February 2015 Messenger

The Newsletter of Dunbarton-Fairport United Church
Shrove Tuesday Pancake Lunch
Sunday February 15th, 2015
Everyone is invited to come and celebrate the start of the Season of
Lent with our Pancake and Sausage Lunch following the church
service. Cost is $5.00 per person or $15.00 per family. No need to
sign up, just come down and enjoy an afternoon of good food and
The Christian Education Committee
The method used at Dunbarton-Fairport for the counting and
deposit of the weekly offering is for a rotation of volunteers to be
used. We like to have enough people in this rotation so a volunteer
only has to count about every 3 months. Currently we don’t have
enough volunteers to be able to spread it out this much. Do you
have a spare Sunday afternoon once in a while? Could you look
after this, taking it home, counting, recording and dropping the
money at the bank later in the day? If you could help the rotation
out, please contact Jim Little at 905-420-4391.
We are not alone,
we live in God’s world
February 2015
Bring your life story to our faith story
Issue 1
February 2015
The Affirming Vote on Sunday went through with 88%. It is important for both the 88% who
voted in favor of the motion as well as the 12% who voted against to continue to listen to one
another with great love and respect as we move forward. Dialogue is always key and so crucial
as we live into our Mission Statement more and more each day. Presentation of Certificate and
Celebration will take place on Sunday, March 22. Mark your Calendars!
As a young person in the church going through
the affirming processes gives me hope that we
can change our little world for the better by
accepting and welcoming all of God's
children. I've grown up in a generation that
accepts everyone! Lesbian, gay, bi-sexual,
trans-gender, and questioning. And with this,
there is no doubt in my mind everyone should
be accepted everywhere. Now being an
affirming church makes me proud that I can
say we are a safe space. This is what being
and going through the affirming process has
done for me.
Emily Joe
To be affirming makes us truly
proud. It expresses the true meaning
that we have chosen to love
Why it would be any other way is not
a true Christian
Herman& Joan Campbell
To have the affirming vote passed
through means a lot. It meant to me that
our church will expand and show that our
church community invites all to come and
join us. This changes what we write on
our mission statement but I also feel that
now it changes how we feel and think
about our community. I believe this also
teaches us to open up to everyone and
welcome them into our group.
Michael Joe
I felt privileged to be part of a movement
that adopts all people, regardless of what is
fashionable or understood at this time in
history. When we strip away our fears and
lack of understanding, and see we are all
part of one God, as we profess, we will know
it is our humanness, not our Godliness, that
separates all of us. Thanks to all who see
inclusion as the path to love.
Mary Crover
We are putting together a committee that will challenge us to live into our Mission
Statement. This committee will report to Session and continue to challenge us to live with
folks on the margins. Thank you to Joanne Blake who has already agreed to join this
committee as well as Kelly Collins and Krista Sheppard who are hard at work around the
accessibility issues. If you are interested in finding out more about this committee and
joining, please contact Rev Jeff. Youth are welcomed and encouraged to join. May we allow
the Spirit to continue to move us in ways of justice for all people.
Rev. Jeff
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February 2015
Newbie Corner
We want to take a chance to welcome new people to our congregation by allowing them
to introduce themselves.
Introducing the McRobb family:
I am from Cavendish, Newfoundland, a community with a population of just over 300. I
was baptized and confirmed in our little United Church. My three older brothers and I
participated in the reenactment of the Christmas story every December (this tradition is
still carried on to this day, almost 50 years now). I moved to Nova Scotia in 1997 and lived
there for a almost a year and then moved to "The Big Smoke" in 1998. At the time, I
worked for Canada 3000 Airlines and moved each time for advancement. I started to date
my husband, Blair, in 1999 and my fate was then determined to stay in Ontario. We went
back to Cavendish in May of 2003 to get married in my little church. I returned again in
2005 and 2007 to have Jackson and Julia baptized in that church.
From 2005 to present I have been a stay at home mom (if anyone is looking for an
administrative assistant etc, I know someone who work will work really cheap right
now...hahaha) One of the main reasons I have been home for so long is Julia was
diagnosed with a moderate to severe hearing loss a few months before her 3rd
birthday. It was devastating! I realize there are so many worse things that can happen in
your life but none the less there was a grieving period for that loss. She got a set of
hearing aids just before her 3rd birthday and the many appointments began. On her 5th
birthday Julia had an appointment with the audiologist' who informed us Julia may qualify
for cochlear implants as her hearing had deteriorated. We went through 6 months of more
testing and Julia was implanted in her left ear Sept 2012. Julia is doing quite well with
her implant and she doesn't let her hearing loss hold her back. As a parent, I worry too
much, What if nobody understands her? What if someone makes fun of her speech? What
if, what if??? She is a confident, strong willed little girl and I hope and pray she ALWAYS
stay that way (even though she challenges us with her strong will) She will be 8 in
February and is still catching up with her speech and language however she won't let that
slow her down. She is enrolled in a dance class and a bowling league. Jackson will be 10
in June and is a very sensitive, sweet young man. He is enrolled in piano, karate and
bowling and really seems to enjoy it all.
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February 2015
We have been going to PVUC for almost 3 years as another mom at our school recommended
it. I always sat in the last row and left as soon as church was over unless there was cake.
The minister from that church has retired and I was told it could take up to a year before
they find a replacement. I thought maybe I should check out Dunbarton-Fairport. One day,
I ran into Michelle Brown at Walmart (also a former PVUC member) and we chatted about
checking out a service together. The one we choose to go to was the one with all the
animals...I thought what have we got ourselves into here? lol I brought the kids on a Sunday
a couple of weeks later and then we went on vacation in October. Since our return we have
tried not to miss any Sundays. The kids and I both love going to church now! Before, we
went to church just to go, I never really felt I was part of a church community. In the short
time we have been attending Dunbarton-Fairport I feel so relaxed and at home, the people
are so friendly, generous, warm and welcoming, and the kids seem to really enjoy Sunday
School too. I love the things we do here especially the prayer shawls. So thoughtful and
inspiring! It took me 2 plus years to transfer my membership from Newfoundland to PVUC
and only a few months to transfer it here. Anyone wanting more information about a
church, I always tell them about ours!
I go to church now to listen for my lesson for the week and try to live by it. To give me
something to think about and how to be a better person. I'm hoping that my kids will look at
their church and have all the fond memories that I have of my church in Cavendish.
Sonya McRobb
Souper Sundae
The Church Curling Funspiel is planned again this
year at a new venue and is booked for Saturday,
February 7th. The venue is Tam Heather
Curling Club at 730 Military Trail in Scarborough,
which is located off Morningside Avenue
South. Curling starts at 6:45 p.m. followed by a
light dinner served shortly after 9
p.m. Spectators are welcome and will enjoy a
private viewing room overlooking the ice. The
cost for the event is $27 each for curling and
dinner or $16 each for spectators. Sign up sheet
on Sundays following the church service or please
contact Carol Jamieson or Brenda McLaughlin.
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On February 1st, we are holding
another Souper Sundae with both
soups and chili, bread, salads and
for dessert – make your own
Sundaes. Cost remains at $5 a
Once again the UCW will be
holding the next Souper Sundae
this spring – expected to be on
April 19th . Please watch for
February 2015
Sunday Unit –
Church at the Pub
February – no meeting, March 1 after church
Chair – Valerie Hendry – (905) 438-3117
Wednesday Unit –
on Tuesday, February 3,
2015 from 6:30-8:30 pm at
the Fox Goes Free Pub in
Wednesday, February 11th at 12.30 P.M.
Chair – Marjorie Green – (905) 839-2934 or
Mary Nesbitt – (905) 839-0222
Dates to watch for in 2015
Sunday, February 1st
Souper Sundae
after service
Saturday, February 7th
Curling at Tam Heather
6:45 pm; 9 pm dinner
Sunday, February 15th
Shrove Tuesday Pancake Lunch after service
Wed, February 18th
Ash Wednesday Service
March 8th – March 29
Easter Egg sales
Sunday, March 15th
Maritime Potluck Dinner
7:00 pm
4:30 pm
& Variety Show
Sunday, March 20th
Affirming Celebration
Sunday, April 19th
Souper Sundae
Sunday, June 14thth
Eskine Cemetery service
Saturday, June 20th
Summer Spectacular Garage Sale
August 17th to 21st
Vacation Bible School
Ushers and Greeters are always
needed for services. Please let
Mary Nesbitt (905-839-0222)
know if you can help.
Ash Wednesday Service:
February 18th, 2015 at 7:00
p.m. in the Sanctuary.
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February 2015
Christine Collins
Please consider volunteering to be a Church School Teacher or Helper:
Classes - Age 3 - Kindergarten; Grades 1-5; Grades 7-12
Sessions - February 22 - April 5 (7 weeks) - Lent and Easter
April 12 - May 31 (8 weeks) - Regular Services
We will be using the curriculum "Seasons of the Spirit" which is available on line.
If you have any questions or would like to see a copy of the curriculum, please speak to
Christine Collins.
Easter Egg Sales
Helen Cox
Once again the UCW wiil be selling chocolate
covered cream filled eggs starting March 8th,
2015. Price are 2 for $5 or $3 an egg (if buying an
odd number). This year we expect there will be 7
flavours available – watch for announcements for
the flavours we actually make. The sale will run 4
weeks or until we run out.
The Crafty Ladies, and
the Bazaar “Pins and
Needles” table display
case in McKay Hall is open
year round for all your
shopping needs.
They are always looking
for donations of new baby
outfits in pink, white, and
unisex colours.
Pot-luck supper Sunday at 5:00 PM - prayer and medication to follow.
-------------------------The ladies of the Church have cast off clothing of every kind. They may be
seen in the basement on Friday afternoon.
-------------------------The pastor would appreciate it if the ladies of the Congregation would
lend him their electric girdles for the pancake breakfast next Sunday.
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February 2015
Maritime Potluck Supper
and Variety Show
Mark your calendars for Sunday March 15th
starting at 4:30pm. Dig out your favorite recipes
to share with us. Also we will have a chance to
share the various talents…do you know how to
dance, sing, play an instrument, juggle fire or
knives? Then get ready to have some fun!!!
Are you happy with the current times
for Christmas? Does the 7 p.m. family
service and 11 p.m. communion service
serve your family in its desire to be
part of our Christmas services? Well,
on Feb 22nd we will do a straw poll, by
show of hands, just before the service
starts asking you the simple question.
“Are you happy with the Christmas eve
services being at 7 p.m. and 11 p.m.?”
Simple majority rule: if the majority
wants us to look at new times, then
the Worship Committee will do
that. Feb 22nd will be the day to
voice your opinion. We will welcome
any letters before then or an email if
you can’t be here that day to vote.
Annual Reports for 2014 are now available in print
and online. (http://
February: Black History Month
4 February: World Cancer Day
6 February: International Day of Zero Tolerance
to Female Genital Mutilation
14 February: Have a Heart Day for First Nations
Vagabond Yoga Classes: join
Stef Binder at 7:30 p.m.
every Wednesday in the
upper auditorium. Just
$10.00 a class!
15 February: National Flag of Canada Day
16 February: Family Day, Alberta, Saskatchewan,
Ontario, and PEI (Islander Day)
19 February: Chinese New Year
20 February: World Day of Social Justice
All carpeted areas of the church will be
cleaned on Friday, February 13, 2015
starting at 3:00 p.m. Help will be needed
in the morning to assemble the chairs in
the sanctuary, and raise everything
possible off the carpets throughout the
building. Can we count on you to
assist? See you at 9:00 a.m. on the 13th.
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February 2015
JUNE 20TH – 8 P.M. TO 2 P.M.
Helen Cox
As in the past few years, the summer spectacular garage sale will be held on the lawn at
the church. We are asking for donations of pre used items for this giant garage sale from
the congregation. This includes good used clothing as well as the usual books, household
and gardening items. Please do not bring items that should be thrown out. Appliances
should be working, things should not be dirty and for most part functional. These can be
left at the church the week before, but we prefer if possible, that you bring them Friday
night or Saturday morning between 7 and 8. Once again we will be having a barbeque as
well as drinks and a bake sale. There will be sign up sheets for donation of barbeque
items, and for lots of help starting in late May. We also are looking for people who can
take a carload of items to Goodwill or Value Village after the sale.
If it rains, we will hold the sale inside using the 3 smaller rooms downstairs and baking and
BBQ in the narthex (The BBQ itself is under the overhang outside).
In previous years our help for set up and sales has been very low. We really need a lot of
people to get out the tables in the morning, and get the items set up and ready to sell and
we need a good number of sales people as well. Please make an effort to help or we can’t
continue to hold this fundraiser. At the end, again we need a large crew to tidy up and
remove items.
As well the garage sale, BBQ and bake sale, the UCW is planning to hold a ‘home party’
event outside with the sale. At this, various vendors who normally come to homes to sell
commercial goods, have a table where they can sell these items.
Please note that items left in the narthex prior to Friday, June 19 without prior
consent from the church office will be considered dumping and will be disposed of
Collections in the Narthex
Food to support St. Paul’s-on-the-Hill Community Food Bank. The box has a list of suggestions.
Simcoe Street United Church Back Door Mission: Especially needed at this time—peanut butter; storebought bags/containers of cookies; good condition shoes/running shoes; windbreakers/sweatshirts; socks
Clean Clothing (Men’s Gloves, Men’s Socks, Winter Coats, Boots, Running Shoes, Sweaters, Ladies Gloves
and socks). See the box for a complete list.
The United Church Women continue to collect used postage stamps, soup labels, pop tabs, eye glasses
(please note, they do not collect eyeglass cases and they are discarded), clean milk bags, and hygiene
products (travel size). We are also supporting 7th Pickering Scouts by collecting bread and milk tags.
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Solutions on page 11
February 2015
Page 9
February 2015
Care and Solidarity with the Muslim Community
14 January 2015
The Moderator of the United Church, The Right Rev. Gary Paterson, has written to the Église Protestante
Unie de France, the Canadian Council of Imams, and the National Muslim Christian Liaison Committee of
Canada to express the church’s sorrow and outrage at the tragic events in France, and our hope that
Muslims and Christians can work together toward justice and peace in a world torn by such violence. [Ref:
Page 10
February 2015
For Seniors & Diabetics
By an Advanced Footcare trained nurse at
Dunbarton-Fairport United Church
Wednesday, February 25, 2015
Call Carol in the Church Office at 905-839-7271
to book your appointment.
Cost: $24.00 (cash or cheque)
Crossword Solutions: (1) Follow (2) Boat (3) Twelve (4) Nets (5) Left (6) Heal (7) Learn (8) Disciple (9) James
(10) Simon
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February 2015
Are you an Adherent and have thought about becoming a full member of the United Church? Do you need
to transfer your membership from one congregation to become part of ours? Contact the office for more
details on how to do this.
P.A.R. is the Pre-Authorized Remittance programme, which allows for an automated monthly transfer of
funds from your designated financial institution to Dunbarton-Fairport United Church. Information and
enrollment forms are available on the table in the narthex. A completed form, along with your voided
cheque, must be returned to the P.A.R. Coordinator, Brenda McLaughlin at 905-420-6521,
[email protected] For more information, please contact Brenda!
Visits to the sick in hospitals and home bound. If you know of folks in our congregation who are in need of
a visit please contact the office. Rev. Jeff depends on your help. He does love to visit.
Baptisms: If you are interested in having your children baptized, please contact the church office to speak
to Rev Jeff or see him after services. Also anyone who is an adherent and interested in joining the church
officially, Rev Jeff would love to chat about this with you.
Rev Jeff and Dunbarton-Fairport United church are on social media spreading the love? Check us out.
Like us on Facebook, www.facebook.com/groups/2368087542/ . Follow us on Twitter Rev. Jeff
@revjeffdoucette Dunbarton-Fairport on twitter @DFUnited
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