of Loomis Presents...
Jim Martinez and his trio will lead off
the 2015 concert season at First United
Methodist Church of Loomis on Saturday,
February 7. The theme of the show will be
“An Evening of Jazz with the Jim Martinez
Trio and Laura Didier”. It will focus on the
songs of prominent American composers
such as Cole Porter and Irving Berlin.
A local pianist well-known for his
accomplishments in nearly all styles of music,
Jim Martinez has performed or recorded with
jazz greats as well as the U.S. Air Force Jazz
Band from Travis AFB. Audiences applaud
his talent for creatively combining hymns
with jazz standards.
The Loomis concert, starting at 7
pm, is at 6414 Brace Road. Tickets are
$12 in advance, $15 at the door. Contact
[email protected] Or, she can be
reached at 916/543-0629.
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
LINCOLN, CA • 877-468-8777
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
Hiking Group
(cont’ from page 31)
to be canceled because of rain. It’s always a
good idea to check the website on the day of
the hike. Winter can be sporadic for hiking so
you might want to consider using the walking
track at Orchard Creek or joining our walking
group on Wednesdays using the trails to keep
in shape during the cold days. Winter hiking
makes you appreciate the warmth of home!
Strenuous Hikes - What makes a hike
strenuous? The Olmstead Loop hike is
considered strenuous because of the distance.
It is a 7 mile loop. The elevation gain is listed
at 400 feet, which it was on our hike; however,
elevation gain can be very deceptive, because
you go up and down. In this hike you go up and
down at a slope that goes over distance. Some
hikes have elevation gains that are very steep
at a shorter distance and this will make them
strenuous. Length and/or elevation determine
a strenuous hike. All hikes done by the hiking
group are rated so that you can determine if
you can do the hike. Each individual has to
determine their own capabilities and determine
if they can handle a strenuous hike. If you
have questions about the hike give the leader
a call. They will discuss your concerns and
give you input on what they have experienced
on the hike. I do not consider myself capable
of a strenuous hike; however I was able to do
the Olmstead Loop. I think if the elevation
gain had been greater, I would not have gone
on the hike. It was the length that made this
difficult, not the elevation gain. The length also
made it difficult because I had not been hiking
since November and I think I was a little out
of shape. You should always consider your
condition and ability when deciding on a hike.
Upcoming Easy Hikes: February 12th,
Twelve Bridges Trail; February 26th, Discovery
Park/Sacramento; March 5th, Miners Ravine/
Roseville; March 17th, Buttermilk Wild Flower
Upcoming Moderate Hikes: February
17th, Hidden Falls – Hike to Bench; April 2nd,
Napa Valley State Park (Calistoga); April 7th,
Spenceville Wildlife Area (Camp Far West);
April 16th, Malakoff Diggins (Nevada City).
Upcoming Strenuous Hikes: March 10th,
Pioneer Trail via Ruck-a-Chuky (Auburn),
April 28th, Sugar Pine Loop (Meadow Vista).
Check out the information on the website,
www.lincolnhillshikers.org under Upcoming
Hikes. It is very important for you to check
the website on the morning of the hike as rain
and mud usually means the hike is canceled.
Hiking-Walking Group Website: http://
Call Denny Fisher, Hiking Group
President, 434-5526 or Sue Geisler, Vice
President, 408-1010, with questions about the
Hiking Group.
Call Louis Bobrowsky, Walking Group
Coordinator, 434-5932, with questions about
the Walking Group.
LH Cyclists
What’s In A Name? Wally Allen?
Who is Wally Allen and why is there
a road named after him? Turns out
Wally Jr. runs a ranch there, originally
founded in 1857 by his grandfather.
We ride our bikes all over
Western Placer roads and I thought it
would be a good idea to get to know
a little more about the people and
places behind the names. I mounted
a massive research campaign, and
by “massive research campaign” I
mean I read pages 136 – 138 of Jerry
Logan’s “Western Placer County and
Lincoln According to History, Vol. 2
1901 – 1950, to learn a bit more about
the pavement over which we travel.
Many of the oldest roads in
the area have disappeared, as they
were at one time simply the quickest
and easiest routes from Points A to
Points B. As the population and
development increased, the roads
were rerouted more around property
lines. McCourtney, Sierra College,
Highway 193, Eastern Virginiatown,
Karchner and part of Wise road still
follow the original route, however.
Here’s a little history on some of
the roads we riders travel most often:
Big Ben Road. The next time I’m there, I
will have to look for the Big Ben Consolidated
Gold Mine that can still be seen on the South
side of the road.
Camp Far West Road. Camp Far West
was a military outpost in 1849 on the Bear
River, about 1 ½ miles below where the lake
is now. There is a cemetery founded in 1844.
Chili Hill Road. Why anyone would build
a road as steep as Chili (or Chile) Road is
beyond me. Didn’t they have bikes in 1885?
(Bikes, as we know them today, began to gain
popularity about this time, but that’s another
article). The hill east of Gold Hill was so-called
because a family of Chileans live there.
Garden Bar Road. It was originally called
Gardener Bar after a Mr. Gardener who had
a mining claim nearby and a crossing on the
Bear River.
Gold Hill Road. Gold Hill was a mining
town founded in 1851. There is a monument
Fiddyment Rd to Village Green,
Village Green to Bob Doyle,
Rt on Bob Doyle to Westpark,
Left on Westpark to Phillip Rd
Detour, Follow Detour to 5480
Phillip Rd.
New directions due to construction detours:
Dog & Cat Boarding
Obedience & Field Training
24 Hour On-Site
and a cemetery near where Auburn Ravine
crosses. The cemetery is between where Chili
and Virginatown intersect Gold Hill.
Hungry Hollow Road. Mt. Pleasant
was originally a mining camp called Hungry
Hollow, just west of the current Mt. Pleasant
Kilaga Springs Road. While we don’t
usually ride on this dead-end road (7.2 miles
Fowler to Gold Hill is the original route from
the 1850s. It was the main street of “Virginia”.
There is a monument on the north side of the
road. It is due to be repaved (Yea!!!) when the
current sewer project is complete.
Crosby-Herold Road. Named for the
owners of the two ranches it intersects.
Fleming Road. The Fleming Farm was
established at the intersection of the current
Gladding and Fleming roads. There
is a monument at the McCourtney/
Fleming intersection, indicating the
presence of “Dane Town”.
Forbes Road. The Forbes family
moved to the Thermalands area in
1913 and planted an orange grove, as
did many others. The oranges froze
in 1930 and Mr. Forbes became an
insurance agent in Lincoln.
Karchner Road. Still generally in
its original route, Karchner borders the
original ranch. Would it have killed
them to cut off the top of that hill?
McCourtney Road. Who among
us hasn’t pedaled out McCourtney
several times a month? John
McCourtney had a trading post on
the Bear River in 1850. He built a
toll bridge, thereby making a more
direct route from Sacramento to
Nevada City. We could ride our bikes
up McCourtney all the way to Grass
Valley, if Camp Far West Lake wasn’t
in the way. However, it’s really no
shorter than routes available to us.
Moore Road. Named after the
family that has owned ranches along
Cycling on McCourtney to Camp Far West Lake.
the road since 1896. I wish they’d
repave it.
Wise Road. Have you ever tried
from our Kilaga Springs Parking Lot out
to tell someone how to get from Lincoln to
McCourtney), our connection to it is strong.
Auburn on Wise Road? You can’t say, “Just
While it sounds like a Native American word, it
follow Wise to Ophir and turn left. In its 22
is actually taken from the names of the owners
miles from Brewer in the West to Ophir in the
of a “health spa” in the area – Kimberlin,
East, there are at least four turns that make
Landis and Gaylord.
no sense. It is named for the PG&E Plant at
Manzanita (Cemetery) Road. As the
the eastern end, which was named for an early
name suggests, there were originally thick
assistant manager.
groves of manzanita (and a large stand of oaks)
For more information, check out Mr.
along this road, which provided a hideout for
Logan’s books from our library. Also, the
horse thieves. The cemetery dates back to 1852.
“Images of America” series has a volume
I believe the original Ferrari Ranch home was
entitled “Lincoln”, available at our Lincoln
there, only recently torn down.
Area Archives Museum and other places.
Mt. Vernon Road. Originally “Old Wagon
It’s full of fun and interesting pictures of the
Road”, it was named after a school near the
Lincoln area, with just enough information to
road, which was a common practice. It would
make one appear knowledgeable.
have been interesting to watch old wagons pull
up that hill, like the old cyclists do now.
Riosa Road. A “Yankeetization” of Rio
de los Oso, to which it runs roughly parallel.
Virginiatown Road. The section from
(more Club News cont’ on page 36)
23 yrs exp. / Lincoln Resident / Licensed
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
Ski Club
The December snows
and resort snow-making
efforts have been sufficient
to allow many Club members
to hit the slopes. Our weekly
day trips to North Lake
Tahoe resorts (Sugar Bowl,
Northstar, Squaw Valley
and Alpine Meadows) are
in full swing. Club members
receive an email each week
on who is going to which
resorts on which days, to
Northstar Powder
allow for ride-sharing.
We have had significant
participation so far.
On occasion we add
après-ski events to enhance
the fun. On January 16,
about 10 members enjoyed
a late lunch at Rainbow
Lodge after several hours of
skiing at either Sugar Bowl
or Northstar. Members
will be alerted about future
après-ski events.
Our annual getaway ski
trip is only a few weeks away.
This year, over 35 members
and significant others will head to Whistler/
Blackcomb in British Columbia, our first such
trip outside of the US. We arrive on February 22
and depart on February 28. We have reserved
two small luxury lodges to accommodate us.
Skiers (and boarders) as well as non-skiers/
riders are welcome. If you would like to join
us, use the contact information below to let
us know. We may be able to help you to find
lodging, and you could join us for part or all of
the week, depending on your schedule.
Our next general membership meeting is
scheduled for Thursday, February 19th, in the
Multipurpose Room at Orchard Creek. Details
will be emailed to members soon.
Phone 258-2150 to leave a message for Bill
Smith or Mike Hilton. E-mail club officers at
[email protected]
Pickleball Club
Atop Mt. Lincoln, Sugar Bowl.
Ready, set, get your calendars out to mark
upcoming dates of club events and tournaments
you won’t want to miss in 2015! Lynn & Rein
have scheduled activities throughout the year.
On February 7 from 8:30 AM-12:00 noon
club members of all skill levels are invited
to a drop-in court challenge mixer. Snacks,
raffle prizes and tons of fun all included in
the morning’s activities. Get your paddle &
come to play! Our second annual Super Senior
Tournament (for all club members age 70 and
older by year end 2015) will be March 25.
Club Championships are scheduled for May
and we can look forward to the return of our
Wednesday summer evening mixers in June
& July. Details will be available on our club
website and on the court-side bulletin board
closer to event dates.
Our Family Means Business
We Have Been Serving Lincoln Hills Since 1999
Integrity - Exceptional Service - Outstanding Results
Together We Serve You Better
CA BRE # 01272617
As our new club Membership Director,
Katie Bloom is anxious to collect 2015 club dues
from any returning or new club member. What
a deal at only $15 for the year! Membership
forms are available on our website or at the
court-side cabinet. Completed forms with a
check made payable to LH Pickleball Club
can be placed in the metal box in the cabinet.
NEWSFLASH…any ladder participant not
current by Feb. 1 on 2015 club dues will be
dropped from ladder play until paid.
Need some new club shirts or a jacket?
Andrea will be submitting her next shirt order
on March 1. She has a wide variety of solid
and camouflage shirt colors to choose from, all
reasonably priced. Jackets for men & women
can be ordered at anytime. Contact Andrea
through our club website or at [email protected]
In the market for a new paddle? Wayne
Schmeck is our local go-to Paddle Guy. He has
an array of demos for you to try at our courts
most days of the week. Imagine, not having to
leave our courts to shop for a paddle? Wayne
reports that many of the recent medal winners
at the U.S. Nationals in Buckeye, AZ won their
matches playing with Paddletek paddles…..
the very same line that he offers. And a side
benefit… Wayne donates $5 back to our LH
Pickleball Club each time a club member makes
a purchase. What a guy! Contact Wayne at
Cal’s free clinics for new players are ongoing each Wednesday, weather permitting.
As of Feb. 1, clinic start time is 11:30 AM.
Come to learn the basics, the scoring and meet
others just starting the sport. It’s a fun sport,
an easy sport and you’ll have an opportunity
(cont’ on page 37)
Courtney Carolan Arnold
Property Manager
CA BRE # 01471287
VtÜÉÄtÇ cÜÉÑxÜà|xá
CA BRE # 01468489
Megan Carolan
CA BRE # 01937273
Penny Carolan
Broker Associate
Broker, Top Selling Agent 2012 & 2013
CA BRE # 01053722
Full Service On-Site
Property Management
945 Orchard Creek Lane, Suite 300, Lincoln, CA 95648
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
Pickleball Club
Tennis Group
(cont’ from page 36)
to meet your LH neighbors.
Our next Board of Directors meeting is
at 2:00 PM on Feb. 11 in the Ceramics Room
(OC) and open for all club members to attend.
Our next General Membership meeting will be
March 9 at 10:00 AM in Presentation Hall (KS).
The LHTG Board has a very exciting
year planned for all you tennis players (see
calendar)! Starting with one of our most
popular tournaments of the year - The
Valentines Day Mixed Doubles Tournament
- February 14th. All participants received
a raffle ticket for a chance to win a $75 gift
certificate to one of our local restaurants. Next
up is the St Patrick’s Day Mixed Double Fun
Table Tennis
The year is a month old. We are looking
forward to another great year of competitive
but social play. There are beginners,
intermediate and advanced players. Many
intermediate players are moving into advanced
play. Most play is mixed doubles.
I have noticed several new players enjoying
table tennis. As a reminder please provide
your email or other contact information. On
certain rare occasions the facility is closed to
play and contact information is used to advise
of those dates.
Play is on Sundays 12:30 - 4:30pm;
Tuesdays 6:00 – 9:00pm; and Fridays 8:00 –
11:00am at Kilaga. You can arrive anytime
within those hours. Equipment is provided
and there is no fee. Please join us.
Contact: Ed. Rocknich 434-1958
[email protected]
2015 LHTG Events
ne’e’’s MMXD
entnt - February
ebruaary 14
SSt.t.t. Pa
atrtriricicck’s Da
un Tournament
ent - MMarch
rcch 17
omeen’’s Doubl
es Championship
haampioonsship - AApril
prilriil 16
een’n’’s Do
es Championsh
nsshhipipp - MMay
ay 155
ed Do
es CChampionshi
haampioonsshhipipp - Ju
une 255
estst MXD
Fuun Tournament
ent - October
obberer 9
en’s & Women’
Woomeen’’s Singl
nglglleess Tournament
meeentnt - November
vveember 6&7
Falal Di
nce - NNovember
vveemberer 12
en’’s Hol
day Lu
eoon - Dec
ber 3
een’n’’s Ho
dayy Lu
on - Dec
embeer 3
me SStarts
artsts in AApril
prilril - Every
vereryry Wed.
edd. for
foor 6 Weeks
gs Starts
artsts in September
ptteember - Every
vereryryy Tues.
es.s. for
foor 6 Weeks
Check out the LHTG Website: http://sclhtg.com
Comp-Solve Computers
Mad Hatters Bocce Group
We’ve already made reservations for
our table at the March “It’s The Lifestyle”
groups exposition on March 12. We have had
the same display table for a few years now
so we’re looking for new ideas for the Mad
Hatters Bocce table. If you have any clever
ideas we’d like to hear from you. Of course it
has to have something to do with Bocce, and
you’re limited to one buffet size table. Ralph
and Paul have agreed to staff the table but
others are welcome.
If you’re a new resident looking for an
intro to Bocce, or an “old timer” who wants
to get back into it, please stop by the table and
talk to us. You may also feel free to call us at
the numbers below or show up at the Bocce
Courts at 10:00 AM on Thursday mornings.
Contact: Paul Mac Garvey, 543-2067,
[email protected]; Bob Vincent, 543-0543
Lincoln Hills Lincsters
The first official Lincster play date for
2015, January 7, was a crisp sunny afternoon.
Jackets and vest were quickly shed as the
ladies played the front nine of the Hills course.
A Birdie was made by Linda Salmon, and
Chip-Ins were made by Nancy McDonald and
Charlotte Raifaisen. Phyllis Patrick fifteen feet
and four inches was closest to the Pin. Flight
A winner was Linda Salmon, Flight B winners
were Pat Shafer and Michele Howard, Flight
C winner was Charlotte Raifaisen, and Flight
D winner was Carole Cain. The Putt Pool was
won by Marnie Bagley, Pat Dangerfield, Bev
Johnson, and Shirley Varner.
This first Winter day of golf was quite
different from a round played on December
30 by Lincsters Pat Shafer, Fran Rivera, Joyce
Kozuki and Mary D’Agostini who braved the
windiest and coldest day of December. Pat said,
“We were out there completely bundled up like
the Pillsbury dough boys, with hair blowing all
over our heads, gusts of up to 40mph and balls
flying off course by right angles.” Needless to
say they had the course to themselves. Even
the men at the pro shop shook their heads and
asked if they were really going to go out there.
Nothing holds back a determined Lincster!
Welcome to new members Marti Berntsen
and Joyce Hults.
(more Club News cont’ on page 39)
MA Barker Bookkeeping & Tax Service
In Home Computer Service
- Upgrades
Don’t Want a
- Wireless
Senior Special
Computer with the new
- Tune-Up’s
Your Certified
for a 1 hour
Windows 8?
Computer Tech is
- Email
Ask me about new
Service Call
- Virus
Windows 7 Computers
(Usually $89/hour)
- Malware
- Repairs
- Data Recovery
- In Home Training
- Servicing Lincoln Hills 5 Days a Week
- Data Transfer
Mailing Address- New Computer Setup
- Thank You Lincoln Hills!
6518 Lonetree
* Customer
Tournament, guess when? March 17th – get
your green going!
A gentle reminder – if you have not
renewed your membership and want to be
included in all the tennis action - applications
are at the Pavilion and online at http://sclhtg.
com. Check out the website for all the latest
activities. Our Webmaster, Jack Ryder, is doing
an excellent job of informing the club of all the
latest news and photos.
As always our weekly social drop-ins
continue to be very active. If you are new to
the Tennis Group it is a great way to meet
other tennis players. Drop-in times are 9-11am
on Wednesday & Saturdays. It is open to all
Lincoln Hills residents. Live, Love, Laugh
and Tennis…
LHTG Contacts: Greg Burke, President
Ph: 316-3054, Email: [email protected]
Linda Burke, Communications Ph: 2093463, Email: [email protected]
Testimonials visit: www.Comp-Solve.com
Blvd. #18, Rocklin,
CA 95765
Wishes you a very happy and prosperous 2015
Need your 2014 taxes prepared?
Call 916 408-8690 for professional help!
Mary Ann Barker, EA
Enrolled to practice before the IRS
Bookeeping and Notary services
“Your place or mine, I’ll get the job done!”
A New Fitness and Wellness Center Coming to
Rocklin and Surrounding Areas in February!
programs in:
Formula F.I.T.T.
Strength & Conditioning
and Pilates Apparatus Studio
Milestone Physical
Pain Management
Dr. Mike Bradaric, Pastor
“Active Seniors -Dreaming Dreams
Bigger Than Ourselves”
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
Earn 100 slot points or equivalent
in table games play to get
Monday - Friday
DAILY • 11AM - 8PM
HWY 50 @ Red Hawk Parkway • 888-573-3495 • redhawkcasino.com
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
LH Ladies Golf XVIII
The New Year brought some pretty cold
weather. But the Ladies 18 Hole Golfers took
to the links just the same. Officially, we said
‘Goodbye’ to our outgoing Board of Directors
and ‘Hello’’ to our 2015 Officers: Sylvia
Feldman, Captain; Shari Lloyd, Co-Captain;
Barbara Korenthal, Secretary and Rosemary
Heckman, Treasurer. These Officers along
with the other fourteen committee chairs
Women Bowlers are: Margaret Peyton, Kathy
Houston, Nancy Walker and Vonnie Brinkman.
Still looking for subs. Contact Joan Gates
Cribbage Club
Cribbage club plays 8:00 AM through
12:00 PM, Tuesdays at the Card Room (Orchard
Creek). A six-game mini-tournament starts at
9:00 AM. We play four-handed partner games,
Ladies Golf XVIII New Officers: Barbara Korenthal - Secretary,
Sylvia Feldman - Captain, Shari Lloyd - Co-Captain, and
Rosemary Heckman - Treasurer.
met for breakfast to greet each other and to
say a very big thank you to out-going officers
Donna McDonald, Captain and Lissi Bedford,
Hey You — now’s the time to join us! We
play every Thursday and have loads of special
tournaments. First up is our ‘Spring Fling’ May
17th. You don’t want to miss that, so contact
Donna Sosko, Membership Chair at 434-5427.
Whether you’re a 14 or a 40 handicap, you will
be welcomed with open arms!
LH Tuesday AM Bowling
League Rocklin Bowl
First Half Winners, Alley Oops, Barbara
Banks,Bobbie Spiess, Lynn Newhall and Al
Young. Beginning Second Half, leading All
Spares, Betty Heavingham, Arlene Smith, Judy
Hubbard and Jim Boekel. Coming up fast,
The Sleepers, Don Jones, Lenett Young,Terri
Jones and Ronnie Dilbeck. Tied for position
with the Sleeper is Lucky Strikes, Elaine
Yamasaki, Vicki Dibble, Eleanor Jones and
Dave Quirarte.. Competition is really starting
to heat up with several teams in close positions.
Top Men Bowlers are: Dave Quirarte, Davis
Peyton, Don Jones and Jerry Gordon Top
adding a two-handed or three-handed game
when necessary, or a sit-out, when required
by the number of players. We use a rotation
system to mix players. We generally have 16
or more players and we always welcome more
to come and join the fun.
Contact: Larry O’Donnell 916.253.9222
Ken Von Deylen 916.599.6530
SCLH Duplicate Bridge Club
As we move into February the club
activities move into high gear. The 2015 lesson
program will begin this month with free halfhour sessions at 11:45 AM each Wednesday
before our regularly scheduled game. Be sure
to check the club website for lesson topics.
Also, the club Mentoring Program will begin
on Thursday, Feb.5th and continue on the
first Thursday of the month through Oct. 1st,
except in July. As of this writing, there were a
few openings available to playing partner pairs
with less than 75 masterpoints each. Contact
Jim McElfresh for further information.
If you crave tournament competition, you
won’t want to miss the District 21 Presidents’
Day Regional Tournament. It will be again
(cont’ on page 40)
17th Annual “Sacramento Museum Day” Returns with
Free or Half-Priced Admission to Nearly 25 Sites!
Imagine. Explore. Discover. To the delight
of the greater Sacramento area community,
nearly twenty-five local museums will offer free
or half-priced admission from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
on Saturday, February 7, 2015, during the 17th
Annual Sacramento Museum Day! During the
highly anticipated event, most of the nearly 25
museums will offer free admission whereas two
destinations located in residential areas -- the
Sacramento Zoo and Fairytale Town -- will
offer half-priced admission to offset traffic
control and security costs.
Coordinated by the Sacramento
Association of Museums (SAM) and the
Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau,
Sacramento Museum Day is a popular cultural
tradition designed to encourage all members
of the community to experience the Capital
City’s incredible wealth of art, history, science
and wildlife -- at little or no cost. Many of
the museums are within walking distance of
each other and easily accessible via public
transportation. Event coordinators suggest
that guests plan to visit no more than two or
three different museums on this day in order
to allow adequate time to enjoy the experience
and to travel between individual sites.
In addition to offering free or reduced
cost admission, many of the destinations are
offering special activities during Sacramento
Museum Day. A sampling of the special
activities include the following:
• The Aerospace Museum of California
will offer an “open cockpit” day where most
aircraft will be open for viewing (weather
permitting), a children’s art contest and onsite exhibitors such as the Tuskegee Airmen;
• The Masonic Service Bureau will be onsite at the Discovery Museum Science & Space
Center providing free electronic fingerprints
of children for their parents;
• The Sacramento History Museum will
offer hands-on gold panning activities for kids;
• The crowd-favorite Sacramento
Children’s Museum mascot “Leo” will make
special appearances throughout the day;
• And, the Old Sacramento Schoolhouse
Museum will serve cake to celebrate the
birthday of Laura Ingalls Wilder and mark
the anniversary of Sacramento’s first public
school in February 1854.
“Every year is unique and offers new
discoveries for guests to explore on Sacramento
Museum Day,” said Sacramento Association
of Museums Chair Kristina Swanson. “With
a variety of participating museums located
from Woodland to Roseville, we’re pleased to
introduce interested community members to
the amazing array of arts, culture and museum
offerings available in the greater Sacramento
While admission is free at most of the
participating museums during Sacramento
Museum Day, admission to two destinations
located in residential areas are half-priced as
follows: Sacramento Zoo is $6 for adults, $4 for
children ages 2-11 and free for children under
two; Fairytale Town is $2.75 per person and
free for children ages one and under.
Due to the popularity of Sacramento
Museum Day, some locations must limit the
number of admissions for safety reasons. The
event is scheduled from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. but
note the last guests will be admitted at 4 p.m.
More detailed information about participating
museums, addresses, limitations, suggested
parking and public transit options is available
at www.sacmuseums.org (click on “Events”),
or by calling the Sacramento Convention &
Visitors Bureau at 916-808-7777.
Participating Museums for Sacramento
Museum Day 2015: Aerospace Museum of
California – California Automobile Museum –
California State Capitol Museum – California
State Railroad Museum – Discovery Museum
Science and Space Center – Don & June Salvatori
California Pharmacy Museum – Fairytale Town –
Heidrick Ag History Center (Woodland) – Leland
Stanford Mansion State Historic Park – Maidu
Museum & Historic Site (Roseville) – Museum of
Medical History – Old Sacramento Schoolhouse
Museum – Old Sacramento State Historic
Park – Roseville Utility Exploration Center –
Sacramento Children’s Museum – Sacramento
Historic City Cemetery – Sacramento History
Museum – Sacramento Zoo – Sojourner Truth
Multicultural Arts Museum – State Indian
Museum – Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park –
Verge Center for the Arts – Wells Fargo History
Museum (Capitol Mall) – Wells Fargo History
Museum (Old Sacramento)
About the Sacramento Association of
Museums (SAM) —
Comprised of 30 greater Sacramento
area museums working in partnership with
the Sacramento Convention & Visitors
Bureau, SAM’s mission is to raise awareness
of local museums by giving the community the
opportunity to discover California’s fine art,
history, science and wildlife treasures. SAM
achieves its mission through implementing
cooperative promotions and developing
strategic marketing alliances, by encouraging
sharing of knowledge and resources among
its partner institutions, and by conducting
Sacramento Museum Day each year.
(916) 772-2522
Sterling Pointe Family Dentistry
Offering our clients experienced professional services
with convenient access to their attorney.
• Living Trusts • Wills
• Powers of Attorney • Health Care Directive
• Document Review & Updates • Probate
1380 Lead Hill Blvd., Suite 106 • Roseville, CA 95661
Phone: (916) 772-2522 • Email: [email protected]
Website: www.JSH-legal.com
Member: California State Bar, Placer County Bar Association, AARP Legal Network Attorney
Over 30 Years Experience in General Dentistry
Kris Martinson, D.D.S.
Feroz M. Nawabi, D.D.S. (Next to Raley’s)
Call Us Today
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
SSN Gardening Corner —
2015 Camellia Show
Artificial Lawn? — Maybe Just Less Water
The Camellia Society of Sacramento’s 91st
Annual Show will be held Saturday, March 7th
and Sunday, March 8th 2015 at the Sacramento
Memorial Auditorium, 1515”J”Street.
This past summer, neighbors out
walking by our house said things to me like
‘Are you going to replace your lawn?’ or
‘I’ve never seen your lawn look so brown’,
or, my favorite, ‘Will you use artificial turf?’
Yes – over the summer months, our
lawn looked mighty thirsty. Mostly that light
brown, but with a touch of green here and
there. I had read that the roots wouldn’t die
even with a massive cutback of water. Jim
Ferrin’s people had demonstrated that when
they got a dry spot – even a large one – on the
golf course, they just applied a little remedial
water to the spot. Nothing dramatic. No
reseeding. No new sod. Only just a drink.
Wanting to be the good citizen and cut
back our 20% on overall water usage, I said to
my wife, Karen, that we should continue the
same prior-year watering programs for our
various trees, shrubs, and other plants – so
we would not lose them and then go broke
replacing them (we have a large yard)! So
to make our goal of 20%, we would cut back
90% on the lawn watering.
In prior years, we had programmed our
controller for two daily watering cycles of 5
minutes each, running every day except for
mowing day, or six days each week. (Actually,
we would often change the programs
depending on expected high temperatures
with an average of two 5-minute cycles.) We
cut back from these 60 minutes to one cycle
of 6 minutes – one day per week! That’s a
reduction of ninety (90) percent.
Periodic fertilization and other
maintenance remained the same.
The lawn had a number of small tufts
of green that were pretty evenly distributed,
giving us hope. Despite this, both Karen and
I would occasionally pour a bowl or small
bucket of “used” water on the lawn that
didn’t change things much, but maintained
our hope!
Today the lawn looks great. In fact,
thanks to cooler weather and winter rains,
it looks as good as it ever has!
So, if you are contemplating artificial
turf or other landscaping to replace your
lawn, consider cutting back on summer lawn
water in drought years, instead. You may
be surprised. We were.
George Porter directed the landscaping and
landscape maintenance work for over 20-years at the
Northgate Property Owners Association in Walnut
Creek, CA before moving to Sun City Roseville
(SCR) in 1999. At SCR, he has worked with various
staff specialists to provide the landscape designs and
upgrades to the Common Areas as well as a number
of Golf Course locations. At his SCR home, he grows
almost all of the plants used in his designs. His home
and garden have been featured on a number of local
home/garden tours.
+'%) ')$ ',))*#&+*)$#-#&!.#+"+""$$&!*' %%')0$'**2,
+'$1"#%)*')'+") ')%*' %&+#2*'.,&)*+&+"*(#$#1)+"0
&,) ',*#*'&+"$+*+*#&+"+*,!!*+**'#$#1+#'&#+&("0*#$
Call 916-772-6500 to schedule a tour
Call 916-772-6500 today to schedule a tour or to RSVP
or RSVP to our special event.
for one of our fabulous upcoming events:
Starting the New Year off Right!
Taking care of yourself as a caregiver
Celebrating Special Moments
Caregiver Support
with Your
Loved One
Doors to the exhibit hall will open
Saturday, March 7th at 6:30am for registration
and entry of competitive camellia blooms
and or floral arrangements, and will close at
10am. Entry cards and show information
may be obtained from Don Lesmeister, 4512
Marble Way, Carmichael, CA 95608, (916)
967-8420 or Gary Schanz, 1177 Cavanaugh
Way, Sacramento, CA 95822, (916) 447-1969.
Entry cards will also be available at the show.
Sacramento’s official flower is scheduled
for public viewing from 3pm to 6pm on Saturday
and 10am to 5pm Sunday. Admission is free.
For information regarding floral
arrangements, please contact Ms. Frankie
Raymond (916) 995-2550. Entries are open
to everyone.
We hope everyone who can, will participate
and enjoy the 2015 Camellia Show.
Remember... Sacramento is the Camellia
SCLH Duplicate Bridge Club
(cont’ from page 39)
held at the Hyatt Regency S.F. Airport Hotel
in Burlingame, CA, and competition begins on
Tues., Feb. 10th and continues through Mon.,
Feb. 16th. For complete details check the
ACBL website (www.acbl.org) or the ACBL
District 21 website (www. d21acbl.com).
Save the date of Wed., April 29th, when
it will be our turn to host the exchange with
the Roseville Sun City Club. Additional
information about the event will be posted on
the club website and announced as it becomes
The SCLH duplicate bridge club is a
friendly invitational club with games open
to all residents of Sun City and their invited
guests. All our games are played in the Kilaga
Springs Lodge on Wednesdays at 12:30 P.M.
(also includes a 199er section), Fridays at
5:00 P.M., and Saturdays at 12:30 P.M. (also
includes a 299er section). Our game table fees
are $2.00 per person for club members and for
non-member Sun City residents for their first
three visits, or $5.00 for their invited visitors.
If you are looking for a bridge partner for any
of the open games, call Barbara Dorf (4348234), Squeak Conner (645-9085), or Lynne
White (253-9882). For a partner in one of
the limited games call Nancy Rice (543-5275).
For more information, visit the club web site
(www.bridgewebs.com/lincolnhills) or call club
president, Sharon Neff at 543-8897.
Reason #4 to Make An
Estate Plan
Elaine, your husband’s next wife
6 In the month since your death, has brought
“home-cooked” meals to your husband six
6 Each time she visits, wears a skimpier outfit
6 Can’t wait to redecorate your home, especially
that hideous wallpaper you chose
6 Thinks there is no good reason that money
earmarked for your children shouldn’t be spent
on more important things like jewelry, sports
cars, and European spa vacations
Do you really want her to have your children’s inheritance?
February 5th,
2013 at 10am
1st Thursday of Every Month
January 9th, 2013 at 10am
Continental breakfast will be served
110 Sterling Court
Roseville, CA 95661
Call Today for a Free Consultation: 530-269-1515
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
Protect and Serve
The recent images on television of
thousands of uniformed police standing
solemnly in tribute to one of their fellow officers
brought back by own memories. Memories,
although from over sixty years ago, today are
just under the surface, and will never fade
into oblivion.
I still feel the trembling from that day when
I raised my head, turned slightly to my right
and found one complete side of the church
filled with a sea of blue uniforms. Uniformed
men my mother, my sister and I never met
before and never saw again. But they were
there for us and for the man lying directly in
front of us, one of their own. A very young
man, gone from us way before we felt it was
his time. The shock to all of us still visible in
our red, puffy eyes.
The ceremony was a blur. I know family
and friends were there. I know the minister
spoke, the vocalist sang, the prayers were said.
But what was said, I do not remember. Nothing
could penetrate my grief. Except those men
in blue who had come from every city, both
nearby, and up and down the complete West
Coast. Our own city’s police force there en
masse, trusting crime would be suspended for
a couple of hours.
Then we were led from the church, down
the steps, clinging to my mother who was
fighting to hold herself together, and placed in
the large black car. Following the car carrying
my father, knowing I would never look into his
soft blue eyes again, never have him to laugh
with, never have him to protect me again, I
was inconsolable.
The slow procession of cars moved
through the city streets and then came to a
stop. When I glanced ahead of the hearse, I
realized we had been led by an escort of all the
motorcycle officers. Now we had arrived at
the city line between us and the adjacent city.
There our officers met with their motors and
were in the process of turning the procession
over to the city of Glendale. As each pair of
motors reached the city line, they were circled
by a new pair of motors, then ours turned back
toward Burbank, and Glendale’s complete
motor force escorted the procession through
their streets up to Forest Lawn Memorial Park.
All of this was on a much smaller scale
than NYPD, but it was a different area, a
different era.
My father died with a massive heart attack
while making an arrest of a subject they had
been tracking for several months. Stress was
the killer. He was not gunned down by someone
with an agenda, or a radical ideology.
What does it say of us as a society that
we are raising people today who will viciously
execute law enforcement personnel?
Thank God we do have those men and
women who willingly choose to Protect and
Serve us.
Those three letters stand for a number of
things, depending on your age and occupation.
I will list five acronyms for “CRS” and you
decide which are the most appropriate for
those of us in SCLH. Here we go...
Corrosion-Resistant Steel, Cannibis
Relieves Stress, Cola-Rectal Surgeon,
California Rolling Stop and Can’t Remember
S**t! I think we can safely dismiss the first three
out of hand, but the last two have a definite
connection to us.
The many, and granted, annoying number
of Stop signs here in Lincoln Hills are there for
a reason - to prevent accidents and regulate
the flow of traffic. The fact is, too many
of us ignore the signs or give them cursory
acceptance. Slowing down to less than 10 MPH
does not constitute a stop, as you will find
out if you are cited for this infraction. Some
of the most flagrant abusers are bicyclists,
who, in their racing garb, blow through the
intersections with little or no concern. They
are asking for trouble with the many slightly
vision-compromised among us.
Next would be the NEV’s, who often give
a polite nod to the signs, then proceed on. But
the most dangerous are the impatient auto
drivers, for whom the signs were intended.
Depending on the intersection, it happens all
too often - they are the ones who keep AAA
towing in business, so watch out for them!
If ever the Lincoln Police force regains full
strength, they will be out there, waiting…
Having said that, let’s move on to the
last CRS, the one so many of us quote in jest.
As Molly used to say, “t’aint funny, McGee!”
Increasingly, our personal Rolo-Dexes and
internal hard drives begin to fail and what used
to be a random event, now becomes almost
routine. How do you combat that? Constant
use of brain games and regular physical
exercise - if you can, and perhaps less distilled
or fermented spirits? Memory loss is a fact of
life, but you can ward it off, if you care to, or at
least delay it a bit. Engage and make every day
count and perhaps the best memories will be
your most recent ones. Oh yes, writing helps,
too. Start and keep a journal or a diary. Refer
to it as often as you like. Maybe you will find
that you really are remembering more than
you thought and that’s good!
Bev Brannon and Jim Fulcomer are members of the SCLH Writer’s Club.
Please patronize our
and let
you saw
their ad
in the
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
El Dorado
Santa Clara
Santa Barbara
San Mateo
Orchard Crest
Santa Cruz
Echo Ridge
Quail Cove
Pine Hill
NOTE: The statistics above do not reflect any consideration in value for model options nor location.
[email protected]
“We appreciate the opportunity to compete for your business”
1. '3&& professional house cleaning
2. '3&& professional carpet cleaning
3. '3&& professional window cleaning
4. '3&& professional yard clean-up
5. '3&&property evaluations for Estate
BRE# 00456442 & 01243980
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
Neighborhood Watch
Our neighborhood has been quiet since
a rash of mail breakins occurred around New
Year’s on several streets in the southwest
corner of SCLH. The boxes impacted were
on Gatehouse Lane (Mail Stations 1 and
2), Cottage Rose (Mail Station 9), Dapple
Dawn (Mail Station 6), Gingersnap Lane
(Mail Stations 1 and 2), Rose Bouquet
(Mail Station 1), Lockwood (Mail Stations
5 and 6), Laurelhurst (Mail Station 3), and
Stone Hearth (Mail Station 6). The Villages
involved were 39; 30A, B, and C; 38A and D.
The Post Office is aware of these and
suggests you not put any outgoing mail
containing checks or other items of value
in your Mail Station over night.
Are you familiar with the Boris the
Burglar signs that warn interlopers off our
streets? The Community Association has
voted to allow each resident to display ONE
4 inch by 6 inch new Boris the Burglar static
cling sticker in a front window. Homes on
golf courses or open space may also post
one additional sticker on a rear window.
The sticker may be no higher than 56 inches
above the interior floor unless it is placed
in the lower portion of a garage window.
You may also purchase a 3-inch by 4-inch
sticker for your vehicle, golf cart or NEV.
Neighborhood Watch is taking preorders
with payment of $1.00 per sticker; checks
should be made payable to Neighborhood
Watch. Your Mail Box Captain should soon
be forwarding the order form that you can
send along with a check to NW Treasurer,
Don Budde. You will be able to pick up
the stickers when the shipment arrives
from Elaine Small, our Boris the Burglar
A message to our Mail Box Captains: It
is time for the bi-annual report of updated
Resident Contact Information from the
Captains to their Coordinators. Residents:
Does some of your cell phone information
need updating? If you have changed any
of your information, such as your phone
number, email or emergency contact, you
can call or email your Mail Box Captain
with the new numbers or addresses. All
of these updates help the Captains when
emergencies occur.
Adopt A Village Or A Mail Station!
If you have a bit of time available and the
inclination to give back to your community,
consider ADOPTING a Mail Box Station
or even a Village. You need not live in that
village but you will be filling a much-needed
position that helps keep SCLH safe. You
may have a Co-Captain to share the position,
or even a Co-Coordinator. We have several
villages that run smoothly but need just a
few positions filled. We need Coordinators
in Villages 8A, 8B, 14, 16B, 19B, 22A, 24C,
24D, 26C, 30C, 32A, 34A, 37, 38C, and 39. If
you are interested, please contact Executive
Director Ron Wood at [email protected]
net or 434-0378 or Secretary Pauline Watson
at [email protected] or 543-8436.
Looking forward to next month: On
March 12, the various Association Clubs
will participate in It’s the Lifestyle, in
the Orchard Creek Ballroom. This event
showcases all the clubs and events in which
residents can take part here in SCLH. Come
and browse the tables from 10:00 until 1:00
and see if anything strikes your fancy.
Mission Statement Of Neighborhood
-----to strengthen neighborhood ties
-----to increase personal safety and
security awareness
-----to be the “eyes and ears” of the
Lincoln Police and Fire Departments
-----to encourage emergency
Our community is hoping to solicit the
aid of a larger segment of the population here
in regards to being the “eyes and ears” of
the protection agencies that serve us. Think
how many people are active in the course of a
day, whether traveling to and from activities
or events that take place outdoors. There
are hikers and walkers on trails over open
land behind residences, home gardeners
who tend their lawns and plants and can
easily see what is going on outside, golfers
who play behinds houses, painters who sit
at easels and capture scenery, dog walkers,
bird watchers, cyclists, astronomers at night
looking through their telescopes, people on
their way to the gyms early in the morning.
If all these people were observant and
carried cell phones to call or photograph
something that just does not look “right,”
we would have many more eyes to offer the
Lincoln Police and Fire Departments, and
we would all benefit.
Senior Drivers: The winter edition of
AAA’s magazine Via carried a very good
article on “Helping Senior Drivers Stay
Safe.” Most of us qualify as “Senior Drivers,”
or we live with one, and the advice is worthy
of consideration. The article stated that
age alone is not a good indicator of driving
capability. You can access their web site at
Seniordriving.AAA.com and measure visual
acuity, memory and other driving-related
functions. Test results may be easier to
accept than opinions.
The article also cautions that any driver
who has had a stroke, takes narcotics, or
shows signs of confusion may not be safe
behind the wheel. A doctor should make
this determination. If you need to discuss
this issue with someone you love, experts
suggest you talk with just the driver, focus
on facts, and steer the discussion toward
safety concerns.
Helpful suggestions are that the driver
cut back somewhat on time behind the wheel,
perhaps only going out during the day or
in good weather and sticking to familiar
territory. It is helpful to have an alternative
source of transportation for seniors such as
family members and friends who can fill in
some of the void.
Neighborhood Watch
Welcomes New Coordinator
It is a new year and perhaps just the
time you have been waiting for to volunteer
some time for the community. One such
resident is Heather Brown who lives with
Gary and a little dog named Lucy in Village
30A. Heather has been a Mail Box Captain
for several years but has recently retired
from her work and stepped up to assume
a new role.
Heather was born and raised in
Australia but has lived in London, British
Columbia in Canada, Spokane, Pleasanton
and Castro Valley. She moved to SCLH
in 2005 after a local friend showed her the
community. Heather bid farewell to her
hospital job in Davis and has discovered
many of the activities available here. She
enjoys photography, genealogy research,
and spends time on her computer. She
also participates in Wellness programs and
particularly likes Aqua Yoga and Pilates.
Heather recognizes and appreciates
what a great program Neighborhood Watch
is as she has been involved in Homeowners
Associations previously. She counts it as
one of the best resources a community can
have. We welcome her to our NW family!
More Word Origins —
Cobweb: This is an easy one. The Old
English word for “spider,” was “cob,” hence,
a cobweb.
Ship State Rooms: Traveling by
steamboat was considered the height
of comfort. Passenger cabins were not
numbered originally but were instead named
after states. To this day, cabins on ships are
called staterooms.
Passing The Buck: Most men in the
early West carried a jack knife made by the
Buck Knife Company. When playing poker,
men placed one of these Buck knives in front
of the dealer so that everyone knew who he
was. When it was time for a new dealer, the
deck of cards and the knife were given to the
new dealer. If this person did not want to
deal, he would “pass the Buck” to the next
player, and if that player accepted it, “the
Buck stopped there.”
February honors Presidents’ Days,
and don’t forget to hug your Valentine on
February 14th if you are fortunate enough
to have one!
Heather Brown
Affordable Computer Help
We specialize in:
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We assist you with Long Term
Care insurance processing.
No deposit required.
Nurse oversight included.
Insured & Bonded – Roseville, CA ·
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Jerry Shores 663-4500
PO Box 981, Lincoln, CA 95648. Reg No. 85117
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
Observations on Walking — Part 2
In last month’s “Observations” on
walking, I wrote about walking around three
great European cities — London, Paris and
Rome — when I was in my twenties. I want to
write about walking around still another great
European city, Madrid, when I was retired and
in my sixties but still reasonably fit, playing
tennis three or four times a week. Beverly
and I had signed up for a bus tour of Spain,
Portugal and Morocco, starting in Madrid,
where we’d stay a few days. We flew overnight,
so arrived there the next morning. Neither of
us are among those lucky ones who can sleep
in planes so naturally we were tired when we
arrived at our hotel. We had what our Irish
daughter-in-law would call a “lie-down” but
couldn’t really sleep so got up and set out to
have lunch and see Madrid.
In those days before iPads and iPhones, we
relied on an old-fashioned map. I remember
we found a main avenue and, shortly, a nicelooking outdoor café on a corner where we had
our first Spanish meal. I have no idea what this
was. We then proceeded to walk around the
city. I recall that we found the statue of Don
Quixote, where a TV or film crew was shooting.
I also recall finding the Prada museum, which
we noted for a future visit, and that we watched
a procession going down the street, with some
member of Spanish royalty in a coach. While
not being able to remember much else, I do
recall that we eventually ended up at the same
outdoor café where we’d had lunch and had our
dinner there. By this time it was after seven.
The Spanish, we knew, had late dinners and
the streets were full of people. They were of
all ages, not only young people but oldsters,
grannies pushing baby buggies, and many
children. We had a good time watching all
of the street activity while having a leisurely
Spanish dinner. I know we had sangria with it.
We then retraced our path back to our hotel,
being carried along like ships in a tide by the
throngs in the street. We got back around
ten, so we’d spent the entire day on little or
no sleep walking, with pauses to eat, around
Madrid. It’s something I couldn’t even begin
thinking of doing today.
We did a lot more walking on subsequent
European visits, but none so memorable as that
experience in Madrid, until we began visiting
our son Christopher, who’d moved to Ireland,
and his family, his wife Flindie and later our
grandson Logan and then granddaughter
(finally a girl) Stephanie. They settled in
Galway, a college town on the west coast, on
Galway Bay, famous in song. Over the years, we
became quite at home in Galway. We’d take the
bus from Chris’s house (he and Flindie would
both be at work) to Eyre Square in the heart
of the city. We’d then walk down Shop Street,
which is something more American cities
should have, a pedestrian only thoroughfare.
We’d stop in the Treasure Chest at the head of
the street, which had some really nice things,
then proceed walking leisurely past the many
pubs, the bakery, the jewelry stores and others
until we came to Busker Brown’s restaurant
where we’d stop for a lunch of their delicious
Guiness stew. After, we’d visit Charley Byrne’s
book store, where we’d browse the outside
bookcases for second-hand books under one
or two Euros. The end of Shop Street was at
an open square on Galway Bay, from where
you could watch Galway’s famous swans. Then
we’d walk back, stopping to listen to the street
musicians who were always there, perhaps
getting an ice cream and sitting in Eyre Square
before getting the bus back.
On a couple of our visits we stayed part
of the time in Salthill, a town on the coast
adjacent to Galway, at an apartment our son
found for us. We got to know all the stores
and eating places, especially the market where
we’d go shopping almost every day. On nice
days (there were a few) we’d walk on the Prom,
Ireland’s longest boardwalk, looking out at the
Bay, watching those brave souls actually on
the beach or in the water, sometimes getting
as far as the Kicking Wall, where tradition said
you had to kick it for good luck. The Prom
had many benches, good for us as we became
older, so we could rest and watch the people
go by, many mothers with prams, joggers, men
and women with their dogs, all Irish.
More recently, Beverly and I liked to walk
where we lived in Carmichael and then when we
moved to Sun City. I recall it was interesting in
our early days here to stop and talk to people
who’d also just moved here. More recently, as
my knees got older, I liked to walk to the pond
close to our house. I’m happy to say that last
month I was able to make it to the pond, my
first real walk since the hip replacement, and
saw an egret and a heron, both in flight, as well
as twenty or so ducks (plus a few golfers). It
may not been the same as walking to the Forum
or to the Luxemburg Gardens, but I was glad I
could still do that much walking. Last month, I
quoted the philosopher Nietzsche as saying, that
“all great thoughts are conceived by walking.”
Maybe some great thoughts will come to me yet.
2015 Tax Season
is Upon Us!
AARP Tax-Aide volunteers are ready to
assist you with your 2014 tax returns! This
40-year-old program provides free income tax
return preparation and counseling for low to
middle income taxpayers with special attention
to those 60 years and older. This joint IRS and
AARP Foundation administered program is
staffed by volunteers from Lincoln who are
trained and IRS-certified each year to ensure
they know about and understand the latest
changes and additions to the U.S. tax code.
Nationwide, volunteers are using computers
to complete approximately three million tax
returns to meet the April 15th, 2015 filing
deadline for 2014 income. These returns will
be filed electronically (e-file) with the IRS and
California Franchise Tax Board, which allow
clients to have tax refunds deposited directly
into their bank accounts within two weeks.
This service will be available by
appointment only this year at Lincoln City
Hall, 2nd Floor, 6th and “F” Streets. You can
make income tax preparation appointments by
calling 916-878-6249 from 9:00AM to 5:00PM,
Monday through Friday. The Intake/Interview
Sheet is required of all clients and may be
downloaded or completed online from www.
irs.gov by entering Form 13614-c in the search
box and pressing enter, then clicking on the
form. The form is also available in the City
Hall lobby, in the rack under the agenda cabinet
in the Orchard Creek Lodge lobby, and in the
Kilaga Springs Lodge library.
Interested people can also call
1-800-AARPNOW to obtain the location and
hours of other Tax-Aide locations near them.
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“Last year, our December PG&E electric
bill was $124.79 & this year it was $11.63.
A monthly comparative savings, to us, of
$113.16 or 90.7%, with solar.”
- Dan & Carol Larsen, Sun City Lincoln Hills
(916) 782-3333
CCL# 817001
Passionately Selling
Del Webb Lifestyle
since 1997
*Transactions and Volume Reported by data from
Metrolist 1/1/2104 - 12/31/2014
Paula Nelson
[email protected]
BRE lic. # 01156846
Each office independently
owned and operated.
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
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grow strong —
support our
advertisers and
Letters to the Editors...
(cont’ from page 3)
Do Not Call List —
What A Joke
So, you put your name and phone
numbers on the Government “Do Not Call”
list, and I guess you expect not to be called
by the thousands of companies pushing their
products and ideas. Guess again !
I know you have been woken to the
ringing of your phone, and upon answering
it have found an unsolicited, unwanted
caller pushing some product or idea to
you. Thank God for our caller ID phones,
at least they help us not answer some calls.
Some of the more sophisticated callers hide
their IDs, with tempting names to fool you
into answering the call. They seem to come
at times of the day when we are resting or
relaxing, and they interfere with our attempt
to recover from all the activity of the day.
None the less they are a pain in the foot
and have all kinds of ways to get around the
laws relating to the No Call list. If you in
anyway had contact with them, they have
the right to call you. So, be careful when
you open an email, or who you request
information from, because this is the
doorway around the law.
Oh yes, I believe the government
agencies have their privileges, and can call
any time the want to pass on their messages.
All the utilities you use, companies you ever
done business with, all have their ways of
getting around this great, useless law.
i2 Golf Car
Don’t waste your time putting you name
on the list, it don’t work anyway. Just get a
phone with Caller ID and don’t answer their
calls. It’s still a pain, but at least you don’t
have to listen to their stories.
There, I got it off my chest – Thank
you for listening!
Thomas W. Dodaro
Send your letters to the editor...
See page 3 for details!
Neighbors InDeed
(cont’ from page 1)
vendors come from satisfied residents
who’ve used them.
Neighbors InDeed is ready for an even
more successful 2015. Whether you need a
Handy Helper, a medical equipment loan,
or I&R, call us at 223-2763 for prompt and
knowledgeable assistance. There’s never
a charge for anything we do, although we
gratefully accept donations to defray our
If you’d like to help us do what we
do, call that same number to ask about
joining Neighbors InDeed. We now have
about 140 resident volunteers assigning and
performing Handy Helper tasks, delivering
and returning medical equipment loans,
providing I&R assistance, and doing a
range of other things to keep us going. We
can always use more!
Winterize and upgrade your
golf car with Nick’s Custom
Golf Car seats, full enclosures
and custom wheels Our Rocklin
office offers new and used golf
car sales, service, parts and
mobile technical support. For a
complete listing of inventory at
both our locations please visit
our website www.nicksgolfcarts.
com to begin your Nick’s
Custom Golf Cars experience.
Runway of Women’s
History through
AAUW Roseville South Placer Branch
is celebrating Women’s History Month
with a unique presentation of the roles of
women through the decades starting with
the 1920’s fashions. This entertaining and
educational event for all ages is sure to
spark our fascination with the women’s
lives who preceded us.
Bring friends, neighbors, daughters and
grand-daughters to this eye-opening affair!
Runway of Women’s History through
Fashion Beginning in the 1920s when
women gained the right to vote!
Date: Saturday, March 28, 2015
Time: 2 - 4 PM
Place: Valley Springs Church, 2401
Olympus Drive, Roseville - Open to the
Admission: $20 - reservations required
– deadline March 24th.
Checks should be mailed to: AAUW
Women’s History Month, 5153 Wedgewood
Way, Rocklin, CA 95765.
Admission fees will go to our branch
philanthropies - local area scholarships
AAUW Roseville South Placer Branch
is a 501(c) (3) non-profit charitable
organization. Rosevillesouthplacer-ca.
Light refreshments will be served.
Try us in Lincoln...a place
You Can Trust for
your car repairs and maintenance.
We have 17
25 Years
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List price $9575
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View Mirror, Precedent Wheel
Covers and Single Point Battery
Watering System.
“Duncan’s Automotive
fixed a problem that I had
been to 3 different places
over the course of 2 years”.
-P. Buntiny
-Citrus Heights
Winter Service Special $89
Golf Cars
4325 Dominguez Rd, Unit B
Rocklin, CA
(Synthetic Oil Extra.)
27 point safety
Citrus Heights
Citrus Heights
Roseville Locations
Roseville Locations
Not Valid with any other offer. Expires 12/15/03.
A place where
your car is
done when
(877) 666-5864
Good at:
Not Valid with any other offer. Expires 12/15/03.
185 Flocchini Circle, Lincoln
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
Don’t Miss an Issue!
The Sun Senior News
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STUFF BE GONE Professional Services.
Organize, declutter and monetize household
items. Reasonable rates. SCLH residents.
916-645-5504, 916-838-0407.
RETIRED NURSE, caregiver available
in Sun City. References upon request.
Alzheimer experience. 503-752-3678.
specializing in healthy dishes and special
diets, also healthy cooking instruction,
THIS CLEAN HOUSE by Andrea, 916792-0595. Licensed and Bonded, 10 years
experience, Lincoln resident.
Sacramento $75, Bay Area $295. Oakland,
SFO, SF Cruiseport. License TCP25881P,
Insured. Apex Transportation, 916-344-3690.
Email: [email protected] .
WOMEN: Take a one hour massage
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Whether your style is manicured or rustic, for
privacy or entertainment, we are dedicated
to maintaining your outdoor spaces.
916-865-6487, www.nyberglawns.com,
[email protected]
NEED A RIDE to doctor’s appointment,
airport or shopping? Call your SCLH
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$50. Lic#106453.
HOME. LH Resident/RE Broker will list
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computer service with a personal touch.
Senior Citizen Discounts! Free pick up,
delivery. Your personal A+ certified
computer tech is Steve. www.comp-solve.
com. 916-435-4293.
HEALTHY FEET PLUS: RN specializing
in in-home foot care and health coaching
for diabetics and those with problem feet,
difficult nails and calluses. Call Debbie at
Quality work, reasonable rates: Electrical,
gardening, fence repair, power washing,
window cleaning, gutter cleaning, hauling,
& more. Please call 916-225-2551.
869624. Valves replaced, drip systems
checked, timers, broken pipes. 916223-3706.
help make it fun and easy with tutoring at
your home. Internet, email, digital pictures,
Word, Excel, etc. Call Kendra 543-0618.
Computer help in your Home. 15%
Computer! Viruses, Bugs, Spyware,
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Trojans & Internet Popups removed. New
PC setup, Wireless, High Speed Internet,
Tune-ups, Upgrades, System Restores,
New installation, Customized PC Training
in your HOME, or general PC HELP. PO
Box 981, Lincoln, CA 95648. Reg #85117.
Call Jerry at 916-663-4500.
* Pre-10 Year Warranty Inspection
An Important Mile Stone for Your Property!
There are many builder warranties UP to 10 years.
Don’t wait - call David Jerzak today
* Special Pre-10 Year Warranty
Inspection Price - $175
(916) 812-3151 or (916) 768 3203
call today to discuss roof, gutter, or fence repairs;
solar panel cleaning; dryer duct cleaning;
home inspections
(many references available)
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
B-3 with Leslie Speaker. 916-543-6643.
resident buying WWII military aviation
jackets, uniforms, wings, patches, photos;
WWI, WWII + Korean War military
souvenirs; Air Force patches and photo
albums – Vietnam War or earlier. Call Rick
at 708-743-5650 or [email protected]
I BUY MOTOR HOMES, gas or diesel.
LH resident. Call Jerry 916-622-9067.
more than CarMax. LH resident. Montie
Boatwright 434-5089.
WANTED: Records. 1950’s and 60’s: jazz,
blues, rock, classical, etc. Buying small and
large collections: LP’s, 45’s and 78’s. Also
looking for reel-to-reel tapes (all types)
and music memorabilia. Call 530-273-8490.
cash, free appraisals, discreet, I pay more!
Private collector, SC resident. Call Jerry
Double Barrel Shotguns. Damascus OK.
SCLH collector. Call John 916-408-4442.
MAUI & TAHOE Condos 2BR/2BA from
$170/nt. By SCLH owner Gil
Van Valkenburg. 800-733-3603.
Maui, Ocean - www.homeaway.com/368171.
Maui, Wailea - www.homeaway.com/368174.
FOR RENT: SCLH Pine Hill model 2bed/2bath, den/office, charming great rm
w/dining area, 2.5 car garage, lovely backyard
– like new. For details contact info:http://
FOR SALE: 2001 GEM 4-seat golfcart.
New batteries, enclosure, locking trunk.
Excellent condition. $4,000. 916-543-8249.
FOR SALE: Med. size ceramic kiln. $700.
Used 5 times. 916-645-2246.
FOR SALE: Downsizing: sofa, curio cabinet
and urn. 408-4725.
FOR SALE: Ladies bicycle – hardly used.
$75. Hummel plates 1972 thru 1985. $20
each. 408-7478.
FOR SALE: Dine Beautifully: 12 Black
Lacquer Placer - plates, $84. 12-black wine
stemware glasses, $120. 916-543-6908.
FOR SALE: Matching couch, chair, 2
pillows. Must see. Great condition. 530902-7790.
FOR SALE: 2 glass front niches at East
Lawn Sacramento. Call Conner 916408-1968 or 916-732-2000 Parham.
FOR SALE: Piano, Yamaha Clavinova
CLP170, Rosewood, 38 voices, PC interface,
song recorder, advanced keyboard. $1,000.
FOR SALE: Luggie, collapsible 4-wheel,
scooter, fits in most trunks, red, 50 pounds,
like new. $1,000. or b/o. 916-434-1874.
RY 15!
Classified ads are not taken over the phone. Submit by mail only. Ads must be received
by the 15th of the month to appear in the following issue.
WE DO NOT ACCEPT illegible ads, incomplete forms, and ads not accompanied by
payment. Please make checks or money orders to Sun Senior News.
EGnews Inc./SUN SENIOR NEWS reserves the right to refuse any ads they deem
unsuitable. ERRORS can be compensated only if the negligence is ours, and we are
notified within the first week of the insertion, and insofar as the error, in our judgement,
materially affects the content and advertising value of the ad. Compensation will be in
the form of additional advertising space or credit, and will not exceed the value of the
ad. Your canceled check is your receipt.
the Saturday, Feb. 14th – Valentine Bingo.
Lincoln Memorial Veterans Hall. 541 5th St.
12-4pm. Buy in is $20. Volunteers needed.
12 regular games, 2 specials, special raffle
also. Tea and dessert will be served after.
“VOLUNTEERS” Stand up for your
community! Help survivors of domestic
& sexual violence. 530-823-6224 or
[email protected]
at Thunder Valley Casino. First Monday
1000 hours. Join us and show your support.
Gunner Joe at yahoo.com. We will buy your
first breakfast.
fostering, admin, medical assist, blood
draws, cleaners, socializers. Kitten Central
of Placer County (916) 645-2217 or [email protected]
KITTEN CENTRAL a local non-profit for
abandoned/sick kittens is accepting gently
used items for our annual Yard Sale in
May. Appliances, furniture, household etc.
Contact Rebecca at (916) 652-7229 or email
[email protected]
YARD SALE – HUGE 50+ Tables. Fri, Sat
& Sun., May 1-3 at Kitten Central of Placer
County 5130 Fruitvale Rd, Newcastle,
CA 95658. Fri/Sat 7-7, Sun 8-3 Accepting
E-waste those 3 days also!
Sun Senior News has a distribution of 7,500 copies, which go directly to
residents in Sun City the first week of each month.
Write your ad on the form provided and mail to:
Sun Senior News - Mailing Address:
5098 Foothills Blvd., #3 PMB 405
Roseville, CA 95747
FOR SALE: Furniture, maple bedroom set,
queen bed. Lazy Boy recliner, office chair.
FOR SALE: Oreck Vacuum $30. 2 sawsalls
$30. Lighthouse Collections $50. HP Printer
$25. Cordless weed eater $45. Craftsman
Hedge Trimmer $20. 916-408-3616.
FOR SALE: Tow bar baseplate, hidden
type. Fits ’01-03 Acura TL, plus others?
$75. 408-5817.
FOR SALE: DVD’s (250) in pristine
condition, master list available. $2.00 each.
916 434-7304.
FOR SALE: Dog door for 8ft patio door
$50. Halls Jewel tea bowls $50. 580-4305.
FOR SALE: Shark light-weight bagless
vacuum cleaner, good for low carpet and
bare floors. $40. 408-0545.
FOR SALE: Gold EZ-GO golf cart.
Good condition. Batteries one year old.
FOR SALE: Well know speaker Anthony
Robbins, 2 bestsellers, 25 audio, & misc.
booklets financial & health. 916 434-7304
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Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • FEBRUARY 2015
For Sale
Don’t Trust Computer
Generated Home
Value Estimates
Call us for an
Expert Home Price Evaluation
Since 1991
George Brown
Recent Sales in Lincoln Hills
1567 Grand Pheasant Lane
1367 Sq. Ft.
1344 Tiger Lily Lane
1786 Cliff Swallow Lane
1512 Barn Valley Lane
2540 Granite Lane
Recent Listings in Lincoln Hills
1600 Andover Lane
1985 Mary Rose Lane
1577 Summerhill Lane
Orchard Crest
1804 Maple Grove Lane
2676 Black Hawk
Would you like to see your advertisement here?
We are currently seeking experienced agent’s with a good knowledge
of the Sun City Lincoln Hills area.
If you are interested please contact George Brown @ 349-1000
or email [email protected]