Careers - Woodkirk Academy

Careers education is tailored to meet the needs of the students at Woodkirk Academy. It is regularly
updated to account for the constantly evolving workplace. Careers is delivered through a specific
programme of PDS (Personal and Development Studies) and also through departments (see
information below). In addition, guest speakers are utilised to inspire students and make them aware
of the diverse and new career pathways available. A careers fayre is held annually and students in Key
Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 are able to discuss different career options with the various representatives.
A careers advisor is employed 2 days a week and students (and parents) are encouraged to make
appointments when they feel this is necessary. Personal tutors and the Senior Leadership Team also
support students to make important decisions in Year 9, 11 and in the Sixth form. The success of the
information advice and guidance is demonstrated by the fact that virtually all of our students secure a
place in the Sixth Form after Year 11 (or other Educational provider) and the majority of our Year 12
and 13 students secure a place at University/College or on an approved Apprenticeship programme.
Additionally students are extremely positive in their evaluations of the programme.
Year 7 – investigation of the world of work and changes in the future.
Year 8 – investigation of careers and qualifications required for specific jobs. Information evening
for parents to explain the options available. All students are interviewed to ensure they make the
correct choices.
Year 9 – Use of ‘Fast Tomato’ to carry out further indepth investigations into career opportunities.
Year 10 – Review of career action plan devised in Year 9. Pros and cons linked to different careers
paths. Work experience available for vocational pathway students.
Year 11 – Personal statement writing, options talks, interview with a member of the Senior
Leadership Team. Careers fayre held in the Autumn term. Mrs Wykes, Careers Advisor, available
for further interviews/advice. A programme of guest speakers is held in the Autumn Term through
the using ‘Inspire the Future’ volunteers. This enables Year 11 students to gain an insight into
various professions and career paths.
Year 12 – Students follow one of two accredited courses – the Progression Module or Key Skills in
Leadership. These enable students to investigate and prepare for their pathway after Sixth Form.
Year 13 – Personalised support from their personal tutor and the Sixth form pastoral team to apply
to University/College, Apprenticeship Scheme or employer. Strong links exist with local Universities
and talks are arranged on apprenticeships other career paths.
Maths – Links with Banking, The Apprentice.
Art – Production of business plans in Year 12/13 BTEC. Students complete a project where
they look at freelance artists/designers while designing an idea for setting up their own
Business Studies – Stock Market Challenge, trip to Thorntons. Students follow a Recruitment
and Customer Service Unit.
DT – Construction carry out site visits in Leeds. Speeches for careers in Engineering.
Geography & History – Careers display linked to subject. Display of famous people with
History degrees. MP talks from Ed Balls, discussion about becoming a politician.
MFL – University student comes in to talk to Year 11 and A Level students about careers in
Modern languages.
Music and Performing Arts – Community Music Project – Year 12 BTEC plan and deliver
workshops at primary schools. Enrichment (Year 13). Technical roles within school
Social Science – First Aid Training, Students from Leeds University talk to students about
career paths linked to Sociology and Psychology.
Apprenticeship Hub
Babbington Group
BAE Systems Applied Intelligence
BAM Construction / Architecture
BPP Law School
Bryan G Hall Civil Engineering
College of Animal Welfare
Joe G’s Sport & Fitness
King Street Solicitors
Kirklees Community Health
Leeds Metropolitan University
Philips Hair Salon
Picassos – Beauty Therapy / Nails
Royal Air Force
Sulzer Pumps
Trinity & All Saints
Woodspeen Training