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Eagle Cycling Club
February, 2015
The Eagle
Cycling Club
provides cyclists
with a variety of riding experiences. Our
members can be
seen on the road, in
the hills, on tandems,
on recumbents, and
often pulling kids in
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Eagle Cycling Club January Meeting
Date: February 9, 2015; Location: Downtown Joe’s
Board Meeting: 6:00 PM
General Meeting: 7:00 PM
Message From the President
A new order period for our new jersey is underway! You should have received an email with detailed instructions. If you didn’t, let me know and we’ll
be sure you get the necessary information. The order period will be open until
March 1. Delivery will take place during the last week of April.
We have a meeting coming up at 7:00 p.m., in the back room at Downtown
Joe’s, on February 9. As usual, there will be limited free food, drinks are on
you. The main topic of discussion will be the proposed budget for 2015.
Hopefully, we will approve a budget. The proposed budget will be circulated
by email in advance of the meeting so everyone will have time to consider it.
Monday night is a dead night anyway, especially now that football is over.
You won’t have anything
else to do, or anything
more important. Come
hang out with Napa’s
premier biker gang and
help make a difference.
El Jefe
Pictures and articles for
the newsletter are always welcome! Please
submit to Genny at :
[email protected]
by the end of the
Have you noticed the
3-foot passing
signs ?
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Eagle Cycling Club
Eagle Cycling Club January Minutes Highlights
Board Meeting:
We re-visited the idea of changing our “Student” membership to “Young Rider” membership and
then raising the age from 21 to 25 years. It was decided not to make the changes and to try to better enforce the age limit, since we know that there have been some older students abusing the less
expensive student membership.
Savings - We have some savings in the bank. Most of this accumulated before ECC committed to
helping to fund NCBC. Since we began donating to NCBC each year, we stopped accumulating
cash. ECC does not need all of these savings to operate and so some of it could/should be spent.
The Board discussed how to do this and feels that the best way to use the money would be for
purchasing club infrastructure items and services and one-time expenses, as opposed to using it for
recurring expenses.
Newsletter – For the last 4 years, as an outreach attempt, we have been printing 75 copies per
month and distributing them to all the Napa Valley bike shops and to Velo Vino to be given to customers. It is variable how many get given out-Velo Vino and BW’s give out the most, and the rest
vary from month to month. Do we want to continue to distribute the newsletters or just print
enough for BW’s and to mail to subscription members? No decision was made. Newsletter Editor
Genever Fox also mentioned that she would like to retire from doing the newsletter and is looking
for a replacement.
Velo Vino Rides – Last year we had two rides per month, one easy and one moderately harder.
The easy ride did not attract riders and neither ride attracted up-valley riders. However starting
the ride from Velo Vino opened up some new riding areas, so it was proposed that this year we do
one ride per month and to make it more challenging.
Velo Vino Meetings – Last year we did two meetings at Velo Vino in the hopes of attracting
some up-valley riders who might join ECC. The meetings were fun but did not attract up-valley
folks and, in fact, we lost some attendance from the Napa members. We discussed having, at most,
one meeting at Velo Vino in 2015.
ECC High School Cycling Club and Cycle 4 Sight – Jim spoke recently to Gary Rose who
indicated that the HS members could participate in the Cycle 4 Sight Pledge Partner Program and
that they may qualify to be allowed to keep their pledges for the HS Club’s benefit. V.P. Jennifer
said she would mention this to Ken Chapman and expressed enthusiasm for the idea, since this
would then become a fundraiser for the HS club members.
Website Development – The Board feels that our website should be a tool to help enlist new
members. However the website is in need of an update. It was decided to propose that we have a
Website Development Committee, made up of internet-savvy members, who would decide what
features a new website should include and then approach web-designers for proposals and estimates.
Budget – Jim brought a rendition of the Budget for 2015 that is almost balanced but includes a
transfer from savings to pay for one-time expenses. These expenses include equipment purchases
of a Powerpoint projector and screen, a portable PA system, and 2 pop-ups, as well as legal expenses to get an opinion on whether current club benefits are compatible with our 403(c)(4) status. We will need to add the cost of the HS club pedals, the cost of Howard’s senior Trike, another
donation to CANV that was promised in 2014 but never given, and additional money for insurance
for the Container Bikes, required by NCDOE, to the expenses. Of note, this budget does not in-
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clude any money for website development and includes reductions in donations to the Volunteer
Fire Stations and to BABC, CABO, and CBC. Also of note were the big increases in use of the Tire
and Tube Fund and the Ride Reimbursement program in 2014, such that these were both overbudget for the year. Jim will make adjustments to this Budget and circulate them via email to the
Board. We hope to have a Budget to present to the club for approval during the February meeting.
General Meeting:
Advocacy – Mike Costanzo asked for us to be the “squeaky wheel” with requests to restripe the
bike lane on Solano Ave, to repave Foster Road, to get bicycle access to the Coombs Plaza and to
get signage downtown that indicates that bicycles can take the whole lane on the now two-way
streets. NCBC is working with CalTrans to speed up the development of a Class 1 bike lane on Imola Ave, especially where it goes under Hwy 29. Mike is also attending meetings about the Soscol Flyover project. NCBC also participated in a Bikes 4 Tots ride and gave away several bikes to eligible
kids. There are still 15 bikes left to give away at a later date.
Bike Fest is scheduled on May 17th.
Family Bike Workshops-NCBC has budgeted for 12 of these during 2015. They will be held at
the Family Centers throughout the valley.
Solano Ave Vine Trail Route – The eucalyptus trees near the Ghost Bike will be taken out.
NCBC will be monitoring the removal of the Memorial and it will be kept safe so it can be reinstalled
later on.
The California Bicycle Coalition named the tour of Davis (organized by NCBC) by Napa officials the
“Best Engagement of Public Officials” in 2014.
ECC High School Club – President Conor Kensok spoke and was excited about the prospects for
riding the “new” container bikes this year. The container at Napa High was refitted by Officer Chapman and his daughter, Emily, to fit the bikes inside and it looks great. As usual, the kids are in need of
mentors to ride with them.
Presentations - VP Jennifer Chapman is working on presentations for this year. So far, she has people to discuss a bike trip to Italy, Nutrition and Biking, and she may be able to get Robin Farina, retired pro-cyclist and CEO of the Woman’s Cycling Association, to come speak to us. Jennifer is soliciting ideas for speakers from the Membership.
Website Development Committee – Greg Stueland, Conor Kensok, Dave Pruett and Nancy
Tracy volunteered to work on this committee.
Business from the Floor - Rich Collins spoke about the recent cycling death of the gentleman
who was to be the new Principal at Justin Sienna HS. He was hit by a truck when he crossed the
double yellow line while doing an evasive maneuver. Rich encouraged everyone to be safe in their
riding. Bob Hillhouse added that people should not be shy about speaking out if they see inappropriate riding.
Andre Garcia mentioned that there is now a Karma Kit at Moore Creek Park that is for both
road and mountain bikes. Also the Karma Kit is back at Las Amigas and Duhig – it is sponsored by Whole Foods. He was asked if there was any acknowledgement of the club’s sponsorship
on or in the Karma Kits? He said he will put an acknowledgement inside the bucket.
Dave Pruett is requesting funds for a multi-day mountain bike ride, similar to the Tahoe trip. Currently this is not in the Budget. It is likely to be a recurring expense and so should be funded by income. It has been proposed that profits from Cherry Pie and the Mountain Bike Race at Skyline be
earmarked to fund this event.
Bob Hillhouse mentioned that Dave is leading PM rides on Wednesdays. Some of these are
road rides and some are mountain bike rides.
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Minutes, continued...
We made a request to include a link on the club website to Andre’s Karma Kit site that includes the
locations of all of the Kits.
Skyline Park – Dave Pruett is our Representative this year and he is hoping to make some changes. He encourages all of us to join the Skyline Park Association. In the past it has been dominated by
equestrians and so the park is more focused on their interests. He is hoping that cyclists could have
more input in the future. He is looking for someone who would like to eventually be the President
of the Board at Skyline Park and he needs cyclists to go to Association meetings and vote at them.
Karma Kit Locations (also see
Road Kits:
5410 Dry Creek Rd. The Fire Station mid-way up Dry Creek Rd. Just North the 6.5 mile marker. –
The bucket is attached to the storage container on the left side of the fire station.
5900 Dry Creek Rd. The main Fire Station at the intersection of Dry Creek Rd. and Oakville Grade.
The Fire Station is at the 9 mile marker. – The bucket is attached at the East side of the station (right
side when facing the station).
4516 Dry Creek Rd. “Pickleball” Attached to the tree in the middle of the driveway.
Fire Station at the corner of Cavedale Rd. and Trinity Rd.
709 Main St., St. Helena, CA: Velo Vino Winery left side of the winery.
535 Ink Grade Rd. Pope Valley, CA: Clif Family Farms to the right of the driveway, attached to the
pine tree.
4411 Redwood Rd. Napa, CA: Hess Collection Winery To the right of the driveway, attached to a
3571 Old Adobe Rd. Petaluma, CA: Green String Farm Attached to the fence on their south entrance.
Corner of Las Amigas and Duhig Rd. Napa, CA at Madonna
Estate Vineyard Driveway
Moore Creek Park, in the parking lot attached to the Kiosk
Mountain Kits:
 Los Pasadas State Park – At the lookout
Moore Creek Park, in the parking lot attached to the Kiosk
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Silverado Trail Pickup
The following members and friends of the Club came out on Sunday January 18, 2015 for the first cleanup
of the year:
Kaye Donnelly, Michael Fitzgerald, Tim Thulin, Sandy Houck, Ron Lemos, Craig Easton, Ellen Chang, Mitch
Gunderson, Gabriel Gunderson, Andre Garcia, Chris Burgeson, Michael Haggard, Nancy Tennyson, Pat
O'Connell, Felix Riesenberg, Mark Smith, Mark Lucas, Judy Lucas, Suzanne Welch, Stephen Otis, Toby
Lovallo, Patricia Lynch, Thomas Gray, Linda McFeeley, Ken Potter
These outstanding volunteers completed the job in less than two hours, followed by lunch at the Soda
Canyon Store.
The next three cleanups of the Trail for 2015 will be Saturday, April 18, Saturday, July 18 and Sunday, October 18.
Should I Be Hitting the Weight Room?
(excerpted from
An RBR roadie writes: “I’m doing squats this winter in hopes of adding strength to help my cycling next season. I
read the weight training chapter in your Off-Season Training for Roadies and now I'm unsure about whether to
continue working so hard in the weight room.”
The answer to whether strength training for the legs improves cycling is a definite maybe [writes Coach Fred
Matheny]. There are 2 considerations that I went into in some detail in the eBook chapter mentioned. Here's the
short version.
Sports science isn't sure that conventional resistance training helps endurance performance. It depends on the individual's weaknesses. If you're naturally strong but lack aerobic power, you're probably better off riding and working
on strength on the bike with short hard hills and low-cadence/high-gear repeats. If you lack strength in your legs,
weights can help improve this weakness. But then you have to convert that strength into cycling-specific power with
on-bike training.
There’s another consideration. As we age, it's increasingly important to maintain muscle volume. Weights are a
great way to do that. I suspect that most riders over 45 or 50 should do squats or leg presses routinely just to stave
off sarcopenia (loss of lean muscle tissue). Think of it this way -- you’re lifting not to improve your riding next spring
but rather to ensure that you’re still able to ride in 20 or 30 years.
Relatively low reps (5-10) and heavier weights build strength most effectively, and that's why you're in the weight
room. But if you don't have good flexibility and good form in doing leg exercises, you're better off using high reps
and relatively low weight to avoid injury.
Remember that some great riders can leg press only around 400 pounds, while many strength athletes can top
1,000 -- but can't ride a bike very effectively. So it's safer to use a weight that allows 15-25 reps. Do several sets.
These higher reps will force you to use lighter weight, thus reducing the chance of injury. And higher reps are more
specific to cycling as well.
Analyze your strengths and weaknesses. I could squat around 500 pounds in my college football days and was leg pressing 700 pounds in my late 50s. Did that strength
make me a better rider? Well, it probably didn't hurt, but following winters when I didn't
do leg presses I rode just as strongly.
My cycling weaknesses occur at other places in the power production chain. So for riders like me, it makes sense to work on lactate threshold, anaerobic power and so on.
These things are best improved by riding.
Page 6
Not all of the rides listed below are led or sponsored by the Eagle Cycling Club. This
schedule tries to capture all regular rides happening in or around Napa, regardless of
who leads or sponsors them. A listing here should not be taken as an endorsement
of any particular ride.
Eagle Cycling Club rides are rated by the pace or pace range, the terrain or terrain
range, and a mileage range. For example a ride described as 1-A-15-25 would be a
ride at an easy (1) pace, on a mostly flat (A) course, for 15-25 miles. A ride described as 2-C/D-40-60 would be a ride at a moderate (2) pace, on a course with
hills (C) that might be steep or sustained (D), for 40-60 miles
Pace: (1) Easy (8-12-MPH)
(2) Moderate (12-15 MPH)
Terrain: (A) Mostly flat
(B) Rolling
(C) Some hills
(3) fast (16 MPH and above)
(D) Hilly
(E) Mountains
For a full description of the ratings, download the Ride Classifications Document at http://
8:30 a.m.
Variable route, 2-B/C-30-60
Training ride for the Eagle High School Cycling Club. Meet at 8:30 at the bicycle container near the Napa High
School gym, roll at 9:00. This is a coached ride for high school age riders learning group riding skills. Coaches welcome. For more information, contact Connor Kensok at 707-631-6919.
8:30 a.m.
Variable route, variable length
Not an Eagle Cycling Club ride, but a ride attended by many of Napa’s law enforcement cyclists, affectionately
known as “The Herd”. Meet at Justin High School, ride rolls at 8:30 a.m.
9:00 a.m.
Semi-variable route, 2-B-20-30
Meet at Browns Valley Market, 3263 Browns Valley Road. Ride starts with a loop through the Carneros area. After
coffee and pastries at Stanley Lane, the group splits up for optional additional riding. Tandems welcome. No drop
policy. For more information, contact Cheryl Korte at 707-265-0456.
9:00 a.m.
Semi-variable route
Not an Eagle Cycling Club ride, but a regular ride in which many club members participate: Ride starts with Bob’s
Wednesday ride loop through Carneros. At Stanley Lane, the group breaks into smaller groups for further riding.
Meet at Azzurro, at the corner of Main and Clinton Streets.
9:15 a.m.
Variable route, 3-C/E-40-80
Meet at Dwight Murray Plaza, at the missing clock tower, on First between Main and Coombs. This ride leaves
promptly at 9:25 a.m. On the second Sunday of each month, the ride will be 60-80 miles, 4-6 hours, so plan accordingly. If the long ride is rained out on the 2d Sunday, it will take place on the 3d Sunday. If the 3d Sunday is
rained out, then the long ride will be on the 4 th Sunday.
For Sunday Feb. 8th we will head to Sonoma thru Carneros out Verano Rd. to Arnold Dr., Glen Ellen on the back
road to Santa Rosa, up Sonoma Mtn. then Bennett Valley skirting Santa Rosa, Calistoga Rd. St. Helena Rd. up
back side of Spring Mtn. to St. Helena, out Pope St. to Trail back to Napa. 80 miles, approx. 4,500 feet of climbing
For more information, call Mark Lucas at 707-224-8873 or Ron Lemos at 707-294-2796.
10:00 a.m.
Variable route, occasional field trips, 2-C/E-30-60
This is the kinder, gentler Sunday ride. Meet at Bicycle Works, 3335 Solano Avenue. We usually try to get in at
least some climbing, sometimes ambitiously. No drop policy, frequent regroups. For more information, contact Jim
Fitch or Genny Fox at 707-226-5038.
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Weekly Rides, continued...
9:00 a.m.
Napa to Yountville, 1.5-A-20
Vintage bike ride, only on the third Sunday of every month. Dust off your vintage steed
and join us for a relaxing ride to Yountville. We will be stopping for coffee and pastries before
returning to Napa. Leaves from Bicycle Works, 3335 Solano Avenue. Rain cancels. For more
information, contact Andre Garcia at 707-253-7000)
3:00 p.m.
Variable route, 2-B/C-20/40
Training ride for the Eagle High School Cycling Club. Meet at 3:00 the bicycle container near the Napa High
School gym, roll at 3:30. This is a coached ride for high school age riders learning group riding skills. Mentors welcome. For more information, contact Connor Kensok at 707-631-6919.
6:00 p.m.
Variable route, 2-A/B/C/D-20/30
Be Bright Ride. Meet at Bicycle Works at 6 pm (we do wait till 6:15 pm no later) to go for a 20 to 30 mile ride
which will depend on the weather and where the group wants to go, which means it could be Mt. Veeder, Carneros,
Soda Canyon to the Firehouse, Rutherford Loop and somewhere fun. Slowest rider sets the pace. Front and rear
lights are required, since this ride takes place after dark. For more information, contact Gabby Gonzalez at 707815-7436 or [email protected]
8:30 a.m. SHARP!
Carneros loop, 1.5-B-20
A leisurely two hour ride in the Carneros district. This is a no-drop ride, which regroups regularly, and usually
takes a group photo at the “Pigs 4 Sale” sign. Meet at Dwight Murray Plaza, at the infamous missing clock tower,
on First between Main and Coombs. Refreshments at the Model Bakery afterwards. Rain cancels. For more information, call Bob Hillhouse at 707-253-7000 or 707-252-1246.
5:00 p.m.
Mt. Veeder loop, 2/3-D-21
The classic clockwise Mt. Veeder loop. Meet at the corner of Browns Valley Road and Redwood Road. Go over
Mt. Veeder and return via Dry Creek Road. Optional return with the 6:00 p.m. counter-clockwise ride. No Leader.
6:00 p.m.
Variable Route, 2-D-20/25
Usually a counter-clockwise Mt. Veeder loop, going out on Dry Creek Rd., and returning on Redwood Rd. Meet at
Bicycle Works. Bring lights in the winter. If it’s raining, the loop will be through Carneros instead. This is a no drop
ride, for all levels. For more information, contact Dave Pruett at Bicycle Works, 707-253-7000
6:00 p.m.
Silverado Country Club/Avenues Loop, 2-B-15/20
Slowest rider sets the pace. A women’s only ride. Meet at the Oxbow east parking lot. For more information, contact Margaret Mackey at 707-363-4492 or Linda Mcfeely at 707-975-6099.
3:00 p.m.
Variable route, 2-B/C-30/60
Training ride for the Eagle High School Cycling Club. Meet at 3:00 the bicycle container near the Napa High
School gym, roll at 3:30. This is a coached ride for high school age riders learning group riding skills. Mentors welcome. For more information, contact Connor Kensok at 707-631-6919.
8:30 a.m.
Bike Friday, 1/1.5-A-10
Bike Friday is an easy, mostly flat ride to Yountville via Solano Avenue. There is a yak stop at the structure at the
end of Solano Avenue in Yountville. Alternate routes are planned impromptu from there. Some ride up-valley,
some return via Solano Avenue to Napa for coffee at Panera. The up-valley groups tend to ride a bit faster. Occasionally, a group will ride up to Hennessey and do the Lower Chiles Valley loop. Rain cancels. For more information, contact Doug Cleveland at 707-252-3985, or [email protected]
Page 8
Sunday, March 1
Eagle Cycling Club’s Cherry Pie Criterium. Volunteer to help at
Saturday, June 27
The Giro Bello Century in Sonoma County. It’s sort of like the Wine Country Century backwards, with a few
route variations. For more information, see
Sunday, May 17
The Napa Bicycle Coalition’s Bike Fest, a celebration of biking for cyclists who love to ride in Napa Valley. Enjoy a bike-centric day with your friends and family in the historic oxbow district of downtown Napa. Rides for everyone, live music, great food, beer and wine, bike swap & more! Admission is FREE!
Friday-Sunday, September 11-13
ECC’s annual Tahoe ride. This is a family ride, approximately 35-40 miles and 1000 feet of elevation per day. No
charge for Club members. Includes camping and breakfast both days, and Saturday lunch and dinner. Includes
SAG to carry camping gear and aching toes and tires. Non-Club members cost $40 per person, 12 and under, no
charge. Automobiles are parked, and returned to, at Sugar Pine Point State Park, near Tahoma, California. There
are optional rides for Saturday that include more miles, more elevation, or mountain biking. For more information,
contact Michael Fitzgerald, [email protected] or 707-315-2185.
For the upcoming season’s century rides, see:
Eagle Cycling Club
3335 Solano Avenue
Napa, CA 94558
Email: [email protected]
President: Jim Fitch
Vice President: Jennifer Chapman
Treasurer: Richard Pastcan
Secretary: Genever Fox
Co-Treasurer: Richard Wenrick
Webmaster: Nancy Tracy
Newsletter Editor: Genever Fox
Ride Schedule Chair: Jim Fitch
Membership Chairman: Bob Hillhouse
Skyline Park Representative: Dave Pruett
Tour of Napa Valley Director: Greg Stueland
Cherry Pie Criterium Director: Andre Garcia
Skyline Park Mountain Bike Race Director: Dave Pruett