Electronic Time Card Instructions

Use this link to get to form: http://goo.gl/forms/vbVYWdeEy4
2. Each day will be entered separately
3. If you check the box by “Send me a copy of my responses” you will receive an email that will let
you go back in and edit that day if need be. It will be a good idea to save these emails as record
of what you submitted.
4. After you submit for the day you will have the choice to submit again for another day, or you
can go to the link anytime to enter your time.
5. Any question with a red asterisk needs to be answered.
6. When entering total hours for the day and total hours for time off, only enter numbers; 7,7.5,
5.75, etc.
7. If you work 2 or more positions you will have to do an entry for each one.
8. Any questions, please email Kristi Buhr @ [email protected] or call @ 863-4217.