° Bird Walk. 8:30 a.m. Outside PSRH. ⟲
° Shuffleboard. 9 a.m. Courts.
° Horseshoes. 9 a.m. Courts (behind Maintenance.)
° Cribbage. 9:30 a.m. PSRH.
° Sewing / Quilting. 10 a.m. WSRH.
° Four-hand Pepper. 7 p.m. WSRH.
° Darts. 7 p.m. ACT1 and ACT2.
Thursday, Feb. 12
February 6, 2015
The Week Ahead
⟲ - Additional information, “Around the Park”
Saturday, Feb. 7
° Shuffleboard. 2 p.m. Courts.
° Choir Practice. 2:30 p.m. LSRH .
° Karaoke. 7 p.m. WSRH.
Sunday, Feb. 8
° Sanlan Chapel. 8 a.m. LSRH. ⟲
° Shuffleboard. 2 p.m. Ice cream shoot, 50¢. Courts.
° Six-hand Pepper. 7 p.m. WSRH.
° Dominoes. 7 p.m. PSRH.
Monday, Feb. 9
° Couples Golf League. 8 a.m. Golf Course.
° Senior Exercise Program. 8:15 a.m. LSRH.
° Shuffleboard. 9 a.m. Courts.
° Ballroom Dancing. 7 p.m. Class full. LSRH.
° Bridge. 7 p.m. PSRH
° Chip Cards. 7 p.m. ACT2.
° Euchre. 7 p.m. WSRH
Tuesday, Feb. 10
° Shuffleboard. 9 a.m. Courts.
° Line Dancing. 10 a.m. LSRH. ⟲
° Painting/Drawing class. 8:30 a.m. WSRH. ⟲
° Aquafit. 11 a.m. Pool area. ⟲
° Jon’s Fruit & Veggies. 10:30 a.m. Outside WSRH.
° Yoga classes. 1 p.m. WSRH. ⟲
° Bocce. 1 p.m. Courts (behind ranger station).
° Bible Study. 7 p.m. ACT2. ⟲
° Marbles. 7 p.m. PSRH
° Six-hand Pepper. 7 p.m. WSRH.
Wednesday, Feb. 11
° Senior Exercise Program. 8:15 a.m. LSRH.
° Tai Chi. 8 a.m. ACT1.
° Thursday Golf League. 8 a.m. Golf Course.
° Shuffleboard. 9 a.m. Courts. Sign-up for Inter-park.
° Yoga classes. Two sessions: 1, 2:15 p.m. WSRH. ⟲
° Shuffleboard. HOSS Collar, 1 p.m. 25¢. Courts.
° Bocce. 1 p.m. Courts (behind ranger station).
° Aquafit. 11 a.m. Pool area. ⟲
° Pot Luck Dinner. 5:30 p.m. WSRH. ⟲
° Entertainment Series. 7 p.m. $5. LSRH. ⟲
° Duplicate Bridge. 7 p.m. PSRH.
° Chip Cards. 7 p.m. ACT2.
Next Friday, Feb. 13
° Senior Exercise Program. 8:15 a.m. LSRH.
° Shuffleboard. 9 a.m. Courts.
° Horseshoes. 9 a.m. Courts (behind Maintenance.)
° Sewing / Quilting. 10 a.m. WSRH. ⟲
° Bingo. 7 p.m. WSRH ⟲
° Valentine Obstacle Shoot. 1 p.m. Shuffleboard
° Valentine’s Day Dance. 7:30-10. LSRH. $5.
° Pepper Fun Nite. 6:30p.m. Feb 15. WSRH.
° Baskets. Sign up by Feb 10. Classes Feb. 19 and 27.
° Craft Show and Lunch. Feb 25. LSRH
° Shuffleboard Banquet. 6 p.m. March 3.
Needs to Know
It bears repeating that our postal address does not
work well for GPS purposes. To get good directions
to Sanlan from most computer programs, please use
3929 Bartow Road, 33812. A very specific version of
Office (863) 665-1726
Ranger (863) 665-3028
U.S. Highway 98 works, but a stray keystroke or
abbreviation will get our guests directions to north
Lakeland. This has nothing to do with the mail
The postal address remains 3929 U.S. Highway 98
South, Lakeland, FL, 33812. Be sure to include a lot
number, and it would be a good idea to simply use
the # sign instead of “Lot” or “No.” because some
post offices are chopping off the last digit of our lot
numbers in their forwarding information.
Propane canisters
A second factor on whether a propane canister can be
refilled in Florida: It has to have an OPD valve, which
is to say one of those triangular knobs with OPD on
it. The round one with bottle-cap style scallops
cannot be refilled. In addition, the in-service date on
the top right corner of the metal lip that wraps
around and guards the valve needs to not exceed the
requirement specified in the bottom left corner,
usually either 10 or 12 years.
The closest location our staff knows for recertification
or replacement is AmeriGas, 2228 E. Main St. It can be
reached by turning left out of the park on to U.S. 98
(Bartow Road), right on Combee and then left on
Main. (Note that there is also a street named after the
State of Maine.)
Sales, service, deliveries
We very much appreciate the efforts our guests and
your contractors have made to help us keep track of
who is on the Sanlan grounds. Basically, all service
and delivery persons need to sign the visitors register
upon entering Sanlan. We do not permit soliciting
guests on site.
Please contact the office if in doubt about whether
someone belongs here. This is a nuisance issue, but it
also involves safety and security from fraud and
Similarly, our guests’ visitors need to sign in at
the Sanlan office. We want to treat your guests
as our guests, but should note that unless a
contract stipulates otherwise, there is a $2 per
day charge for an extra vehicle and a $3 per day
charge for each overnight or swimming guest.
We have had a couple of incidents of permanent
residents’ tenants not notifying us they are on
site. Sanlan is supposed to have a record of
every occupant – guests, residents, and the
residents’ tenants.
The natural trails are open to the public after
signing in at the Sanlan office, but only park
guests are allowed to fish here.
Golf carts
A reminder: All of our carts must be driven by
licensed drivers at least age 21. Outside and guestowned carts can be driven by licensed drivers at least
16. All passengers must be seated in the cart at all
times; No standing, lying down or hanging off the
cart. Racing or horseplay is prohibited.
Guest-owned or outside carts must be in good
condition and have regular golf cart tires. We do not
permit knobby tires on our grounds, particularly our
Walkers Rule
A gentle reminder: Pedestrians, including animals,
have the right of way on our grounds and out trails.
Please be mindful and cautious whether operating an
RV, truck, car, golf cart or bicycle.
RV parking
A Sanlan employee needs to accompany all vehicle
activity in the RV Parking area. This can be arranged
by stopping by or telephoning the Sanlan office at
(863) 665-1726.
The two swimming pools and wading pool close
when the air temperature drops below 70°F. The
pools open at 9 a.m. if the air temperature allows,and
at some point later in the day once the threshold is
reached. When volunteers help us to keep the solar
blankets in place, the pools open until dusk.
⟲ Around the Park
Strawberry Social
The Strawberry Social will not be held this year. Shari
Stephens, its longtime chairwoman, writes: “I would
like to thank everyone who participated in the
Strawberry Social for the past nine years. This event
was a great success because of dedicated Sanlan
“Because of your help, wer are able to donate $1,200
toward a scholarship grant for a senior at George
Jenkins High School. This will be given to help with
college tuition, books or housing.
“Again, thank you for many years of assistance in the
Strawberry Social.”
Entertainment Series
This season’s entertainment series continues 7 p.m.
Thursday in the Lakeside Rec Hall with a return
engagement by Flatlands Bluegrass, a longtime
staple of Polk County’s bluegrass community. The
cost is $5 per person at the door.
Thursday Pot Luck
Thursday pot luck dinners take place 5:30 p.m. in the
Westside Rec Hall. Participants are asked to bring a
dish to pass among 10 to 12 persons, and their own
place settings.
For additional information, contact Bill or Joan
Stevens at Lot 001.
Duplicate Bridge
All bridge players who would like to learn about or
practice duplicate bridge are invited to join a friendly,
helpful group 7 p.m. each Thursday in the Poolside
Red Hall.
Line Dancers Step to the East to the East..
The number of participants has required the line
dancing class to relocate to the Lakeside Rec Hall
thanks 10 a.m. Tuesdays.
Those sessions will only be interrupted by the Mar. 3
Shuffleboard Banquet and the Mar. 10 Polk Senior
Chapel News
We welcomes Bob Entner as pastor for the Sanlan
Chapel for 2015. He can be reached for prayer
requests by telephoning (865)603-2894 or emailing
bobentner @ Please be sure to put “prayer
request” in the subject line. Bob also leads the
Tuesday night Bible Study in Activity Room 2. It is a
DVD-based study of the geography and culture of
Chapel services take place 8 p.m. Sundays in the
Lakeside Rec Hall. Communion is served the third
Sunday of every month.
Those who like to sing are invited to join the Sanlan
Chapel Choir. Reading music is not required. More
information is available from Elaine Stanley at
Sewing, Quilting, Crafting
The Friday project continues of making and labeling
fleece blankets for the needy and pillow-case dresses
for children in Haiti. Other orphanage donations are
also welcome.
Participants are always welcome to work on their
own projects Wednesdays and Fridays.
Help! A crafter, Ken, needs two-liter soft drink bottles
for his projects. Bring any donations to lot 469
WSRH Storage Space
The cupboards for the Westside Recreation Hall have
been cleaned out to better accommodate storage for
its users, in particular bingo and karaoke equipment.
Any individual or group that owns items currently in
storage – and there are items that have been there
since before the Lakeside Rec Hall opened – needs to
retrieve them between 1:30 and 2:30 p.m. Feb. 4 (a
Saturday Golf Clinics
Golfers of both genders and all skill levels are invited
to participate in clinics on game improvement secrets
9:30-10:20 a.m. Saturdays starting Feb. 7 at the golf
course. The cost is $15 per person and details are
available in the pro shop. A signup sheet is in the RV
park office.
Aqua, Yoga
Aqua Fit sessions take place when the air
temperature permits 11 a.m. Tuesdays and
Thursdays. The instructor, Lindsey, is WSI-certified
and conducted the sessions last year. The cost is $5
per person per session.
Yoga sessions have expanded, because of the level of
interest, to two sessions Thursdays in the Westside
Rec Hall. The first starts at 1 p.m.; the second at 2:15.
The cost is $5 per session. Sessions also take place 1
p.m. Tuesdays. Participants are asked to arrive 15
minutes early to get set up. Extra mats and
equipment will be available.
a driving range) and all kinds of dining. Money
raised goes to cancer research.
Pepper Fun Nite
Dance to the Music!
Sunday is the registration deadline for Pepper Fun
Nite, which takes place 6:30 p.m. Feb. 8, one of the
regular Pepper nights in the park. The fee is $3 and
will all be used for the purchase of prizes. Any
questions can be directed to Joyce, 668-8403.
Weekend Bingo, Karaoke
All are invited to weekly Bingo 7 p.m. Fridays in the
Westside Recreation Hall. A package of three cards
for all games costs $3. 50/50 Draw Tickets are three
for $1. Treasure Hunt are three for $1. Trade ne in for
$1, get four back. Daubers $1. Please bring small bills
and come early for a prompt starting time
The regular Karaoke session will suspend Saturday in
deference to Canada Day celebrations. Karaoke takes
place 8 p.m. Saturdays in the Westside Rec Hall.
Bird Walks
Randi Denham offers guests a portal into the park’s
trails and wildlife areas 8:30 a.m. Wednesdays when
she hosts bird walks starting in front of the Poolside
Rec Hall. Participants will walk areas close to the
camp. Binoculars are welcome but not necessary.
Painting / Drawing
Painting and drawing sessions in Activities Room 1
take place 9 a.m. to noon Tuesdays and are open to
any who like to paint or draw. Coffee is provided.
The drawing class sessions Tuesdays has moved to
the Westside Re Hall, stil Tuesdays at 10 a.m. More
information is available from Edna, lot 92..
Guests interested in ordering materials and
registering for Feb. 19 and 27 basket classes should
contact Bunny, lot 247, (207) 539-4145 by Feb. 10.
Enjoyment Books
This year’s edition of the “two for one” coupon book
is available through Freda or Bob Gass at Lot 48A,
and Jerry and Lucette George at Lot 225. The book
has discounts for recreation, attractions, home and
auto, pet care, sports (including nine golf courses and
Mark your calendar!
The Dance & Jamboree Committee has planned
entertainment for three events over the next two
months. Good Stuff will perform at the Valentine’s
Day Dance Feb. 14 (a Saturday) in the Lakeside Rec
Hall. Admission is $5 per person at the door.
Two weeks later, Crystal Gage will perform at the
Feb. 28 jamboree outside the hall. Bill Brooks is
scheduled for a St. Patrick’s Day soiree at Lakeside
March 14.
Participants are asked to bring a snack for their
tables. Ice is provided, 50/50 draw.!
Craft Show and lunch
Craft tables are available now for the Feb. 25 (a
Wednesday) craft show and lunch. Contact Judy, Lot
469. Plan to attend, shop and have lunch!
Shuffleboard Banquet
Registration takes place Feb. 15 and 22 before and
after the Ice Cream Shuffle for this year’s
Shuffleboard Banquet, which will take place 6 p.m.
March 3 (a Tuesday) in the Lakeside Rec Hall.
Hunger Golf
The second annual Hunger Games Golf Tournament
will take place March 7 (a Saturday) at the golf
course, will proceeds going to the Smile Pal program
feeding needy children in Lakeland.
Polk Senior Games
Booklets and registration forms for this year’s Polk
Senior Games Feb. 28-March 16 can be found in the
All Purpose Room. Anyone 50 or older, including
winter visitors, can participate in any of 100 events in
35 different sports. Entrees must be postmarked by
Feb. 11 and include whatever fees are specified.
Additional information is available by contacting
Joyce, Lot 242, (863)668-8403.
Competition is available for the seasoned athlete, the
late bloomer, those playing just for fun, and the
physically challenged. The games promote
friendship, wellness and enjoyment.