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Bibury Village Hall Management Committee Meeting
Wednesday 4
Licensing of Revd Tim Hastie-Smith St Mary’s Bibury
Bibury Parish Council Meeting
13th Pop-In Lunch
Bibury Village Hall
Valentine Bingo Bibury AFC
Wednesday 18
Bibury with Barnsley WI Bibury Village Hall
24th Rural Cinema in Bibury Village Hall
24th RBL Henriques Cup Bibury Football Club
26th Friends of Bibury School Quiz Catherine Wheel
Bibury Village Hall Management Committee Meeting
Bibury Cricket Club AGM Catherine Wheel
RBL Henriques Cup Bibury Football Club
Bibury Village Hall
Bibury Parish Council Meeting
10th RBL Henriques Cup Bibury Football Club
Wednesday 11th Bibury Gardening Club Baptist Church Schoolroom
17th RBL Henriques Cup Bibury Football Club
ISSUE No.388
Eyes down
7:00pm for 7:30 pm
8.00pm for 8.30pm
7.30pm for 8.00pm
8.00pm for 8.30pm
8.00pm for 8.30pm
8.00pm for 8.30pm
We are grateful to Catherine Barritt from Bibury School for her lovely drawing of a month in the
farmer’s year which won her 2nd prize at the Bibury Flower Show last year for the age range 8-11
As at the moment the river levels are rising and there has been a recent meeting in the village to
create a flood Emergency plan and after the annual duck race – we thought these were
appropriate words of wisdom.
If you want to test the depth of a stream – don’t put both feel in at once!
The Vicarage, Bibury, Cirencester Gloucestershire GL7 4NT
01285 740301
[email protected]
As I write this, my family and I have been living in Bibury for exactly three weeks, and have loved
every moment of being here! Whilst inevitably sad to leave our friends in Kempsford, we have
been overwhelmed by the extraordinarily warm welcome we have received. Furthermore, since
Bibury, Winson, Barnsley, Arlington and Ablington are, like Kempsford, part of the South
Cotswolds team ministry it could be argued that we haven’t really moved at all! After all, all clergy
in the team, which stretches from Lechlade in the east to Ampney Crucis in the west, and to Castle
Eaton in the south are licensed to serve anywhere in the benefice. Here in Bibury we are the
northernmost outpost.
That said, we certainly feel as if we have moved as we have embraced the process of packing up
and relocating with not varying degrees of enthusiasm. Moving house is one of the most traumatic
life events we experience (According to psychologists) It is all tied up with roots, familiarity, control
of personal space and security. Yet the decluttering that always accompanies it is a healthy and
liberating experience. As Queen Elsa sings in Frozen: ‘Let it go’! (And she had just moved house
too) It is a good time to ensure that our possessions do not possess us!
And so, we now look forward to the formal process of arrival which is my licensing and installation
at St Mary’s, Bibury by the Bishop of Tewkesbury and the Archdeacon of Cheltenham, on
Wednesday 4th February at 7:30pm. Do please come along. Although it sounds like a cross
between the opening of a new pub and the fitting of a new boiler you are very welcome. Indeed,
since a pub is a place of welcome and friendship and a boiler gives warmth and comfort, maybe
the words licensing and installation are very appropriate!
My wife Joanne and I really look forward to meeting you in the coming weeks and months. We are
here to serve you, and to support the Church in serving you: To help in making the love of God
known to all in this community and ensuring that it makes a positive difference.
With every blessing Tim
February 2015
Sunday 1st
Wednesday 4th
Sunday 8th
Family Communion
BCP Communion
All age worship
Prayer Book
Holy Communion
Licensing of Revd Tim
Hastie-Smith as our
new vicar.
CW Communion
BCP Communion
Modern language
communion service
Prayer Book Holy
Communion with
Family Service
Morning Prayer
All age worship
Modified matins
2nd before Lent
Sunday 15th
Next before
Sunday 22nd
Lent 1
Sunday 1st
Lent 2
Morning Prayer
CW Communion
Modified matins
Modern language
communion service
Family Communion
BCP Communion
All-age worship
Prayer Book
Holy Communion
Jackie Colburn
01451 860212
Beryl LeBars
01285 740382
Brian Skarda
01285 740496
Jane Wykeham-Musgrave
01285 740257
Revd Tim Hastie-Smith
01285 740301
Jane Sacchi
01285 720804
A Joke, to bring you a little joy!
A minister parked his car on a double yellow line in Cirencester because he was short of time and
couldn’t find a space elsewhere.
Then he put a note under the windscreen wiper that read: “I have circled the block 10 times. If I
don’t park here, I’ll miss my appointment. Forgive us our trespasses.”
When he returned, he found a parking ticket from a traffic warden along with this note:
“I’ve circled this block for 10 years. If I don’t give you a ticket I’ll lose my job. Lead us not into
We were blessed by our speaker from Cirencester last month Harry Goodchild, who spoke to us of
“JOY” he pointed out joy was a word that is out of fashion. If you look up Joy on Wikipedia the
only definition they give, other than a brand of washing up liquid favoured by the Japanese, is
“HAPPINESS”, now, we are back in fashion as having teenagers in the house I know the song
voted as the best from last year’s pop chart is “Happy “by Pharrell Williams. In this song Mr
Williams sings “I’m so happy, nothing will bring me down my level’s too high”
If we think hard we can probably all think of a time in our lives when we felt the euphoria of great
joy and delight. Maybe a fairground ride gave you a feeling of happiness mixed with adrenaline,
this may be Joy! But it is short lived. Harry shared his favourite childhood joke. What did the
Earwig say at the top of the helter-skelter? Earwiggo!!
Proverbs 17; 22 A joyful heart is good medicine but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.
Where can we find a joyful heart when all around us is crushing our spirit? You only have to open
the newspaper or watch the TV news, you may be experiencing ill health or family problems,
where is joy in all this?
As Christians we believe this inner joy comes from having a relationship with God through Jesus,
he promised us that no matter where we are or what situation we are in HE will always be with us,
he will never leave our side and he will give us all we need.
The apostle Paul was imprisoned many times for preaching the word of God, while imprisoned
probably in Rome he wrote a letter to the Philippians 4:12-13 I know what it is to be in need , and I
know what it is to have plenty. I have learnt the secret of being content in any and every situation,
whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do everything through him
who gives me strength.
So I pray that you will be unfashionable and be JOYFULL, or if you wish fashionable and be
HAPPY, through our lord. Amen.
Services for February at Arlington Baptist Church
Every Sunday at 10.30pm
Feb 1st led by Kevin Hunt
Feb 8th led by Kevin Hunt
Feb 15th led by Phil Poole from Cirencester Baptist Church (communion)
Feb 22nd led by Heather Wilson
We have a long and happy relationship working together with our parish church and welcome
Rev.Tim Hastie-Smith and his family; we will be joining our friends at the parish church on Feb 4th
to welcome them all into our community.
The Royal British Legion-skittles
Another year has gone by, and another season of Henriques Cup is imminent.
It kicks off or more accurately the balls start rolling on February 24. The teams are invited to arrive
at 8 o’clock to start playing promptly at 8.30 o’clock. Teams should consist of nine players and
refreshments will be provided by the ladies of the Royal British Legion.
The dates and the teams are as follows:
A. February 24
Jean Stringer versus Dominic Kay
B. March 3
Andrew Johnston versus Royal British Legion
C. March 10
Football club versus Cricket Club
D. March 17
Kevin Bowers versus Mark Henriques
This will be followed a week later by a match between the winners of A and B. A week later will be
between the winners of C and D. The grand final will be held on April 7.
All comers are most welcome and the competition raises annually a lot of money for the Royal
British Legion. In advance, I thank you all for your support.
Rod Maconochie, chairman
Valentine Bingo has been arranged for Tuesday 17th February, 2015. Eyes down 7.45pm.
The First team has only lost one of their last ten games and now lie seventh in the Table. They are
the Leagues draw specialists with 8 draws.
After a losing run of five games the Reserves have won their last two matches.
The Football Club are very sorry to hear the passing of Peggy Mander, she was a great help when
the bar was first installed - kindly donating goods along with serving behind the bar.
Our next meeting will be on Wednesday March 11th when we will be meeting again after our
winter break in the Baptist Church Schoolroom at 7.15pm.
For more details ring Paul and Elizabeth on 750335 or e-mail [email protected]
February is the traditional time to sow parsnips. Parsnips can be difficult to germinate, into
shallow drills ¾inch deep and weed free sprinkle the seeds. You may not see any seedlings for
about 3 weeks but once they are up to about 1 inch in height thin them out at about 6 inches apart
then leave them but keep weeds clear of them.
While you have parsnip drills you sow some lettuce seeds in with them to get an early crop,
radishes also can be sown. If you do this protect them with a cloche for another 6 weeks.
Brussel sprout seeds are easy to grow and need a long growth season. Sow some seeds in to a
pot or tray and keep in the greenhouse/cold frame to grow before planting out in May.
Our AGM was held on Thursday 22nd January and the new committee, made up of representatives
nominated by village organisations was introduced to those present. At the time of writing Angela
Alderton (PCC), Claire McDermott (Bibury Play), Mavis Lindstrum (WI), Evelyn Cory (Bibury Popin), Roger King (Village Life) had all been re-nominated by their organisations and Alan Franklin
was the new Bibury Gardening Club representative. Jean Stringer would continue as the Bibury
United Charities Trustee representative and Ann Haigh (BPC) until their organisations next
meetings. It will be up to the new committee to co-opt other members as necessary at their first
committee meeting in February.
Our first live event for the 2015 will be a performance by “Whalebone” on Saturday 7th March at
7:30pm. Whalebone are a highly acclaimed acoustic and vocal group that blend Celtic folk,
guitar rock and traditional music in a vibrant mix that combines spellbinding musicianship,
infectious rhythms with a lively fun presentation. It has been rated 4 stars by Rock and Reel
Tickets cost £7 for adults; £3:50 for Children or £20 for a family of 4 (2 adults +2 children).
Do come along as a family or as a group of friends to enjoy this highly entertaining and
accomplished group. Tickets available from the Trout Farm or from Angela (740241) or Wendy
Flower Show – advance warning of Photography classes.
The photography classes for the Flower Show on Saturday 19th July will be
1: Hats
2: Solitude
3: Hidden Bibury
So now you have plenty of chance to find or take that potential winning photograph.
Every term is a busy term at Bibury C of E Primary. The children have begun this term with
enthusiasm for our new topics. Our learning themes in both classes focus on Geography. The
older children’s topic is ‘I’m a Bibury pupil, get me out of here!’ and the infants are ‘Wild Things!’
Both classes are learning African dances and we have written letters to Future, our sponsor child
in Zambia. With a range of creative learning opportunities it promises to be another exciting term.
The Friends of Bibury have been hard at work planning activities and raising money for the school.
We are so lucky to have such a supportive community.
Good news!
Bibury School has restarted their popular Club 100.
Tickets are going to be available in the next few weeks at the Bibury Post Office and at School
with door to door sales hopefully following. The Club 100 involves buying an allocated number for
£10 for 10mths (March - December) A monthly draw gives ticket holders the chance to win three
cash prizes. All proceeds go towards the school. Alternatively you can contact the school directly
for more information or tickets (contact details below).
Suki Pascoe, Head Teacher ‘*Great Oaks from little acorns grow*’ Bibury C of E Primary
School * Tel: 01285 740268 * E-mail: [email protected] *for more information take a look at
our website: or come and visit us.
In the 1950s there was an active Bibury Drama Group putting on plays such as Miranda and Love
in a Mist.
A small building just a few yards up the Coln road was used by the Boy Scouts for meetings. It
has now been pulled down.
From The Panel
We have received a couple of letters in regarding Mr Rigby’s paintings. Olive Stringer has one of
The Square and she believes it must have been done in the autumn because of the colour of the
horse chestnut tree that once stood in the middle. She says it is a lovely painting and the colours
are beautiful. Elaine Sullivan says Mr Rigby gave a painting to her mother, who was a former
pupil of his, she wonders if that was when her mother got married. Her mother lived at The Mill
when a youngster, a member of the Brownett family. And although the painting is not still in Bibury
it is still in the family possession.
Our first meeting of the New Year took place with our President, Norma Webb, leading our
meeting. Following the reading of the minutes our Business Meeting proceeded with more
information for members about the WI Centenary baton day on Tuesday March 24 th. We will be
part of a National event to celebrate 100 years of the WI. For more information about this event
please look at our website at
The Treasurer’s report provided us with very useful information and it was agreed that discussion
about fundraising would be on the agenda at our February members’ meeting. Items of interest in
Gloucestershire News were highlighted and we were encouraged to vote for the WI Resolution
that we considered most useful and important. There were several volunteers willing to participate
in the bi-annual GFWI quiz competition. The first prize is £100 so Norma is hopeful that we can
win to bolster our finances!
Our speaker was Lady Elwes who treated us to a wonderfully descriptive and inspiring talk about
snowdrops and how she had initiated the first open day at Colesbourne Park. She described how
from small beginnings with a limited number of snowdrop varieties and opening the garden for one
afternoon, Colesbourne snowdrops have become world famous with the garden being open for
five weeks accommodating thousands of visitors. We gained useful information about the best
way to propagate and grow snowdrops and we were able to look at a variety of forms, all very
beautiful and surprisingly scented. Following opportunity for questions and the vote of thanks
given by Norma, we all enjoyed a delicious tea.
Our next meeting will be on the 18th February 2015 at 2.15p.m. in Bibury Village Hall, when we will
be welcoming Lesley Brain to talk about “365 Photos taken by Strangers”.
Visitors and prospective members are always very welcome.
Liz Franklin.
The 25th renewal of the Bibury CC duck race proved to be a great success on Boxing Day. The
weather was crisp and bright, the river at an ideal height for a classic race and the ducks had been
brought to the peak of physical condition by Conkers and Terry Day.
The race was well attended and for the first time in many years all the tickets were sold. The
charity race and sale of mulled wine and mince pies raised £ 2086 for the charity of the winner’s
choice and they chose the RNLI as their charity. The presentation will be made in the Catherine
Wheel on Fri 23rd January 7.30 for 8 pm, everyone welcome.
Thanks are due to all sponsors and supporters but particularly to the Trout Farm, Moore Allen
Innocent, Savills, Laurent Perrier and the Turners, Kym and Steve. Apologies if I forgot any other
sponsor. Special thanks too to the Canoe Club and to John and Jane Johnson for running the
mulled wine and ticket stall at Arlington Row.
On the cricket side, our recruitment tent netted three new players. We have organised a full fixture
list of Sunday friendlies for this year so we still need more new players.
Finally the AGM will be held on March 2nd in the Catherine Wheel at 8 pm. All welcome.
Leslie Smith 01285 740618
It is so nice to have this wonderful event on Boxing Day, with people coming from near and far to
enjoy the spectacle. I do wonder, though, why drivers feel the need to park on our pavements.
This is illegal and there are no yellow lines on the road into the village! It was very difficult getting
a mobility scooter off the pavement onto the road and dangerous for prams and toddlers to be on
the busy road too. Maybe the committee could consider putting signs, in subsequent years,
asking people not to park on the pavements!!
Notes of the meeting held on 13th January 2015.
Wall on Cemetery Lane.
Cllr Mrs Haigh reported on a conversation with the landowner who confirms a ‘waller’ has been
retained and is due to start work in February
Water Lane Footpath
Queries were raised as to the quality of the surface and it was confirmed that the Public Rights of
Way Dept. of County Council are the organisation responsible for maintenance of the path. Cllr
Mrs Marriott reported that a tree had come down on the path and safety barriers erected and she
would pursue the matter of the poor surface further.
Flood Prevention
Cllr Ms Petchey was pursuing Council’s registration with ‘Floodline’ and a meeting was to be held
the following Thursday to progress the flood plan. Meetings with Jenny Phelps, RAU, and National
Trust personnel and had resulted in a report from Ms Phelps containing several proposals. After
discussion, Council resolved to pursue Proposal 3 (production of overall flood prevention plan)
leading possible to Proposal 4 (implementation of some measures) later.
Budget/Precept 2015-16.
It was recognised that implementing the above proposals regarding flooding would require funding
and that Council must make provision for that in case the cost fell on Council. As a result it was
agreed after discussion that the precept (the amount Council asks to be collected through the
Council Tax to fund its activities) should be £10,000 for financial year 2015-16.
Aldsworth Road Estate Footpath
It was confirmed that the street lighting here had finally been repaired and that new lighting had
been installed for future use as a result of consistent pressure from the chair and Cllr Mrs Marriott.
It was now resolved to pursue the re-surfacing of the path.
The next meeting of Council will be held on 10th February 2015
Report from Community Flood Plan Meeting
The informal meeting was well attended by concerned villagers and National trust representatives.
Several offers of help were also received from those unable to attend.
After a short report of progress to date from Cllr. Petchey followed by an outline of a community
plan to be put into place if water levels become a problem. This plan is to be put together and
published hopefully in the March issue and will include who to call if you have or spot a problem
and a network of volunteers to help in every situation.
Meanwhile if we have water/drain level issues before then please contact firstly Thames water but
locally Cllr. Sharon Petchey, Cllr. Richard Williams or Cllr. Kate Marriot who will inform the relevant
volunteers should help be needed.
Thank you to all those who have offered to help in an emergency and anyone wishing to be
included please contact one of the councillors above.
Discussion mostly centred around the stretch of river from the Swan bridge to the Weir, and with
the appointment by the Parish council of Jenny Phelps FWAG to coordinate the issues in and
around our parish, help with grants etc. we hope to soon address most of these concerns.
We identified locations at risk problems and triggers, we also considered the drainage and
sewerage problems. It was identified that Thames water had been very difficult to contact during
the last floods and had at a recent meeting promised to improve.
Church road residents brought forward their needs, mostly needing help with pumps and moving
furniture and Ian Howard from the coffee shop raised issues concerning the sewage pumping.
The Arlington row who were represented by rural surveyor Tim Barter (National Trust) and resident
Brian Skarda offered to coordinate triggers and communicate to the team. An email group has
been started to help communication within the village and anyone wishing to be added on this
please contact [email protected]
The emergency number for Thames water 24hr service 0800 3169800 or 0845 9200800 you will
speak to a person not just a machine. If anyone spots sewage going into the river urgently report
to the environment agency 0370 8506506.
Cllr. Sharon Petchey 740679 / 07974785437
GRCC'S IN TOUCH PROJECT are offering groups of people who are 50+ free tuition to learn
about computing they would come to a venue locally to enable anyone to take advantage of
this project. If you have a group and would like more information please contact Julie Prichard on
01452 528491.
HEALTHWATCH GLOUCESTERSHIRE is the local independent consumer champion for health
and social care. By creating a strong membership we can make a real difference how local
services are planned and delivered .by using your views and experiences (good and bad) of the
services you use.
It is Free to join by becoming a member you have an opportunity for your voice to be heard. so join
now and make a real difference
contact 0800 652 5193 or [email protected]
Best wishes
Cynthia Laird, Village Agent
Telephone 07776 245 780
February is the month for Valentines
When lovers walk, their arms entwined
They’ll look each other in the eye
Unaware of passers-by.
Then it’s time for romance
He’ll take her in his arms to dance.
He’ll send her flowers, chocolates and a card
Well he’d better or she’ll slap him hard.
Doug and Abi are taking their three children on a trip to Scotland for a big family gathering.
They are in the midst of a difficult divorce, and have asked the kids to keep it a secret from their
extended family. However, as the inevitable feuds kick in, a completely unexpected turn
of events involving the children causes further tensions to rise to the surface. With the
repercussions that ensue- hilarious and emotional in equal measure- the family are forced to put
aside their differences and work together or risk losing what they hold most dear.
The Strong Cast includes--Rosamund Pike, David Tennant, Billy Connolly, Celia Imrie and Annette
Doors Open 7.p.m.
Film 7.30.p.m. Tickets £3.50p. at the door.
A glass of wine, or apple juice and nibbles will, as always, be available.
A huge thank you to everyone who donated at Sylvia Ebsworth’s funeral.
£485.00 has been sent to Breast Cancer Research UK. I know she would be so grateful to know
how generous her friends and family were and that it is going to a cause very close to all of our
Jane, John and Keira
Sadly there has been several deaths of late of ladies who were long associated with our villages.
Firstly, Peggy Manders of Aldsworth Road, who during her life did much to help and support the
Football Club. Secondly, Margaret Francis who was originally from Ablington and latterly from
Gloucester but who was often seen in Bibury visiting her father. And finally some of the older
residents may remember Catherine Carter, who was known as Kitty, and who moved from
Barnsley during the late 1950’s and bred an award winning herd of Jersey cattle which she
showed for many years. We send our condolences to all their families.
As a tourist village we are used to being in the public eye and some early risers may have heard
Kate talking about the Bibury Trout Farm on ‘On your farm’ on Sunday morning on Radio 4 . It
appears that views of The Street have appeared regularly as a back drop to the weather reports
on BBC television.
We must welcome our new vicar Tim Hastie-Smith to our Parish. Although he does not get
licensed properly until the 4th February he and his family have been resident for a while. We must
also give a somewhat belated welcome to Marcus Vass and his family to Wool House in Arlington.
We hope both families will be happy with us.
At the time of writing we have heard of several people who have had spells in hospital for minor
operations or seasonal illness. It is good to see them making progress and wish them a speed
return to full health.
As mentioned elsewhere in the magazine, Bibury had a drama group in the 1950’s and it looks as
if the tradition may be revived with the production of the murder mystery evening by BADS (Bibury
Amateur Dramatic Society).
In spite of the cold weather of late, the snow drops, aconites and crocus are beginning to show
their colours and it is lovely too the hazel catkins lengthen in the hedgerows – a sure sign that
spring is on its way!
Our regular advertisers will be receiving a reminder shortly about payment due to continue to
appear in the Trade Directory. The charges remain at £2 a line – exactly the same as when the
magazine started in 1979! Please take this opportunity to change your advert if necessary and
please put your remittances, in an envelope with the reminder, to our Treasurer Roger King at 8
the Pike, or place them in the ‘Village Life’ folder at the Trout Farm.
Commercial adverts which appear within the body of the magazine cost more at £5 for a quarter
of a page and are only allowed up to a maximum of 4 times a year (space permitting and at the
discretion of the Panel) . So if you are a local business within the distribution area it is a much
more cost effective to advertise in the Trade Directory although the space available is more limited
it is much more cost effective and is the place that people first look for a local service.
Please can you solve a crime?
On Friday 17th April 2015
A murder could be committed during your supper!
Bibury Village Hall
‘The Bads’
( Bibury Amateur Dramatic Society )
Watch this space for more information
The Friends of Bibury School Pub Quiz
The Catherine Wheel, Arlington
Thursday 26th February, 7.30pm for 8.00pm
£2 per person, come alone or form a team
I have been a qualified decorator for over 35 years and hit with redundancy, I decided to start my
own business
I have lived in Bibury for the last 30 years and worked on numerous jobs in the local area. Due to
the current climate all work can be considered including:
Painting and Decorating
General Maintenance
And anything I may not have thought of!
If you have put off a job that needs doing or haven’t found the right person to help – give me call.
I am happy to consider any projects, offering free advice and competitive rates.
JOHN JOHNSON 01285 740549
On February 11, 2015, the Cotswold Decorative and Fine Arts Society will hold a lecture entitled
“The Painted Church: Seeing and Understanding Medieval Wall Paintings” by Roger Rosewell.
Lectures are held at the Bradwell Village Hall, Burford OX18 4XF and begin at 11.00am with
complimentary coffee and tea from 10.15-10.45. Non-members are very welcome, no need to
book (suggested donation £8). For more information please see our
ACUPUNCTURE Japanese Needling Technique (painless) J.J.O’Brien Bibury Farm Aldsworth Rd
Home visits arranged 07792 595166 mobile (landline pending)
AEROBIC and Body Conditioning classes in Aldsworth Village Hall. Mondays 8.45am, Fridays 9.00am
with RSA qualified instructor. Further information contact Jackie Colburn
01451 860212
Mill. Engineers - for agricultural machinery & repairs
Marcus Adey (RIBA) Chartered Architect, Architecture and interiors E-mail [email protected]
Cotswold Tree Care – Tree surgery, planting, transplanting, pruning, tree surveys
Tree Management & maintenance. Westonbirt trained. Free consultation and quote [email protected] Ring Pablo 01285323313
Offices and Workshops available to let [email protected] 740148
Postal and Banking Services, Greeting Cards, Stationery, Gifts, Toys, Confectionery Hot Savouries and Cakes.
Opening times Monday to Sunday 10.00am – 5.00pm. Closed Thursdays in winter months
Post Office closed Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday only
The Best in Gloucestershire where dogs ask to come back. Lots of exercise and
Individual attention. Telephone and ask for Rod or Penny Maconochie on
AC. Mervyn Day - Property repair and restoration
J. Johnson Exterior/interior decorating I have been a qualified decorator for over 35 years
I have lived in Bibury for the last 30 years and worked on numerous jobs in the local area.
All work considered including:- Painting and Decorating, General Maintenance,
And anything I may not have thought of!
I am happy to consider any projects, offering free advice and competitive rates.
Callon Hine Ltd – Construction and Project Management service – specialists in barn
Conversions and restoration and refurbishment of period properties.
Please call William Hine on 07778 917209 or email [email protected] for further information
PLATES A PLENTY for hire of Quality Crockery, Cutlery, Glassware and Linen
SEE ELECTRICS Domestic, Commercial, Agricultural work, est. over 20years, NICEIC Approved
Call 07976 268928 e-mail [email protected]
Carol Welch MFET (Dip) MNCS (ACC) Feeling stressed, depressed and generally weighted down by life? I offer
support, using creative techniques, to help you explore your thoughts and feelings and restore emotional health so
you can better deal with situations, people and past memories. I practice in Bibury and offer a free 30 minute
Telephone 07901552778
or email: [email protected] Website:
Vanessa Beal Wedding and Event Flowers or contact
Country Garden Design For professional and individual garden design and landscaping call Diana Clark
01451 844028
‘Peter Reader Landscapes’ – professional garden designer who works with each individual client and garden to create
beautiful spaces. Gardens in Gloucestershire and London. I have KLC Diploma in Garden Design (Distinction) and won a
Silver Gilt Medal and the ‘People’s Choice Award’ at RHS Hampton Court Show 2013 for my garden ‘Four Corners’.
Web: Mob: 07941 829 162
Inclusive of grass cutting, strimming, hedge cutting, digging and weeding. Ring Tony
Garden Maintenance, odd jobs inside & out Please Phone David Hadaway
Garden and nursery open from April on Wednesday 10.00-5.00
Lots of interesting plants for sale.
The Swan Hotel Bibury. An ETB “Deluxe hotel” Highly acclaimed restaurant serving classical cuisine in elegant
surroundings. A wonderful setting for weddings. Non-residents welcome.
HOTELS cont……
Barnsley House Set in the beautiful gardens of the late Rosemary Verey, this contemporary
award winning hotel and restaurant is open to non residents for lunch, dinner and afternoon tea seven days a week.
Reservations essential.
Personal Ironing service, Collection and delivery. Also Laundry for the elderly. Very reasonable prices. Call Cilla for a
FREE quotation
07941 191 962
Body Craft Natural Health Traditional and cranial osteopathic treatments for adults,
elderly, infants and children, pregnancy management and sports injury by fully qualified
and state registered osteopath Craig R. Gill BSc (Hons) Ost.
Martin Riley, Brooklands Cottage, Ablington, GL7 5NY
07966 525187
GCSE and A Level Maths and Physics tuition at competitive hourly rates. Contact Dr Geoff Ludbrook FInstP to discuss
requirements e-mail [email protected]
Pilates classes at Barnsley Village Hall. E-mail [email protected]’
Pilates is a safe and highly effective low-impact way to improve core strength and balance, the muscles around the
joints, improving the way your body performs, looks and feels.
Marcus Adey is a STOTT Pilates trained instructor. Enquiries telephone
PRIVATE TUTOR in Maths and English, ages 4-11, fully qualified experienced teacher BA (ed).
Contact Frances Phillips 740763 or [email protected]
The Catherine Wheel
A warm welcome with real ale, log fires and great food: open 9am – 11pm 740250
The Swan at Bibury. Real ale. Bar snacks and fine food. Real log fire and a cosy atmosphere.
Relax and enjoy a warm welcome
The Village Pub, Barnsley.
The Catherine Wheel
Perfect for a meal or refreshment at anytime; open all day with breakfasts from 9am10.30am and food served from 12 noon – 9.30pm (9pm on Sundays)
Members Social Club available for hiring for parties etc. Bibury Football Club
David Hall Stonemason. Fireplaces, ornamental work, gravestones. Dry stone walling.
Call 07966 293264 day or evening
01285 720765
Rainbow Cabs Your local taxi service - here to serve you telephone
Bibury Trout Farm. Fresh trout, gifts and plants for sale throughout the year. Open to visitors Summer 9am-6pm MonSat, Sun l0am-6pm. Winter 9am-4pm Mon-Sat, Sun l0am-4pm
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