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The official Newsletter of the Monterey Bay Equestrians
President’s Message
February, 2015
(Valentine month)
Inside this issue
1… President’s Message
2… Club Meeting info.
.... Member Birthdays
….Sunshine Report
….2015 reminders
3…Editor’s notes.
…Meeting Minutes
4…Ride Reports
….Equine Tips
5…Poker Ride Flyer
6 ...ACTHA Flyer
8…2015 MBE Ride Rules
10…Club ride/event
11…Other Events of
12 ….List of club
Officers, Board, &
Hi y’all
Hope this newsletter finds everyone happy and healthy and starting the New Year right with lots
of pony time! On the ground or in the saddle, It all counts! I know that mine were thinking that
they were retired as they had not been out since just after Thanksgiving. Last weekend and today,
however, they got the memo that they are in fact still working! Just had a 2 hour ride today at
Henry Cowell, and I’m happy to report that my trusty mustangs still know how to go down the
trail. (mops brow in relief!)
I hope that everyone has had a chance o review the ride/camp calendar for 2015. There may be
some minor tweaks here and there, but it is looking pretty solid so far. Got some new places to
explore and ride, which is pretty exciting!
And…..its not too soon to start thinking about the Poker Ride! We are so fortunate that we are
able to host the Poker Ride again at (Lake) San Antonio. For those of you new to the
conversation, the Los Robles equestrian campground was threatened to be closed along with the
rest of the park due to the drought. Our letters of support helped keep Los Robles open for the
time being, and we are ever so grateful that we still have the opportunity to utilize the facility
again! So start making your Poker Ride plans…now! We will be looking for volunteers in all
areas and donations to our Prize Corral. We are also planning on an introduction to Cowboy
Dressage this year. For those of you who haven’t heard, CD is the hottest new thing on the show
circuit and its all about good horsemanship!! Details to follow….
Thre Manzanita Park access issue is ongoing. We recently got word of a meeting in the planning
stages for the first week of February., While the meeting is ostensibly about disabled access, in
my mind the only way to really accommodate the ADA (Americans w/Disabilities Act) is to just
open the bloody gate! Again, keep fingers and hooves crossed that we make some progress in this
Wishing y’all happy trails, til we meet again!
Page 2
February Birthdays
Doug Jones
Erin Beatie
Kim Schnittger
Jeff Barnhill
Shirley Hennig
Melinda Kehn
Kirk Schnittger
Member’s Meeting
Sunshine Report
Submitted by Liz “sunshine” Gheen
Card sent to:
Sunnie Cunningham: Get well from
Hip replacement surgery
Margaret Pare: phone call to express
Condolences for loss of dog “Kong”
Michele Murphy: loss of her Dad
Betty Whitcomb: loss of her Arab mare
monthly club meetings
The club meeting is on the 2nd
Thursday of each month.
Time: 7:00 pm
Place: Odd months = Watsonville
Even months = Prunedale
Watsonville location: Watsonville Hosp..
75 Neilson St., Watsonville, Ca 95076
Conference rooms 1 & 2
Prunedale location: Prunedale Library
17822 Moro Rd., Prunedale, Ca. 93907
*** Feb. meeting coming up on second Thursday of the month,
Feb. 12, 2015. Meeting to be held at the Prunedale location.
Address and time shown below under Sunshine Report.
Meeting snacks provided by: LIZ GHEEN
Did you get your renewal paperwork in to Debra Means??
If not, please do so asap. Reminder that after January 31,
2015, there is a $10. Late fee to cover cost of late entries into
the Web and into the member address book.
Our 2015 Poker Ride Fund Raiser is coming up. (See Poster
on page 6 of this newsletter). THIS IS A REMINDER
Please start collecting items for our prize corral NOW!!!
Margaret Pare is the person to contact with your items for
the prize corral.
Her contact information is:
Phone: 831-659-8568
Email: [email protected]
Page 3
Editor’s Notes
The club group facebook
page address is:
Eprivate/ This is a fun place where
we share info, photos, events, ride
updates, newsletters, etc. among
ourselves. For more info or
assistance, you can contact the
Facebook committee members.
Contact information for board and
committee members is on the last
page of this & every newsletter.
Meeting Minutes
Meeting held at Senior Circle Room, Watsonville Hospital
*Called to order by VP, Doug Jones at 7: 04pm
*Attendance: 5 members & 3 board members (Prez. Syd Blankenship is absent.)
Secretary’s Report: Debra Means
Nov.2014 minutes read and approved
Treasurer’s Report: Mike Pinto
2014 ending balance sheet handed out & approved by member vote.
Bank balance for club is $16,000. ($4000 under budget. $8000 profit from 2014
Poker Ride.
Membership Report: Debra Means
*39 members: 2 honorary, 1 family, 11 couples & 26 individual memberships
*all additions & corrections to the 2015 membership list are posted on the embers
login section of the MBE website.
Correspondence: Debra Means
Newsletter Report: Jan Isasi
*Asks members to let her know of any non-MBE rides or events to post in the
Website Report:
Sunshine Report:
*Sunnie Cunningham had a hip replacement.
TRAIL ADVOCATE: PJ Myatt reports.
Ride Report:
*a few changes made to the 2015 proposed ride schedule
*Turkey Hill campout is from 3/13 - 3/16 hosted by Debra Means.
*Gina Silva has offered to host a Pescadero day ride 5/17
*2015 MBE Ride Schedule finalized. Members can check the monthly newsletter or
the club website for the most recent updates on the finalized ride/event schedule
*Need volunteers to bring goodies to future MBE meetings. Debra will bring
goodie sign-up sheet to February meeting.
Meeting was adjourned at 7:55 pm
Next MBE meeting will be held Thursday, Feb. 12th at the Prunedale Library
Page 4
Equine Tips
January Ride Report
Here is some information on Grains (Feed) for horses.
The most popular and safest grain to feed to horses. Its
fiber content—about 13% means oats have more bulk per
nutrient content and horses have to eat more to satisfy their
nutrient requirements. Bulk makes it more difficult for the
horse to overeat and get colic or founder.
BARLEY (Why some say it is poisonous to horses)
The barley kernel is harder than the oat kernel, so it is
usually rolled before feeding. If the barley kernel is crushed
or ground, it is too heavy and can cause colic unless mixed
with a bulkier feed.
CORN (not uncommon for horses to be allergic to corn)
Corn’s high energy content has led to it becoming known as
“too hot” a feed for horses. However, if the horse is fed to
meet its energy requirement, corn is an excellent feed.
What leads to tales of allergic reaction to corn? The kernel
is high in starch and readily fermentable: therefore, it can
become toxic. Best way to feed corn? Corn on the cob.
Shelled whole corn will pass through the digestive tract
without being digested; Ground or crushed corn makes the
corn kernel too small. If the corn passes through the small
intestines too rapidly, it can lead to fermentation in the hind
gut. This may lead to colic if the horse is being feed a highconcentrate diet.
WHEAT (Like Barley, some say it is poisonous to horses)
Most wheat is used for human consumption. The byproducts of the wheat milling process, such as wheat bran,
are most commonly fed to horses. Most popular way of
feeding wheat bran to horses is in the form of a mash.
Wheat middlings are fine particles of the wheat kernel
obtained during the milling process. If wheat middlings are
fed to horses, they must be mixed with a bulky feed or you
run the risk of adverse digestive problems.
MILO (grain sorghum)
Milo is a high-energy grain fed to horses primarily in the
southwestern U.S. It is a very heavy feed and should be
mixed with a bulky feed to prevent digestive disturbances.
MOLASSES (dried or liquid)
It is a by-product of the sugar refining industry. Horses like
the flavor. It is a cheap source of energy and it reduces dust
in the feed. Generally, molasses should not exceed 10 to
12% of ration. Five percent is the most common amount
added to a ration.
The weather was fine, the tide was low, and we
had a great turnout for our first 2015 day ride
held at Salinas River State Beach near Moss
This was a great start to our 2015 rides and
As usual, pictures of our rides and events can
be viewed on our club facebook page at:
Page 5
Our 14th Annual MBE Poker Ride & Campout ..…April 10 – 12, 2015…..
Location: Lake San Antonio, North Shore, Southern Monterey County
West of the town of Bradley, off Jolon Road.
This year’s events include: *Delicious Meals (all weekend)
*Horse Camping (all weekend)
*Trail Riding (all weekend)
*Poker Hands (with prize corral) (Saturday afternoon)
*Drawing for prizes (during dinner)
*Cowboy Dressage Contest (Saturday)
*Awards (Saturday evening after dinner)
For further information about this year’s Poker Ride, please contact:
Patti Garcia (831-663-5377) [email protected] ---- Committee chairperson
Liz Gheen (831-663-6544) [email protected] -- Registration
Margaret Pare (831-659-8568) [email protected] - Prize Corral
It is never too soon to volunteer for this once per year club fund raiser. Here are some things you can
do now.
*Call Patti Garcia to volunteer your services at this event.
*Collect prizes for our prize corral
Page 9
Upcoming Rides/Events
FORT ORD (Creekside) -- day ride
Date: February 21, 2015
Ride time: 11:00 am
Ride Host: Sydney Blankenship - phone: 831-633-3810 or 578-7061
email: [email protected]
**The Creekside entrance to Fort Ord is at the junction of Highway 68 and Reservation Road**
***From Monterey***
Travel on CA1-N, take highway 68 towards Salinas. Take River/Reservation Rd exit. At light, turn Left.
Then take the second Left onto Portola Drive.
***From Santa Cruz***
Travel on CA-1 South., exit onto Reservation Road. Take Reservation Road through Marina.
At the junction of Reservation Rd. and Highway 68, turn Right onto Portola Dr. There is a sign
Indicating the Creekside entrance.
***From Bay Area Peninsula***
Take Hwy 101 South to CA-156 (exit 336) towards Monterey Peninsula. Hwy 156 becomes CA-1 South.
Once on CA-1 South, follow directions shown above from Santa Cruz.
Info for Mapquest, Google Maps, or GPS. Fort Ord (Main entrance Creekside Trailhead), Marina, Ca.
Trails: Variety…some rocky, some sandy.
Terrain: Soft inclines and some moderate turns. From Creekside trail head, some trees & brush & very
interesting rock formations along the way.
Facilities: Portable Potty in Parking area and also out on trail where a covered picnic table resides.
Bring your drinks, sandwiches & snacks. We will eat our lunch/snack out on the trail.
Page 10
Feb. 28
Fort Ord – Day Ride – Creekside entrance
11:00 am ride time
CAMPOUT – Turkey Hill/Lake Comanche
Mar. 13-16
Mar 29
Apr. 26
Obstacle Challenge, Clinic & pot luck
Isasi Ranch, San Juan Bautista, Ca.
Covered arena events. “Limited to 25”
RSVP….first come, first serve. Look for Flyer
CAMPOUT - Poker Ride – Lake San Antonio
Skyline Ride, Day ride (above Saragota, Ca)
May 17
Pascadero Day Ride (starts @ Windance Farm)
Apr. 10-12
8:30 am gates open
9:30 clinic starts
12:00 pm potluck
1:00 pm Obstacle
11:00 am ride time
June 19-22
CAMPOUT - Napa Skyline Wilderness, Napa
Henry Coe, Hunting Hollow – Day Ride
Gilroy, Calif.
CAMPOUT – The Indians (new destination)
July 9-14
CAMPOUT – Jack Brook, San Mateo, Ca.
June 6
July 25
11:00 am ride time
Doug Jones
[email protected]
Gina Silva
[email protected]
(new destination)
PJ Myatt
[email protected]
11:00 am ride time
Mike Garcia
[email protected]
Liz Gheen
[email protected]
Henry Cowell, Felton, Ca. – Day Ride
11:00 am ride time
Lois Connell
[email protected]
(Tuolumne County)
The Aguierre’s will host.
[email protected]
CAMPOUT – Eagle Meadows, Strawberry,
Ca (same trails used by “High Ride” event)
Chabot (East Bay) – Day Ride (new destination)
11:00 am ride time
CAMPOUT - Wrights Lake, Sierra-Nevada
Desolation Wilderness
Pebble Beach / Del Monte Forest – Day Ride
Syd Blankenship
[email protected]
Liz Gheen
[email protected]
11:00 am ride time
Syd Blankenship
[email protected]
No Host – Must make your
own reservations
Sept. 3-8
Sept. 26
Debra Means
[email protected]
Jan Isasi
[email protected]
Aug. 13-18
Aug. 29
Syd Blankenship
[email protected]
Patti & Mike Garcia
[email protected]
We will be riding with San Mateo Horsemen
members as well. Fee TBA (for lunch &
May 21-26
Oct. 9-12
CAMPOUT – Pt. Reyes – Stewarts
Horsecamp, Olema, Calif.
Call for Res. 415-6631362. Camp fee =
$17.50 per nite. CASH
Huddard Park, Woodside, Ca. – Day ride
11:00 am ride time
Nov. 21
Wilder Ranch, Santa Cruz, Ca. – Day Ride
11:00 am ride time
Dec. 5
Christmas Party
Doug Jones
[email protected]
Patti & Mike Garcia
[email protected]
PJ & Georgia Randall
[email protected]
Dec. 10
Special club Meeting to work on 2016 Ride
Schedule. - Prunedale Library location
7:00 pm
MBE board/officers
Oct. 24
CAMPOUT – Lake San Antonio
Nov. 5-8
Page 11
As a courtesy to the Ride Host, please RSVP at least 48 hours in advance via Email or Phone for day rides, and at least
one week in advance for campouts. Please note that campouts with asterisk
represent places that have limited space,
so the longer you wait to RSVP, the higher the risk that we run out of space for you.
Day ride start times will be adhered to, so please arrive at least 1 hour in advance to check in and saddle up.
Directions to each ride will be posted in our monthly MBE newsletter on the appropriate month of the event.
Jan. 30 – Feb. 1, 2015 - Fairplex - Pomona Horse Expo. For more info, call 1-800-352-2411
March 14-15, 2015 - BCHC Rendezvous Trail Challenge. Calaveras County Fairgrounds, 101 Frogtown Rd.,
Angels Camp, Calif. Sat. Classes = 9am, Open, Amateur, Packer
Sun. Classes = 9am, Novice, Wrangler
ENTRY: $50/Rider
For further information you can call Carlena Kellogg @209-505-0122 email: [email protected]
Rendezvous Info can be viewed on web site:
March 14-15, 2015 - SCCHA is holding a ACTHA event in Santa Cruz. On page 6 is a flyer for this event
Page 7 is FAQ’s for the event. SCCHA is asking MBE members for volunteers to help them out.
“Seeking Volunteers! We need folks to help with hospitality, judging, set-up, & food at the ACTHA Obstacle Course
& Competitive Trail Ride in Santa Cruz on March 14-15. Any help you can provide is welcome! Free training for judges &
assistant judges. Call Heather at 650-714-5125 for more information. Thank you.”
April 25-26 - 2015 – 22cd annual Spring Stampede Wine ride (ride thru & visit wineries in Livermore, Ca.)
ALSO includes CSHA sponsored horse show, gymkhana events, stock horse events and
Arena trail/obstacle competition. Location: Robertson Park/Rodeo grounds, Livermore, Ca
For more info, contact:
June – 5 – 7, 2015 – Western States Horse Expo ( Cal-Expo – aka State Fairgrounds, Sacramento, Ca)
Clinicians featured this year are Chris Cox, Pat Parelli, Julie Goodnight, Eitan Beth-Halechmy &
more, including Dr. Robert Miller, famous for his book on newborn Imprint Training.
Other events include “Magnificent 7”, a horse sale, lots of art, all horse breeds represented, music,
Horse trailer displays & sales, & food booths of all kinds, etc.
For more info, go to:
July 16-19, 2015 – California Rodeo at Salinas Sports Complex, Salinas, Calif.
July 26 – Aug. 1 – Twain Harte Horseman’s High Ride Event. This is a camp and trail ride. Location:
Eagle Meadows (Directions: 12.8 mi. east of Strawberry on Hwy 108. Right on 5N01 to Eagle
meadows. Camp is 6.9 mi. from Hwy). Ride includes: camp site, 3 meals per day, & 1 bale of
Hay for each rider. Contact info: 209-532-5858 OR
Oct. 10, 2015 - WHOA – Woodside Day of the Horse – Downtown Woodside & Mounted Patrol Grounds
Activities include: Blessing of the horse; Horse Fair @ Woodside Town Hall; Vet demos, Horse
club informational booths; petting zoo; stagecoach rides; Puppet Show; Sponsor exhibits;
Lots of food; AND, Progressive Trail Ride.
For more info, contact WHOA (Woodside Horse Owners Assoc) at:
Page 12
2015 MBE Officers, Board, & Chairpersons
President - Sydney Blankenship – 831-633-3810
Email: [email protected]
Vice Pres. - Doug Jones
Email: [email protected]
Secretary/Membership: Debra Means, 831-359-2503
Email: [email protected]
Treasurer – Mike Pinto; 831-659-3315
Email: [email protected]
Newsletter Editor: Jan Isasi , 831-623-4915
Email: [email protected]
Sunshine: Liz Gheen, 831-663-6544
Email: [email protected]
Fashionista: Caroline Spicher 831-624-3297
Email: [email protected]
Social Media Committee Chair: Doug Jones 650-224-4494
Email: [email protected]
*other committee members: Deb Means, Justine Gardere, Patti Garcia,
Sydney Blankenship
Poker Ride Committee: Patti Garcia, Chair –(food & volunteer list)
2015 Nomination Committee Chair: TBA
Margaret Pare – Prize Corral. Syd Blankenship – Pres.
Deb Means – Cowboy Dressage contest.
Trail Advocate: P J Myatt, 831-458-3132
Email: [email protected]
2015 Christmas Party Committee Chair:
2014-15 MBE Cookbook Committee Chair: Cathleen Sittig
Email: [email protected] 831-578-7745