Support Martin House Children’s Hospice today! Your essential guide

Support Martin
House Children’s
Hospice today!
Your essential guide
to help you reach
your fundraising target
‘Martin House Children’s Hospice’
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Meet Isabel and her father Neil
Dear Supporter,
Martin House Children’s Hospice provides care for children and young people
with progressive, life-limiting illnesses and offers support to their families across
Yorkshire. We need to raise almost £5 million annually to run the service we
provide at our purpose built hospice in Boston Spa near Wetherby.
The aim of Martin House is to provide family-led care in a home from home
environment. It is a place where children, young people and their families can stay
from time to time along their journey and find support, rest and practical help.
Thank you for thinking about Martin House and taking the time to find out more
about fundraising for us. We hope that you have fun with your fundraising, and
that this pack provides you with some helpful hints and tips. Your support is
incredibly important to us and we value each donation and sponsorship amount
raised. Our services are provided free of charge, and with less than 12% coming
from statutory funding, your support will help us to make a real difference to local
Isabel Annakin is a treasured child, a 6 year old
girl diagnosed four years ago with a rare
condition, Metachromatic leukodystrophy.
Isabel’s father Neil has given up work to become
her full time carer and says that every day he
learns from his brave little girl.
“I fell to pieces when I got Isabel’s diagnosis
when she was just 2 years old” says Neil. “Isabel
has a genetic condition which affects just one in
40,000 people. Both her mother and I were
carriers of the defective gene. At home I looked
up the condition on the internet and that’s when
my life fell apart. I realised that slowly but surely I
was losing Isabel, bit by bit.”
Neil has spent hours researching his daughter’s
rare condition and values the help and support
on offer from Martin House. “I can talk to
someone who knows Isabel and knows her
condition” says Neil. “That’s invaluable when
trying to deal with an illness as rare as Isabel’s.
I don’t know how much time she has left. It
could be five months or ten years. All I know is
that I try to make every day special.”
“Knowing that Martin
House is there to support
us is such a relief.”
Neil adds “I am immensely grateful for the
support of the staff and facilities at Martin
House. It is the only place that I will leave Isabel
overnight. Every day I learn from my brave
and beautiful girl. She has made me a
stronger person. She is the best thing
that has ever happened to me.
Every moment I spend with her is
a real celebration of that. ”
families who need us.
We wish you the best of luck with your fundraising journey! Don’t forget to contact
us if you need any help along the way.
With best wishes,
The Fundraising Team
call us today on 01937 844 569
Large or small, every penny counts.
Just see the difference your help can make:
A £5
donation could
pay for a 10 minute
telephone conversation
at 3am with a parent
who “just wants
to talk”
Sponsorship of
£20 could pay for
the cost of a special
play session for a
Martin House child,
with lots of fun and
£25 would
pay for a child to
have a dip in our
jacuzzi spa with lots
of bubbles and
Top Fundraising Tips
You have a fundraising target you want
to achieve. What’s next?
Keep ideas simple
Contact everyone you know
Set yourself a goal
Ask friends and family to help
Work out if there are any costs to you
Set up an online fundraising page at
Publicise your event either with posters or
via social media
Take your sponsorship form everywhere you go
Ask at your place of work if they will
match your donations
Don’t forget to ask us for help!
£40 could
pay for a group
session to provide
support to a sibling
experiencing a
brother or sister’s
illness or death
A massive
£100 raised would
cover the cost of a trip
out for a Martin House
child whilst staying at the
hospice. It could be a
cinema trip, a shopping
trip or a visit to a local
attraction – a rare
If you could raise
£60 it would pay
for an hour of
community nursing
care for a child in
his or her home
of £150 we could
cover the cost of an
evening’s respite care
for a Martin House
family to give them
much needed
Just £50
could pay for a
fun-filled music
therapy session for
a Martin House
£500 pays
for 24 hours of care
for a Martin House family
– with everything they need
for the day and night, a
chance for some quality
time together, nutritious
home-cooked dinners
and a good night’s
It costs
£1,000 to give
the gift of an
in-house pantomime
for ALL of our
Make sure your first donation is a
big one so everyone follows suit!
Fundraising Materials
Have fun
We have a range of promotional literature and merchandise to help make your event or fundraising
efforts as eye catching as possible. From t-shirts to banners,
let everyone know who you are fundraising for!
Gift Aid envelopes
donation of
£2,000 would
pay for a Care
Team Member
for one
Sponsorship Forms
£5,000 is
the cost of a
specialist bespoke
bed for our children
with complex
medical needs
To Borrow –
Collecting tins
Collecting buckets
Large or small banners
raised would
cover the cost of
our medical
supplies for a
whole week
Just £10
would cover the
costs of changing
a child’s drip
would pay for the running
of the hospice for a
whole day – 24 hours of
care and support for all
our children and
their families.
Pull up banner
Branded tablecloths
Marty Bear teddies and pin badges to sell
And if you are really lucky, Marty bear
may even make an appearance at your event!
call us today on 01937 844 569
Join ‘Team Martin’
Why not enter one of our challenge
events this year and join ‘Team Martin’?
Corporate Support –
Working in Partnership
As a member of our team, you will be sent a
t-shirt or running vest together with the offer
of all the support you need to help you
along the way.
If we have set you a target for a specific event
which you feel you may have trouble reaching,
you can set up a direct debit with us instead to
pay a little at a time.
Working in partnership with businesses from
small shops to large organisations throughout
Yorkshire is important to us. Support from all
types of local companies can help to make a real
difference to the lives of the children, young
people and families who rely on us.
Join our team of active supporters, all raising
money for Martin House, and wear your orange
t-shirt with pride.
If you have entered an alternative event to one
of ours then you can still join this special team.
Just get in touch and we will send you a
sponsorship form and a T-shirt to wear
on the day.
Every penny counts - it all adds up and anything
businesses can do to help is really appreciated.
Fundraising can be fun, build great team morale,
provide opportunities for your business and, at
the same time, support our vital work.
A very special
club to be in!
There are so many different opportunities that
will suit where you work, what you might enjoy
and the time you have available.
If you are thinking of adopting Martin House as
your charity partner, please be assured that you
will make a difference to our hospice.
Engage your staff and customers
in a cause they feel passionate
about by partnering with us.
Here are just some ideas that
have been successful to date:
Collect donations of stock for our shops
Organise a charity bag collection in your office. Collect clothes,
bric-a-brac, books, DVDs and small electrical appliances.
Monthly fundraiser in the office
Hold a Dress Down Day, Cake Bake,“Guess the
Baby Face” or even a head shave or leg wax!
Win a week of extra holiday
Why not hold a competition for staff to “Win
an Extra Week’s Holiday”? Sell tickets in your
office for this fantastic opportunity!
Golf Day
Organise your own Golf Day
and invite your clients and customers.
Lock up your Boss
Arrange for your Boss to go behind bars for
the day! Donations are needed for release.
If you want to support us but are not sure how, please remember that you are not on your own.
We can give you lots of ideas and support. Please call the Corporate Team for further details.
register online today -
call us today on 01937 844 569
Walks / Runs:
Choose a walk along local footpaths, canals or
countryside, or challenge yourself to a more
strenuous walk or run and ask friends,
neighbours and colleagues to sponsor you.
r e’
Open Gardens/Garden Party:
Use your garden as a venue to raise funds. You
could charge visitors to come in to see how you
plant your borders, prune your shrubs or grow
your fruit and vegetables. Perhaps you could
have a plant stall and sell refreshments.
Put on a musical talent competition or
“Battle of the Bands”. For further details
on our Centre Stage competition see
Here are some ways your school could
be involved:
Coffee Mornings:
Hold a coffee morning, either at home or in a
local hall, and invite family and friends for
refreshments and a spot of company. Increase
the fundraising by selling home-made produce
or handicrafts; hold a raffle or run a competition
or tombola.
t it i o
Here are some examples of fundraising in
the Community:
Does your school have a charities’ week or
adopt a charity for a term? By choosing to
support Martin House you will be helping
children across Yorkshire with a shortened life
expectancy. Fundraising would be a wonderful
way of involving your school with the
local community.
We welcome support and funding from the many and varied groups in our community,
be they schools and colleges, places of worship, sports associations or from
community organisations at the heart of our society. You don’t
need any special talents, only a desire to
make a difference.
st p
Out and about in the community
r e s ti
g i o u s m u si c a l
t ale
Organise a sponsored walk around the school
grounds, playing fields or a local park. Even the
youngest of children can take part in a
“Toddle-Waddle”. They could wear fancy dress,
super-hero costumes, fancy hats or maybe
all dress in the same colour.
4 Dance / Theatre / Concerts /
If your hobby involves music, dance, drama,
performing arts or similar, this is a great way to
combine something you love with raising money.
You could charge for tickets, sell programmes
and have a stall at the interval to sell refreshments and goodies. You could have a bucket
collection too – a licence from the council will be
required to collect in the streets.
Pubs and Clubs:
Hold a quiz night or karaoke at your local pub
and charge an entrance fee. You could organise
a fancy dress night with prizes for the best
outfits, and maybe hold a raffle or tombola.
Bake a cake and raffle it off. You may want
to have a “Guess the weight of the cake
competition”, or involve children in baking
buns and cakes to sell at school. Invite
parents and family to a coffee morning and
sell the cakes that the children have made.
Make your own carol sheets and entertain
your local community with carol singing,
either in the school or by prior arrangement
with local groups.
Young people helping young people
call us today on 01937 844 569
Keeping it safe and legal
How to send your money in!
As well as being here to offer advice and
assistance we also want to make sure you are
doing everything legally and safely.
The hardest part after any event or sponsored
activity is collecting in the money. If you have set
up an online page via justgiving or Virgin
money giving, then that money goes directly
into our bank account so there is no need for you
to do anything. It’s as easy as that!
Ensure that your event is organised efficiently and safely.
You can refer to The Health and Safety Executive for more
information on event safety –
Contact the Environmental Health Department for advice if you
are selling food.
Check you have enough help and that there is adequate adult
supervision if children are involved.
Consider what insurance cover you need for your event.
Always have two people present to count money raised.
If you are intending to hold a raffle over a period of time
where the prize is drawn on a later date, you will need to
obtain a licence from your local council. No licence is needed
when you sell tickets and draw the prize on the same day.
Cheques – these should be made payable to
Martin House and can be sent to Martin House
Children’s Hospice, Grove Road, Clifford,
Wetherby, LS23 6TX. Please fill in the ‘Paying in
your Money Form’ below and enclose your
cheque. Please do not send cash in the post.
You can also drop your money into us at the
fundraising office so we can thank you in person
or you can donate online –
If you would rather deposit the money directly
into our bank account then please call us on
01937 844569 for the details.
If you have any photos from your event please
email them to [email protected]
with a brief description and the amount you
raised so that we can add it to our ‘Thank you’
page on our website.
Don’t forget to forward your sponsorship forms
onto us so that we can claim the Gift Aid from
your sponsors if appropriate.
Paying in your money
Once you have finished your fundraising activity, please complete
and return this form to Martin House.
Your Details
Tick here if you would like an email acknowledgement rather than a letter.
First Name
Organisation (if applicable)
Public Collections
All street collections need to be registered
with the local authority who will issue a
collection licence. Under 16s are not
permitted to collect money in this way.
Tel Number
If you have an online fundraising page, please provide the web address
Martin House cannot accept any
responsibility for your event, nor
for anyone who participates in it.
Event Details
Name of event(s)
Date of event
How much did you raise? (We recommend all funds are counted by 2 people) £
call us today on 01937 844 569
Contact Us
For further information please contact:
Martin House, Grove Road, Clifford, Wetherby,
West Yorkshire, LS23 6TX.
Email [email protected]
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