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Estero United Methodist Church
February 2015
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The Circuit Writer
Children & Youth
The Youth Group meets Wednesdays at 6 pm in Fellowship Hall.
The Children meet Wednesdays for Bible Study at 6:15 pm in the
Children’s Building during quarterly classes.
Estero United Methodist Church
February 2015
answered, “Whoever loves me will keep my Word. My Father will love
them and we will come to them, and make our home with them.”
JOHN 14:23
God is gracious to those who love Him. Praise and thank Him wherever you are. Our love
does not earn God’s grace but strengthens our relationship with Him and intensifies our
prayer life. We were created to know and love God and find everything we need through
Jesus Christ.
When God makes a promise He always keeps it. He never forgets. If we trust and obey
He will work His will in our lives. “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord.
Plans to prosper and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah
God is great. He is majestic and glorious. Get to know Him through His Word. In His
goodness God gave man dominion over the earth. He made the sun to rise on both evil
and good and rain to fall on the just and unjust. Reading God’s word and praying restores
the soul and helps you keep God first in your life. In prayer we seek to know God with our
whole Heart set on doing the will of God.
Jesus calls us to join Him in prayer. He humbled Himself. He became man and spent a lot
of time in prayer. He did nothing on His own initiative. We are nothing without Jesus. We
need to understand that our only hope is in God.” Be still and know that I am God. I will
be exalted among the nations. I will be exalted in the earth.” (Psalm 46:10)
Pray daily and consistently. Let Jesus be your model in prayer. In order to give true
meaning to prayer, foster a relationship with Jesus. “Jesus answered, I am the way, the
truth and the life; no one comes to the Father but through me.” (John 14:6)
Fix your eyes on Jesus and the Will of God!
God Bless,
Lucy Jacoby ,Prayer Advocate
The Circuit Writer
Estero United Methodist Church
To set up a recurring giving
schedule, visit us online at and locate
the GIVE ONLINE button. Or if
it’s easier, complete a paper
authorization form and return it
to the church office.
The Circuit Writer
February 2015
EUMC & Friends - lets all join together February 8th,
2015 at 2:00 pm in the EUMC Sanctuary! Danny
Funderburk's Driven Ministries (former tenor of the
Cathedrals Quartet) & The Cape Choral (Barbershop
Musical) will perform an afternoon of inspirational and
uplifting Southern Gospel and Barbershop Music. Ticket
donation is $20/per person and doors open at 1:00 pm
so come early. Ticket sales will be outside of the
Narthex each Sunday.
Estero United Methodist Church
February 2015
Calling all volunteers, ages 7 and up! Mark your calendars for Saturday, February 21st, 9-11 am at EUMC
Fellowship Hall. This would also be a great opportunity to invite friends, neighbors or coworkers who
don’t have a church home to see how fun and philanthropic our church is! Last year, we packaged nearly 60,000 meals and it would
be great to do it again! However, the most urgent need is to
raise $12,000 to pay for the cost of the food...which is just
20 cents per serving. All donations are greatly appreciated
and checks can be made to EUMC with a reference to
"Meals of Hope". This years’ food will go directly to Cherette, our sister
church in Haiti. In 2009, the congregation of EUMC took
on Cherette as our sister church and through us, the Lord
continues to do amazing work. There are 300 children who
attend school at Cherette and 54 of them are sponsored by
members of our congregation. Just as we were planning
this year’s Food Build, we learned that the sponsor of
Cherette’s lunch program redirected funds to agriculture,
leaving no plan or way to pay for the children’s lunches. At that same time, we learned that a local
missionary couple is shipping a container of personal belongings to move to Haiti and it’s scheduled during
the week after our Food Build. They only needed part of a shipping container, so there is room for our food
to be securely shipped in the remaining space. The missionaries will make sure that the beans and rice are
safely delivered to Cherette’s children. We believe that the timing of these events is not merely
coincidence. The message was loud and clear from our
Lord that we need to direct this year’s food to Cherette. We need 180 volunteers, so sign up at the Welcome Desk;
Food Build table at the Missions Conference; or by calling
Brenda Brown at 239-287-8834. We also need about 12
volunteers to help set up at 3:00pm on Friday, Feb 20th for
an hour or so. The Circuit Writer
Estero United Methodist Church
The NEST committee would like to thank everyone for coming
to the Hymn Sing on Sunday night, January 25th. Good food and
fellowship was shared by all. It was a good time to reach across
the services and meet new people. It was a time to put names
with faces.
Thanks to Reid Bryan and Jeannie Miller for leading the Hymn
Sing. Thanks to Larry Spohr and his sound team for providing
technological support for the music.
In February, NEST will host a staff appreciation luncheon. It is an
annual event to express our appreciation for the many extra
things that the staff does to help the volunteer programs shine in
the newsletters, bulletins and on the screen. It is a time to laugh
and relax over a good lunch. It is a time to thank people who are
our friends for a job well done.
If you would like to join the NEST team, please call Dianne
Wilkins at 513-829-3258. February 2015
Hope for Kidz
Sponsor A Child
If you would like to
Sponsor a Child in Haiti,
please contact
Carol Hadley at
(239) 390-1623 or email
[email protected]
The $336.00 cost equals
out to $28.00 a month. This is a great service
opportunity to help a child
get a Christian Education
and have hope for the
for our New Church Directory!
Everyone attending Estero
United Methodist Church is
encouraged to make an
appointment to be
photographed by Lifetouch
photographers for our new
directory. (Please note:
You do not have to be a
member of our church to
be included in the
Hey Friends! It's not too late to sign-up for Winter Discipleship
groups! If you would like to sign-up for a group or want more
information call Pastor John in the office (239-992-5516) or
you can sign-up on our webpage.
Those photographed will
receive a FREE 8 x 10
photo in addition to a
directory. No purchase is
The Circuit Writer
Estero United Methodist Church
February 2015
A Disciple’s Corner
On the Disciple’s Path
Unity is not the strongest point of the church in North America. Our culture of
individualism does not lend itself to churches learning to journey together well under
Christ’s leadership. Unfortunately for us this strips us of many of our most important
discipleship practices: sharing with each other, bearing each other’s burdens, community
discernment and serving one another in love. In fact, it is difficult to be the “Body of
Christ” (1 Cor. 12:27) with any real depth if we think of ourselves primarily as “individuals
in Christ” and not first as a part of a larger “Body”.
One of the ways we are trying to live into our call to be a “Body” at EUMC is by growing
in our service to one another. This winter of our discipleship goals is to get a Men’s Service
Team up and running. The goal of the Team will be to care for our brothers and sisters in
the church by hands on service: minor home repair, furniture moving, yard work, computer
help and rides to church or the store. We are also planning on serving in the community;
but we want to make sure we are building up the body as a first priority.
My question for you then as a reader is, “How can we serve you?”. Do you have any
needs around the house that you are struggling with? Is there a way that our Team can
give you a hand and in so doing build up our church together? If so, please do not
hesitate to call us! We want the opportunity to share Christ’s love in this tangible way with
you. Just give me, Pastor John, a call in the office (239-992-5516) or email me at
[email protected] and let us pitch in: that’s what we are called by Christ to do!
Let’s build this “Body” up in service together!
-Pastor John Halley
The Circuit Writer
Estero United Methodist Church
February 2015
Garden Ministry
Our ministry continues to grow in fruit, workers and spirit – we are blessed. It is terrific to
welcome our returning gardening friends. Many folks are stopping by from the Tuesday Market.
Neighbors from the community, congregation and FGCU have dropped in to check out the garden.
Dianne is giving tours and hosting people almost every day. What a great ambassador for our
Our table at the Discipleship Fair offered fresh eggplant, tomatoes, okra, jalapeños and cabbage
to those interested. On January 31, 2015 we welcome Community Gardening 101, semester two. We
have nine families with a total 28 people scheduled to participate. In February, we will resume
Saturday’s in the garden and all workers are encouraged to come out and lend a hand with our new
class. Farmer Bob has created a lively syllabus and all help is welcomed.
The lettuce plants in the pallets have been doing well and taste very good. We are enjoying a
bountiful harvest of eggplant, bell peppers and jalapeños these days. We near the end of the first
growing season and are busy pulling out old plants, preparing the soil and getting irrigation in place
for new plants and gardeners. Seven new rows have been added through the labors of John, Gerald,
Gordy, Rick, Fred and Bob.
Though we have been spared that villain, Jack Frost, another Jack has thwarted our hard work.
Jack Rabbit has been hare today and our broccoli, cabbage, kale, collards, peas, sweet potatoes have
been gone tomorrow. We purchased several hundred feet of fencing and this appears to be
discouraging the rascally rabbits.
We have a couple of new kids - Donovan helped with weeding, transplanting, cleaning out the
rows and providing treats to the new kid around the corner. Everybody is happy!
We incurred expense for mulch, compost and fencing. If you are able, please make a contribution to
our ministry. Place your contribution in the collection plate and mark on the front of your envelope
“community garden”. Join us Tuesday and Thursday from 9-11 for work days. If you are a seasoned
gardener and willing to help out with our class, please join us Saturdays from 9-11.
The Circuit Writer
Estero United Methodist Church
February 2015
For the month of February, Estero UMC will be
focused on missions, from our sermons to mission
moments and chili cook-offs, to serving around the
community. There is something everyone! It will be a
month of learning, sharing and growing. Pastor Tim
asked the Missions Committee to create a range of
opportunities for the congregation to serve others
locally. It is quite a list of options.We are asking that
you pick one of them and during the services in
February put your commitment in the offering plate or
basket as you leave service. You will then be contacted
with all the details you will need to be a volunteer
serving those who need to know that God loves them. You will be leaving the fingerprints of Christ
on their lives. And hence, the theme of the mission’s month is The FINGERPRINTS of CHRIST.
More details will follow, but please give the list below a close look to see what God is calling you to
do in February, 2015.
1. One Way Out Deliver Valentine’s Gifts –
Feb 13 – Lori Martel, 239-216-1252/
[email protected]
2. Habitat for Humanity Home Build – Feb 14 – Lorrie Morrison, 215-805-6514/
[email protected]
3. Super Girls Club Tea – Feb 20, 4-6pm–
Yady Galano, 239-405-4151/
[email protected]
4. Super Kids Club Tutoring – M-Th in Feb
3:30-5pm – Yady Galano, 239-405-4151/
[email protected]
Meals of Hope Food Build – Feb 21,
9-11am – Brenda Booth, 239-287-8834/
[email protected]
Come As You Are Serve a Meal or Cook
Ahead Casseroles/Soups/Desserts –
4-4:30pm Feb 7, 14, 28 – Anita Spohr,
239-691-7587/ [email protected]
7. Migrant Lunches Package and Deliver –
February 5, 12, 19, 26, Dianne Wilkins,
513-829-3258/ [email protected]
The Circuit Writer
8. Super Kids Club Package Book Bags with
School Supplies – Feb 17th at 6:00 pm –
Lorrie Morrison, 215-805-6514/
[email protected]
9. Traveling Praise Sing at Nursing Homes –
Feb 4, 11, 18, 25 at 1:30pm – Betty
Wilhelm, 239-390-3366 /
[email protected]
10. Sager Brown Mission Trip Info Meeting
and Sign Up – Feb 18, 6pm, church library
– Lori Martell, 239-216-1252/
[email protected]
11. Missions Fundraiser Cook Chili for Chili
Cook Off – Feb 22, 11am-1pm – Bill
Smith, 218-9675, [email protected]
12. Farmers’ Market Staff the Church Booth
– Any Tuesday in Feb 9-11am – Linda
Horne, 239-992-5516,
[email protected]
13. Random Act of Kindness for someone in
the community – stop at church office for
$20 – Mary Huron, 239-992-5516/
[email protected]
Estero United Methodist Church
February 2015
In the Garden
The EUMW Board Meeting will be February
2nd, 2015 at 9:30am in Fellowship Hall. We
will be discussing our Fashion Show that is
Saturday, February 7th at noon as well as
other business for our new year. Hope you
have us on your schedule. The EUMW will be meeting February 9th,
2015 at 9:30am in Fellowship Hall. Our
program will be about the Bonita Center for
the Arts. This will be interesting and fun for
us to learn what is going on there. Our
hostesses will be Maureen Martin and
Martha Todd. Please plan to attend and
bring a friend. Also remember to bring a
nonperishable food item for our local charity.
The Circuit Writer
Thank you for the bags and the
newspapers that have been dropped off at
the garden. The bags were really needed
to have a supply of bags to pick produce.
The newspapers have been used as a
weed barrier under the mulch in the
The garden continues to have visitors
stopping by after they visit the Tuesday
Farmers’ Market and the COC thrift store.
People inquire whether the garden is a UPICK. The garden members always greet
visitors, give them a tour and share
whatever surplus there is in the garden that
day. It is a great outreach to the
community. They ask lots of questions
about who is doing the garden and why.
Some folks just arriving for the season have
joined in the garden activities. For more
information call Dianne Wilkins at
Estero United Methodist Church
February 2015
The migrant lunch program will be
participating in the February Mission
month. We will be providing an
opportunity for others to pack the weekly
lunches for the migrant head start
program. There is still a need for raisins
and pre-wrapped, individual snacks like
Little Debbie products or Fruit Roll-up,
fruit bits type snacks WITHOUT NUTS.
Please put them in the basket under the
mission table bulletin board in the narthex.
Thanks for your help! For more
information, call Dianne Wilkins at
EUMW Fashion Show & Luncheon
Estero United Methodist Women
Cordially invite you to attend
The Luncheon
& Fashion Show
On February seventh,
Two thousand fifteen
Twelve o'clock noon
Fellowship Hall
Twenty-five dollars
The Circuit Writer
Estero United Methodist Church
February 2015
EUMC Hispanic Ministry
EUMC Hispanic Ministry has been blessed in general in many ways and keeps growing. A group of
families faithfully attend the morning services and we maintain the Sunday night programs that
include a meal at the end. Many of the families connected through Super Kids Club, Girls Club and
Moms Club are being ministered to with the Word of God. Needs are met for countless families in
need by Estero UMC, such as learning about how to deal with marriage conflicts, translation of
documents and over the phone, helping with immigration paperwork, filing applications for different
purposes, getting food and other items needed for the kids or adults with the help of several families
of our church and our community.
Apart from this, a Bible study/ prayer meeting for adults and
activities for the kids was added on September 2014 for the
families that don’t have any transportation at all to go to EUMC.
This is taking place once a week at the Club House in Covered
Wagon RV Park. We appreciate the help of our church for
donating all the chairs and Bill Smith for transporting them to
We want to appreciate the faithful support of the Perkins and
many others from River Plantation by providing all the presents
for the families in need at Christmastime.
Special thanks also to Carolyn Quiquel who has been teaching
nurtrition lessons to a group of ladies. Also, thanks to the ladies
who as a way to give something back to God are volunteering
some time every month to do some cleaning in Fellowship Hall.
Thanks to all that have been helping in many other ways and
may God bless all.
In His service,
Yady & Cesar Galano.
The Circuit Writer
Estero United Methodist Church
February 2015
February 12th
Len Faralli
Nicholas Czoschke
Mary Smith
Laurie Jost
Bonnie Zingery
John Loukonen
February 22nd
2/01 Kim & Cynthia
Rob Morrison
Winston Bair
Jerry Nickerson
Robert Lee Tonda Tavernier
February 23rd
February 13th
Irene Hartzfield
Lindsey Stiles
Cindy Jones
Megan Stiles Dwight Killian
February 14th
Dennis Reuschel
John Leunk
February 5th
February 24th
Jerry Varnon Kathryn Hunter
Judy Moeller
February 15th
Jodie LeLievre
Ryan Morris
Pat Giglio
February 6th
February 25th
Phyllis Sill
Phillip Caple
Mary Batchelor
Ruth Smith 2/17 Dale & Carole
Robert Morrison
February 26th
February 16th
Lilly Schermerhorn
Violet Creed
Sharon Bair
2/19 Patrick & Kathryn
Donald Weisend
Krystal Rose Davis
Brianne Ethington
February 8th
Donna Klein
Barbara Purcell Dale Coddington
Marcheta Prater
February 17th
Donna Coppage Gary Salava
Dorothy Stanton February 9th
Marcelene Sisler
February 18th
Charlotte Bennett
February 27th
Louise Carlton
Matthew Harvey
Ramon Johnson
Judy Peterson
Ed Kent
Diana Lybarger
Vi Ritschel
Drew Steel
Lucy Rathgen Betty Wheeler
Phyllis West February 28th
February 19th
February 10th
E. Ward
Dale Archer
Elizabeth Briggs
February 29th
Elva Parks
Joann Hussander
Tess Marie
Robert Perry Robert McElroy
February 20th
Donna Schuch
Judith Harland
Frank DeFores
Nichole Shimko
Nancy Harvey
February 11th
Raymond Jackson Duane Simpson
February 21st
February 2nd
Debra Haley
Ivars Kauls
Joan Pietrak
Jacquelyn Powell
Barbara Stewart
February 4th
Ward Corum
The Circuit Writer
2/02 Alan & Judy Wallace
2/06 Stephen & Betty
Richard & Bonnie Zingery
2/12 Tom & Venus Myers
2/13 Paul & Gail Lau
Bill & Marge Worley
2/14 Denny & Minty
Leon & Connie Langston
2/15 Todd & Darlene
2/20 Donald & Dorothy
2/25 Bob & Linda Bottcher
2/28 Don & Patt Korff
Estero United Methodist Church
February 2015
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